Cloud People Blues

Note: There is a new post up behind the green door on nationalism. It is a response, of sorts, to this podcast on AmRen. For those looking for audio stimulation, I did an interview with a libertarian. May God save us.

The late Joe Sobran famously said, “In their mating and migratory habits, liberals are indistinguishable from members of the Ku Klux Klan.” Less famous writers have often pointed out that the American Left talks like MLK but lives like the KKK. Without exception, the white people staking out fashionable positions on race do so from as far away from black people as possible. Antifascists love Portland Oregon because it is one of the least diverse cities in the county.

This was always true. Sobran made his observation about the American Left forty years ago when the country was still 85% white. Thirty million South American tourists later and the Left may be even more sensitive this reality. On the one hand, they have become violent in their racial politics, but also extremely sensitive to the reality of race in the daily lives. Forty years ago, white race hustlers actually went to the ghetto once in a while, but now they stay as far away as possible.

This heightened contradiction could prove to be a fatal flaw for the sorts of race politics the political class has enjoyed for decades. The California elections show that left-wing white people have zero tolerance for their preferred race policies. San Francisco voters removed far-left District Attorney Chesa Boudin from office. The reason was he let black criminals loose on the city in the name of racial vengeance. It turns out that left-wing voters do not want black guys robbing their local Walgreens.

In many respects, the American Left is the reactionary wing of the old ruling majority of the country that is slowly fading away. Left-wing strongholds tend to be wealthy, orderly places where the managerial class enjoy a white nationalist lifestyle. The exceptions are the carve out areas for minority candidates. They will vote overwhelming for Democrats, often resulting in comic figures like Maxine Waters. The Mexican version of this tends to be more sober minded, but still firmly Democratic.

The white reactionary enclaves, like many of the areas in San Francisco, are mostly about maintaining the old 1950’s lifestyle. The people there want safe streets, good schools, fashionable living and they are willing to pay for it. In addition to the high cost of living comes a tolerance for boutique ideas. The social contract on the Left is they support novel political ideas, as long as they get to live like the people in the hit television show Madman, set in the 1950’s.

This is not just an issue for the Left. Most conservative politicians and leaders live in fashionably liberal areas like Washington and Northern Virginia. The deal Conservative Inc. struck long ago was that the middle-class white suburbs get left alone, in exchange for going along with the egalitarian fantasies about race. They get to scold their voters about race while making sure to never make the mistake of getting off on the Martin Luther King Boulevard exit to get gas.

The problem with this old arrangement is the digital world is a smaller place, so it is really hard to hide from reality. In the 1960’s, these crackpot ideas about crime took a decade to sink their teeth into the culture. America in 1968 was still fairly good for most people but by 1978 the cost of fashionable politics was too high. In this age, the cost started hitting home hours after someone explained the new bail reform policy in the Facebook group for the smash and grab community.

There is another twist to this. The effort to racialize the Hispanic vote is not going the way the politicians expected. It turns out that Mexicans are not willing to think of themselves as black or share politics with blacks. The whole “people of color” thing is not working with Hispanics, especially Mexicans. Unlike blacks, this group wants tangible results, especially regarding working class issues. They vote like the old white working class, that the modern Left still enjoys mocking.

It is not all puppies and sunshine for Conservative Inc. with regards to the changing nature of the Hispanic vote. The happy talk about them being “natural conservatives” was right but using the old definition of conservative. That is, someone who wants to live in an orderly white neighborhood where a man can raise a family. They are not interested in waging pointless wars of choice, handing out favors to corporate donors and treating the middle-class like a dumping ground.

It is turning out that the old consensus where the managerial class gets to live like it is the 1950’s and the rest of us have to embrace the post-racial future is not going to hold up for much longer. When the soulless bugmen of San Francisco are jumping off the racial vengeance ship, the consensus is untenable. Politics, regardless of the system, must be about fixing potholes and controlling the criminal element. A system that cannot do the basics is not going to last very long.

None of this should be taken to mean the end is near. Both parties are relics of a bygone era run by fossils with no connection to reality. Most white people have no representation in politics. Hispanics appear to be on the same path. These groups will vote for whoever seems to represent their interests, but it will not matter as both parties are controlled by the usual suspects. In the short run it means more Marjorie Taylor Green type characters and a rise in general frustration.

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181 thoughts on “Cloud People Blues

  1. Looking at human genetics, the biggest gap— the largest genetic difference among the various people-groups— is between sub-Saharan Africans, and everyone else. That is, between the descendents of the people who left out of Africa (50,000 to 100,000 years ago) and settled the rest of the planet, and the descendents of those who remained in Africa.

    That difference alone explains so much about the human variation we see today:

    The groups that left Africa were faced with an unending series of challenges, as they struggled to adapt to new environments.

    And it was the necessity of overcoming the novel difficulties posed by these new environments, which drove the process of evolution: those people who possessed traits like intelligence, insight, perseverance, and the ability to postpone present gratification, would be more successful, and leave more offspring; thus increasing the incidence of those traits in that population. As they struggled to adapt and overcome, these groups became smarter and more capable.

    That’s why today we can see an IQ gradient, in both Europe and Asia, that goes from north to south. It’s why people in the northernmost latitudes— where preparing for long winters presented special challenges— have the highest average IQs; and why average IQ gradually diminishes the further south you go.

    The most recent ice age (which peaked around 20-25,000 years ago (“last glacial maximum”)
    and ended around 12,000 years ago) amplified this effect: only the most capable were able to thrive in this harsh environment, which “selected” for those traits and increased their incidence in the population.

    > By contrast, the ice age had little effect on those who had remained in Africa. They continued to inhabit the same basic environment they always had. The challenges which drove evolution were largely absent from their experience.

    That explains why IQs in sub-Saharan Africa are the lowest in the world, at around 65-75. (Australian aborigines are the only other modern group with an average IQ that low.)

    And THAT explains so much of what we see today:

    It explains why Africa is the only continent not to have developed a major civilization. It explains why, when Europeans were building the Parthenon and Notre Dame cathedral, and developing philosophy and the conceptual foundations of science, Africans were still living in one-story mud huts and hadn’t developed a written language. It explains why, when examining the achievements in knowledge and technology which form the foundation of civilized life as we know it, Africa is the only continent whose inhabitants have contributed nothing. It explains why, despite abundant natural resources, varied climate, and miles of coastline, Africa remains the ghetto of the world today.

    Do the liberals and progressives who coddle and celebrate Blacks know this? Of course they do!

    Are they deliberately ignoring what they know, while stoking Blacks’ resentment at Europeans’ undeniable superiority-of-achievement— blaming it on “White racism”, while ignoring the obvious (and much more plausible) explanation of inherent differences in average group intelligence?

    Are they doing all this while pretending to believe that Blacks are no different than anyone else? explaining that the ONLY reason they chose to live in this all-White neighborhood, is “because the schools are better”?

    Of course they are!

    They’re just hoping you won’t notice….

    • Of course that’s overly simplistic:
      SOME Progs are so stupid that they actually DO believe in the radical egalitarianism they’re required to affirm.

      Jared Diamond who wrote ‘Guns, Germs, and Steel’ admitted in an interview that he came up with the concepts in the book in a deliberate attempt to explain Africa’s backwardness without resorting to race.

      • Kind of have some respect for Diamond for writing something so coherent. The whole book can largely dismissed on the simple basis of “Africans be Africans”, but the torture of knowing the truth and writing otherwise had to have been awful. Or he was an extremely gifted bullshitter who got a lot of shitlibs to lighten their wallets for him. Oh yeah, pretty sure a Jew was involved somewhere.

