The Lack of Restraint

The primary reason certain groups struggle to accumulate wealth is the lack of impulse control. Storing away the proceeds of today’s labor requires an ability to say no to yourself in order to say yes in the future. You come into some money and your greedy self wants to spend it on stuff. That would be fun, but that other part of you, the part looking down the road, steps in a says you have to save the money. Instead of good times now you stash away for another time.

This ability to control your passion sis directly linked to intelligence and this shows up in profiles of human populations. Dumb people can’t think mlomg term, so they atc on how they feel in the moment. Some people, like this person for example, lack the ability to say no to themselves. They get an idea in their head and they act on it.

Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston has been suspended for the first half of Saturday’s game against Clemson after he was seen shouting an obscene sexual phrase on campus Tuesday.

FSU interim president Dr. Garnett S. Stokes and athletic director Stan Wilcox denounced Winston’s “offensive and vulgar” behavior in a statement Wednesday to announce the punishment.

“As the university’s most visible ambassadors, student-athletes at Florida State are expected to uphold at all times high standards of integrity and behavior that reflect well upon themselves, their families, coaches, teammates, the Department of Athletics and Florida State University,” the joint statement said. “Student-athletes are expected to act in a way that reflects dignity and respect for others.”

The joint statement also said Winston would undergo “internal discipline.”

On Tuesday, Florida State students began flooding Twitter as several witnessed the reigning Heisman Trophy winner allegedly stand on a table in or in the immediate vicinity of the student union and yell obscenities, mimicking a popular Internet video. The phrase is of a sexual nature.

Winston apologized for his “selfish” act.

“First of all, I want to apologize to the university, my coaches and to my teammates,” Winston said. “I’m not a ‘me’ person, but in that situation, it was a selfish act, and that’s not how you do things around here.

“I want to apologize to my teammates because I have now made a selfish act for them. That’s all.”

Coach Jimbo Fisher, speaking during Wednesday’s ACC teleconference, also showed his displeasure for what happened.

“It was not a good decision,” Fisher said. “You can’t make certain statements that are derogatory or inflammatory to any person, race or gender. You have to understand that. You have to be very intelligent about what you say, [because] it matters.”

Winston may very well be a sociopath. He was involved in at least one act of sexual aggression. The local police appear to have covered it up because he is famous. There are rumors he was involved in at least one other sexual assault. He walked into  a grocery store and stole frozen crab legs, of all things, similar to how the Gentle Giant of Ferguson stole a box of cigars from a convenience store. Now this.

It’s possible he cannot truly understand right from wrong. The better answer is he lacks self-restraint. He appears to be contrite after the fact so he must know what he is doing is wrong. The lack of any plausible reason for these acts is the tell. In some communities, they have an expression about people from other communities who act in random, self destructive ways. The lack of self-restraint, poor impulse control, leads to unpredictable behavior.

3 thoughts on “The Lack of Restraint

  1. It’s shocking that some black athletes are recently being called to task for their actions. It has generally been more of a Rotherham situation, where the media/pols pretend all White men evil — everybody else poor innocent victims that couldn’t possibly do anyone wrong.

  2. “He appears to be contrite after the fact so he must know what he is doing is wrong”

    Or he is afraid it will push him farther down the rankings in the NFL draft and cost him a bundle of money. The big money is in the first two rounds. Don’t want to drop too far down.

    OMG, he shouted obscenities! As if no other FSU student has a foul mouth. He and every other FSU student probably listens to hip hop music every day. Hip hop is full of obscenities. It’s full of rants against women. Is FSU going to ban hip hop from campus? Don’t think so.

    When are these scandals going to hit some white guys instead of all these black guys? C’mon, sports fans, you’re not trying hard enough. The War on Men has to be color blind.

  3. “Fisher said. “You can’t make certain statements that are derogatory or inflammatory to any person, race or gender.”
    I beg to differ.
    Maybe the “coach” might confer with less of his “humanities” peers, and more with his “Constitutional” peers.
    Ideally, asking the incoming freshman class for their “interpretation” of what they’ve learned so far about the Constitution BEFORE they are handed the “official” campus handbook, and BEFORE their first tuition check is remitted?

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