The Coming Election Show

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It is hard to think about it, but the first presidential debate of the next cycle will probably happen in the late summer, which is about six months off. Assuming the Republicans stick to the old calendar and do not follow the Democrat plan to rearrange the primary schedule, the first votes are less than a year off. That means the candidates are now preparing to kick off their campaigns. Whether we like it or not, another presidential campaign show is about to get started.

At this point, the action looks like it will be on the Republican side, as no one is prepping to challenge Joe Biden on the Democrat side. He may be a vegetable, but the people running the government think he is a useful vegetable. If the secret document business was supposed to push him aside, it did not work. Bernie Sanders has been bought off, so they do not have to worry about him causing trouble. The only plausible alternative is Gavin Newsom, who has done nothing so far.

That leaves the Republicans to put on a show for us. Of course, we know Trump is running and is the favorite at the moment. Mike Pompeo lost a bunch of weight to look better on television, so he is running. John Bolton says he will run as the blow up the world candidate. Nikki Haley has thrown her panties in the ring. Tim Scott is now preparing to announce soon. Amusingly, the yesterday men of conservatism think Scott and Haley provide ideological diversity.

The guy everyone is waiting on is Ron DeSantis. He has put on a good show in Florida, especially with regards to the cultural stuff. He gave Disney the business over their grooming stuff, so he has won over a lot of normal people. He recently stepped in to halt the AP Afro history stuff that amounted to little more than an antiwhite lecture, so he is not just picking low hanging fruit. In another age, DeSantis would be the ideal candidate to lead the Republican ticket.

What we see shaping up is a repeat of the 2016 primary. You have a collection of zombies that have no business in politics, but they are acceptable to the people who actually run things. Then you have Trump and DeSantis, who will be filling the Ted Cruz role in this performance. In 2016, the party could have rallied early to Cruz and maybe had a shot at stopping Trump, but they waited too long. This time many see DeSantis as the key to preventing Trump for a third time.

The trouble with that is most of the people running the Republican party are as delusional as everyone else in the managerial elite. They really think the voters are waiting for Captain Diversity to ride in and save them. Tim Scott is like catnip to these people, so they will be drooling all over him. Of course, Haley is a strong diverse female and everyone knows the world cannot get enough of strong diverse females, so she will get lots of support as well.

The wild card is whether the party will fortify the process for democracy. Politics is monkey see, monkey do, so the Republican party leadership is no doubt working on a way to fortify the process for democracy. Joe Biden was made the nominee when the party stepped into to fix the process and get around all of those voters who thought anyone was better than a senile old man. You can be sure the most devious rats in the GOP have been working the problem for 2024.

For all his faults, Trump is the prohibitive favorite. Tim Scott may be diverse, but his trophy case is empty. He sold insurance for a few years until he signed on to be a political performer and he has spent the last three decades being the diverse Republican at various levels. Nikki Haley is a strong diverse female, who spent eight year criticizing the South as the governor of South Carolina. She will go over well in Silicon valley and New Delhi, but nowhere else.

The only plausible challenger to Trump is DeSantis, but boring people tend not to do well in national politics. That and the uniparty does not like him. He has the same trouble as Ted Cruz, in that he exists somewhere between the populist base of the party and the elitists leadership of the party. Leadership sees him as a potential threat, while the voters see him as a potential fink. Given his personality and Trump’s name recognition, it is a tough spot for DeSantis.

None of this matters all that much. If you look at the map you can see right away the problem for the Republicans. When you tick off all of the states that the democrats have fortified for democracy, they start with a lock on the election. For any Republican to win in 2024 it means flipping states like Pennsylvania that have already cast their votes for Joe Biden, whether the voters know it or not. Many do know it now, so they will not bother showing up to play make believe.

This election presents the people in charge with a dilemma. On the one hand, Trump losing in the primary would let them claim that the popular unrest has been quelled and it is back to the old ways. The trouble is, they have fortified the general election for democracy and there is no way to explain it. If DeSantis is selected as the nominee and loses to Joe Biden, who is going to think that is legitimate? Even the people at National Review will start to question the result.

On the other hand, if they install their dream ticket, Tim Scott and Nikki Haley, the voters will be too busy laughing to bother voting. Worse yet, they will get smoked in the general election thus discrediting the diversity scheme. The New York Times will demand that the Republican Party disband because its voters are so racist, they would not vote for diversity against dementia. It would be a hilarious result, but it feels too ridiculous, even for the Republicans.

You can see the problem. Having a vegetable atop the Democratic ticket when the election has been fortified for democracy quickly leads to absurd results. Once they started down the road of fortifying lections for democracy, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain the pretense of legitimacy. In the fullness of time, the robot historians will say that the great mistake was in not coopting Trump. Reckless fury led to reckless actions that have made elections into absurd spectacles.

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207 thoughts on “The Coming Election Show

  1. Politics is now akin to trashy reality television. Like you said, it is about putting on an entertaining, yet cringeworthy, show to placate the masses. In my opinion, the 2016 election was a once-in-lifetime fluke, which ended up as a critically missed opportunity in the long-run. Many things had to go right for Trump to get elected, and the elite panicked upon his election. The elite were lucky, because Trump was a buffoon who bungled a great opportunity to get America back on track. Trump and his base are trying to re-create the magic of 2016. In other words, they want a do-over. Too bad it is not 2016 anymore.

  2. Voting; it’s got the stuff plants like.

    You can tell because of all the comments here, Voting is ..yah

    I’d say it was a harmless enough passtime but voting gets a lot of people killed to no gains.

    I actually think we’re already in election season, they can’t get rioters yet (it’s cold) so we’ll have toxic cloud train derailments in Red areas as the new twist.

  3. I am convinced that the “Why even bother voting” movement and sentiment is a psyop, like the time all sorts of freshly-minted “alt right” accounts on Gab and Twitter began trying to turn everyone against the attractive females in the movement.

    It takes maximum a few hours of time, and what is the draw back – legitimizing a corrupt system? The potential upsides, to my eyes, are worth it. Josh Hawley and JD Vance may agree with Chuck Schumer and Mazie Horono on more than I would like, but to say “yeah go ahead and appoint a hundred Elizabeth Warrens, who cares anyway” seems blackpilled and nihilistic.

    One side wants to put is in camps, and the other side won’t do much to stop them. There is a qualitative difference there.

    • I don’t get the idea that DeSantis is establishment Bush redux and Trump is the true people’s champion rebel.

      DeSantis has actually accomplished some pretty ballsy and meaningful conservative rollbacks of The Monster, while Trump talked a big game and then let Kushner and Bolton talk him out of actually doing anything meaningful. DeSantis seems to have actually surrounded himself with people he can trust to fulfill his directives, while Trump appointed a bunch of Christopher Wrays. DeSantis stamped out Dem voting tricks in Florida, Trump blindly wandered into their buzzsaw all over. DeSantis is banning CRT, Trump pushed the Platinum Plan. DeSantis backed Harmeet Dhillon, Trump endorsed Ronna McDaniel.

      DeSantis actually having adult social skills, and not constantly gratuitously insulting fellow Republicans he needs to build alliances with to get stuff done, doesn’t make him weak, a sellout, and washout compared with Trump. Seems to me it’s made him more genuinely effective.

