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The show is a bit slapdash this week since I have been burning the candle at both ends for the last two weeks. Work projects have had me pinned to the workstation from dawn to dusk and beyond. The last week I have been up at six and working well past midnight, so I am running on fumes. There are worse things than being busy, like having no work to do, but there are limits. I need a vacation.

At the start of the Covid panic I noticed an uptick in work requests. It made some sense as the lockdowns threw everything up in the air. We are long past that point in this area and in most areas. Even though lots of people are still working from home, which should be the new normal at this point. Despite a return to normalcy, my workload continues to rise suggesting other forces are at play.

One answer is the accelerating baby boomer retirement. Those old whites are being replaced by people who are differently abled. If you have seen the ads for the Google Career Certificate, you can see the problem. The moaning about the baby boomers always misses an essential point. There are lots of them doing essential work and when they are gone, there is not one to replace them.

Something else I notice is that the people who could be competent either have little interest or they are unprepared. Business has always struggled to find enough good people, but now it is acute. There are people who can do the work, but they do not want to do the work. It is one of the side effects of a transactional society. We cultivated a couple of generations to treat work like a Tinder date.

Whatever the reason, I find myself busier than at any time in my life, so something has to give and this week it is production quality. I literally turned the mic on, started talking, played it back and hit send. Usually, I have a few hours of prep, a couple of hours to record and couple hours to edit. Sadly, I noticed no difference in the audio quality which means I have been wasting time the last few years.

The topic this week is one I will return to when time permits. We really do need a dissident framework through which to interpret the news. The Trump raid is a good example of the need for new tools. We are being hit with a firehose full of government lies, media lies, Trump opportunism and grifter hot takes. The goal for dissident politics is to reach a point where none of this is effective.

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This Week’s Show


  • Multivariate Analysis
  • The Error of Causality
  • Contradictions and Paradoxes
  • Counterintuitive
  • Closing Music (Lyrics) (Audio)

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209 thoughts on “Thinking About Things

  1. Enjoyable podcast on mental errors, which is not an easy subject to extemporize on. Well done.

    I guess paradox means counterintuitive which means “gee that’s not what you’d think.” Pretty flower is poisonous.

    Paradoxical statements are meant to be ear-catching. Such as the common, “Football helmets actually make football less safe.” Makes for a flashy headline, but it’s hardly any serious kind of paradox.

    False paradox / Incorrect: No-helmet football is safer.

    True / Correct: No helmet football is not football.

    No-helmet football being safer, only holds conversation interest or meaning if the goal is safety. But the main goal of football is excitement and danger. Very few people want a rugby-like no helmet football.

    To the clever NPR “sports fan” who says to you, “You know, helmets ACTUALLY make football less safe.” You should respond: “What’s your point?” Or: “No shit.” Or: “You know what makes roller derby less safe? The SKATES!”

  2. Z at start. Paraphrasing: “These podcasts are harder than you think. Time consuming. I’m very busy with other things. I’m getting burnt out.” Unless because of paid subscriptions, he’s “contractually” obligated to do a weekly podcast, why doesn’t he just take it easier on himself and do a bi-weekly podcast? None of us want Z to feel overwhelmed or burnt out.

    • 100% This. If I were you Z, I would cut these to 2 / month or 1/month. You aren’t on anyone’s payroll here and I know you have a ‘day job’ so it seems absurd to push yourself to burn out.

  3. do you guys like my metaphor that the tribe is like the serial killer who nonetheless can compartmentalize and have a normal life with his wife and kids? I feel that during the 20th century, that’s what they were. Like they had a lot of good contributions in pop culture in the united states. The atrocities they were committing were in other parts of the world (see Europe 1914-1945).

    At some point either during the Clinton/Bush era, they stopped that compartmentalizing and started taking it out on the wife and kids (America). Think Blackrock, a lot of Biden’s cabinet or someone like the Michigan AG. It makes me wonder if there success in making good pop culture was a historical anomaly and without it – America would have become much more suspicious of them much quicker.

  4. The best way to understand Simpson (the statistician)’s paradox is by an example taken from the Simpsons (the cartoon TV show).
    Which by the way from my experience is the most frequent way it is actually taught these days.

    There are two medical practitioners in the series, “Dr.” Nick and Dr. Hilbert.
    Let’s say that during the control period, Dr. Hilbert has performed 90 open heart surgeries of which 70 successful (success rate 77%), and 10 band aid removals, all successful (100%).
    On the other hand, Dr. Nick has performed 10 open heart surgeries, 2 successful (20%), and 81 out of 90 successful band aid removals (90%).

    Who is the better doctor?
    If we were to just add up all operations performed by each doctor, and determine overall rates of success, Dr. Nick (83/100) has a better outcome than Dr. Hilbert (80/100).

    The paradox obviously stems from how we decide to aggregate the data in order to determine a performance index.
    To plainly add up the data on medical interventions – as if band aid removal equates to open heart surgery in order to assess who is the better doctor – is clearly misleading.
    In this case, successful open heart surgeries should carry a much bigger weight in determining the performance index. On the contrary, each successful band aid removal should account for a trifling in the final outcome.

    In short, in this case, as in the baseball one from the podcast, as in life more generally, the wisest data aggregation for determining outcome is the weighted average. One does not equal one.

  5. Far from being ” incoherent”, I think it was an excellent podcast. This is especially so if you had put in as much work hours at your normal job as you claim. Pat yourself on the back, this is an accomplishment as if a university student dropped acid, tripped his brains out, stayed awake all night and still aced an exam the next morning. Speaking purely hypothetically of course. 😁Specifically I have not heard a better analysis of why democracy doesn’t scale. Pity, but I doubt that we will be returning to wealthy white landowners being the only voters anytime soon. 😡

    • do you know what the time point is where zman talks about democracy not scaling? i listened to the entire podcast but i may have been distracted when that part came up 😛

  6. You can learn a lot about a person from how they responds to issues that aren’t in the current Republican pièce de résistance of wedge issues. It used to be immigration before the GOP cynically weaponized it, a little further back and some brave souls would stand up to civil rights. Now it’s Confederate symbols that are a window to the soul.

    The twerp in Florida is a nasty iconoclastic zealot of destroying all things Confederate. The ultrazionist snake particularly enjoys attacking “racists” by using the Confederacy as a proxy. DeSantis is a true conservative, anything identitarian for the wrong people will be given no quarter. And he is GOP party member to the bone.

    I was disappointed in Trump but if he could stop that horrible man from ushering in a Bush 2.0 regime it would be a great service and for the best.

    • You are living in an alternate reality if you think DeSantis would be more CivNat Republican than Trump. Trump is Boomer CivNat to the bone. The PLATINUM PLAN?! 500B for darkies because… yeah.

      You have 2 choices, a rock, and a hard place. There is no true ‘DR’ candidate and given how much the establishment is sh-tting itself over milquetoast Trump I doubt there ever will be either.

      • I do think so. DeSantis is a Conservative, Trump to his credit is not. He is more open minded. He’s not enamored by Conservatism’s incorrect dogmas on humanity and society. Trump gives GOP party apparatchiks headaches, DeSantis is the true company man, GOPPPPP. These are all good things for Trump’s case.

        You can’t bargain with Conservatives. They work for their own ends and they are very good at it. Look at the Germans, French, or English whose post war politics have been dominated by Conservative parties. A Sarko is worse than a Hollande, a Bush the original worse than a Clinton. I did not vote for Trump in 2020 ( I did not vote at all), but I would vote for him in a primary to stop someone like the Florida iconoclast.

  7. What I think we need is “our guys” support system. A hiring board, vetting board (that they really are “our guys” and are stable and worth hiring), list of “our guys” lawyers, “our guys” authors and creators, businesses, and the like. We are going to have to cut out the corporate and be supportive of “our guys” all the way.

    And we need to think about being concealed as to our true identity. Perhaps the stink of the crank, and the crackpot could work. “Bigfoot Research Societies” where people hang out talking about Bigfoot. Cranks and crackpots are universally repellent and avoided, like stinky plants, insects, and animals. No one wants to mess with a skunk because its no win. Nature has many lessons.

    • Rather than crankery, normal things. A hiking group, hobbies, church groups,

      Perhaps a new group as a whole. Restaurants etc have meeting rooms for groups who order some chow and chit chat. And/or…

      Just some folks who just happen to start attending an ongoing group and do a sub meeting before / after / to the side. This is attractive as it comes with a responsibility-free covert structured meeting place. One can invite a potential joinees to this neutral group and the subgroup can feel them out without leaking much info.


      • I am not even sure that one could do this with the level of electronic surveillance in place.

        Car number plate tracking, electronic transactions, internal CCTV in stores, public cameras, phones, doorbell cameras etc etc. You would just need one thread and then start tracing through contacts and nearness retrospectively in the stored data.

        This is not the same as earlier totalitarian states, where unless you directly observed it, the manpower needs were huge to do this.

        The past does not disappear in the panopticon, and is searchable for years after.

        • There’s a huge paradox here, though. While modern technology has empowered the current totalitarians to a degree Stalin never could have dreamed, these totalitarians also are functionally retarded. Whether the latter cancels out the former, we will be able to observe directly. Based on the Ukraine situation, and I realize that is a mere grift meant to generate profits, the stupidity seems to outweigh the tech. They may have a smarter set for domestic operations although recent history indicates otherwise.

          • Perhaps.

            The reason Ukraine is different it seems to me is that the globohomo does not control all sides of the equation for a change. So for once there is someone they can’t steamroll using the state force + courts + media + corporate power is not effective.

            They are trying to do it with massive sanctions, farcical controlled news 24/7, all the puppet EU govts, the UN. NGOs and threatening the rest of the world if they do not go along with it in the same way they do internally.

            The lesson is you need to be able to project real force to have a hope of standing up.

            Internally, the asymmetry of force is so huge the level of incompetence is irrelevant. Eventually, they will grind you under one way or another.

          • I would say one other thing in relation to my original comment. You don’t need lots of smart people to do contact tracing through integrated electronic records.

            You just need a few smart people to do the heavy lifting to solve the problem and then provide simple interfaces to enable the retards to use the system.

            They don’t need to understand graph theory to map a network of relationships, the software does that for them. They just get names etc out the other end to harass.

            Its more that the past is becoming a prison you can never escape, and someone else’s visibility becomes yours if you interact with them.

          • @trumpton:

            All good points. The totalitarians certainly think they have everything domestically in the bag, and they may. Asymmetry does cut both ways, though, so it probably will be decided by the prevalence of opposition and/or violence. This is such unchartered waters for us in the ruins of the West it is hard to be certain, although the valid observation about Islamism–“they only have to be successful once”–probably will not be noted aloud any longer although it remains true. What we have seen here so far are failed kamikaze missions. That may be the extent of the opposition, too. Globohomo, I imagine, also would be far more oppressive and violent in response to something like the Gdansk shipyards, too, than its communist predecessors. This will be particularly true as the United States’ power continues to diminish and recede.

