Affirmative Musings

The upcoming midterm elections are sucking most of the oxygen out of the newsroom and what is left is consumed by the usual drama, but the big story looming on the horizon is the Supreme Court race cases. The court has been hearing oral arguments on two related cases. One involves Harvard’s anti-Asian admission policy and the other involves North Carolina’s antiwhite admission policies. Both schools are fighting to maintain their race based admissions system.

The makeup of the court and prior statements by current justices on the matter strongly suggest these polices are in trouble. In fact, it has been clear that the court has been skeptical of affirmative action for a long time, but the thinking was that legislatures would eventually solve the problem on their own. There is no way to square these policies with equality before the law, if the law says you cannot discriminate based on race, even in private matters.

People who follow the court have thought for a long time that the Supreme Court has been waiting for the right case to junk the whole regime. Now it has two cases and oral arguments suggest the court is looking to do something dramatic. Even the regime toadies on the bench expressed skepticism. The lawyers defending these policies are struggling to justify them. In this corrupt age, one can never be sure of anything, but it does look like affirmative action is doomed.

Most people assume that the court in this area has been struggling to balance equality before the law with the moral claims about race. These policies were based in good intensions to right past wrongs, but they slammed into the basic principle of equality before the law. Punishing someone alive today for things someone long dead may or may not have done is patently immoral. It is a blood libel. It is the central contradiction of what the progressives call restorative justice.

There is some truth to this but the real issue the court will eventually face with regards to this issue is the private versus the public. Where is the line between what a citizen can do as a private citizen and the duties of every citizen. In other words, where does private action end and public duty begin? Put another way, where does one’s public duty give way to private preference? This is an age old question that every human society must solve in some way.

In the case of racial discrimination, no one thinks you should be required to date outside of your race or have friends from other races. On the other hand, it is considered immoral for a restaurant to deny service on the basis of race. If you put up a sign that reads, “No Asians”, you will go to jail. Why is the first example entirely acceptable but the last is not acceptable? Why must you invite people you do not like into your business, but you can bar them from your home?

The answer, in part, has always been that the business is a public accommodation, but that was simply a way to avoid the issue. This bit of civic theology is not applied to most other areas of business. The tech companies and banks actively discriminate against white people and promote antiwhite bigots. The two universities defending their race based admissions proudly discriminate against whites and Asians in the most public of public accommodations in America.

Clearly, the public accommodation principal is a farce. This is why the court decision next spring to junk affirmative action is just the beginning. The court will probably say that the state cannot discriminate based on race. Harvard is a private college, but they get government grants and their students get government loans, so current law makes them a government entity. At least it makes them subject to the same limitations that the law places on government institutions.

Harvard could simply stop taking government money. Religious schools have taken this road to avoid anti-Christian discrimination. Hillsdale College famously foregoes government money. Harvard could do the same and then fight this fight in the courts all over again, but this time as a private entity. The question at that point would be the question at the core of all of this. Where is the line between private rights and public duties with regards to these moral questions?

If the court were to say that a private college is free to select students by whatever criteria they choose, then they would have overturned the entirety of antidiscrimination laws, including things like hate speech and hate crimes. On the other hand, if they extended the prohibition against discrimination to the private sphere, then that would mean no one can express their preferences in private. Your dinner party would be subject to claims of discrimination.

This gets back to the public accommodation issue. Is a private college really a public accommodation when it is designed for a narrow purpose like religion? How about private clubs, which have been banned due to discrimination? Would a male-only club be allowed if it is private? At some point, a clear line has to be drawn between what is private and what is public. The real issue in these race cases is where does that line exist and how best to codify it in the law.

This raises a much larger issue, in that liberal democracy relies on morality as the spring to motivate the citizens. Aristocratic systems rely upon the desire to attain greater rank and privilege, bestowed from above. Authoritarian systems rely on fear of the people in charge of the state. A republic relies on the willingness to put the interests of the institutions ahead of private interests. Liberal democracy relies on the submission to a common morality.

If there is a line between the private and the public, it rules out a commonly held moral code to which all must submit. After all, simply going along with the latest thing to avoid trouble is different from embracing the new morality. We see this all the time with the various social fads. Being indifferent to antisemitism, for example, is unacceptable because it suggests you may not be enthusiastically opposed to it. You have to show your opposition in a public way.

If all of a sudden, we have a clear line between the public and private, it means you can oppose public morality in private, but play along when out in public. This makes public morality a polite fiction. The fact is morality only works if people either believe it or fear falling outside of it. One does not do the right thing when no one is looking if one does not think it is the right thing or fear it may be the right thing. Simply put, acknowledging the private sphere undermines democracy.

That, of course, leads to another problem. If all of a sudden, colleges have to use objective criteria to select students, everyone knows what will happen. What happens when fire departments and police departments are forced to follow suit? Even if they fashion a way around it, the implication is clear. It means that all men may be equal in the eyes of God, but they are not equal. Some are smarter, stronger, bigger, faster and this tends to track with sex and race.

The entirety of the affirmative action regime rests on the assertion that people are amorphous blobs that can be shaped into anything. Overturning affirmative action exposes this nonsense to public view. All of a sudden, the quest for diversity is nothing more than a private preference masquerading as a public good. It has no basis in reality and often contradicts reality. Another piece of the liberal democratic moral superstructure is yanked away.

No one should be deceived into thinking the court will swing a wrecking ball through the liberal democratic order. Even if they overturn the concept of affirmative action, which seems likely based on the current court, all they will have done is tip over the first domino in the process. Even so, it does suggest we may be nearing an end point to the last surviving ideology of the 20th century. Like the others, its internal contradictions will eventually succumb to the realty of the human condition.

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219 thoughts on “Affirmative Musings

  1. I’d be fine letting private colleges or businesses discriminate against whites if they want, however I also want those entities to be able to discriminate against blacks, women, or anyone else they choose. If you start a business with your own money, it’s yours, just like your house, so if you want to open a bar with a sign that says, “no Asians allowed”, I’m fine with that.

  2. Another masterful essay, Z.

    All I can add today is the old observation that “All men are equal, but some are more equal than others.” (A paraphrase appears in Orwell’s “Animal Farm”.) This is an ancient social custom (hypocrisy?): “Primus inter pares” is Latin for “first among equals.”

    With varying degrees of humor and irony, such expressions seem to at once praise the ideal of equality while conceding that all are not in fact equal.

  3. Powerful piece. The domino theory is wildly optimistic though. The new reality of the human condition – at least in the west – is that it is effete, gone soft. The cult of compassion won’t go away now that women are in charge. It’s too late for that. The pursuit of the equalitarian utopia is too entrenched in the minds of too many people. If it is threatened, they will pursue it with even greater hysteria.

    The courts surely know this, as they have always known it, and as everyone has always known it. AA has always been a case of emotion over reason. Given the visible decadence of the west and the slide towards idiocracy, I don’t see a new age of reason on the horizon.

    • “The cult of compassion won’t go away now that women are in charge. It’s too late for that. The pursuit of the equalitarian utopia is too entrenched in the minds of too many people. If it is threatened, they will pursue it with even greater hysteria.”

      The good news is, that’ll go away sooner rather than later, like many other unhealthy luxuries. The bad news is, it’s a lot of pain that’ll make it go away.

  4. Inquiring minds wonder why the pimping for Counter Currents and its meat space meetings in Sunday’s Thoughts while the link to the website is still disappeared.

  5. “Not to rain on anyone’s parade, but diversity hires are objects of worship to the Death Cult. These megacorps have leveraged their too-big-to-fail status to install a Mandarin class of race hustlers that flit from one high-pay, low-work job to the next, all the while producing nothing of use. Instead, their one asset is providing the diversity their fellow cultists venerate.

    Apple, Disney, Google, and Meta will not let their idols go. They will lay off the productive people first.”

    ( )

    • Thanks to various cash infusions and a complete lack of willingness on the government’s part to break up monopolies, those large companies are too big to fail and therefore effectively insulated from their own failings. So they can afford to pursue diversity boondoggles because there’s no consequence if they do. DIE cannot work in a competitive economy, only in oligopolies.

    • True.

      I’m sure I’ve said before that I think our thing will only become a real thing when it’s purged of every remnant of Reaganism. Anything that sounds like a libertarian with aircraft carriers might say it—wrongest possible “take.” We have no market and soon we’ll see that there has never been a more evil empire.

      • People on the right are slowly but surely losing their knee jerk defense of big business. Several decades too late but deregulation and a belief that c-suite executives always being the smartest men in the room tilled the soil for this mess that we are in. That’s why I can never take libertarians seriously. We can snicker that Elon Musk is trolling Twitter but in a sane world, nobody would have $44 billion to just toss around on a lark.

    • You should see these clowns go ga-ga when they are around an actual, “talented tenth,” type.

        • Tyson is educated as an astrophysicist. Last I heard he managed a planetarium somewhere, has several “science communicating” gigs and spends considerable time snarking on the internet at Christians. These endeavors probably occupy 50% of his time, making him at best a half-astrophysicist.

      • It a big giveaway isn’t it.

        Even people on this side start slobbering over “some other” that in their mind magnifies the achievements as media has implanted in them the over and over.

        The underneath civnat conditioning just keeps trying to escape and they can’t even see when they do it.

        So in the end they end up poisoning their new side with the same other to the detriment of their own. Eventually they will jut end up back where they started and will still be baffled as to how they got there.

      • There is an entire genre of video on YouTube dedicated to Blacks reacting positively to White mostly Boomer music. There is some sad weakness in White people where they crave validation from the other like a girl with daddy issues.

    • As one of those here with occasional pretensions to libertarianism (note, please, the lowercase “l”), I have to agree with most comments above.

  6. Are you joking? The court can make whatever ruling it likes, but AA is here to stay. The bureaucrats and managers believe in it whole-heartedly, and they’re not about let it go. Who is going to stop them from disregarding the “law” and discriminating as they please? Enforcers who think AA is a moral imperative are going to vigorously punish people who illicitly practice it? Get real. Even if there is some lax, half-hearted enforcement, all the AA-mavens have to do is keep quiet.
    “Why did you admit Dontavious rather than Greg, when Greg had better grades, test scores and extracurriculars? Were you doing illegal discrimination?”
    “Of course not! We look at the candidates holistically. It can’t be reduced to a simple formula.”
    “Ah, thanks for clearing that up. Carry on.”

    AA will last as long the USA does.

  7. AA should have been done away with decades ago, but at least back then the jogger cohort in important positions was fairly small. Now, they’ve made inroads everywhere much to our detriment, or soon to be detriment. I’d be fairly shocked if any scrotus decision of significance is rendered. Our “elite” morality is so much more pure these days and the negro so much more sainted…

  8. I would be very shocked if the Supreme Court limited AA in any way. I fully expect it to expand it, indeed to forbid Whites to marry or have kids with other Whites.

    After all, law follows and enforces public morality. Public morality is based on three pillars since the 1950s and arguably earlier. One: the genetic evil of all Whites, particularly Straight White men. Two: the inherited blood guilt of all Whites and the need for punishment over and over again of living Whites for things done 100 or 400 years ago. Three: the sacred redemption of blacks from the original sin of Whiteness. This is the morality of all entertainment, media, sports, law, culture, etc. and is the basis of the Sailer-esque “Flight from White” seen in the exploding gay, lesbian, tranny stuff. A mother would have a better future for her kid if White as a tranny than even gay or lesbian. Since the latter two are still partially “White.”

    IF big IF the Supremes do limit AA in any way, expect to see an explosion of fury and work-arounds to create even more anti-White laws, the way New York “allowed” Concealed Carry but in practice restricted it further. Likely hard quotas limiting Whites to a ceiling in any job, limits on marriages/kids, etc.

    Which is interesting as the West is fighting a three-front war: China, Russia, and their own White population. In an era when the West has little energy, or food, or even manufacturing capacity much less competent demographics. Rappers and Salvadoran gang members are not exactly going to push China off Taiwan.

