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It is that time of year when we begin the slow turn into fall. In most places it is still a million degrees, but there are little signs here and there. The sun sets a bit earlier every night and it is a few degrees cooler in the morning. The big sign is the slow return of political lunacy in the news. The chattering skulls, influencers and news makers are still on holiday but they are plotting their return next month.

The big news this week was the primaries in key states. The amusing bit was how the crazies went nuts over the Kansas abortion referendum. They do not have much to celebrate so it makes sense to make a huge deal over one small win, but it was amusing to see the deluge of stories in the media. Sprinkled in were some reassuring tales of obscure MAGA candidates losing local elections.

That is the real story. Trump endorsed candidates seem to be doing very well, despite general Trump fatigue and the efforts of his party. Many of these candidates are fakers and liars, but some are genuinely ticked off people. The woman running for governor in Arizona appears to a polished up Marjorie Taylor Green. Blake Masters, also running in Arizona, is as close to one of us as you can get.

That is what does not show up in these news stories. People are probably more angry and restless right now than during the leadup to the 2016 election. The antiwhite pogroms have radically changed attitudes. Normie seeing ads featuring everyone but white people, unless it is a white woman with a black man, has had reality jammed in his face for a couple of years now and he does not like it.

Because there is no acceptable outlet for these feelings, except by watching Tucker Carlson at night, the result is a seething anger. Of course, the reckless antics of the geezers running Washington just adds to the unhappiness. The primaries have elevated a lot of unconventional candidates, despite the party efforts. The general could turn out to be a red wave similar to 2010.

So far, regime media has not noticed this. They are still carrying on like it is the runup to the 2020 election. As we get closer to autumn it will be interesting to see if the narratives shift in preparation for the November election. Maybe they snuff out Biden to create a distraction. Maybe China finally snaps and we have a war. Maybe the regime remains on this glide path until it slams into reality in November.

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  • Jennifer Rubin
  • What’s Wrong With Kansas
  • Alex Jones
  • Rudy Giuliani
  • Sinema Girl
  • Deniers
  • Pennsylvania
  • The Evil Orange Man
  • Press F For Hopium

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140 thoughts on “A Ramble Through The News

    • There are a lot of lawyers. Many don’t have a lot of money. Seinfeld had “Jackie Chiles” as the ambulance chaser who found the pot of gold — deep pocketed Tobacco companies when Kramer got something from excessive smoking.

      Eventually, some of our guys with nothing much to lose are going to start suing Soros and the like. Gates too. They will lose, and lose, until just one wins. It only takes one. A judge who is pissed off, denied promotion due to skin color, etc. There are more of our guys than we think. Every White dude passed up for promotion for an unqualified non-White can be one of ours.

      • Lawyers work for less than minimum wage high school dropouts when you look at their hours, cost of living, cost of education, and diminished career value and lost investment opportunities as a result of starting out at 25 instead of 16.

        They’re a bimodal mix of trust fund kids and gullible strivers fooled by fake elitism. The lack of conflict within the profession between these types is the biggest hint that it’s all theater, practiced by airhead actors.

        Law was organically powerful in the mid 20th century postwar era because retired soldiers know to obey authority. Now, in our illegal alien era, it’s a clown show. No one takes it literally anymore.

  1. Rubin – and Kristol and Podhoretz and the rest of the neo-cons are ex-Trotskyites: “With the ousting of Trotsky and his followers from the mainstream communist community, they found a ready market for their ideas in western audiences. The ideas of Trotsky further developed within the western world. As mainstream communism had rejected Trotsky’s theories, and with anti-Communist rhetoric on the rise following World War II, it was not safe for any kinds of communists — even anti-Stalinist communists — in the U.S. Following a page from numerous other efforts of the past, the Trotskyists set out to rebrand themselves.

    During the era of the ‘red scare‘ if you were against Stalin, you proudly called yourself a conservative. So, the Trotskyists did just that: They took on the rhetoric of Joseph McCarthy along with the John Birch Society, and with the support of the CIA, the former Communists thrived, and so did their rebranded ideology of neoconservatism.

    The ideology of neoconservatism lends itself well to right-wing rhetoric. In Trotsky’s view, freedom came with economic power. By having a rich oligarchy able to drive the economic engine, the thought was that it would promote freedom for the masses. And by stripping away the bureaucracy, while taking apart the government, the transition to full communism as Trotsky understood it — now rebranded as Libertarianism — could happen. And with the rise of the reactionary right, which sought allies without questioning their motives, it was the perfect marriage.
    Neoconservatism Triumphant.

    With the collapse of the Soviet Union, the neoconservatives now had their opportunity. They could point to the collapse and proclaim that their ideas had worked, that they had triumphed over Stalin’s state. They could claim that it was Communists who were proclaiming victory over Communism, which was an irony not missed by some. And with that claim came renewed efforts to push neoconservatism into the halls of power.” https://reverbpress.com/discovery/history/neoconservatism-leon-trotsky/

  2. This “post a reply” form ought to be on top, not way at the bottom…

    A couple of more substantive comments –
    1. The “right to abortion” is not explicitly in the Kansas Constitution, in fact, at the time of enactment of the Kansas Constitution, abortion was a criminal offense. This alleged “right” was “read into” the Constitution by a decision of the Kansas Supreme Court – and the decision didn’t even actually go *that* far, it just made state statutes barring abortion and other matters involving personal autonomy and life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness unconstitutional:

    “The Kansas Constitution does not begin with an enumeration of the powers of government; it instead begins with a Bill of Rights for all Kansans, which in turn begins with a statement of inalienable natural rights, among which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. By this ordering, demonstrating the supremacy placed on the rights of individuals, preservation of these natural rights is given precedence over the establishment of government. … This court, when considering claims brought under section 1 of the Kansas Constitution Bill of Rights has recognized and adopted three standards: (1) the rational basis standard, which requires only that the enactment bear some rational relationship to a legitimate state interest; (2) the heightened or intermediate scrutiny standard, which requires the enactment to substantially further an important state interest; and (3) the strict scrutiny standard, which requires the enactment serve some compelling state
    interest and be narrowly tailored to further that interest. The determination of which of the three standards applies depends on the nature of the right at stake. The most searching of these standards—strict scrutiny—applies when a fundamental right is implicated. The natural right of personal autonomy is fundamental and thus requires applying strict scrutiny. Under strict scrutiny, the burden falls on the government to defend challenged legislation. Before a court considers whether any governmental action survives strict scrutiny, it must be sure the action actually impairs the right.
    Generally, a statute comes before the court cloaked in a presumption of constitutionality, and it is the duty of the one attacking the statute to sustain the burden of proving unconstitutionality. When a statute is presumed constitutional, all doubts must be resolved in favor of its validity. If there is any reasonable way to construe that statute as constitutionally valid, the court has the authority and duty to do so. In a case involving a suspect classification or fundamental interest, the courts peel away the protective presumption of constitutionality and adopt an attitude of active and critical analysis, subjecting the classification to strict scrutiny. In that case, the burden of proof is shifted from plaintiff to defendant and the ordinary presumption of validity of the statute is reversed. No presumption of constitutionality applies to a statute subject to strict scrutiny under section 1 of the Kansas Constitution Bill of Rights. PER CURIAM: Section 1 of the Kansas Constitution Bill of Rights provides:”All men are possessed of equal and inalienable natural rights, among which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” We are now asked: Is this declaration of rights more than an idealized aspiration? And, if so, do the substantive rights include a woman’s right to make decisions about her body, including the decision whether to continue her pregnancy? We answer these questions, “Yes.” We conclude that, through the language in section 1, the state’s founders acknowledged that the people had rights that preexisted the formation of the Kansas government. There they listed several of these natural, inalienable rights—deliberately choosing language of the Declaration of Independence by a vote of 42 to 6. Included in that limited category is the right of personal autonomy, which includes the ability to control one’s own body, to assert bodily integrity, and to exercise self-determination. This right allows a woman to make her own decisions regarding her body, health, family formation, and family life—decisions that can include whether to continue a pregnancy. Although not absolute, this right is fundamental. Accordingly, the State is prohibited from restricting this right unless it is doing so to further a compelling government interest and in a way that is narrowly tailored to that interest.” Hodes & Nauser v. Schmidt, (Kansas 2019) at pp3-5. https://law.justia.com/cases/kansas/supreme-court/2019/114153.html

    Of course, the same case, involving personal autonomy and life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness could be applied to many other Kansas statutes, including those prohibiting the growing for personal use and consumption of marijuana, opium poppies, salvia divinorum, peyote, psilocybin mushrooms, and other entheogens … or, say, vaccination, or of any of a host of other matters.