            Even the most thuggish and brutish totalitarians of the past realized that once they consolidated power and vanquished their hardcore enemies, the next move was to coopt both harmless opponents and the neutral skeptics after some old school re-education. The current iterations, again, seem too stupid to follow the successful playbooks of the past. Long-term that could prove their undoing (although the Soviets held on 70 years to put that into perspective), but short-term it could be ugly.

            It is simultaneously terrifying and fascinating to watch play out. Globohomo has crossed the Rubicon now and no longer hides its totalitarian nature. Maybe it ends there, at least until collapse, which also is certain.

        • Increased data collection ability is both a blessing and a curse. Sure, it raises the possibility for surveillance. But downsides? Plenty. In the first place, all that data has to be stored somewhere. Absent a legal requirement it be archived, a lot of that data is of limited shelf life. Yes, store video can be accessed for crimes and sometimes is. But I doubt my local Wal*Mart has video images stored from 2018. And even if the collection is perfect, just what does it prove? For example, consider this contrived example: Layabout is a well-known dissident right activist and widely “published” on the internet. They know his real name and whereabouts. His phone and credit card records show he’s a regular patron at several local Mexican restaurants. Pattern searching software shows that several known illegal aliens and at least a few suspected Latino gang members and drug traffickers also eat at some of these places. Does this mean that Layabout needs to be monitored by DEA?

          Yes, government (and its stand-ins, corporate, etc.) have great powers. But omnipotence? Omniscience? Give me a break! If you like, think of it like this. Yes, our world approximates a panopticon. But those who allegedly watch over us are humans too, subject to all the same limitations. That includes limited attention span, illnesses, vacations, the hiring for “diversity” reasons of the incompetent, and a thousand other bedevilments. And AI? It’s just a tool, no better than those who create and feed it, and surely won’t magically make the trained monkeys who operate it to make more astute conclusions.

          • Why do you try and conflate the point with a straw man I did not state?

            It is not real time omniscience, which is currently impossible on a country wide scale (although quite doable for smaller numbers of individuals flagged for monitoring). Its being able to re-open the past months and years after the fact for an individual.

            It is about the storage of all this data enables anyone with the tools to look back over time with targeted intent at individual plus their contacts when they decide you need intimidating and so do your friends or contacts. The point of this is not to “prove” anything, as tyrannies do not bother with stuff like laws and probable cause. Its a country of state agencies, not a country of police.

            Your contact with bill at the pub, also coincides with your nearness with bill’s cash withdrawal 2 weeks earlier, and overlaps with bob and bill’s cars tagged at a meeting in a different place 6 months ago they are interested in. Walmart keeps their stuff 1 year, but as online storage expands why delete anything?

            Maybe have a look at the Abu Omar case where Italy traced 22 CIA agents and 2 Italian IAs in the kidnapping and rendition by reconstructing 17 burner phone movements that converged around the kidnapping and worked back from there covering electronic spending, hotel bookings, traffic camera data, motorway toll records, hire car records and how the information overlapped 4 months after the fact.

            Its just a data problem using a starting point.

  8. It was a good show today – describing in multiple ways how a particular outcome isn’t necessarily the result of some apparently obvious event or series of events, but potentially a random combination of all of them – that is further almost unknowable. Don’t tell that to the leftards though…

  9. There’s a shortage of good workers because they don’t exist.

    Ask anybody under 40 how his high school class ended up. To start, many of them are probably dead from overdoses, or junkies, depending on the socio-economic status.

    I know that in my personal experience very few White kids went into STEM, accounting, tech, or any field that pays well. Most of them “followed their passion” (encouraged by teachers and guidance counsellors) and ended up wasting 4 years on an arts degree. Many of them have very marginal “careers” now and are mostly miserable. Lots can still live at home so a low wage doesn’t mean they’re out on the street. Lots of them said they didn’t want the “traditional life path” with a 9-5 and 2 kids anyways.

    The White guys who did become tradesmen, engineers, and math guys are raking it in. Libs seethe when they see a young(ish) white guy doing well for himself. We exist, but it is a small percentage of people. The shortage is being covered by foreigners. The resumes coming in in Canada might be 5% white for technical positions.

    Obviously there is still a concerted push for open borders. But, part of it is that white people just didn’t want to work hard in university. And were taught bad values by parents and media. As leader i would immediately stop sending kids to useless career paths and stream kids to fields that are in demand and PAY.

    • B125. True, folks don’t want to work as hard—White or other. However, you are perhaps unintentionally leaving the impression that “everyone” need only work hard in university, as in matriculate and graduation in STEM, then they’ll rake it ($$$) in. This presumes a level of quality of the student population not in evidence.

      I don’t know how it is or was in Canada, only the USA. However, the cohorts being talked about are matriculating during an era where everyone is being encouraged to attend university or some sort of post secondary academic instruction.

      As pointed out before, we now have a generation coming on line where 50+% have some higher ed credentials (not just attendance—AA, BA, BS, MA, MS, PhD, EdD, etc) from post secondary academic institutions. Whereas, prior to WWII, the number I’ve read was 6%. That’s ridiculous—both before WWII and today.

      A college degree was never meant as a remediation of HS deficiencies, or for that matter an option for everyone, and as such, the level of study indeed assumed and required hard work. A rigorous STEM degree most likely requires an IQ of about 120. That’s what, 10% of the White population?

      In short, we are flooding the university system with folks not up to the task and therefore universities and colleges have created all sorts of faux/weak degree areas of study so that “no child is left behind”. Even in the hard degree areas, standards are lowering.

      It’s a cancer that affects all, even the best students, as they are less challenged, or allowed to bail out into one of the many worthless—but easier—degree areas offered by institutions who thrive by milking tuition $$$ from these people and their families.

      • Agree 100%. It’s a combination of several factors (not clear which are causes and which effects): the boom in government funding of higher education beginning (?) with the GI bill and expanding to free tuition in some States and of course, student loans. To a large degree (pun fortuitous 🙂 ) this turned universities into big businesses, responding to government subsidy. Couple this with “civil rights” which inevitably led to quotas, lax standards for minorities, etc. Since “a degree” was that holy grail to a better job (Yes, in the before time) the menu of available degrees grew exponentially. There are any number of silly ones. One of my favorites is a 4-year degree in golf course management. 😀

        This is, of course, progressive magical thinking (egalitarian) writ large: that a grind maintaining a 4.0 and obtaining a computer or engineering degree from MIT is of equal worth to an Australopithecus who managed a 2.0 and was awarded his BA in Physical Education or Black Studies. The former might go on to design advanced technology or write a brilliant program. The latter, in the pre-Civil Rights era, would have been lucky to be hired on as a janitor.

        • One of the curious category errors of progressivism is the failure to understand that one cannot expect vast improvements in human “material” just because science and engineering have produced such in the realm of inanimate objects.

          I have trouble seeing why this wasn’t obvious because when someone claims “We’re going to make a 3000% improvement in X” I start asking things like “have the materials that go into X been radically improved?”, “has the factory that makes X had a massive boost in quality control?”, “has the scientific understanding of X greatly improved?”. Since the answers to all those questions is clearly no when X is human beings it’s hard to see how people could make this error. Put it down to the “irrational optimism of modern times” perhaps.

          Part of the explanation might be that people simply aren’t thinking in these terms but more along the lines of analogies between government programs. So it becomes a matter of looking at, say the stunning success of the space program and extrapolating to the idea that spending billions on “education” will have similarly astounding results.

          Sadly all that resulted from these expenditures is permanent distortions in the way the culture understands education and distortions in the economy that may now be crippling and will require a “great reset” to fix. It’s not surprising that the ruling elite chose that phrase to describe the next phase of their loathsome agenda. Even they know the problems they created in the current system are insurmountable. It’s clever of them to suggest that the solution to the problems is to give them even more power and money as though they just arrived from outer space and haven’t been in charge for decades already.

    • Putting aside the labor metrics, I’ve never seen the usefulness yet of a comment containing the phrase “math guys.” It reminds me of football players in college who waxed philosophical and without irony on their current skillful preparation for finance jobs (read: sales) by writing 2,500 word papers about slavery and the Holocaust. Anyone who respects the process and output of U.S. diverse meritocratic higher ed even if well remunerated for that piety now is just one of the luckier idiots around.

    • “To start, many of them are probably dead from overdoses, or junkies, depending on the socio-economic status.”

      I’ve had several schoolmates OD on Fentanyl, and another who was in my Cub Scout den drank himself to death a few months ago.

    • The majority of STEM majors don’t get jobs in STEM fields. The failure rate of STEM degrees might exceed 50% too. And just because a job is a STEM job doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good job.

      And this is before the issue of vaishyas. They will dispossess you even if you have enough melanin or a vagina, even/especially a fake vagina.

      • One needs to look at each field separately. For example, one who majors in Math, does not usually get a “math” job, but the areas of employment where such advanced skills are in high demand are numerous. Employers know this and would love to get these folk and train them in specific applications of “math” as fits the company’s needs.

        Basically, STEM is short hand for a grouping of what are/were known to be rigorous courses on study. Students majoring in this general grouping have many choices in occupations as they have proven their worth intellectually. Black Studies majors, not so much. Employers recognize this and act accordingly.

    • It’s linked above. At first I thought German. Then maybe Gaelic. I guess I’ve never actually heard Swedish before. It’s nice.

      • “Questions for Father” indeed. Wonderful song, but very sad- dunno if YouTube understands Swedish, but if it did you’d be banned!

        I’m assuming the group is “Svenska Ungdom”; which is also the name of a political group in Finland that promotes the interests of the Swedish speaking minority.

        Z, do you know if there’s a connection?

        • Here’s the Google translation:
          Questions for Father
          Do you remember the time that I myself have never seen
          When the people were happy, when the people were one
          So tell me now, father, how do you feel today
          When you sit in the slag of what’s left?
          When you were growing up, tell me what it was like
          Was a girl something that was freely given to?
          Did you walk down the street and listen a little
          Without hearing a word you understood?
          Have you ever had to walk home alone?
          Since you were robbed and beaten by strange men?

          Tell me how could you let that happen?
          You close your eyes to what a blind man could see
          Does it feel good, dear father? Are you proud are you happy?
          And where will you stand in our battle of today?

          Most of you were as stupid as few
          But some of you were even worse
          They saw it as serious and not as play
          They loved to hate the people they betrayed
          Now they call the resistance hate, incitement and shock
          But outside, the gangs are now hunting in packs
          And they probably thank you and they laugh and smile
          To the stupidity and cowardice that distinguished you
          But you should have woken up, you should have understood
          You should have seen the seriousness, should have stopped

          Tell me how could you let that happen?
          You close your eyes to what a blind man could see
          Does it feel good, dear father? Are you proud are you happy?
          And where will you stand in our battle of today?