      2016 was indeed the Flight 93 election, and we badly needed dramatic action. Trump’s treading water in his insulated White House cocoon while the machine grinded steadily leftwards underneath him was a loss we could not afford. Rather than give him the chance to blow another opportunity, I’d rather take a chance on someone who looks they might actually get at least some meaningful things done.

    • Good points. I think the no-vote argument would be that abysmal turnout delegitimizes the results, maybe even the system.

      Where the possibility of a psy-op comes in, imo, is when the other side starts pushing mandatory voting, thus setting up another gay dialectic. Then again, that would tend to delegitimize the system, too.

      It is shitty, overall. But we’re getting there anyway, so accelerating it might make people notice.

  4. i used to enjoy these kinds of election-horse-race articles. thats another thing theyve taken away from me E. E. Cummings

    • Your comment reminded me of when I was a young artist poseur and liked e e cummings. Here’s the poem that I find most relevant to Z Man’s post and our predicament (yes, I’m procrastinating from work):

      “next to of course god america i
      love you land of the pilgrims’ and so forth oh
      say can you see by the dawn’s early my
      country tis of centuries come and go
      and are no more what of it we should worry
      in every language even deafanddumb
      thy sons acclaim your glorious name by gorry
      by jingo by gee by gosh by gum
      why talk of beauty what could be more beaut-
      iful than these heroic happy dead
      who rushed like lions to the roaring slaughter
      they did not stop to think they died instead
      then shall the voice of liberty be mute?”

      I don’t think this satisfies Derb’s definition of a poem, but I still enjoy e e cummings in a nostalgic sort of way, when I had the time to entertain such nonsense.

  5. I think Trump will be the nominee, he’ll thrash Biden on the campaign trail worse than he did in 2020, and the Deep State will pull out every stop to rig the election so that Biden still wins.

    And honestly? I think this is the best case scenario. My hope is that DeSantis doesn’t run, because I think he’s done far more for Florida than he could ever hope to do for America. He actually got election reform passed there, and Florida is basically a Red state now. We need more governors like him, and more importantly, we need more of our people in state and local legislature to start coopting them to our side. This is the only way to end ballot harvesting, and gives us power over education and law enforcement.

    My one big hope for the Presidential election is that Kanye actually comes in and challenges Trump for the nomination. Even if he doesn’t come close to winning, I want to see him up on the debate stage, attacking Trump from the right. Not only would it shake things up, it would teach Trump to speak more to his most radical supporters, and talk about the issues that originally got him elected- immigration, crime, etc.

  6. Scott and Haley are both from SC, so the optics wouldn’t look too good.

    However, contrary to the widespread belief online that both candidates can’t come from the same state: yes, they absolutely can. The Constitution requires only that presidential electors select either a pres or VP from a state other than their own, so if a Scott-Haley (or Haley-Scott) ticket won South Carolina, the electors from that state ONLY could not vote for both of them.

  7. DeSantis has the Covid grand jury in Florida going on. I suspect he will get a lot of information that he will use to cause problems for Trump in the primaries. He will be able to bring up things that Trump will not be able to explain away IMHO. Not that he really cares at all.

    DeSantis is a neocon. His financiers are all of the usual suspects.

    • Republican voters aren’t familiar with his career, and conservative commentators aren’t going to tell them about it. I think they *should* tell them, over and over again, just to mock them, because they won’t remember it—because they don’t remember anything.

      Like, remember that one time nice conservative Jewish girl @libsoftiktok was “doxxed” by the Washington Post, using info provided to them via German intelligence, as part of the US government’s all-agency “National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism?”

      Heck of a day! Thank G-d it’s over! Let’s never think of it again! Taylor Lorenz sure is old and childless huh.

    • george 1: “DeSantis is a neocon.”

      Which would make Tim Scott what precisely?
      A Neo-C00n?

      [The Unitardians ackshually sent them off to Congress during Reconstruction. Plus ca change and whatnot…]

  8. I recall clearly the time when everyone had a laugh at the next new Soviet leader to replace the last dead Soviet fossil in dementia. And here we are.

    • Ed: “There’s no voting out of this mess.”

      Are y’all following this carcinogenic mushroom cloud of lung-incinerating Evil which they just unleashed upon the state of Ohio?

      Recently we were talking about Gunslingergregi having been on the front lines of the Sackler Family Crime Syndicate’s campaign to kill all the White Christian males in Ohio via synthetic opioids, but now Gunny and his peeps have to breath POISONED AIR and drink POISONED WATER ?!?!?


  9. I think they were just lazy in 2016 and trump stumbled in by accident because the fix was too weak. but one thing they quickly learned was that he was the perfect Imanual goldstein for the regime. I know normie dems, or at least as normie as dems get, who literally go into a shaking rage at the mention of trumps name. he is the perfect foil. don’t like vax mandates ? Oh that’s those anti vax MAGA people . tell them lockdowns do nothing good and destroy the economy and education and kids mental health? Oh that’s those MAGA greedheads who care mor about money than saving lives. It really is amazing the level of conditioning the have retained . for this reason the GOP will probably put him on the ticket in 2024 . remember , they want the dems to win.

  10. All of this adds up to a President Harris in our future. Trump is toast. Not only will the Republicans stab him in the back every chance they get, but if he were actually to win the nomination the Democrats will indict him and perp-walk him handcuffed into a courthouse during the campaign. The rest of the Republican field will be a circular firing squad of Zionist bootlickers who have no appeal to the Trump base.

    The Dems will keep the Pants-Shitter-in-Chief alive long enough to steal the ’24 election, and, like Roosevelt in 1945, shortly after his inauguration he’ll shit the bed and we’ll have “the First Woman and First Woman of Color” in the Oval Orifice…

    • This is all true, and will be happening against a backdrop of a social fabric that’s disintegrating even faster, and what’s left of the white middle class in free-fall. The media will be desperately trying to keep a nation of ferrel cats lined up. The fake UFO stories yesterday over Alaska and Lake Huron will be accelerated. Any distraction will do. Including a potential WW3.

      The country is about to go through massive changes, almost none of them good. The boomers are handing us a flaming bag of feces on their way out…and then asking us “whats your problem?”

      • I’m a little surprised the MSM isn’t trumpeting the, “Our military is strong as hell, it can even shoot down ET!” angle.

    • I think they’d prefer to get rid of Kamala before 2024 but that presents a big problem. It seems impossible to entice someone away from the VP job, especially when the P is a doddering octagenerian. And it’s difficult to manufacture a scandal on someone who doesn’t do anything in the first place.

      • I believe that you are correct. Although they should have known, it appears that they did not know, what a catastrophe Kneepads was, when they anointed her. Now they’re very likely stuck with her. I suppose they could promise her a Supreme Court seat if she bows out gracefully. I have no idea whether that would work.

      • diane feinstein will resign
        gavin newsom will nominate kamala who will become the senator from CA gavin newsom will become the VP
        Biden will be tossed, Gavin will become president
        Credit to RAMZPAUL

    • Which will herald the inception of a quiet civil war, as no one is going to obey a half-wit prostitute….