    2. Re-post of a reply on a thread here, but still apposite: What we have in Kansas is a state with a county, Johnson County, which is where Kansas City migrated to after the school desegregation lawsuits of the 1970s – lots of white liberal Democrats crossed the border because, while they were staunch advocates of the theory, they ended up hating the reality – thus re-segregating the schools. But they kept their white liberalism. So what we have is a very populous liberal county dictating the politics of a very conservative state – one county out of 104 running policy for the entire state – the classic urban-rural split. So while you’ll see lots of BLM signs in Mission Hills, “driving while black” – driving with Missouri tags – will get you pulled over there, and ticketed for anything they can think of – they prefer that “the help” ride the bus. Douglas County, the county next door, is a “bedroom county” for Johnson and to some extent Shawnee Counties, and it’s reliably “blue” as well, with an expanding rural population. Wyandotte County is largely black and Hispanic, with a smattering of rural whites, and is owned by rich Democrats. If you were to cut off Johnson, Wyandotte, and Douglas Counties, the rest of the state would be as red as West Virginia. In that way, it’s kind of like New York State – get rid of NYC and environs, and it’s a red state. The urban conurbation simply has more people than the rest of the state, it gets the money and power, and the rest of the state ends up sucking hind tit, while paying for the privilege. Urban areas get paved roads and medical services, rural areas go without, and that’s just the way it is.

    • this sentence in part 2 of the above comment – “Douglas County, the county next door, is a “bedroom county” for Johnson and to some extent Shawnee Counties, and it’s reliably “blue” as well, with an expanding rural population.” should read “Douglas County, the county next door, is a “bedroom county” for Johnson and to some extent Shawnee Counties, and it’s reliably “blue” as well, with an expanding urban population.” – substituting “urban” for “rural”.

  3. Umm, no, Wisconsin was not settled by Americans from New England. Way off. Wisconsin was settled primarily by Germans, secondarily by Norwegians; who both emigrated heavily to the region in the 1830s, 40s and 50s – and beyond. Your characterization of Kansas is way off as well. Why is Kansas “based”. Kansas was where the most brutal fighting was done during that period known as The Indian Wars. It was founded as a frontier State, where violence was a way of life. A favorite hangout of outlaws, raiding Indian tribes and pro and anti slavery forces clashing makes seemingly quiet and subdued Kansas one of the most bloodied States in the Union. You need to get out of the backwater of Maryland – the Catholic refugee State, if we’re talkin US history – more.

    • i believe zman said ‘kansas’ was settled by new englanders, not wisconsin. let me know if i have this wrong, after you re-read the relevant passage.

      • Nope. Glaring oversight. If you’re going to do American politics, you need to have these basic histories down.

      • The other way around. Wisconsin was first settled by New Englanders then immigrants from northern Germany and Scandinavia. Kansas is mostly midlanders, with some Yankees in the east of the territory.

      • New Englanders settled every territory guy. They were early, few and did not impact the culture of Wisconsin to any degree. This is a Germanic state. Hell, Wisconsin was dubbed the Traitor State during WW1 according to the Wisconsin Historical Museum, here in Madison. La Crosse has the biggest and best Oktoberfest in the country. I could go on and on. Lived in Germany for a time and I can tell ya, therw is no State more philoGerman than Wisconsin

        Definitely not Anglo

        • This is also not true. New Englanders did not settle Texas, for example. Buy and read the book American Nations. You can also read The Nine Nations of North America.

          • You’re splitting hairs. You inferred that current Wisconsin politics are somehow influenced by Anglo settlement. This is not true. Likewise with Kansas.?The welfare state comment and Bob Dole? That’s from the fact that Dole, while a local Kansas county official, signed the “welfare” checks of his own grandparents.. This was touted during the 1992 Presidential race as a way to validate his so called humble roots.

          • Kansas was settled by a pretty diverse bunch of people. The farmers who grew the wheat were “Volga Germans” from Ukraine and Belarus – and that’s where the wheat came from – they brought the seeds with them. Some of my ancestors who settled near Perry in 1870 were in this group. There were a lot of them, and in some places in Kansas, Russian/Ukrainian was the dominant language. Swedes came over, too, in fact there’s a town, Lindsborg, where the church services are still in Swedish. One family of Polish Jews were amongst the first settlers in Topeka in 1854. Lawrence was settled by people from New England who were ardent abolitionists – Henry Ward Beecher sent them rifles and ammunition in boxes labelled “Bibles”. Lawrence also had a lot of German settlers, too, one of the oldest buildings in town is the Turnverein. Englishmen owned cattle ranches, and there were a lot of black settlers after the Civil War, most of them cowboys although a number of them were farmers. The main settlements were around railroad lines, the railroads were given huge amounts of land adjacent to the lines, which they sold, and they had advertisements in European newspapers. And there were Scots/Irish as well, the “Midlanders” on that map, but they weren’t a majority.

          • And in the southeast part of the state, near Pittsburg and Fort Scott, there were a lot of people from Central Europe – that was coal mining country, and people were brought over to do that. It was the part of the state which had a solid Socialist majority – they brought their politics with them – well into the 20th century. In Girard, they had the Haldeman-Julius Press, which published books, such as James Joyce’s Ulysses and the works of Eugene Debs, which could be published in no other part of the US. The first Socialist Party convention was held in Topeka in 1892, they were the party who installed indoor plumbing in the state Capital building, amongst other things. And Emma Goldman – famous anarchist – lived in Valley Falls for a few years and gave a couple of days of lectures at the law school at Lawrence… So long before Kansas was a “red” state, it was a Red state.

      • One indicator of settlement, for what it might be worth, would be town, county names….many–possibly most?– are English-origin…I stopped counting after about a dozen or so WI towns carried the same name as towns in Connecticut…many are named after geographical features..some appear to be French..a few Dutch…a look at county names doesn’t indicate substantive ties to Germany.

  4. I can tell from my daily interaction that boomer normie has been engaged, the narrative has changed…I believe they now realize that things are bad and that “outsiders” have changed their country.

    I was on a bike ride on an old farm road and a couple of elderly people were working on their very large garden on the side of the road. This is a rural GA town.

    Well, I just rode up the little bit of grass hill and started to talk to the old man.

    He looked at me and pretty clearly didn’t want to talk to me. He said a few things, not a “conversation” as you would expect, but he just walked away. He didn’t want me there.

    His wife approached and we started having more of a “conversation” and she was a bit standoffish while talking about gardening and then, here it comes, the “what are you” question, where are you from.

    I said, “I don’t consider myself anything really, maybe a New Englander or Catholic, but as far as an ethnic group, I don’t have one”

    She said “Like Heinz ketchup!”
    I said, “yeah, like Heinz ketchup.”
    She said, “Things have really changed around here.”
    I said “Yup” a couple niceties and rode away.

    I got a feeling, now guys, this is just a feeling…

    These people had lived on this farm for probably 40 years, on this back ass road, and no random brown man has probably ever rode up to them while they were gardening, unannounced and started talking to them. That’s the impression I got, was, Who are these new people?

    They asked me where did I come from? Why are you on this road? And I’m thinking I was just a friendly guy talking to a friend because that’s how I am.

    No big deal, because I am in this space and I get it.
    White boomer seeing the “change” and not liking it. I’m seeing it all over this formally rural town that is turning into the suburbs of a major city and I don’t think some people like it.

    Yeah, they take the money…the increased home prices, “the stuff” cheap services but gave up their home without realizing it over the last 50 years. Or, more like it, without ANY say in it.

    Probably realizing “O crap, we’re outnumbered now, even here!”

    I listen to John Wayne’s son, Ethan, on his podcast…just GOLLY GEE can’t wonder why the messaging of films has changed so much, can’t figure out why the country has changed so much. I’m listening from my perspective and I just shake my head. You’d think maybe in private they would get it, but he’s half Peruvian so who knows.

    I worked for two boomer, white females the other day. They looked and spoke to me like the help. Never had that happen before because I am so white presenting. Treated my partner a completely different way.

    Maybe it’s just me, I’m seeing a change in some white peoples’ attitudes. When I talk to folks they will initially say “we’re a nation of immigrants” but then I use my brown pass to talk like everyone talks in this space, it’s not 5 minutes before they’re agreeing with me.

    It’s okay, I get it. It’s sad to see things becoming what they are. Seeing the perspective (and agreeing often) from the right helps me see their side with compassion.

    It must be crazy to see the Amazon drivers out there doing their thing in what not long ago was a 100% white area with very high standards. These guys doors open JAMMING the RAP music. It’s probably a shock.

    That’s all I have, just my observations.

    • I haven’t noticed anything that interesting, but I’ve seen some normie-con types pushed into a broader “intolerance” by liberals’ ugly triumphalism (both biological and historicist, which axiomatically contradict each other)—and there’s the still-free internet equivalent of that, where everyone who’s even remotely “based” is just blasting trannies and Jews *constantly*, instead of only when it’s funny/accurate.

      Marginally positive developments, probably.

    • My, that’s a mighty white comment.

      And as for “These guys doors open, JAMMING the RAP music”;

      Well, you know what they say; what good is being black, if you can’t act like a…well, you know.

      • Can you tell me what your comment means? I am asking in earnest.

        Unless you would prefer not to.

        I figured you were trying your best to insult the poster and this is all you could come up with.

    • Interesting comment.

      What are you? Some kind of Latino/White mix? Are you born in the US?