    • People said the same thing about overturning Roe v. Wade and yet it happened. The system, even though deep in decline, still realizes the occasional crumb or at least the perception of a crumb has to fall into our laps. Overturning AA will be largely symbolic – antiwhite hatred is deep, wide, and omnipresent in all major institutions in 2022 and a couple of Supreme Court rulings will not be enough to turn the tide. But it’s a domino to get knocked over and I’ll take that domino.

    • Unfortunately, the propaganda has been so effective the courts won’t need to restrict White relationships.

      The propaganda is why many of my trips to the local supermarket look like a mass audition for, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

      • At my volunteer “job” at a local nonprofit, we interface with the public, which alas includes a fair proportion of the lower class. I like to analyze people who visit (“unfairly judge” might be more honest). Last week a “family” came in. Mom: white trash looking, full of tattoos. White male, not much better. Two younger white children. Eldest was of a distinctly darker hue. One can only speculate at the dynamic in such a family. The woman must have been excellent in the sack, independently wealthy, something. It seems unlikely that Daddy #1 is paying child support.

        Frequent interracial couples too. Perhaps I’m just old-fashioned and “notice” (a sin by itself) but this sure isn’t the world I grew up in, half a century ago. 🙁

  9. The consequences of this could be amusing. Much like how Oberlin College refuses to pay the Gibson bakery and is willing to accumulate thousands of dollars per day in interest, you could see universities attempt to defy the overturning of affirmative action. Watching universities or other institutions push hard to continue to discriminate against whites will only make it apparent how virulent and open antiwhite hatred is in society.

    Of course, I also expect guys like Larry Fink to be defiant and push ESG scores even harder. Many people still do not know how badly ESG is gumming up the works and how there are goals in place that mandate less white men…and increasingly white women, are allowed to work at any mid- or major-sized corporation. The more people know, the better.

    • Oberlin is a perfect example of my point about college endowments yesterday.

      They have 327 staff, 2785 students, and currently produce nothing but communist indoctrination.

      Yet, they somehow are sitting on a $1.09 billion endowment.

      Any halfway decent portfolio manager could sleep half the day and still generate enough returns to easily eat thousands a day in interest charges in perpetuity.

  10. Here’s hoping, but the remaining bugbear that needs to be dragged behind the barn and shot is disparate impact analysis in discrimination cases. It’s predicated on the notion that people would be randomly distributed everywhere absent racism so if a rule or standard results in disparate impact on a racial group, the rule or standard is racist and has to go. It flows from the blank slate idea, obviously, and the result is a form of affirmative action even in the absence of actual affirmative action.

    • Disparate impact affirmative action looks even more consequential taking into account the O-ring theory of economic development:

      Complex manufacturing processes depend on *every* member of the team being up to standard. One under-par performer wrecks the whole process. Take away the right of business to set a high consistent performance bar and you might as well ship all high value manufacturing to China.

      Oh, wait…

    • “Systemic racism” is the Left’s favorite conspiracy theory, replacing “the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy” back around 2008.

    • The Griggs vs. Duke Power decision? I agree that “disparate impact” set a bad precedent. But that decision recognized a need to prove qualifications when it was relevant to the job.

      But now, imagine taking that ideal to its (il-)logical extreme: Given that all men, er people, truly are equal, then ANY metric that tends to show disparity of outcome is by definition discriminatory in some way. Are Blacks 13% of the population? Then they should be roughly that percentage of felons in prison. Does that mean that (roughly) two-thirds presently incarcerated will be released and pardoned? Will Whites and other minorities be convicted and sentenced to prioritize filling jails proportionate to their share of the overall populace?

      When pro football or basketball is issued an injunction to adhere to racial norms, we will have arrived at the edge of the abyss. Perhaps we won’t make it that far, but we are surely marching in that direction.

  11. Its striking that the US and Europe is diverging on this issue as far as courts/politiians are concerned.

    Scotland’s Islamic minister of something is pushing a bill to make dissenting speech a criminal offense in your own home (currently its bad enough that it is any public building or space).

    The same thing will happen shortly in England I suspect, given the trend.

    The EU is rolling out the application of an EU wide speech code in 2024 which will also apply to all public IRL and online content, which includes stuff sourced from outside the EU, so requiring blocking of any such language and content inside the EU.

    The US may ease up a bit, but the EU is going full boot on the face.

    • The trend here has been to farm out to private concerns censorship and some other overt totalitarian imperatives. It just emerged that social media coordinated extensively to censor information that deviated from the Covid narrative, for example.

      • I wonder how those whose mantra is that there is no conspiracy driving this shit keep it going when every day more actual conspiracy of action is unearthed?

        Another in your face conspiracy with email chains discussing in secret coordination to harm, perform illegal acts and manipulate your own population – nah still no evidence of it being intent by a coordinated group.

    • Swap anti-Israel for dissenting and the US is the same.

      Also, the diversity of the US means that speech is less important because the potential dissenters are a minority in their own country.

      Americans are regulated by weight of numbers. Considering how Americans are meant to have freedom of expression it is remarkable how tepid the comments are on demography,economic collapse, election stealing etc.

  12. Might have posted this before:

    The God of Diversity will be the end of Western Civilization. While lip service is paid to appease this ideology, in the real world the only thing that counts is competence.

    “I hope my brain surgeon is diverse,” – said no one ever.

    The idiocracy shows itself in daily life constantly. As Zman pointed out, these “Diverse” SC justices are on display spouting drivel that a competent 1st year law student would recognize as merely emotional reasoning.

    • Actually, some people do try any make sure their surgeons are diverse. Kanye West made sure his mom had a black plastic surgeon, and then she died. So, there’s that.

      • The black
        Plastic surgeon did five hours of surgery on his mother. Not necessarily un-usual but enough that he keeps patients in the hospital minimum overnight often 2 nights . Kanye‘s cousin runs a home health agency and convinced kanye’s mother that she’ll be fine if she went home as an outpatient the same day. The surgeon refused; however they went home the same day against medical advice. Because of the amount of anesthesia she got combine with the narcotic pain medicines given to her by the nephew she stopped breathing. There of course, were no vital signs leads so she simply didn’t wake up after she went to bed The surgeon wasn’t even disciplined by the board because she begged her mother not to go home but she want to catch his advice .

        It’s a pet conspiracy theory of mine and that they took her out to teach him a lesson for something.

        I’m saying this in earnest: I am not implying that your point is in-accurate but Kanye’s mother situation would not be the example to use to make it.

  13. Is affirmative action really that bad? From a legal and “moral” (ie. all people should be treated equally) it obviously is. But is it bad for our people?

    While low IQ “under represented minorities” are annoying in the workplace and in schools, they’re more of a bloat – and not necessarily dangerous to society. It’s just that tax that everybody has to deal with. Asians, and especially Indians, are in some cases much more intelligent and much more dangerous to society. “Parag Agrawal” and his insane Indian censorship woman did far more damage to America than 1,000 Ja’maals in Accounting who can’t really do Accounting.

    I haven’t done the math on it, but to me limiting the number of Asians to the minimum possible entering the workforce is a much higher priority than sticking it to low income minorities. At the moment the Asian test scores are far higher than Whites – so it wouldn’t necessarily benefit an average White person to have Affirmative Action removed anyways. In Canada (which has no affirmative action), the number of White kids going into STEM is fairly low, and is completely dominated by Asians who get pushed into it by their parents (which White parents should be doing more). White kids do business or Arts (useless).

    Finally, Affirmative Action keeps White kids in the Heartland. Instead of going to progressive hives in Ive League schools or in California, smart White kids are sort of forced to stay in Indiana and go to local State colleges. It probably benefits White people more than sending them off to be assimilated in the diverse Borg, where families are rare and values skew liberal.

    Those are my thoughts on Affirmative Action. Careful what you wish for.

    • I have said before that an invasive overclass is much more dangerous than an invasive (or, in the case of blacks, imported) underclass.

      • That’s exactly how I see the Twitter imbroglio. It’s Jews versus DotIndians in a struggle for possession over one of the control nodes of American civilization. Note that the South African Jew fired extremist Dots but not the extremist Jew twitter employee who was just as noxious.

        Whatever the man’s loyalties (and they are NOT to us), Musk is a civilization builder. It appears the dots are just high time preference predators in nice clothes, akin to a smarter variety of African harvesting as much as they personally can in the moment, letting the future take care of itself. Musk and his tribe prefer stable (exploitative) systems from which their progeny will be able to profit for generations. They don’t want the system *completely* destabilized.

        • Given who the main drivers are for mass immigration, I don’t see that statement being supportable.

        • Imagine a Jew. Now subtract the social skills, the subtlety, the capacity for crypsis, and the competence at technical subjects. With me so far? Now subtract about fifteen IQ points, with everything that implies in capacity for judgment, self-control, and abstract reasoning. That’s Pajeet.

        • Whatever his motives/allegiances, he is clearly highly intelligent. One of the most valid critiques of him I’ve read, and I agree, is that most of his fortune has been built relying upon or exploiting government subsidy of various types. This would surely be the case with his electric cars and solar electric projects. Given that his latest acquisition of Twitter is not pocket change, even to the world’s wealthiest man, it’ll be fascinating to see what he does with it.

      • The overclass exists because whites are forbidden their freedom of association while others continue to practice ethnocentric nepotism. Ending AA brings us one step clser to having the freedom to associate with who is best and most comfortable to work with, our own kind.

    • Your thinking is faulty and therefore dangerous. AA produces mediocrities with (faux) “certification”! If I’m sick, I want a competent doctor, not one that looks like me. I give a crap if he’s Asian. Hell, even Blacks avoid their own kind in the medical field.

      Further, AA produces inevitably two things: 1) a lowering of course/discipline rigor, and 2) bullshit degrees, such as Black Studies. The result is not only incompetence, but an over abundance of “elites” who demand high paying, white collar jobs and scream discrimination when they don’t obtain one. This is not to mention the drain of public resources “educating” these people on the tax payer’s dime.

      Whites in the heartland is not the issue. Whites not achieving training and education to the limit of their ability is! This is an example of the problem with the pernicious and incorrect ideology of equality and equity. We failed over the last 50 years with elevating/equalizing minorities, and are now concentrating on depressing Whites and Asians—the other side of the coin.

      No societal good in a 1st world technological society can come from this. It is an inward and downward spiral.

      • Agreed. Among other harmful affects not mentioned are that it destroys merit so it destroys incentives to strive. It robs people of employment opportunity or reduces options of quality employment opportunity.

        One thing we need to understand is that AA has already morphed from opening the job to all applications but rejecting the out-group (whites), to something new. Amazon Films (Howard Films), and the AI/ML academy to industry pipeline is now actively recruiting directly from HBSCs. It isn’t just if you didn’t get into an Ivy or other 100, it is that you do not attend an HBSC. There is also the airline quota on new pilots.

        With or without the AA decision, industry is openly creating a pipeline to blacks-only schools. It appears that it isn’t just internship and job placement, it includes special pampering and mentorship that non blacks will not receive.

        We have moved beyond preferences for city school bus, public transit and meter maid jobs, and school admissions where the student loans still profit TPTB, but a private sector job on the other end is not guaranteed.

        As I mentioned earlier last night, I discovered SpaceX’s diversity crazed COO. It dispells the myth that Musk is sane and non-woke. If he was, he would’ve sacked her long ago. I propose the following strategy to start putting an end to our people’s treason and self sabotage.

        Let’s start calling out people like Gwynne Shotwell very vocally – like woke hysterics do. Let’s demand that she step down and make way for a diverse and inclusive voice. We demand that a Li-Ying, Priti Subarshaman, Angela Vasquez or Daniqua Jackson-King be made COO of SpaceX. As Shotwell says, she is tired that Diversity is even a conversation and wants to put an end to it. Let’s start giving the Shotwells of this world what they say they want, but for them, not for us.