      • I think you underestimate the stupidity and the servility of tens of millions of your fellow Americans…

  11. I’m not voting for any of these people. I may vote for some local positions, but my ballot will be blank. Not that my vote matters anyway. The biggest problem is that They’re ALL the war candidate, only Orange man won’t push the button because he’s a coward and a sensualist who enjoys this world the way it is. Which, as stupid as he is, is not quite as stupid as his competitors. That’s his ONLY plus in my book. As was noted, this is all a moot point anyway as our country (which is not really a country but a squatting zone) is sufficiently demographically impaired to no longer need close elections.

    DeSantis is being supported by the Bush family, that’s all you need to know. They tuned up the conservative algorithm to make it more lifelike. DeSantis is the Chat GPT of the GOP, same type of hype.

  12. I agree with other commenters. The regime can’t have its legitimacy tarnished, so voting will be made mandatory to keep things on the “up and up.”

    The only thing interesting will be which GOP candidate the regime allows to win the primaries. If it’s a Tim Scott/Nikki Haley ticket, we’ll all know the regime sees no obstacle to continuing to cement its power, but might be overreaching so much that even the normies will start to doubt whether things are really rigged as those bad people hurled in the void have said.

    If they let Trump win the nomination and lose in the general election, it’ll show there is a modicum of restraint in the regime.

    I hope they’re at least smart enough to realize that no one believes that Biden received more votes than Hillary or Obama did and they’ll adjust accordingly to make the game look closer. The media will gladly parrot the “oh gee, we won a squeaker election, but that gives us a mandate” narrative that the regime will demand.

    Things could get very squirrely in a hurry if the regime decides to make the fixing of the result so obvious. The greatest point shavers were like piloting a C-130 with only a light touch required to achieve results.

    Either way, I’m not playing along. I’m not going to cast my ballot in a rigged contest, either in the primaries or the general because the result, thanks to fortification for DEMOCRACY ®, is preordained. I voted in 2016 in both the primaries and the general because Trump brought the people in charge lots of pain. I don’t see anyone, even DeSantis, doing that in 2024.

    • There is a certain dissonance in the remotest potential of the ‘R’ presidential ticket with the combo of a black senator and a dot Indian / woman of color from the greayaht stayaht of SC (whence I reside). Perhaps it’s just the disruption in the force of Strom Thrurmond & Fritz Hollings spinning in their graves.

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    • speaking of which. the most unsurprising calls again last night, handing the game over to the golden boy (well, brown boy) on a silver platter.

      ads were horrible and so was the whole production. i watched so you guys don’t have to.

      • Former footsportsball fans – was taking part in an outdoor activity with my sons yesterday and last night and we didn’t mention the superwhore once.

        • The TV ratings are down alot.

          They’ve completely re-defined the ratings, to include “out of home” viewership, and “multiple views on streaming devices”. Also add the Spanish broadcast.

          In reality the ratings are down quite a bit. We will see how this year’s are.

          i’m impressed at the lack of comments about the sports bowl, almost nothing on here about it even in a negative way.

      • First time in decades maybe that I watched it, only because a friend of mine is a Philly fan (great guy, but still half normie – I’m working on it though) and had him over. I haven’t missed much.

    • It’s an entirely African pageant now, explicitly anti-white. I don’t understand how any self-respecting person of European descent can lend his attention to it.

  14. The regime’s problem isn’t Biden or Trump, it’s Harris. She is as dumb as a post, and they know it as well as we do. She makes even Biden look erudite. They have to figure out a way to entice/force her to step down so they can replace her with Newsom. In the most likely scenario of a 2nd Biden term, it is also likely that he wouldn’t finish it, and President Kamala would be incapable of maintaining the pretense that the president is running things. They aren’t really maintaining that pretense now, but in her case even her most ardent supporters (does she have any of those?) and regime spokespeople and apologists would be unable to keep up the pretense. It would be worse than Baghdad Bob.

    Say whatever you will about campaigns, they do serve as a vetting process. Not in the sense that they bring out the truth, but in the sense that they weed out obvious idiots and incompetents (let’s call Biden the exception that proves the rule). However, thanks to one party rule in CA, obvious idiot and incompetent Kamala was promoted all the way to senator without ever having to show up in a campaign against an opponent who actually had a chance to win. Thus the vetting process failed. The one time she had to go against a competitive field, she failed miserably. And they still gave her the VP job. For diversity.

    • The campaign of the 2020 Democrat primary “weeded out” the most competent of the inept bunch, Tulsi Gabbard, by banning her from some debates, and two of the most incompetent (maybe the most incompetent) ended up as President and Vice President.

      • Everything was rigged in 2020, from the primaries all the way to the end. The 2016 D primary was rigged too.

        I was just making the point how it is inevitable that one party rule will produce some people like Kamala

        • Yep, good point. Kamala was the pick and it didn’t matter how she performed (she’s been good at performing in other ways) in the primary.

    • I’m not sure why you think this is such a problem for the Dems. You just kick her off the 2024 ticket. Simple as.

      • I’m not sure how they explain to their base ditching a woman of color for a privileged white male (Newsom), but I suppose when you have all that regime media any messaging is possible

  15. Interestingly the collapse seems to be ahead of schedule. I was expecting things to only move towards a dictatorship, tyranny, economic collapse etc. after the Boomers had mostly passed on. Before Trump, things seemed to be transitioning smoothly, the grillers were grilling themselves into oblivion, OWS and the Tea Party were co-opted.

    Trump really did seem to scare the elites into pressing on the gas. At every Trump rally, they saw thousands of angry white people at a H!tler rally. After 2016, things went from “let the grillers grill off into the sunset” to “white people are evil”.

    Anyways, all the people saying “this is so obvious and will wake people up” seems to be like cope. They already stole the election. In 2018, 2020, and 2022. And they will do it again, until 2030 or so when demographics are to tilted that they won’t need to (but they still will for good measure).

    That said, anything is better than the 2014 griller scenario. The pesky white person problem is not going to go away, either. Some get messed up by the mind virus, but many don’t. White people will white people, for better or worse. In fact we (both liberals and conservatives) are white peopling harder than ever, which I find remarkable given the propaganda pushed at us.

    70 million white people voted for Trump in 2020, in the face of the most scorched earth campaign ever, against the intelligence agencies, media, military, and a colour revolution. Even with a plurality of 30-40%, that is still millions of people being antagonized for no reason, all the time. Also with nowhere to go. It’s not South Africa.

    It’s going to be a very interesting 2030s and 2040s. I’m not convinced that the future is all bad for us, although at a national level things will definitely become a one party state.

      • He caught them napping. They were infected with H’s hubris and overconfidence. All of regime media was. It was supposed to be a coronation, not an election. They never seriously entertained they’d have to go to any trouble.

        It will be at least a generation before they make that mistake again

      • Overconfidence. They didn’t expect a swell in working class white voters in PA, MI, and WI that was big enough to overcome the inner city vote machines.

        Hillary didn’t concede for a few days (IIRC). They were in complete disbelief that the firewall was penetrated. Probably wondering if there was anything else they could do.

        We saw that in 2020 they didn’t make the same mistake again. Although the results were completely un-believable, they stole all 3 states.

        • It’s probably underappreciated that their shock in 2016 is the #1 shaper of the political world we live in today.

          In 2016 they got high on their own supply. After 8 years of The Precious, they truly believed that the evil conservative rednecks were vanquished forever and we were finally, permanently, on the road to progressive utopia.

          That rug was pulled all at once, suddenly, violently. Which drove them insane and gave us Clown World. Yes they were already insane and degenerate, but this was when they turned it up to 11.

