A Sports Example

When the big tech companies decided to crack down on speech on-line, conservatives started chanting about how these are private companies and therefore they had a right to regulate what is done on their platforms. The reason conservatives said this is they were taking bribes from the big tech companies. If Silicon Valley started human sacrifice, National Review would have posted the “conservative case” for ripping the beating heart out of virgins to please Moloch.

Even without the bribes, conservatives would have sided with the oligarchs because for conservatives, the term “private company” has no real meaning. It is just a way to dodge the issue of state power. The Left advocates the promiscuous use of state power to achieve their moral ends, while the Right opposes any use of state power to achieve any ends, which leaves a big void. We end up with giant corporations pushing people around with the consent of the state.

A mundane example of this is sports. In the West, sport has been a central part of the culture since the Greeks. Sport has always been a theatrical version of war, which allows men and society to blow off steam. Sport also allows diverse people, as in people not bound by kin relations, to build bonds. The town comes together to play the next town in a game. After the game, the people of both towns throw a big party with one town having bragging rights until the next time.

In other words, large scale athletic spectacles have a social function, one that is integral to the smooth operation of society. This is why in modern times, cities will spend hundreds of millions to create venues for pro sports teams. A section of the city will often be designed around the arenas, with shopping, nightlife and swank living arrangements placed around the sports facilities. The sports are viewed as a social good so the city spends money on them.

Professional sports leagues also enjoy special rules granted to them by the government that protect them from competition. In the United States, it means an antitrust exemption from Congress. States will grant special tax exemptions, especially for the payroll taxes of the athletes. Localities will give them free land, utilities and exemptions from the normal property taxes. In America, sports leagues are special monopolies that exist as a creation of government.

Here is where the above mentioned dynamic between Left and Right works against the interest of the people. The Left uses state power to make sure these sports leagues aggressively support the cultural causes. The four big sports leagues are out front on the things like sodomy, cross-dressing, social vengeance and so on. They also make sure to support other state-sponsored ventures like war mongering and the medical fads that are an increasing part of daily life.

While the Left is weaponizing sports against the majority population, the Right carries on like these leagues are bastions of libertarianism, instead of rentier enterprises for the benefit of the oligarchs. Any suggestion that maybe the state do something about the outlandish prices or the grotesque subsidies these operations enjoy is met with howls of “socialism’ from conservatives. You see, those subsidies are just tax avoidance and taxes are bad so reasons.

The result is sports leagues function like tax farmers. Every cable household is sending money to pro sports leagues through their cable bill. Since the sports stuff is bundled into the basic bill, you pay for sports by default. The only way to avoid paying for sports is to not have a television subscription. Even taking that approach, you are subsidizing sports through property taxes, sales taxes and entertainment taxes. Everyone is a tenant on the sportsball farm in America.

A functioning opposition to the Left would take one of two moral positions on the issue of professional sports. One is the equality position. The only way to treat all economic actors equally is to avoid special treatment. The sports leagues should lose their antitrust exemption and lose their tax subsidies. They should also lose the right to muscle cable operators into forcing their product on customers. For example, only 25% of people watch ESPN, but everyone pays for it.

The other moral position on this issue is to engage the Left in how best to regulate these public goods. For example, make the leagues choose between pay-per-view and commercials in the broadcasts. Currently, they are allowed to both price-fix the purchased content and jam it full of ads. A football game is about an hour of game time and two hours of other stuff, mostly ads. This is how thirty-two oligarchs get nine billion per year just from broadcasting their games.

If sports are a public good, then they need to be regulated in the best interest of the people, like a road or a waterway. Economic considerations fall behind the moral and social considerations. On the other hand, if they are just another business with no special meaning to society, then they get treated as such. In America, the first option is only open to the Left and the second option is never considered. Both Left and Right support using sports to advance left-wing ends.

This little example illustrates a core premise of the dissident project. It is the destruction of the old dynamic between Left and Right, where one side argues from morality and the other side hides behind abstract economic concepts. The new dynamic needs to begin with the basic question. Does the issue lie in the public culture or does it belong in the private culture? The former requires public power to regulate on behalf of the public, while the latter needs to be protected from public power.

Note that the issue is culture, not economics. This is the other aspect of that change in the political dynamic. The debate must always start first with the culture. Not only does this focus the mind on what actually matters, but it keeps the specter of who decides hanging over all public debate. What is in the best interest of the culture and who ultimately decides is the core of all politics. A genuine opposition to the Left embraces this reality and makes it the focus of their politics.

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201 thoughts on “A Sports Example

  1. The spectator sports thing escapes me. When the kids were small and participated in various sports I went to their games/matches to support them. Same when the grandkids came along. Curiously, none of them ever got into the “sportsfan” mentality. They had no interest in either college or professional sports. Maybe it’s genetic? Growing up I had a little interest in watching sports, but not much. As time passed, even that little interest diminished. The last time I watched on anything like a regular basis was back when the Steel Curtain was playing in Pittsburgh. Meanwhile, I developed more interest in participating in sports, as did the grandkids; boating, fishing, skiing. They added motor sports like dirtbiking and ATV’s and so did I. Are we noticing a pattern yet? If college and professional (but I repeat myself) sports disappeared, I wouldn’t notice, nor would my progeny.

  2. My own divorce with Pro sports commenced with David Ross, the current manager of the Cubs, crying, with tears, over the “systemic racism “ directed at Jason Heyward. The poor bastard had to survive on 128 Million dollars, and had difficulty hitting above the Mendoza Line.

    The struggle is apparently real.

    And Ross’ reaction was a bridge too far.

    Somehow, someway we will all survive without professional sports.

  3. OT:

    WW3 for climate change is imminent as the regime moves the 101st Airborne to the western border of Ukraine and cruise-missile carrying destroyers to the Med:


    This is probably going to be a laugher for Russia and China once they actively move to restrict Western-bound exports of energy, raw materials, and electronic components.

    It won’t be funny for us because the green death cult is going to get a lot of us killed as Russia and China stomp a mudhole in the collective West.

      • “Never thought I would live to see the
        day, and kinda wish I hadn’t.”

        Same. I thought tensions were easing the last two weeks. Thought the West was realizing Russia had the upper hand, and we were looking for a face-saving out. Now this. It’s purely the U.S. neocons. Insane little freaks.

        • With any luck, it’s probably just ripening up for a little battle. Both sides have too much to lose by sheer escalation. Some fighter jet blitzes over Kiev, anti-aircraft fire at night, good TV scenes, and they can call it quits saying they’re “real men.” What the Americans are probably hoping is they can move in surreptitiously and roll back the Russians a bit and leave a line drawn in the sand. Maybe things will thaw once the mutual hate goes away.

          • And back in the real world. they just added Finland to NATO in order to try and close off the Baltic to Russian warships and escalate on that front as they try and supply kaliningrad.

            One side has nothing to lose. They expect a massive war in Europe and that is not a loss for them.

            If the US gets nuked then no big deal.

            The US is a tool to be wielded, not their nation.

  4. Too bad about missed opportunity to hang with your dad over sports LineIn. If you don’t have much in common with your dad otherwise, sports is a good way to bond. When I was a kid we were a sports-watching family. NFL from ’75 to early 90’s was good stuff. ’75 to around ’82 NFL still had a good amount of diversity. White guys and black guys. To think of lots of white running backs and wide receivers now is funny.

    I grew up in Northwest Ohio. So watching the Steelers was Sunday tradition. Though my favorite team was the Oakland Raiders because of the personalities on the team and their outlaw image. (Funny, truth be told, the “good guy” Steelers were just as mean and brutal). My dad didn’t allow TV on school nights. So I always missed Monday Night Football. The Raiders had a decades-long Monday night win streak and I never got to watch them. One time in 4th grade I wrote dad an essay about why I should be able to watch that week’s Monday Night game featuring the Raiders vs. their arch-rival the Broncos. He tossed the essay aside without reading it and said “Go ahead and watch the damn game.”

    Dad was a tennis player. Played in the U.S. Open once. So all the major tennis tournaments were family events. Especially “Breakfast at Wimbledon” as NBC brilliantly called it. Making you feel good about getting up at 6AM east coast time to watch the semi-finals on Saturday, and finals on Sunday. One time my mom actually bought strawberries and cream so we could watch Wimbledon like the Brits in the stands did.

    We didn’t watch much baseball because dad thought it was dumb. Mindless dirt people stuff. Up there with smash-up derby. He really thought everyone on the field was just standing there daydreaming about Budwiser and tits I guess. Not knowing that each guy had to keep in mind about 3 possible courses of action corresponding to about 5 present factors. I’m keenly aware of the type of smarts and focus baseball requires because my mind wasn’t up to it. I was always throwing to the wrong guy or forgetting how many outs there were. Screwing up in crucial situations makes the whole team want to murder you.

    Golf is great father and son viewing. So relaxing. And less woke stuff. I believe The Masters is commercial-free now. That started when companies withdrew advertising because of woke pressure to make them accept female membership. So they let in that lady who helped start the war on Iraq. But they just kept it commercial-free anyway. I think the Masters (Augusta Golf Club) signed a mega-deal with ESPN. So no need for ads.