      FWIW, I agree with you. I’ve noticed a change in White people too. Especially older, formerly cuck-servatives becoming a bit more aware. I made a comment below about it.

      I think part of it is just foreigner fatigue. I don’t really care about any “diversity” anymore, I got tired of it. I don’t care about your “culture” or your food. I don’t want to speak to you. I just don’t care. I’m kind of like that old man. Most “cultures” actually kind of suck, especially when they’re being forced in your face non-stop.

      Anyways, politically moderate & liberal White men are not welcome in modern society either. It’s becoming pointless to be a White liberal or moderate. There are few options for White people these days.

      • B125

        Your third paragraph is a gem.

        The only thing I can add is, I don’t only want to not speak to mystery meat people, I avoid them at all costs. It makes life more pleasant and drama free.

      • Yes. Normie cons may be the only ones waking up.

        White liberal/lefist/atheist trash is all aboard the death cult train.

    • Nick Fuentes made a similar comment. Basically, what’s the point of money if you don’t have a country. I’ve said similar – what’s the point of owning a Ferrari if there are no roads to drive it on, and nowhere to drive it without getting carjacked.

      I’ll take “low” property values over inflated property values + mass immigration any day.

    • Well, a decrepit looking boomer lady in my upper class white neighborhood was wearing a t-shirt at the grocery store proclaiming ” social justice starts in the womb.” I have seen a lot in my almost 6 decades but I was even taken aback for 2 seconds.

    • They and their ancestors may well have been on that farm over 100 years, and have ancestors from even earlier.

      It’s more than a shock. It’s a realization that they have been betrayed by every institution that took their money and systematically disenfranchised them. Those very same institutions berate them if they express the universal human desire to thrive on their own hard-won territory. They are people who evolved to defend themselves against physical threats, but not menticide. Future generations of all backgrounds will have to adapt to the menticidic form of war, which preys on a people within their own boarders and twists their own virtues against them. Mental toughness in conditions of prosperity will matter in ways hitherto discounted. Those who are crowing over their easy victories in this era will have the same techniques used against them, to the same ill effect.

    • I grew up in the suburbs of a violent midwestern city. I loved the view of the skyscrapers built 100 years ago, but the murder and violent assault rates were so high, we literally never made the 30 minute drive into downtown, except for a ballgame maybe a few times. It was chaos to visit. Hookers and loud black guys cussing at us or eachother, knocking on the windows, throwing things at each other, chasing eachother for stealing, seeing cars on cinder blocks with stolen wheels. I remember my dad offered a guy food who was following our car asking for money. He said “get that outta my face!” This was the 1980s. Then as i learned to drive, i would sneak downtown to see some concerts or skateboard with friends. Getting off at an exit on the black side of town would result in confrontation. “He white boy! Hey i know you got money!” My family of 5 lived in a 2 bedroom house. I drove a rusted grand prix with hail storm dents everywhere, which i was given by a cousin for free. Nothing exuded having money other than my race.

      Point being, as the government and corporations initiate Civil Rights II, our tax dollars are being used to move these people into our safe neighborhoods once again, and we’re supposed to forget how territorial and confrontational they are about “their” neighborhoods.

      My dads a boomerservative who tries to win black people over wherever he goes, talk about God, rich people, etc, but half the time they just look the other way. They hate us.

      So if you meet some white people who arent exactly thrilled that we’re entering the afrocentric late 60s playbook again, its because theyre finally realizing it was never about “judging each man by his character.” That was the rule that white people were supposed to follow, while nonwhites were privately told to infiltrate, destroy, and squander.

  5. *******ONE OF YOUR BEST, Z!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Seriously….the free-form approach works well. You’re well-versed enough with the kaleidoscope of issues and events you can pull it off. Just lay a dozen or so timely topics in front of you and let ‘er rip. Plus your sense of humor comes through better.

  6. If you live in Kansas, wouldn’t you have an abortion just as a break from the boredom and constant rustling of corn in the wind?

  7. Wichita , Kansas had an abortion doctor – Tiller, who would conduct third trimester abortions and he was quite obnoxious and in your face about it. He was murdered by a anti abortionist in 2009.

  8. “,,I could probably do a whole show on crooked politicians who are mobbed up in the Ukraine and China….”

    Yes, please do….

  9. Pennsylvania might be lost, but only because Republicans are sellouts. I’d bet the same could be said for Wisconsin and Michigan.

    They play this game that cultural conservatism is anathema, but that’s a lie. There are enough blacks and woke Quakers around Philly to make it interesting, but not enough. They said Trump was the second coming of Hitler, and he still carried the commonwealth. It’s the libertarian economics people won’t put up with.

    Elites and warmongers have gone left. Honestly, if Republicans ditched the libertarian economics, I’d bet they’d pull the whole country to the right in the culture war and make inroads in states you’d never expect. Make MAGA pale in comparison. But then they’d have to stop selling out. It could happen anyway, in spite of them.

    Yes, voting harder is a loser, but I think voting is downstream, only formalizes arrangements arrived at by other means.

    • Michigan is a tough one to call.

      The odious Peter Meijer got primaried the other day. That’s pretty shocking considering his family money and connections.

      Sadly, the the equally odious Tlaib is in a safe district so she will be around for quite a while.

      Whitmer had almost all of her emergency powers canceled by pushback from the people, legislature, and judiciary.

      She seems to be retaliating by having her galpal Attorney General bounce as many gubernatorial candidates from the ballot as possible. Their favorite trumped up charge for this is the good old, “fake signatures,” charge.

      Tudor Dixon has some pretty serious flaws in her own right, but even with those she’d be a vast improvement on Whitmer and the idiot Granholm that came before.

      • Z: “That is the real story. Trump endorsed candidates seem to be doing very well, despite general Trump fatigue and the efforts of his party.”

        Fox now has a corporate-wide absolute ban on appearances by Trump.

        And yet, Trump keeps hammering away at the state & local level.

        Trump may have qualities which make many of us cringe [such as a propensity for e.g. welcoming the Kushner family crime syndicate into the heart of the White House], but you can’t say Trump is lazy.

        Every morning, he wakes up, chomping at the bit, ready & eager to put in another 16-hour day.

        With the possible exception of a few Old School division-chief attending-surgeons [most now in nursing homes or cemeteries], I’ve never seen another human being who works as hard as does Donald Trump.

        And what is Donald Trump working on, now that even Fox News has vanquished him?

        He’s doing precisely what everyone in the Dissident Right has been talking about doing: He’s getting out of the big cities, he’s going into the countryside, he’s forging relationships with real people in the real world, he’s building his own independent media platform, he’s becoming self-sufficient, and, meanwhile, nobody who’s anybody is paying any attention to him whatsoever.

        As of right now, he’s flying under their radar.

        In the shadows.

        Out of sight, out of mind.

        And that’s exactly where he wants & needs to be.

        Self-sufficient, relationship’ed, and in the shadows.

        That’s the position from which you strike, from which you mount your counterattack.

        Supply lines secured, troops rested, @mmunition depots overstocked and bursting at the seams, possibly even with an emerging air supremacy???

        Oy. Vey.

    • The problem is the paradox of imperialism. As an empire begins to expand, it’s profitable for it’s citizens and rulers. However, there comes a point where expansion (or, to be more accurate, not receding) ends up being a net cost to the citizenry because the leaders have to offer the imperialized areas a better deal than they’d get from who they had before. Maintenance becomes a huge cost imposed on the commoners for the sake of the leaders, and then loses its support among the people.

      • To drive the point home more clearly, a country can be protectionist or expansive, but not both. The first party to give up expansionism will win the political future.

    • Remember when goggle eyed Gov. Wolf nominated disgusting lunatic degenerate Dick Levine to be the Pennsylvania state health tranny, the Republican dominated state legislature uttered not a peep. When the state supreme court redrew the congressional districts, they meekly rolled over like dutiful lapdogs. When they completely ignored state law to allow mail in voting, the Republican state legislature refused to lift a finger.
      Now they want me to vote for their Turkish dual citizen and all the rest of their Vichy candidates. I will not, nor will I ever again.

      When that idiot Fetterman (who was mayor of Braddock, not Oil City, Z) wins he won’t be there long anyway, since he’ll stroke out within a year, to be replaced by some other degenerate.

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  11. In the late 70s/early 80s there were organic food industry shows around the country – sort of like a trade show for hippies – log cabin houseplan books, natural healing, pesticide rinses, and the usual crystals/incense hangers-on.

    Anyway, the unusual part is that the fringe far off-the-charts right was always there too. One group was Christian Identity from Cour d’Alaine (now totally overrun by Californians and Oregonians) and Metzger’s group (from western Oregon I think). Never any fuss or screaming about hurt feelings, they actually “co-existed” in the same exhibit halls side-by-side! That’s about the last time I remember seeing the fringe right around at all, except for some Lyndon LaRouche zombies that passed out leaflets in front of big chain grocery stores in 83. Back then, Alex’s greatest hits were only to be found circulating on cassette tapes, available at these food exhibits.