          • “It’s probably underappreciated that their shock in 2016 is the #1 shaper of the political world we live in today.”

            Also, how much the frog trolls on Twitter genuinely got under their skin.

      • They thought that their regular level of “fortification” would be enough but he so blew out the vote totals that their regular armature level of urban vote fraud wasn’t nearly enough.

      • The “grab ’em” video was supposed to their torpedo. I really thought that would sink him at the time. Note that wasn’t deployed till *after* the primaries. Trump was *supposed* to get the nomination and give Hillary the win. Trump was the elite’s idea of a joke candidate.

        Unfortunately for them, the pussy-grabbing joke candidate looked more appetizing to millions than what the ‘elites’ put up for offer.

  16. I suspect that Trump is the Republican favored by the Establishment. The Donald makes for a much better Emmanuel Goldstein than DeSantis (or anyone else) ever will. That’s why I doubt they’ll ever indict or convict Orange Bad Man; if they put him in prison, they could no longer sell him as the “greatest threat to our dumb-ocracy.”

    All of this political tomfoolery is akin to professional wrestling, though not as authentic or as intellectually substantive.

    • He could be selected to play the clown role in 2024. It also sets up 2028 nicely, so the GOP can move away from “angry white men” towards their dream Nimarata/Scott ticket.

      He was supposed to be the clown in 2016, but ended up accidentally winning against Hillary. And he definitely is a clown now, he’s already had his turn and if he runs in 2024 will lose in a John McCain style loss.

      The elites might hate him so much that they won’t even let him play the clown, though.

      • The elites want us to believe that they hate Trump. Perhaps that animosity is just part of the charade. Is there ever a time when we can trust that the elites are being honest about anything? That is not a rhetorical question. Increasingly, I have a hard time trusting anything. The world is not as it has been presented to us.

        • I can trust that they hate Trump. Six years of Trump Derangement Syndrome have been SPECTACULAR!

          If it’s the last thing the Establishment Republican Party ever does… and in 2024, it might be… they’re going to shove Trump under the proverbial bus.

          • You can trust that the rank and file hate Trump. Elites, however, may be playing a ballgame that neither you nor I grasp. After Covid, all bets are off as to what is true or false in the upper echelons of power.

          • @Wkathman
            I agree. They’re all part of the kabuki – why would they allow a genuine pro-white guy to even run?

            But (same as with Nigel Farage) Trump wasn’t supposed to win and that scared them. They don’t hate Trump, they hate his voters.

        • I don’t know whether or not they hate Trump*, but I do know that they hate us.

          * My guess is that they do, but I have no proof of it.

  17. This is one of the reasons I keep saying mandatory voting is the wave of the future. How can Our Democracy ™ be secure, when only some small fraction can rouse themselves to go vote? It’s not enough for our Insect Overlords to “win.” They have to have a “mandate.” Voting is our way to prove how much we love Big Brother. Washington state is already floating a bill to make it mandatory. If it doesn’t happen in time for 2024, it surely will by 2026, especially when Biden’s corpse “wins” by 100 million votes on 2 million voter turnout.

    • The solutions to the problems of democracy always seem to be expanding the franchise more and more. Like the cure for poisoning is more poison.

      • The Dems are pushing for sixteen-year-olds and illegal aliens to vote… they may not get it on a national level, but they will on a state and local level.

    • PA and OR are blazing the trail. With mail in voting and ballot harvesting, you vote whether you want to or not. Often, you vote multiple times even if you did not vote at all.

    • I demand a fifth of whiskey 🥃 for my vote. And I want a ride to and from the polling place for it too.

      I’m from Chicagoland, that’s how we did it in the old days, and I don’t need a pack of smokes (alternative reward when the whiskey ran dry) Thank You Very Much. 😏

        • Indeed. The current mayor looks like something out of Star Wars and the Mos Eisley cantina. 👽

          Governs about as well too.

          • The voters of Chicago are so woke they voted for a mayor who is not only a black lesbian, she’s member of the undead.

          • I still agree with that meme of her looking like a goldfish.
            Whenever I hear about her or (rarely) see a photo, that’s all I can think of!

          • She wasn’t always this ugly; she’s obviously been hard at it in cultivating her current persona. Her opponent at the time, County Board President Toni Preckwinkle, is a much more polished politician, but she was caught up in the Smollett hoax and lost in a landslide. The. loss of working- and middle-class residents through attrition (read death) and migration has led to a weird coalition of the urban elite and the urban underclass, which is probably why the serious politicos are few and far between–and which is why the criminal element is ascendant

    • They manufacture votes, what makes you think they don’t manufacture turnout? In fact that is even easier – just issue the number to the MSM, done.

      300 million votes with 99.9% voter turnout!

  18. Good post today, and it clearly explains the trajectory we’re on (as bad as that it). But it only happens if the plates keep spinning. When Ukraine loses later this year, a lot of the planet is also going to lose faith in the top dog status of the USA. And when that happens, a lot of dollars are going to flood back to the Fed. Some believe that this is not a problem because the Fed can print bogus bucks forever with no adverse consequences. Sadly, I think that theory will soon be tested and reality will become a bitch on steroids.

    On the topic of election candidates, if DeSantis were smart, he’d use his time and influence to begin a secessionist movement. If he’s willing to put skin in the game, he might gain a significant following. Anything short of that is just feel-good mental masturbation. But my prediction is that the RINOs in Congress will rant & rave over faux investigations this year and normie will start dancing in front of the TV and ejaculate to everything Carlson says.

    Ain’t America Great!

    • A secessionist movement spearheaded by notorious Israel Firster Ron DeSantis? Are we talking alternate universes now?

      Also, a nitpick: the term “RINO” is ludicrous. The defining feature of elected Republicans is that they are mealy-mouthed establishment lackeys. There exist essentially no exceptions. Consequently, a genuine Republican In Name Only would be one who evidenced a tiny amount of spine every now and then. I won’t hold my breath.

    • Can anyone explain to me their downvote? I really don’t see what the problem is with TomA’s post. If the dollar beomes just another currency there will be huge problems and certainly the Repubs in Congress won’t really investigate anything.

      • he believes the press feed on DeSantis. there is no honesty at all in the system . he is as fabricated as the rest of the pack. he has the support of the Bush family and is a great friend of tel aviv . at his inauguration this year Jeb bush was standing right behind him beaming . I mean the idea of ANY politician talking succession , much less trying to do it is Ludacris . Name one politician in this entire country that has even said the word in public.

        • Ok, I understand and have to agree. DeSantis is one of them, I already know that. But otherwise he has some points. It won’t be DeSantis but maybe another goveror will begin to take a stand.

    • Secession by choice or some sort of positive act of the collective will is not going to happen. It will happen through collapse of the central government (date tbd) and will occur as a matter of practical necessity. Also not likely to happen along neat state boundaries, but smaller level – Return of the City States!

    • From what I understand, there is an enormous amount of Dollar denominated debt in the world 100% out of the US and not involving the US in any way. Because of this, there is a large demand for Dollars.

      There are also a lot of deflationary pressures in the Dollar system. Were this deflation to occur, this would screw up the world economy in ways probably nobody even knows.

      So far at least, everyone who has claimed the US was too inflated and the end is nigh has been proven entirely wrong.