          Did you want to give birth to a whole generation
          Of multicultural and rootless couples?
          But a reality stood against your plans
          Where everything that was good became a stinking mess
          Now we are forced to shoulder the responsibility you have transferred
          Your society is rotting, we are building a new one
          And I ask you, father, if you have understood
          That your age group creation must now go away
          And I ask you: do you still have a conscience
          Are you doing your duty now as a husband and as a father?
          Now we are forced to shoulder the responsibility you have transferred
          Your society is rotting, we are building a new one
          Are you with us today? Is the thought starting to clear?
          Or are you turning your back on the children of the future?

          Tell me how could you let that happen?
          You close your eyes to what a blind man could see
          Does it feel good, dear father? Are you proud are you happy?
          And where will you stand in our battle of today?

          When we are now forced to shoulder the responsibility you fled
          Your society rots, we build a new one
          Are you with us today? Is the thought starting to clear?
          Or are you turning your back on the children of the future?

          Tell me how could you let that happen?
          You close your eyes to what a blind man could see
          Does it feel good, dear father? Are you proud are you happy?
          And where will you stand in our battle of today?

          • You guys should definitively have to listen to metal music, I hear swedish and norwegian and finnish and german and russian and ukrainian every day, I could name you literally almost a hundred thousand bands that are singing in swedish. Warrior style, also muses, the sky and the kin, life or machinations, ancient style or very modern. don’t listen randomly, listen and search by a country at a time, go the nationalist way! You’ll see that people don’t compose the same way from one country to another..

            Norwegians(skaldics) are authoritative and the most original, swedes(svenskas) they love to follow in groups, like a hockey game, basic and efficients, if you go to the finns (Suomis) they , in metal are either super clean and radio style and neat or very harsh and non conformist (free playing space cause that maybe, also isolation) they have a eastern influence, then russians, very fierce and brave, you can feel the intentions and they know how to defeat the enemy (one of the reason the media is keeping them separated culturally from us you see) the ukrainians, they are the most rich culturally in the white world, it’s crazy, the skandinavians and the russians (Rus) have all taken their influences on them from thousands of years and it shows. Cheers

          • Ah, yeah, that’s really true. Hadn’t thought about it much, but most of the heavy metal CDs I’ve bought in the last 25 years were done by Nordic or Slavic bands. I guess they’ve been keeping metal alive all this time.

    • That song really displeases me, it’s a whining dirge for soyboys.
      All his brilliant analyses set aside, I am surprised by the lack of virility in the Zman’s outro music choices.

  10. “Something else I notice is that the people who could be competent either have little interest or they are unprepared. Business has always struggled to find enough good people, but now it is acute. There are people who can do the work, but they do not want to do the work.”

    Interesting topic/observation today. I’ve mentioned this story before, but it seems appropriate once again. Close relative is in technical management, having come up through the ranks. His firm is large and multinational.

    One day, at a family get together, I was riding my “diminishing population IQ” hobby horse. Florida condo collapse recently in news. The drift was “will we be seeing more of these high level fiascos as the old guard dies off and the AA’s and zoomers take over” and “how do we maintain current necessary level of qualified staff”?

    His response was funny and pointed at the same time. In hiring engineers, he can find few if any qualified candidates—although they have the necessary degrees. In hiring and retention, he can’t match the salaries offered by even more desperate companies. Finally he hired the best two among the last year’s applicants hoping they’d step up to the plate. However, the result was that they simply don’t pull their weight. The new hires are worked around by the older employees who have deadlines to meet. These two noobies have been given nicknames by their fellow engineers, “can’t do” and “won’t do”—which is a fitting description of each one’s proclivities. So bad is the situation that in open conversation these nicknames are used instead of their given names, which is a problem all on its own of course. 🙁

      • I’ve not broached race, as the level of understanding/acceptance is not right at this time. I’ve said this before, “baby steps”.

        It is everything to break the ingrained understanding/acceptance of equality/equity such is our brain washing of his generation. Toss race in too suddenly and you lose your audience. I also suspect the engineering division he runs here is lily White. Certainly the European divisions overseas are White and we have discussed that because he is struck by and remarks upon other races and their culture. It makes for good conversation since I’ve been to Europe, but not Taiwan and China—but he seems to intuitively recognize they “ain’t White”. Baby steps.

  11. It needs to be said.

    Military organizations throughout history have used the boot camp model to create effective fighting units, and they do this because it works. They bring in a disparate gaggle of raw recruits of every size, shape, and other thing; and then mold them into tools of war using hardship, repetition, and firm messaging backed by harsh consequences for stepping out of line. This is a tried & true method of enforced behavioral change, and ultimately it helps keep you alive with the shit hits the fan in battle.

    If, or when, our society collapses, the likelihood is that Normie flails about and either dies off quickly or a few survive the gauntlet and ultimately become better men (survival of the fittest). This ratio can be improved if Normie is motivated to mimic the boot camp transformation prior to the onset of collapse. This is how you beat the problem of multi-variant system cancer.

    • The psychological conditioning in boot camp is meant to make the soldier obey orders unquestioningly.

      Just look at the Ukrainian army to see why that’s not doing the individual soldier much good. Their commander orders them to defend a position against Russian artillery that outranges them, then the commander takes off because he doesn’t want to get exploded. The soldiers that still have any brains left also run away at the first opportunity. The soldiers all chock full of honor and duty get to have an artillery shell violently expel all that honor and duty into a thin paste.

      • Yes to this. All true, particularly as it applies to Ukraine. And I am a relentless advocate of smarter, not harder. For this reason, I advise against brave young men joining ad hoc militias and going toe-to-toe with the jackboots just because follow-the-leader. My point above is that robustness has become extinct in suburbia and this must change if good men are to survive the initial maelstrom of collapse and be a force for change when the smoke clears. We need a way to get normie off the couch before its too late.

    • i think you are too optimistic regarding the usefulness of most soy males. they really are innately unfit for anything kinetic. the first thing i would do, is shoot the ones next to me and take their ammo and rations, then use their bodies like sandbags.

      • Your on a roll Karl.

        This could be one of the best/funniest/most practical posts ever.

      • You are on the right track, unfortunately. In any life and death situation, if one is not of the right mindset, he is a danger to the group. If he panics, it spreads like a plague among the men in the field. This has been known for ages.

        I learned this with women as well. No offense to the many stalwart women in this group, but I’ve never had a dangerous situation occur with a woman who has done anything of value to correct/ameliorate the situation.

        Screaming, shaking, or a catatonic freeze in fear is not a positive reaction to any situation requiring an immediate action drill. If I’m bleeding out, I don’t need a sobbing women crying over me. I need a damn tourniquet and someone to get down and dirty in the gore to grab arteries or at least call 911.

  12. IIRC, the IRS postings for open jobs (87K new hires) listed “a willingness to use force” as one of the requirements. And the feds bought a million rounds for the IRS.

    My guess is that wanting a dissident news framework is pretty much useless, that would have mattered in 1991. Now it is survival. Trump is obviously now going to be arrested, perp-walked (in his underwear), and then sent to Iran or someplace like the French King sending Joan to the English. Same motive. Probably send some SEALs too to scare them — active and retired both I think. The regime can’t and won’t back down.

    This will be followed by a large scale gulag enforced by the IRS. Who will at gunpoint seize your house, car, belongings, and put you in some work-camp run by Blackrock or something. “Free” labor with the incentive of work or you get beaten. That quite literally is the plan, and it is inevitable that is the plan, given the dynasties that have arisen in the Managerial Class. They are not national people, but trans (national).

    OT: “MAPS” i.e. “minor attracted persons” is being pushed (again) and you don’t want to be a pedophobe now do you? All part of gay gay gay now!

    • The IRS job requirement said not only “force” but “deadly force.” The talking point given to the normie right was something like, “What’s the problem? The IRS has always had investigators. You’d know that if you weren’t such a loser. You *wish* you could get audited.” Oddly, even Elon Musk reinforced that message.

      If my feed is representative, “Trump stole nuclear secrets for Russia” is forever unshakably lodged in the minds of all professional-class media consumers. (They still think Rittenhouse shot up a crowd of black kids.) A few have demanded to see Trump executed on TV. They almost always get what they want. Not this time.

      My bet: The story of Trump flipping out and trying to wrest control of his limo from the SS was planted so the story of Trump doing the same when he’s arrested—so unfortunately he had to be killed—would feel right. It won’t happen on TV. They’ll just lie.

      “MAP,” the terminology, started as a 4chan troll op. Cute. Gay politics being about pederasty is a return to tradition. They set that aside in the ’80s because demanding to give little boys AIDS was a bit much. It’s back now because there are no horrifying gay diseases in the news…

      • Giving aids to boys in the 80s was a major part of the agenda. Remember, when AIDS initially appeared on the scene and was traced back to gay men, they protested the bans on giving blood and even being screened for their sexual status before donating. This was before serologists could really detect it, and so many children (and unwitting adults) were given blood transfusions from HIV positive men. Rather than apologizing, the gay lobby (already nascent then) pointed at the children and heteros they had murdered and said, “See, not only gay people can get it. It’s not just a gay disease.”

        They’re running the same stale old con now with monkey pox. Some gay guy who likes to go to circuit parties and bareback with twenty men over a long weekend apparently also likes to abuse boys, and passed it to some children. Now we get to hear about how blaming gays for monkey pox is homophobic. Beginning to understand why it’s punishable by prison time and death in supposedly backwards societies?

        • Almost like stabbing your dong violently into the single dirtiest part of the human body with the highest concentration of bacteria mixed with blood is not such a great idea, who could have imagined?!

          The normalization of buttsecs is really a thing to behold and is the pinnacle of porno j00 propaganda. So much so that young libtard women are now embracing this trend fully because they are as dumb as a bag of hammers.

          When they go to actually do the deed they are horrified by the painful, sh-tty, smelly, bloody result. There are manifold posts of this type all over Reddit. “Bbbbut, bbbuuut, much j00 pornography showed it looking so sterile and pleasurable! What am I doing wrong?!”

          May God send an Ebola level virus that is only transmissible through buttsecs to cleanse the world of sodomites and the unsalvageable leftist women who embrace this degeneracy. Would go a long way towards solving 2 pressing problems at once.

          • saw an article where some poor misguided young woman ended up with a lifetime colostomy bag because she engaged in this practice. god damn, how difficult is it to not use parts of your body in a way they weren’t designed for??

        • No objections to your observation, but perhaps a ray of hope. IIRC, the “gayness” of AIDS was fought tooth and nail at the highest levels of government and media. With Monkey pox, I’ve heard from the start of the disease being 99% gay men and even the CDC prescribes precaution for the gay community wrt random unprotected sex with unknown partners.

          It’s a step in the right direction. Unless you refuse to believe your own eyes and train yourself to be an uncritical thinker, you can’t help but realize what a scourge and abomination male homosexuality is.

          • Ass fuckinl ain’t good ,but its the jewjab that’s makin them sick, their immune systems are slim to none. Dead men walking.

        • It’s worth noting that HIV/AIDS is what got Fauci established in his little fiefdom. This is well chronicled in the RFK Jr. book. Heck, even I recall some of the controversies (e.g. restrictions on research or lack of access to repurposed drugs) from back in the 1980s. Not because I’m gay, but because I lived near DC and even then it was locally controversial in the tail gunner community.

