The Case Against Trump

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The January 6 committee has finally wrapped up its work with a series of criminal referrals for Donald Trump. Exactly no one is surprised by this result, as this was obviously the point of the charade from the start. The only people surprised by the ending are the cranks and crazies that still bang on about Trump. The one interesting thing about this is that it highlights the defining feature of the people who compose the core of the anti-Trump cult.

There are two big questions with this latest development. The first is whether the Department of Justice will go ahead and indict Trump. Merrick Garland has been under intense pressure from the crazies to throw Trump in jail, but he has so far found a way to avoid deciding. He just appointed one of their favorite goofballs to operate as a special prosecutor. It was a delaying tactic, much in the way that the appointment of John Durham was a way to run out the clock.

Garland is a bloodthirsty fanatic like the rest of his cult, but he understands the danger of bearing his fangs in public. If he makes it too obvious that his cult no longer has any respect for the people or institutions of the country, there could be trouble. These people believe deeply in the power of narrative, so the narrative builders are busy inventing new stories to provide the content creators in the media. These things take time, so the final call is probably months away.

The other big question is whether this is good for us. There are a few schools of thought on the whole throw Trump in jail business. The conventional school is that even though everyone knows this is Stalinist nonsense, it is another blow to his brand, which is dying from a thousand cuts right now. The cumulative effect of these assaults is slowly marginalizing Trump. At some point, Trump will have to agree to go out with a whimper and thus leave his supporters without a leader.

That seems to be the thinking of the anti-Trump cultists. They think they are the white hats with the support of the public. The counter is that Trump is once again blessed with the best enemies. Just when people get tired of his act, his opponents remind the world that Trump stirs the passions of the most loathsome, vulgar people at the center of the current crisis. No man has been blessed with the volume of free media as Trump and this is just more free attention.

There are other scenarios for how this plays out. Garland could formerly charge Trump and then the Republicans mount a “totally spontaneous and authentic” campaign to remove him from primary ballots. In the same way they engineered Congressman Steve King’s exit from politics, they would run the same scam on Trump. By coordinating with the other party, they would pretend they are simply protecting the party from this obviously bad man.

From a dissident perspective, this would be manna from heaven. No one would be fooled by this and it would bolster the case for boycotting the party. The only thing keeping many people engaged with Republican politics is the hope that the highly corrupt leadership could one day be replaced. Trump is their symbol of hope, so his engineered removal by party leaders would be the final straw. Millions of Trump voters would suddenly start thinking about boycotting the system.

Even if the Republican party sits this out, Trump getting hauled away in chains is good news for dissidents. Given what has been revealed about the FBI’s involvement in censuring speech on-line and the DOJ running a domestic spying operation on Congress, it is hard to not see the bananas in this republic. Biden having his political rival thrown in prison on manufactured charges would instantly vaporize support for the system as a whole.

George Washington famously said that the last act of any government is to loot the treasury, but he turns out to have been wrong. In pre-ideological societies, this was probably a fair observation. Like the rest of the Founders, Washington was deeply influenced by the English Civil War. He had ancestors who fought on the side of the king, so it was more than just historical. In the age before ideology, money was what eventually broke the legitimacy of government.

In the ideological age, the final acts of the government are about snuffing out the last flames of love the people have for the cause. The Soviets eventually made even the most loyal communists cynical. Mao had to murder a lot of people, but eventually the ChiComs lost faith in communism. Of course, the final acts of revolutionary France were to bring the Jacobins to meet Madame Guillotine. As with marriage, when the love for the cause fades, the relationship soon dies.

That is the way to look at this Trump business and all the other stuff that has been revealed over the last decade. The loathsome degenerates parading across the political stage rely on public faith in the system. Every outrage undermines that faith until a tipping point is reached. Maybe it is Trump being thrown in a dungeon or maybe it is something else, but the tipping point is always closer than we think. Godspeed anti-Trumpers, Godspeed.

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168 thoughts on “The Case Against Trump

  1. Trump has a presence with inspires. The enemy seeks to eliminate all our hope, our enthusiasm, our history. The enemy uses every opportunity school: media, gov, to erase our spirit, fill minds with anti-spirit.

    But Trump comes about and makes White people feel good about themselves, that there can be a future… The Enemy seethes with hate

    • i worked hard for him in both runs , but he is still Studying ” internet censorship . In other words he didn’t really do Anything for us .

    • Sure, my brother has an unshakeable faith that Trump is the Savior.

      But Trump just wants praise from anyone who will give it to him. He’d prefer to get praise from Ivanka’s friends but if that is not on offer then he will settle for your praise.

      He would sell out the historic American people to get a single black or chosen person to say something nice about him. “Lowest black unemployment rate ever!” “I am Israel’s greatest supporter!”

      It just seems like a bad plan to encourage fealty to this guy.

      I voted for him both times, although the second time only at my brother’s urging.

      • lol I am beginning to think I am the only person who voted for him in 16 but not 20. You do you but I’m just amused that this seems to be the case.

  2. Ah, but they =are= looting the Treasury; what do you think all the “money for Ukraine” is really about??

    • exactly. its over $80 billion , and another $42 billion in the new budget. we transfer the money to zelenski, he puts it into dark funds like FTX in his owners names , and a cut for the folks who sent it from DC. All of them , in both parties and in the three letter agencies. then he fights with donated weapons and unpaid conscripts , until they are killed. what a monstrous thing. satanic in scale and scope.

  3. I take you’re not on the west coast,
    All three states are “fortifed” as goes california as goes the country. Free & fair is coming to your state right down to dog catcher.

    Only approved COMMUNISTS allowed.

    There i said it. Commie, commie commie.

    • “There i said it. Commie, commie commie.”

      Okay, Mark Levin. Our struggle is not ideological, it is tribal. If you believe that I am wrong then organize a multi-racial anti-communist opposition. But why is it that only a subset of whites enlists in your cause and almost no one else?

    • Current year baizuo like money and bling way too much to be communists. They want you to be a communist. They have no interest in being communists themselves.

      • It’s mostly young people who believe fat youtubers who tell them that they shouldn’t have to work or pay rent.

      • Last I checked, that’s the way communists work. They liked having dachas by the Black Sea. They didn’t want anyone else having dachas by the sea, though. They liked bling too – they had the foreign currency access in order to shop at the Pewex and Intershop. You didn’t, though.

        Everyone likes money and bling – even communists. The whole point of communism is to keep them away from the public and the public away from them.

        Which tells us what communism really is – a social promotion scheme for resentful bureaucratic losers who can only keep themselves at the top by outlawing social mobility for the rest of us. Just like modern globohomo.

    • A rose is a rose is a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet.

      Call in Communism, totalitarian, fascism, xyzism they all smell alike.

      The pre-existing natural tribal nature of man is being exploited to divide and conquer and to distract us from the plan to achieve total control, power, and riches. Every thinking person understands the facts about HBD, but they are ignored in order to create tension, unrest, fear, and excuse criminality. It’s all about power and control. You will all eat bugs, own nothing, watch football, play video games. You don’t even have to go to work, you will receive a guaranteed minimum income. Allowing illegals to bring in drugs is a covert way to distribute the soma pill.