      While a stable Dollar is probably more desirable to either deflation on inflation, deflation is considered a much worse problem. Trillions of Dollars would suddenly poof out of existence. Just about every bank would go bankrupt or at least become insolvent. Probably every major corporation as well. Their debt would be fixed, as debt tends to be while their assets would collapse in value, sending them into insolvency. From what I understand, there are a lot of deflationary forces in the world economy and particularly the Dollar.

      For better or worse, we are the sole issuer of the Dollar. We can print as many Dollars as we see fit. We don’t live under a gold standard.

    • To be clear, I am not pro DeSantis, but the RINOs are going to take down Trump via primary shenanigans the same way the Deep State took out Sanders. So DeSantis is very likely going to be their sock puppet (and yes, either Scott or Haley will be VP, gotta have me some diversity). Now if you want to make the next election really interesting, you will need to shake things up with a game-changer platform. The R is going to lose anyway, so why not scare them shitless by having half the electorate go on record favoring secession. I’m truly tired of the same old BS about voting harder for the RINO pretender.

  19. Politics can’t even follow a good script anymore. The mental contortions required are just about too much for this opinionated nobody. Being engaged means staring into the abyss, and that’s not healthy!

  20. “Iowa is too White to vote first.” – The Democrats

    That quote should be a front and center issue in this “campaign” . It won’t be.

    • The Iowa Democrats turned their Caucus into a disaster in both 2016 and 2020, which often gets forgotten because the Covid insanity started just a few weeks later. In 2020, they had so much trouble tabulating the vote they ended up not even declaring a winner. The format is also insane, as they expect you to show up and listen to a representative for each candidate make a pitch for them and then vote. If your choice doesn’t get 15% you either have the choice of picking a different candidate or going home without having your vote counted. It should be ended.

      • That’s the official story, yes. The real story, I’m told by people who were there and would know, is that Bernie Sanders was up by some huge amount, and Biden was polling fourth or fifth. It could well have started an overwhelming preference cascade for Bernie, and while the Dems of course still could’ve bought him off — that’s what he’s in it for, after all — his price would be unacceptably high if he were seen to be cruising towards a blowout and then suddenly dropped out.

        • Would have been hilarious if they just let Bernie win, and kept refusing to pay his buyout demand. A movie on that premise would be comedy gold!

    • The Republicans will never depict the gratuitous anti-Whiteness of their faux opponents as an issue that should concern anyone. Reason # 863 for why no one should back the Grand Old Pretenders.

    • actually Iowan’s are too dumb. google “molly Tibbets. ” . you never ever met a more “Dems are the real racist ” grillers . they like Romney paul ryan and Karl rove there.

  21. Nimrata Randhawa’s daughter has gone above and beyond helping her mother’s diversity credentials, by getting engaged to a blaq (

    And don’t forget Vivek Ramaswamy, who thrilled the Whites in Iowa and hopes to follow in Trump’s footsteps.

    Kabuki Theatre. I follow current events primarily because I don’t trust anything I hear and because those who hate me generally pronounce their intentions ahead of time, before they label those who believe them conspiracy theorists. Nonetheless, I cannot stomach American politics, the endless lies, and the endless mailers and robocalls it entails. I will be reading less and less as the year goes one, and happier for it.

    • As a Canadian I am tempted to accuse you of being spoiled. 😂👍

      At least you have evil jews to help run the country. All we have are retarded fwench clowns…

    • A very high number of the well-wishes on the Scott/Randhawa ticket foreshadowing engagement were Mazel Tovs.

      • Those well wishers probably were glad for real. Just look at Kamala, and think how that move helps kneecap the competition from the subcontinent.

        They’ve got their own outbreeding issue, but more commonly the one who came to dinner was either an east asian, or a deracinated white. Survivable, although not optimal.

  22. The GOP doesn’t even want to win. That much should be obvious by now. They are happy to field the “Washington Generals” team to lose gracefully (Bob Dole/Mitt Romney style) while the Dems continue the looting of AINO and the bi-partisan grift in Ukraine.

    I’m strongly tempted to suggest a general boycott of the election in favor of “election day at the gun range”. Instead of the voting charade, everyone heads to the range for some practical “10-ring” politics.

  23. Sundance over at Conservative Treehouse has been calling a “uniparty approved” Newsom/DeSantis 24 race for quite some time, though recent Democrat moves (making SC first in their primary calendar) do suggest they’re at least leaving open the possibility that the pants-crapper-in-chief actually follows through on his threat to run again. Trump is the wild card on the GOP side, of course. Despite all the table-rigging from the GOP donors who control the RNC, Trump may yet pull off a primary win. Who knows.

    SD is however afflicted with a big blind spot in that he hasn’t admitted that the White House is a Democrat sinecure until at least the next census if not indefinitely. Even as he understands that mail-in ballot harvesting guarantees Democrat victory, he can’t seem to get himself from there to “it plain don’t matter who runs on the GOP side, they’re gonna lose.” He’s a bit too invested in Trump as “the only hope” to let himself admit that Trump will never be POTUS again.

    • I assume they would be calling DeSantis a whole-fascist, maybe even accuse him of being the offspring of El Duce himself, or at least a spiritual successor.

      • That’s “il Duce”. Although I suspect the US’s first true dictator would be El Duce since he will be half Hispanic. A dark haired, blue-eyed Argentine of Germanic-Italian descent.

        • I thought DeSantis was an Italian? Googling Ron DeSantis ethnicity returns the following from Wikipedia:

          “DeSantis was born on September 14, 1978, in Jacksonville, the son of Karen DeSantis (née Rogers) and Ronald Daniel DeSantis. He is of Italian descent: ALL OF HIS EIGHT (emphasis mine) great-grandparents were born in Italy, and they were originally from comuni in the provinces of L’Aquila, Benevento, Avellino and Campobasso.:

    • You’d think it would be obvious by now that they will do whatever they have to do to keep Trump out

      • Sure, but they’re going to want bugmen. DeSantis is too anti-gay for them. He is just another whole-fascist (as opposed to a semi-fascist).

        He is way too friendly with our small hated friends for my taste. He’s also WAY too friendly with the neocons.

        Trump’s biggest victory in his whole 4 years is that he didn’t start another damned war and did everything he could do to end the war in Afghanistan. People on our side forget the prospects for war in the Middle East had Clinton won. A no-fly-zone over Iraq and Syria while the Russians were flying over the territory. We’ll see, I guess, about what he’s gonna say about Ukraine as the campaigning ramps up. So far, from what I have heard, he has been somewhat sane on the Ukraine Question. He at least talked about wanting good relationship with Putin and to work with the Russians on areas of common interests.

        But Trump’s mudslinging against DeSantis has been nothing short of disgusting. DeSantis is literally the only high profile Republican successfully pushing back on sexual degeneracy, and what does Trump accuse him of? Sexual degeneracy. Trash him for being a neocon.

    • I.M. : Sundance (who banned me in 2016 for noticing/mentioning blaqs/jevvs) was a very big part of the “3d Chess” crowd, with Trump as “God-Emperor.” His commentariat (at least back in ’16) was full of civnats and nice White church ladies who considered themselves part of the edgy, in-crowd in their maga caps.

      I am continually astonished by how people casually throw out predictions for 2028 up to 2040, as though present AINO will be future AINO world without end.