          • Your X-Files theory for today…

            Waay back, when AIDS first hit the news, I remember conversations with knowledgeable faculty speculating on a possibility that the AIDS virus might mutate to be airborne, like the common cold Of course, that event would most likely have ended most all human life by now, since the disease had a long, asymptomatic “gestation” period before your immune system collapsed and opportunistic infections took hold.

            However, we are now seeing evidence that SARS-CoV-2 variants may be affecting the immune system to the detriment of its normal effectiveness. There are even experimental treatment protocols involving HIV suppressant drugs showing some beneficial effect on these variants. Coincidence? Perhaps.

      • I remember being mentally and morally beaten with the Ryan White story for several years straight from the mid-80s to early 90s.

        As for Trump, it looks like the regime is trying to use the nuclear documents angle to try and run a Rosenberg treason smear on Trump.

        That would also provide cover for an arrest gone wrong or a show trial followed by a high-profile capital punishment.

        I can hear Biden reading the teleprompter now.

        “Folks, he was a traitor who gave nuclear secrets to the Russians. What do you expect?”

        • Don’t forget Pedro Zamora on MTV’s Real World: San Francisco. They practically added a halo to him in post-production. In the, ahem, real world, he was just another sodomite dying of AIDS because he engaged in rampant anal sex with other degenerates as a teenager.

      • “My bet: The story of Trump flipping out and trying to wrest control of his limo from the SS was planted so the story of Trump doing the same when he’s arrested—so unfortunately he had to be killed—would feel right. It won’t happen on TV. They’ll just lie.”

        Quite possible. But I will admit to surprise at the ferocious reaction to this latest march down the road to hardcore totalitarianism. Assuming calculations had not been made as to how many of theirs* theoretically could die if/when they do such a thing, they most certainly are running those numbers now. I’ve been highly dubious of a possible full-blown civil war, but suddenly that doesn’t seem nearly as improbable. The odds still remain greater of a long, twilight struggle followed by collapse, but both outcomes are on the table today; one outcome just remains more likely.**

        As an aside, no longer hiding the totalitarianism is an explicit admission the United States no longer is the pre-eminent world power. The furious last minute looting probably should have given us the heads up, but the issue is settled now. Imagine being a foreign nation watching this nuclear-armed shitshow going down for the count.

        *”Theirs” obviously does not include expendables such as blacks, Karens and Wokesters. I’m not even certain they give a damn how many federal agents and members of Congress are put at risk, either. Those are just the help, dear.

        **As horrible as it is, this is an amazing thing to observe in real time, if we are honest.

    • Not in the mood for blackpills this morning.

      We are going to win this — excuse me, *our* — thing, eventually.

      • If they thought they could get away with it now, they would, but they’re not.
        One hope might be that they think it’s in the bag, or in the bag enough, and make their move when they can still be stopped.
        (One other thing is, as I’ve mentioned before, is once they decide to break the vase rather than just crapping in it, there’s no going back, and for as much as they’ve done their best to “score” the break lines in it (“everybody versus YT”) that’s no guarantee that’s how it will look when it hits the floor.)

  13. The dissident framework should be the same as that used against the west.

    The early vectors of attack were education and media. These are the formation battlegounds as, unlike the trusting idiots of yesteryear, the current NPCs are not going to allow a reverse takeover of the institutions they now own.

    So. Homeschooling first and voucher education by the states, which if it is to work as a change must bypass public education completely and expand out to intentional dissident/ideological organized schooling much as religious schools do now. This is probably the most effective starvation mechanism in the long term.

    Second, an alternative media that also has mass appeal away from the vomit pushed everywhere now. There is some of that starting to appear in stuff like comedy and content platforms, but without also being promoted into the education movement its going to struggle to get traction in the deplatforming era.

    Businesses are a third area with a shorter payback where those not public can start intentionally selecting against university applicants and strangle out the seeding of these NPC people into authority positions.

  14. I’m not surprised you get a lot of pushback when you advocate for electing 100% Democrats to Congress. That’s because it’s such a stupid idea. Do you honestly believe this whole thing stops because people will suddenly realize the system is illegitimate? Look who’s in the White House. Most people know he was not legitimately elected, but that hasn’t stopped him from going pedal to the metal with the far left agenda, even beyond Obama‘s wildest dreams. The left doesn’t care if they have a legitimate right to power or not. The only thing that matters to them is power and their hatred of us.

    Are you willing to literally give up the Second Amendment just to prove a point that most people should already understand?

    • Since I started the show with a twenty minute bit on multivariate analysis, it is safe to assume that I do not think any one thing is the magic solution. In fact, the point is not the composition of Congress that matters here. For such a thing to happen would require a large majority of our people to conclude the system is hopelessly broken. That is what precipitates the revolution.

      • The first politician that really recognizes the system is hopeless to reform would not waste their time running for National office. That opportunity is gone to effect change.

        The smart thing would be to take 2 or more states fully (governor/legislative) and build a coalition with other states and start a real secession movement for a confederacy.

        • There’s also a lot that can be done short of, and in advance of, actual secession. Think of all those 84000 shiny new IRS agents stroking their 2″ dicks thinking about “using deadly force” during audits. Now think about a state making it clear to them that they won’t be getting help from local law enforcement or might even find the local cops waiting in ambush for them.

      • To be fair, them locking up Trump may get there faster. There were a few talking heads on MSNBC advocating executing Trump. If only. Imagine if they did that? We’d have tens of millions of our people at once realizing the system is illegitimate. As dissidents, we could ask for no greater gift.

    • Reality check.

      Normie is going to go the polls on Nov 8th and vote R because its the easiest thing he can do to persuade himself that he’s making a difference. And there will be a RINO wave that takes control of the House, and maybe also the Senate. Probability is over 90% unless Biden cancels the election.

      And that just means that there will be legislative deadlock for two years and faux Congressional hearings that accomplish nothing other than provide a vehicle for venting about high prices and escalating tyranny. The admonition to not vote harder will largely fall on deaf ears and is therefore just a feel good slogan. Just as absurd is the notion that things will change in DC and sanity will return on Nov 9th.

      The hard truth is that only a collapse can create the environment necessary to motivate real change. Until that happens, we’re just treading water.

      • Don’t worry: in 2024, after the R’s take the house, the senate and the executive, THEN things will happen.

        You know, just like the last time the R’s controlled the house, the senate and the executive. Obamacare was gutted, the Departments of Energy and Education were disbanded, large multinational corporations were reigned in. It was a glorious time.

      • No 1 can vote their way out of slavery, ZOG goes or we go. Once the fake money shits the bed…we’re gonna find out,

  15. Work is bullshit.

    As a Gen Xer, back in the 1980s when I entered the workforce, Boomers had locked up all the jobs that hadn’t been offshored or automated. You couldn’t get a decent job if you were willing to kill for it. Like a lot of others, I kept going to grad school because there wasn’t any real alternative.

    But the Boomers had locked up all the education jobs, too. I started working part-time at a community college in 1998 after a full-time guy retired. I stayed until 2015… they NEVER filled his position. Same story at another college fifty miles away. I spent my “career” working part-time jobs making $15-20k with no benefits.

    After they threw me out of my last $15k job for accidentally “misgendering” a transgender (how the hell was I supposed to know what she wasn’t a guy? A dick check in the classroom?) I said “Fuck it” and semi-retired.

    Despite the “shortage” of labor, though, the available jobs suck and don’t pay. I had a $14 an hour retail job full of corporate intrigue, political correctness, and corporate back-stabbing, my manager commuted an hour and 20 minutes each way to work 70+ hours a week, 12 hour shifts — on salary, no overtime. he got canned. I got canned. The entire staff of the store turned over in five months, including people who had been there for YEARS.

    Fuck the job market, I’d rather have my time. I have a pretty decent work ethic and have done a lot of shitty jobs including physical labor, but I am not going to kill myself or deal with bullshit for sub-subsistence wages to make somebody else rich.

    I’d rather check out of society and spend little to nothing than kill myself trying to keep up with inflation and pay stupendous taxes that are used to buy brown votes with.

    • I definitely get where you are coming from

      And it does sometimes beg the question as it pertains to the griller-conn boooomer cohort, but if you hate the Dems so much, why do you keep working and in turn feeding them your tax dollars? At some point, if you believe this fight is real, then quit the scene and watch them go belly up in DC. And if it must before it gets to that, let them come begging for us to come back to work. Get some concessions out of it, dammit. Quit being such tools.

      I know, easier said than done

    • Look, who says you have to work? If you can survive without being a parasite, then please do so and enjoy life. If on the other hand, you promote living off of social benefits, paid for by those working, then that’s another story.

      I am not brave enough to adjust my current life style, and it doesn’t matter much since I’m retired. But I still remember as a student living a reasonably fun life on minimum wage jobs and shared apartments. But I never remember a time of not working, just balancing life and work a bit better.

      • I perform work, but I do it for myself, not somebody else. I spent the last two days pulling an engine out of a 4×4 pickup truck, I am going to rebuild it rather than pay $60,000 plus $10,000 over MSRP for a new one. And in order to buy a $60-70k truck you need to earn $100k, you only get to spend $60 after the government takes FICA, income tax, state income tax and sales tax. I on the other hand will have a truck with a new engine for under $5k.

        We live in the “Mafia economy” — you have to be tight with the “right people” and tapped into a grift in order to get ahead.

        One of the biggest grifts is feminism, women have taken all the non-physical indoor jobs and kicked men out with “sexual harassment” claims and bullshit like that. I have yet to see an all-female framing or roofing crew or or an all-female muffler shop torching rusted-out exhausts and shocks off for a living all day, I can tell you that.

        • You remind me of my father, who when I was much younger once stated between jobs—“I’ll always have a job!” He was unfazed by economic downturns. He worked with his hands, was skilled, and a consummate professional at his craft.

          He was right, he always had a job and when he died had his own business with no one to report to or please other than his clients—who were never in short supply.

    • I feel for anyone who isn’t a shitlib that has to work these days. The bullshit one has to put up with even in mid-sized companies is intolerable. I couldn’t do it. That said, I have 4 well-raised, intelligent, White, millennial nephews who all have high paying jobs and are steadily climbing that greasy ladder. Being a lefty friendly competent normie who can role with the incessant “woke” battering ram is what it takes. Even the most egregious companies recognize that not all of their employees can be set decorations.

      On another topic, is it just me or does it seem like next to nothing is working right anymore? It seems like something tipped over. Like bankruptcy, the system breakdown is occurring gradually and with a few more nudges (schlong covid?) it will be all at once.

      • It was convenient at the time, easy, and indoors in winter. I didn’t plan on staying there long anyway, but the bullshit at even a corporate auto parts store was ridiculous.

    • jeebus, do you want some cheese with that whine? you are responsible for your shitty career, and no one else. you must be a ton of fun at family get togethers “I could have been someone, instead of a bum, which is what i am!!”.