  4. Z-Man Trump being hauled off to prison (which is a slam dunk of course it will happen) is very, very bad for us because it won’t stop there. That’s what you are missing. It will be full court press against every White man in existence, essentially. That has been the dream of Lefty since Bill Ayers and Barack Obama. A Gulag nation.

    That’s why we see Bio Leninism. All the freaks and crazies. The Twitter files revealed that weirdo transgender people who are anti-Fa were working hand in glove with the FBI at Twitter to go after … people with 30 followers. And actor Billy Baldwin. [You’d think his brother would give him protection.] Its why you see Sam Brinton as the face of the Administration. Or Admiral Rachel Levine.

  5. “The other big question is whether this is good for us.”
    Fuck yeah, swill that semen CUCK.

    • Look, I heartedly disagree with Zman’s optimism, such as it is. I am way more pessimistic. However, people like you write such stupid, pointless things. Do you not consider that optimism is what drives him to work as much as he does? I read and enjoy his writing 5 days a week. I may not agree with his conclusions or outlook, but morons like you produce two sentences (only one of original thought). If you come here and do not agree with his outlook, have you considered that the outlook is what makes him prolific? Again, I agree with other posters who believe that this is the start of the public struggle sessions against every right-leaning person. However, I temper that with the acknowledgement that Z must have some hope; otherwise, he would just be tossing all his work into an (figurative) abyss. The despair would quickly lead to the pen font drying, as you can never fill the void of the abyss.

      • At worst, it is coping, not cuckoldry. Further, Trump is no bride of mine or, I would venture, Z’s, for Trump exploited the white nationalist streak and then turned his back on it.

    • Dude ! have you had any luck shaking your friends out of the “trumps gonna fix this” frame of mind? I haven’t. this will open their eyes , at least I hope. ALthough I can here it now…..” dude , it’s part oft he plan ! he’s just in prison there because it’s a safe location to continue rounding up the traitors. they will think they’re safe while he is there , and come out .”

  6. Rando (from comments) said, “Garland may be restraining himself with trump but not his supporters. We still have hundreds of people who believed in trump rotting in DC dungeons. Trump only cares about himself and has done nothing for these people.”.

    Bingo — this is EXACTLY why Republicans showed so poorly in the midterms. Tucker blabbed for an hour trying to explain why they lost and came up with nothing at AmFest this weekend.

    The ugly truth is Trump’s own selfishness did him in.

    If Trump had immediately made a huge deal out of how J6 was a trap, where were the police, why did Nancy and Chuck only have 5 guards on duty that day, and why were those 5 guards so chatty-cathy with the “terrorists” coming through the doors if those people were so dangerous? And made a huge stink of them becoming political prisoners – complete with circulating metal bracelet armbands of each POW like they did for Viet Nam POWs. As opposed to backing away from it all and letting the left fill in the narrative vacuum with their own ridiculous fiction and NG rings of safety around the Children’s Capitol for months on end. Julie Kelly certainly understood this.

    As it was, Trump’s inaction (and sulking obsession about losing) gave them free reign to come up with the Tall Tales of Terror narrative that advanced their cause. And in creating their J6 narrative (along with booking and jailing the J6 terrorists) the Dems turned independents away from not only Trump but the GOP in general. That’s why the expected protest vote didn’t materialize.

    We all know we are on our own in the end. But it’s a wasted opportunity that Trump came so far and couldn’t have maintained himself as the definitive leader into the next destructive phase. He pissed away enormous momentum. He STILL wants an invitation to cocktails with the Park Ave crowd. In the back of his mind, he still wants acceptance from “his betters” – he STILL doesn’t fully understand or accept that “his betters” are trash.

    • “The ugly truth is Trump’s own selfishness did him in.”

      Maybe. If one believes the election was free and fair, sure, plausible. Personally, I’m of the opinion that the win just wasn’t enough to overcome the margin of cheating. Selfishness did him no favors, but IMO didn’t materially affect the outcome too much.

      • The steal is obvious to those who have seen it before.
        War was declared openly that day.
        J6 “insurection” ?
        This party is just getting started

      • trump had 4 years to prevent the steal, and did nothing. he didn’t even get a competent loyal AG in place!

    • 2020, 2022, and all future elections have and will be decided by mail in ballot “turn out.” Everyone on this side is trying to bend the outcome to their theory that trump “lost the white vote in 2020,” which is impossible while gaining 10 million votes, or “we finally convinced white repubs to boycott in 2022.” Even the most radical democrat pollsters admit it was mail in ballots that flipped districts, washing away many white conservative territories’ voices since they had so many POC ballots from down the street. White conservative americans on average are not racially conscious. They worship black rappers and athletes, and still assume tax cuts vs socialism is the issue. They think blacks will become ben carson, all hispanics are ted cruz, and think judaism is just a religion. My own boomer dad has called me hitler for talking about IQ and heritability of violence. Trump didnt lose any of these people by talking about black unemployment or disavowing wignats. Their brains dont even register as being a race of people. Trump knows that and he knows boomers better than anybody. Trumpism was bigger than trump. It was the last chance to see if race blind patriotism could stave off annihilation. It crashed against the rocks of dishonest, ethnocentric blacks, hispanics, rich jews, and disgruntled white women, all willing to transform “voting” forever. It will be several generations before average white americans have any racial consciousness. All we can hope for now is whatever speeds up as many secessions as possible.

    • you fool. you talk like that “election” was real or something. What has the GOP done about ANY of this?!?!? . grow up. the “GOP” is in on everything. computer programming beats Momentum every time .

    • That’s the saddest part of this article. Even if they left Trump alone to run and even win in 2024, he wouldn’t change a damn thing. He has shown no sign whatsoever that he has learned anything from his experiences. He still pushes the death shots, hasn’t lifted a finger to help the J6 prisoners, and is busy dissing other patriots. While the Dems are obsessing about Trump, we should use their distraction to build up Red states against the coming storm. DC is done.

  7. Have no idea if it would work or be effective, but I wonder if instead of counselling not to vote, which I actually think is the best course, if getting a massive amount of GOPers and normies to join the Dems and steer the evil party that way might be the play. Idk. It’s probably stupid and a waste of time.

    • I think over time the hispanics will influence the democrats more toward conservative issues socially and away from afrocentrism. It might be decades though, because we’d need the (((usual suspects))) to age out of leadership.

      • “If there is hope, wrote Winston, it lies in the hispanics”.

        The millions of Aztecs who have wandered across the border in the last few years and their multiplying descendants will be as faithful to, and enthusiastic for, the Democrats as the blacks have been.

        Back in the 1990s, Grover Norquist pushed the idea that Muslims would be ideal Republicans because of their conservative family values. Turned out to be a silly idea, but people continue making the same mistake about the Meso-Americans.