      Normalcy bias, complacency, same old, same old.

      So terribly tired of it all.

      • Yes, 3g4me, there is still a large component of civnats and civnat-adjacent there.

        Sundance often has a quite good handle on goings on in the Deep State, so I continue to visit for his perspectives on these matters. But you have identified the fatal flaw of holding out hope for changes on the national level, rather than looking more concertedly toward the “after times” as the baleful demographics come increasingly to the fore.

        I and a couple of others sometimes post comments from a dissident perspective, but the hopium among the commentariat is so strong as to be blinding to the significance of the trendline. Can’t help myself sometimes, because on the whole these are folks who would deserve better, and maybe would be better positioned if they but took in the import of what is in reality being outlined by Sundance.

        It is true that mankind cannot bear very much reality.

      • Bingo! we have a winner. Hugo Chavez and Mudoro have been re-elected for a generation as their country went from south Americas richest to their poorest. the dominion voting machines always seem to like the puppet in power.
        hasn’t everyone heard we have an alien invasion , upcoming war with china , food supply trainwreck , and bird flu pandemic coming up ?

  24. > Nikki Haley has thrown her panties in the ring.

    Literally all Nikki has going for her is sex appeal, which, to be fair, seems a good strategy to get right-wing simps to vote. Unlike Kari Lake though, the problem is she’s a bitter, nasty shrew and a warmonger. Basically John Bolton with a vagina.

    Like it or not, the only person who will not try to bomb Russia is Trump. Even Ron would be pretty much a foreign policy neo-con.

    • Trump would invite the freak show and be consumed by it, again. You’re right, though, he’s probably the only Republican you can trust to not end the world. Otoh, he’s already proven he can lose to Poop Butt.

      Imo we’re so screwed at the moment, 4 more years of Biden might be the best-case.

  25. Our rulers were simply impatient. A glance at the electoral map shows that they’re only a few elections away from locking in the presidency. Texas went from 45% white in 2010 to 40% white in 2021. Hispanics and Asians, who vote 2 to 1 Dem, grew by the about the same amount.

    By 2030, Texas should be purple on the way to blue. Arizona and Georgia are on the same path.

    That’s when the real fun begins because it means that the presidency is decided in the Dem primary, which is decided by the most liberal voters. Of course, the way the Dem Party has set up the primaries, it will be decided by blacks and crazy liberal whites.

    That will be a show.

    • There’s no waiting until 2030 for GA and AZ. It’s very clear from the outcome of the last few elections in those states that they’ve been comprehensively fortified for the Democrats. It’s true that GA has a back-stabbing GOP weasel for governor, but that’s just because the Democrats know he won’t rock the boat.

      It looks like NV could go either way in the Z-man’s map, but I think that states been effectively fortified too. That’s 304 electoral votes guaranteed for Biden in 2024.

      • Yeah, but my point is that the Dems won’t need to cheat in less than a decade. The demographics will take care of that.

        As far as the presidency goes, we’ll be a one-party state, which means that the small hats who choose the nominee will have even more power. They will effectively have total control over all the federal agencies and the military, not that they’d don’t pretty much have that now.

        The demographic change also means that the Senate will go permanently blue at some point as well. The US will be run like California at that point.

        That’s when either the states start to push back and act more independently or we’re screwed.

        • They couldn’t help themselves. This kind of works out well for us (to the extent stuff does work out for us) as normies can no longer hide in the dream of convincing the imported underclass to vote GOP because, as it turns out, it doesn’t matter.

        • Citizen: I find your predictions far too sanguine. No need to wait for 2030 for Texas to turn purple en route to blue – try 2024. Unrelenting immigration (both domestic and international) by mestizos, han, hindus, and Cali whites. The plandemic sped things up, if anything. My county population grew 41% from 2010 to 2021 (one of many reasons we’re getting out). Self-identified European Whites (which includes increasing numbers of jevvs) dropped from 63% to 52%. A significant portion of those Whites are loud and proud democrats.

          As far as waiting to see if states ‘push back’ after 2040, have you considered Whites will be barely 40% of the population by then? Children under 15 were already officially 49.9% White in 2020. As usual, that includes jevvs, arabs, some self-selected hindus and mestizos. Deaths of Whites and births of others means demographic swamping of any White interest by 2030 at the latest (presuming things somehow continue unchanged for another 7 years, which I do not).

          I wholeheartedly agree demographics long ago ensured elections didn’t matter, and that things will continue to get worse. I strongly disagree that Whites may suddenly look around in 2040 and realize they’re in trouble. And even if that were to be so, it would be far too late to do anything about it.

          • Yeah, I just said 2030 to be safe. Likely, we’re very close to the Dems no longer needing any cheating to win, not that it would matter if the GOP won.

            I also suspect that whites won’t wake up anytime soon, if ever. California and South Africa seem to indicate that whites will keep their mouths shut to the very end. But who knows, history isn’t linear.

            I do wonder if states will start to show some more independence. Not based on whites coming together but more on cultural grounds. Florida might have showed the first, tiniest hint of this. But it was important. For the first time in a long time, people in a state started to think about just ignoring federal rules.

            That’s a big change in mentality.

          • “Unrelenting immigration (both domestic and international) by mestizos, han, hindus, and Cali whites”

            There were more Trump voters in California in 2020 than in – combined – Utah, Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, Idaho, West Virginia, Montana, both Dakotas, and Wyoming. The people who have been moving from California states to Repub run states have mostly been Republicans sick of Dem rule. Beto would have defeated Cruz if it weren’t for all the people who had recently moved to Texas from California and who voted an estimated 2-to-1 Repub.

      • AZ has been “fortified” and nothing can be done about true electoral change until we have a Rep Gov. The AZ House and Senate are Rep by a single vote or so. And that vote is traditionally squishy when talking Rep’s.

        What do you call a State with two a blue Senators, majority blue Representatives and a blue Gov and Attorney General? It’s called *blue*! AZ looks like a lost cause into the foreseeable future. Once our State House and Senate turn blue in the next fortified election, we will see an immediate restriction of school choice funding and Constitutional carry (gun rights). This already has been called for in the Gov’s state of the State address, so it’s formalized Dem policy just waiting for the next “fortified election”. 🙁

        • Yep. AZ will become a slightly more conservative version of California over time, but it’ll still be blue.

        • Yeah, I moved here 7 years ago but am already plotting a return to my ancestral homeland in the midwest. Living in Chicago for many years at least prepared me for the insanity until that day comes.

    • White pill: the more America becomes non-white, the more whites vote Republican. I suspect that the same may be happening, or may soon happen, with East Asians.

  26. I guess the question is who we want to see get BTFO out by Biden in 2024. I think the answer is obviously Scott & Haley. If I’m DeSantis, I focus on becoming the warlord of Florida rather than charge the fixed bayonets of our fortified democracy in PA.

    • The best possible result, which likely means it will not happen, would be if Biden was declared the narrow winner after another shady election and governors like DeSantis became completely hostile and antagonistic to D.C. Fragmentation, which indeed is underway, would accelerate under that scenario. We are seeing an increase in state-federal antagonism, which is happening largely around the margins. Apparently the thought is that a war would unify and rally the country, but the monsters who want this would quickly be informed how deeply they are despised. Part of that hostility is due to the wide open border, showing that silver lining thing isn’t myth.