      • Not a bum at all, always doing something. My strategy has always been to bank what my wife and I earn, and do EVERYTHING for myself. I have never hired a painter or a mechanic or a landscaper. I have saved hundreds of thousands over my life by not paying obscene money for vehicles or real estate. I don’t drink at bars, gamble, or go to football games. Totally financially solvent, zero debt, house paid for, no car payment. Rather competent at a number of things but have zero tolerance for bullshit or stupidity.

        Seems to me that the way to “get ahead” is not to be actually have a good work ethic, but to socially maneuver your way through corporate, academic, or government bullshit . Of course people who do that and get a steady paycheck seem to piss money away frivolously and then wonder why they’re broke.

    • I hear ya. While I’ve never held myself out as a hard worker 🙂 I did give it a couple decades’ try. Working, at least in government and corporate, basically sucks. Not everyone gets to retire in his early 40s, but I jumped at the chance as soon as it came.

      Food for thought: Even a moderate retirement income may well “pay” better than a quite higher salary. Why? Simple: because a worker pays far more in taxes than a retiree. If you have full health care (I get the Marketplace full subsidy) that is a 25 to 33% equivalent hike in your income. Including the above factors, my equivalent hourly wage would be something like $25-30/hour range.

  16. “We cultivated a couple of generations to treat work like a Tinder date.”

    Gotta disagree with ya on this one Zman. Large companies show no loyalty to employees these days. Say a guy starts at the entry level, which in most large corps is perhaps customer service. He or she busts their butt, takes more calls then everyone else, works weekends when asked, so on and so on. You watch as people who do less but are more “popular” get promoted, eventually you do get moved to a different job, and guess what you’re still working with those who were promoted before you and you’re still carrying their asses. After 3 or 4 years you get burnt out and your resentment is building, perhaps if i switch to another department things will be better. So you do and its exactly the same, manager pets get promoted and do nothing for the most part. Collapse is the solution, because performance will matter again

    • And a lot of those managers are boomers or Gen X. Not a knock on generations, its the system.

      • The Boomer generation is also the Countercultural generation. They have much for which to answer.

    • I do not disagree. Corporate culture is as much to blame as elite culture. In private business, as in privately owned companies, this is not how things are done. That is where this problem is acute. They want to reward people on merit, but the people coming in are conditioned to get ahead though other means or simply punch the clock.

      • If you know of any small biz that rewards a desire to learn and hard work pass it on to me 😉

        • “If you know of any small biz that rewards a desire to learn and hard work pass it on to me 😉”

          Trades. Electrician is the easiest to get into I think.
          If you’re above average, in 5 years you can work your own business

          • [Caution: Tasteless rayciss joke ahead!]

            It’s another day in the local multi-culti elementary class. Today Teacher is asking the children to share with the class what their daddies do for a living.

            Susie says: “My dad is a baker. He makes bread and cookies. B-A-K-E-R.”

            “Very good Susie. How about you, Tyrone?” says teacher.

            “My dad be electrician. He put in wiring, lights and shit. E-L-E-K. Naw….A-L-E-C….”

            “Never mind, Tyrone. We’ll try later. Vinnie, what does your father do?”

            “My dad is a bookie. B-O-O-K-I-E. And if he were here, he’d give you 5-to-1 odds that nigger can’t spell ‘electrician.'”

      • I think there is no disagreement there. The kids (meaning early 40s and younger now, so lol) treat their jobs like a tinder date: purely transactional, I gets mine or ill just ghost; pure zero sum grabblerism. Pretty true IMHO. I’m in the inbetween area of white collar and silk collar, and ppl will quit and just not show up on Monday, jump jobs every few months, ask for raises or ill quit every couple months, etc. Because we got it on the front side: 2-3 years exp required for entry level job nonsense, “preemptive” pay cuts when covid hit while the boss got a 7 figure bonus, etc. We got the short end back when we were on the bottom rung and underpaid and underworked and the boss’s excuse was “because i can, whatcha gonna do?” So now we return the favor bc that’s how the system works now.

        • Jobs ARE “purely transactional.” Work is about one thing: making money, not loyalty toward your employer or co-workers. If I’m not getting paid, I don’t just show up anyway.

          Capitalist employers treat employees as “purely transactional” when they close the factory or lay you off a week before Christmas, why shouldn’t you treat them the same way?

          If it was fun, they wouldn’t call it “work.”

    • This happened to me while I worked at what was Readers Digest a little over thirty years ago. for three years I came in early, stayed late occasionally, gave up countless Saturdays, worked every holiday except Christmas Day. Then for President’s Day of ’94 myself and some friends decided to head off to Killington, VT for some skiing.

      I asked my senior supervisor for the day off three weeks in advance and you would have thought I had asked him for a pound of flesh. “You’re one of my most reliable people, I already assumed you would be here working, who am I supposed to get to work that day?” I asked him if he had given anyone else the day off, to which he replied that he hadn’t. When I politely told him that for the last three years I had done more than my fair share of carrying the workload and that since he hadn’t given anyone else the day off I didn’t understand what the issue was, he got a bit huffy.

      I understood what the issue was it was the fact that he was going to actually have to act like a boss and make the other two schlubs I worked with do their jobs – something he wasn’t going to enjoy doing. He gave me the day off – albeit grudgingly – with the caveat that I “Had better not make this a habit.”

      When promotions came around eight months later, one of the schlubs moved on up ahead of me, despite the fact that he had been under investigation for stalking/sexually harassing a female employee. This was not retaliation for me asking for time off, instead I found out that he had deliberately torpedoed another employee that my bosses boss wanted gone. This was a wake up call and my father who spent thirty five years in the corporate world told me that this shit went on all the time. Two months later I took a job with a surveyor who specialized in large commercial properties and although I took a pay cut, the stress was virtually gone.

      Karma in action: The schlub who got the promotion at my old job was fired a year after my departure because they found a shit ton of shall we say outlandish porn on his computer. Sometimes the stories have a happy ending. But I agree with you, this experience showed me that the old adage about hard work is not always the case.

  17. Despite whatever flaws the boomers had, they did actually have a decent work ethic. GenX and the older Millennials (those born in early to mid 80’s) are generally good too. I’m having my doubts about those born after 1987 or so.

    • Part of it is growing up in a world that teaches you to be useless, because it thinks you’re useless. Why give it your energy?

      There is the entitlement mentality, which I’d hope is an immature expression of that sentiment. Hope lol.

      I’ve been hard on boomers, but post ‘20 I’m more sympathetic. There’s some narcissism baked into that cake, but they also really didn’t realize the depth of it. Starting to believe them. Most of the boomers I know are taking it hard these days.

      • “Tyranny of low expectations” is not only for the ghetto kids*. You have a point.

        But so does Steve, a few comments above yours. For a lot of folks, there is simply no reward to busting your ass just to make your boss’s boss look good.

        *There is also the social problem that some folks are, in fact, useless. In great measure, many chronic issues, not only in the workplace, is because we’ve told the useless that they had some value, and coerce the rest into playing along with the charade — or else.

    • When I started my business and entertained ideas of expansion, my general experience was that anyone born before ’72 was going to have a decent to excellent work ethic. Anyone born after ’82 wasn’t going to have a work ethic at all. Between ’72 and ’82 was a real crapshoot. People like to blame boomers for their kids being so terrible, but I think two big social shifts that boomers didn’t really control was the consolidation of family businesses and farms into giant corporate entities (effectively ending de facto teen apprenticeships) and a major shift in public education from practical performance to abstract analytics (eg. math is now taught relationally, shop class and home economics is no more).

      I’m a young guy, but most of my clientele are boomers. Lots of them have stories about growing up on a family farm or working in a parent’s shop over summer break. Most people my age think I’m a savant because I can do math in my head and correctly operate power tools without injuring myself, but the reality is that I was given a 1950’s education, and that has turned out to be much more practical and useful than a 90’s education, and that’s one of the biggest difference between generations.

      • i can do math in my head too :). before cash registers went digital, and told the cashier the correct change, i used to calculate the correct change; if the cashier gave me too much, i kept it; if too little, i mentioned the mistake. over the years the delta added up 😛

      • Could you elaborate on how/what you were taught? I’d be interested in seeing if there is anything I might have missed with my own kids.

        • I was basically taught just math, grammar and Latin for the first 5-6 years of education. Math required lots of basic memorization (flash card drills), grammar started with lots of memorization, particularly with spelling (and a special focus on homonyms), then moved to diagraming sentences. Latin didn’t really take for me, but that was mostly due to my parents not being able to afford literature written in Latin. However, it made taking French and Spanish easier in high school. Most of what I know about working with tools was self-taught from work manuals and repair manuals. Hope this helps.

    • I don’t know about the big cities or the big multinationals, and how they are still hiring, but at least the competent worker shortage will end the diversity hires. There will still be diversity hires, but at least the sheer need of competent workers will balance the anti-white hiring practices. At least I hope this is the case.

      • FWIW the company I work for has gotten leaner and whiter post covid. Can’t say it’s a policy, but we just made it through the lockdowns, and I imagine that has re-focused management on efficiency and competency.

        I’ve said I think things will work out as the pain moves up the socioeconomic ladder, and hopefully that’s proof of concept.

      • Or, never letting a crisis go to waste, it could be used to increase it and provide more racially exclusive training and education (e.g. poor whites and whites in general need not apply for government funded and corporate donation based job training). I’ve heard Coursera is already doing this. It will probably also be used as a bigger stick to pound the increase immigration drum.

        We will see how it plays out.

  18. A Dissident’s Guide to Deciphering the News

    Probably there is (or should be) a more comprehensive guide, but here are some old rules of thumb:

    1. Assume they are lying. Believe, or at least consider, the exact opposite. For example: “The vaccines are safe and effective.” They were none of those, not even “vaccine” by the accepted definition.

    2. What is the elephant in the room? What relevant aspects are NOT being discussed? Viz: if you’re reading coverage of events in Ukraine, you should be aware that at best you are getting one side’s view. More likely, much of it outright fabrication. Even if you have access to the opposing side, you would be skeptical of its reportage too.

    3. When they attack the messenger (ad hominem) rather than provide a logical counter-argument or refutation, it’s safe to assume that what they’re attacking is true and that they cannot deny it.

    • 4. Whatever a leftist accuses you of you can bet your life he’s doing. A good example would be : “Trumpitler is a tyrant” as Pedo Joe raids Trumps home with thirty+ guys carrying sub machine guns.

  19. Sadly, I noticed no difference in the audio quality which means I have been wasting time the last few years.
    —Sorry, I probably should have told you sooner then. When you relate stories about people who email you about that kind of thing I automatically think of some busy-body with less than nothing to do.

      • “I noticed no difference in audio quality either” Well that’s because you never got to hear the unedited stuff early on.
        I’m sure it was necessary in the earlier years and it’s not surprising that he’s got better after a few hundred under his belt. This might be one of the things he can be a bit less obsessive about.

