The Organism

The typical politician in Washington knows what his staff tells him, plus whatever he remembers from his prior life. Given the nature of the life, what happened in the before times is a fading memory. Of course, few of these people ever did productive work before they got to Washington. In fact, having ever had a real job is close to a disqualification in politics. As a result, most have always been in politics and this is the peak of their political career.

Those staffers who make up the reality for a politician are not earthy men of the people, spending their days talking with the hoi polloi. They are from a specific class and spend their days socializing and networking with one another. What they know about the world is what they tell one another and what they get from the media. Their main focus is to make sure their guy is on the right side of the current trends and primed to say the right things at the events they organize for him.

Of course, the news of the world that flows from the media to the staffers and then to the politician is not news of the world. The content creators in the media do very little in the way of actual reporting. Their job is to take what is given to them by the agency they are assigned to cover and make it into a story. Most of the time this means taking canned quotes they get via e-mail and using them to salt a narrative, always with the phrase “sources say” to make it sound right.

The government agencies feeding the media have their agenda, which is always about what is good for the agency. Pournelle’s law of bureaucracy is on full display at this point, which means the people dishing to the media are people who care only about the bureaucracy they serve. In modern Washington, it is no longer about power and money, but rather the weird internal competition in the system. Leaks to the media are often about signaling between factions.

Washington itself has become something like an organism. All of its parts have a prime directive and that is to benefit the whole. Their secondary directive is to benefit their part of the whole. This means that everyone inside the organism is surrounded by nothing but other bits of the organism. To be inside the system is to live entirely around those who in one fashion or another serve the whole. Washington is both a system and a collective with its own sense of identity.

This helps explain why the war in Ukraine staggers on with no effort by Washington to make a deal with Moscow to end the war. Objectively, a deal should be easy to make and in the best interests of the West. Russia is not an expansive, ideological state with designs on the rest of Europe. There would be no war in Ukraine if not for the senseless meddling of the neocons that run American foreign policy. Making a deal to end the war basically means Washington stops poking the bear.

We hear nothing like this in Washington. There are zero politicians questioning the sanity of American policy. A few make noises about how the money is being spent, but they do not know why those lines are in their script. The people who put them there, those staffers, saw something about this in the media. The media is told by the Pentagon that there are worries about the accounting. Otherwise, no one questions anything because no one has a reason to question anything.

This dynamic plays out in the bureaucracy too. To be in good standing is to be on the right side of the current initiatives. In this case, everyone who knows what is good for them in the Pentagon makes sure to put on that Ukraine lapel pin. Information about what is happening on the ground leaks into the system, but there is no demand for it, so it sits in unread reports. The current narrative demands different facts, so people are busy getting those facts together.

This is also why we get insane press conferences from the people running the war machine part of the organism. Larry Johnson gives some useful commentary on the absurdity of what Milley and Austin had to say. Both men are reading from a script, prepared by people who care first and foremost about the bureaucracy they serve, which is the Pentagon and the military. They probably know the reality on the ground, but there is no incentive to mention it.

Probably the best example of how the organism works is the catastrophic train derailment in Ohio. The DC pols have nothing to say about it because their staffers have not put it in their scripts. The lone exception is J.D. Vance, the newly minted senator from Ohio, but he has yet to be assimilated. The staffers have no idea where Ohio is or if it is even in America. The reason is the media is full of stories about balloons, weird sex stuff and Trump news.

Here we have the most serious environmental disaster in decades and the organism has yet to respond. The reason is none of the entry points into the organism have pathways linked to the middle of the country. All of those pathways open in coastal cities and only the ones that matter to the organism. Unless what is happening in Ohio poses some risk to the organism, it does not exist for the organism. Ohio could become a dead zone and Washington does not care.

This is why our politics are insane. America is run by what amounts to a closed religious cult that cares only for its internal operations. Like any other organism, it draws sustenance from its surroundings, but unlike any other organism, it has little interaction with its surroundings, other than for defensive purposes. It is why elections have no impact on policy. Whatever the result, what gets sent to the organism is digested and put to use by the organism to defend the organism.