    One of the freakiest things about the 2016 Election campaign was when Hillary got heckled form the audience by either Alex Jones himself or one of his guys. I think it was in San Diego or maybe Phoenix, someplace in southwest. Here she is, Hillary Clinton, Glass Ceiling Shatterer Extradinaire, and she let a goofball like Alex Jones rattle her! It was so bizarre that of all people, it was Alex who got under her skin – that really said a lot. She could have just laughed it off, but no, she immediately went into Exorcist Mode. And next thing we knew, Alex was yanked from Twitter. Recall Alex was the first to be banned and it’s pretty clear Hillary made that happen. We didn’t know at that time that banning was going to be a “thing” but David Brock and her pitbulls got right on it. Wouldn’t be surprised if that’s not who’s still determined to harrass him to shreds, just out of spite.

    • They were going to make a final solution to gun control out of Sandy Hook, and AJ, maybe more than anyone else, stopped them. I think that was when he crossed into the mainstream. And of course he played a big, if unattributed, role in Trump’s election. But Sandy Hook was his moment, and they’re making him pay dearly for it imo.

      • Some of the might be takers, but they’re decapitating the established power base. The hard part is getting rid of the entrenched Liz Cheney types. Up in WY, if Hageman turns out to be a sellout, getting rid of her will be a snap.

        GOP voters appear willing to trust the devil they don’t know, over the traitor they do. That’s a good sign.

        Also, the demographic overthrow that CNN guests keep talking about appears to be going in a direction the Left didn’t intend. It turns out, a lot of people coming here from communist/socialist countries don’t have much trouble spotting the American version of what they fled. Throw in some groomer school teachers and a dose of business killing Covid restrictions and $5 gas, and suddenly the coalition is looking very very shaky.

        I had a guy at work the other day try to shift the blame for Biden that he owns by saying “we’ll, a lot of people really voted against Trump”. Meaning, he voted for Biden.

        I looked at him and said, “And look what that got us. A recession, $5 gas, and gay groomers in the schools. All because people actually believed the lies they were told on TV.”

        He just checked his shoe shine and changed the subject.

        F&&ker should be ashamed of himself. Trump didn’t lose in 2020, but there were some stupid people who voted for Biden, and they need to be hounded into the grave for what they’ve done.

        Just like Liz Cheney.

        • It’s turning out to be more like:
          – Dirt Whites
          – White Small business owners
          – Hispanics
          – Smaller number of non-ghetto blacks
          – Conservative small hats

          – “Suburban White Women” (Karen) and their loser husbands
          – Rich white people
          – Overeducated, White Washed “POCs”
          – Ghetto Blacks, Woke Blacks
          – Wannabe woke strivers
          – Asians and Indians. These groups really really hate white people and are willing to take 10 jabs and go to Drag Queen Story hour to stick it to you.
          – Muslim people, who also hate the West and will vote for woke Morons to prove it.

          If this is true, it means the USA will be “fine”, but still a bit (or a lot) crappier. Kind of like Brazil. It does mean that Canada, Europe, and the UK are completely FFed.

          • Plus Dems are talking about illegal immigration now. To quote the butt wiper in chief, that’s a big f’n deal.

          • With any kind of luck, the massively jab-compliant will thin out their own ranks.

        • I wonder if Trump hadn’t gone full boomercon in ‘20, would things have been different?

          Then again, he was probably doing a lot of that to save his ass, in more ways than just politically.

    • You want to really have your mind blown? Go to the Internet Archive (or use a search engine besides Google) and look up “Whoopi Goldberg Tom Metzger.” Yes, that human beanbag with dreads actually interviewed Tom Metzger, and they got along just fine. If anything, she seemed to like him more than she likes most white people. Blacks don’t like Jews, and secretly are racist as hell against their own dysfunctional race, and so tend to respect racist whites…because they secretly hold the same views as those whites. But it’s still remarkable to see that shrieking harpy back when she was still sane, and to see that Tom Metzger is far saner and more decent than pretty much everyone else in public life these days. I’m not a “WN 1.0” type, but just look at a photograph of, say, George Lincoln Rockwell and then do a Google Images search of any white antiracist. Put aside all thoughts of ideology and just tell me which one you think is a more healthy man.

  12. I have noticed elsewhere that some people in and around this thing have lately begun salting their posts with talk of schizophrenia. Anyone notice this? Know where it is coming from?

    • Schizophrenia is the word and idea du jour. but I think it has merit.

      But I never liked borrowing from the psychology textbooks or jargon to describe anything. Why I never use words like narcissist or sociopath, or even pathological. I get what they mean and I get that the medical overtones lend the word a certain bite, but at the same they have the effect of legitimizing crackpot or pseudo science. There are many better and more descriptive ways to describe people and trends, etc. might have to strain the brain to come up with the right words, but it’s always better to do that then the less intellectually rigorous method of borrowing words from psychologists and so forth. No sense in giving them and their half ass fields of study the credibility and social currency they may not and often do not deserve. And of course there is the ((())) take over of these fields who use these words like narcissist or sociopath as weapons against anyone who disagrees with them, as if disagreeing with them means your problems are so bad you really should be committed or put away.

      Best thing is to delegitimize their pseudo science before they can use it to have us hauled away into asylums. That is always the end game in mind when they start using medical and psychological terminology to brand their opponents.

      • I have used this term many years to describe the (lack of) logic of the average idiot. First, DSM is nonsense, and I agree that the clustering of symptoms into singular diseases is insanity har Har. But I use schizophrenic to discuss how they see connections between unconnected things, a la the schizoid’s, The government is watching me because the sky is blue and a dog walked by. The average idiot experiences the world this way.

        • I hear ya, and the word is effective, but my thing is that, first, these words are often based on bullshit science. So using them means you are buying into bullshit. Or keeping it afloat at least. A floating turd. Second, the words come from the fields of psychology and so forth which are the domain of people who hold us contempt if they don’t hate us outright. They didn’t come up with these words to help mankind, they came up with them to damage children with bullshit diagnoses like ADD — or to brand anyone who disagrees with them as suffering from something so deeply embedded inside the person he should be put on medication or locked up.

          So a person is a narcissist. Ok, what does that mean? You mean he’s self absorbed and infantile? Yes, that’s what it means, but that doesn’t fall within the language of medicine, and the language of medicine has a lot of power in our culture, and we see how they have used in it the courtroom for example. Get some expert to say a person suffers from some kind of medical problem, and voila, you can put away good people and find excuses to free bad people.

          Why I am gladdened that the medical establishment has lost credibility after Covid. More people coming to see that 95% of anything medical is based on pseudo sconce and practiced by charlatans with an agenda is great for our side. Another chink has been exposed in the enemy’s armor !

      • Falcone: I get what they mean and I get that the medical overtones lend the word a certain bite, but at the same they have the effect of legitimizing crackpot or pseudo science.

        You have two choices in this life: Learn psychology, or be destroyed by psychology [c.f. e.g. Louis XVI Bourbon or Nicholas II Romanov].

        If I were you, I’d learn psychology.

        Even if I were living all alone in a shack in Alaska, 200 miles from the nearest internet connection, I’d still learn psychology.

        Who knows? If nothing else, a working knowledge of psychology just might help you stare down a Grizzly Bear.

        PS: Schizophrenia is in Cluster A, and is literal insanity [e.g. hearing voices in your head].

        But the rest of the Clusters [B, C and Non-Specified/Other] are a good place to start:


        I’d also beg and plead with you – implore you – to read the literature on the Insula & the Amygdala:

        Red Brain, Blue Brain: Evaluative Processes Differ in Democrats and Republicans
        February 13, 2013

        “Democrats showed significantly greater activity in the left insula, while Republicans showed significantly greater activity in the right amygdala.”

        • To make Falcone’s point in a skewed manner, they once treated schizophrenia with a gluten free diet. I think it was around 20 patients. Marked improvement. Never any followup. I say this as someone who, in his twenties, started feeling out of sorts and probably the beginning of some “disorder.” Cutting out foods I was allergic to fixed it completely. By diagnosing it as a structure, ignoring what may impact said structures, creates the reductive nonsense that leads to pills for “depression.” This is the problem of clustering – it is reductive and only feeds the medical system that profits. There are no follow-ups to that schizo experiment because there is no money in it. That is the problem.

          • Tucker Carlson recently had an yuge segment on shamanism and quackery in the pharmaceutical industrial complex, and, in addition to the COVID vaccinations, highlighted the fact that the last several decades of Alzheimer’s research was utterly fraudulent [sticky plaques are not to blame], and that none of the medications did any good.

            Similarly, almost four decades of SSRIs did NOTHING to help with depression.

        • Another topic I would STRONGLY URGE YOU to consider is the phenomenon of “Assortative Mating”.

          If you think something’s wrong with you for noticing that people seem to be getting weirder & psychologically uglier every year, then rest assured, in many instances you are correct, and their weirdness & ugliness is literally being bred into them [by their parents’ choices of how to go about mating].