  8. While Trump being arrested and indicted would absolutely destroy the system’s credibility, I’m worried that most people will instead see this as a final, crushing defeat. When the CCP was losing credibility, they simply sent tanks to crush the protests in Tiananmen Square. This didn’t bring the force of the populace down on their heads, it did the exact opposite- the populace was pacified and now the citizens live in fear of their government.

    We should’ve overthrown the capital on January 6. If Trump goes down now, we’re going to be under a dictatorship for the foreseeable future.

    • You are under a dictatorship right now, could it go from “soft” power to hard power? Possibly. Would be a tipping point though to see if the ‘mountain of guns’ are more than mere paperweights which is what they are currently.

    • dude nobody went to jan 6 to overthrow anything. that is just stupid . nobody here would support that either.

  9. Bad news for you, Z-man: It doesn’t really matter whether he goes to jail or not.

    The rabid anti-Trumpers will still hate him. The pro-Trumpers and QAnons will find some new cope about how Trump is still the shadow president. No leftist is going to “wake up” and realize they’re wrong now. Orange Man Bad, Orange Man is a Nazi Taliban.

    No Republican, or “right winger” in the Anglo-Saxon sense will win again at the national level due to demographics and election fortification (one could argue that these two go hand in hand). Perhaps one day a right wing dictator will rise up, as has occurred in most Latin countries, but that’s a long way off and ultimately meaningless, essentially just another dictator rising out of the political mosh pit of a shit hole country.

    The good news: it doesn’t really matter whether Trump goes to jail or not. The system is losing legitimacy on its own and is being challenged around the globe. No point wasting energy on playing Red/Blue politics. Continue fostering independence away from the mainstream system.

    • QAnon: “Trump is directing the Plan and his White Hats in the deep state from his prison cell! Hillary and Pelosi to be frogmarched immanently! Trust the Plan! LET’S GOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!”

      (Please send more money.)

    • Haven’t you heard?

      DOJ won’t pursue a case because DISCOVERY!

      The PATRIOTS of the armed forces will rebel at the sight of their beloved commander in chief in chains!

      ELON will release the dee-ems, and then the BLACKMAIL will be on the other foot!

      Have the Democrats considered the PRECEDENT?! Once they do—ho ho!


      Conservatism is cope unto death.

    • Exactly, B215: You said it better than I ever could have. Forget DC, forget Red v Blue. If you want to see fake combat, watch WWE.

  10. I’ll start with the truth that 2016 caused a mass psychotic break on the “left” (for lack of a better term), from which they have been unable to recover, indeed that spiral continues, and this is the primary underpinning of clown world.

    That happened because the “left,” after two terms of The Precious, believed their backward enemies were vanquished forever, and the progressive utopia was at hand. They were unable to accept that rug being pulled and being denied the power that they felt as entitled to as if it were a birthright. TDS is not and has never been about the Bad Orange Man. If you are old enough to remember when Mitt Romney, John McCain, and George W. Bush were Hitler, you know this is true. TDS is about the “left” being unable to accept being denied power. Thus, the republic is dead, for the republic required the ability for varying parties to share and cede power. That is gone.

    So you’d think being back in power would make them happy, right? No, they are still miserable. For the mere existence of opposition is proof that their power is not 100%, which is what they now require. Waiting to defeat the BOM again in 2024 the same way they did in 2020 would be recognizing him as legitimate, which they are incapable of doing. So the BOM must be crushed finally and for all, and that will happen. Which still won’t solve their problem, but they don’t know that yet.

    • Most “conservatives”, from grilling normies to Christians to Dissidents seem to be relatively stable, content and able to find enjoyment in their lives. Even those QAnon people with InfoWars stickers all over their car are friendly and happy, if a bit weird.

      Even being aware of all the doom I still feel content most days.

      “Leftists” seem miserable even though they seem to be in complete control of most of the West. They’re stuck in an abusive relationship with their own ideology and with those who control them. Clearly they are not happy with their lifestyle, and gaining control has not really benefitted them in any way. I agree that they seem like broken people and they broke sometime around 2016.

      Perhaps it’s similar to a woman who wears the pants in a relationship – she isn’t happy at all despite dominating the man.

      • It is exactly that. Leftists are psychological weak people. Sure, this has a genetic component and their unhappinness is genetic. They are drawn to leftism because the left says that they are wonderful as they are and the world is to blame.

        This is poison sugarcoated with candy. While following leftism, they reject the things that could make them happy: family, religion, nation, duty, rules, a structured life, repenting, correcting mistakes. They see these things as evil so they reject the things that can help them with their unhappiness so they end up even unhappier.

        This is hell, according to modern Christian doctrine. The inhabitants of hell could leave but they don’t want. They hate good and love evil too much.

        A sane society would not let these people to get power. They would be constrained by rules. They would protest like spoiled children but they would be happier.

        Now that they have full power, they don’t know how to explain their unhappiness so they resort to a) inventing utopias (we are not happy because everything is not 100% like we want) b) finding scapegoats (Trump, the right).

        The wonders of modern medicine and the wealth produced by technology make that these spiteful mutants survive and are more abundant than ever. This is why they are demolishing Western civilization.

  11. You would think they would love Trump and maybe even help him win. Trump talks a good game but is a centrist Democrat when the rubber meets the road. Plus, he has no principles and everything is negotiable. He couldn’t get the wall done, but he had no problems with social justice criminal justice so-called reform and letting drug dealers, rapists and murderers out of prison because they’re black.

    • Trump’s also fully onboard with heauxmeaux “marriage” and presumably Trannyland, as well. With each passing month, the distinction between Trump and the man who stole the presidency from him vanishes. I can envision the day when the distinction no longer exists. What this means is that Trump’s only worth to us is what Z describes–as a symbol of hope to be ruthlessly crushed, thus forcing the scales to fall from Griller eyes.

      • the trouble with grillers isn’t what’s in front of their eyes; it’s what’s (not) behind the eyes that is a problem.

    • they need the rage target for their followers. have you ever tried to talk to them about anything? you could start with “the peach crop is down this year “. they in 46 seconds flat they will have spun the discussion and themselves into a spitting rage about TRUMP!! TRUMP!! ad Infiniteem.

      • Fair’s fair. I gotta admit, when I read “the peach crop is down” I immediately thought: Gee, I wonder who’s to blame for that? Who? (Always the goddamn Whos. #handrubbingintensifies) So yeah, I can understand that kind of obsession. The difference is that I’m aware that I have it, which makes me check my default assumption. Plus, I can laugh at myself about it.

  12. Not voting is no longer a vote of no confidence, if it ever was. The reason is ballot harvesting. It is now only the deluded who don’t understand that affidavits in 2020 and 2022 about “return to sender” ballots that the powers that be can’t account for means that they were instead filled out for you. You will be counted as a disillusioned Republican who crossed the aisle to vote for sanity.

    Wisconsin shows that simply 104% voter turnout is not sufficient. Even 200% might not be enough. It might take something like 20 million Pennsylvania votes (population 13 million) for those outside the dissident to admit to seeing the bananas.