        • Almost certainly the case. I do a lot of music mixing, and early on, post was a real hassle. There was so much to improve on, and as little as I understood at the time, the problems were obvious.

          But as I got better at recording, getting it right at the source, I found there was less and less to do afterwards. And, again, that’s with music. Spoken word is much more forgiving.

  20. I get what you’re saying Z and it is true as far as it goes – yeah, eating right and exercizing right and going to bed on time and the health stuff pays dividends and there are several factors in it.

    But folks can do all that and still come up with high blood pressure. My father in law carried no fat, worked out and ran on a treadmill into his 70s and still struggled with high blood pressure. It was genetic. If you have terminal cancer, no amount of lifestyle changes will change the outcome.

    If there were no deep state – we should be seeing SOME signs of a healthy republic. Trump would not be getting raided without GOOD cause – LOL… the Clintons, the Bush’s, Kerry’s, Biden’s – at lease SOME of them would be in jail. People as rotten, incompetent and stupid as those guys cannot survive outside Washington.

    Yet every time a decision is to be made, it’s the wrong one. More human trash floods in every day, more concessions are made to them, and making a living for legacy Americans gets harder, and harder, and harder. You yourself are getting run ragged. Ya know what you really need, Z?

    An audit from the IRS!!!!

    Some people refuse to believe they have cancer or that it is going to kill them. Some refuse to believe that smoking can cause cancer so they keep smoking. I dunno…. when I see the clowns, perverts, and morons that are our leaders staggering and capering about – and our mass media supports them en masse… there has to be a BIG machine there to support all that. There are literally millions of people addressing all the little eddies and currents and even big tsunamis of human behaviour and politics – to affect a consistent and repeatable result. 85 thousand minds will be added to the IRS alone. And – they will be strapped too. None of this is random, it is all by intent. We used to put that kind of human capital into winning gobal wars, understanding the atom or going to th moon. Today we mobilize it to attack the legacy American.

    I am a Christian that believes in God for much the same reason – I can see His work everywhere. I can feel His presence. Sometimes I think I can even see his hand at work. Just because I don’t understand His methods or intent doesn’t mean He doesn’t exist. As for the devil… the best trick he ever learned was to convince you that he doesn’t exist.

    Try and get some time off. The show actually isn’t nearly as bad as you say it is.

    • I have high blood pressure and the only thing that cures it is me playing tennis routinely for a few hours three or four times a week every week

      Basically I have to tire myself out like a dog, and it takes a lot because I have a puppy energy. I just have high energy. And I’m 55.

      When I stop playing my pressure goes through the roof

      It’s just the way I was made, because otherwise I do all the right things as far as diet.

      • Ah, high BP. Drug companies favorite sales gimmick. When I started to go to the doctor again, he said I was high average and to watch it. I had my discussion with him wrt treating the numbers, rather than the pathology. Then within a few months, the medical authorities *lowered* the BP threshold for high BP, and viola, 60+% of Americans had “high” BP.

        I’m not denying high BP is not a potential health issue, but really, when half the country is pronounced sick… I smell a Pharma rat in the kitchen.

        • If I was a school kid today I would have been drugged up to the max to calm me down.

          I don’t think they even have drugs for my level of spazziness. Maybe horse tranquilizer

      • I recently (age 60) started on BP med Although I’ve been very skeptical of the medical field since Covid hit, when my primary prescribed Paxlovid for me in June, that really opened my eyes to how “captured” the entire field has become. (I declined — wisely I think — to try an experimental drug that wasn’t even appropriat for my case.)

        As do many seniors, I am now prescribed meds for blood pressure but also cholesterol and a few other issues. I have on my “to do” list to review just how necessary as well as effective these may be. I’m not ready to totally abandon mainstream medicine, but you’re darn right that I regard it with renewed suspicion.

        I often sing the praises of my doctors because they usually prescribe generics. This is a money saver, but also the drugs have the benefit of having a history.

        Today, in my “anti Big Pharma” reading, I discovered a dirty little secret of newer drugs. Obviously, these are the big profit makers for Pharma and they heavily promote them while they can, before they go generic. Well, it turns out that the majority, in fact the VAST majority, of these new drugs, are only marginally more effective than what they replace. (And it’s even worse! Keep in mind, that these lackluster results are mostly going to come from Pharma paid studies which try to put the new product in the best possible light, that leave much to be desired, as compared to third-party or truly independent studies, which are uncommon.)

        “Miracle” drugs happen but are quite rare. Couple the “marginal improvement” truism with the fact these meds will cost a lot more and have sketchy track records, and I say generics are the “go to” choice.

        These are not trivial issues, either. Vioxx alone killed tens of thousands of patients, and “they” knew of the dangers for some time. I suspect the final toll from the mRNA “vaccines” will be many multiples of that (some say it already is), if an honest accounting is ever made.

        Obviously, there will be exceptions that dictate an on-patent product, like when a truly unique drug that is the best (or perhaps only) choice for a condition.

        • My response is to speak with your doctor and ask what the pathology is that you are trying to prevent, then look for indications of that pathology via diagnostic means. For example, abnormal hardening of the arteries is detectable via CAT scan and of course some hardening is “normal” as we age.

          Further, all such medications have studies behind them which compute their efficacy. So for example, you may have a 1 in a thousand chance of stroke without the medication, but a 1 in 2,000 chance with it. Big Pharma will only tout the relative risk reduction (50%) not the absolute risk reduction. Does taking this medication in that light make sense.

          I’d say ask you doctor these questions wrt odds ratios. If he has no immediate answers or understanding, then you have a “technician” not a “doctor” and all he is doing is reading off of the AMA’s “best practices” website. That’s not medicine as I would wish to take advantage of, and what we’ve seen recently has killed thousands in the Covid scamdemic.

          • Your points are well made. Since my medical care is basically at zero cost to me, I want to not rock the boat too much. I suspect my current MD is more of a technician, but still has not struck out save the Paxlovid Rx and I give her a walk on that one since it was (I believe) the only “approved” treatment.

            Your BP med example is a good one. I would in fact take the bet if the drug in question had zero adverse effects. Or more realistically, if it were a well-researched drug and its adverse effect profile were “very safe,”my own definition preferably. I don’t expect my MD to know these factors in detail, realistically they probably couldn’t keep up with all the data. But some of this is accessible to the interested layman (me). Some studies are available to read online, so I do some research. I need to do more.

    • “when I see the clowns, perverts, and morons that are our leaders staggering and capering about ”

      See my comment above, its not just in the top positions. The system promotes those that will kiss the ring and parrot what they want, not the capable. Easiest explanation for the situation we find ourselves in.

      • As redesigned from heritage America, the system also limits the influence of, pushes out, and even bars entry to those that deny its dogma.

        This is why planning a counter Long March through Western institutions is a waste of time.

        All of those institutions have been redesigned to prevent any such effort.

    • wasn’t Zman just using the healthy changes story as an example of a multi-variable problem? and not as direct advice? please correct me if i have this wrong…

      • This is correct. My health advice is limited to, “Life is short. Make the most of your time.”

        • How come Mr. Z man are you so resistant to the concept of a deep state? …When evidence of it is so overwhelming.
          We can quibble on the semantics of the exact definition but we know what deep state means.

          • “Deep State” gives the impression of someone or some cabal being in charge with some master plan when the evidence points to the opposite. They filter for like minded people who believe in the same themes, but a hive-mind still isn’t very deep.

          • 8 billion people + natural natural disasters is going to gum up any plans and the brightest minds. The Soros reflexivity observation is that the individual is not as predictable as the mass of people. The Soros investment is push self-reinforcing trends. ie – give BIPOC persons tacit legal immunity and criminalize or at least stigmatize the criticism and noticing of their actual anti-social behaviors while predicting future white extremism response.

            When it comes to rearchitecting the global economy to eat bugs and own nothing, it’s not a trivial matter. But, we don’t have any reason to doubt there is a meta-State and its members are repeating the same talking points and have told us what their terms of service are: bugs, no assets, living in Tesla Hoovervilles.

      • You are. He was. But the example of blood pressure, or high cholesterol, highlights another problem that has plagued modern medicine and other sciences as well: the distinction between correlation and causation. The fact is that high blood pressure or high cholesterol are not diseases themselves. No one dies from having these elevated clinical markers. But people who die often have them; and they can be lowered pharmacologically. But just as there are studies that relate morbidity and mortality to high blood pressure or high cholesterol; there are studies which show that treatment with drugs doesn’t necessarily cause measurable risk reduction, i.e. fewer strokes and heart attacks.
        So the meta message in life, both with respect to health or politics, is that singular solutions proposed as magic bullets are rarely as beneficial as general moderation guided by common sense.
        But that kind of folk wisdom doesn’t serve the interests of experts; so it gets disparaged.

        • Maus “The fact is that high blood pressure or high cholesterol are not diseases themselves.”

          Yeah My doc keeps noticing that my lipoprotiens are a little high. Well thats gonna happen when 60% of your calories come from fat, right?

        • About 8 years ago my cardiologist prescribed Atorvastatin for high cholesterol and Ramapril for HBP. He also emphasized diet and exercize. Since I’ve gotten on the cardiologist’s regime, all of my numbers have improved to the point my GP said I’ve got the BP of a 20-year-old and the heart of a 20-year-old. (I’m 55.) If I’d continued as before, I might well be dead by this point.

          Not all physicians are mindless drones of the Power Structure or in cahoots with Big Pharma. But, yes, some are.

        • Worse yet, that advice doesn’t serve the interests of someone who wants to sell you something.

        • [Playing Devil’s Advocate] You are correct of course, but consider it from the average doctor’s point of view. Of course for many chronic conditions, the optimal solutions would be moderation, eat right, exercise, avoid known harmful activities. And MDs often recommend those even if it’s mostly lip service. The truth is that relatively few patients will be motivated to avoid those problems or cease and desist once they’ve become established patterns. As such, the best the MD can do is manage the patient’s conditions that will inevitably develop.

      • Sure Karl, I was simply trying to do the same thing Z did – but in reverse.

        I have a better than middling understanding of stats as does our esteemed blog host. Lying with statistics is a piece of cake – our mass media does it all the time. The true believers accept it because – statistical science!!!! And gawd knows… they effing LOVE science!

        If Z were right, and the dissidents are only noticing the statistical outliers and anomalies… well, we would see all kinds of contradicting evidence to the contrary of Dissident ideology. But… instead we get games like ‘Guess The Race Of This Crime’. Or we get Waffle House Fight Club. We constantly see the hand of a certain tribe with big noses and funny hats that are as pure of the driven snow – with their hands in the cookie jar or pushing abominable moralities and narratives. ‘Every Single Time’ may not be statistically valid, but the exceptions to the rule ARE the exceptions. Put another way, it may not be EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. If it is 95.556% of the time… I think it is safe to say that we have a trend going on that needs to be looked at, and that ‘every single time’ is a valid default position to take when dealing with those people.