          Coeducational schools of higher learning, mass transit and instantaneous communications, which the West has “enjoyed” for about a century now, have allowed at least four [and arguably five or six] generations of deviant psychological personality types to seek out one another, find one another, and mate with one another, easily & seamlessly & highly successfully.

          For instance, a well-known pairing in the psychological literature is {Narcissistic Male} x {Borderline Female}, and I contend that that sort of mating can often produce e.g. a sadistic psychopath amongst the offspring.

          I’m at the point these days, where, in group settings, I can sense the assortatively-mated genes for Passive Aggressive Personality Disorder noticing me and realizing instantly that I have the genes for Active Aggression, and that they [the Passive Aggressives] will need to focus their ire on me immediately.

          And no, I’m not paranoid, I’m not a schizophrenic, I’m not a lunatic; I’m just a fellow who’s spent a lot of time calibrating & sharpening his psychological radar, and I can practically smell these personality types in the air now.

  13. Regarding TV ads and shows, the scariest part is how effective they have been in completely inverting your average person’s conception of reality. Polls consistently show people’s conception of the amount of people in the country who are gay, black, etc. is wildly overblown.

    This is probably the third or fourth generation of people where a very large percentage of people get more of their conception of reality through television than their personal day-to-day experiences. The only hope is the fact that zoomers consume general T.V. content far less than older people, and have their own respective niches for content that make mass programming far more difficult than with earlier generations.

    • “Polls consistently show people’s conception of the amount of people in the country who are gay, black, etc. is wildly overblown.”

      True. And it’s not just the perceived numbers that are skewed, it’s the perceived behavior. Is it any wonder that so many whites believe that blacks are just like them, only better? In the commercials, blacks are doting parents, honest businesspeople, smart consumers, and terrific neighbors with manicured lawns. Sometimes, they’re even victims of dastardly white burglars lurking in the shrubbery.

      If blacks were like this in real life, there’d be no need for white flight.

      • Winter: I downvoted you because while purported ‘content of character’ matters, genetics – and their marker of skin color – matters more. Even if the .01% could be good neighbors, you still don’t want them in your neighborhood (nor your family nor your polity).

        • For what it’s worth, I actually agree with you, thus my upvote. My primary point was that the portrayal doesn’t match reality. We’ve never lived in a world where blacks are merely superior white people with dark skin.

    • “The only hope is the fact that zoomers consume general T.V. content far less than older people, and have their own respective niches for content that make mass programming far more difficult than with earlier generations.”

      It is clear to me you are not a routine user of Tik-Tok and other Socials. Zoomers are kool-aid drinkers Par Excellencé. Tik-Tok, YouTube, etc. are saturated with the same woke, race-mixing, anti-white, etc. stuff you see on TV. They are ads that are interspersed every so often as you are scrolling through the sub 90 IQ crap that passes for ‘content’.

      The only break Zoomers gets is that the internet can be mined for ‘actual truth’ if you know where to look and are so inclined to find it. Boomers, Joe Six-Pack, and Normies are trapped in the walled garden of legacy media much more than Zoomers so they are lost. But don’t think for a minute that Big J00 is not priming the pump to seed the mind-virus into the next generation. They are 10 steps ahead of you.

      • “Times of cultural and ideological decline have always been historical periods in which Jewry thrives.” Reinhard Heydrich, 16 October 1941.

      • Well, the Zoomers and millennials were pervasively indoctrinated in the public school gulags, and they were thus marinated in shitlib, wokeist crap to a faretheewell. Yes, the “system of tubes” is theoretically available to them for deprogramming themselves, but the initial sense that something might not be right with The Narrative was made a “no go zone” in them through the course of their years of miseducation.

        The danger to the PTB inherent in having a way for citizens to speak directly to each other via the internet, and trading perceptions and counternarratives was realized early on in its deployment, and the project of kneecapping this potential in favor of the mindlessness of social media to keep all of their little charges on the reservation was assiduously encouraged and supported.

        Since the newest generations were already brain damaged through their indoctrination, and their curiosity expunged, and conveniently leaving them with the attention span of a gnat, social media was a perfect fit. The 140 characters of Twitter was just right for snctimonious, snarky hatemongering, and brother, they took to it like a duck to water.

        To these cohorts, extended form discussions such as blogs (like this one, for example) were of no interest. Just what TPTB wanted, dumbed down, incoherent, and isolated compliancy and complacency. And since these poor, deracinated sods had been programmed to unquestioning acceptance of the twin Cults of Safety and Political Correctness, shunting them placidly into the chute leading to the abattoir of cultural annihilation has gone down with demur. Everybody needs to be onboard with The Latest Thing, doncha know.

      • “But don’t think for a minute that Big J00 is not priming the pump to seed the mind-virus into the next generation. They are 10 steps ahead of you.”

        Sure sure. 10, 15, 20, 6 million, whatever number of steps ahead the Magical Jew Theory demands at the moment. Thing is, we’ve also saturated kids and well, everyone with constant stimulation and media bombardment. Gee, kids with fidgety dispositions and no attention spans an the general human inability to handle large amounts of information. Sorry, no, a parent shoving a smartphone in front of their toddler to shut them up isn’t the Jews fault. It’s the parents’.

    • Remember when the left was all about saying that raunchy music or violence in media didn’t affect people because I watch it and I don’t go shooting people? I listen to these oversexed songs, and I don’t go raping! Millions watch and listen to this so you can’t cherry pick one crazy person and condemn the whole thing!

      I remember.

      Now the left is done a 180 where a mere Facebook ad is so powerful it could hypnotize someone to unwillingly vote for Donald trump.

      • Remember when the Left tried to ban those things – remember Tipper whore…err .and. em Gore when she was vice president’s wife?

  14. “People are probably more angry and restless right now than during the leadup to the 2016 election. The antiwhite pogroms have radically changed attitudes.”

    I see a lot of anger from rightists irl, but it is still not racial anger. They worship the Holy Groid as much as ever. “Check out this based podcast- and can you believe it, the host is BLACK!” I have heard that statement and variations on it many times, and this is from people who are probably in the 1% most radical in the country. Racially awake whites are still a tiny, tiny minority. Although it could be that they do have racial anger, but DRRR-type cucking is the only way they’ve been taught how to express it.

    • That’s not quite how I see it. One of my jobs is writing for a college sports website, and I read hundreds of thousands of comments from members of the site. Overwhelmingly, these are white guys. And I am surprised and heartened by what I read. Many of these dudes make race-realist posts that lead me to suspect they’ve been reading this blog and others like it.

  15. I realize politics is what we do instead of fighting, so I should be happy we’re not having an actual civil war. I suppose I am, but it’s strange and frustrating not being able to talk politics without feeling like I’m talking completely out of my ass. There’s a fog-of-war quality to what’s going on, but because it’s politics and not actual war, you can kind of pretend it’s just clown world clowning. Unless you’re a J6er, AJ, etc.

    I wonder if this is what’s meant by sleepwalking into war, or if the system has figured out how to make all conflict virtual. A part of me wants to say fake and gay, just get it over with, but be careful what you wish for, of course.

    • Kinetic war is alive and well. All conflict is certainly not virtual.

      The only real shot at a civil war (of occurring, let alone wining) is if US states try to break away from the US or back an insurgency. Right now, for a myriad of reasons, that is just off the table.

      We are already at war with Russia and trying to start a war with China. It does seem strange to me that all these people grifting off China seem to be trying to start a war with China.

      As you said, be careful what you wish for.

      • “Kinetic war is alive and well.”

        It is, but not here, not yet. Riots aside. 5g war or whatever they call it, maybe?

        I don’t get the whole thing, which makes me shudder to think this could all be prelude.

        • It’s here already but small, mostly antifa guys being sent to protests to shoot individual righties. They lost confidence in that scenario (or willing patsies for it) after Rittenhouse, apparently.

          Assassination attempts on Republicans are so common they barely make the news. Sometimes they do catch one. Remember who actually died in the “Gabby Giffords” shooting? The Republican judge the shooter prioritized.

          I think the Vegas country music festival massacre was a fed (or asset) going *slightly* rogue and taking out “Trumpists” without full and explicit permission. The Saudi assassination story is the retarded conspiracy theory we’re supposed to repeat instead of looking at who actually died. Rather like the Palin/Giffords thing…

          Real war *is* on, and it has been for years, at least since the government’s violent outbursts in the ’90s (Ruby, Waco, etc.).

          It’ll soon get onner.

        • I certainly hope not. There is no force who could fight. The left already has the power and the right is a disorganized mess. Say what you will about Antifa, but at least they have it, it’s organized and can get people to show up even if only for larp-fare. It’s at least something. They started showing up a couple years ago with encrypted radios for communication. Even had guys on bicycles carrying around base station repeaters to ensure communications without sail foams. Any kind of 5G warfare would have to get around the communications problem. Walking around with sail foams trying to do 5G would be suicide.

          The right is just too disorganized to do anything like 5g warfare. It’s not really clear who the leaders or players could even be. Any attempt at organization leads to RICO charges. (if we had real law enforcement, antifa would have been taken down already).