    • B125: Yes, to limiting east Asian and subcon students, wherever born. No, to the admittance of minimally qualified blacks – they ARE pushing them into surgery and as airline pilots. We just had our younger son get PRK eye correction surgery precisely because of our concerns with who will maintain the machines and perform the surgery in the future.

      Absolutely yes to keeping White students in the heartland
      – although wherever there are colleges, there are ‘officially’ sanctioned instructors and professors. Witness the poison that Idaho’s university in Boise is. Witness how changing the school board does not change the ‘certified’ teachers or officially-approved text books.

      Just as dissidents have done an excellent job of telling Whites not to join AINO’s military, I would like to see a similar campaign telling Whites not to apply to any east coast/ivy league college. Let Harvard trumpet its application/admit ratio when it’s nothing but foreign-born rajeesh versus ming ling. No White men in big-name universities. Let all the ‘strong,’ ‘smart’ wahmen and princesses marry brown and then exile them to their partner’s country.

      • So who completes future maintenance of the machines played a factor in your rationale for eye surgery?

        Wow! I need to up my 4D chess and take a page from your book.

        • “Wow! I need to up my 4D chess and take a page from your book.”

          It depends on how much you value your eyesight. Also recommended unless you have suicidal impulses: trans-Pacific flights should be scheduled ASAP.

      • “Just as dissidents have done an excellent job of telling Whites not to join AINO’s military, I would like to see a similar campaign telling Whites not to apply to any east coast/ivy league college.”

        That’s an excellent suggestion. Some of that takes place with in-state scholarships and tuition breaks now but social pressure needs to be brought to bear. I expect when this AA opinion is released, the Ivies/coastal universities will act as horrendously as Lloyd Austin/Milley/MIC did to White servicemen and help facilitate the avoidance.

        While this may seem unrelated it isn’t. Abbott and DeSantis accidentally flushed out something with bussing illegals to the East and West coasts. The Regime is horrified that Heartlanders are staying put more and more and that is in part the reason the borders were thrown wide open. Among problems the Regime faces, of course, is that illegals or immigrants in general cannot be forced to stay in State “X.” The big green shoot now underway is the de facto disintegration of the United States. Covid helped, too. So, yes, ostracizing Ivy League/coastal education is a plus in that it facilitates the separation.

      • How will you propose limiting Orientals and Indians? I understand the others: simply go by academic performance.

        Also, why PRK?? No surgery is safe. Why take the risk? We have done fine for 2000 years by wearing glasses rather than getting a cosmetic laser vision improvement.

        I am asking in earnest

      • 3g4me, I don’t doubt the validity of your fears of future declines in the quality of technical standards and other competence. But I just have to comment on one thing. Building upon what Jack says, just how much do you value your child’s eyesight? Unless I am seriously wrong, RK offers absolutely nothing that old-fashioned corrective lenses do not offer. The correction is not lifelong. Any surgery incurs the risk of adverse events. Many people have made that decision, but stripped to its essentials they are gambling their eyesight for a cosmetic surgery that will, at best, relieve them of the need for glasses or contacts for several years. I considered it in 30s and decided I’m quite alright with wearing glasses. YMMV.

    • The difference in the asian thing is number of people.

      If I recall, even though harvard is about Asian discrimination, factoring in white test scores and number of students in each percentile, whites (excluding the juice) are sometime like 5x less represented as one would expect than Asians.

      • “(excluding the juice)”

        That issue is roiling beneath the surface, too. Legacy applicants and other unqualified Tribal members are using nepotism to gain admission over more qualified Whites, too. Discovery in this case brought that to the fore. It would be lit AF if a justice mentioned that aspect but of course Kanye or someone like him will have to deliver that news.

    • “At the moment the Asian test scores are far higher than Whites – so it wouldn’t necessarily benefit an average White person to have Affirmative Action removed anyways. In Canada (which has no affirmative action), the number of White kids going into STEM is fairly low, and is completely dominated by Asians who get pushed into it by their parents (which White parents should be doing more). White kids do business or Arts (useless).”

      A genuine question on my part is why whites are now so poorly represented in engineering and the exact sciences. Why do they drift towards liberals arts, business, and law?

      If you want some kind of tech society, you need your own people in these areas.

      • To be honest, I don’t know. I think part of it is the lingering Boomer mentality, where the naive parents think that following their passion is actually a thing. There are many adults who sincerely believe they followed their passion and were successful because of it – not because they lucked into the most prosperous job market of all time.

        White parents seem to not push their kids in math, tech, and science at school. I know several teens who “just don’t feel like” taking math in Senior year and their parents are ok with it. An Asian parent would never be ok with that.

        Of course, there needs to be balance. Asian kids are often Effed in the head, have severe identity problems, have no hobbies, and are unable to attract women. I think it’s good that White parents put some focus on sports (hopefully not Sportsball though).

        I would like to see more White kids pushed by their parents though, especially into tech. It is actually true that foreign tech workers are “needed” and that there aren’t enough Americans going into that field, as much as I hate to say it. Any stack of technical resumes coming in these days could be 80-100% foreign.

        • It’s simpler than that. In the US, students in STEM, especially huh-WITE! males, have for the past thirty years gotten their noses rubbed in the fact that they went into debt to buy a one-way ticket to cutthroat wage competition with the poorest, most desperate people in the poorest, most backward countries on the planet. Pajeet’s degree and certs are phony, but when (((the bosses))) “globalize” and “outsource,” they get to pay Pajeet two cents a month, because Pajeet lives in a mud hut. Or they can bring Pajeet here as an H1B IT coolie and pay him the same wage they pay “diverse urban yoots” and “undocumented migrants” to flip burgers at the fast food places they own. Pajeet’s credentials are usually 100% fake, and Pajeet is likely to be stealing everything from passwords to office equipment to sell to the highest bidder. None of that matters because he works so, so cheap. It’s so profitable, and that money is just so yummy, (((they))) just can’t resist. Pajeet usually doesn’t know what he’s doing, but the bosses don’t know the difference between good code and bad code, and for management the future beyond the next business quarter doesn’t exist. If they knew the difference between good code and bad code they’d be coding themselves and not shuffling paper and harrumphing at the peons from the corner office.

          “Learn to code,” they said. A guy I went to college with was an electrical engineering/computer science double major. As an undergrad he was doing grad student level work in AI and operating system design. He got his degree. He works at a building supply store loading and unloading trucks. See, half the engineering firms have Pajeet managers and they only hire and promote their own kind. At the other half all the important day-to-day decisions are made by morbidly obese Shaneequa in HR, and she just doesn’t think their corporate culture would be a good fit for him, even while she makes sure to hire more examples of Grrrl Powah as software devs, whether or not they can actually read or write or find the switch to turn the computer on. He’s locked out of the field he went into enormous debt to study for, because it was supposed to be the future. He can’t get any kind of office job either because all the Vibrantly Die-verse HR reps at the temp services smirk as they tell him he’s “overqualified.” He gets a little angrier with every passing year. I don’t blame him. And there are millions more like him.

          (((Big Tech))) keeps complaining that there “just aren’t enough qualified Americans” and they “need” those H1Bs “to grow the economy.” That’s always been a pack of lies. What they really mean is that there aren’t enough qualified Americans (((they)) can hire to write database query code for $11 an hour.

          The last tiny sliver of STEM that hasn’t been taken over completely by the Curry Mafia is a very specialized field called “cybersecurity.” It seems that Pajeet has a habit of handing over all the passwords and all the account information on a thumbdrive to anyone and everyone who waves a ten-dollar bill under his nose. The only thing that prevents it from being even worse is that Pajeet doesn’t stay bought–and if you’ve ever dealt with Pajeet you’re not the least bit surprised by any of this. This has created a serious security problem, and for now, just for the moment, management is afraid to hire Pajeet to guard the henhouse. This theoretically creates opportunities for US citizens–but it’s a tiny, extremely specialized field. Lots of cram schools out there will promise you that you can spend a few grand to get a few IT certs from Cisco or CompTIA and walk into a six figure job securing networks and monitoring them for attempts at unauthorized access. But that’s a lie too. In the US right now there are 3-4 people with those certs for every cybersecurity position. If you’re a huh-WITE! male, you’d better be a veteran in order to get that veterans’ preference half-a-checkmark AA slot, you’d better have a Master’s in computer science, and a government security clearance PLUS all those cybersecurity certs, or you are out of the running before you even start.

          Which is why all the smart White kids are shunning STEM fields that White people have been getting driven out of, frozen out of, and locked out of for the past thirty years. Pure science, engineering, CS, IT, all of it, Pajeet owns half of it and Shaneequa is the gatekeeper who’ll make damn sure you don’t have a shot at anything in the other half. The smart White kids are going into medicine, business management, and law. In those fields there’s still a tiny chance some of them might be allowed to advance on their merits instead of being frozen out from the get-go and ending up as the best educated barista at the local Starbucks.

          • Excellent post. The only two successful (?) bits of employment advice I’ve ever given:

            Mid 1980s: encouraged a woman I’d worked alongside in Army, who wanted to make it a career, to reclassify to be an interrogator. Who would ever have guessed that might good use of a native Mandarin speaker? Apparently not the recruiter who stuffed her into a then-needed specialty earlier, even though in retrospect she wasn’t well qualified for it.

            2022: grandson of close friend wants to be a surgeon. I encouraged her to give him “the talk” specifically about how diversity may work against his future career choice. That she did.

      • I have bachelors and masters degrees in engineering so I think I have a pretty good handle on the answer to your question. The first (obvious) point is that engineering and the exact sciences are difficult subjects that, for most people, require dedication to hard work and study at the ages of 18-24, when most would rather be partying with our friends who are business/arts majors.

        The second point is that engineering and the exact sciences have always been a path out of poverty, or at least a path from lower, working classes to middle class respectability. Otherwise stated, rich kids don’t go into engineering, because they don’t need to. The only Ivy League college that dedicates any resources to engineering is Cornell, which is a byproduct of the fact that it is a land grant university. Broadly speaking, as income levels of white people rose beginning in the ’80s there were fewer and fewer white kids who needed to climb out of the lower, working classes. My life is emblematic. I grew up dirt poor in a rural area gifted from God with a big brain. Engineering degrees were my tickets out. My kids grew up comfortably upper middle class. None pursued engineering or the exact sciences. Those Asian parents are pushing their kids into engineering for the same reason my parents did–to get their kids up a few rungs on the socioeconomic ladder. All respect to them.

        The third point is that the mass proliferation of H1B visas in the tech industry has compressed salaries and stifled advancement opportunities in technology. Toss on top of that the utterly devastating effects of affirmative action and DIE programs on the career prospects of white males in tech and engineering careers look much less attractive. I have been working in the tech sector for over thirty years and have made a career that easily puts me in the top 1-2% of income earners, but the landscape has changed. I would never advise a young white male engineer to enter the tech sector in today’s environment. I read a statistic that the overwhelming majority of engineering graduates from MIT go to work in finance or investment banking. I would do the same in today’s environment.

        Finally, do a quick internet search for the phrase “pair programming” if you want to see why white men are running away from this field. In practice it works like this: white (or Asian) male “pilot” writes code while diversity hire “navigator” provides oversight (i.e., does nothing). Guess who gets credit and promotion when project is finished?

        • The pair programming thing sounds very disheartening. What would the white guy have to gain from doing this other than humiliation?

          • I call it “Be the Rung” as in the rung that others will step on as they advance their careers over you.

            It’s not their choice. The orders come from above. Your team is now implementing pair programming. Your navigator will be Shaniqua Jones. She will likely be your boss next year.

            Pair programming is being built into bids in most DoD and other government development programming, and is widespread in Silicon Valley programming. It’s all supported by “studies” that show paired programming increases code quality and productivity, all of which are BS. Only a period of extreme austerity will correct this. There’s a commentor here who frequently says the collapse is the cure. He is correct.