  21. As a retired boomer I’ve seen this play out in real life. My replacement was an early stage millennial that lasted one year. He was replaced by a mid-stage millennial that lasted all of 8 months.By the end of the second year 30% of the customers in my old territory were lost to competition. I was contacted by the company to see if I was interested in coming out of retirement to stop the bleeding. No way was I doing that!

    • Companies if they actually want to survive are going to have to start taking medieval type apprentices at 8-12 in order to bypass the intentional mind destruction performed in public education.

      Although by the time they are grown up there might not be a country left for them to operate in.

      • My MIC firm has recently begun something like this with summer interns.

        HR actively keeps in touch with good interns and they are given priority for further internships and hiring upon graduation.

        At the high school level they do outreach via volunteers that help teams of kids entering robotics competitions. I’m not sure how tightly they try to recruit at that level.

        I imagine similar things are happening across the MIC, if not the larger corporate world.

          • These days things are very tilted towards the DIE side.

            They seem to target a lot of young white women. The massive push to import as many Puerto Ricans as possible has abated in recent years.

    • anyone who is still working, but can afford not to, is throwing their lives away. just pouring precious time down the toilet…

      • Depends.

        Lots of people need the structure of going to a place of work and interacting with coworkers and customers; at least some of the time.

        Most retired people don’t know what to do with themselves after a few vacations, get fat, and die.

        • Yeah, that’s a problem. For many oldsters work *is* life. I had that fear leaving the university. What will I do? But as it turned out, there was not a single day I regretted being out of work, never bored. Hell, I thought I’d grow lazy and fat and sleep in all morning and vegetate.

          Never happened. Hell, I lost weight (am lighter than in HS) and in better shape. Get up with the sun, get to bed earlier. I guess “work” in the university is not much to live for. 😉

          • good for you compsci. i am still figuring out what i want to do with all the time i have now, but give thanks every morning that i don’t have to work anymore.

          • Karl, if you give thanks for not having to work anymore, then you have probably done the one thing that will definitely extend your remaining life.

            Soul sucking jobs, kill. I remember many a Sunday evening with a pain/upsetness from the pit of my stomach keeping me awake. Took awhile, but I finally realized it was that aspect of being back in the office Monday causing it. It just wasn’t fun anymore.

      • I don’t disagree with your sentiment. I retired at 55, believing I’d saved enough for a frugal bit satisfying post-work life. But I didn’t plan for the jump in inflation, where the CPI at greater than 9% p.a. still understates reality, particularly food and gasoline. While the world of work seems to have become even cloudier and less tolerable in the past few years, the dearth of competent workers is a silver lining if I should need to reenter the workforce and top off my savings as a counter-inflationary measure. But before I consider such an unwelcome fix, I’ll put more effort into slashing expenses.

      • karl: Also depends on how you determine “can afford not to.” My husband is working not only to pay off our new property and get us settled up there, but also to provide our sons with some sort of financial foundation. And for the time being at least, although fedgov takes an appalling chunk of his paycheck, his salary and bonuses the past few years represent his highest earning years and we are putting that money to use. Paying off debts, stocking tangible goods, setting up to live on our rural property comfortably and debt free. The end goal, of course, is to live without needing to be a wage slave.

        • You all and I are in same situation, taking the money and paying off everything to set up for the future. I have about 6-12 months left.

          And although sometimes I regretted becoming a parent at so young an age, now I am only 55 and have done my duty and kids are full grown. Youngest is 25 in December.

          I. AM. DONE. I have to see my tennis court and fruit tree plantings through to completion, but then it’s wide open and wife and I are going to party in Europe until the money runs out and/or we get booted from the continent.

          The idea of not sending Uncle Sam any more tax money is a huge bonus.

          • Falcone: Best of luck to you, but we have different plans. We were fortunate enough to travel fairly extensively when were younger. Nowadays we refuse to fly (covid restrictions, diversity, etc.). We wish Europe the best, but they have their own fight and our lives and deaths are/will be here. Our age and background preclude us being the vanguard of anything, but we hope to enjoy some time largely free of diversity and perhaps provide a safe haven, of sorts, for our children and a few dear friends.

        • sounds like a good plan. i genuinely hope he makes it to the finish line :).

          no man is promised tomorrow…

  22. “The goal for dissident politics is to reach a point where none of this is effective.”


    We something else even more important. We need a platform of goals and a method to achieve them. In other words we need to get our weight forward and come up with a set of tactics and strategies that are effective.

    • Everything is downstream of media control.

      So although Trump’s half assed grifter platform sort of identifies the key lever, its not going to be it.

      A non-co-opted media is going to be struggle to keep alive in the face of state oppression and myriad of attack vectors in a legal/financial sense and would probably need to be run from outside the country to survive.

      Maybe the Ruskies could do a Radio Free America from offshore with stories of people still eating and driving around in the eastern prosperity sphere , unlike the poor bastards behind the green curtain.

      • the smart move for trump would be to seek asylum in russia, and do what you say, broadcast the truth of AINO far and wide. of course he won’t and will end up epsteined instead.

      • trumpton: Such an easily imaginable scenario today, yet if you had proposed such a mere 25 years ago I would have said you were nuts. Keeping up with reality is a full-time job these days, where there is almost no room for true comedy or satire. Perhaps the radio show ought to be called the Diabolica Commedia.

    • I have long maintained that using a church as our vehicle is probably the best route to take.

      It’s tax deductible, there are built-in legal benefits and protections, but more importantly it takes something bigger than any of us to get people inspired and motivated, and a good weaving of scripture in with policy positions is a tough nut to crack for our opponents.

      And I also think, and I know this rubs people the wrong way, but a clear and enunciated position in opposition to a foreign tribe having a hold over our lives is integral. Plus they are an effective bogeyman.

      Once that taboo is gone, in saying anything bad about them, the floodgates open. I know it and everyone knows it. The mere honest question of “Why should a small religious sect have the power to tell me how to live?” Once that is out there in the open, it’s a whole new ballgame. I think it is really that simple. Takes just a little bit of guts and self confidence and honesty.

      • Do you honestly see that being feasible?

        Take CTH (very religious oriented). All the stories are variations on Garland, Elias and Kain use Rheinhold and rosenstein to entrap Trump and the FBI to persecute heritage Americans while goldfield and bronstein write fake stories about it.

        The comments are endless variations on “its just like the Nazis did to the jews”. No mention of the Bolshevik ethnics taking over Russia and killing and persecuting millions of Christian Russians, or the obvious parallels to that scenario they are actually living in.

        The lack of awareness is staggering and if someone points out the names all look similar, man are the comments knee jerk or what.

        • Yes I think it is feasible, especially if times get tough

          I have always believed that America is one great preacher away from fixing its ways. Just someone with a powerful enough personality to lead to a type of spiritual rebirth.

          But at this point, and again I dont want to ruffle feathers, but if times get tough, you have a big bagel sitting right here in front of everyone who can be turned into the bad guy, and if people are suffering, all niceties go out the window. It may impolite to say so, but it would take very little effort to rile up a lot of men by putting a picture of Harvey Weinstein in front of them and telling them to go sic like a pack of trained dogs. The anger and just the ill feeling of being bossed around by them is just boiling beneath the surface. And for better or worse, it will not take al that much to unleash it, and THEY know it — hence their now desperately trying to stifle and suppress it at every turn. We are rather fast approaching the same social conditions that brought the world the mustache man. And if they start a war with Russia, we are there. Probably faster than many of us would expect.

          We all talk a lot around here and try out ideas, but this is one thing I deeply and firmly believe, even if it puts me at odds with our brilliant host. But yes, we are not getting anywhere until we confront and enunciate a clear and reasoned opposition to the THEM. And I dont like making THEM the focus of my life, but I am stuck here, and they are obviously the biggest problem. So if my life and the life available to my progeny means anything, we have confront this issue. Like I have said before, they represent a turn circle in the road that at some point we have to pass through, be it speeding through in a convertible with metal music blaring doing nazi salutes, or taking the scenic route listening to yacht rock, or whatever route it takes, but at some point that turn circle must be passed through.

        • trumpton: Not to mention almost every church in America was quick to close down for ‘public safety’ during the scamdemic. And plenty of the nice White ladies in the pews were virulently advocating that all who would not conform to The Science be sent to camps.

          As you note, everyone still labels any police state action as notsees or Gestapo, rather than Bolsheviks or NKVD. Yet another iteration of who/whom, and the average conservatard or patriotard or militia right still considers noticing a sin. “They shall not divide us” is the cry of the soon-to-be dead civnat.

          • Its amazing in some ways that the conditioning will lead them to the defense of the same people stamping on their face/

            They are the christian Russians and the same bolshevik playbook is happening now, bordering on exterminating them and still they can’t see it.

            The power of the media must be smashed.

        • Yes, that is a very big problem with CTH. I do get food information there, but the unaddressed elephant in the room is discouraging. 3g4me reported being banned after raising the problems with the “diversity”, and that ain’t good at all. When any discussion of the Tribe and the “diversity” is off the table a priori, well, good luck with sussing out why your analysis seems to consistently come up short. It is actually okay to be white, idiots, particularly if you want to see what has gone drastically wrong with your beloved Republic. After all who was the Posterity upon whom the benefits spoken of were to be bequeathed?

      • A good idea, Falcone. For some of us who otherwise unlikely to ever darken the doorstep of a ch- ch- chu-, the building with the the funny plus sign on its roof 😀 some of those benefits are also available to non-religious organizations (e.g. tax exemption). Obviously it couldn’t claim religious exemptions, but freedom from even some regulation is nothing to be sneezed at. Secular (DR) activity at a church: nothing would forbid guests for discussion groups or other non-worship activity*, if the faithful can bring themselves to allow that some of the Godless sinners may, in fact, have values that are highly in alignment with theirs.

        *Granted, a church affiliated hunting and fishing club is a long shot, but I see no legal impediment. More realistically, perhaps discussions of political and other topics (being careful to avoid actual politicking which is restricted.)

        • Ben, I get it.

          But you are already motivated and smart enough to see the church as simply a vehicle. Motivating and inspiring others who may not be so inclined, that’s who we need, the foot soldiers if you will. Just a solid mass of Christians who have God at their back, they become a force to be reckoned with. But it has to be spiritual, because this is in fact a spiritual battle. You already have that spirit. We need to get it into others via sermons, teachings, brotherhood and fellowship.

      • It’s one arrow in a quiver, but the tax-free status is not going to last very long. There are many in the hive who are openly calling for the removal of the tax exempt status of churches to be removed, should they fail to do things such as teach sodomy to toddlers and allow Ace & Gary to get married in Saint Pats.
        That asshole George Takei said two years ago (regarding the teachings in Christian Schools) “These people should no longer be allowed to hide their bigotry behind their so-called religious doctrine.” Give it another five years and the tax-exemption status will be gone.