    I don’t know what families did on weekends before sports TV. Cut wood? Gathered sticks? Stared at the fireplace? It was something our turbulent family could come together and do without yelling and fighting. I was the mellow harmonious one so I was really grateful for sports TV.

    • “I don’t know what families did on weekends before sports TV. ”

      Why even live at all if you ever have to do anything but consume media product?

    • Thanks, Frip. I’m glad your family bonded over sports. I think that’s great.

      Even as an introspective guy, I’m not sure why I can’t enjoy watching sports. I’m not proud of it. It’s kind of like being a picky eater, you alienate and annoy lots of people who could be your friends.

      When I try to watch sports, I eventually become overcome with a restless boredom, like I’ve consumed way too much coffee. If I could turn off this response in me, I would.

      • LineIn. Not sure why my response landed outside of your initial post. My mistake.

        The reason why you don’t like watching sports is perhaps why most people don’t. Sports fandom necessitates having someone to root for. Believing the hype, as it were. You’re too real to get behind something you’ve really no reason to get behind.

        I’ve had friends like you. When I used to watch playoff games and I could tell that a friend was bored watching it. I’d let slip that, “Dude. This coach is low-key one of us.” It would help the friend become at least a little interested.

        • . Frankly I don’t see any reason to encourage interest in non martial sports these days. It just feeds the system

          Let it die.

          If you want your kid to learn teamwork, discipline and all that, try paintball if legal in your area. Or go with some kind of martial arts

          As a society we’ll never do this , scares the establishment and no money in it but in the time it take to make a mediocre high school ball player or athlete, any kid could be turned into a deadly militiaman .

      • If the sport doesn’t involve combat of some kind not interested. I’ll watch or take up ax throwing which I’ve done over any ball sports.

        It didn’t help that I knew no one who played or watched any sports.

        A useless old memory I was a high school freshman the football team wanted me to try out for our rather small school I declined. I couldn’t affords the trip or gear (30 miles and I was very poor) and frankly I wanted wrestling anyway. Maybe I could have swung that

        The “jock mafia” mainly said nope. Maybe the wrestling team was full which was understandable but I suspect otherwise.

        I had zero issue with the jocks in my school mind you , our royalty were pretty decent people for teens but I had less than zero interest in football

        Football or nothing? Nothing.

      • That’s because that are a lot of things that are FAR more interesting and engaging than spending the afternoon in front of a TV to watch some Negroes play with a ball.

    • Family bonding is always good. Glad sports worked well for you.

      Before TV families would talk, read often aloud , play games , cards, board games, music or do various solitary pursuits like paint, draw , whittle , sew whatever.

      TV itself did nothing but damage the family , isolate and alienate while creating a fake consensus culture that is mostly opposed to our historical values

  5. Most pro sportsball could be replaced by a CGI format run by a win-loss, field yards gained algorithm.

    • Madden simulation mode. The videos are on YouTube. Video games have deprecated real life.

  6. Funnily enough, Z Man’s site description still is “Sports, Culture and Other Stuff” when he so rarely writes about sports.

    While I played sports up to high school, I never could stand watching sports. This was a huge disappointment to my father. I tried really hard to watch sports with him but I just couldn’t do it. He and I were so similar, both loners, but he loved watched sports all weekend and I just couldn’t do it.

    Any other guys out there who could never stand watching sports, even before sports became a propaganda organ of the progressives?

    • I’ve never been able to find sports interesting. Closest I get is appreciating the quality of the lawn in a golf tournament.

      • I don’t know what your situation was, but I can’t imagine enjoying them if I hadn’t played them.

        Not a big sportsball watcher these days, but I hope most of the people who do at least played when they were young.

    • If I could have endured watching sports, I would have had 10 times the social opportunities that I have had in life. But I just couldn’t stand it. Not sure why.

      • Even today, there are any number of talk shows where the host always talks to a guest about their local sport team as the first topic of discussion. Bores me silly, but it seems to be the Lingua Franca of ice breaking.

        Just once, I’d love for a Pol to simply respond, “I don’t follow sports (or this team) as I’ve got better things to do. Now as to why I’m on your show…”

    • My brother never really got into it. And, perhaps surprisingly, most college and professional athletes only give a dam’ about sports when it revolves around them. When they’re not playing or preparing to play, they couldn’t care less.

    • The only one I could ever get into was NFL because it is such a TV product with a four-act structure. College football by contrast is terrible to watch and you can’t get past their lousy performance (Jameis Winston’s Rose Bowl game). College basketball is fun but who has the time to keep up with it post-Internet? Baseball is good only for highlights and almost unwatchable on TV with ad breaks that are more interesting than the pastime. I do occasionally attend certain games outside the top-3 group, e.g. hockey, which are just difficult for me to follow televisually for some reason, because when you don’t care about the innards of “strategy” for the particular sport the blow-dry blowhard commentators add nothing. Golf on TV might be the dumbest thing yet invented although they use it to sell big-screen displays at the electronics store for obvious reasons.

    • I fell in love with baseball when I was about 7 years old or so. It was 1987 and the Twin’s won the World Series, I remember watching with my old man. He was a lifelong Twins fan, and watching together was one of the few times he wasn’t an asshole, and we bonded. He started teaching me the game. I don’t really know why I fell for it, but I think I did because the game was something my dad cared about. I wanted to care about what my dad cared about.

      After that series I started collecting baseball cards. All the old 80-90’s style Topps, Score, Donruss. My goal was to fill every MLB team. Now, I never collected them for any collection or value, I collected them to make up the MLB teams, and me and my brother found a board game, maybe APBA or Sherco, and we used the cards as action figures to replay the outcome of the board game.

      About then my brother and I started playing Little League. My brother I think just tagged along, being that only 18 months seperated us and I was older. We have always been good buds. My old man was more than happy to oblige our baseball interests, and did all he could with his limited time and finances to work on our fundamentals. He’d play catch, work on fielding, and even built us a crude swinging machine. It was a piece of wood at a right angle with a ball drilled through with a tied to a rope that hung down. The trick was to swing at the ball, make it swing around, then as it slowed down, make contact again. I guess the point of it was you never take your eyes off the ball.

      So I played, and was pretty decent. I was always a bigger kid, but didn’t have any stuff to be a pitcher, which is what I wanted to be. I was too wild. Plus, during this time, the Marinovich effect was starting to gain steam, and kid’s were throwing pitches they had no business throwing. My old man, knowing the score, forbid me to pitch anything other than a fastball out of caution I’d blow out my arm.

      I ended up volunteering for catcher early on, and that became my spot. I was good enough to earn the backup spot on our HS team and start a playoff game as an 8th grader. Our starting pitcher on that team was 1st all conference, he could throw 90+ with a curve, and I remember only letting one ball by. I couldn’t hit very well, but my defense was solid.

      We moved all the way to the other side of the country after that summer. The old one had to work all the time, I got caught up with some mischievous types, my grades were crap, and eventually I just gave up on ball.

      But I will never complain, because I have a great family and marriage, if I had continued to strive for baseball, I am certain I could have played college, maybe not bigtime, but d3 or d2 for sure. But I know for sure that my life wouldn’t be what it is today. A good woman of 20 years and a big family. Not broke, just solid middle class, for as long as we can hold on. I wouldn’t trade it for any ball career.

      I am not bragging, but I had enough tools, and I loved the game, and knew it’s concepts.

      I was also an NFL rube since about age 10 or so, and I remember old Alex Jones bustin’ on us sportsball fans balls. In my mind Jone’s could go piss up a rope. NFL was my vent and reprieve from the work week, and I really enjoyed the game. I enjoyed the strategy, the heart, the effort, the talent, black or white, I admired it.

      About 2012 or so, I started to get annoyed with the social justice creep and especially the damn commercials. I remember the 80’s, the 90’s, and early 00’s football. Almost all off the commercials were stupid in a funny way, were marketing to a specific audience(the high end cars commercials) or they had hot babes.

      In my mind, I didn’t play or watch sportsball for some nerdy student council dork cause, I played to get tail, or at the very least, female attention.

      I really started to come around when I saw the double standard they had with how they treated Tim Tebow compared to Mike Vick. I remeber going to that shitstain of a site Deadspin, and seeing all these pukes bagging on the confidence, the bragadocio, the Machoism of sports. Those little faggots over there only wished they could be a part of the game, but because they were sickly mothers boy jews, all they could do is hate it. They needed to turn it into the exact thing their mutter would approve of, the same way she treated them: an anathematized little burden that wouldn’t be important if society had not made it so. Why do those yentas screech over abortion so much? Yeah, makes one wonder….

      They were all the exact same stereotype the song “Mother” by Pink Floyd describes. Needless to say, I saw their momentum, and no matter how many of us tried to put them in their place, we were all quickly banned.

      OKAY! TLDR!!!: My final straw was the outcry up here for Minnesota’s own sainted Floyd. All that deadbeat had to do was stay home that day and OD on his own vomit, sitting vegged out of his mind on his soiled couch in his section 8 hovel. But no, his 70IQ sponged out mush of a mind decided to go pass a fake twenty to his hommies at Cup Foods. And let it be known, this wasn’t his first time. Hommies were done with his bust ass, called the police and the rest is history.

      Well, after all the vibrant’s and soy’s fiery but peaceful fury, my beloved Minnesota Viqueens decided to host the innocent, solemn, deified holy family of Floyd’s at our beautiful Billion Dollar People’s Boondoggle, err, Stadium. All to their own. All on the opening day of the 2020 season.