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216 thoughts on “The Organism

  1. “An empire is an arrangement among nations, backed and usually imposed by military force, that extracts wealth from a periphery of subject nations and concentrates it in the imperial core. Put more simply, an empire is a wealth pump, a device to enrich one nation at the expense of others.”
    -John Michael Greer

  2. As to the unstated question of whither Republicans- the other half of the DC coin- the Zman called this one as well.

    Nikki Haley (Indian) appointed Rick Scott (black) as a senator, and Harmid Dhillon (Indian) gunning for RNC chair. Haley and Scott look to be strong contenders for a historic first run as President and VP.

    So, since white Americans are all East Palestinians now, the coming American war between the elites looks like it will be between foreign elites: India, China, and the ADL.

    Insular? Disconnected?
    Pretty soon the ruling class’s official language won’t even be in English.

    • Tim Scott.

      Rick Scott is the bald white guy from Florida who wants to DESTROY MEDICARE AND SOCIAL SECURITY!!!!!eleventy!!!! using the same idea that FJB had in 1975.

  3. Completely OT and probably something touched on before. I’m a daily comment reader and usually start from top down as presented. That being said, some context is missed as you are reading, at times, replies and references to a comment not yet read as they are farther down the scroll.
    A polite request to our esteemed essayist; perhaps if directly clicking on the comment # cloud it could load showing the oldest first?
    Okay, sorry for the quibble!

      • It’s called a Last-In-First-Out [aka “LIFO”] stack.

        Because things which just entered the stack get popped back out almost immediately, it gives you the sensation of witnessing events in chronological disorder.

        LIFO stacks are a way of cheating on the computer hardware and saving money [on what would otherwise be vastly more expensive systems].

        LIFO stacks [as opposed to “FIFO”, or First In First Out stacks] are the kissing cousin of the (((Von Neumann))) architecture, which has cursed us with 50 or 60 years of buffer overrun security vulnerabilities [as opposed to the Harvard architecture, which would have physically segregated machine instructions away from raw data, but which also would have been much more expensive].

        • Huh?

          I just had a flashback to an intermediate accounting class from the distant past.

          The instructor was a young white guy who had the personality of a plank of wood; but he knew his stuff.

          He would begin each class with the opening,”Let’s get started, but first, some humor….”

          And then a lame joke.

          Ok, reminiscing done.

  4. This is an environmental disaster on the order of Chernoble. Burning vinyl chloride produces dioxin, a highly toxic and carcinogenic organochloride. It does not degrade in the environment, and it bioaccumulates. Fish in the Ohio river will be inedible for decades, and poisons may spread to the Gulf fisheries. This is much worse than the oil platform disaster of several years ago.

    Expect to see a major spike in cancer everywhere the plume went.

    And just like Chernoble radiation disaster, the Palestine dioxin disaster was created by government “experts.”

    • How long until Brandon tells us the best protection is to go get jabbed and boosted again?

      • I agree with the intuition of Andrew Ang1in & Anonymous Conservative; both have posted some outstanding maps of the territory which is in play here.


        If I were an high priest of a Tribe with a 3000 year documented history of infiltrating, subverting & destroying civilizations, and if all my best psychoanalysts had come to the conclusion that the goyische patients most doggedly immune to my Mind Virus’s attempts at mesmerization & hypnotization also just happened to be my enemy’s most ferocious warriors, and if those warriors were ex-patriot Scotians & Northumbrians & Hibernians, living now in greater Appalachia, then northeast Ohio is just about precisely Ground Zero of where I would launch a Chemical Warfare attack.

        Plus the name, “Palestine,” has such a deliciously poetic irony to it, and me and muh Tribe would just love us some irony in our demoralization pr0n.


        In all seriousness, an intentional Chemical Warfare attack in Ohio would be entirely consistent with the news we’re getting of vastly higher toxicity in MRNA V@xxine batches which were shipped to the Red States.