    • In California’s gubernatorial recall election, Republican residents of San Fernando Valley who arrived to vote at the pooling place, were surprised to find out they had already voted.

      This garnered quite bit of new coverage. It was these voters who had the greatest overall impact of the flow of events.

      • Right, and that’s where the biggest advances might be made. We can’t count on Republicans to do it, but maybe there’s a way for dissidents to become ballot harvesters. If it were to come to pass that Dems show up to polls and are informed that they already voted by mail, and, particularly, if there could be more harvested than the population (think those 35 ballots sent to a studio apartment), the clown world character would be irrefutable.

        It wouldn’t even take all that much. A few dissidents in the Post Office could make sure the RTS go not to the DNC, but to the Office of Chaos. Going around collecting ballots before the DNC organizers show up. Use your imagination.

        Since the RNC can be counted on to take a dive, so long as it only hurts Republicans, it’s only going to get worse. The only way I see out of it is to have it impossible not to see the clowns.

    • That’s a good point. The algorithmic “organizing the world’s information” hand of La technique is already deep into ballots. Every last vote-unit will be squeezed out of the data-shmoo-battlespace, it doesn’t really matter if we “withhold our support” like some Victorian league of matrons— of course that is how a hypermoralizing Leftist would workshop this same situation, and they know that scam so well, thus they laugh at our helplessness. Economic collapse is basically the best-case now

  13. The thing that gives me the most hope is the utter geriatric condition of the global communist leadership. At some point in the near future, Soros, Pelosi, Schumer, Brennan, McConnell, Romney, Hilary, Schwab, and Bill Gates will all be dead.

    I don’t know what comes next, but it will be different.

    • “the global communist leadership…..I don’t know what comes next, but it will be different.”

      No matter how different the circumstances get, will conservatives ever stop calling their enemies communists?

      • “…will conservatives ever stop calling their enemies communists?”
        The answer is no, because that’s what they are. Most of the Republicans in this country are also communists. In fact for those of us that have been paying attention, the blurred line between the “parties” has all but disappeared.

        • They are postmodern, anti-white Leftists, and they will use whatever economic system is at hand as a tool to help annihilate the white race. In other words, whether they’re communists, capitalists, socialists, mercantilists or barterers is immaterial. It’s not the economy, stupid (and I don’t refer to you specifically).

      • I’ll do you one better, aand say I hope the grillers go LR2C (Ayn Rand libertarians are the real Communists). And I sort of mean it— the effect of these dorks has been to normalize socialist totalitarianism, regardless of what they were “trying” to do. It’s quaint at this point to judge ideological camps by how relatively pretty and consistent their pamphlets have been.

          • Libertarians lean more to classical liberalism, which argued for greater rights (in the old fashioned sense, freedom from government coercion). Hence the smaller government. In stark contrast, the modern “liberal” concept of “rights” is more government power, enhanced rights for favored groups that almost always require a loss of rights of the out-of-favor group, and wealth transfers.

            The distinction is imperfect. For instance, giving women the vote was surely a “classical” liberal move. It didn’t cost the Treasury anything. I suppose one could claim a “cost” being that the value of a man’s vote dropped by half.

  14. When the toadies and trollops start burping “democracy” in every second sentence, is that a nervous tic or brain damage from their fourth booster?

  15. Cellphone video cameras are everywhere nowadays and consequently you can find endless viral videos on the internet depicting ordinary people acting out in senseless rage in various life settings. In part, this pent up rage is due to financial stress that is growing with each ratchet of inflation, but methinks some of it is also due to the Crazy which is metastasizing everywhere as evidenced by the fact that there are no adults left in DC. Almost everyone is either a crook or a retard, and there is absolutely no shame in any of them. No transgression is off-limits. Even the Stasi is now viewed as being a criminal enterprise, so no help to be found there.

    What does all this mean? When the collapse gets underway, that pent up rage is very likely to explode in unpredictable ways. I doubt that LEOs will be prepared for the extreme reactions that will be encountered in the coming riots. Cities will burn as an expression of this repressed anger, but it could get much worse than that too. Those are the wages of institutional insanity. If you’re smart, don’t be in a city and don’t be a LEO on the riot line (call in sick that day). And they are doing this on purpose.

    • Yeah, our heroic Men in Blue may find that kneeling before the Kangz isn’t gonna do them much good – and, as a matter of fact, made “law abiding” individuals hate them.

    • Speaking of the Stasi, they just convicted a 97 year old secretary with accessory to murder, presumably mass murder. They are a bunch of bloodthirsty demons. A 97 year old secretary. A woman typing and filing.

      • In a couple of ways this is a good thing. It is a travesty but it will be a good precedent for our side when we get to the trials part of our reaction to the current craziness. That poor woman should be left alone, her life is pretty much over anyway. But they just can’t stop, can they?

  16. “In the ideological age, the final acts of the government are about snuffing out the last flames of love the people have for the cause…. As with marriage, when the love for the cause fades, the relationship soon dies.”

    Yes indeed.

    One can’t but wonder if the flames of love that “conservatives”/Evangelicals hold deep in their hearts for Israel/Likud/the kippahs will be the last extinguished by the cold water of reality. One would think, from the likes of Instapundit and Breitbart, that “anti semitism” is the most important issue facing the “nation” (for lack of a better word). And, of course, the sole source of “anti semitism” is the Democratic Party, which of course also “hates israel.” The stupidity of those people is almost beyond comprehension. And, of course, various polls have shown that there is no group of people loathed by the Kips than white Evangelicals.

  17. Trump is finished. This is not about the “regime” or the “Deep State”. It’s about the last gasps of the Republican Party. The insider creeps who run the GOP must put someone up whom they can control because that’s why the donors pay money. Winning or losing isn’t the issue and really hasn’t been since Bob Dole got nominated.

    As far as prosecuting Trump goes, the discovery process alone would be a three-ring circus. So I doubt it will happen unless he decides to run. Why energize the remaining Trumpers by prosecuting?

    Meanwhile, my donor friends in Florida tell me DeSantis is indeed running and he is already aggressively fundraising. There’s just no money for Trump now. The Regime harasses anyone associated with him, even squares like Tom Barrack. So who is going to publicly back him and risk their business future?

    • From the “It Will Never Happen” files, but if DeSantis wanted to play 4-D chess he should hope that the GOP acts in concert with the Biden Regime to have Trump charged. Then in an act of righteous indignation, publicly disavows the Republicans and runs as an independent.

      Of course he’d likely lose those sweet donor bucks, but positioning yourself as above the fray may be the only way he can overcome our fortified democracy.

      • The problem is ballot access is even more fortified than mail in voting. He wouldn’t need to get on all 50 ballots, but I have serious doubts anyone could win enough states as an independent to get the highest number of electoral votes (presumably you would just need a plurality).