        • Actually, were I in power, I would take away their tax exempt status. “But wait, there’s more!” I would take away EVERYBODY’s tax exempt status, as well as exemption from the laws that apply to other organizations. For example, the local synagogue should have no exemption from civil rights laws that at present allow them to deny a job to an otherwise qualified man just because he’s an avowed Anti-Semite. My point is simply that in a sane world there would be freedom of religion which (to me) is an instance of freedom of association and thus no one would have any right to question the judgment of an employer deciding who he wishes to hire.

          But the problem is we DON’T live in a sane world, at least in my opinion, that is the case when different rules are allowed for the local synagogue and the local grocery store down the block.

          To be sure, there were “reasonable” (I’d say “specious” is more accurate) justifications for allowing such exemptions in the first place, like any preference, they are prone to abuse and exploitation. In theory, our nation was supposed to be one of equal protection under the laws. In practice, it is anything but.

  23. Here’s my favorite paradox:

    “There are threee thingss wrong with this sentence.”

    What are the three things wrong with this sentence? Well, the word “three” is misspelled, as is the word “things.” That’s two things wrong with the sentence. What’s the third thing? The third thing wrong with the sentence is the sentence itself. The statement “There are three things wrong with this sentence,” is wrong, because there are only two mistakes in the sentence. And yet the misstated assertion, by being the third thing wrong with the sentence, nullifies its own wrongness. Since the statement, “There are three things wrong with this sentence,” is proven true by the wrongness of the statement itself, there are only two things wrong with the sentence.

    Which leads us in an ouroboros of contradictions which the mind can’t logically resolve. There was some sci-fi story years ago about a programming paradox that was being circulated through a computer network, whose contradictions were so rich, that everyone who read the contradictory bit of code sort of froze up, going catatonic as they tried to contemplate its mysteries and unravel them.

    I guess there’s a lesson in there, that you can’t become too solipsistic. Arguing about whether or not it’s an intentional deep state might be fun and fruitful as a short term exercise, but we have to stop these people, not understand them. Deconstruction for personal amusement is a mug’s game, or rather a Moldbug’s game. Steve Sailer’s so obsessed with data that you could probably permanently paralyze him by constantly throwing bundles of pickup sticks at his feet and asking him to count them.

    • I don’t know.

      Because “threee” is not actually the word “three”

      We are just assuming it is because it looks and sounds like it, in a sense an optical illusion, but the word “threee” could also be a homonym with a different meaning than 3. There and their.

      So “threee” has to be defined. It could be another way of saying “some”

      Or am I missing the point lol

    • joeyjünger: I am copying and sharing your last paragraph. Thanks for that brilliant mental picture.

  24. Baby Boomer’s leaving the workforce is going to effect a lot of companies and not in a good way. Just this week I have dealt with a company that used to have top notch customer service, I was promised a essential item to be sent overnight and I was given the ticket number on Monday with delivery due Tuesday instead I am due to get the item today after hassling with them and no one who seemed to know the status of my ticket.
    This never used to happen with this company but this sort of thing is happening all over the place now.

    • It is the revenge of the boomer. I would love to work… but I flat out refuse to be treated like crap by 20-something girls or worse – the pakies, chinks, and niggers. I’ll have to do their work for them and take the heat when they screw the pooch.

      Being semi retired means I don’t have to use terms like “differently abled”.

      If I didn’t have to put up with shite like that, I’d be as hard at it as our esteemed blog host…

    • thank Juan, Shaniqua, and the one remaining quality worker who retires next week. To be replaced by a Karen wannabe.

    • It’s good in the sense that it means less tax money to Washington

      Love them or hate them, or indifferent, but boomers and their work ethic and sheer numbers are what fed the beast to its current state. And they keep working. I get it though, they want to be comfortable in retirement and have some extra spending money, and sitting around with nothing to do is very hard for some guys.

      But it’s also white normie-con boomers who are the biggest cohort in opposition to the Dems — yet they keep generating tax revenue which is the tool used against them.

      At one level, a generation of slackers is probably good for society because it will starve the beast. Of course there are negatives to that. But am I wrong on this?

      I think Boomers just saying NO to generating tax money could be very good for our cause. A tax strike or call in sick for a few weeks on their part would do us all wonders.

      And I am not trying to pick a fight with the boomers. It’s going to be another 100 degree day out here and I don’t want to sit in my office all day (AC is down) responding to and qualifying my positions to get to the finer points of what I am trying to convey, but just speaking in a general sense.

    • G Lordon Giddy: Called USAA the other day and literally got a Laquisha on the phone (after having to listen to the nice White pre-recorded voice message repeating all the available options in Spanish). Went to the bank to get docs notarized and dealt with a moderately capable actual African whose notarized signature was a single squiggle. There is no such thing as a simple task or errand anymore; everything is burdened by diversity and its inherent conflict and incompetence.

      • Yep, I can confirm—had to get my drivers license renewed two days ago. Got a letter in the mail saying, “renew license online”, “quick and easy” the letter said. I was intrigued. How do they know it’s me? How do they obtain a current photo? Inquiring minds want to know about this latest innovation in government “service”. I attempted to log in.

        Well after about an hour trying to create an account and having my picture from computer scanned for verification, rejected, then put into “suspension” for 30 minutes (security, don’t you know) I was told I needed to visit the driver’s license department anyway. No reason was given, *but* I could schedule an appointment for speedy service. So after selecting multiple dates (they make you pick a date, *then* tell you “too bad, not available”), I got a 10 a.m. appointment several days out.

        Arrived at 9:45, but there was a line out the front door waiting for the one receptionist to triage the crowd. The receptionist asked everyone—one by one—whether or not they had an “appointment”. If not, they were told to go stand in “line A”, if you had an appointment, you were told to go stand in “line B”.

        Line A had a few more folk than line B, but both lines snaked around the room like a Disney ride. The license folk were stationed in booths at the front of the room like bank tellers, each in turn calling “next”, leaving each line (A or B) to figure out who was “next”. Hilarity ensued.

        Less than half the booths in front were manned, but the employees in the front booths seemed to take breaks anyway as they disappeared with great regularity and returned only much later.

        Folks in Line B (my line) began talking about their appointments and soon discovered such was a cruel joke as the clock started approaching 10:30. To add insult to injury, I was in front of folk who had scheduled even earlier appointments, like 9:30. One women looked decidedly ill, so I stepped aside and let her cut in front of me.

        When my “turn” at bat came up, I was asked to confirm all the info once again that I had entered into the computer and at last was given the perfunctory eye exam. Not having my glasses, I guessed at the last line of the chart and mumbled the letters as quick as I could to the window drone. This ploy often worked in the past. She did me a solid however, by saying she couldn’t understand why my license had an eye glasses restriction and was taking it off. BTW, I use my glasses to watch my big screen TV 10 feet in front of me. Such is the physical penalty for a life spent in academia. 😉

        • man, my part of Florida is so not like that. i won’t day dealing with the DMV here was fun, but it was pleasant and efficient. the online part is messed up that way though…

  25. Putting all previous podcasts aside, this podcast was informative, multifaceted, and very interesting. Not missing the news roundup. Thanks Z

    • So true, it was a nice break from the news.
      And the closing song is so beautiful. If I wasn’t added to a list for canceling netflix years ago, I’m definitely on one now for searching those powerful lyrics.
      Amazing song, thanks.

  26. IMO De Santis has screwed the pooch on this Trump raid. Hiding in the reeds with the rest of the GOP. another do-nothing-when-it-counts politician. not that i was planning to vote for him (or anyone else)…

    • To his credit, Anglin has been vociferous in warning people about DeSantis.

      Anglin has excellent instincts.

    • Yeah, based on his performance the last few months, I’d have thought he’d have been front and center with a fed government denouncing news conference. Same old, same old…

    • So you think he was in on it?

      Most of my Florida people are telling me I’m crazy to even suggest it

      • i think he is playing it safe, and letting the feds take trump out for him. the raid was in his state for crying out loud, he should have made a strong statement right away, just on general principles. if he had played it smart, he could have parlayed it into some unstoppable momentum. but he didn’t. like i said, i wasn’t going to vote for him before, and still won’t, so no change in status quo.

      • No, since nobody trusts anyone else, so there isn’t much of a chance of cooperation even if Florida Man was open to playing ball with the Feeb.

        What might be happening is Florida Man might be waiting quietly for the results of the midterms before making his next move. Whichever faction of the Regime comes out on top makes a difference on the options open to him. Note that if the Vichy Right gains “control” of the “Congress” it does not mean that Florida Man has allies there-it comes down to which personalities, factions, and affinities have formal power and how those personal hatreds relate to any strategy Florida Man has vis a vis The Regime, The Party, The Bad Orange Man, and The Apparat.

    • He’s dealing with armed feds, not Disney groomers. I prefer Desantis takes his time to come up with a measured response, instead of running his mouth and ultimately doing nothing like Trump. Time will tell.

      • That’s a good point

        I’m not there in Florida, but is he coming off as scared? Or more precisely, coming off as rattled?

        That’s what it appears to me from afar, or at least possibly so, but I don’t want to hijack the board on this topic.

        • “I’m not there in Florida, but is he coming off as scared? Or more precisely, coming off as rattled?”

          I’m not there so I don’t know, either, but DeSantis SHOULD be afraid. While the immediate target of this totalitarian shitshow, which surprisingly has not gone down well with the public, is Trump, it also is a message to DeSantis and whoever that all power rests in the National Security State, deal with it.

          The only outright secession the National Security State would not use force to put down would have been in California and so forth if Trump had been re-elected, hence the steal. Presumably DeSantis and his footsoldiers know this. The Senate and House cucks have known who rules the roost a long time, too, hence their cuckery. The United States is in fact unraveling in a de facto way, so enjoy the ride.

      • And that is the rub.

        Trump is all theater as he never had any force to back up his bluster, so its just usual media play out and he is treated as such.

        However, when the pressure gets to real state vs fed force who is really going to push back if it means actual confrontation?

        This is especially true as the borg does not have a reverse gear (as Russia and China will attest) and just keep pressing the boot down harder even if you are pushing up with a bayonet.

        They just expect you will give in before they do (as they never really lose at this). Take Ukraine, they are losing so in response they start shelling a large nuclear reactor.

        They would rather a nuclear wasteland than even compromise a little bit.

        So TLDR, DeSantis (or whoever) better be prepared to go to the pain if he so much as raises the gaze of his state force against the feds.

      • I could see it both ways, but yeah if his management of the situation went sideways then he’d either be looking at being sent to the gulag, or dragging Florida into secession (which, he probably doesn’t have quite enough of the “friends” of that sort yet that would be required)..

      • Isn’t there a lot of federal funding DC could mess with if DeSantis actively opposed them?

        Maybe he wants to get that figured out and how he can minimize any impacts before making moves.

        Getting federal funding rug-pulled and potentially reducing the quality of life in Florida seems like a good way to lose support in the gubernatorial race.

        • Florida is one of the few states that could make a go of it alone easily without the Feds. Between near-year round growing, oil rights (disallowed now), tourism, trade ports, etc. they could generate the revenue they needed without the Federal handcuffs.

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