        Here’s a map of how the region voted in 2016 [see Ang1in & AC for more maps]:

        According to the maps of the Jet Stream which I’ve seen, the toxic plume of smoke was likely pushed across northwest Pennsylvania**, through southern New York, and then out across Assachusetts to the Atlantic Ocean.

        Whereas the heavier stuff will have flowed downhill into the Ohio River and then on into the Mississippi.

        Northwest Pennsylvania, southern New York, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, southern Illinois, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana are all fiercely Deep Red GOP strongholds.

        They’re precisely the people whom a foreign infiltrator would seek to eliminate.


        The Good News, however, is that if you’re in Appalachia, at an altitude higher than that of the Ohio/Mississippi river system, then you’re probably okay, because, oddly enough, most of the rivers coming out of the Appalachian Mountains tend to flow to the NORTH, ergo the poisoning of the Ohio/Mississippi river system ought not be as much of a threat to you.

        An excellent example of this is the great river of West Virginia, the Kanawha, which starts in North Carolina, flows northeast into Virginia, then takes a sharp left turn to the northwest, and heads all the way to Ohio.

        HOPEFULLY the water won’t be flowing backwards any time soon, so folks at elevation in the Appalachians ought to have much cleaner water than will the folks down at the flood plain levels of the Ohio & Mississippi rivers.


        **James Carville, existential meta-traitor: “Pennsylvania is Philadelphia and Pittsburgh with Alabama in between.”


        I hate to keep beating what I hope is not a dead horse, but Gunny [GUNSLINGERGREGI] tried to warn us.

        He tried & tried & tried to warn us.

        But the best of us simply ignored him, and the worst of us guffawed at him.

        Gunny, my Gunny, where art thou, Gunny?

        • Last night, somebody at /pol/ poasted the following vidya of the meandering of the toxic chemical cloud over OH, WV, PA, NY, Lake Erie, etc…

          The cloud whip-lashed its way all through traditional “Orange” Scots-Irish territory.

          It even swung back around and hit NoVa.

    • IIRC, Times Beach, Missouri was abandoned and is a permanent ghost town because of dioxin contamination back in the 80s.

      • Friday fish fries around here used to always be fresh perch from Lake Erie, but that stopped being the case many years ago. Fortunately, East Palestine isn’t within the Lake Erie water shed and it seems the prevailing winds weren’t headed that way during the burn.

        • So you can’t shoot down a weather balloon because you don’t know what’s in it, but burnings tons of toxic chemicals to float all over the place is OK.

      • You can still get fried perch fresh from the Great Lakes if you head to the less populated parts of MI and WI.

  5. Partially through, I thought, “Good lord. This is a splendid and easily comprehensible description of ‘beyond mind’, that is, of the elusive nature of collective oversoul, and of collective society as an organic computer. The mindlessness of Creation, of which we are the essential froth.

    Religion as we know it is entirely a moral and social concern, of living rightly and living together; this is the most urgent question of any infant, child, or man, or beast.

    (They knew no more of the super-natural than they knew of electricity, only scattered fragments left to primitives trying to reassemble white civilizations from epochal catastrophe. That, then, is a different question. My apologies for interrupting Apex P. as to the ‘where’.)

    To say “we lost God,” I see now, is correct. Being much more limited, local, and ignorant, we relied on our instincts of primate hierarchy: we organize ourselves around an alpha male, ranking ourselves according to nearness, connectedness, and utility.

    These immortal, headless hydras- agencies, corporations, the United Nations (a “United States of the World”)- these have the same nature as Human Resources, neocons, or blacks: they are herds of bitchy women.

    Without the pimp hand of Throne or Altar, they are crybulliès, bully victims; inhumane, amoral, enjoying cruelty to outliers or inferiors; and fear ostracism above all else.

    A level herd of team players, wherein differences in status or benefits are relatively miniscule, where Equality rules to share the equity. A women’s camp, unlike the stark roles of a hunting band.

    This part I delete:
    We have lost our Alpha, the white overmind personified as the Roman Nazerene, Jesus; I would reclaim our Face away from his bestial stepfather and kidnapper, the Judean YHWH, also known as Satan, whose political vision is the state of Israel, also known as the Antichrist.