          • Apologize if I sound obtuse…but anyone who is intelligent to create code would also be intelligent enough to realize that they are essentially a slave/indentured servant.

            Heck, why would they not quit and go to a smaller company/independent company. There are certain lines that the person cannot allow to be crossed.
            Paired programming sounds like an abortion and I am ready to do some victim blaming against people who allow it to happen to them.

        • Pair programming is one of the most fuckwitted ideas to gain entry into the industry.

          Its a moronic idea from moronic people who write cargo cult shit code or think output is derived from process not from people. Its a DIE all of it own.

          Coding is a creative flow like many other activities and the addition of a literal monkey on your back during the process is intentional to bring down the level of output to the lowest denominator divided by the lowest attention span.

          I have never seen it work, yet it keeps getting re-introduced in the face of its negative utility, much like AA.

          • It seems to be the equivalent of “group” programming assignments now commonly used in computer science classes at the university. It is also despised there for the same reason—one or two of the bright folk do the work, the others contribute nothing of value.

            The brighter students know who they are and they know the slackers as well. There is great jockeying folk teammate selection. The concept is said to promote teamwork, but the reality is to hide weak students (often desired minorities) failure.

            As others have pointed out—and had not occurred to me before—it also conditions brighter students to get used to the burden of supporting weak coworkers on the job.

          • A tech company would do remarkably well by getting rid of Pair Programming. They would applicants flocking to them

      • If I may offer my own life as an example (a real-world one, not necessarily a positive one): If a person scarcely ever had to work for the basics of life (food, shelter, clothing) and for all practical purposes has a comfortable life of ease assured, what motive will he have to strive for excellence, hard work, whether it be at learning auto mechanics or studiously pursuing an advanced degree?

        Now don’t get me wrong; I like the life I was born to. Not quite silver spoon, but silver-plated. At least stainless steel. I even did put some efforts, half hearted though they may have been, into a career. I even got a “real” (STEM) degree, but not until my mid 30s. When the opportunity to retire in my 40s presented itself, I jumped at it.

        Quite late in life, I found some “redemption,” if you like, in the simple fact that I was at loose ends. Endless TV watching, video games, surfing the net and drinking to excess rapidly lost their shine. Eventually I found certain types of volunteer work that provide a psychic reward that I never found in any type of paying work. The work, if paid would not earn much more than minimum wage, but the “wage” I receive cannot be bought. To rephrase the old wisdom: All play and no work makes Jack just plain bored.

        Yes, I know that I’m hardly representative of that pampered generation, the Boomers. Let’s face it, not everyone who has opportunity will avail himself of it. It’s a lot of work being the ant. Some of us relish the role of the grasshopper, especially if no one is counting on one for support. Yes, we’ll die when the winter comes around. But the ant doesn’t escape, either.

    • Asian test scores are not FAR higher than whites. Its a fraction of the disparity between whites and blacks’ scores, and the cream of the crop asians come here specifically BECAUSE they can claim brown heritage on the application. The only reason indians work their way into positions of power here is because the (((banks))) demand diversity in C level positions after white geniuses build businesses and take them public. I see it happen with my own eyes in startups. White women are complicit in this too. Theyre hired for their gender, then denounce white men publicly and demand more diversity. If the job requires high iq, you get token indians. If we nip AA in the bud, we’ll have less women and all minorities in the workplace. More whites willl work their way into ppositions of power based on intellect, instead of jewish guys via nepotism and brown people and women via AA. White geniuses who started alll the businesses that indians now pretend to manage will eventually hire the people theyre comfortable working with, instead of women, browns, and jews to save face. If we dont stop this now, theyll be extending AA to gays, trannies, illegals, felons, and God knows what else. I wish i was making that up, but ive heard it from HR in the past.

  14. In the military, the commands talk a good game, but at the end of the day, it’s one thing to legislate quotas when there aren’t lives involved. Put an unqualified man (or woman) in the cockpit or on the bridge of a ship or in command of a special operations team and you’re asking for disaster.

    Diversity is a tax. We put many of these thoroughly unqualified and unable people into positions where they can cause the least amount of trouble. In the engineering business, we fortunately are dominated by whites, east and south Asians and have little time or inclination for black dysfunction.

    The east Asians tend to be good engineers, if a touch uncreative, while the south Asians are a mixed bag. Some are brilliant, but a lot of them are mediocre.

    When I was in the Reserves, we had a black pilot that the command desperately wanted to be qualified as an AC (aircraft commander). As STAN/EVAL officer, I was in charge of ensuring that he met the minimum standards. We gave him extra instruction and extra flight hours, yet he was never quite good enough. His lack of adherence to procedures and poor situational awareness was particularly galling.

    I got called into my CO’s office and asked why he wasn’t qualified yet as an AC. I told the CO that he was a decent pilot, but that he wasn’t meeting the standard of an AC and could be a danger to himself and others if placed in command of an aircraft in a combat zone. I also told my CO that he should fly with him and see if he met the standard. I wasn’t on the airplane that day, but I heard later that it didn’t go well for the pilot and our CO never bothered me about it again.

    We had some excellent Latino and black pilots who did meet the standard, but I always felt bad for them because affirmative action made other pilots wonder if they belonged or whether they were put there merely to make the wing “look like America” or some other BS. If you eliminate affirmative action, you eliminate that doubt. If you belong in the big chair, you’re there because you met the standards, not because of a quota.

    • Bingo. AA is as much an insult to (competent) minorities as a boon.

      Thomas Sowell recognized this early on. In his autobiography he had a chilling line toward the end to the effect that ‘…I’ll always be grateful that I went through the system *before* AA…’

      • Compsci: Sowell may have ‘earned’ whatever qualifications he has pre-AA. However, there are many multiples more Whites just as or more qualified than he, whether in the dismal science or his sociological proclamations. He is acclaimed by conservatads precisely because of his skin color, not in spite of it. He may not have benefited from official AA, but he has massively benefited from color-blind White civnattery.

        • I disagree. His works stand by themselves. That disingenuous Whites use him as a token is not his fault. I have read many/most of his works, they are unique and original and for the time, quite revolutionary. They also can be interpreted to support many of the HBD statements we make in this group.

          Might I suggest that many of the statements you make denigrating this man are because of his skin color?

          • Compsci: The statements I have made about
            Sowell are not due solely to skin color – I used to be a civnat and conservatard. I have read most of his books – my husband and I used to think highly of him. The internet and my habit of clicking on all sorts of links and forbidden sites put a stop to all that. Even before I realized his use as a totem by Whites, I vehemently disagreed with his book blaming black dysfunction on White ‘rednecks’ and Scots-Irish immigrants.

            Attributing great insight and wisdom to Sowell is granting more pokemon points to a black than a White for facing and telling the truth. And even then, Sowell steadfastly refuses to face the ultimate truth – that black dysfunction is not a mere cultural artifact, but a strong genetically-determined racial characteristic.

            He has black children, so he has a strongly personal interest in the issue. He may be part of the black 1%, but he’s still black and will not accept that the future of any of his line will be genetically limited by their race.

          • ” I vehemently disagreed with his book blaming black dysfunction on White ‘rednecks’ and Scots-Irish immigrants.”

            Which book is this? I am asking in earnest

          • 3g4me. I’ll end with one confirmation of your comment. Yes, Sowell will not admit to racial differences. Why would he as a minority, especially one of the “talented tenth”. None of this detracts from his contributions to knowledge he has made in his field.

    • Diversity in higher positions is not a tax, it is a replacement pure and simple.

      Over time less and less authority and public figures are from your own people and whites just become used to having others in positions of authority in their own lands. No one even thinks its not right as they grow up with it just being more and more how it is.

      Its why they target those vectors that give them both the return on this disenfranchisement and allow those so promoted to then self select fro their own.

      Just as Silicon valley has done or take a look at the UK govt.

      • trumpton: Very well said. This point – about Whites becoming accustomed to alien people being in authority over them – is vitally important. Something all White children born since 1975 or so have experienced. I can try to explain to my sons what an all White environment was, and we did our best to limit their exposure to diversity when young via private school, etc., but they’ve still been exposed to twisted modern reality through the military or work. They’ve never experienced the true freedom of a genuinely natural homogeneous environment.

    • Regarding the pilot did he have access to the simulators for extra practice? I was just curious if his extra practice was in “the seat” or on Sims.

      Plenty of these scenarios played out in front of me while in the service. One time, a detachment Chief (E-7 black man) could not go with his helicopter detachment because he was not Safe For Flight qualled. SFF is a qualification giving authority to sign off an aircraft as ready to fly. Three months later the command FLEW him out from the east coast to Dubai. Why? He finally was qualified after two years.

      Talking to guys in the det, to a man they repeater the same story: “Deployment was great…for the first three months.”

      • It was both. He got a lot of hand-holding from his instructors, more so than any white or Asian male or female pilot would’ve gotten. In the C-130 world, the gender “barrier” had been broken years before.

    • I was a ship captain in the Navy a few years ago. In that role I was required qualify/certify new officers. I had a three junior officers who had no business being in charge of anything like $1B of government property with 300+ sailors onboard – all “double diverse” (black and female (x2) the other black and flamboyantly gay). All three were 2+2 = 5 dumb, and the females both dumb and generally hostile to most hierarchy. My boss, the commodore, had been repeatedly pushing for me to fire more people in a cheap attempt to promote “accountability” so when I told him that I was looking to “non-qual” three JOs , he was all for it – right until I told him the demographics. We both knew without really discussing anything that I couldn’t do that, and I’d have to qualify them regardless of their performance. So after I left command all three were driving ships, which only through dumb luck didn’t result a 2017-type collision.

  15. They don’t care about consistency. If they did, they would strike down the public accommodation laws of the 60s just like the ones passed in the 19th century.

    “The Civil Rights Bill of 1875 guaranteed all American citizens “full and equal enjoyment of public accommodations,”

    This law was struck down in 1883 because of property rights. The court understood back then that without control of your property, you had no property rights.

    The law is just a weapon now, one of the many arrows in the quiver of the anti-Whites. Even if they strike down affirmative action, they will do so in a way that leaves discrimination against White people legal. I think one of the circuit courts shut down the University of California’s quota system, but did it in such a way that allows UC to still discriminate against White people (I think they said race can be considered as one of many factors, just not the sole factor).

    Will this case even affect the government contractor rules requiring firms doing business with the government to discriminate against White people?

    • I’m sure that they’re ready to go all “commerce cause” on people (“What? You think you’re a private entity? Last we saw you used the public water system which is subsidized by the Regime which means you have to let black people live in your home for free!”)

      • You didn’t build that. You will one day interact with the heathcare system, so you have to pay into it. You will one day interact with a marginalized person, so you must ensure this goes well by proactively propping up their status.

    • CA passed an initiative to end AA in the CA university system. What has happened is that the universities simply began to eliminate/reduce those entry requirements, such as ACT, SAT, etc. which fairly objective in favor of “subjective” and/or alternative criteria.

      The companies that produce these entry exams have seen the writing on the wall and are producing all sorts of new entry “exams” that attempt to measure and score students for “overcoming” hardships, poor backgrounds, etc. Whites of course have few of these “requirements”, so they take a back seat to minorities—which is the entire point.

      One of the favorite methods used by universities here in my State is to assure admission for all students in the top 10% of their graduating class. Since schools are basically self-segregated, it means that a higher number of minorities are admitted than would be without—although their schools might be rated under performing—or even *failing*!

      Even had a family member come in under such. She wanted to be an Engineer and touted how she was tops in her school in math. I attempted to warn her of what was required at the university in her major area classes, but to little avail. She was cock sure it would be a cake walk, since such was her experience in HS. It wasn’t…

      This 10% admissions policy nonsense drifted down to the *one* public HS for gifted students in our largest school district. Son and daughter attended such, so I have direct insight as to the pernicious effects of such policy.