          • Agreed.

            But like so many ‘studies’ which try to explain various instances of ‘the Black-White performance gap’, he fails to consider the possibility that inherent (genetic) group differences are responsible.

            In Diamond’s case, the failure is deliberate: he’s well aware of the theory, has already rejected it, and is scrambling to find some other explanation.

            I give him points for creativity, and yes, for clarity of expression. But like so many liberals, he can’t bring himself to consider the ‘unegalitarian’ truth: that Africans are simply less highly evolved.

      • I’m pretty sure Jared Diamond realized there’s a lot of money to be made on the speaking circuit by telling people what they want to hear.

        • As someone doggedly committed to telling people what they do not want to hear, I can confirm this observation.

  2. I’ve been joking that “Hispanic” is a made up racial category for 25 years. The government added “white, not Hispanic” to forms like the census back in the 80’s and 90’s.

    Keep in mind that these tourists generally fled countries run by South America’s various Leftist/Progressive/Socialist/Democrat parties. As such, they know exactly what the communists in the DNC and GOP have in mind for them and their kids. They also go to church and want no part of Disney and schools pushing child predators on them.

    The key to Trump winning in 2016 was “discovering” that fully 50-60% of America is completely unrepresented in government. As with blacks, Trump’s popularity went up in this socioeconomic group in 2020. The bs fraud election was won because white women in the suburbs don’t like mean tweets. Trump won, but it doesn’t change the fact that women are a huge problem because what is needed is cracked skulls not warm hugs.

    In San Francisco, the warm hugs have been responded to with massive crime and human feces on sidewalks.

    America will be on the path to recovery when people like Boudin are either hung or literally tarred, feathered, and run out of town at gunpoint.

    • “Trump won, but it doesn’t change the fact that women are a huge problem because what is needed is cracked skulls not warm hugs.” But if we go back far enough in human history if we’d outlawed cracking skulls and inlawed warm hugs the world be better. Remember what that sweet lady told Terry in On the Waterfront. I don’t know. Terry thought she was full of shit. Maybe she was.

  3. Interesting to observe that moral gravity ultimately rules the day even in anti-Christ shitty world. Just because you don’t see it everyday doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. While hell, damnation and wrath are colorblind it turns out we actually suffer most from the variable speed of imbecility.

    Let us now argue about the types and cost of vehicles people drive to funerals in Chicago as another claim to inequality. As Joe Biden explains himself to America as the 21st century Henry Ford manufacturer and salesman of fake racism… he can continue to tell all the funeral suckers that … “You can have any color you want as long as it is black”.

  4. I don’t want to offend anyone but Democrat leadership view non-whites as pets. They treat them in a condescending way and speak of them as if they’re speaking about a child. Affirmative action and welfare are dog treats to make them obey and keep them in line. Republican leadership is not much better. Mexicans are slowly realizing this, but many have become addicted to fifty years of dog treats.

    • I think everyone understands now that voting out Chesa Boudin isnt going to solve the problem.

      He needs to be turned over to the cartels for one of their skin removing videos. Then his communist parents need to be dug up and reburied in an active landfill.
      To encourage the others.

      McCarthy was right, but he didnt go far enough.

    • You are right that the Dems see blacks as pets but they have a more accurate appraisal of the capabilities of many blacks. Ending aff. action and welfare would mean a lot more poor blacks. Blacks and Dems understand this.

      On this issue, the Repubs are more disconnected from reality than the Dems.

    • They speak to them like children because blacks, for the most part, are in a constant state of childhood.

  5. I know.this is an outdated issue but I feel the whole mask issue has made me reconsider things. Like why would you need a law banning juggalo facepaint from public places when no one wears it to a non icp concert event

    On the other hand what if media/public health forces everyone to have juggalo face paint and even when they get rid of the mandate, you have 10-15 percent of people with juggalo facepaint in public and the debate is centered on should you have a choice to have juggalo facepaint or should you not.

    The question that never is asked is – does wearing that make someone else uncomfortable? Also isn’t this sort of a freedom of association question. What if you don’t want to be somewhere where you see a masked person. It kind of feels like tptb wanted to find something to destabilize society and this is what they settled on

    • The ceremonial mask is a constant reminder that I detest 1/4 to 1/3rd of the neighbors in my leafy suburban paradise.

      It does give me an excuse to be overtly rude to them, so that’s nice.

  6. As the author End of An Era: Mad Men and the Ordeal of Civility ( I must point out that the series is not “set in the 1950’s.” It starts in 1960 (a key episode is “Nixon vs. Kennedy” set during the election night fraud). Rather than sinking into the 50s like a warm bath, the series traces the challenges to the 50s (race, kids, etc.) and the resulting changes in fashion. politics, sex roles, etc.
    OTOH, the show runners were aware of the fallacy of thinking that as soon as the ball drops on NYE, everyone says “Hey, it’s the 60’s, let’s smoke some reefer, man.” No one buys a whole new wardrobe on January 1, so you can follow the slow changes, as skirts get shorter, hair longer, and colors become godawful; same with social attitudes and opinions. Hence from the start, it indeed seems like the 50s and only gradually do things begin to shift; some characters never change, or die off before they need to.

    • It’s been said that the “ 60’s” only really began after the Kennedy assassination.

    • i feel like you can tell what particular year in the 60s it is by looking at the picture.

      60-61 – pretty much indistinguishable from the 50s

      62-63 – starting to look more 60s. Think of the ronnie spector look as an example

      64-66 – depending on how you define 60s this is the most 60s part of the 60s with the flip hair in girls, the kind of shaggy rubber soul look in boys (although high school yearbooks were pretty clean cut until around 1972). This is the peak of first generation motown, sunshine pop, british invasion music and folk/garage.

      1967 – sort of a bridge year between 64-66 and 68-69

      1968-1969 – this is when you start seeing guys with actual long hair and beards. With girls I feel the hair style started shifting more from the flip look to the “allie mcgraw in love story” type of hair.

      I wasn’t alive in the 60s so this is mostly speculation. If there are people who lived through the decade – how accurate are my anecdotes?

    • The beginning of every decade belongs to the previous one. The early 60s were still Leave It To Beaver, the early 70s were still hippie dippie, the early 80s were still disco, etc.

      Back then, each decade was unique. Besides the distinctive (and appalling) grunge fad of the 90s, I don’t see many differences between the last 3 decades.

      • The ’90s to early 2000s was an aesthetic highpoint for the car world. The original Mark VIII, the Cadillac STS, the E38 7-series were all unique, elegant and timeless.

        You can watch from the early 2000s as increasing .gov regs started choking out creativity, bloating and uglifying designs and leading towards today’s homogenous Gacy-clown-faced bug pods.

        When you zoom out to the social level, similar patterns obtain.

  7. Zman: “Without exception, the white people staking out fashionable positions on race do so from as far away from black people as possible.”

    When you point out their hypocrisy Liberals have a ready explanation which easily melds with their worldview that all outcomes / behaviors are the result of one’s environment and what the dominant groups have done to those below them.

    So when you ask them why they don’t live near the ghetto. They tell you 1. It’s not because I’m racist. 2. Blacks aren’t inherently hostile. 3. You racists did and are still doing things to them that understandably make them hate whites and want to hurt whites. 4. So I can’t live near the ghetto because of what you Dirt people and your Dirt great-grandparents did to blacks.