      Mind you, due to the dread coof hoax and our spinelass tub of estrogen we call “TIMWALZ”, the place had been shut down to all the people who owned and payed on it.

      But these savages Mourning over their “good boy”, their “wouldn’t hurt nobody”, their “babby daddy”, their “didn do nuthin” aspiring astronaut of a son got to mooch, virtue signal, condemn whitey and watch football all alone, the whole place to themselves.

      That’s when I said Fuck it, Fuck the NFL. Haven’t watched a game or cared since.

      • The NFL and particularly the NBA are utterly negrified at this point and unwatchable. Ruined, just like everything else they’re allowed to infest. What’ll take for normie to wake up and ditch them once and for all?

      • WeHateEveryone: “I ended up volunteering for catcher early on, and that became my spot.” Tremendous respect for catchers. Catchers and football centers. Tough guys with brains. Very cool.

        “My final straw was the outcry up here for Minnesota’s own sainted Floyd. All that deadbeat had to do was stay home that day and OD on his own vomit, sitting vegged out of his mind on his soiled couch in his section 8 hovel. But no, his 70IQ sponged out mush of a mind decided to go pass a fake twenty to his hommies at Cup Foods.”


        NoOneAtAll: “No excuse for being fat and right wing. Anyway how can any serious person be invested in this weeks contest of “which jew bought the best negroes?’


        • “Which Jew bought the best negros”.

          You know, sometimes one owns something that is so descriptive, it can’t be improved upon.

          I’m stealing that phrase and look forward to using it properly, with people who would be deeply offended by it.

          • I’m pretty sure it’s a known phrase on our side. Which is why he put it in quotes. Still though, I’d forgetten about it. One of the funniest lines of all time.

    • Doing sports is infinitely superior to watching sports… no excuse for being fat and right wing. Anyway how can any serious person be invested in this weeks contest of “which jew bought the best negroes?’

    • Line: Our older son never took to team sports, either watching or playing. Did plenty of physical activities, but they were all solo (swimming, kids gymnastics, martial arts, then laser tag on up to bb guns to real guns). Younger kid loved watching football with dad. It was a big bonding thing for the two of them.

      I’m like you – cannot sit still for any game, although I took a brief interest in football in the early 1980s.

  7. I’ve heard of a new book by eddie scarry, who writes for the federalist. It’s called liberal misery and how the left seems mentally unstable.

    I don’t disagree with the premise but what I’m curious about is how much of it is a historical anomaly? Like in 1964 for example it was Johnson who had an optimistic view of the country while goldy came across as a grouch.

    • The country was different in those days. We were basking in the glow of WWII and it was apparent we’d survived the Cold War successfully. We were rich and prospering, nothing was impossible.

      Johnson was pushing his Great Society and it was the optimal time for it. Blacks could be the equal of Whites. Poverty could be abolished. Pollution could be stopped. There was no societal evil we could not solve. The Repub’s were yesterday’s news. Goldwater conservatism was out of touch with Johnson’s great society. Of all the countries in the world, The USA had the “biggest swinging dick”.

      It was all bulls**t, but the Boomers were coming of age in such an environment and never knew real hardship. As all young people, they knew better than their elders. And here we are.

  8. There are lots of things that need doing to reform the major professional sports. A good start would be getting rid of certain (((owners))) and all joggers, period.

    • I believe that Whites only professional sports leagues would be economically viable if ever allowed to exist.

      • That could only exist in a white ethnostate. Create a state, get a culture that reflects you rather than your enemies.

  9. Sorry to be off topic.
    Germany just sentenced a 100 year old man to prison claiming he was a German army officer assigned to guard a concentration camp. He claims this is not the case. It was 70 years ago and Germany has completely collapsed but they are certain he was there. They aren’t even accusing him of having committed a specific crime. He might have been there 70 years ago and now he will die in jail.

    • He won’t die in jail. Sentenced to 5 years. He’ll be 105. Germans are healthy and love to hike. I saw his arms. They look good. He’s fit. Also they don’t actually send convicted elderly camp guards to prison. It’s all done to shame the perps and help appease the victims’ families. Prison guards are kinda dicks. So I imagine concentration camp guards were real pricks.

        • Melissa: His tormentors will never let this go. The kids and grandkids of “the worst event evah” are now described as ‘survivors.’ They suffer psychological trauma, you see, and so it’s vital they keep suing to reclaim grandma’s paintings that grandpa bought from impoverished Geman owners who needed to buy bread after WWI.

          It’s the world’s never-ending grift.

      • ” It’s all done to shame the perps and help appease the victims’ families. ”

        Absolute Bullshit.

        It is all done to keep the German people in an attitude osfshameful subservience.

      • Yes, but that’s not the point. The point is that this prison guard has been convicted on facts not easily proven or disproven because of the time lapse involved. In such, the trial itself becomes an injustice. There is a reason there are statutes of limitation on many laws. However, former NAZI’s (IIRC) were excluded long ago. (Disclaimer, I have no specific knowledge of nor interest in this case. I speak of previous such incidents I’ve heard about.)

    • This ethnic hatred of Germans will eventually be transferred to all whites.

      You can smugly gloat about this old man being punished but you may find that you meet the same fate as an old man.

      • Yeah, probably brought against someone who as a child, knew or suspected that their old man was a nazi, and failed to rat them out while they were still alive.

      • This is why we need to take pictures of them (and their crimes) and write their names, addresses, place or work, internet handles etc down to assist with the eventual prosecutions!!! We can’t seem to do anything about their evil deeds today, but transmania will pass.

  10. OT:
    Anyone know what happened with neorxn.com? I can’t seem to get it to load (is it just me)?

  11. “It is the destruction of the old dynamic between Left and Right, where one side argues from morality and the other side hides behind abstract economic concepts.”

    Another great example of this that I often use is the defunding of state mental institutions in the 1980s. The left was on pushing deinstitutionalization because they wanted to “rehabilitate” the crazies and give them more freedom. It was inhumane to keep these people locked up. Plus, in their opinion, crazy is subjective. Why lock up men that believe they are women or people that believe they commune with aliens? Alternatively, Reagan and his allies promoted the idea based on their vague notions of shrinking government spending. The result? Look around. Mentally ill people have set up encampments in cities across America and defecate on or streets and assault normal people. Just another example of neither party caring about the actual results to normal people.

    • Thats an endemic problem with the gop. The few who have “private sector experience” are entirely from finance (Mitt Romney), where “what happens after the next quarterly report” might as well be after the heat death of the universe. Crack addicts in the hood have longer-term decision horizons than McConnel & friends

  12. The only sports I watch anymore are hockey and auto racing. Hockey at least had constant action, almost entirely white/European players, and a large degree of innate self-refereeing within the culture. Show disrespect on the ice and you’ll be leveled, and it’s an accepted part of the sport. With racing there’s a ton of engineering, thus intelligence, involved and it’s actually fun to watch. I have no time for the NBA and MLB for obvious reasons, and as difficult as it’s been to separate myself from football (admittedly was a lifelong fan, difficult to change your culture entirely) I just can’t stand the league anymore, between corruption and the culture.

    • The NHL went full rainbow the month. Also, inexplicably they have a Shaneq’wa voice introduce the opening of every broadcast, something hockey fans were sorely missing until now. Finally, diversities sing the anthems with some exceptions, most notably the tuxedo’d John Brancy doing a great rendition of the anthem at before Ranger games.

    • Yeah cutting out the NFL was tough but necessary. I love the Fall and a big part of that was watching football on Sunday, sometimes with my Dad when we got together for dinner. I would work my ass off around the house all day Saturday so I could relax with the game “guilt free”.
      I hate what they’ve done to us.

  13. So much of what Z describes here pivots upon the Left’s realpolitik versus the Right’s adherence to principle. Because the Left is beholden to nothing but the ultimate aim of total power, it is free to make or jettison economic arguments about sports, willy-nilly. The object, of course, is to use sports to crush whitey, and that’s all there is to it. This phenomenon grants the Left latitude to do as it pleases, and nothing facilitates action quite like the utter freedom to do so.

    The Right, on the other hand, reifies the free market. These days it is reduced to little more than a cheerleading squad on behalf of capitalism. Now regardless of what one thinks about the free market, no sentient person can believe that human beings are defined by how much money they can stuff into their wallets. The economic component is only one slice of humanity, and hardly the largest or the most important. But because of the Right’s monomania and astigmatism, the money is all that matters. Never mind that the tankers full of filthy lucre are being used to pulverize western civilization. By gosh, we may all perish, but at least we will die principled deaths!

    And that is where the Left beats the Right. They understand the object is victory not martyrdom on a Procrustean bed.

    • “They understand the object is victory not martyrdom on a Procrustean bed.”

      Or a gilded cross.

  14. They should also lose the right to muscle cable operators into forcing their product on customers.

    But for the anti-trust exemption, this would be a clear case of product tying.

  15. Sportsball? I mean, MLB/BLM is still a thing?

    The only question left is whether LeBron James will be a fighter ace in one war, or two like Ted Williams — with the war clouds thickening towards World Wars 3 and 4.

    He is a “hero”, after all.