      The HS perennially scored *nationally* in the top 10, closer to top 5 HS’s in the *nation*! All graduates get a free ride to any State University upon graduation. The school district board under the control of Hispanic mediocrities mandated a top 10% across the district admission. In a few years, the HS vanish from the top ten national ratings. 36th and declining last I checked.

      Best book on this is, “The Diversity Delusion” by Heather Mac Donald. Aging, but goes into the CA debacle in depth.

      • Compsci: Texas did/does the same. Top 10% ensures a rash of minimally capable blacks and mestizos. Since the east Asians are fanatical about grade point average, they dominate the top 10% at the few Whiter public high schools. The loser, as always is the White kid.

      • The bottom 33% of non-diverse school student bodies outscore the top 10% of “diverse” school student bodies.

        A very large number of high school graduates in the “diverse” blue cities are functionally illiterate and innumerate. Many of them posses a 6th grade education.

        Without objective testing, merely transferring the top 10% of all the other schools to a magnet school will result in the destruction of the magnet school.

        Just as the cops and politicians have been caught cooking the books in crime and quality of life measures in these diverse cities, many schools are cooking the books for their students. Just a few years ago there was a DC “minority” high school that made national news for every student graduating and every single student sent off to college. The national news media was silent the next year when it was proven they were cooking the books and the vast majority dropped/flunked out of college in the first year..

        Public education is a cargo cult.

        • The irony for those who’ve researched the creation, development, and hopes for objective testing and measurement of student skills was that when it started, it was touted as a boon to potential students of modest means and lower “class”.

          In the bad old days, schooling was for the elite and no one question such. If your father was a coal miner, you too would be a coal miner and as such needed little more than an 8th grade education—why waste resources?

          With that thinking, I’d not be here today. Now that education at the highest level has assumed “universal” right, objective testing is the enemy and must be eliminated. Next step, as pointed out by those quicker than I, is an inevitable return to the past where university entrance is restricted to those of the new (non-White) “elite”. We will have gone full circle.

          • Many times I’ve seen the claim that many foreign universities are basically diploma mills (Greece was one, I think.). Pay the right fees and Junior can get a sheepskin saying anything he likes on it. Of course, such a diploma was worthless in “serious” foreign nations. But apparently it gave the bearer certain bragging rights in a society that values facade over reality.

            In a similar vein, I’ve read that in some nations (India perhaps) one’s ancestry is of social import. It doesn’t need to be a REAL ancestry. And that’s where an entire industry comes in to create fantasy family trees tailored to taste. Do you want to be a distant descendant of some legendary king or even a god? No problem! For the right fee, a document so attesting will be provided for you.

            I think we could make a good argument that the whole pretend thing with affirmative action, quotas and such in all their vile variety fall into the same general category of magical thinking.

          • Ben, your observation is a good one. But we must consider here the concept of “manufacturing an oversupply of elites”.

            “OK, you have a post-secondary degree, however we don’t have a 6 figure White collar job for you. Have you tried McDonalds down the street? I hear they’re hiring.”

    • The Supremes got it right with the Slaughter House Cases, back in 1873. That’s the one where the dissent argued that the majority decision made the 14th Amendment a “vain and idle enactment.” Which it was, and is — it’s victor’s justice, imposed at bayonet point.

    • If I recall correctly, it’s a clever work around: The university can cherry-pick the best students (of color) from separate high schools. The valedictorian from George Floyd High in the ghetto probably only has so-so ACT or SAT scores compared to the national averages (all races) but due to policy magic they gonna pick his black ass on “merit.” The fact that 1/4 or 1/3 of the students at any random plain vanilla (White student body) high school did as well or better on their placement tests is irrelevant. There are about 27,000 high schools in the USA so many cherry trees to pluck.

  16. First, you did an excellent job of framing the relevant issue. Do White people in fact have the right of free association in private settings? The reality-based answer as well as the legal one is they should have a right to freely associate privately and in fact do so and will continue to do so.

    The Court is in a real pickle here as far as the Regime’s moral consensus. Given the same types of cucks compose the “conservative” majority on the bench as are found in other aspects of political and social life, expect a somewhat more narrow and evasive decision than is now anticipated. The Left are the real racists, you see, so it is paramount that Uncle Thomas author a concurring opinion and indicate he wants more than the White majority ultimately allows.

    I expect this will be the moral equivalent of BAKKE, which ducked the central legal issue and applied a strict scrutiny test to permit discrimination against Whites, which is what is really at issue here, too.* By doing so, the BAKKE court said discrimination against Whites was OK as long as legal sorcery was employed that allowed courts to divine if the gods wanted something done that is otherwise impermissible, i.e., the justices know what is allowed when they see it. So it likely will be here, and a test will be pulled from black-robed asses to determine how much state implication is required to prohibit the private realm from discrimination. Maybe a dollar amount will be suggested, maybe another trigger will be employed that draws an arbitrary line. Regardless, the opinion probably will be ludicrous and contradictory and there will be no demand to abolish all discrimination and to end all affirmative action with all due speed in private settings. Affirmative action likely will be prohibited for state actors but even then there may be exceptions carved out such as national security ones to allow Uncle Lloyd to continue to harass the White boys who were foolish enough to serve as Regime janissaries.

    *Any result here is an upside for dissidents in particular and Whites in general since it exposes the Regime as the hostile actor and the ridiculous entity it has become. The mere fact an Asian face had to be attached to the plaintiffs–and there is no doubt the ruse was necessary to attain what they wanted–perfectly illustrates how hostile the Regime is the Whites. The best result would be private entities can do whatever they want, which would greatly benefit Whites, so don’t expect it. The real action here is Harvard, which is why the case was diluted with a companion case from a state university in the first place. If there is a miraculous and therefore unlikely concurrence that suggests the Civil Right Act of 1964 was an abomination and violated all basic individual human rights, expect the legislative Republicans to hop onboard some sort of scheme to codify the right of access to White people.

    • By “right of access to White people” I presume the that you meant the right of non-White people to have access to White people whether the White people want it or not? I.e., White people can be invaded, and in fact “morally considered” should be invaded in any space by non-White people, regardless as an act of aggression and a dominance display.

      • Yes. This is the situation we have now. Non-Whites have legal access to Whites, and the legislative Republicans will try to maintain that bizarre morality.

  17. I think this post is excellent, but I feel one major point is missed. If we have learned anything about legislation in the modern era, the law does not matter – the enforcement does. The Supreme Court can rule whatever it wants, but it can easily be ignored, for the people responsible for enforcement will ignore the law. Just see the election shenanigans, or the abuse of the FISA court, or the NSA abuses, or MKUltra, or the IRS scandal (the Lehner woman, or whatever her name was).
    Any law not fitting with the morality of the times will simply be ignored. What government lackey is going to cut funding of the colleges?

    People keep waiting for a purge like Musk at Twitter. One, we are yet to see what will actually happen, but I am willing to wager Musk will be made to suffer, and Twitter will either be marginalized or forced to submit. There is no similar mechanism for the sprawling beast that is the Government to make even a short term purge.

    • The thing to keep in mind though is that people in the government that are nominally on our side are sticklers for rule-following. Sure California and New York will continue as they were, but red-ish states will at least no longer have to follow the same ideology.

  18. The contradictions are evident on every corporate, “careers”, page. Amazon’s is fantastic:

    Elaborate descriptions of racial quotas followed by a regurgitation of civil rights non-discrimination compliance statements. Google is listing jobs in Brazil that are exclusive to black people – none but blacks can apply.

    In other words the entire system wants to discriminate. Last night I discovered the harpy that runs SpaceX. She prattles on and on and on about diversity. Well, she doesn’t prattle, she ferociously demands that the, “diversity”, discussion be closed and that there be racial and gender apportionment in corporate life. Well, that is, in high status roles. Brick layers, oil platform engineers, deep sea fisherXen, roofers … … not on the radar.

    The line between public and private is a great insight – freedom of association. The shoe has been placed on the other foot. Yesterday’s advocate for freedom of association is today forced to decry exclusion and injustice. Most see people of one race or another being victims. What they don’t see is apportionment based exclusively on race victimizes all.

    What is going to be interesting is how Unis and Corps handle the legal position they will be in. They went from being reluctantly compliant in legal terms to openly embracing the implementation of the anti-white blood libel.

    I disagree with Z that we don’t have a dog in this fight. We do in that we are actively discriminated against. If AA is overturned it will likely be ignored as anti-discrimination laws are ignored. What will change is when whites start suing. This will be viable as long as the “diversity” goals are openly championed. Sue on the basis of violating anti-discrimination laws. In other words, make the anti-white blood libelists incur a cost. Then, properly motivated, perhaps the Constitution of The Third American Regime, (Civil Rights Canon), can be abolished.

    Of course, it isn’t out of the realm of possibility that the domino that falls is a brazen apartheid scheme like the one Hollywood, led by Amazon, has instituted against white men and women – the court be damned. It is like the border. Who holds the reins enforces the border laws. Do the Optimates and the Popolari move ever closer to democracy in the street to see whose butt is in the Consul’s seat?

    • That Amazon page is wild. Yet more of the ‘narrative’ approach to societal control. An entire generation of aspiring writers were unleashed on our society – good at little else than spinning mediocre yarns. But make no mistake, weaponized mediocrity works. In much the same way that a single infantryman can do little, but a thousand infantrymen can accomplish a lot, so too a thousand Carrie Bradshaws can wreak havoc.

  19. If the Court strikes down affirmative action (which they should, it is a direct violation of the 14th Amendment) the Left is not going to give a damn and they are not going to change their behavior one bit. This charade has been playing out ever since the Bakke case in 1978, in which colleges simply quit giving preferential treatment to “blacks, Chicanos, and Indians” and instead said “we are not using ‘race’ as a criteria for admission, we are using ‘diversity.'”

    Colleges have already gone to “holistic” admissions based on “lived experience” and ditched the SAT and the ACT. Some require a photo as part of the application. You can bet your bottom dollar that if “Dontavious Jones” applies and he’s got a zip code that’s 90% black, he’ll get in, particularly after they see his picture.

    A good indicator as to how the Left will react to a Clarence Thomas-written opinion striking affirmative action is how New York reacted to his decision striking its discretionary and arbitrary concealed-carry law. The state called a special session of the Legislature, which passed a law saying “OK, we’ll issue permits to everyone, BUT the permit application will be forty pages long, the fee will be $350, the training requirement will cost $600-800, it’ll only be good for three years, AND it’ll be a felony to possess a gun even with a permit in 99% of the state. Fuck you, Supreme Court.”

    Unless the president is willing to send in the 101st Airborne with bayonets fixed to enforce the Court’s decision like Eisenhower did in 1957, the Left is going to tell the Court to simply fuck off and continue with business as usual.

    • > Some require a photo as part of the application.

      Sounds like those face modifying apps are going to be popular. What are they going to say “Huh, you look a lot more black in your picture.”?

    • There are a lot of little Andrew Jacksons embedded in the bureaucracy and legislative bodies, to be sure. Still, this case and predicament is an exploding cigar.

    • “I disagree with Z that we don’t have a dog in this fight. We do in that we are actively discriminated against.”

      Maybe I misread him, but the point seemed this is win/win, a rare heads we win, tails you lose moment for dissidents and Whites.

      • JD –

        Fair enough. To be pedantic, saying we don’t have a dog in this fight is very different from saying this is a HWW/TWW situation.

        I fully agree with the larger point, which is that you have a system whose order and enforcement is based upon morality. The problem with the morality is that it is, at best, lined with gross contradictions, and more likely based on a deeply immoral desire to enact a blood libel revenge against people who did no wrong.

        That immorality is probably why those born with a moral compass are reviled every single time the AA and now DIE bromides are spoken.

  20. Your summation of the core Montesquieu in paragraph 12 should be required indoctrination in public schools.

    Far more accurate than the “3 branches of government” or ” muh Const-it-tu-shun” claptrap taught today.