    They have a harder time excusing why they don’t have more black friends. Still, they fall back on the power structure thing. Society keeps blacks down so there’s not enough of them in my class rank to socialize with.

    Like any cult of ideology, they’ll always have answers. Crappy answers, but made to seem plausible after 100 years of blank slate brainwashing.

    • A case in point of this happened in Yonkers NY back in the mid-80’s over a federal housing case. The presiding federal judge – a guy named (((Leonard Sands))) handed down a ruling that put a large tract of low-income housing, smack dab in a mostly white, working class neighborhood and this, in turn, was going to tank local real estate values. It was to be obeyed, or the City of Yonkers would lose all of their federal funding. It ran on for a while and it looked as though the city council was going to call the feds bluff. However, they eventually caved and the destruction of another previously American neighborhood had commenced.
      The judge of course lived in an area called Pound Ridge. For those of you unfamiliar with the area, the minimum zoning for a home is four acres and the town is very picturesque horse country.
      The locals were screaming on TV about why the housing wasn’t being placed in HIS neck of the woods (yes believe it, or not, this did happen and it happened frequently.) but of course nothing came of it. In fact all of that low-income housing that barry insisted on never made it into that zip code.

      • The other tidbit I wanted to throw in here that has bearing on the subject of today’s essay is regarding the old “Imus in the morning” radio program. He used to have a couple of voice actors who could do great impressions of famous people on the show to do parody skits and one of the people they parodied was Richard Nixon.
        They did one skit of Nixon during the ’92 election and it was around the time of the DNC convention in NY and the money line of the skit was “Nixon” saying, “The Democratic National Committee, 20,000 drunks, drug addicts and degenerates coming to town to demand that the government spend more money on people who they wouldn’t live anywhere near if their lives depended on it!”
        And that pretty much sums up the ruling class.

    • This is basically what’s going on underneath the gun-grabbing pseudo-controversy.

      Anti-gun types fixate on the easy solution— disarming docile whites — to avoid the impossible solution, the one they can’t openly speak of, to wit, stop-and-frisking all POC young men everywhere all the time. If you point this out to them, they claim clearly the white rifleman is a worse threat to little schoolchildren. Their wikipedia source is past media certification of Goodmayhem vs. Badmayhem.

      Pro-guns are a little dumber about it, seeking to resolve their “racist” cog dissonance by saying, no, everybody needs to be packing equally as God created them. These are both silly contortionists positions. Granted, there are ideological absolutists who favor disarmament or anarcho-tyrannical pan-armament, but statistically, either of these poles are going to have few subscribers in an urbanized society, as opposed to trying to be prairie homesteaders in which scenario this synthetic television “debate” would never exist.

      I think the pro-guns are slowly waking up to, for lack of a better term, root causes of our cultural-racial dysfunction.

  8. Can you blame them?
    Many years ago overheard Black gay office manager say he never met a PR guy he couldn’t get with.
    To this day Get queezy when dealing with any poc but especially PRs

    • Puerto Ricans have a very unsettling acceptance of queerness. Putting aside the fashionable degeneracy of today’s pop culture, there’s no other ethnicity or demographic that embraces male and female homosexuality more than PR’s.

  9. Z, what did you think of Greg Johnsons takes in the podcast you list above? I hadn’t heard him since Ukraine Russia started and found is takes insane. Seemed to suggest our nationalist future is someone tied to a CIA regime in Kiev winning and NATO being spread worldwide.

    • Furthurmore, its fictional time frame runs from March 1960 to November 1970, not the 1950’s.

  10. I don’t think that US Cloud People will find much relief if they flee to Europe; the very same policies concerning Diversity are wearing down the possibility of defensible white enclaves there, too.

  11. The truth is, Blacks have never really assimilated.

    The liberal myth about them— “they only want a level playing field”— has been put to rest by the “racial reckoning”, which anyone can see is all about revenge against Whitey.

    That’s the (only) sense in which Blacks are interested in “getting even”. The resentment and antagonism they feel for Whites— which they no longer bother to hide— is quite obvious.

    As the “racial reckoning” gives them permission to be themselves, we’re seeing the results: rising rates of crime, violence, and murder.

    I was puzzled at first by the paradoxical fact that the better things have gotten for Blacks, the angrier and more dissatisfied they’ve become.

    Whatever else you may want to say about the racial situation, it’s unarguable that Blacks in America have never had it so good: on the job scene, affirmative action policies grant “minorities” preference in federal gov’t, corporate and academic hiring; Blacks receive preferred admissions in pretty much every university and grad school; advanced placement and honors classes are being eliminated because Blacks don’t do well in them; Blacks are being constantly celebrated and disproportionately represented in ads, movies, and TV shows. Yet by all indications, Blacks are more angry and resentful than ever.

    It all makes sense when you realize that what’s driving the “racial reckoning” and BLM “protests” has nothing to do with “social justice”, or equal opportunity.

    Rather, it’s all about Blacks’ long-buried desire for revenge, for “paying Whitey back” for all the wrongs White people are accused of having done, in their ongoing effort to “keep the Black man down”. Blacks will not be satisfied until Whitey has been “put in his place”, subjugated, just like they were.

    (Kind of like the ex-wife from hell: she won’t be satisfied until she sees you suffering….)

    The desire for revenge is a powerful force…. and when it’s combined with the subconscious resentment Blacks must surely feel, when faced with the indeniable reality of White supremacy-of-achievement…. very likely things will get worse before they get better….

    • The real Bill: It’s fairly simple. Charity inspires resentment. Envy + self-evident historical superiority = hatred.

        • They should be kissing our asses that we didn’t ship them back to Africa where they belong.

          • One wonders how Lincoln’s historical reputation would have been if he had lived out his second term. Reconstruction would have been his and he seemed to have no trust in the notion of a biracial society.

      • “Charity inspires resentment”


        Every time they take that dole, they’re reminded of the difference between their failure and our success.

        • The truth is even less tractable. Sure, many ghetto blacks may be vaguely aware that they “ain’t livin like whitefolks”.

          But the reason Lil Killa and his crew are gonna beat you into a coma if you walk solo down their block isn’t because of the legacy of systemic injustice and oppression. It’s because they see your profoundly different physiognomy and out of their hindbrain bubbles, “he ain’t me, he ain’t kin.”

          It’s simple competitive exclusion: one subspecies running a competing subspecies out of its ecological niche, a Gorilla who sees a Bonobo.

          Even the best zookeeper can’t get panthers to hold hands with wolves.

    • Bill, excellent summary of the current situation. You’ve outdid yourself. Time for Whites to wake up or die. As Z-man notes here, the wild card in the race to White minority status—and subsequent extinction—is the rising increase in the Hispanic community. However, the current Hispanic community here, Mexican, still votes along racial lines for Hispanic grifters of low intellect. These politicians can’t rule a Taco stand, but are put in charge of a billion $$$ budget and their incompetence shows up in the statistics.

      Latest announcement is that about a third of the community is endangered wrt poverty and survival in the current economic situation. This probably translates into 50% of the Hispanic community, yet they vote in the same old crew.

    • While things have seemingly gotten better for blacks over the past several decades as you describe, their actual outcomes in terms of economic security/wealth and family formation have declined significantly.

      I tend to think of blacks like dogs. Dogs crave discipline, hierarchy, and knowing their place. Humans providing such clear structure and boundaries for their dogs leads to a happy, well-behaved dog and a happy human. When dogs are given too much freedom, not put in their place, and do not know who are their masters, they are confused, run wild, are out of control, and end up causing real damage to themselves and those around them.