  16. The town athletics as a substitute for tribal warfare can really only function in that way when the athletes are drawn from the town. Your “home” team is a stylized font and logo filled with random Africans drawn from all over the country, while the whole enterprise is owned by foreigners who hate you. It is a cheap hollow facsimile of the real thing.

    • Yes.

      To understand what sportsball can do when handled right, here’s Zman explaining about the time USA took Olympic gold in hockey:

      The Americans beating the Russians and then beating Finland to capture the gold was a transformative event. All of a sudden. everyone had a reason to be proud and more important, be proud in public. It was a great example of the cascading effect. Everyone suddenly realized that lots of other people harbored the same thoughts as they did about the state of things. Those chants of “U-S-A” still bring chills to anyone old enough to have watched that Olympics. It was amazing.


      Corporation one vs. corporation two? Meh, not so hot.

    • I am just old enough to remember the good ol’ days. Up here in Alberta, it was the Aaaaaadmonton Eskimos. The next town down was the Calgary Stampeders. Wes and Wilky got drunk in the bars after the game with our parents and were celebs at Klondike Days. The Esks went to the schools to tell the kids not to skip or do drugs, and then threw the pig skin around with them afterward for autographs and PR pics.

      And then the noggers started showing up and today… The Edmonton Elks look like sullen snake headed Bloods or Crips that obviously do a great deal of drugs and never went to school at all. At least two generations have grown up not knowing what they have been robbed of. The see the baboons wrapping their sports cars around power poles, beating up their white girl friends, and getting busted doing underaged hookers and coke… and think it has always been that way.

      • I had no idea they’d changed their name. I just looked it up. My goodness.

        I haven’t been to an NFL game since 1986, but in 1999 a buddy and I were bored one day and so we decided to drive over to Hamilton and see a Ti-Cats game at Ivor Wynn. Even at that late date, there was still a sense of community at the game, far more than you’d get at a corporatized NFL game. That’s the last professional football game I’ll ever attend in my life.

  17. Cable bundling should be banned. Channels should be a-la-cart, and discounts should only be given on a volume basis. Sports franchise fees should only be charged to sports channels. There should also be a 30% tax on cable bills that goes toward Medicare, earmarked specifically for diabetes and heart disease treatment. A $5.00 tax all ticket sales should be put in a free tattoo removal fund that anyone can access using their health provider.

    • I don’t think you can fix medicare with more taxes. The problem isn’t lack of money. It’s corruption, waste and fraud ( a TON of fraud). Though not medicare specifically, the US spends 20% of GDP on healthcare. That number needs to be reduced.

      • If we’re talking about the public interest, then toxic “food,” much of it subsidized, needs to be addressed as well. Nobody should eat fast food, drink high fructose corn syrup, or consume 90% of what’s available at grocery stores. Almost everything on offer is highly processed and toxic. Heart disease, obesity, diabetes, etc. are all major problems, and for the most part they aren’t being caused by tobacco or booze, or even just because of lack of exercise for that matter.

        • That sciency science food pyramid mandated by the US since the 70s is really paying dividends.

          • I find it quite remarkable that no-one points out that the promoters of the “food pyramid” were the USDA not the FDA. The USDA is concerned with the health of the farmers wallets not that of eaters of the farmers products..
            The food pyramid is a ranking of what the farmers want to sell you.

    • No, television should be extremely restricted or outright banned; social media definitely must be banned. Cable or satelite should be prohibited under penalty of extraordinary death: any of those providing or partaking get broken on the wheel. Maybe in 2 or 3 generations we can go back to allowing local broadcast TV for preapproved shows for 1-2 hours per evening.
      Allowing 24-7 nationwide television is on the same level as allowing free access to heroin, with even worse downstream cultural effects. At least with a smack addict you can tell by looking that they are disconnected from reality.

      You guys really dont know how negotiating works, do you? If your starting position is the mildest acceptable outcome of minor tweaks to the existing system, you will lose everything and gain nothing.

      • Thank you. What difference does it make if they pipe a single hose of sewage into your house or if you get to choose whose shit sandwich to consume?

  18. “the old dynamic between Left and Right, where one side argues from morality and the other side hides behind abstract economic concepts.”

    That dynamic died in my lifetime because of the triumph of economics over morality and the resulting destruction of the white working class. Cloud people don’t think they need morals from their perches. It’s the little guy who needs order and constant vigilance.

    Lefty tries to keep up the appearance of arguing morality by calling anyone who opposes xer a bigot or a nazi, but it’s a farce because xe is obviously arguing wickedness.

    The whole thing is falling apart because people no longer believe in it. There’s nothing for them to believe in. Capitalism/liberal democracy bought itself more time than fascism or communism by giving the people a larger slice of the material pie, but as we approach the end of that road, it’s obvious that it hid devastating moral rot that threatens the survival of the people even after the system is gone.

    The left-right paradigm has to go because the remnant will be too small to support infighting. That’s why ideology is over and the demographic age is dawning. The question isn’t just who decides but also who we are.

    • For the time being though, left and right are handy labels that roughly get the point across, and they go over better than ‘demon-possessed’ or ‘emasculated’ lol

  19. One thing you didn’t mention was the amount of money spent on gambling over sports ball. If the NFL owners are getting 9 billion dollars for broadcasting rights, I wonder how many billions are collected from betting on “my team”? And there’s really no way to know just how much was wagered because of “black market” gambling. Just another way to separate the fools from their money.

    • Watch some of the Fantasy Football guys “watch” football. Constant clicking through games tallying up how their players are doing, taking notes, and trash-talking other people on their phones.

      It’s a game within a game. Not really a criticism, but very alien experience.

      • As with most of our current ills, it really boils down to, “too much free time.”

        This will change

        • This isn’t going to change and instead of back to the farm, you might just get an extinction level event.

          Also this puritan idle hands mentality is loathsome BS .

          The entire purpose of technology is to give us back what we once had , a moderate work week. Hunter gathers a few hours a day, The work week in the medieval period was roughly 40 hours aggregated out . Free Romans worked maybe 6 hours a day and not every day.

          That is why we bother with it. Instead though we allow rich parasites to end up with 90% of the wqealth

          We don’t need more work and if we get the collapse , we aren’t going to bust our rump to keep this decaying burg alive. We’ll leverage our smarts and produce enough for our own people and where no other option is there a bit of trade

          That means less work and we get our lives and freedom back.

          I don’t know about TV or the internet making it, don’t care really but its not “live to work” but as they Mexicans do. “work to live” so have a beer, play some pool and screw busting your rump for rich leeches That is the future not puritan work ethic BS

      • Fantasy football is merely a McGuffin that allows you to compete against your friends in a game that requires analysis of which players are better suited for your particular point system, and a good deal of luck. It could be Words with Friends, or stock picking or any other game of analysis and chance. It’s all about the camaraderie. I play in a league of former workmates, and it is the only chance I get to interact with most of them. Otherwise, the NFL would mean as little to me as the WNBA.

    • Its not really anyone’s business what adults do.

      C.S Lewis the OB Short version

      . Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under of robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber barons cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some points be satiated; but those who torment us for their own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.

      Its longer than this but this gets the point across.

      Anyone wanting more and more from me than the basics and what I chose to give or thinks they know what I or anyone other adult ought to be doing with their own time and money is going to get a hearty shove off slaver.

      There are a few edge cases manly involving addictive substances or use of certain manipulations but by and large,no

      Note here I hate gambling and am mostly a teetotaler. I’m not even sociable and I am opposed to sex outside marriage. I’m not married.
      Its still not my business what you do.

      The problem is that yes the Protestant/Puritan work ethic builds more wealth. So what? If you want to know what Puritanism plus automation is. You are living it. Its rule by SJW.

      Wealth isn’t happiness past a point and ramming people into the ground so rich boy can have another yacht or we can defend Germany or occupy the earth is immoral.

      Working more than you need to (you, family, a very basic civil obligation ) unless you want to is theft of life plain and simple.

      Worse that time you can get back and as the saying goes on their deathbed no one every asked for more hours at the office.

      Growing up is stop worrying about idle hands, the vast vast majority of people just fritter the time away and its theirs to fritter.

      You don’t like it, lead by example. But good luck. People who aren’t WASPs or WASP lead know the real score when they aren’t getting ahead enough to be worth the time, they don’t work.

  20. All you need to know about the politicization of American sports, from the inside, is to look at the Rooney family, owners of the Pittsburgh Steelers since 1933.


    “PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Pittsburgh Steelers chairman Dan Rooney has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.

    KDKA political editor Jon Delano has learned that, following Clinton’s appearance outside Primanti’s in Market Square late Friday, she visited with Dan, Patricia Rooney and some members of the Rooney family at their North Side home for about 35 minutes.

    Sources say that they shared memories of working together when Rooney served as United States Ambassador to Ireland under Clinton, and that he and Mrs. Rooney are delighted to support Clinton for president.

    The presidential candidate will be in Westmoreland County on Monday.”

    • The Rooneys were and are also at the forefront of the negrofication of the coaching profession. The Rooneys will be on The List…

  21. “The four big sports leagues are out front on the things like sodomy, cross-dressing, social vengeance and so on. They also make sure to support other state-sponsored ventures like war mongering and the medical fads that are an increasing part of daily life.”