          The J6 show-trials are at least partially to send the message to anyone even thinking about getting involved in anything like that, you will not be tolerated, you will be CRUSHED.

  16. “The antiwhite pogroms have radically changed attitudes. Normie seeing ads featuring everyone but white people, unless it is a white woman with a black man, has had reality jammed in his face for a couple of years now and he does not like it.”

    Yes. Even the privileged classes in the privileged industries have seen the mask come off. I know or know of many senior level people in huge firms get replaced and/or have offers rescinded because of, “diversity.” Anyone seeking a job sees the brazen racism. It is this group that needs to see the reality and that has had their bubble of oblivion shaken.

    The next phase is to channel the rage. There is still a heavy hand of guilt that our people in this class feel that prevents them from admitting to themselves what it really is. They still buy the premise that we need to atone for something. You can tell they know something is wrong but they can’t cross that Rubicon. It is right there though. To borrow a term from regime-speak, we need to find clever ways to nudge them. I think asking simple questions or making simple statements like:

    – What is chances in a system of enforced racial quotas that is explicitly anti-white?
    – How do you feel that you worked so hard to get to this point in your career and now you have to forego advancement and opportunity because of your race?
    – You seem to be busier then ever. I thought you got budget to hire more people with the diversity initiative. Aren’t they pulling their weight and giving you a break?
    – I don’t understand how not using the word master is going to make someone choose our profession. How do they even know we use the word when they don’t work here? Doesn’t it seem like what HR is really saying is that this race of people is so dumb and so emotionally weak and lacking in resilience that they can’t understand words with different meanings based on their context and whose utterance makes them cower in fear and incapable of working. Why would we want to hire anyone with those kinds of emotional and cognitive problems?
    – Isn’t it odd that they are essentially demanding that we make hiring decisions based on race and gender?
    – Have you heard of WILL? They are representing white people facing the overt racial discrimination we see being implemented all around us.

    We must use and thus plant the words describing what this really is but that they feel too guilty to see. Once they have permission to do this, we will have a coalition of Clouds and Dirts who are no longer afraid to say what this really is. We have to plant the seeds in innocuous comments and water it with a gentle reinforcement – maybe a follow-up email – “Hey! How are you doing? I heard you got a new job. Congratulations! I remember when you told me about your rescinded offer. Check this out.” Then include one quote from say: Noel Saul Ignatin or one of the other people calling for our cold blooded murders and replacement. Include their title of with the institution they are affiliated with. Add the demographic chart. It will speak for itself.

    I put together a bunch of resources here: periheliuslux.substack.com/p/is-the-great-replacement-real

    • I’d focus more questions on their children, especially their sons…

      “Is it fair that your son, who has an outstanding academic record, was not admitted into your alma mater because of racial preferences?”

      • Making a man choose between his son and the good graces of the ruling class is always a good litmus test.

      • Yep. I think it is all great. Laying down isn’t in our self interest. We know that. We need to help them understand it, and see that this isn’t going to stop.

    • If all he sees are the mainstream TV shows and commercials the hypothetical visitor from Mars would conclude that 85% of the country are very well off blacks with a taste for Mercedes Benz cars and better cable deals; and the other 85% are LGBTQ and worried about monkeypox. Every month has its distaff/queer/pride/darkie/niche theme. Except no month for the Middle-aged White Guys Who Invented Practically Everything Useful Month.

      • One need not survey visiting Martians, one need only talk to Europeans and ask for their perceptions of race numbers in the USA. I’ve heard many Europeans think the USA is majority Black!

    • We don’t need a bunch of angry disgruntled former middle management. We need organizational and institutional power.

      A lot of pissed off people might create chaos, but they’re not going to change anything.

      • Yes. But how do you get institutional power, particularly given the position we are in? How do you ensure they are on our side?

        There are several ways.
        1. Do all you can to climb or if you are high up lay in waiting. In short, infiltration. When the time is right, pull a Vladimir Putin in terms of how he tricked the 90’s oligarchs and then turned on them.
        2. Start your own institution and make it very successful. (a business; run for local office …)
        3. Use the people who they are pushing to our side. If it is middle managers, then get them across the line to our side and they are already in positions of some influence. “Hey this diverse hiring initiative. Can you help me understand what you mean by diversity?” Then you force them to explain that diversity is sexism and racism. They record those conversations. A bunch of middle managers doing this, and now you have a confession and an opportunity on Tucker Carlson and/or for a class action lawsuit.

        I understand the anger. Trust me. We’ve all been humiliated and lost opporunity when refusing to be degraded. We are all disgusted by this insanity., and frankly brazenly evil project.

        But, we can’t be huffing and puffing like offended teenagers. We have to lead. We have to accept the situation and accept the gifts that they are going to be giving us. That means not rejecting golden opportunities to enlist numbers – especially numbers that are not starting on the outside or at the bottom. I’ll take 10, 100, 1000 middle managers coming to our side. You can go huff and puff in a corner but you won’t have a seat at the table in your life if that is your approach. I’ll take x number of middle managers who are grateful I helped them over the line and who I can influence because I have earned standing with them.

        This is the only path forward. Self sabotage is an option, but its consequences are unacceptable.

        • I certainly don’t oppose getting as many people as humanly possible on our side.
          “But, we can’t be huffing and puffing like offended teenagers”

          I could not agree more.

          IMHO, it has to start in schools. Both the university system and K-12 are factories of anti-White hatred and bigotry. Graduates are arriving to their first day on the job with 12 years of propaganda in their heads. Why should any of our sons be sitting in a college class called “Angry White Male Studies?” This is not just anti-White ravings. It’s an introduction to the massive literature backing up their hatred and bigotry against us. The people poisoning our children’s minds live fat off tax payer money. We are literally paying our enemy to poison the minds of our children.

          “You can go huff and puff in a corner but you won’t have a seat at the table in your life if that is your approach”

          I absolutely do not support waiting for something to break so we can jump in and take control. I don’t think it will happen and even if it did, we are not in a position to capitalize on it.

          I took the OP to mean having angry people protesting or something. Protesting rarely if ever works and it certainly won’t work against people who want to “eliminate” us from the planet. If that is not what you meant, my apologies.

          We face a very difficult to solve problem. When the left took over all of our institutions, it was because our fathers tolerated it and let them in. There was nobody guarding these institutions. Now our enemy polices these institutions for the slightest hint of dissent. If you disagree on the slightest detail and let it be known, they’ll label you a NAZI and block your entry or fire you if you already slipped in through the cracks.

          They have made calling a bearded man in a dress a man completely outside of the bounds of polite conversation.

          • Right on Tars. I agree. Opening the institutions to people openly hostile to them and their traditions has led us to a very bad position.

            I think your point that they live off of our money is the key. We pay for our own expulsion.

    • Polls are already showing that significant, substantial and sufficient white folks do believe there is a great replacement. It’s great to have collection of facts to draw upon to facilitate moving folks along.

      Languaging needs to move beyond list of facts

      “When do you think,
      it’s time,
      that white people work together?”

      Questions cause going inside the mind think about it, to try it on.

      There is an unquestioned presupposition, that there will be a getting together, the question is merely when.

      The answer has been provided, “it’s time.”

      • There was a poll in Canada and I think 37% believed it? Of course it was immediately blamed on the Conservative Party and they immediately disavowed “racist conspiracy theories”.

        But yes, I do think significant numbers believe it now too.

    • Because it’s starting to affect the upper classes personally. There are no more suburbs to run to. Nobody wants to raise their kids in a wealthy gentrified section of a war zone.

      The rich white folks go to downtown Toronto to enjoy some expensive Italian and Spanish dishes on the patio. Last time I walked past, there was a long snaking line of African males all the way down the sidewalk, waiting to enter a nightclub. Shootings are semi-frequent in the entertainment areas now. The wealthy white folks enjoying their meal on the patio looked quite… disconcerted. Of course I’m sure nobody said anything.

      Of course their children’s social lives have taken a hit too. Not just from COVID – but who would want to go out to the fancy club now that 99% of the clientele is smelly Indian dudes from Haryana and Amritsar? Same guys are making and delivering your pizzas – do you trust them? No more white flight since 3rd worlders are pouring in faster than they can build new suburbs. All suburbs are now 70% foreigners that hate you.

      Turns out that diversity wasn’t a strength for rich old money families after all.

      Just from some vibes that I’m getting – the upper middle class may be starting to notice diversity – even more than the lower classes.

      • If you live in nova – wouldn’t somewhere like purcellville or even Fauquier county be the next place to escape to?

  17. Alex Jones comes up with a conspiracy theory about Sandy Hook, which causes some parents to get their feelings hurt, and has to pay millions of dollars in damages after a humiliating show trial.

    People sermonizing about Alex Jones’s immorality also just happen to be the people who pushed the Weapons of Mass Destruction and Russiagate lies, which resulted in near a million dead, a waste in trillions of dollars, the final blow to Americans’ trust in their institutions, and an economic war that results in starvation for the developing world and a deep recession for the West, not to mention the potential for a hot nuclear war, and…nothing happens to them.