      For the benefit of the black community (as well as various other “communities” in this country), we need to get back to providing them with strong and clear structure, hierarchy, and discipline.

      • Separation is better. Enough with this “good intention” clown show where it’s all a one-way street.

        • fakeemail: Exactly. They are not our responsibility to either discipline or uplift. Total separation.

      • No, we don’t need to do anything for them. Let blacks be black and whites be whites.

        It’s not our job to make all the other races act more like us. Whites need to stop feeling responsible for the rest of the world. We are only responsible for our own people.

      • Very true for women, too, though I believe that the ladies are more amenable to structure than the Vibrant.

      • Lucius,

        Immediately following WWII, indices of Black success and prosperity were all on the rise: rates of employment, home ownership, car ownership, and stable two-parent families were all increasing.

        What changed all that was Lyndon Johnson’s ‘War on Poverty’; which ushered-in the “entitlements” system we have today, and the generational welfare dependency that characterizes it.

        Far from ending poverty, “entitlements” guaranteed that it would never go away.

    • “I was puzzled at first by the paradoxical fact that the better things have gotten for Blacks, the angrier and more dissatisfied they’ve become.”
      I think that is something people do no matter what. I used to travel to various manufacturing facilities large and small, from mom and pop owned operations to huge facilities like paper mills. I found the more well off the workers, like those at the paper mills, the more they complained they were getting screwed.

      • Probably big enough mills to have a union administered by people to whom the cultivation of grievance culture is like breathing; they just have to do it, and they benefit from it directly.

        • Very true. I have never been to a paper mill that wasn’t heavily unionized. Some had as many as a dozen different unions and yes the union reps did encourage that environment.

      • The black conservative scholar Robert Woodson had a term for the culture of complaint in the wake of civil rights legislation and the limited progress that was to follow. Something like the tragedy of liberation or something like that; I haven’t found the exact phrase. Anyway, at the Post Offices where I worked, there was no shortage of grumbling, which was usually directed at the line supervisor, the most hapless functionary in the Postal Archipelago. This was encouraged in Our Great Union’s magazine, which was replete with tales of woe from our Branch presidents and stewards. I had my complaints, of course, but it was about being told how to do our not-very-complex jobs, as deemed by The Consultant Gods (“we spent millions to teach you guys; just follow the science.” Actually, more like Scientific Management, a 19th-Century classic). That the SOPs and the billions “invested” in the required technology increased productivity that could be measured in vaginal hairs didn’t affect our rear echelon a bit. The blame was laid on us counter-revolutionaries, old dogs incapable of being re-educated. Without toadying, I tried to work with my foremen, who were caught in a vise between their D-I-E finger waggers and the culture of acedia among many of my coworkers. So…..after thirty five-plus years, I retired from what I eventually realized was a good job and am glad I’m not around for the FUBAR of today: a seeming collaboration between Terry Gilliam and VS Naipaul.

    • “Rather, it’s all about Blacks’ long-buried desire for revenge, for “paying Whitey back” for all the wrongs White people are accused of having done, in their ongoing effort to “keep the Black man down”. Blacks will not be satisfied until Whitey has been “put in his place”, subjugated, just like they were.”

      Remember, remember, the history of Haiti!

      • Haitians live in what is probably the most dysfunctional nation on the planet. They kicked Whiteys ass 200 years ago but the ultimate result was a country that makes Detroit look like Switzerland by comparison.

        • They didn’t “just kick Whitey’s ass”. They exterminated them. This is what happens when you let blacks out number you about 18 to 1.

          • That’s right. Relate any example where Blacks were given the whip hand where this did not happen. I can’t recall one

          • AWM:

            Indeed! When you read about the situation in Haiti prior to the Blacks taking over and committing virtual genocide on the White ruling class, you’ve gotta wonder: ‘What in the heck were those White people thinking?’

            Did it never occur to them to wonder what would happen if the Blacks got it into their heads to revolt?

            Apparently not….

            Are there any lessons in that, for us Whites in modernday America?

    • None of us got to pick our parents, so I don’t blame anyone for a heritage that they had no choice over. At the root, the Negro race was adapted to the African mid-continent over tens of thousands of years and is simply misplaced in the mid or northern latitudes. They fail here because it’s the wrong environment for them. It’s also not their fault that they are here today. That crime was committed against their ancestors long ago. But we are where we are.

      The best outcome now is to self-segregate into compatible communities and make the best of the hand you’ve been dealt in life. The real enemy is the Cloud People who live in segregated luxury and abuse all dirt people of all races. We have common cause in ridding ourselves of the disease cells. I’m OK with sending in a first wave from the Black community because they will get a pass from a liberal DAs and judges. Smarter, not harder.

    • Assimilation has always been a myth. Even when the English language requirement for citizenship came in 1906, the people pursuing it dropped to ~40%. People wanted to be *in* America for economic reasons. They did not want to be *American.* Same as it ever was.

    • The blacks who do well are on the right tail of the IQ bell curve. Blacks cannot thrive in a modern society with an average IQ of 83, while white Americans have an average IQ of 103. Race difference denial is the root of black resentment, they are told by the race hustlers their failure is due to white racism, when in fact, it is the result of low abstract intelligence.

    • At the end of the day, they’re angry, bitter and miserable because, well, they’re black.

      You would be too.

      Just look at Mike and The Magic Negro.

      President? Check
      Millionaires? Check

      And always with a scowl on their face.
      All because, they know who they are.

  12. I noted that liberal democracy and communism have the same goal, to make everyone the same.

    I realize today that they both have the same results, too: malinvested economies, ugly architecture, and depressing culture!

    • Alzaebo: Oh, but they have achieved what you noted was their goal (making everyone the same). Check out any ad or photo from the past 10 years – skin whitening cream, make up, and lighting are used to minimize the real-life visible difference in black and White skin tones. The White women with real or fake tans versus the blacks with hair extensions, nose jobs, and artificially lightened skin. Only one example but there are dozens – recent pictures of Wendy Williams versus a decade ago. The difference is striking and very visible (i.e. black versus White skin) in real life.

    • “I noted that liberal democracy and communism have the same goal, to make everyone the same.”

      Indeed — the democratic United States allied itself with Stalin’s communist Soviet Union to defeat Uncle A…

  13. Where the rubber meets the road, Mexicans/Hispanics have a hell of a lot more in common with Whites than blacks, pajeets and others from narrow eye Asia. At some point in the future, blacks will find themselves back at the bottom of the pile, literally and figuratively, right where they belong. And if the bleeding hearts don’t like it, tough s***.

      • Ah, but thanks to The Great Replacement, and the loosey-goosey border, we’re getting resupplied, straight outta Africa.

        • A Liberian killed that Daisy girl up in Fargo ND. Why was he in the country? They looking to get him off. 250K readers? wow. I’ve also noted that this comment board seems to tame everyone. Although, I’m proudest of my comments were i split the up and down votes evenly.

          • I would add The “dreamer” that murdered the Cree family that stopped to help him on the side of the road. There are many stories like this. W/ regard to your handle: we were told that Savile was a good guy and Johnny Rotten was a reprobate. LoL!

    • If one studies the Southwest past, White settlers lived along side Mexican. There is a long history there. Not everything was roses, but the greater combination of Spanish blood with a the native Indio is a hell of a lot better than the admixture of American Blacks. South American Indios had a far superior culture and understanding of technology than anything out of Africa, albeit some horrendous proclivities to ritualized violence.