  18. I’ve always said that Trump was AINO’s Gail’s Gracchus. So bc perhaps the end has been foreordained.

  19. Hopefully, Trump will be frog walked in front of pre-staged CNN, MSNBC, and other regime media outlets in some early morning hours raid at his Florida compound. Following that, a large media circus kangaroo court trial where all the plebes who have a messianic faith in him can see the farce of what our country has become, with commercials for Disney+ and Pfizer’s latest AIDS suppression drugs for homosexuals.

    Dunno what will drop the scales from most eyes, but a clown show is a good start. Obviously nothing else seems to do it.

    • For the down votes, I have a question: What else besides a huge kangaroo court circus, could actually reveal to the 74+ million Trump voters that this country isn’t theirs? What better way to help delegitimize this fetish in the belief that they can turn the country around as long as they Just. Vote. Harder.

      Go ahead, put out a better scenario that could happen. At this point, anything is better than the slow-motion train wreck before our eyes. An installed meat-puppet in the White House, foreign policy that makes the NeoCons drool in anticipation of another overseas adventure, and the entire dismantling of the notion that we are a sovereign country.

    • Kerensky and Antonio Primo de Rivera never saw the end of their revolutions. Big social changes always need a bloody shirt to waive around.

  20. It’s an excellent analogue for the JQ. Likewise would be solvable if reason could prevail, but it’s an asylum. Nothing to be done but stay out of the way, let it destroy itself, and build in parallel for when it’s gone.

    • “… if reason could prevail, but it’s an asylum.”

      Nail, hammer – struck there. Look, IMO we’re all McMurphy in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” Except one must rewrite the ending, so it is not only The Chief that steps out, and becomes a free man. However, said Chief had something going — he kept his mouth shut and got the hell out of the asylum in the end.

      All the other characters are there from Kesey’s book, writ large. Obviously, Nurse Ratched has now been canonized, and there are unlimited women, and ‘men’ willing to play that role from online tattletales, doxers, to the stupid young persons at Home Depot that tells you to put your mask over your second nostril with glee, the moment they were empowered with jurisdiction over you.

  21. I’ll say what I have for a while now: I highly encourage people to keep voting at the state and local level. Many politicians at that level are quite good and genuinely deserve support, state-level elections in red (and even many purple) states remain mostly unfortified, and who your local elected sheriff is probably has just as much (if not more) bearing on your real life day to day as who’s in the White House.

    But the national-level GOP, and the DC political machine in general, is simply hopeless.

    • Last I voted, the State ballot was blended into the Federal ballot—and has always been so. So my question is, if the election process is corrupt and the “vote” can be “rigged”, why are State and local offices exempt from such? To make/support my case, AZ is at the center of the national spot light for 2022 voter fraud.

      In Maricopa County—the largest in AZ—30% of Election Day ballot tabulating machines at the polling places were inoperable on Election Day! This occurred *after* the mandatory testing and certification of these machines the night *before*!

      Of course, the overwhelming majority of folks casting ballots on Election Day (vs mail in) are Rep’s—not Dem’s. A failure to vote due to long waits or referral to alternative operational polling places certainly suppressed the opposition party’s voters.

      The system is corrupt. The corruption affects *all* votes—State, Local, and Federal. Only a fool plays a rigged game.

      • “Only a fool plays a rigged game.”

        Agreed, emphatically. What, we ‘know’ the feds rig elections but trust locals? That’s like my ‘eff the goobermint’ friends that then went and 110% trusted the jab narrative. A total disconnect from where I sit and I count a bunch of them as vax regret folks- most swearing off boosters, more jabs, ‘never again’ people. I do wonder how many are dead out there in this camp, dead with regrets??

        Someone wise said a man cannot serve two masters. One guy’s wife, after leaving her role on a ‘real housewives’ show had to take one last look over her shoulder, at the sun glinting off her beloved Caddy Escalade. And was turned to a pillar of salt. Poor lady.

      • There is a distinction, compsci. The votes are tallied locally, and results for non-local elections are passed up the chain to State. In a red county, the local votes are probably counted fairly. But when the state or fed election tabulations get passed to the state Capitol, they get “blended and fortified” for that fresh Who We Are aroma. There isnt really an “in” for the Democrat Fortifiers on the county level, but I would be absolutely shocked if the vote count my county’s officials send on as their vote tabulation is what is actually put into the election results by the deep blue sec state in the deep blue capitol.

    • I take you’re not on the west coast,
      All three states are “fortifed” as goes california as goes the country. Free & fair is coming to your state right down to dog catcher.

      Only approved COMMUNISTS allowed.

      There i said it. Commie, commie commie.

  22. I say to the nutters running the country, go ahead and file charges against Trump. The resulting war in the courts would be popcorn-worthy entertainment. A conviction would finally convince a ton of CivNats that elections are pointless against the Antiwhite Cult that rules this country.

    If the Collective was intelligent rather than animal cunning, it’d leave Trump alone to run and lose to Biden/fill-in-the-blank Democrat zombie because of all of the one-party states no longer in play and the colonized states like Arizona and Georgia seeded with foreigners and Blue state refugees that are turning blue. He’d then fade off the scene with a whimper, loved only by his true cultists.

    • “A conviction would finally convince a ton of CivNats that elections are pointless against the Antiwhite Cult that rules this country.”

      My imagination fails when I try to envision what will happen when a ton of CivNats lose their faith and recognize their dispossession.

      God bless the CivNats, they really love our former country and their wildly inaccurate beliefs about people of all races loving the Constitution and our Founders.

      The sense of loss and betrayal that will be unleashed would be like a faithful husband finally realizing that his beloved wife has been the town bicycle (“everyone rides her”) behind his back for decades. Again, my imagination fails when I try to see how they react. Try to imagine what Rush Limbaugh would have done if he had had his love of America forceably taken from him and defiled.

      • Civ Nats will never fight. If Trump goes down, VDH will just increase his “10 things to save the Republic” to 20 things. And Rod “The Turd” Dreher will write another screed about Benedict Options.

    • “A conviction would finally convince a ton of CivNats that elections are pointless against the Antiwhite Cult that rules this country.”

      I’m not convinced. Here in AZ the Rep party is running a full court press to convince their members that the “Trumpists” are responsible for their defeat. These Trump diehards ruined the election by showing up at the polls rather than mailing in their ballots early—so as not to “overwhelm” the system. Convenient rationalization to explain defeat while ignoring the elephant in the room—ballot process corruption and no successful attempt to fix the election process after 2020, even with a Rep majority in the Legislature and a Rep Gov.

      Further, the Trumpists are too ideological and puritanical in their beliefs—calling those “other” Rep’s in office or primaries bad names and such. In short, Trumpists are tired of playing the Washington Generals role in the game. 😉

      CovNats will not be disillusioned if there is even a fig leaf of alternative explanation can be made to cover their wrong headedness.

      • Compsci, did you vote in that election? If a persuadable Arizonan asked you for advice about voting in that state, what would you say?

        • The last election was the *first* I did not participate in. That’s a long stretch of naivety.

          I would tell folk, they are foolish to participate in a rigged game—it just encourages them… 😉 This Thanksgiving, my relatives (in Maricopa County) were silent about the election. I did not bring it up.