  21. A couple of Z Man short statements caught my attention:
    “In the case of racial discrimination, no one thinks you should be required to date outside of your race or have friends from other races”…
    I strongly suspect there are, in fact, someone’s who do think that – since it would, of course, be racist not to date / have friends of other races (least wise if you happen to be Caucasian)

    “Liberal democracy relies on the submission to a common morality”.
    What we do have is UN-common morality – so as those Apollo astronauts said: Houston, we have a problem.

    • > “In the case of racial discrimination, no one thinks you should be required to date outside of your race or have friends from other races”…

      Post a white family with six kids and watch the hate flow in. Rest assured, it won’t be illegal to marry a fellow white, but you’re going to start to see a huge social stigma in prog circles.

      • Its not hate, its just the mind worms from the NPCs getting agitated.

        They don’t even know why, they have just been implanted by media with the stimulus reactions.

      • “you are going to start to seeing a huge social stigma in prog circles”

        It is a two way street. The CEO of a global manufacturing company spoke at my son’s [based, traditional Catholic all-boys] school a few weeks ago. I know nothing about this man except:
        1. He actually came to my son’s school, and,
        2. He has seven natural born children.

        Having a large family is like a secret handshake.

    • Stranger in a Strange Land: Same statement caught my eye – and not because of some amorphous fear that such a ‘requirement’ may be instituted in the future. As I’ve said before, that ‘future’ is NOW. Witness the reeing when online dating sites note who prefers to click on whom. Black men hit on everyone; White men tend to date White or have yellow fever.

      As Chet Rollins notes, there have been multiple incidents of online hate against White families for years. Any family featuring more than two White children – particularly if they are fair haired – will be shamed as ‘white bread’ or bland. I have avoided t.v. and its anti-White ads for years, but if I try to waste time playing online cards I am subjected to endless ads all featuring magic blacks and clueless Whites. I’m looking to switch from USAA insurance because their massive diversity advertising and new black-rap themed ‘jingle’ make it clear we’re not their preferred customers. Zman, please find some insurance company to feature that doesn’t cater to diversity!

      Blacks have been calling White inheritance racist for a number of years, and demanding that Whites leave their houses to blacks to rectify ‘historical inequity.’ The Christian head of Hobby Lobby is leaving his money to various causes (doubtless color-blind) so as not to ‘spoil’ his family. There is a growing move to challenge any will that is seen as less than ‘fair,’ regardless of an individual’s wishes.

      The separation between public and private morality that Zman notes is not sign of a division between public duty and private preference. If you own ‘you,’ as Zman often notes, you own your labor and the products and profits from such. If it is legal/ethical not to be forced to bake a cake for trannies, it is equally ethical to choose not to open one’s business to feral savages.

      This faux society cannot crash soon enough for me. It’s a 24/7 assault on decency and morality and history and common sense. Were Sodom and Gomorrah worse? I doubt it. Whatever perversion or fetish or disgusting habit one can imagine, it is championed and publicly supported. Burn it all with fire.

      • The Globalist American Empire belongs with Sodom and Gomorrah in the mass grave of history. The sooner it dies the better for Europeanity and the rest of humanity. I bet there will be spontaneous celebrations all over the Earth on the day it becomes apparent America is no more.

      • Acuity Insurance is based in Wisconsin. All customer facing staff seem to be nice, white midwestern types. A bit cucked, but they do not seem to go with the self-loathing.

        • Mow – Thanks; I’ll check them out. USAA provided excellent customer service 35 years ago. Today, not so much. Part of it is market-driven, for sure – there is a smaller pool of military offices, the diplomats are woke, and an increasing proportion of the armed services are black/mestizo. Older Whites (who don’t want stock investment services) not required.

    • There are already people out there saying that we are “transphobic” when we are unwilling to have sex with male homosexuals who have a fetish for unconvincing plastic surgery and wearing women’s clothing. Didn’t these people just tell us that unwanted sexual advances are the worst thing ever, literally rape? Never mind that. Troons have a totally real Constitutional right to “sexual self-expression,” with you. Yes, you. You personally. You specifically. Even a moment’s hesitation mean’s you’re LiTeRaLlY wOrSe ThAn HiTlOr. “Silence is violence!”

      It sure didn’t take us long at all to get to the Weimar Republic stage, did it?

  22. “Authoritarian systems rely on fear of the people in charge of the state…Liberal democracy relies on the submission to a common morality.”
    In my opinion, these two statements describe two aspects of the current regime in the U.S., in other words, the iron fist inside the velvet glove.
    More often than not (though not always) it is banks, other corporations, academic institutions, social media platforms, etc., that do the enforcing, rather than those paid directly by the state, but these so-called private institutions comprise a integral component of “the people in charge of the state,” arguably a more important component that most people who are paid directly by the state.
    Stated succinctly, today Liberal Democracy=Authoritarianism.

    • “More often than not (though not always) it is banks, other corporations, academic institutions, social media platforms, etc., that do the enforcing, rather than those paid directly by the state”

      There’s a ruling class consensus that a bit of diversity is desirable from a PR point of view. Some token blacks and Latinos have to be put in high-profile positions (in this “land of opportunity”). The raison d’etre for this is presumably to ward off the threat of race riots. Perhaps the idea is to co-opt the “talented tenth”, so that they don’t form the leadership of a disgruntled black underclass. But I speculate (as I am wont to do).

      • I would note here an historic observation. When did we have the most trouble with Black riots and civil rights protest? In the years shortly after civil rights legislation passed. My conclusion is that such concessions mean little, except to always encourage greater demands.

        • Every year that passes makes it a bit more clear that it would have been a lot cheaper to put them all on leaky Liberty Ships for a one-way trip to Monrovia. It would have been a lot cheaper to pick our own cotton.

        • I’d say your observation is accurate enough. Other factors might include: impatience for change (those that are realistically achievable); but ultimately resentiment (sort of “resentment” on steroids) — typically applied to a large group: frustration at their lot in life coupled with being powerless to improve it. This latter term would seem especially appropriate to the Negro. A large number know, consciously or instinctively, that as a race (or even as individual) they are simply incapable of rising to the level of the White world/culture they live in. If that be true, then a sudden legal expansion giving them “rights” to do so, but lacking the ability to avail of the new opportunity, must be galling.

          In Spain they had a saying that echoes this feeling: Giving almonds to a man who has no teeth.

          • Galling, yes. But when the race hustlers whisper in their ear that their current plight is not of their own making, but due the pernicious racism of the White majority, dangerous as well.

  23. This piece tracks well with your Takis post yesterday. Our ideologists believe the inevitable progress on the right side of history leads to the destruction of privacy and which means the end of the line between private and public sphere and the amorphous blob can be turned into identical little animatrons. On the tip of the spear, people are writing articles saying if a normal man doesn’t want to date a man in a dress, mutilated or not, he is the greatest sinner, a bigot. These people do think you’re a racist for not dating outside your race or not having friends from other races. We can’t live with these people

    • Or, we can openly admit we are racists and have no reason not to be. It is after all our right to be a racist if we choose just as it’s their right to marry a half black half Indian scar-faced mute in a wheelchair who is a voo-doo priest and a trans-gay-alien.

      • Hoagie: Your comment brings to mind what I believe will be a huge “inflection point” in our culture. That point will come when enough White folks stop fearing the threat of being deemed a racist. It will happen when enough Whites no longer try to convince anyone that they are not racists. It probably won’t manifest as the outright admission of racism which you suggest, at least not for most people (few are sufficiently courageous to be so honest even with themselves). It will instead amount to Whites saying something along the lines of the following: “We don’t care what scary word you use to demonize us. We’re going to pursue our own preferences as we see fit and we’re not going to apologize for doing so.” An attitude like that would qualify as a massive leap forward for a majority of today’s Whites. Many signs indicate that we are already headed toward just such an inflection point. When we will actually be there is anyone’s guess.

      • The use of the word is a kafka trap in itself given the current conditioning.

        It would be preferable to reframe the self preference all sub-species have internally, in order to avoid triggering the conditioned response.

        Its been so long since Europeans were talked about as indigenous or natives, I am not sure people even have that concept any more, yet its applied in the rest of the world without hesitation.

        So I am unsure what that would be?

    • Whitney: Very well said. If one believes there is ‘a’ truth, one single morality, then there ought be no difference between public and private morality. The spiteful mutants contend there is no single truth and push cultural relativism along with moral relativism – not necessarily because they believe eating bugs or human brains is ‘superior,’ but because it is transgressive and alien to White, Christian, western sensibilities.

      Bantus are to remain bantus, and Han to remain Han, but Whites are to be bred into some amorphous mystery meat. No other race is slated for extinction via death and miscegenation. Whites have been made the universal scape goat and the world’s sins placed on our heads. The belief in a scape goat is very Juice and old testament – Jesus himself specifically said that the blind man’s impairment was not due to his ancestors’ or any man’s ‘sin,’ but that God’s mercy could be made manifest – as Jesus then healed him. Of course, this is directly contradictory to those churchians who proclaim birth defects and physical/mental infirmities are all due to ‘the will of God.’

      • Whites are targeted because they are on the top. If one looks at other examples (many) of mixed races/cultures—non-White—we see similar mixing problems that result inevitably in violence between those on top and those not so gifted.

        We survived and thrived until the demographic numbers of Whites declined and the increasing amount of minorities reached a tipping point such that they could exert their pernicious influence—and of course, we have any number of traitorous Whites aiding them which speeded the process.

        Point being that it’s not simply a White “thang” or phenomenon. It’s a race mixing phenomenon where one race is very different in biological and social advancement from the other.

        • How can that be solely true?

          Japs are on top in Japan, Chinese in China, Nigerians in Nigeria, Indians in India, Arabs in Arabia, Jews in Israel etc.

          They are not targeted because they are on top in their own locales.

          • You misinterpreted my point I fear. Perhaps the words “on top” are too vague. Japanese are in control in their monoculture. Chinese in theirs. Etc. We (Whites) *were* in the *controlling* majority until the civil rights acts and the change in immigration patterns favoring expansion of our current minorities, rather than expansion of the original European founding stock.

            Our new immigrant population is not of the caliber of the historic founding population and therefore naturally form an underclass and will only continue to do so until the White population becomes vanishingly small. Until that time, Whites will be seen as the enemy to be fought against…because we are “on top” and can only remain so until we disappear. I’ll leave “disappear” to the reader’s imagination. 3g4me has the best description I fear.

            There are any number of smaller historical examples of race/culture mixing. Chinese for example settled in nations as traders and grew prosperous over the local indigenous population before the inevitable war broke out between the two—the indigenous population not putting up with such economical displacement.

            There were for example several purges in the Philippines by Spanish colonizers in the 1500’s of Chinese traders when they became too prosperous.

            A more modern example is Rwanda and the “war” between the Hutu’s and Tutsi. Tutsi were the minority, but were doing much better than the Hutu’s economically. In part due to the former colonial power preferring Tutsi to Hutu. Nonetheless, the Hutu’s weren’t having it and that lead to genocide.

            None of my examples are of the form “White vs non-White”, they need not be. It’s a matter of simple resentment between two widely divergent races/cultures. I can research more examples, any number already cited by Sowell in his research on effects of such race/culture mixing—when the races are divergent in ability and therefore success.

            I see such happening here in the USA. We’ve reached the limit of attempts to elevate our major minorities to White abilities and sensibilities. Now comes the other side of the coin. 🙁

          • @compsci

            I agree in part as to the effect. But the denial about the motivation in this instance seems odd.

            Europe was a an effective monorace continent until about 50 years ago.

            Somehow it was targeted, unlike all the other areas listed in your and my examples for millions and millions of imports of dysfunctional people.

            I understand it is not the main part of your point, but you write as if mass immigration just sort of happened.

            I say again, whites were not just targeted due to financial position, they were targeted systematically to be overwhelmed in their own continent through combined govt traitors and media action. It is entirely anti-white and not similar to the other historic events you list.