      • IIRC, Mexico continued paying a bounty for American Indian scalps until Indians became citizens in 1924.

    • usNthem: Sorta. Some of them with the heaviest European admixture. And some of the more heavily mixed who still aspire to European values because that’s the upper class in all their native countries. A Mexican neighborhood may not be as deadly dangerous to Whites as a black one, but many of us would not be happy living there (the noise, the trash, etc.). Less alien racial proximity is not the same as historically White European.

      Notwithstanding Matthew McConaughey’s recent virtue signaling, Uvalde Texas is essentially Mexico. In racial reality, school achievement, behavioral patterns, etc. And yes, the differences in toto are stark and they matter.

      • My Scandinavian dad married my blonde, blue eyed Italian mom. My wife is North Sea Baltic.
        My children look like their grandparents, great grand parents and great great grandparents.

        My brother married a southern Italian. No blue eyes or Scandinavian looks for either of his kids.

        I like Mexicans and Latin Americans as individuals. But unless my son’s bring home one of Cortez or Ponce de Leons great granddaughters, I’m not going to be pleased if I never see my parent’s eyes in my descendants.

        • That’s race mixing and I tend to agree. But to even interact on a life scale with Blacks is the story altogether.

  14. The demographics aren’t there for white suburbia anymore anyways. It’s not 1980.

    New suburbs everywhere from Houston, to Dallas, to Seattle, to Atlanta, to NJ, to SE Michigan are mostly non white, mainly Indian and East Asian people.

    The white suburbia fantasy died 20 years ago in Toronto, the only “white” suburbs left are protected by Greenbelt zoning which prevented much expansion, or on the economically disadvantaged rustbelt side of the city. Greenbelt is being paved over anyways and massive housing developments are going up beside every white town and suburb within an hour.

    I also think the live 50s talk 60s white liberal is a boomer phenomenon. Their liberal kids have no problem with marrying people of other backgrounds – if they even marry or have children at all. The recall was mostly an effort by Asians who didn’t like getting beat up every time they go on the subway.

  15. Interesting take. White affluence indeed is inverse to diversity but that will become harder.

    As I responded to someone else, the Boudin recall is a desperate and futile cry from leftist virtue signalers. While these types do intend to federalize diversity to areas other than their own, the ability to do so will die with the White-dominated Administrative State. Soon as President Shanika Washington and House Leader Raj Patel get the numbers, White leftists will find Section 8 springing up in San Luis Obispo and Beacon Hill, which will be upheld by Judge Lin Hu and rubber-stamped by the Chief Justice Kentaji Brown’s diverse Supreme Court.

    The smarter ones see the handwriting on the wall and are fleeing from Deep Blue urban areas to destroy places like Whitefish, Montana.

    • Technically, I don’t think she can become Chief (can we still say that?) Justice unless she resigns her current associate justice seat and gets nominated for CJ and confirmed. we may, instead, get blessed with another wise Latinx CJ.

      Soda Mayor must be the happiest one up there – they now have a justice dumber than she is.

      • Rehnquist was an associate before he became chief. But the difference is you have to go through the process again to become chief.

  16. Speaking of interviewing libertarians, I think it be really cool to see Zman interviewed by Pete Quinones. He was a standard anarcho type before the manufactured plague, and has done a complete 180 on his libertarian views since. He’s even been very open about White replacement. And no offense to whoever the guy who interviewed you Zman, but Pete has some actual name recognition.

    Regardless, I’m always down for a Zman Interview!

  17. Pingback: DYSPEPSIA GENERATION » Blog Archive » Cloud People Blues

    • Funny that the Tampa Bay Rays players who didn’t wear the rainbow prolapse were Hispanic.

      • And because they are Hispanic, they weren’t brutally ostracized, if not suspended. Their gesture was brushed under the rug as quickly as posslble. “nothing to see here folks”

      • Jason Adam. Jalen Beeks. Brooks Raley. Jeffrey Springs. Ray Thompson. Who am I to say? Beeks seems to be the only one that might possibly be Latino heritage.

      • Which ones? Jason Adam? Jalen Beeks? Brooks Raley,?Jeffrey Spring? Ray Thompson?
        I don’t understand. Maybe you have their family trees sketched up on your wall?

      • And my comment pointing out this absolute untruth and absurdity has gone into moderation. Look up their names and biographies for yourself. It’s easy. Jason Adam, Jalen Beeks, Brooks Raley, Jeffrey Springs and Ray Thompson.

  18. I don’t think DC can keep the plates spinning much longer. People are maxing out credit cards in a futile attempt to maintain their standard of living and that’s like eating the seed corn, it can’t go on forever. The problems in our society are now myriad, but all of that becomes a sideshow when you go 3 days without a meal. Waiting on November to right the ship is dangerous delusion. The new Congress won’t seat until late January next year and will simply be in deadlock with the dementia patient. By the time 2024 rolls around, a dozen real crises will be slamming home simultaneously and no messiah is going to pull a rabbit out of a hat to save us. It’s going to be melee time right here in River City and only the strong and smart are likely to remain vertical when the smoke clears. Start building up your robustness now. Perhaps we can emigrate to Russia if they’ll take us.

    • An acquittance was of the mind that “a couple Federal elections will clear this up!”
      I didn’t give him any grief as he probably won’t live long enough to see such elections (with him saying as much himself).

    • Everyone forgets that the Republicans love to be the opposition party. They can posture and preen when it doesn’t mean anything. But the second they get power, they are really only marginally different from the Democrats and only on a few select issues.

      Everyone predicting a red-wave in November forget what that really means. It means more of the same.

      • The RINOs/GOPe love pretending to be in opposition because it pays extremely well and the only effort required from them is constant shaming of their voters about hard work, accountability, and their European heritage.

    • We are inundated with nonstop crises that are wrecking poor and working class people and we have the clowns in D.C. spending their time with Gun Control legislation. It’s not even Gaia worship at the heart of it, but the complete incapability to think of a solution not fed to them by D.C. Think tanks.

      The first person who proposes an “inflation subsidy” of 2 grand per person while paying for it by raising taxes on 250k+ individuals, it would be instant 70% approval. Shapiro will shout “muh socialism” but no one will listen.

      • I want to push back a little on the Gaia worshippers.

        Everything they are doing serves to make energy and food scarce and expensive.

        To me, their actions appear to be a death cult engaged in the process of mass human sacrifice.

        • Of course it is a death cult. Getting rid of the over 40s – how many devotees of Gaia have over two kids? Virtually zero. That is the firmest, quantified proof of the death cult.

          • As also in Old Europe, where far too many of the “leaders” have no children, hence no emotional connection with a future for their own progeny to guide them in framing their policies.

        • Assuming climate change is at least partially real, what do we do about it?

          I tend to stay out of the debate. I know a lot of the people pushing it are using it as an excuse to push things they were already pushing before they ever heard of climate change. But the fact that people are grifting on it doesn’t mean it’s not real. Though I don’t have strong opinions, I tend to think climate change is probably a serious problem.

          The really sad part is if it is serious, we are SCREWED. We are led by children who cannot solve problems. Our whole way of life, and of our lives are entirely dependent on fossil fuels. I read once it takes about 20 calories of fossil fuel to create 1 calorie on the dinner table. Modern farming is turning fossil fuels into food while depleting and salinizing the soil.