    I wouldst reconnect the White Nazarene to the science that is his heritage, bringing back together Body, Soul, and Word. If we must have a God for order to reign our lands, then let it be /our/ God.

      • The best of bad choices, to be sure.

        Our culture doesn’t seem to be connected to anything; amorphous organizations give us nothing to grasp.

        Even those drunk on power and politics…to what end? More power and politics?
        More profit so they can, what, make more profit?

        Whatever the vehicle, there doesn’t seem to be any destination. Better mousetrap? Clean air and water? A future for White children? No there, there.

    • Prager is lucky they have online bibles, because if he had to physically touch one to get his quotations it would burn his fingers.

    • Heresy #1: Catholics call Protestants their “Christian brothers…”

      followed by…

      Heresy #2: Judeo-Christianity.
      followed by…

      Heresy #3: Secular Nation.

      Water down (weaken) each faith group, diluted into one spiritual gruel.

      Will consider down votes as upvotes. Also counting up votes and upvotes.

    • #5. “The human being is “created in the image of God.” Therefore, each human life is precious. Therefore, race is of no significance, since we are all created in God’s image, and God has no race.”

      One does not follow the other – if he truly believed race has no significance, then why support borders for Israel? If race has no significance, then surely ethnicity even less so, and family even less.

      • “Judaism needs Christians. It was Christianity that carried the Torah and the rest of the Hebrew Bible to the world.
        This was acknowledged by the greatest Jewish thinker after Moses, Maimonides.”

        Tapeworm piggybacking for sure- but did he mean Maimonides, whose real job was creating a school of the blackest magic, satanic demonseed stuff, to destroy all Christians, everywhere?

      • Well, that’s a pretty big difference between Judaeo and Christian, yeah? Christians are pretty convinced God does, in fact, have a race. Prager is in such a hurry to make his point that he makes his contra-Christian comment without thinking it through.

    • Simple answer…there aren’t any..Jews have hated Christians for more than 2000 years, and aren’t going to stop anytime soon…

  6. “Ohio could become a dead zone and Washington does not care.”

    That said, there seems to be little benefit to Ohioans to continue to be ruled by Washington, D.C. and the coastal states.

    • It’s goshdam Chernobyl. The Ohio River watershed feeds to 30 million people, 1/10th of America and still our industrial heartland. East Palestine is just below Youngstown, close to Erie, PA and the Great Lakes. The region affected will extend from Chicago to West Virginia.

      There were 6- six!- derailments in the US last year, despite the claims of 34, per state, per day. (Yeah- worldwide. Great numbers, Bootygig.)

      All of them happened in Trump states, and shortly after Nordstream, so conspiracy theories as to enemy action and as to which enemy are hot ‘n’ heavy. Biden Fog of War.

      Something something about Battle Beagle’s “The routine maintenance of complex systems is their greatest vulnerability.”

        • Does that include the “derailment” near Houston recently? Not sure if they are counting it, but the derailment occurred when a semi was crossing the tracks. Technically, yes, it was derailed by the collision, but I wouldn’t count it.

      • Whiskey’s Rebellion!

        As to WR 1, who knew that George Washington was the biggest liquor producer in the U.S.?

    • Oh for a warlord governor instead of a squish (about whom the best thing can be said is “it could be worse”).

    • The same could be said even of California…it’s a place they visit, but doesn’t matter to the Hive…

  7. My understanding is that the train derailment isn’t catastrophic. They blew up the tankers, which turned more toxic chemicals into less toxic ones. The HCl that went up into the atmosphere will come back down as acid raid. Obviously it’s not great, but it’s not likely to wipe out the whole area or anything.

    This type of incident will become much more frequent as complex systems are inherited by people who have no idea how they work, or why they should work. Would be interested to see the makeup of the crew on the train and in maintenance. The government is also full of morons, and the botched response is likely due to incompetence as well as malice. There will be more stupidity on all sides. In my opinion it is yet another incident that highlights demographic and cultural decline.