    Damn, Zman. You are great at articulating pure truth in very few words, much like Ernest Hemingway.

    “A football game is about an hour of game time and two hours of other stuff, mostly ads.”

    I know by “gametime” you mean huddling, getting lined-up, players running on and off the field, etc. But if you really boil it down, an average football game averages 11 minutes of actual playtime. This is very clear when you attend a game, and you notice how much time the players spend standing around waiting for the TV commercials to end.

    • “This is very clear when you attend a game, and you notice how much time the players spend standing around waiting for the TV commercials to end.”

      At least in hockey there’s a little red light on the side of the rink that lights up when there’s a break in the game for commercials. 🙄

      (And no, it’s not the red light above the goal that flashes when a puck scores).

      • They have that in football as well. There is a guy on the sidelines with a bright orange glove who waives it in a big circle when the commercials are over.

      • Also, in hockey, they take advantage of the TV timeout to clean the ice. Keeps the puck moving faster and keeps the game more interesting.

        • I think about the fact that I’ve attended NHL games that weren’t broadcast on television, hence had no commercial time-outs. And then I feel old.

    • The sheer ridiculousness of it all was revealed when they showed NFL games during Covid with no fans and no cheering.

      They started piping in artificial fan noise pretty quick. I’m half convinced they still do….why risk $$$ on insufficiently enthusiastic real attendees when you can just push a button and get better fake cheers?

      • In college hoops, cardboard cut-outs of fans were placed in the stands. Fake and ghey, indeed. It’s all part of Insane Clown World.

  22. “Amgreatness” has an article warning of the Chinese government supporting Confucius Institutes.

    America must be on guard against the nefarious orientals and their state controlled operations.

    …so the author writes that the “US department of defense threatened to pull government funds from colleges who continued working with Confucius Institutes…”

    To summarize:
    1. Foreign government coercion = bad.
    2. US government coercion = good.

    I wonder if the Confucius guys sponsor sex change operations and pedophilia grooming.

  23. “A genuine opposition to the Left embraces this reality and makes it the focus of their politics.”

    But that’s the thing, isn’t it. The Left/Right distinction is no longer pertinent. That’s an ideological fight that comes when you have a homogenous society. It’s a fight for the Ideological Age. But we’re in the Demographic Age, so the real battle is between the nationalists and the globalists.

    The moral question isn’t about public vs private. It’s about believing in a people or demanding that there’s no such thing as a people.

    • Yep. left/right democracy discussions are about as relevant as flares as a fashion statement.

      Its gone and is never coming back.


    • Apologies Citizen, not stealing your ideas, didn’t see the comment. ‘Great’ minds think alike lol.

  24. It’s the government that grants “personhood” to corporations, therefore it ultimately controls them.

    • Upvote, but not so sure you don’t have it backwards on who controls whom. Are Bezos/Gates/Cook more or less powerful than Biden/Pelosi/McConnell? Or does it matter, as they all align toward the same goal.

    • In theory, perhaps this is true. Or was true in the times that corporations were chartered in a meaningful way, and when charters may have needed to be periodically revisited for compliance and renewal. But once corporations escaped any such limitations, becoming big, immortal beings, all of this fell by the wayside.

      Antitrust laws, and genuine trust busting were a temporary measure that palliated the problems a bit.

      But then, if you recall, the procedure for selecting US Senators changed from the constitutionally-mandated designation by the individual States’ legislatures, to direct election by the individual States’ voters (via constitutional amendment), supposedly to correct corruption on the State level. In reality, that measure had the effect of removing US Senators from any genuine “duty of care” to the citizens of their State via their elected State legislatures, furthering the Illinois Ape’s project to snatch power from the States, and easing the way of centralizing, internally-borderless Federal power. Monies to support the election of a US Senator can flow from anywhere, nationally, internationally, from transnational corporations, and the former State-directed “duty of care” is repurposed to align with the interests of their donors, almost never in alignment with the best interests of the citizens of the respective States, and not even the interests of the the country. Another brick in the wall.

      Zman’s commentary supplies a specific case of this general principle in operation, carve-outs in action, and the removal of true social goods from determinations of policies. AINO shambling toward the sordid denouement.

    • One interesting argument i have yet to see from the “right” is:
      Premise: government involvement in racially restrictive land covenants by allowing courts to enforce them under contract and property law was sufficient govt involvement to ban enforcement under the constitution (13, 14 amendments). Proposition: Shouldnt the same argument mean that corporate suppression of speech involves or “entangles” government bc the government created such corporation by its corporation laws/codes?

  25. Sport also allows diverse people, as in people not bound by kin relations, to build bonds.

    On the contrary, it diminishes genuine bonds in favor of relations that are no threat to the status quo and the state. Most sports fans know little of the history of the culture from which their ancestors came but can relate the lifetime batting average of Mickey Mantle the number of touchdown passes thrown by Sonny Jurgensen. The Proud Boys are a terrorist group, the hooligan fans of the Philadelphia Eagles stand up for the anthem and wave at Navy fly-overs, they’re patriots. In imperial Rome chariot racers were identified by colors and the authorities were pleased that fans were more engrossed by the successes and failures of their favorite color team than they were by the many miscues of Nero and Commodus.

  26. I’ve been reading a book by an old-time boxing promoter, looking back on his sixty-plus years in the industry. In the book he talks about the 50s, when the small clubs scene started drying up. Before then, boxing at the local level was big, and every neighborhood had their in-ring avatar, the Irish kid with the shamrock on his trunks versus the Italian kid with the red, white, and green satin trunks. Back then—before Jews resumed their toxic middleman minority status—there were still working and lower-class Jews who wore the Star of David on their trunks and actually fought with something besides their mouths. When TV first really started going, this promoter noticed the drop-off in local fights, fewer attendees, even fewer gyms. Someone told him broadcasting football and baseball on TV was going to signal the death knell for the local fight scene, but he was perplexed: Why would anyone who wasn’t from Cleveland or Cincinnati care about what happened between their football teams?

    That really is where sports started falling apart, and becoming poisonous. Sports’ team loyalty, while not as important as things like family loyalty, must work on the same principle of going outward in concentric circles, from the core to the community. The same “leapfrogging loyalty” that Sailer decries has been noted as a problem going all the way back to Mrs. Jellyby in “Bleak House,” who forced her coal-stained children to write starving black children in the fictitious African country of Borrioboola-Gha. Free agency is just another form of piracy.

    Ball stadiums, like Disneyland, have been turned into a bust-out, mousetraps used by people who hate the population to lure them in and fleece them, and now, more than ever, poison them culturally. And because Americans have fond memories of this Americana, they foolishly won’t even allow themselves to be priced out of attending. People are literally taking out loans to go to Disney Land. Dumb sure, but their dumbness doesn’t excuse the evil, which is what it is, even before you factor in Globo Homo.

    • Growing up in tampa, my dad used to take me to boxing matches at the local clubs. He had boxed in the marine corps and got me into the sport at a youngish age. A bit of backstory, but Tampa had a large Cuban and a large Italian population, me being of the latter. As you were saying, I remember vividly the Italian fighters wearing their colors, and the Cubans wearing theirs, some Italian guys even wearing the Sicilian triangle logos (island is shaped like triangle, and triangle important symbol of the island). It was a very big deal if the italian kid beat the Cuban. Or vice versa. I also note that the Cuban social club and the Italian social club were literally across the street from each other, so the rivalry could get pretty intense but always in a very lighthearted and fun way. Good amount of inter-dating and intermarrying between the two. My first love was a Cubana for example.

      Those days are long gone though. Most of the old Italian delis and
      Markets have closed. Everything bland and generic today. But Tampa has a great history and you can see it still when you’re there. My moms side was from New Orleans which is a straight boat ride across Gulf of Mexico. I bet no one ever thinks about the big Italian cultures in places like New Orleans and Tampa, they get little press and attention on a national scale. So many little nooks and crannies in American history. Too bad it’s all going to be forgotten and paved over. Such a waste.

      • I think about the Wops of New Orleans whenever I bite into a delicious muffaletta.

  27. A few years ago I watched a Steelers game on youtube from the 80s. The whole original broadcast with commercials and time outs. The change is drastic even without the woke crap.

    I gave up at least 15 years ago with watching sports. If I hadn’t, the white hickey players taking a new to BLM would have been enough.

    • It had been a while since I’ve been to a pro football game, but I’ve been to several in the past two years, mainly because I wanted to see Brady play live before he’s gone. I like to see all great players play live in any sport at least once, having only missed seeing bjorn borg in person, my childhood idol.

      Anyway…. So it had me laughing hard at what happens on the field during those tv commercials, these big fat guys having girls spray Gatorade into their mouths, some local high schoolers in the end zone throwing balls into baskets for prizes, cheerleaders running around, the music blaring. Newscaster sluts in heels stumbling along the grass

      As a spectacle and event it was pretty lame. I much prefer something like Medival Times where they have jousting and big plates of chicken

      • The last NFL game I attended (A pre-season game where we got free tickets so The Lovely 🥰 Mrs. could check “Attended NFL game” off the old list) we had dogs trained to do tricks (Leap through hoops, catch frisbees while jumping over their trainers, etc.) running about the sidelines during the commercial breaks.