          • Climate is a regional, not a planetary, phenomenon – but its history is one of constant, relentless change which uprooted and on occasion exterminated whole human populations. That it still goes on is unremarkable, and the notion that we control or even could control it is a fantasy.

      • Not even sure a subsidy would be needed. Simply stop sabotaging what remains of our productive industries.

      • Silly rabbit.

        We don’t pay for things by raising taxes on anyone to pay for things. We just print money!

        (See: Ukrainian Lethal Aid Bill for $50 billion)

        Which, of course, IS a tax on everyone as the value of the dollar decreases yet again. Political gold though.

      • Chet: Interesting supposition – but any subsidy must be limited by race and marriage status before I could support it. Let the blackish movie ‘stars’ and affletes pay for dey own baby mommas. Let the Silicon Valley han and pajeets pay for their own new immigrant ‘poor.’ Whites ought to take care of their own regardless.

      • We don’t need to “tax” the rich. We need to take ALL OF IT and thrown them in concentration camps and that’s if we’re in a good mood. I mean all of it and all of their relatives (3 generations, them, their parents, their siblings and their children, because you know they have money hidden among these people).

        I do not oppose rich people in any way shape or form. People who genuinely make our lives better by being more productive should be handsomely rewarded. For every success there are hundreds or more of failures. The reward needs to be large. I have no beef with the concept of rich people. Andrew Carnegie and George Westinghouse are good examples of men who made our lives better by being more productive and deserved their riches. George Westinghouse probably saved thousands upon thousands of lives (he invented train brakes. Before that, trains had no real brakes)

        What I oppose are cheaters and most of the rich today are cheaters. They have access to government printed money, government grants and protections, banking monopolies and so on. Most of the rest got rich selling out their country, literally shipping our production equipment to foreign countries for coin. This is especially true in the top 1/10th of 1 percent. Like Musk. Musk makes his money, or at least did in government cheese. Tesla would not exist if not for all the tax money he gets from every sold vehicle. The most offensive part of is that it’s not subsidizing the poorest among us, (not that doing that would be right), but the upper middle class and the wealthy. Up until fairly recently, the cheapest cars he sold were 6 figures and every single buyer of these cars got huge government cheese for doing so. How about the Sackler family? There is no punishment too severe for these people!

  19. Those who praise diversity the loudest are the ones who can most afford to avoid it.

  20. Ever hopeful, but I’ll feel good about it if/when Protestant churches stop preaching Judeo-Christian suicide on the cross. That would be the shot heard round the world.

    • Not going to happen, unfortunately, because the entire ministry of most churches has been converged, often by women…So most churches are dying because they are preaching insanity…

      • Yes. The faith is killing itself to ‘save the world.’ Everybody’s doing it, except those uncool nazi white supremacists.

    • You rarely hear about that time Jesus told his disciples the time was coming when they would need buy swords. Luke 22:36

  21. Great post. Your recent interview with the Nino guy was excellent, as well.
    Today marks the anniversary of the USS Liberty attack. 70% of the crew sustained injuries and the US government refused to assist them. They waited for over 18 hours for help, all the while worried about the ship sinking. Every year there are fewer and fewer survivors who gather to remember.
    They are reuniting today at noon in Arlington cemetery, section 34.

    • This is a good red-pill triple whammy, as it involves:

      1. Israel being our greatest ally.
      2. The U.S. Government covering up and getting its own troops killed
      3. John McCain’s Daddy being a psychopath.

      It’s the shallow waters before getting into more firmly intrenched modern mythologies.

    • Melissa: Thank you for the reminder. Early sacrifices on the altar of the Judeo-Christian heresy.

  22. “the cost started hitting home hours after someone explained the new bail reform policy in the Facebook group for the smash and grab community.”

    I spit my coffee out laughing at this. Very insightful, as always.

    These virtue signaling policies like low/no cash bond used to mean nothing other than talking points. You’re 100% correct that criminals know it and take advantage of it almost instantly.

  23. The old mafia used to have a saying: “Never shit where you eat”. It meant, among other things, that one place you could be sure you wouldn’t have your car stolen was the neighborhood where the Don lived, and the one school you could be sure you’d never find drugs being sold in was the one where his daughter went to school. Up until the early 10s or so, leftists had just about the same attitude, and so places like Marin County or Westchester were clean and safe. But about the time that Social Justice became really fanatic, that’s when leftist neighborhoods started going downhill. The Boudin recall is a good sign that maybe some leftists have decided there was too much shit on the dining room floor, but we have yet to see whether it’s part of a trend, or just a one-off.

    Me? I never bet against leftists being crazy and self-destructive.

    • Back when I was living in Philly, I talked to a retired cop at work. He told me Italian Market was the safest part of the city in his day, that the cops barely bothered patrolling it. Here was a lawman expressing admiration for mafia justice. It made an impression on me.

    • Isn’t that what got Boudin recalled in SF?

      Weren’t his lunatic policies were so bad they actually materially affected the Cloud People?

      I am sure SF will quickly appoint a replacement that will ensure only the Dirt People are kept down.

      • Correct, WGH. The Clouds, though, will lose control of the Administrative State in due time and no longer will be able to keep their enclaves segregated and force diversity only on Dirts. I look for American Clouds to flee the cities to rural areas first, and eventually to leave the country entirely for the cultural sophistication of White enclaves in European cities that currently mirror their lifestyle in the United States. It would be nice if European Dirts could stop it, but they have no say in their governance, either.

        • Jack-

          I believe the American Clouds who flee to Europe are in for a very rude awakening as the lunatic Green energy policies implode Western European economies and the fecund Ummah grow restless.

          • @WGH:

            It is still a great country. The in-migration from here and other once mostly White countries are driving up the cost of living, though. It is still comparatively cheap to stay and travel in Portugal, but for the love of God they are letting vipers into there. I see it becoming like Spain, which is Cuck Central. I’m going there in a few months and have been warned to expect a noticeable change.

        • I don’t think that US Cloud People will find much relief if they flee to Europe; the very same policies concerning Diversity are wearing down the possibility of defensible white enclaves there, too.

          • You probably are right, but the Clouds see a reflection of what they had here. Significant numbers are going to Portugal now, for example.

          • Portugal, incidentally, being the least enriched country in Europe by quite a substantial margin.

          • Jack-

            Yes, what a tragedy for Portugal.

            The cost of living there is so low I can remember buying good bottles of wine at the supermarket on Madeira for 2 or 3 euro.

            All the wealthy Amero-Clouds are going to seriously distort that situation.

          • D
            Felix Krull,
            Recall that Portugal had several major colonies filled with Africans, and a former colony of Brazil chock-a-block full of descendants of former African slaves. Living cheek by jowl with them likely instilled some reality anout the desirability of living cheek by jowl with said Africans. They seem to have avoided the mistakes made by the British or French in throwing wide the door to immigration from former colonies.

    • I’ll agree with you when the rich liberals in Lincoln Park/ Lakeview areas of Chicago vote out Lightfoot as mayor.
      Free elections are allowed in Chicago primaries, as 100% of the votes are for Democrats.

  24. San Francisco is a good example of why the forced diversity racket is being federalized and is focusing on moving vibrancy away from cloud people’s areas to dirt people’s areas.

    That is also why they are trying to set the stage for a federal police force that will stamp out troublesome local legal obstacles like the elected sheriff’s who mistakenly think they are supposed to work for the people who voted for them

    • “San Francisco is a good example of why the forced diversity racket is being federalized and is focusing on moving vibrancy away from cloud people’s areas to dirt people’s areas.”