          I no longer argue such with anyone. It is pointless—although I might commiserate if they bring such up. Those people are die hard CivNat’s and will not be persuaded by logic. They will most likely die good CivNat’s, but they *will* die and unfortunately so too their children and their race.

          Arguing with such folk is pointless. They look at the election fraud charges (court sworn documents) and still argue for the process. When they admit to one aspect of the fraud, the retort always is, “…well that’s only a few votes….the election process always has those anomalies….”. This always leads to the next rabbit hole. In a “death by a thousand cuts”, who cares which one lead up to the final outcome?

          No point arguing, it can not lead to resolution for people whose coping mechanism is to gasp at straws. And to be fair, is it my *right* to dissuade them from such coping? Hell, in hospice we give the dying unrestricted opiates to ease their final days of suffering. Hopium as Z-man has noted is as powerful a narcotic.

      • Anecdote:

        In spring/summer ’04, I was living in Tucson, AZ. AZ was through-and-through red – back then! A soft-left Independent who voted for Nader in ’00, I was resolutely anti-Bush, anti-Empire, etc.

        The 2004 Bush/Kerry contest was heating up, and I considered volunteering with the Pima Co. Democrats: but what Yentas! What Dweebs! Turned off, I wrote a letter to then – Gov. Janet Napolitano (“D” – AZ…) offering services and strategies to motivate the anti-Bush voters of AZ in advance of the November election. Ms. Napolitano (who later became head of DHS under Obama) was a high school friend of the Jesuit who had recently baptized my Goddaughter – so I “name-dropped,” and, don’t you know, my letter got a response.

        Janet’s staff reached out and conveyed that “the Governor sends regards to Fr. XXX, SJ, and thanks for your input, but ‘all is under control; there is a long-term strategy in place that will see AZ turn (permanently) blue, probably not in ’04, but certainly within the next few election cycles. You can count on it..!'” .

        Perhaps “The Fortification of Democracy ™!”, has been in the works for some time, eh?

        • “Perhaps “The Fortification of Democracy ™!”, has been in the works for some time, eh?”

          Indeed it has. I just didn’t think it would be the blatant corruption of the process, but rather the demographic change we were seeing. Nonetheless, we are screwed. Reform of the election process is Impossible now that there is a 50/50 split in the Legislature—close to it anyway. The Dem’s are powerful enough to stop any meaningful electoral reform.

          The only way to get electoral reform is to use the same methods of theft the Dem’s use to “win” elections. Only if the election process is fixed in Rep’s favor, will the Dem’s shout foul and reform it. Of course as mentioned by Z-man, the Rep’s don’t do that sort of thing and so are beaten by their own moral code.

    • I disagree entirely. I don’t think any of that will happen. I think the civ nats are so conditioned to believe in the system that they will simply shift their blind faith to DeSantis. The only scenarios I see are these:

      1. Trump doesn’t go to jail and runs and is crushed in the largest margin of victory ever recorded.

      2. Trump goes to jail and DeSantis runs and Biden is installed no matter what.

      No matter what, normies will continue to bend over and take it while voting harder next time.

      I hope I am wrong.

      • 3. Trump could fail in the primaries—with a little help from the RNC—leading to a third party run or the Trumpists staying home. Either of which leads to an outstanding defeat yet again for the Rep’s.

        BTW: I no longer care whether I’m right or wrong here. I’ve quit the game.

  23. The best outcome for dissidents would be for the Gaystapo to make a martyr and political prisoner of the Bad Orange Man. His value as a propaganda tool is far greater than anything he would or could accomplish as a President.

    It will also create the conditions to hopefully destroy the Republican Party, and guarantee that the next potential leader will be serious as a heart attack, not a CivNat buffoon like the BOM. He will be a real, not a potential, danger to the regime.

    • Yes, martyrdom is the only way Trump is beneficial at this point.

      The Republican Party effectively was destroyed when Trump was elected. Even the most clueless started to view the GOP as a corrupt Soviet-style controlled opposition party from the 2016 primary to the present. Loss of an illusory controlled opposition party was a major blow the Regime. Take note that while hundreds of thousands of Trump voters did not go to the polls in November, that particular aspect is never discussed. I have previously written that the only way I would vote again would be if Trump were indicted or charged, and it would be for him and act as a no-confidence vote in the United States. That now may not be the best route if enough people continue to boycott the system. If enough refuse to participate in the charade, it is the best no-confidence vote imaginable.

      The immediate reaction to the latest will be states and people continue to disentangle from the Imperial City of the Evil Empire II. As I’ve written before, the first state that independently develops a credible weapons of mass destruction system and the willingness to use it will lead the way to the next stage. On the economic front, I actually hope that CDBC is forced upon us because localities then will start to de-dollarize in some form of parallel economy (I realize barter is a thing now but I’m referring to a large-scale system to trade independently from Washington).

      We are about to live through a horrible period, but, man, it is an exciting time to be alive.

      • “How’d that work out?”

        It worked out great for me and mine. Opened our eyes bigly. To be able to no longer live in the lie (ty Alexsandr).

        Is that somehow not important? While still living in this world, that knowledge is powerful, cannot be turned off, and has revealed that most of my peers, business competitors, neighbors are akin to children. Their impact, effectiveness in my life has been diminished by a factor of ten and that is a great thing.

        Clarity, like never before, has created an edge that matters. If Mr. Trump has to skydive without a parachute, trailing one final banner … well there were a dozen pretty good guys, some that got beheaded for their trouble, caused to the system. Others, crucified upside down along the roadside as a warning.

        How did THEIR martyrdom “work out”?

        I say it worked out great for many.

  24. No man has been blessed with the volume of free media as Trump and this is just more free attention.

    They want him to be the face of the resistance because he retards the transition to ethnat populism, he burns dissident oxygen.

    • You give them too much credit. They see Trump as a no-confidence vote. He does what you wrote, channels energy in the wrong direction, but these are not rational people.

  25. Garland may be restraining himself with trump but not his supporters. We still have hundreds of people who believed in trump rotting in DC dungeons. Trump only cares about himself and has done nothing for these people.

    If the crazies finally go after trump and throw him in a dungeon too it would serve him right for being such a shameless grifter.

    • “Right” has nothing to do with it. That is a moral argument/consideration. As I’ve said before, “…leave your morals at the door, pick them up after you win the fight and are leaving…”

      The only consideration is, was, and always will be—“What advances the cause?” That’s what the Dem’s do. The rules of engagement have been set by our enemies. Work with them or die.

      • This… Oh, so much this ^^^. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is for me to listen to my conservative, normie friends maintain their principals. Like I always say, the left pulls out a gun and the normie conservative extends a handshake.

        • But this is what Trump did his entire term in office. He kept trying to make friends with the people who hate us and want us dead. He had supporters who were willing to literally kill for him and he squandered it. He was just a bullshitter and many people who stood up for him paid a terrible price for it. Yet people keep on supporting him, thinking this time around he can win reelection and finally do what he totally failed to do in his first term. This is why IDGAF what happens to him anymore. If the dems crucify him, very well, and good riddance. Maybe that will wake up the Q-tards and plan trusters into realizing the only person coming to save them is themselves.