            There is no comparative event that has deliberately imported and pushed out it own natives on a gigantic scale with with an underclass on a continent wide scale?

          • Trumpton. I can’t deny that we have a “5th column” within our race. I will attempt to include your observation in any further comments for fullness.

  24. Unfortunately, this case is just another opportunity for colorblind CivNats to cry about “equality under the law.”

    If the Supreme Court rules against AA, it will be a set back for the DR. The CivNats will will rejoice and point to the decision as proof the the system works, refusing to understand that it changes nothing.

    • It will not be a setback for dissidents. We have no dog in this fight other than to cheer on the struggle within the system to sort of out its many contradictions. This case just weakens the system by creating more problems for it. That is good for dissidents.

      • I agree with your article. It’s very thoughtful – and correct. But my Normie neighbors will view a ruling against AA as proof that the system eventually will “do the right thing” and uphold equality under the law.

        They won’t think about such a ruling’s implication for thoughts and actions in the private sphere vs in public. They will view it from the surface level: Our society believes that discrimination based on color is wrong and, therefore, our system still has hope.

        That said, I hope that you’re right and that I’m wrong.

        • You will do well to not underestimate the ability of normie to come to the wrong conclusion, but this is not an issue you would debate with normie, other than to introduce the phrase free association. Otherwise, the topic is beyond his ability to grasp. Frankly, what the last half century has taught us the opinions of normie are not important anyway.

          • Yes. As they say economics/investing, Normie attitudes are a lagging indicator.

            But, as you’ve said, we can plant seeds. Freedom of association is definitely one of them. It acts on the level of morality, which is key.

            However, dissidents shouldn’t waste too much time trying to convert normie. Building ties with other dissidents and small communities is what matters. Normies will come around on their own time and as they notice an alternative.

          • CoSC,

            When I first read the article, my brain went to the exact same place as yours. Now that I’ve had time to think about it, I agree with Z. There is no helping Normie, he will either figure it out eventually on his own like many of us did or he won’t. I know my normie conservative friends cannot be broken from the “we’re all the human race” spell. It is ridiculously ingrained in them. When their daughter is raped or a loved one is murdered by diversity they may still not even come around. Look at the father and GF of that murdered football star in Georgia. They couldn’t wait to forgive the chimps.

          • As Jrsus once said in one of those “hard sayings”, “Leave the dead to bury the dead”.

            Those who are dead to reality are almost entirely unreachable, and exist in another sphere. They, like a drowning man, may pull you under if you try to reach them on their terms. Any hope you have of triggering new insight in them lies in modeling for them through the conduct of your own life. Them who have eyes to see, or ears to hear, let them see and hear.

        • I tend to agree with Citizen because I know what effect striking down race-based preferences would have on my normie conservative brother. Such a ruling, combined with the second amendment ruling, may give him another five years of faith in Conservative Inc., which we agree will not get the job done of delivering a world in which any of us want to live.

        • Nothing will wake up Normie. Nothing. The reason such a decision would give him hope, is the same reason a fortune cookie saying “Big Brother is watching you” would give him hope. He wants to believe, in defiance of all reason and history.

          I spend a lot of time wondering how America went from the Wild West to the kosher kennel.

      • > struggle within the system

        Assuming the court rules as you have suggested, how might it affect federal hiring practices?

    • It would send the enemy reeling and shrieking at the sky. That’s a good day at the office any day.

  25. Reversing AA is going to get messy in a hurry. Does this mean that companies and institutions are now free to hire based on the testing of applicants’ ability to actually perform the required work? Testing is a dirty word among the radical egalitarians. How do you gently explain that race and IQ are real? Pull up a chair and get yourself a big bag of popcorn, because this is going to get interesting in a hurry?

    • My sister, a teacher and also a believer in the pursuit of equality, informed me recently that college admissions tests cannot predict how well a student will do in college.

      She also says IQ tests only measure how well you can take a test, and have no predictive use.

      Of course I told her that’s nonsense and said that eliminating those tests were a way to get more blacks into colleges, which was a thought that never occurred to her.

      Since achieving equality is impossible, the inevitable result is to lower or even remove standards. (you probably don’t want to travel by air in a few years as the airlines “diversify” the cockpit.)
      Reality is so pesky to the magical thinkers.

      • “My sister, a teacher and also a believer in the pursuit of equality, informed me recently that college admissions tests cannot predict how well a student will do in college.

        “She also says IQ tests only measure how well you can take a test, and have no predictive use.”

        On what basis is she saying that? There’s a correlation between scores on the SAT (or ACT) and academic performance. Someone getting a 1000 or even 1100 on the SAT is not going to do well in engineering, physics, or math programs: the brain power just isn’t there.

        The SAT/ACT is just an IQ test in drag, and as such does have predictive power *statistically* — and not necessarily on an individual basis.

        • Arshad Ali, I know, it’s amazing. Even though she seems moronic, believe it or not, she’s not. She’s a prime example of someone who’s been immersed in propaganda for a long time. She subscribes to the New York Times, watches CNN, reads Nikole Hannah Jones (whatever her name is; the orange haired anti-white black woman.) and believes what the NEA promotes.

          • Wolf Barney: Does your sister suffer from an excess of empathy? I suspect that with a lot of progressives, rather than being deliberately evil, they harbor an unusually high amount of empathy which makes them easy suckers for bleeding-heart propaganda. Their own virtue is exploited and used against them. An example would be all the schoolteachers who push LGBT perversions on young children. Most of those teachers are probably not “groomers,” contrary to what far too many conservatives like to assume. Rather, a majority of those teachers have an overabundance of empathy that more pernicious interests can harness and misdirect toward destructive purposes.

        • The military uses the ASVAB test, and it’s unapologetically an IQ test.

          Because it’s highly predictive.

          To feed the hamburger grinder in VietNam, Robert McNamara started “Project 100,000”, where the standards were dropped. Recruits with IQs in the 60 range were enlisted/drafted with predictably awful consequences.

          “McNamara’s Folly, The Use of Low-IQ Troops in the Vietnam War” – Hamilton Gregory an excellent book, starting with what it’s like to actually live as a low IQ person.

          (Private companies, generally, don’t have the luxury of IQ testing. It’s mostly illegal)

          • If memory serves, the US army doesn’t take recruits with IQs < 85: they've found from bitter experience that it takes an inordinate amount of time and effort to teach them the simplest skills and pieces of information. Of course that disqualifies half of the black population there and then.

          • ProZNoV: The ASVAB is, indeed, an IQ test. And fwiw, my older son’s results on the ASVAB pretty much confirmed what we already knew from his 7th grade/age 11 SAT results. Please note that such tests do not measure either common sense or wisdom, nor curiosity and creativity. However, they do accurately predict memory capacity and processing speed, which together compromise what is commonly understood as raw brain power.

        • They need to parrot that. It’s the equivalent to flashing gang signs and for much the same reason. Whether they believe it’s true is another matter. It’s become that meme where “but is it worth losing my job over?” is the operative phrase.

        • “college admissions tests cannot predict how well a student will do in college”

          Sure, nowadays when the classes stick you in a group project with a bunch of lazybones and all the work gets dumped on the one competent guy.

          All-nighters in the lab from each according to their ability, As to each according to their need.

        • She is saying that because she is Dutton’s” classic definition of a “midwit”. She knows enough to parrot the prevailing orthodoxy, but not enough to critically analyze it. Parroting the prevailing orthodoxy gets her a good job and social standing among her peers. Knowing any more would not be useful and most likely detrimental. There is no impetus to change from within.

        • I don’t know its origin (Maybe Elliot Jay Gould from his famous and rather fraudulent book “The Mismeasure of Man”) but I heard that exact phrase from my brainwashed liberal* friends in Maryland twenty or thirty years ago.

          The SAT test, in particular is the “Scholastic Aptitude Test.” It was designed to predict a student’s future success it does at university.

          *Proudly displaying a photo of you and your wife with then-President Clinton probably qualifies.

      • That’s like saying the drills NFL teams put draft prospects through like the 40 yard dash and weight lifting tests only measure those things and have no predictive use for determining who would be a good NFL player. It may be true on the margins, between two guys who run 4.25 second and 4.3 second forty yard dash, but a guy who runs a 6.0 second forty and can’t bench press 200 pounds is never going to be an NFL player. Your sister and her fellow teachers are taking the academic equivalent of that kid and are pushing her to go to college and telling her the only reason she won’t have success is because of racism, sexism, etc. It is an evil way to treat these kids.

    • You CAN test people for their ability to do the job IF the test measures their ability to perform daily tasks. I work in IT. I can test a programmer by asking him/her coding related questions. I can even have them write a section of code to solve a problem. Because I’m looking at if they can write executable programs.

      Where you get into problems in the current world is a general IQ test, or educational requirements that do not necessarily relate to your day to day job. That’s where Duke Power got into trouble with the Black Robed Legislators. Per La Wiki:

      “As such, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act prohibits employment tests (when used as a decisive factor in employment decisions) that are not a “reasonable measure of job performance,” regardless of the absence of actual intent to discriminate. Since the aptitude tests involved, and the high school diploma requirement, were broad-based and not directly related to the jobs performed, Duke Power’s employee transfer procedure was found by the Court to be in violation of the Act.”

      Unless we’re overturning the Civil Rights Act, that proviso will stay in place.

      • > . I can test a programmer by asking him/her coding related questions.

        At my company, we’ve gotten to the point where we hire solely based on interview answers and coding questions. The last three applicants I didn’t even know what college they went to.

        When colleges comes up in conversation, the best developers still come from where you expect (UofM, MIT, etc.), but getting into a solid college is, in itself, just an incredibly tedious IQ test, and it’s not that their classes were that much better. These same guys would still be the best if they only took a one year boot-camp and a year or two of on the job work.

        • Two of my sons are in that field. One has an EE degree and the other has a compsci. What i know you could put in a thimble & have room left.
          When they talk shop i am no longer the parent.
          Both did explain to me that codeing came to them naturally.
          Both have crazy math skills, made extra cash tutoring asians. Fortunatly
          They got their mothers left brain skills.
          I dropped out, went to trade school. & am very excited because i finally got a cordless grease gun.

          • Don’t short yourself. Even if unintentional, the combination of genes from you and the wife presents a unique environment for the child. Current thinking: It take two, not just one smart one and one dummy. No, really. What you’ve stated is the old way of explaining children’s differences, but the science seems to be somewhat different in explanation, so don’t sell yourself short. 😉

        • “… getting into a solid college is, in itself, just an incredibly tedious IQ test,…”

          Is this true if the candidate is Black? As has been noted by many here, Blacks are sought by all schools to fill their “quotas”. This, via AA, causes an inevitable mismatch between candidate and institution.

          • It is not just schools. It is all institutions – including corporate America. Competence matters less and less. I see it because I do a lot of hiring. When we encounter a black who is incompetent, they want us to hire them anyway. It’s good for the diversity score, which is a real thing.

        • “At my company, we’ve gotten to the point where we hire solely based on interview answers and coding questions”

          That always screwed me over because I’d get nervous during a job interview and draw a blank on whatever binary search tree algorithm question they were asking.

          Who gives a shit anyways? The C++ STL already has it all implemented so you don’t need to reinvent the wheel to get your precious log time performance.

      • It occurs to me that companies could IQ test people upon their employment and rank competency after five years. That would almost certainly demonstrate the performance related IQ factor.

        After that, start to do it as a part of the application process.

        Look Judge. Smart guys do better and get fired less. We want more of them.

    • That will never happen as many companies are run by true believers. They will change nothing about hiring practices except now they won’t be as vocal. I fail to see how this will deliver a blow to the “all men are created equal” crowd. For decades we saw reality take hold in this space, but reality was denied in recent years. All inequities are now due to “muh raycissms” instead of biology and culture.