      True, and it will fail massively. Being able to federalize carved-out White progressive enclaves, which is the goal, requires a White-dominated Administrative State. That soon will be toast. I expect places such as San Francisco, Marin County, and eventually Georgetown and Oxnard Hills to be targeted and destroyed within the next decade.

  25. The single greatest force for assimilation into American culture is living near blacks.

    • Don’t you mean, “The single greatest force AGAINST assimilation into American culture is living near blacks.” It follows the principle of “a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged.” Mugged by a negro, but that would be impolite to point out. Of course, it goes without saying.

    • I don’t know about American culture–unless you’re referring to that balefully white and beautiful thing that began dying in the 60s–but it’s certainly the prime imperative for race realism.

      It was for me.

      Up until 2010 I was basically a Griller when it came to race. Then a Hutu pack moved into the rental house across the street. As quickly as possible, I fled to a 90-percent white nabe with few rentals, began taking an extremely dim view of the immaculate African-Americans, and I haven’t looked back since. If it happened to me…

    • What’s the one word, begins with ‘n’ and ends with ‘r’, that you never want to call them? Neighbor.

  26. ‘’They get to scold their voters about race while making sure to never make the mistake of getting off on the Martin Luther King Boulevard exit to get gas.”

    Not Senator Stabenow, she blew by that exit with her high priced electric car.

    • Her car only cost $3k more than the median family income for the state of Michigan.

      C’mon man!

  27. “It turns out that Mexicans are not willing to think of themselves as black or share politics with blacks.”

    Rumor has it that the Mexicans don’t particularly care for blacks, especially in big cities like Los Angeles.

    It also turns out that many Hispanics in general don’t care for the term “LatinX,” which was conjured up by guilty White Liberals who think all minority groups should think and act alike. Judging by recent voting trends, a lot of minorities are waking up to the fact that Democrats view them as pawns and cogs.

    • The LA of the early 90s – of Friday, Boyz n The Hood, and Grand Theft Auto games – is long gone. A lot of quiet ethnic cleansing has gone on. Modern Compton is Mexican, not black. Black neighborhoods shrink every year. Where do they go? Who knows? Who cares? They’re not missed.

      • This is why Ron Unz can counter signal white nationalists. Importing Mexicans into SoCal improved the black areas.

        It’s a weakness of the American mind that we conflate “gangs”, “crime” etc. with blacks and don’t appreciate that Hispanics can build civilization. It isn’t good, orderly North-Western European civilization but it’s not Africa.

        • “It isn’t good, orderly North-Western European civilization but it’s not Africa.”

          I’ve been living for the past 18 years in Argentina which while less orderly than a NWE society is nonetheless a pleasant one in which “racial” issues are for all practical purposes non-existent and no one in my village or acquaintance writes “Latinx” much less says it aloud. Not allowed at grandkids’ school (private) either. Nor the “pronouns”.

          I grew up in the 50s in NYC and then-quasi rural partially suburban environs (Fairfield County, CT) and this place has a certain similarity in vibe, although more laid back, so to speak. My dtr-in-law is Latina, one of the bourgeois Latina “soccer moms” with a carload of kids (three her own), fully involved, content with Sunday asados (b-b-q/griller), everything very wholesome. Class differences exist, but they’re not color-coded. Granted, most (but not all) bourgeois Latins tend toward the European side of the spectrum, but culture, education and economic condition count for more. It’s quite nice, really, and sounds a damn sigght “nicer” than what the USA seems to have become.

          • Montefrio: I don’t doubt your personal circumstances BUT . . . demographic trends for Argentina are not particularly encouraging. Vast numbers of Indios from elsewhere in South America, Haitians, etc. now call Argentina home. And I do dispute that culture and education count more than racial genetics. Those of the population who are more racially mixed may aspire to more European values, but that is an economic aspiration to upper-class living rather than a natural inclination to share those genetic-based cultural values.

      • I wonder about this often too. I think we’re starting to see them invade the white suburbs because of “equity”. I always put that word in quotes because it is ridiculous.

        I’m starting to see them all over my neighborhood now. I also wonder if we will ever run out of them. The rate they kill each other is astonishing. Isn’t there a light at the end of that tunnel at some point?

      • they are being pushed back into the south. mexicans are pushing blacks out of chicago, too. thing is, the mexicans are not going to let the nigs have *anywhere*, they will eventually eliminate them completely. think of them as rival ant colonies…

        • Karl: Lats are following blacks to sections of the South, too, and competing with and squeezing them there. Georgia is an absolute malignant cancer as it is, and in the immediate future it will be similar to SoCal in the conflicts between blacks and Latinos. It is already happening in the Atlanta ‘burbs and even some urban enclaves. Advantage: Mestizos. They have none of the guilt and foolishness our people do as to the Sub-Saharan question. Also, coal burning gets a Latina punished toot suite.

          The key to our people’s survival is quickly getting the Hispanics to the right place re the Tribe (many are already there due to their traditional Catholicism; they are far more numerous than the Christian Zionist clowns who have converted) and then reaching settlement with them. Not my preferred outcome, but it is the reality of our position and maybe the only way for Whites to survive here long-term.

      • I have to wonder about the factors behind this shift. I’d imagine the cholos are generally more intelligent and organized than the brothers, while retaining their Aztec heritage of strong stomachs.

        I’d bet plenty of them have combat experience from the past thirty years of US adventurism.

        On top of that, I’d think they have cartel connections even the largest vibrant gangs simply can’t match.

        • Wild Geese: Hispanic gangs (drug, excon, exmilitary, etc.) are going to be a formidable force when/if SHTF. Blacks are naturally more feral but, as you note, less clever and less organized. Again, many people would choose the lesser of two evils. Still not my cup of tea.

          And fwiw my husband’s lovely godmother was of Mexican extraction, and one of my husband’s good college friends, etc. Doesn’t matter. Their children and grandchildren have reverted to their natural pattern and revere their x% non-White blood even after marrying Whites. Whether that might change if Sailer’s ‘flight from White’ was stopped remains to be seen. I remain highly skeptical.

          • I’m skeptical as well, but open to some modus vivendi if they continue to be hostile to the Sub-Saharans and the Tribe. Hardly my cup of tea, either, but it may be the only long-term strategy for the survival of our White people on North America. It also has enough karma/irony to be enjoyable at a superficial level.

            Watching the Lation/black conflict play out in SoCal and now the Southeast is simultaneously horrifying and enjoyable. YMMV.

    • The trouble with labels like Hispanic and LatinX is they mean nothing to the people in these groups. Cubans will never identify with Puerto Ricans of Dominicans. Mexicans are not Salvadorans. These labels make sense to people who know very little about the people they are labeling. Further, victimology runs counter to the cultural instincts of most of these groups. Being oppressed by whitey is a tough sell to people who buy skin lightening products.

      • Asians buy a lot of skin whitening products but also are copying the tribe in voicing hatred of whitey. This is especially true of Asian women. They don’t actually hate whitey but they see that works and their culture doesn’t require them to be grateful for White people providing them with a great opportunity to better their lives by living in the USA nor does it require them to try and be fair.

        Asia’s responsibility is to their family and tribe. If publically hating whitey helps their family, then they have the responsibility to hate whitey.