        Now, commercial break jousting with two fans participating called out by seat numbers I could get behind. 👍

        Or maybe start with fans wearing helmets and chain-mail armor fighting each other with Pugil sticks.

      • The last time The Lovely 🥰 Mrs. and I attended a pre-season, pre-pandemic NFL game we got trained dogs performing tricks on the sidelines to entertain us during the commercial breaks.

        That said, perhaps fan jousting during commercial breaks, or fans outfitted in chain mail and helmets fighting with pugil sticks at midfield, chosen by seat number is an acceptable diversion.

  28. Can public and privarte culture be distinct? Culture is the expression of a society’s sense of itself reflected through its products, services, social arrangements and ritual observances. The politics that’s downstream of culture involves law and policy, the two now having merged.

    But economics has its own sway so long as people, voluntarily or by necessity, obey the law of supply and demand. Kneeling in the clearing and trying to get a fire going to cook the rabbit that one hopes has landed in the trap precedes culture or is itself culture.

  29. As a young man I loved playing sports. I loved the competition and the fact that athletics were the only form of human endeavor I knew of where you couldn’t bullshit or inherit your way to the top of the heap.

    But I am not a sports fan. I’m not one of those painted, jersey-wearing idiots in the stands screaming for their favorite negro. I haven’t watched a pro sporting event in years. Pro sports for me, along with art, music, and films, died with the Republic.

    • Similar here. Got to the tippy top of a sport…but by 29 was done. Never been much of a watcher, other than enjoying watching baseball in person and hand scoring (a lost art) —or oddly, listening to radio broadcasts of games. But always preferred to “do” and once got as far as was going to get, time to move on. The current circuses hold no interest. Even baseball has gotten to the point where only half of it is playing the fucking game.

  30. Been a NY Yankees fan all my life but their disgraceful support of BLM and any other PC theme turns me off. Same with football which is even worse since there are many thugs who are supported and get away with things that you and I would not be able to. Only hockey seems to be a holdout, but even they go with the loud music and lights that became part of all games in the last 25 years to attract those who weren’t really into a sport. Ridiculous. All about the money.

    • The NHL is not holding out against woke stuff. The currently have their logo decked out in the appropriate colors of “pride month.” Their players are probably the least enthusiastic for this stuff of any major sport, but the league itself is all over it.

      • Hockey has a few advantages that other sports lack, especially on the high-end professional side:

        -The vast majority of players are still white, and the few black players still act pretty white. Therefore, the chimp-outs and other black antics aren’t there yet.

        -Of those white players, a significant number are Eastern European and Russian. Cultures that aren’t nearly as tolerant of the Woke.

        -Unlike other popular sports, instead of pretending they are hurt all the time, hockey players pretend they’re not hurt. Fans respect a player who really and truly plays hard.

        • Therefore, the chimp-outs and other black antics aren’t there yet.

          Dude, they get into punching matches with the ref only interfering if they use sticks.

          • That’s just the intermission of “ice-boxing” – you’re getting two sporting events for the price of one!

      • Not mention the eternal presence of (((Gary Bettman))), who took the stellar product of the 1980s and made it a diluted, pozzed spectacle.

  31. Sportsball messaging is now that we are supposed to want to kill Putin because he took one of our black female basketball players hostage. She’s some vacant and weird looking drug addled she-beast with long appendages we should all sacrifice our lives to save

    Go die whitey. Go free her from evil Putin

    That messaging runs for about ten minutes on the hour.

    • I think that organic tattoo canvas is rabidly anti-American as well. I am no fan of the imperial allegiance rituals done before every sports game, but still she refused to participate on the grounds of the lie that this country intentionally harms her people. Apparently her zhirlfriend is denigrating the country and the government she is dependent upon to bring her back safely to the nation that has made her rich and famous – by playing a child’s game.

      I think this particular situation really undergirds the points in the ZMan’s post. It points to the genius of Russia’s arresting her, and the absurdity of America’s ruling class and the people who bow to its whims.

      Russia captures a person who openly hates the country that made her rich; who in fact claims that it harms her and her people. She is opposed to the institutions and people charged with prosecuting crime and keeping her and her community safe. In America, being a member of the elite, she can flaunt the laws and be a celebrity. She goes to Russia and is arrested for breaking their laws.

      Now the United States is forced to advocate for a, “citizen”, that openly expresses hate for the country she is dependent upon for her quality of life as well as being extradited in order to continue its enjoyment. It is forced to advocate for a person who has no regard for the law, and who supports communities of law breakers and hates law enforcers.

      The moral bankruptcy of America is on full display as is the absurd stupidity of the contradictions of the American ruling class and the plebs who bow to it. It is a stroke of pure genius on the part of Russia. They have arrested a person who is a poster child for the most degenerate of the sub cultures in America. It also shows the corruption of the broadcasters, owners, advertisers and fans of the people who excuse, celebrate and promote a culture of thuggery, sloth and belligerence to the point of treason

      I suspect that Russia’s target audience is Americans as much as Russians. They have sent a message that they are the civilization that stands for law and order. America is the civilization that celebrates criminality and chaos. They have handed Americans a giant flashlight that is shining on a gigantic cockroach at the entrance of a festering nest. I hope this is just one more catalyst for a new wave of boats that are departing the broken shores and headed to the right side of the great divide.

      To further underscore the ZMan’s point, it shows how vulnerable the Religion of Woke makes the nation. It has no moral authority. How many Americans who value the real America are in fact rooting for Russia because it will stand for American values and do what our ruling regime refuses to do? Again, Russia’s move on this front is a stroke of pure genius. We may have them to thank someday for waking our people up and showing them the proper forms and orders of civilization.

      • P.S. May that treasonous ingrate rot in a Russian prison for the full sentence. That would send another message. Someone who plays a child’s game can go away and civilization won’t be the least bit negatively affected. In fact, if enough of it goes away, maybe it can get serious enough about serious things to compete with civilizations whose priorities are straight and who aim to take our place.

        • Thanks, I had zero idea of this larger backstory

          But whatever is bad for the American government and media is good for me.

          • Right on Falcone. I am making an assumption that Russia is being this intentional. In politics, in a serious nation, everything is intentional. I assume Russia is serious about its contempt for the degeneracy of the West and has seized a perfect opportunity to seize the moral authority that the American ruling regime has long ago ceded by effectively denouncing itself as immoral and illegitimate.

            I wonder if any of our politicians have the brains to see this as well and the balls to seize the moment. Whoever does so , in an articulate way may someday be crowned king. We should be so lucky.

        • How ironic is it that the feral is now trapped somewhere that doesn’t worship her kind? I love it, I hope she rots for the rest of her worthless life in that jail. Don’t ask for help from serious Americans, you hate us, remember? We “oppressed” you.

        • It’s a reminder that America elevates the absolute worst of us. I too hope she gets the book thrown at her and serves ALL of the time. I don’t know anything about her or her stupid unpopular woman’s so-called sport. It’s that I want to see this class of degenerates and criminals to have standards applied to them and be subject to the rules that always apply to us.

    • …or like in 1994, a poor American honor student who was sentenced to caning by the government of Singapore for destroying private property.

      Official media/ US government line was we were supposed to feel bad for the guy.

      Fill me in: was it bad that 50 foreigners died in a truck while invading my country or that 50 foreigners were trying to invade my country?

      • The current count I heard is 53. Here in my neck of the Sonoran desert, the County voted decades ago to supply water stops in the desert for “migrants”—still the dead litter the desert, most often abandoned by the coyote they hired to guide them.

        One has to be hard in these matters, I agree. But you’ve never encountered a group of illegals wandering around lost in the desert where the group asks that you look for stragglers that we’re left behind by their coyote guide—knowing that in the 110 degree weather, they were dead days ago.

        These coyotes are scum and need to be put away for life.

        • My son’s are second class citizens in the land my uncles, cousins and grandparents fought for.

          The Christian adage is to accept the stranger (ie: my kinsman down the streer or the next town over). Not welcome invading foreign hordes. I’m not French.

          Pity for heat stricken invaders from the south or frozen dot-Indians(!) coming from Manitoba is currently a luxury item.

        • Compsci: The coyotes wouldn’t exist if there weren’t people willing to pay them. Symptom, not cause. Not that they are good people, but they’re not the problem. Parents are sending their children to earn money and save a spot for the rest of the damned family. Those ‘migrants’ got the funds from relatives, or NGOs. The border is wide open; had they merely crossed the river the mythic “border patrol” would have taken them to a hotel where they would have had AC and modern plumbing, luxury beyond their wildest dreams.

          So sorry, zero f**ks to give.

  32. Food and fuel prices are still going up and up, and the average family budget is getting seriously stressed as a result. You can only use the credit card float for so long before the pinch starts to impact discretionary spending. This means that sports ball attendance is going to become the exclusive domain of the wealthy parasites, with few, if any, middle class able to participate. It also likely means that Joe Normie will not be able to buy an $8 latte at Starbucks every morning on his way to work. The latter consequence is that Joe may have to start drinking his wife’s coffee again, and the former consequence is that all of the parasites will conveniently be located in one place. Opportunity knocks.

    • $20.02

      That’s how much it cost me yesterday for a whopper meal plus a whopper jr on the side, no cheese. Burger King cheese tastes like play doh. But I sometimes want their burgers. But at those prices they won’t be seeing me again. I couldn’t believe it

      But that’s my go to order.