    My guess is seeing the inquisitors poke and prod Jones’s flesh is likely to do the same thing for him that the inquisitions did for Trump. Make people sympathize with him. There’s a new documentary out about Jones, “Alex’s War” that was the # 1 downloaded movie in America, above the new “Top Gun”, last time I checked.

    A “red wave” in November won’t do much (aside from a handful of Blake Masters’ types pissing off the pigs like McConnell feeding in the trough). Something like the zerg rush on the Sri Lankan prime minister’s residence would be something else entirely. Re: Blake Masters, I’m a bit skeptical as his Wikipedia entry doesn’t mention that he’s far-right or a conspiracy theorist, which should be the minimum bar for a candidate to hurdle in order to prove their integrity, or at least usefulness. I know you’re against it, but I want more Marjory Taylor Greens. It’s the next best thing to being able to lob a stink bomb in these rats’ faces. No, I don’t want to spend any time around her, but that’s exactly who I want spending time around our congress critters. The shock jocks Opie & Anthony used to send a guy with spastic bowels down to the Occupy protests just so that the protestors would have to tolerate the smell. We should find someone with IBS who doesn’t wear diapers (which excludes Biden) and send them to Washington.

    • Insane former pro basketball player Royce White is running against Ilhan Omar for Congress in Minnesota. White is now a anti-globalist Republican who has no chance of winning the general election. It would be hilarious if he could win though and the House Republican leadership had to deal with him on a daily basis.

    • AJ didn’t come up with that conspiracy theory, AFIK. He’s not that creatively gifted, nor frankly that sick in the head. I mean, the Sandy Hook conspiracy shit is vile and Jones was just as vile for pushing it, but Jones is a media guy, they slurp up what is already on the ground.

  18. My guess is that their backup plan — insofar as they have one; “anticipating consequences” not really being their thing — is to let Zelensky hang. If the Russians haven’t finished the job by late September, the GAE will finish it for them, at which point all the “news” goes all in on the “peace” negotiations. The GOP can be counted on to say all kinds of lunatic things about who “lost” Ukraine, which will then be the only things Republican candidates are asked about 24/7. And Normie will eat it up, because ‘Murrica. How could you “lose” Ukraine, you GOP lunatics? Why did you have to focus on things like abortion, when our brave allies needed so much more support and yadda yadda yadda.

    • “And Normie will eat it up, because ‘Murrica. How could you “lose” Ukraine, you GOP lunatics?”

      And nobody will have the presence of mind to point out that the Ukraine was never the Republicans’ to lose. Or if he does, the press will bury him.

    • Why would they ditch Zelensky? He seems to be doing a great job, the best that can be expected, from the GAE point of view. The GAE was originally only hoping for a protracted guerilla war, but now they’ve made it look like Russia is too weak to conquer a poor and corrupt country right on their doorstep. And as a bonus, probably over 100k of the most right-wing Ukranians have died or been maimed so far. By the time the war is over, Americans will be bored of it already and won’t care about the defeat, so there won’t be any embarrassment. It seems like a total victory for GAE, and all it cost them was one destroyed Russian province.

      • The primary benefit of the Ukraine, for me anyway, has been the exposure of the infiltrators salted throughout normie conservative websites like Free Republic. Well, they’re infiltrators or just really stupid. I visit there a couple of times a day since the SMO started and there seems that a sizable minority over there are either paid by the post or have no business on an ostensibly conservation website based on their ideology.

        Covid exposed many of them too but I hardly ever visited there until the Ukraine came up. One of the more common comebacks by the posters to the Ukraine supporters is something like: You don’t believe the election was fair yet you believe everything bad about Russia. A lot of it too, I’m sure is boomer hatred of everything Russian. They just can’t let go of the Cold War even after 30 years.

      • It’s not a victory for the GAE. Ukraine was a colony with MASSIVE deposits of coal and natural gas and great tracts of fertile farmland that are now no longer theirs to exploit. Its highly educated and capable population was paid subminimum wage bringing great profits to international corporations. The Ukrainian young who disliked the status quo enough to leave (~20%), mostly left to other parts of the GAE thereby acting to suppress wages in other parts of the empire. They successfully coopted the most nationalist men in Ukraine (who with more intelligent leadership might have resisted cooption into the GAE) to be their anti-Russian enforcers in the east, spending their blood protecting the property of internationalist oligarchs. Dead white Ukrainians are a consolation prize to the GAE. They would prefer productive living serfs.

        Ukraine went straight from communism to globohomo occupation. If the Russian Federation can successfully integrate the portion of former Ukraine that they are going to keep, and develop it up to current RF standards, the locals will see a huge increase in both their standard of living and quality of life. It would not surprise me in the slightest if in 10 years it exceeds many European countries given how hellbent the GAE seems on wrecking their own economies and destroying social order by replacing their own people with hostile aliens. Russian victory will be showing that their Russian-dominated federalism delivers better results than the GAE.

  19. “Maybe the regime remains on this glide path until it slams into reality in November.”

    My world has seen collateralized, 5 year, interest rates go from 1.66% in October 2021 to 4.77% last month. These are private companies that have to pay real money to service their debt. I don’t foresee anything but a HARD landing for the global economy.

    • Companies took on a lot of debt in 2020 and 2021 because of the low rates. Most have enough cash for a year or so. But if rates remain high in 18-24 months, it’s going to be trouble.

      This is why the return of inflation is so problematic for the Fed and the economy. The Fed can’t just go with easy money anymore because that will cause inflation, but the economy is addicted to easy money.

      Until the debt to GDP comes down or inflation disappears, we’ll be in this constant see saw between rates being too high for the debt or too low and inflation.

      • Its funny, even here you still have the people who claim the economy was doing fine until 2020. The economy has been in a depression since the .com boom. The only thing that has kept it “erect” is cheap money (1% interest rates after the .com bust, which lead to the housing bubble, which lead to 0% rates for about a decade and copious amounts of money printing). If the Fed keeps raising rates, something is going to explode and soon ( i hope they do keep raising, i’d like to see rates at 10 or even 15%). America is an addict for cheap debt and being the good upstanding and caring citizens we are, we should ask for a tough love intervention to wipe out all the toxic debt, and bring prices back to a sane level. Devils advocate says that this can’t happen because it would wipe out .gov, and i say exactly!

        • There’s no doubt that something broke in the global financial system/world economy in 2008-2009.

          GDP per capita in the US fell away from its very long-term trendline and shows no sign of getting back. GDP per capita in the UK is basically the same in constant dollars as 2007. Industrial production in the US is barely above its 2007 figure and probably will return to that level with a recession.

          The period from 2007 to today is the worst real GDP per capita growth in the our history. Worse than the Great Depression and the Long Depression of the 1873-1896. Yep, after a serious decline in GDP, the country recovered and was far better off in the Depression than what we’ve seen since 2007. (They were even better than us before WWII hit.)

          Everywhere you look – even China – it shows that the something fundamentally broke in the GFC.

          And, no, it’s not because of Boomer retiring. They were still working from 2008 to late 2010s. This is something else.

          There’s something wrong with the economy. It’s stagnant. The question is whether it’s even worse that we think. It was stagnant with zero percent interest rates and QE. Was debt the only thing keeping it going.

          What happens now that we can’t keep rates at zero and take on huge amounts of additional debt because of inflation?

          I don’t know, but we’re going to find out.

          • “Was debt the only thing keeping it going.”

            US .gov debt in 2007 was around 7 or 8 trillion

            US .gov debt after 2020 was above 30 trillion

            2008 was essentially a slight of hand. The Fed bought all the bad debt from its too big to fail friends at par, even though that debt was essentially worth pennies on the dollar. They kept rates at 0 for a decade so the too big to fail banks could repair their balance sheets. They parked money at the fed being paid .25 to .5 percent interest (which when you’re talking in the billions, still makes a pretty penny) while they paid depositors absolutely nothing! Many of us in 2008 said this wouldn’t work and would eventually lead to a larger crisis. Well we got it, started in the fall of 2019 and then got bailed out by covid 19. Isn’t it funny that a virus required even more printed money then the crisis we were told rivaled the great depression in 2008? Anybody remember Hank Paulson saying in 2008 if the banks weren’t bailed out you’d have tanks in the streets and martial law? 2020 kinda was martial law, couldn’t do anything without the states permission. Until we fix the money system, nothing will change or reform.

          • When the system you live in requires ever larger bailouts at even shorter intervals, what your economy is at that point is a ponzi scheme. Zero percent interest rates in a “capitalist” economy means you have no growth.

            In Austrian business cycle theory, in the normal course of an economic boom driven by the expansion of money and credit the structure of the economy becomes distorted in ways that eventually result in shortages of various commodities and types of labor, which then lead to increasing consumer price inflation. The rising prices and limited availability of necessary inputs and labor put pressure on businesses and causes a rash of failures of various investment projects and business bankruptcies. In ABCT this is known as the real resource crunch, which triggers the turning point in the economy from boom to bust.