        The black violence against Asians in putting an interesting twist to this. Asians know that it is beneficial to claim to be victims and the only acceptable oppressor is whites. On the other hand, black violence against them is too real and prevalent to comfortably play that game

        • I dunno, a large swath of Asian women seem to have an affinity for white men. The highly-traditional ones stick to their kin; the assimilated or overseas Chinese will intermarry, and the huang zuo (“yellow left”) will do the anti-white bit. But I bet many of them have white BFs. Like Sandy Ocasio.

          • Marko is right. The anti-white screeching now coming from certain Asian females is just a shit-test from wymyn bemoaning a lack of access to masculine men.

          • Marko: Marrying Whites, or aspiring to join the dying partially White power structure in AINO does not equal having no racial hostility towards Whites. Asians have an affinity for their own, like all races, but Asian women are very cagey in looking for the main chance. And they are very, very quick to have a hapa to cement any such relationship. Consider the hapa step-son of Britain’s Beatrice. That’s a meal and class entry-ticket that the mother will squeeze for all it’s worth.

        • It really is comical to hear them speak out against whitey and his supremacism after a string of high profile black on Asian “hate crimes.”

      • Centuries ago when we were on vacation in the Dominican Republic, back when I could speak Spanish, a local was all rosy about race, with his mood only darkening when I mentioned Mexicans.

          • My wife’s immediate superior at work is married to a very smart and sensible Puerto Rican woman (only problem for him was the constant gatherings of her family, until eventually, having no refuge from this enforced familia, he had to put his foot down).

            Amusingly, after they traveled with their sons to PR, one of them observed about the place, “There are flies everywhere, and no one cares!”. Heh.

          • Can you blame them?
            Many years ago overheard Black gay office manager say he never met a PR guy he couldn’t get with.
            To this day Get queezy when dealing with any poc but especially PRs

          • Marko: Average PR is 20-25% sub-Saharan (re appearance, flies, and behavior). And they get free entrance to the US mainland, instead of having to plead for visas. Plenty of resentment from other Mestizos.

        • I’m sure you could pick it up again. They say it’s like riding a bike.
          Spanish is easy. If the Puerto Ricans can learn it, anyone can. 😉

          • Possibly. I tried to pick up Chinese some years ago and found it pretty easy to learn but unfortunately my brain was like “you can totally learn this and speak it, but the stuff you get paid to know? That’s gotta go.”

        • 30 years ago, I played beer league soccer and we had a few Salvadorans on our team. Whenever we’d do pickup games and mestizo Mexicans showed up, the disdain was palpable. They wouldn’t bother with their names but merely yell “Meh-hee-co!” when they wanted them to pass the ball.

      • The fastest way to get a sense of the the dislike among the Latin American peoples is to go on a boxing message board and look at some threads discussing a Mexican fighting a Puerto Rican. Or Cuban. Or Argentinean.

    • In fact, Mexicans have firebombed blacks out of neighborhoods they wanted to take over in California…The Kenyan made a half-hearted attempt to stop it, but gave up..Blacks are at the bottom of the totem pole in Latin America, and are kept firmly in their place…

      • Many years ago, my parents and I visited several Latin American countries. While in La Paz, Bolivia, which is in the high altiplano, we hired a taxi to drive us down into the beginnings of the Amazon basin to the east for a day. Aling the way, we passed homes with Africans ovee there, and Mario, our driver expressed his dislike of them. Mom hastened to differ, of course; but Mario definitely knew the score.

    • “Rumor has it that the Mexicans don’t particularly care for blacks, especially in big cities like Los Angeles.”

      . . .

      “Judging by recent voting trends, a lot of minorities are waking up to the fact that Democrats view them as pawns and cogs.”

      From back where I used to live, the Latinos are getting pretty tired of “Not Getting Their Share of the Pie/Spoils”

      Every ten years after the national census the Chicago City Council reviews and redraws the 50 ward maps. The Vibrant folks pointed out that 1) There were more of them than the Diverse folks in Chicago and 2) We deserve more ward representation than the Diverse folks.

      Chicago ward mapping is the ultimate Gerrymandering effort in the US. And since it’s being done by Democrats we have to pass out spoils by racial or ethnic identity. Because fairness, or something.

      As pointed out in the linked story: “After census data showed rising Latino populations, the Latino Caucus demanded 15 majority wards in the new map, up from 13.”

      Which is right and proper. Except Diverse politicians would have to give up a ward or two. So someone put the hurt or greased some palms in the City Council:

      “In the last week, a handful of caucus members switched sides, leading to a compromise map that still features 14 Latino-majority wards.

      Latinos lost for the second decade in a row,” the People’s Coalition said in a statement. “We’re disappointed some of our colleagues chose to save themselves over the Latino community.””

      Basically they are rising in numbers and power, and are looking at the old coalition of Liberal Whites and Diversity and replying “Screw you man, where’s mine?”

      And at some point they’ll have enough numbers they’ll get it. And the old coalition can only hold them off for so long.

      • This is probably the underlying reason the Latino alderman in Chicago felt perfectly comfortable telling Lightfoot to eff off during the height of the 2020 insurrection because his ward had insufficient police presence compared to the 24/7 legion of cops at her house.

        • But the cholos were picking up the slack for the absent Policia, or so I heard at the time. The old Southern sundown towns had nothing over those neighborhoods I bet.

        • It got Muy Caliente in the Latino sections of the city and collar suburbs (like Cicero) during the “mostly peaceful” George Floyd demonstrations in 2020.

          At the beginning of the “demonstrations” a number of businesses in Little Village (in Chicago proper) and Cicero (a collar suburb of Chicago) were looted and 2 people were shot and killed in Cicero.

          So the Latinos showed the cholos ain’t down with that ese.

          “In a Facebook Live video shot at 50th and Cermak in Cicero at 7 p.m. Monday, groups of people with bats and metal pipes were gathering near the intersection.

          “Non-Black, Latinx gangs [are] armed with bats, machetes,” said Luz Chavez, who shot the video. “Any car that passes by with Black people in it, they are yelling at it and throwing s—,” she said.

          Chavez, founder of online magazine Gozamos, urged Black people to “stay out of Cicero.””

          Some of the Latino aldermen mouthed the right words:

          “Ald. Byron Sigcho-Lopez (25th), who represents Pilsen, said he’s also received reports of Black neighbors being harassed.

          “We love our Black residents, we love our Black community,” he wrote on Facebook. “…We will not tolerate…[harassment] of our Black neighbors.””

          The collective response? “We don’t care homes”

          Another narrative

          “Shapearl Wells, an African American resident of Cicero attended the news conference and confronted the superintendent. Wells alleges that her cousin, who was driving out from Chicago to visit her, was at a red light on Cermak Road and Central Avenue when multiple men approached her.

          “They told her, ‘You not from around here you n – – – – – bitch,’” Wells said.

          When Wells, who was in disbelief, went out to investigate the incident the men returned and instructed her to return to her home.”

          Yeah, ain’t no love lost there.

          Funny, when they tried to reboot protests in 2021 certain neighborhoods were left alone. Wonder why? 🤔

          • So what you’re saying is we somehow have to convince more vibrants to enter the Latino neighborhoods? Hmmm, it might accelerate the alleviation of the criminal race…

    • “Rumor has it that the Mexicans don’t particularly care for blacks”

      The hell you bellow?! I have it on good authority from Frip that everybody LOVES the saintly negro.

    • Hell, Hispanics don’t particularly like the term Hispanic. The Census once had the two race choices: Hispanic and White. They discovered that many “Hispanics” chose “White”. Couldn’t have that, so they added “Hispanic-White” to the “Hispanic” choice, thereby decreasing White numbers and increasing minorities.

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