      Last year it was $13 something

      A few years ago it was in the $7s

      • I’m no food elitist of any sort, but Burger King is something I don’t get. It’s like a Costco free sample kiosk in the frozen food section, except instead of the good frozen food it’s Walmart-level knockoffs. To each his own though.

        To your point, fast food wasn’t cheap pre-inflation. I haven’t even been out to buy it now even though, like yourself, I’m a part-time fan.

        • For me BK is about the taste of getting something with char on it. We also have Carl’s Jr. out here

          I just like the taste of charred beef, even though it is probably fake at this point.

          I shouldn’t be eating it, I know. But sometimes I’m driving and thinking about going home and cooking and I just don’t want to, and my wife wasn’t home to make me a kraut dog, and we had no bread left for a sandwich. Had to make a decision and unfortunately that was what I chose.

      • Please, for gosh sake, don’t eat that crap. Everybody, it seems to me is either a fat ass or turning into one. We all need to take better care of ourselves. I went from 300 pounds to 175 and among other changes to my diet I stopped eating out at fast food and other gut busting serving size eateries. Plus lots of exercise.

        • I forgot to mention that I stopped smoking at the same time and just to spite the warnings of inevitable weight gain I started the dieting and the exercise and it worked like a charm.

          • Excellent. Now get to the range. Remember the progression. It’s rifle, shotgun, pistol, K-bar, fists, and then teeth. I also keep a long handle axe at the ready in order to go down with style if need be.

      • I stopped fast food years ago and thankfully the kids never developed a taste for it. Only occasional indulgence is an egg McMuffin when on a road trip or the equivalent from Dunkin Donuts. In the olden days the only good burger was the old Wendy’s, it was fresh and knew a beef supplier to them who told me Wendy’s was the most anal customer he’d ever dealt with. Every batch delivered had to pass a very specific fat content and freshness test. (He ran a family slaughterhouse business in Wisconsin)

      • Falcone, I agree. A Whopper is damn good. It’s the char, yes, but it’s also the combination of ingredients. They use more mayo than other chains. They got better pickles back around 2013. Their fries stay crispy for the ride home better than other chains.

        If you’re in the mood for salt and no-messy car, McDonalds Quarter Poundre is best. WITH CHEESE. Unlike with Burger King, whose cheese sucks, like you said.

        Wendy’s was good back in 70s and 80s. But was school lunchroom level bad thru 90s and early 00s. Most big burger chains went to hell during that time. Which is why the small players rose up to take market share with quality burgers. Wendy’s is good but it’s got to be a freshly made hot burger.

        I don’t like Carl’s Jr. The meat is rather tasteless unless you get it with their thousand island / “big mac” sauce. And the owner CEO is a crass asshat.

      • Falcone: Today I bought two packs of beautiful boneless rib eye steaks on sale – one pack was 3.24 pounds and cost me $19.40. Why we don’t eat fast food, or eat out in general.

    • People like you and Falcone constantly complaining about higher and higher prices and cultural rot tick me off. We have just stripped basic rights from all women and now learn a maniacal president was literally going to crash and burn the capitol.

      This and only this should be your focus.

      • Very amusing, however unintentional. I love a little schadenfreude in the morning, mixed with a dash of fremdschaemen.

      • Forgive me forgive me!

        But not only the maniacal president going to crash into the capitol and knock off Nancy’s wig, but Putin stole one of our daughters ! And is holding her hostage ! She is America’s daughter ! Lady liberty personified !

        And people like me want to talk about food? At times like these?

        Please accept my humblest apologies. Yes, I am ready to die in any rescue effort of America’s daughter. The very essence of everything American, Ms Britney Griner

        • If she likes Burger King as much as I do, give me my sports jersey and let me lead the rescue team

        • She’ll get off via an exchange after the Ukraine situation is solved. Putin is good at that. Remember years ago when we grabbed a Russian and Putin immediately arrested an American? The administration buckled immediately and never did that again.

    • Just a slight correction: more like…on HER way to work. Most of us guys opt for a “grande” which, while not cheap, has a way to go before it hits thr eight-dollar mark.

      • I’ve got to avoid using this phone for my posts; I’m too ham-fingered for this damned thing!

    • Meanwhile NY state and the owners of the Buffalo Bills have bent the taxpayers over to the tune of $850 million for a new stadium with nary a peep from the grillers.

      • Here in WNY I’ve heard a few grillers mumble about the cost, more than would have been heard a few years ago, but you’re right, most are willing to pay any price to keep their Bills in town. They’re addicted and have nothing else in their lives.

        A lot of the old timers in my town were Browns fans and passed it on to their kids. When they left Cleveland in the 90’s, I was talking to a cousin who had been a fan of the team. He mentioned that his Sundays had never been better. Stress-free, with lots of time to get work done around the house. I think most people would be surprised how quickly they’d find something else to do if they had their sportsball pacifier yanked away.

    • TomA post #3,635 publicly suggesting some right wing person do something violent and illegal. Totally normal stuff guys, definitely a sane person and a trustworthy poster.

  33. e left is completely unprepared for is a moral attack from their flanks. But they are vulnerable with gaping holes in their defenses.

    It’s going to embarrassing for them when they are finally taken on

    • How do you forsee that happening?

      The only push back I see that makes a difference is Vlad and the cossacks.

      Maybe Clarence Thomas needs to turn up in court in a big cossack hat.

      • How do I foresee it?

        I think it’s already happening in trickles that will become a tsunami once the one side gets at waste of lefty blood

        Like we were talking about the other day, the attacks on leftist morality vis a vis groomers and abortion. Terms like antiwhite

        Much of the stuff we talk about in here is creeping into the mainstream. For example, a few days ago Tucker said something to the effect of “voting Republican means voting to have your children chemically castrated”. Straight out of this blog. Popular sites are now talking about Kulaks, going from something obscure to mainstream. The woke stuff is boomeranging hard from every direction.

        So I expect the attacks on the left to become much more popular and ruthless and widespread. People smell blood

  34. Destruction is easier than creation and creation is easier than reformation. Consider Disney Corporation. Consider Disney Corporation. I don’t see any even remotely realistic pathway to reform it. No one is going to ‘fix’ it. Genuine stewards of our civilization would destroy it utterly and in such a way that its employees who are agents-of-pozz leave Florida entirely and go to California, where they belong. I see Disney Corporation the same way a Frenchman saw the Gestapo or other bureaucratic elements of the Nazi occupation in 1942: enemy entities that need to be removed from the land by either ceasing to be or by going somewhere else.

    This should apply to any and all entities infested with the pozz. If an entity is producing necessary goods or service, it will be easier to create a replacement than to tinker with its internal bureaucratic sociopolitics. Moreover, investor rentseekers in these entities need to pay a price so that they have motivation not to tolerate dyscivilizational corporate leadership.

  35. It definitely hurt to bail on pro football 15 years ago. I just couldn’t tolerate all the in your face bad sportsmanship, jaboonery and negro idolatry.

    Now, Id never think of wasting a sunday afternoon watching a bunch of boot lip former affleetes and high testosterone bull dykes puff up what has turned into the HWL (hate whitey league).

    • At some point in my life, I just simply got too busy to watch sports. Coming back after not watching a match for five years, I couldn’t handle the amount of commercials that wrecked the cadence of the game. It was just incessant, and that’s without going into the nature of the ads.

      Still love High School watching football though, with the additional perk you’re in and out in 2 hours.

    • Every time now that the tv is playing, my mind automatically registers the content as federal government messaging.

      There is never any going back for me. The Tv is nothing more than a non stop electronic billboard pushing government propaganda.

      Once seen, it can’t be unseen.

      • The 24/7/365 state propaganda throughout media and popular culture is amazing to witness. It doesn’t work nearly as well as in the past, but its consistency continues to have a major impact. Destroy the propaganda organs and you start to save White civilization. Much of the ire directed toward Trump and the anti-CRT parents was an attempt to stop the erosion of trust in propaganda. As we see with the 1/6 hearings, when people can bail, they bail, and the number who realize it is utter bullshit dwarfs what would have been the case even five years ago.

        Disconnecting totally is to be widely encouraged.

        • In addition to sports, there were always a couple of network shows we would find each season to watch. Now these shows are so bizarre and of such poor quality I can’t imagine who is still watching them. The commercials are the most in your face propaganda of all. One thing to note though, there are streaming services now for people who want the rest of the poz without having to pay for ESPN and other sports channels. From what I have seen they are considerably cheaper. ESPN’s customer base is still eroding, but I think they are starting to get some stabilization in their subscriber numbers.

          • I was noticing something similar.

            In the spirit of shrinkflation, less for more, etc I see something similar with entertainment

            For example, for $7 you would get a major blockbuster movie some years ago. Lots of mo eh put into it, name stars, awesome defects, lots of noise. Or for that same price yiu could get a good movie with a plot and good acting, all on the big screen.

            But then prices started going up, while the quality was more or less holding steady.

            Then prices would go up and quality do down. But still all on the big screen.

            Then Covid closed the big screens. So you got things like Netflix with stars and writers who were covided out of movies bringing their talents to the small screen.