            As this crisis point approaches, the central bank has a choice: either to accelerate the expansion of the money supply in order to try to help businesses pay for the increasing prices and wages they are faced with and delay the recession, or to refrain from doing so at the risk of allowing some businesses to fail, asset prices to fall, and disinflation (and possibly a recession or depression) to occur. The crack-up boom occurs when the central bank chooses and sticks with the first option.

            Economist Friedrich Hayek famously described this situation as like grabbing a “tiger by the tail.”3 Once the central bank decides to accelerate the process of credit expansion and inflation in order to head off any recession risk, then it continually faces the same choice of either accelerating the process further or facing an even greater risk of recession as distortions build in the real economy.

  20. An explanation on the Kansas abortion situation. The right to an abortion was determined by the state Supreme Court using even more tortured logic than the U.S. Supreme Court used for Roe v. Wade. They cited “All men are possessed of equal and inalienable natural rights, among which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” as proof the state Constitution protects the right to an abortion. The ballot question was worded very strangely and it is possible some voters thought voting no meant they were voting against abortion. The other reason this is a big deal to the baby killers is that Missouri has significantly restricted abortion access. They need easy access in Kansas to accommodate demand from the Kansas City metro area. According to the statistics from the Kansas Department of Health, roughly half the abortions performed in the state are for women who live outside of Kansas. 88% of those women are from Missouri.


    • “The ballot question was worded very strangely and it is possible some voters thought voting no meant they were voting against abortion.”
      Even when I was told in advance before reading it that the question was a kosher trick, that was still my interpretation of the question.

      Hopefully there’s an effective way to redress this.

    • I am also told that putting the measure on the primary ballot was a way to sandbag the pro-life people. Democrats have more wide ranging primaries in Kansas so they have greater turnout. Even so, Kansas has never been a bellwether. People forget that Sebelius was a fanatical baby killer. She was in favor of infanticide. As governor she broadened abortion to the logical limit.

      Kansas is not considered the peak of the cuck belt by accident.

      • What we have in Kansas is a state with a county, Johnson County, which is where Kansas City migrated to after the school desegregation lawsuits of the 1970s – lots of white liberal Democrats crossed the border because, while they were staunch advocates of the theory, they ended up hating the reality – thus re-segregating the schools. But they kept their white liberalism. So what we have is a very populous liberal county dictating the politics of a very conservative state – one county out of 104 running policy for the entire state – the classic urban-rural split. So while you’ll see lots of BLM signs in Mission Hills, “driving while black” – driving with Missouri tags – will get you pulled over there, and ticketed for anything they can think of – they prefer that “the help” ride the bus. Douglas County, the county next door, is a “bedroom county” for Johnson and to some extent Shawnee Counties, and it’s reliably “blue” as well, with an expanding rural population. Wyandotte County is largely black and Hispanic, with a smattering of rural whites, and is owned by rich Democrats. If you were to cut off Johnson, Wyandotte, and Douglas Counties, the rest of the state would be as red as West Virginia. In that way, it’s kind of like New York State – get rid of NYC and environs, and it’s a red state. The urban conurbation simply has more people than the rest of the state, it gets the money and power, and the rest of the state ends up sucking hind tit, while paying for the privilege. Urban areas get paved roads and medical services, rural areas go without, and that’s just the way it is.

    • I was wondering if the odious Kansas court was responsible for that. What about their state structure of government turned that state into a kritarchy? About the time state courts started to go off the rails a lot of them went to direct-elect of judges, but Kansas never did (and never had governors or legislatures just say “nope, not doing that”).

    • The Kansas abortion vote was so profoundly lopsided, and in the beating heartland of red state America, that it’s just about the biggest revelation of electoral fraud we have seen in this generation. Bigger than Biden 2020 by a long shot.

      We will have Soviet-tier electoral fraud by 2030. And it shouldn’t be a surprise that people who have no problem with baby killing also have no problem with stuffing a ballot box.

      Atrocities always kill democracy at some point. Atrocious people cannot vote fairly and refrain from cheating. The system wasn’t designed for them.

  21. The Kansas loss was, unsurprisingly, the result of a complete, total, catastrophic lack of leadership at every level in “conservatism” – complacency, laziness, cowardice, and foolishness. I know I’m not a Kansan, but I follow politics near-obsessively, and I had no idea this vote was even happening until the day it happened. None of the big conservative talkers had said a thing about it. I’ll bet no Kansas politician of any note had, either. And I’ll further bet that very large numbers of conservative Kansans woke up the day after not only shocked by the results, but by the fact that this measure had been on the ballot at all. They needed leadership to defeat this, and that leadership was entirely absent. It’s an outrage, but hardly an unexpected one.

    And now, of course, all the conservative talkers have been blackpilling for days over this loss, when they didn’t mention a word about it in the runup to the vote.

    Hey doofuses: The time to rally the troops is before the battle starts, not after you’ve already lost it.

    • And, of course, it must be said that a big reason why the GOP showed no leadership on this is that they don’t want to show any. At the national level, and many state levels, the GOP can’t wait to cuck on social issues so they can get back to the important business of passing corporate tax cuts and getting the nation involved in obscure foreign wars.

      • AntiDem: “the important business of passing corporate tax cuts and getting the nation involved in obscure foreign wars…”

        And the moast important bidness of all: Importing infinite illegal alien scab labor so as to drive the value of White Heritage American labor straight down to $0.00 per hour.

        All hail the almighty Chamber of Commerce.

        It is truly fascinating to observe how feudalism and slavery keep being re-invented over the course of the centuries.

    • One very populous county, Johnson County, which is where the liberal Democrats from Kansas City fled after the school desegregation in the 1970s, runs the state’s politics. At this point, they have more people – and votes – than the rest of a very rural and conservative state. It wasn’t for lack of effort – I was deluged with mailings and robocalls – it’s just that Johnson County has more people, and that’s the end of the story. They run the state and for their own benefit, and to hell with the rest of it – which is reflected in paved roads and the availability of (any) medical care. Out west of Manhattan, and once you get off I-70, you’re on gravel…

    • Fitting. Peter Steele was the last right-wing rock star. He mostly lives on in Bronze Age Pervert fans posting pics of his sweaty giant body, which is silly, but saying you like his bands, especially Carnivore, is a strong /ourguy/ shibboleth.

  22. The gop-e definitely tried to job the republican governor’s race of two “tough” girls battling it out. Arizona, at least in my lifetime, has almost always been a conservative bulwark, as has been Maricopa county. But no more with the migrating influx of damn Californians, among others. Now we get another “tough” girl choice in November – yay…. After the revolution, women must be prohibited from holding any political office, including the pta.

  23. “The general could turn out to be a red wave similar to 2010.”

    When they failed to capture the Senate due to terrible candidates?

    Trumps disastrous picks in Pennsylvania and Georgia may end up costing the GOP the senate.

    Perhaps some mixed results in the midterms may finally force the orange clown to go away for good.


    The Kansas abortion referendum was a needed dose of reality to the overconfidence created by the Dobbs decision. I have been cringing the past two month listening to exuberant conservatives thinking that they are now going to be able to ban things contraception and interracial marriages.

    • You should not let the regime media frame things for you. The 2010 was a historic blowout. The GOP picked up six senate seats and 63 House seats. They could have picked up more if not for party leaders cucking on some of their candidates. The current polling right now is far worse for the Democrats than at the same time in 2010. The GOP leaders have time to throw some elections, but it is going to be harder for them to do it this time.

    • Should Trump somehow “win” the 2024 election the GAE, to borrow a phrase, “the whole rotten structure would come crashing down.”

      The Orange Man could be good despite himself.

        • if he’s alive then. i wonder if someone threw ivanka down those stairs to send him a message?

        • Yes, I won’t believe another election result until Orange Man returns on his white horse. Or someone as ballsy as him.

          • Judging an election fair vs unfair depending on the outcome is illogical. It’s a rabbit hole we should not go down.

            What we know at this point, definitely in my State, is that the process at its core is corrupt. And further, that no meaningful change in the process has been voted in–albeit there are any number of sensible “fixes” proposed.

            Even in my County, the *new* elections director and the County Supervisors (all Dem’s) did away with precinct voting in favor of voting “centers” where anyone from anywhere in the County could cast their ballot and “blank” ballot forms were printed on demand.

            Well, last Tuesday was their third “test” and the result was the new centers had few to no special pens for filling out the ballots and several centers ran out of ballot paper for the printers, thus turning away voters. This does not include the various one offs–like people not being in the data base, or showing up without their mail in ballot. And of course, not checking on how accurate signature verification from ill trained staff is.

            Again the response is to “vote by mail”.

            My response is to simply not vote. It has been said, “you can’t win, you can’t break even, you can’t even quite the game”.

            We shall see.

      • to be honest, I am encouraged that interracial marriage is as uncommon as it is despite the 24/7/365 propaganda pushing it.

        • Women may be idiots… but the vast majority of men: Lefty, black, white , oriental, arab: want their kids to look like them. Mixing will do the exact opposite.

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