  26. Trumps trading card stunt along with the Maro Largo celebration of the protection of gay marriage bill has dented his support among the base.
    Trump is not going to return to the White House, we all know that, but will he be able to keep himself out of prison? That is a good question.
    Either way his brand has been damaged and he will fade into history now.
    I will forever be grateful for the days of 2016 when Trump exposed the system for what it is but it’s time to move on now.
    Politically on the national level it’s probably over for electing anyone close to our views but we must soldier on and create whatever comes next.

    • The only reason Trump is still a thing is because there is no one else. And no, Desantis isn’t going to cut it. The middle class wants an aggressive, brash, caudillo who will step on the face of people they hate while working to move manufacturing jobs back to the states, eliminate immigration, keep us out of wars, and put the brakes on degeneracy.

      DeSantis could do all this, but he simply lacks the powerful rhetoric of Trump that can lead to million marching on his command. It’s uncertain whether anyone would be capable of ding this again, as anyone who follows the Trump playbook will find himself in jail on Trumped-up charges before he can gain ascendency.

      • De Santis is a fairly conventional politician who understood there are advantages to giving your own voters reasons to think you don’t hate them. I’m sure, once we got a couple of months into Covid, he thought the hysteria was insane and took advantage to increase his national profile. This doesn’t make him some sort of savior, but he is above average for Republicans.

        • I’m a DeSantis fan. I voted for him in our recent election. So did roughly 70% of the electorate. That’s a big jump from the barely more than 50% that got him elected in the prior term. For the record, if I recall correctly, ALL statewide Republicans won with very close to 70% of the vote. FL is far from a “Red” State. By the recent election yes, but again, just four years ago DeSantis beat a gay, drug-using Negro by a fraction of a percent. To me, that our Redness is far from assured. Nevertheless, I applaud the man and wish him success.

          It’ll be fascinating to see where his grand jury and, perhaps, other actions to investigate the Covid-19 hijinks of the past three years will lead. Our State’s surgeon general Ladapo is the first in the nation to officially recommend against uses of the Covid-19 “vaccines.” That of itself is a pretty ballsy move.

          DeSantis could make quite a bit of political hay out of the many issues surrounding the Federal government’s, the media’s, Big Parma’s, etc. horrendous misconduct with all things Covid-19.

          I wish the man great success.

          • The decision by DeSantis to proactively support the removal of Edmund Kirby Smith’s statue from the statuary is disqualifying. Full stop. Anybody who acively participates in the Orwellian effort to erase history is unfit to hold elected office.

          • This is all well and good, but recall that during his time in the House of Representatives, he voted for the TPP, scarcely any kind of gesture toward unwinding the GAE and its place in the globalist, anti-white agenda. A stalking horse for Globalism, especially in consideration of from whence are flowing all those funds for his candidacy? Hmm.

          • It tells me that most of the late arrivals in Florida are not leftists bringing their leftist politics with them, but rather conservatives who have fled blue states.

        • You touched on my doubt about DeSantis. He still seems a conventional Rep—and conventional Rep’s are the exact opposite of what we need/want. They always seem to talk a good talk and wind up part of the swamp when they are in Washington. Call this “growth” or whatever, but they are compromised and are of no use to me.

          • I don’t see how you can call him a conventional Rep. The guys even got Disney to pay taxes. He’s not the sideshow Trump is but he ain’t conventional by a long shot.

          • DeSantis has a record in the House—that is not a recommendation. He punished Disney after he gained fame from Covid and Presidential run acclaim—he is suspect.

            Rep’s do this every Presidential cycle. The people are hopelessly trapped in ‘Looking for Superman’. Always a savior desired. Part of the grift to keep the player’s in the game—and in the dark.

            It is said that great men rise to the occasion. Perhaps, but a lifetime of experience tells me not to be hopeful.

      • “DeSantis could do all this, but he simply lacks the powerful rhetoric of Trump that can lead to million marching on his command. It’s uncertain whether anyone would be capable of ding this again, as anyone who follows the Trump playbook will find himself in jail on Trumped-up charges before he can gain ascendency.”

        What is needed is an authoritarian who cares not what his “friends” on the left think. Leftist degenerates will be rounded up and jailed without trials or, even better, flat out “removed”. This is what is necessary. Nothing else will remotely fix the disaster we are in. Moral principals need to be thrown to the wayside. Who cares if it is deemed “immoral” or not when punishing leftist scum. We will worry about that later AFTER they have been “removed”. The time for compromise, reasoning, etc. is long over. Extreme prejudice is what comes next with zero room for remorse, quarter or care.

    • Move on to what? I see nothing behind him except a very active and unceasingly focused and ambitious (Republican) political apparatus. How can that be better than Trump? Desantis ….. I fear not. He has no money. They will own him.

      • > Move on to what?

        Full-blown accelerationism. Let’s support those most likely to unhinge our enemies and to break the NPC programming in the masses.

        Me? I’m supporting Ye24. The Hitler-loving black entertainer Christian nationalist may not be exactly what our country needs, but he’ll say the things that cannot be said so we don’t have to.

        • I despair that we have to do something like that … akin to calling artillery or airstrikes onto your own position to keep the enemy from killing you off, and knowing you’re likely to kill yourself in the process. Maybe you’ll make it through. Maybe not ….

          • “ Maybe you’ll make it through. Maybe not” …. but you’ll take those bastards with you!

            There, I finished it for you. 😉

      • i.e., “focused and ambitious” as in getting into the pageant and keeping their fingers in the till. I do not mean that I see them as genuinely working ceaselessly for “the cause” as in seizing the positions / majority and making bold and meaningful changes IAW the desires if those who are looking to them to halt the destruction of our nation, history and people.

    • Yep. Trump is done. The NFT fiasco, the MaL celebration of perversion, and his backing of McCarthy have destroyed his remaining credibility. As others have already said here, Trump’s only value was as a symbol. The only card he has to play is that of a martyr.

  27. of course putting Trump in jail creates the precedent to put Biden in jail, as a way to dispense with him.

    • The argument of the form “you do this and when the Republicans are in charge they will do it to you” never works because everyone knows the Republicans would never do it. Biden could be seen beating a girl scout to death with a puppy and nothing happens.

      • I assume he meant the regime would put Biden in jail in order to get rid him, which I could never see happening. It would be much easier to use his dementia as grounds for removal. More likely than putting Biden in jail, they would threaten to throw Hunter in jail, which is a slam dunk case and would have support from the public, unless he agreed to step down.

        • Yeah, I thought they would put a pillow over Biden’s face before the midterm, but here he is planning to run in 2024. It is one of those times where we see that the regime is not very smart or that we do not understand the regime as well as we think.

        • Hunter is going to be the trade that the regime makes for Trump; as in, they will charge Hunter with some set of crimes at the same time they charge Trump with insurrection or whatever. Then the regime will be able to proclaim that they are acting in non-partisan fashion, blah blah blah.