            Now there is less talent, inferior writing, inferior stories BUT the costs go up.

            For me this is analogous to a theme Z brings up, the depletion of social capital. Whatever cultural quality and capital we had is being sucked dry, and the content we get is cheaper and less quality by the year. But notice the hype surrounding something like Netflix, at least up until its implosion this year, but to me it was noticeable. They started pushing the ideas of “binge watching” and trying to pass that off as the new American pastime, everyone was doing it. But all it meant was you were paying a lot of money for a product that not long ago was not only better but on the big screen and was something of an event in local theaters with big booming American made speakers, now it’s just you sitting home watching garbage on a Korean television set.

            See what I mean? Even as often ridiculous as pop culture is, it is actually getting worse in terms of quality and bang for your buck. They’re just sucking us dry and giving us less and less for more and more money, a form of cultural shrinkflation

        • Its also why all shops carry the same noise vomit. You can’t escape the blaring of destruction in the urban space.

    • Thirty years ago, I loved watching sports and I enjoyed going to games with friends. Admittedly, it was the friend part that in retrospect was the glue. Following sports was a pat of the friendship. Still, I would watch college football on Saturday, usually setting aside a few hours for one of the big games that weekend. I would watch the NFL if I was home.

      Starting about 20 years ago my interest started to wane. I pay attention to MLB through the sports pages and will listen to a game while working, but that is mostly nostalgia. It brings back fond memories of listening to games as a kid while doing my schoolwork. I follow the NFL for sociological reasons, but I stopped watching games because the presentation is so annoying.

      The only thing I will watch is college football, but the ads and proselytizing usually lead to the volume being set to zero, so I lookup on occasion while reading or doing work. I don’t know why I bother, but I try not to be totally cutoff from popular culture.

      • I rather miss the fun distraction myself, but even before the “preaching” the product got bad. Baseball has always had issues keeping an audience interested, basketball is a joke, and pro-football has become a parody of itself in the post-concussion age with a games winner and losers largely being determined by the officiating crews.

        College football held on a little longer for me, but the preaching, ugh, but also the fact that the games seemed to be only one of two varieties: Big State U versus Small State Tech, or Big State U versus Big State U. The latter would seem to be an improvement but the fact that those games have so much riding on them means that they devolve into European soccer matches where everyone is afraid to make any sort of risky play.

      • I was a huge sports fan from the age of 5. I played sports all my life, right up until my early 30s until the knee started breaking down. I wanted from baseball and basketball, but football was my deepest passion. I watched every nfl game on Sunday’s that I could. Now? I gave it all up. Haven’t watched an nfl game since 2019. Amazingly it hasn’t been that hard. I can’t stand the criminal race so watching the league fawn over them and seeing them put rapists and murderers’ names on their helmets was it for me. The ads got unbearable too. It’s all about being gay, trans and black – even though it is our people who had the means to build the league into what it became. It’s not just football either. I only watch older films. Anything that sends “the message” is off limits for the wife and I.

  36. > In the West, sport has been a central part of the culture since the Greeks. Sport has always been a theatrical version of war, which allows men and society to blow off steam.

    It also showed a way to show of the martial champions of a culture without the risk of getting them killed. There’s a reason the High School Football is such a pull in the South, because it shows the rugged tenacity of their community through their young ones.

    Problem is, even this is getting warped, as the same issues with mercenary players in the pro leagues has trickled down to colleges and even high schools, where coaches will bend the rules to get that star kid to play in his High School team. The original, primal reason for sports has been whittled away to nothing long with the rest of the culture.

    There’s a reason for sports, which is why just telling people to stop watching them is not going to get any friction without a viable alternative. As corrupted as they are, there’s still a lot of value in local sports that can replace the major leagues. There’s also the quaint concept of getting a ball team together yourself to play.

    Barring that, one needs to develop some sort of past-time where the same bonding can happen, whether it’s a joint hobby, joint adventure, or the like.

    • ” There’s also the quaint concept of getting a ball team together yourself to play.”

      This used to be big in my area. A lot of bars in my city had softball or baseball teams and the various bars would play each other in a league. From what I can tell, this has near entirely disappeared where I live. All sense of community has been stripped and replaced with deracinated bugmen waiting for the next product to be released.

      • Like the sport or not, but there are a large number of soccer leagues in my neck of the woods. Other than being able to run, it does not require any particular body type (height, size) except maybe for goalkeeper. It is also something you can do well into your 50s (maybe not at your 30s level, but decent enough).

        It was, at one time, a European sport. But now, even the Euro ranks are filled with such stalwart Euro names like Pogba and Mfume (at least outside the Eastern Euros).

      • Heck, I’m old enough to remember my first job out of college the IT Department had an after work softball league of at least four teams, and the league winner got a championship trophy and bragging rights through the year. I also consulted for a company (since bought out and gone) that had an after work nine hole golf league, complete with a banquet at the municipal golf course at the end of the season.

        Haven’t seen anything like that in over twenty years. As c matt posts you’ll probably want to look at soccer, or even the local park district leagues for stuff like basketball for adults.

        • mmack: Here in my DFW ‘burb, on the weekends the fields are filled with Mestizos playing soccer or Pajeets playing Cricket.

          Zero interest in either,

  37. this is a principle that is general in nature (which i think is your intent) and can applied to all things taking place outside of the private sphere. the left thrives in overly bureaucratic environments where the rules are enforced selectively. the right thrives in the shadow of the left. so in effect, the (official) right thrives when the left thrives.

  38. One thing the left is completely unprepared for is a moral attack from their flanks. But they are vulnerable with gaping holes in their defenses.

    It’s going to embarrassing for them when they are finally taken on

    • That’s the major downstream consequence of the Left’s Fucking Love of Science: They have lost the ability to distinguish between fact and opinion. To them, all their opinions are facts; all our facts are opinions. So much so that they can’t grok when someone’s opinion, that actually IS an opinion, changes.

      E.g. when I stopped watching pro sports. I didn’t make a big deal of it; I just stopped showing up at the bar on gameday. But then one of my football-watching buddies ran into me at some other place and asked why I never came to the games anymore. I told him I was just tired of the preaching — I’m spending $50 for a plate of cheese fries and a few brews, and all I’m getting is pissed off, because I can’t just watch the goddamn game, I have to endure constant propaganda lectures on every camera angle, on every voiceover, in every ad, all the time.

      He couldn’t believe it. He actually used the word “traitor,” like I was giving the plans for West Point to the British. Guys Like Us — based guys, conservative guys, good ‘Murrican guys — watch sports. That’s what we DO. He’d have a much easier time if I’d started doing needlepoint during the ads than if I just stopped watching entirely.

      And that’s a nominal “rightist.” Imagine what’s going to happen with the Left.

      • That was one thing nice about living in L.A. in years past, is we had no pro nfl teams for a long stretch of time and so on sundays were mainly old die hard raiders fans in a few bars here and there or guys still watching the rams play from St Louis, but otherwise the city was only about people doing their own things on sundays, and it was a lot of fun. It made LA different, and this was also a time when lots of things were happening in the city to keep one occupied. It almost felt like we were a foreign South American or European city, in the best possible sense. Great time to be alive out here.

        I’m just now realizing how things have changed now that we have two NFL teams. Football Sundays are just miserable. I did go see the Bucs play the Rams last year though, but the new LA stadium despite all the hype is garbage and poorly thought out. It is meant to look good from the air, from an airplane flying directly over it into LAX, but from the human perspective it’s ridiculous. Takes forever to walk anywhere, parking is a mile away, it’s already getting trashed, limited concessions, lots of dull Mexicans thinking they know anything about football and can’t even throw a spiral. Pretty grim

        • I avoided watching any NFL games this year, with the exception of the Super Bowl since I was invited to one of those parties.

          I happened to notice that the team that plays in your backyard, the Rams, the winners of the Super Bowl, had 8 white starters on offense (5 OL, QB, TE, and theirs and the NFL’s top WR).

          The Rams’ head coach, Sean McVay, is purported to be some boy-wonder offensive genuis. Perhaps he requires IQs above retard level to execute his playbook.

          • The dodgers are also very white

            Strange how that works I suppose. The most multicultural city in the US has two major franchises that look like they’re from the 1950s

            I wonder if the whiter parts of the country have teams that look like they’re from the population of Los Angeles.

            But I guess it could be a reflection of the costs of going to outdoor pro sports games in Los Angeles, increasingly something for white people with money. Maybe in whiter parts of the country going to a game is still something even blacks can afford and so the roster reflects it? Interesting no doubt.

            This is the perfect assignment for Steve Sailer lol

          • “I happened to notice that the team that plays in your backyard, the Rams, the winners of the Super Bowl, had 8 white starters on offense.”

            So you happened to notice that an offense had about the same number of white guys that other teams have? This is why guys who proudly profess not to follow sports shouldn’t then have opinions on sports.

        • As a St. Louisan, I have experienced the exact opposite but equal effect. My Sundays are now free to ride my bike, go to the wineries, or just relax without planning my day around a game. Addition by subtraction. Sorry for your gain.

          • Yeah, now you get to live the good life on football sundays.

            Enjoy it !

            I did when I had the chance.

          • Since I stopped, I reignited another passion from my youth. Fishing. I go fishing on sundays now and it is pure joy.

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