      • Problem is there are enough that would rally around the country to serve their purposes. The rest they wouldn’t give sh*t about.

    • Our focus should be on getting a governor that will go to the next level. I want to see armed standoffs between federal agencies and state militias within ten years.

      D.C. needs to be nuked from orbit to he point where the federal government is just a ceremonial relic.

      • Chet: What’s underground is, if anything, more important now than what is above. Someone needs to sabotage Mount Weather and all the various facilities prepared for the elite to ensure ‘continuity of government.’ I’m perfectly fine with a collapse. But a collapse with the lizards re-emerging intact and ready to resume their roles is untenable. Every last assistant’s assistant under under secretary’s HR lady needs to be part of the ashes.

    • I think the only way DeSantis runs is if the regime makes it worth his while to play the sucker in their stage play, which I wouldn’t hold against him; there are worse ways to end a political career than at a lifetime no-work job at lobbying firm. Otherwise he has to know the math doesn’t work as there is no way he could exceed Trump’s votes in ’20.

      • DeSantis can’t win a fortified election. Simple as that. However, whether he runs or not may be as simple as ambition. Being President and having a line in future history books may be irresistible for such a political animal.

        • Sorry yeah that’s what I meant. Were the election fair then yeah it would be in the bag, but to overcome the fraud, if such a thing is even possible (which I doubt, but he might) he would have to get way more votes than Trump in PA, MI, and GA which doesn’t seem likely.

      • It’s possible that they fortify it in favor of an establishment R so as to keep up appearances.

        But having trained and organized their grass roots D operatives in the fortification process, I don’t know how they can just turn that off.

  27. “the great mistake was in not coopting Trump”

    It would have been the rationale and sane response, but these people are reckless and impulsive psychopaths who control nuclear weapons. I’m frankly glad they went Deathstar on Trump because he easily would have been coopted if his ego had been stroked. People would have gone back to sleep and continued to trust the government if D.C. had acted reasonably. That would have been absolutely the worst thing that could have happened. Our totalitarians, thank God, are retarded and the die is cast, the fly in the ointment being the possibility of nuclear annihilation.

    • “I got the ticket: let’s all risk global thermonuclear war for buttsex and tranny troon indoctrination in Ukraine.”

    • They made the same mistake with Nixon. Tricky Dick just wanted to be part of the club, but they could never forgive him for Helen Gahagan Douglas and Alger Hiss.

      Trump would have happily sold out his base and cut deals on immigration, spending and trade. He probably would’ve even given them their wars, if they had only given him a little respect.

      • No doubt. Their bungling of Trump actually is a green shoot. They have all the power necessary at their disposal but are so reckless and impulsive they still screw things up badly. The downside is they also control nuclear weapons and delusionally believe they will sacrifice a nuclear war and reign in Hell.

  28. Can you imagine a jogger/pajeet ticket? It’d absolutely put a giant stamp followed by multiple exclamation points on what a complete joke this (former) country has become – not that we’d need more proof. At any rate, Trump in the mix is sure to spice things up exponentially. I saw somewhere he’s already got a couple of new “names” for DeSantis. Massive panty wadding is as sure as the sun rising in the east – should be entertaining.

  29. I can see how fags like Vox Day get delusions of intellectual and academic superiority. Compared to our leaders… the man is a veritable genius. I dunno if Biden is a vegetable or a necessity. When you talk about ‘blow-up-the-world candidates’… Joe may be the only one they have who might be incapable of doing it…but who knows? Even he is 50% of the way there… he’s turned the minor firefight in the Kraine into a nuclear threat so who knows?

    It’s not like presidents decide any of this stuff anyways. Get two orders of popcorn and peanuts, fellas – one to eat, and the other to throw at the actors…

  30. Newsome won’t have to run. Totally Legitimate and Not at all Fraudulent Joe will die/ twist his ankle/ oversleep sometime before November 2024 and, gosh golly, will not be able to finish the race because he loves America too much.

    Newsome will make the hard decision to fill in and do what is right for America.

    Democrats win.

    The end.

  31. I have to admit I am curious how high the percentage going to a third party would go if the ticket was Haley and Tim Scott. Once the GOP came out of their disaster of a convention, where they would probably be dumb enough to send George W Bush up there so he could get booed off the stage, their polling would completely collapse. Seems like a mediocre candidate with even a moderate amount of funding might be able to knock her down to third place.

    • My fondest wish is that Trump will be that 3rd party candidate. After the GOPe rig the primaries against him, I hope he gives some serious thought to making his own independent run. He in particular could easily come in second in the popular vote. Since he’s never going to be President again, the greatest service he could render his country is to pull the walls down around the GOP.

      • The greatest service Trump could render is a spectacular martyrdom. After winning the GOP primary, to maximize the impact.

  32. A thought. I pat myself on the back when I see, during some MSM passing perusal, names of pro athletes or entertainers that tragically kick the old bucket – with names I do not recognize. On sports teams I was once a rabid fan of.

    This phenomenon represents proof of breaking with a focus on the catnip they put out for us while they loot and strip mine our country. Thus, a personal success, albeit with some regrets, that I could EVER have taken this shit seriously.

    My thought: will there come a time for me (and by extension others as I am not unique) when the names of these politicians will be just as ‘yawn’ and not not known? As they go about their surely important business.

    Might have said ‘not possible’ but that was before disconnecting from the sports/entertainment narrative and LARPers resulted in what I now experience: indifference.

    • You can be indifferent to the En Eff El, and most other cultural trappings for the most part, but you can’t be indifferent to the gubmint. It won’t let you be indifferent.

  33. Without sounding too pessimistic, the real question is how many Americans will actually even bother to vote. The issue with mail-in ballots and ballot fraud in general certainly doesn’t help inspire anyone to participate.

    But maybe after four years of Biden’s abysmal career, Americans have had enough of Democrats so-called “leadership” and constantly being lied to when they can see the facts for themselves.

    Europeans hate to admit it, but anyone who is honest with themselves knows we still depend on America being the strongest country in the world. And Biden’s woke administration has done everything possible to weaken your nation.

    The Ukrainian debacle has exposed the extent of failed European leadership and forced European military leaders to come to terms with just how incapable we are to defend our own freedom. Freedom we still owe directly to the USA and it’s outstanding service men and women.

    For all of us on both sides of the Atlantic, I hope America makes the right choice for their next President and elected officials. I pray they can turn things around and unite the country and it’s allies, instead of constantly being divided and pitted against each other as had become the norm.

    • I think most of the readers of this site want the US to get out of Europe. We’ve had enough of the illusion that we are making a positive contribution to civilization in our ancestral homelands. We no longer care about Democracy™ or Freedom©, or any of the other buzzwords thrown around by a corrupt press. If Europeans cannot defend their own borders from third world hordes, they don’t need us to prop up NATO. Aufwiedersehen, Freund.

      • Unfortunately for us, you are correct and I must agree with your point.

        No nation deserves freedom especially when it is provided by someone else. The German people, along with millions of Europeans, have failed miserably to be thankful and to appreciate 78-years of freedom in our home lands.

        And lets be clear on this point. The last 78-years have been just about the only time Europeans have not had to live with open warfare in the past 2,000 years.

        Since 1945, Germans and our fellow Europe have been safe and secure under the blanket of freedom provided by the USA while we smugly and arrogantly criticized the very people who provided it.