          Hunter of course will get plea-bargained, or charges will eventually get withdrawn, or he’ll even get outright acquitted, because reasons. “Evidence is weak,” “No evidence of intent,” blah blah blah. While Trump of course will get convicted. “Overwhelming evidence,” “Insurrection is the gravest threat,” blah blah blah.

          Mid 2023 maybe? And then will be the time that DeSantis swoops in and declares his candidacy for POTUS, so that the Republicans can “put Trump behind us” and all the good right-wind pundits will declare it must be so, and of course DeSantis will be backed by all the “right” kind of people and blah blah blah.

          Once you see the strings on the puppets, you can’t go back to not seeing them.

          • five or ten years ago I would have thought this to be plausible. Not now. The left is getting too used to getting everything they want without giving up a single thing.

      • i meant the dems could then put Biden in jail as a way to replace him. of course the gop would never return the favor, that goes without saying.

        • Why in the hell would they want Biden gone? He’s perfect for their purposes. The only thing better would be a hologram, and that day is coming.

          • “ The only thing better would be a hologram, and that day is coming.‘

            Just one more Covid lockdown away…

  28. The “tipping point” should have been reached decades ago when our biggest cities were turned into minority-run shitholes. But there was no backlash. It has always irritated me that goodwhites are constantly turning the other cheek when the darkies hurl abuse at them. I think the turning point is going to be a combination of societal breakdown brought on by uncontrolled immigration, cultural decadence, economic decline, and good, old fashioned political corruption. If it’s true that mass democracy leads to control by mass media, which in turn leads to control of mass media by intelligence agencies, then that tipping point may now be at hand because of the Twitter files revelations. But the question is, which way are we going to tip?

    • There was a massive backlash. Nixon won in a massive landslide. People still trusted the system at that point. The tipping point in our age is when a critical mass loses faith in the system.

      • Yes, the system still works because it is marbled throughout with people who still believe in it, and not even a little bit. This is essentially valuable labor provided to the regime for free. Once a goodly number of people grow to dislike even one calorie being given in support of the regime it will start to come unglued as the favoritism and deference required to keep everyone in line will be gone.

    • This may not be a tipping point, but the loss of cities should be discussed. Cities should represent the pinnacle of culture, knowledge, and people.

      Our cities are the pinnacle of something, but it’s not us. I’d love to learn about how certain cities helped people and also how their downfalls hurt the people.

      Really feels like a Z man walk down history lane, mostly because I’m too lazy to research it.

      • In the age of technology, large cities are not as useful/necessary as they once were. If large cities were still necessary, we’d have collapsed long ago. About all our large cities are now useful for is as a repository for the dregs of society.

        • Cities are altars of sacrifice. All the most ambitious and resourceful women of the countryside make pilgrimage there to destroy their fathers’ bloodlines.

        • The interstate highway system and mass personal automobile ownership are the main reason cities are just dumping grounds for diversity and not the most important regions anymore.

          Cities were centers of manufacturing and commerce because they were always built on water and later for the railroads and had large populations who didn’t need to work the farm who were available to work the factories.

          The final blow to the cities was diversity which made already crowded, very expensive and dirty cities even worse places than they already were. First the workers fled and then the businesses mass fled or just went under.

          Though a lot of modern people say all kinds of bad things about the city, it is largely because American cities are so awful. Cities are the crown jewel achievement of civilization. There is much in city life that is better than the suburbs. But the suburbs in America offer peace and security. People are willing to trade a lot of convenience for the “good schools” and peace and lack of crime the burbs offer.

    • Every city in America, once it reaches a population of a million or more, attracts the “professional” political class. By which I mean Democrats.

      Like any career field, they parley their experience to bigger and better jobs. Which means short term gains over long term planning.

      Sure, they ate all the seed corn, but with luck, they’ve moved up the ladder to a cherry spot in the Imperial city.

      Thomas Jefferson was on to something with the idea of a nation of small landholding farmers.

      • I too find great inspiration in Jefferson’s vision of “a nation of small landholding farmers.”

        Yet he clearly overlooked something important. There seems to be an ineluctable force that carries us away from that arrangement and towards mass atomization and production.

        Bad moustache man shared this vision and used his government to defend and support it.

  29. What’d be even more entertaining would be Trump refusing to surrender, with he and his security detail holing up in the towers or mar-a-lago and forcing the feds to bring in swat teams and the like. That’d be really good optics. Donald J. Trump – public enemy number one, clown world version…

  30. Whether Trump runs again is nearly irrelevant at this point, as he has a next to zero chance of winning due to the aggressive fortifications in the last year. Michigan has become a one-party state with making mail-in ballots as part of the state constitution, and Pennsylvania is pretty much the same.

    It’s also uncertain if he can really do much damage. If he was smart, he would already be setting the groundwork for a mass ballot harvesting campaign, which would fail but would terrify the ruling class as it becomes clear it doesn’t matter the opinions of people of actually follow politics, but just how many people can convince the apathetic to “help” them fill out their ballots.

    The only way for Trump to win is to get the nomination, and then Biden getting a stroke in the last couple months that makes him a vegetable, which, mind you, could absolutely happen.

    Washington D.C. is beginning to rely less and less on persuasion, and more on punishing wrong thinkers with blacklisting from financial instruments, in which DIE is only going to get more insane. This, however, is going to sincerely anger some billionaires, in which Musk is just the opening salvo. People like Bezos are testing the waters and there’s, of course, Thiel. The Trump prosecution is just going to give them more red meat to garner support among the forgotten middle class.

    It’s odd, since it would be very easy to wait out Trump, but these guys can’t seem to look past next week anymore, let alone four years.

    • I suspect the few remaining smart people in the regime understand that it would be better to let Trump win and lose than to prevent him from running at all. Then they could claim that the voters were sick of Trump. If it is someone else, that becomes a much more difficult argument. Look at the midterm. Does anyone really think the brain damaged guy won that election fair and square? Probably not.

      Trump 2024 give them plausible deniability.

      • This.

        I can’t get into a Trump vs. DeSantis or anyone else debate because it’s pointless. There will never be another Republican President or Senate given the way the system is now structured.,

        • DeSantis is the Scott Walker of this cycle. People forget that Walker was a solid governor in Wisconsin. He did useful things that made life better for decent people. He was a flop on the national stage. I suspect the same fate awaits DeSantis if and when he runs for president.

          • I believe that DeSantis would best serve the nation by being an amazingly good governor, not by trying to swim in The Swamp.

            The Federal government derives its power by its spending and they have been pedal-to-the-metal destroying the dollar for, certainly the last two years, and arguably the last 18.

            When the checks from the central government stop being worth the electrons they are printed on, living in a place with a fiscally strong state government coupled with a predictable and respected legal system will be the difference between life and death.

            This is why I am in the process of leaving my home of more than 60 years and fleeing to a state that doesn’t want to rob and kill me.

            I want DeSantis right where he is now.


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