  26. Philly’s Girard College fits right in here as to the wrongness of Brown vs Board of Education:

    I was an infant when it happened but it was still being decried years later when I was about 7 or 8 and began paying closer attention to what the elders were saying at family gatherings.

    A person’s will, Stephen Girard’s to be exact, was overturned which quite correctly shocked and angered all right thinking people. If the Supremes decision puts this back to right it would indeed be a first domino toppling in the dissident direction. Or perhaps Restoration would be a better name for it.

    • Sad story. Girard College is now 84% black.

      Review from a current student in 2017:

      “If this school was amazing in the past, I can tell you it definitely isn’t now. Roaches are all over campus and most of the staff have a terrible attitude. The students act as if they don’t have a filter in the brain. Constantly being rude. The roaches are completely out of a nightmare, they literally crawl out of the drain and the staff doesn’t do anything about it. You go to tell your RA and he or she will just go “Well go kill it, then!” I have to say the environment isn’t the best for learning, the classes are small of course (10-15 students to be exact) but the environment I feel as if would prevent your child from learning without distractions. Overall I do not recommend this school.”

    • That’s been happening for a long time. It’s mostly been when an immigrant population overwhelms/replaces a founding one. I could give multiple examples.

      • My father grew up in the Bronx. He is now 76 years old. He used to tell me stories about how beautiful of a place it was, and how nice the neighborhoods were. There were the occasional turn wars between the Irish, Italians etc., but nothing serious. Everyone lived by a code and it was very safe.

        As soon as the vibrants came in, and they came in by the busload, it destroyed the entire area. I often say, nuclear bombs are no match for the destructive power of the American negro. It is astounding what they did to the Bronx (and other boroughs) in record time.

  27. I wouldn’t count on Roberts to vote to strike down AA, regardless of what he questions he asks during oral arguments. He clearly views his role on the court as trying to uphold the consensus opinion of the ruling class. This was why he pushed Kavanaugh so hard to fink on overturning Roe even after the ruling was leaked and crazy lefties were threatening to kill them them both. The problem for the left on this one is that the black woman had to recuse herself from the Harvard case because of her previous job at Harvard. Roberts trying to craft some compromise where the Court claims it is wrong to discriminate against Asians but ok to discriminate against whites would not be a surprise.

  28. It seems pretty obvious to me that if affirmative action is overturned, universities will do the opposite of having objective admission standards. They will move to completely opaque “holistic” admissions. Nobody will be rejected because of race. Of course not! But, amazingly, a large number of blacks with sub-standard exam scores will continue to gain admission over Whites with good scores because the blacks have important “life experiences” that make them more “holistically qualified” despite their inability to handle the academic regimen required of them.

    That the Ivy Leagues would suddenly drop to less than 1 percent black students is an unthinkable consequence to both liberal and “conservative” Whites. Tabula Rasa is a bipartisan fantasy.

    • The push to get rid of entrance exams was in anticipation of a day where they could no longer use race explicitly in admissions. If the whole process is subjective it will be a lot harder to prove discrimination.

      • Bingo. Objective tests of ability serve as a data point to track/evaluate the AA admissions as to success in field of study—both in class instruction, graduation rate, and future employment.

        It’s got to go.

    • “that make them more “holistically qualified” despite their inability to handle the academic regimen required of them.”

      The way the system works is that they are admitted to garbage majors like “black studies” and “sport science.” Then they get hand-held personal attention to get them through these programs, with even the grades often being doctored. It’s the same system as at most high schools — you will find the East Asians, Jews and (some) whites and South Asians in the demanding areas like AP calculus, AP comp sci, AP statistics, and so on, with the blacks and Latinos concentrated in the remedial programs, and the rest of the whites in the normal programs. Everyone knows that blacks are not going to university to study partial differential equations or stochastic processes.

      • The other slice to this, which is ongoing, is the degradation of the worth of a college degree. After the Duke Power decision businesses outsourced the testing to colleges (with the high school diploma at that point having long since been compromised). My guess would be that it will end as all late-regime plans are going: they’ll win the battle but lose the war.

      • “… blacks are not going to university to study partial differential equations or stochastic processes…”

        As mentioned, that’s not the issue. What happens is that within the various disciplines of the institution, there is a push to examine *why* there are not more Blacks in Computer Science, Physics, Math, and the like.

        The answer that “they can’t hack it” is not acceptable. The only acceptable answer is “discrimination”. Dept’s are pressed hard to get their numbers of minority graduates in line with population numbers and administrators wants.

        We saw this in our dept with regard to women. Heck, we even had a well known instructor who is now being cast into the void for claiming 50% numbers for women are a ridiculous goal since women don’t particularly care for the subject matter (true).

  29. As far as I know CalTech and MIT are the only schools that are based on straight merit. As a consequence they have large cohorts of East Asians. Harvard, Yale, Princeton and probably a host of other universities discriminate against East Asians to the extent that an East Asian has to score 50 extra points on the SAT to have the same chance of admission as a white. They have a quota system, which they’re rather coy about. On the other hand, a black can score two hundred or even three hundred points less than a white and still get admitted (usually to some garbage program like “sport science”).

    In passing, it’s interesting to note that there is no discrimination against Jews, despite their being over-represented at the (so-called) elite universities.

    • I have no objection to anti-Asian discrimination, especially toward foreign-born students. Why? Because this is my country, not theirs.

      • If you look at SE Asia in the majority of countries you cannot own landed property, or own a business if your are not a citizen, or even have a pathway to citizenship under most of the visa programmes.

        I don;t get why that is OK, yet for the west it is not.

        No one even seems to mention it, perhaps they do not know.

      • This “major” has always made me laugh, not the least of which is because at a previous job I was asked to sit in on an interview with one such candidate.
        Said candidate – Hakim – was polite and well dressed (It was a Fortune 500 Corporation), but it became obvious after the initial telling of his tale (Why do you want this job and why do you think you’re qualified over some other candidates.) that he might have been a plant.
        My supervisor asked all of the questions and I think I was there more as witness (HR was only involved on the periphery as this was an IT position. This also took place in ’99.) anyway, when asked specific questions about the position and what type of IT experience he had, Hakim really didn’t have an answer.
        My supervisor asked him his work history and if he had done any IT work there and again the answer was no.
        So my supervisor then asked him about his degree, specifically what were the courses about. To this guy’s credit, he did not turn the interview into a grandstand, he continued to be polite and respectful, but after a summation of his four years of: A history of slavery in America, Colonialism in Africa – The effects still being felt 200 years later, The civil rights movement, etc.
        My supervisor said, “I’m trying to find out what IT experience – if any – you have. You do realize that this is an IT position and after listening to you run down the list of the courses you took at college, it sounds like you basically majored in being black.”
        Again, Hakim did not get angry, or incensed, he told my supervisor, “Well that’s one way to look at it.” to which my boss responded, “Please tell me any other way of looking at it? We’ve been here for twenty minutes now and I have yet to hear you give me any IT qualifications for this job. You said you worked at a non-profit, did you do any IT work there? Did you work on an email server, anything like that?”
        Hakim did not have an answer and my supervisor simply thanked him for his time and that was the end of the interview. I asked him later if he was worried about something like this getting in the papers and told me he wasn’t. He went on to add that the company takes IT and it’s security seriously and they weren’t going to put up with someone unqualified having access to the keys of the kingdom simply to have a token employee. He never heard anything more.

        • “Said candidate – Hakim – was polite and well dressed (It was a Fortune 500 Corporation), but it became obvious after the initial telling of his tale (Why do you want this job and why do you think you’re qualified over some other candidates.) that he might have been a plant.”

          Eh, you might have gotten Hakim from a “body shop”. When I worked at MegaBank we put out a request that our team needed a candidate who had to possess:

          .NET or Java programming experience
          Some form of SQL experience (at the very least connecting to and querying / manipulating data)

          I will never forget some firm sent us a polished, articulate African immigrant.

          Who only did front end web design and development. 🤦🏻‍♂️

          A UX designer before we had UX designers.

          The guy had an impressive portfolio of work to show me but I needed a .NET or Java coder who could connect up to a database or two and update data. Something he’d never done.

          I don’t think he was a plant. Normally we’d phone screen people before we met face to face, but we needed someone ASAP. That’s when a lot of firms grabbed whoever was available and sent them along. Perhaps the hope was we were so desperate we’d take anyone who could fog a mirror.

          As fun as US firms were, Indian IT forms are a whole ‘nother ball o’ wax. Thank goodness for Teams and Zoom so you can confirm the guy you phone screened is the guy that showed up to the face-to-face interview, and that nobody was coaching the candidate on the answers while he was on the phone.

          • We did troubleshooting for a windows-based in-house program and we used a combination of Novell & Windows NT servers.
            Like I said, this was over twenty years ago.

      • What is the graduation rate for the black students? I bet a large portion of them never even make it.

    • Nope.

      MIT used to require passing 3 SAT II exams to enter.

      They dropped that years ago.

    • Arshad Ali: One quibble here – if by ‘straight merit’ you mean test scores and advanced course grades, then there is no merit to be found. Our local public school district had lawsuits 20 years ago from Orientals battling it out to the 7th decimal place to determine who was to be valedictorian (and which courses ought to carry what point weight). Stats equal wisdom wonks like Sailer and others have written multiple columns reporting on how Orientals and others cheat and/or game on Western standardized tests. Juice set up the whole SAT test prep/strategizing centers and do their own version of gaming the system.

      Please note this is not to say that none of those admitted to the top programs are qualified, but that they are highly likely NOT to be the best qualified either in general, nor in particular in determining a White society’s future needs. For a multicultural and dysgenic world, perhaps they will suffice.

      • “One quibble here – if by ‘straight merit’ you mean test scores and advanced course grades, then there is no merit to be found. Our local public school district had lawsuits 20 years ago from Orientals battling it out to the 7th decimal place to determine who was to be valedictorian (and which courses ought to carry what point weight). Stats equal wisdom wonks like Sailer and others have written multiple columns reporting on how Orientals and others cheat and/or game on Western standardized tests. Juice set up the whole SAT test prep/strategizing centers and do their own version of gaming the system.”

        All this is true. They know how to game the system. The parents are often what we call “tiger moms” — and indeed there is even a book with that title by Amy Chua (?). They are driven in a sense I see no-one else driven — not even Jews maybe. Offhand I can remember at least one piece I read contending that universities have found that East Asians match up in performance to their prior test scores. There are other little small things — the propensity to cheat and cut corners; the propensity to work in groups on what should be individual projects. I don’t see whites doing this.

      • No disagreement 3g4me, but the concept that those metrics *are* being accepted—bogus as they may be—is still important. If you are selected upon a good score, you’ve ceded that your skills are measurable/testable. I then reserve the right to get rid of you based upon future testing and evaluation—not minority status.

    • I didn’t get into MIT or Caltech with 1580/1600 on the SAT and a 3.9/4.0 GPA. Plus during their seminars they prattled on about how much they factor in all those subjective things, ostensibly extracirriculars. Well, I had volunteered at the library with all the little shits that were forced to be there for community service from minor-in-possession charges. Sportsball, jazz band, all that crap as well.

      Was only later on that I learned about how all the admissions staff at the top universities are nosenbergs and the only way to get admitted is to mention a holocaust granny in your essay.

      • Look, if you are White, it’s a crap shoot. The pool of vacancies for Whites is limited. I bet you could have had perfect scores but still failed to get admitted, such is the demand. As 3g4me sagely noted, the AA candidate takes up a spot that could have been yours if you’d been the correct flavor of minority needed for today’s “check box”. You lose, and what’s worse, society loses as your replacement will most likely not be of the same ability/quality as you’d have been upon graduation.

        • In the mid-90s, the flagship state school I went to was still had a points-based admission system that credited a few extra points to folks like me that grew up in Small Town, USA.

        • I think it was on unz where they pointed out that the number of national merit semifinalists is about the same as the number of elite college positions. So it is AA admissions and nepotism that’s keeping much of the talent in the middle class out.

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