        We are complete and totally unprepared for the threat of war as our military leaders have openly stated. Whatever happens next, we can blame no one but ourselves.

        • “The last 78-years have been just about the only time Europeans have not had to live with open warfare in the past 2,000 years. Since 1945, Germans and our fellow Europe have been safe and secure under the blanket of freedom provided by the USA while we smugly and arrogantly criticized the very people who provided it.”

          The United States just blatantly engaged in open warfare against a fundamental part of your country’s economic infrastructure. The freedom your nation lacks is the ability to do anything other than grab your ankles and take another abuse by the Imperial psychopaths. If Germany had dignity, you would kick the GAE out of Rammstein immediately and then renegotiate the opening of Nord Stream.

    • “For all of us on both sides of the Atlantic, I hope America makes the right choice for their next President and elected officials.”

      I do like the band, especially “Ventura Highway” but cannot say I am confident they will choose the next woman as local Dog Warden.

    • Actually, mail in ballots and ballot fraud are what attract democrats. It’s their cause celeb. Well, that and a good bloody abortion.

    • The Russians had to go through a very tough decade or so to escape the 20th century. America is inching toward the same period, taking Europe with it. I suspect we have to wait for the baby boomers to age off. That is going to bring massive economic change, but also a massive culture change. In the meantime, it will be fits of lunacy and horror.

      • That is going to take probably around 30 years for enough baby boomers to die off that they become a very small fraction of the population.

    • “America” or whatever you call this place is done. Hoards of low IQ blacks and browns flooding the country for decades have depleted it of its most valuable resource… Americans. This land mass is Africa now, made up of stupid, violent savages, angry white women and fat boys who play video games, smoke pot and live with their parents well into their 30s. This is not a “country” in the least. Every institution has been full destroyed and loaded with images of men wearing dresses and violent vibrants. Even if you could replace all of Washington with honest, good people (pause for extreme laughter), you can’t fix it.

      Half the country continues to wear a diaper on their faces, 1/5 of all children think they’re gay or the wrong sex and blax are encouraged to murder whites without consequences. Even if you could save the country by taking it over by force, your first task would be to remove a good portion of the population who deserves a seat in hell.

    • “ I hope America makes the right choice for their next President and elected officials.”

      Karl, thanks for your good wishes, however Z-man is not joking with his term, “fortified elections”. The process is fraudulent and in the hands of the opposition party. Here, in my State (a “swing” State), the only change from 2020 election fraud and 2022 election fraud was that the fraud simply expanded and began to drift down to the State offices from the National offices.

      A corrupt system which remains in power due to that corruption is *not* going to fix itself voluntarily.

      • Reminds me of the Aussie on Gab when people asked why he was so concerned that Americans fix themselves, and he replied “because it’s the only prayer we have of being fixed ourselves”. All I can say is that if you lived here you wouldn’t fancy such notions (though there are plenty here who do to be sure).

    • Without sounding too pessimistic, the real question is how many Americans will actually even bother to vote

      Pessimistic? That sounds optimistic to me. These are the same people that get teary-eyed at the National Anthem being played at a negrolatry festival punctuated by a trans fighter jet fly by.

    • You allude to the nightmare scenario for the regime in your first paragraph…will they be able to cover up 20% voter turnout?

      Eventually it devolves into a “we know this is bullshit, they know its bullshit, we know they know its bullshit, and they know we know they know its bullshit” total lack of legitimacy for the government.

      • “The rules are simple: they lie to us, we know they’re lying, they know we know they’re lying, but they keep lying to us, and we keep pretending to believe them.”

        ― Elena Gorokhova, “A Mountain of Crumbs”

  34. 2 questions:
    Why wouldn’t Cruz run again? He won a few primaries in 2016 and is a staple on teevee. He’s got name-rec. But I don’t see him as part of the “conversation”.

    Will the Regime regret engineering Trump’s loss in 2020? All it does it put him right back into campaign mode which is his wheelhouse. If he “loses” again in 2024, then he’ll be back in 2028. Until he goes senile which won’t happen for a while. Imagine Mike Gravel with a huge following: that’s Orange Man. Let him have the presidency for 4 years, and then he’s mercifully gone.

    • Cruz won his reelection just barely. I’m wondering when he’s going to pivot given his State’s demographics. But yeah, it would be fun to see him as the nominee and him challenged in SCOTUS as being ineligible for the office.

  35. The pitch for the 2024 Presidential Election for either party should be:

    “You will be made to care.”

    The dream outcome would be 100+million votes for Biden, <20 million for the “It’s an Honor Just To Be Nominated” Team R sacrificial lamb.

    Reverse the fortification strategy of D; make them have to cull votes from their own ballot boxes so the blowout isn’t so obvious. That would be fun.

    (“We need to lose another 10 million ballots, stat!”)

    • “Yadda yadda civic duty yadda yadda!”
      “If you don’t vote, you can’t complain!”
      “People have been lining up here since 4 in the morning!”
      “The most important election in our lifetime!”
      “Another record turnout!”

    • There is such a thing as taking out too much insurance. People are used to absurdly lopsided victories in countries like Russia or some third world banana republic. In November 2024, if the U.S.economy is in freefall, America is humiliated on the world stage, and inflation is out of control, then even the the dimmest, most oblivious voter is going to know something is suspicious about a landslide victory for the Democratic Party presidential candidate.

      • Sure, but what will happen? Seems the majority of the country—being foreign and/or non-White—could care less. It’s “not in their DNA”! Pun/entendre intended.

      • that all happened in 2022, and the dems picked up seats in the senate, and the expected 75 seat GOP blowout in the house turned to 5 seats

  36. Did Sailer break in a slip a graphic into the blog post?

    I tend to agree. This lines up with my assumptions. Although I believe Noem throws hers in as well.

    The good news is no one will believe in the system if Joe “wins” again.

    • Kristi Noem is trying to be Trump’s VP choice. She knows she can’t get elected President, although Trump is not going to put her on the ticket either. The best she could hope for is a Cabinet position in his mythical second term.

      • Although Trump is not as bad as Biden in this regard, I think he gets a prurient buzz from hugging and kissing the ladies under the guise of ceremony. That may get Kristi on the ticket. I’d probably do the same thing, given the chance.

    • Whoever still believes in the system after 2020, is going to still believe in the system in 2024 after a Biden win. The NPC character meme is a documentary.

      • Conservative civ bars are starting to irritate me as much as leftists. They continue to “not see color” and voooot harder.

          • Someday, a typing correction program like this will cause a huge war.

            Something like this happened in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy:

            “The Vl’Hurgs were a species who lived on the far reaches of the galaxy. They declared war on the G’Gugvuntts, the original reason being to force the G’Gugvuntts’ leader to take back what it had said about the Vl’Hurg Commander’s mother, when a freak wormhole carried Arthur’s words, “I seem to be having this tremendous difficulty with my lifestyle”, into the midst of their negotiations – it just so happens that in the Vl’Hurgs’ language, that phrase is considered the most dreadful insult imaginable. The Vl’Hurgs waged war on the G’Gugvuntts for a long time, until they realised that it had all been a terrible mistake, and the two armies joined forces to attack Earth. Unfortunately, due to a terrible miscalculation of scale, the entire fleet was eaten by a small dog.”

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