    We got lucky this time. It’s clear that the Biden administration doesn’t care. Buttigieg says there are too many white people in construction, you know they all think there are too many white people in Columbiana County, too. And too many white people in general, everywhere.

    The ruling class would have no problem dropping nukes on bad people, if they themselves could survive it. We’ve already seen them say that the 2A is useless because the government has drones. And that’s a threat. They hate you and want you dead, poisoned, or raped. And they think it’s funny.

    • “This type of incident will become much more frequent as complex systems are inherited by people who have no idea how they work, or why they should work. Would be interested to see the makeup of the crew on the train and in maintenance.”

      You nailed it. They are laughing in the Imperial Capitol about it, but this is coming to a neighborhood near them. The rapid descent into Third World dysfunction is underway now.

      • Word has it that near misses between aircraft in AINO are increasingly commonplace, and that a Canary Islands disaster is all but a certainty. At least all the victims will die happy in the knowledge that the airlines replaced all those white supremacists with vibrant mandrills and baboons.

        • The sad thing is that there are people who really think like this.

          “Thank God Bill got his 5 boosters otherwise his death from a stroke would have been much worse.”

          These are real people, if you can believe it.

    • “We’ve already seen them say that the 2A is useless because the government has drones.”

      It’s telling in a way they consider the government and their positions therein to be vulnerable to removal by amateur force projection by the populace. At least they consider gun-toting rednecks a credible threat.

      • I see it more as they don’t like the cost associated with everyone hating them that 2A produces. It’s true that rednecks with guns aren’t going to overthrow the government, and it is because the government would carpet bomb flyover country with nuclear weapons before they’d allow themselves to be regime changed.

        The cost of everyone hating them and having glocks is that eventually the lone nuts are going to figure out that they don’t have to hit a hard target like the president. Lots of these DC creatures are simply living normal upper middle class lives and there’s nothing stopping a motivated person from aerating their skulls in minecraft. Then you either have to turn DC into the Green Zone of Baghdad or hire security details for every government person down to the manager at the DMV. They can’t do their little “Our Democracy” sing-song anymore when National Guard soldiers are patrolling the capital and shooting little children like they were Palestinians.

        • 100% accurate. Not to get all FedPoasty, but I saw a Congress Critter from VA at a public venue inside a shopping mall doing a promo. 100s of people in that crowd carrying only God knows what in their pocket. The herd could be culled quite quickly.

          I was thinking how vulnerable they all really are and I think at least subconsciously many of them know it, hence the incredible paranoia & fear they exhibit.

          • I’ve wonder how long election irregularities would continue if the local election officials knew they would be the recipient of some good old boy expressing his displeasure with the “vote count” with a high speed projectile. Don’t see much police protection for county and city officials.

          • They will recruit illegals and foreigners to guard them as police and military.
            “it is a mark of a tyrant to have men of foreign extraction rather than citizens as guests at table and companions, feeling that citizens are hostile but strangers make no claim against him”

    • B125: I admit to total ignorance regarding all the chemicals involved in the derailment. That said, I have seen conclusions antithetical to what you’ve written (i.e. that it sucks but won’t wipe out the area). To wit:

      Re vinyl chloride, per government stats:
      3.2 days in the air
      280 days in topsoil
      1400 days in surface water
      4400 days in groundwater

      The danger of that shite in the Ohio river basin, not to mention the groundwater in Ohio and Western Pennsylvania farmland is immense. Not to mention the dangers to the people from the phosgene gas.

      Otherwise, your conclusion (they want you raped, poisoned, and dead) is spot on.

      • The issue with contaminants is usually twofold: the characteristic of the compound itself and the concentration. In any case, this scenario is not muy bueno.

        As for Buttplug’s quip about too many White pipo, may he become the fulfilment of his wish, inshallah.

      • That and there were other hazardous chemicals beyond that which they were rather coy about it (did those cars not derail?)

    • The drums on those train wheels were smoking cherry red hot 20 miles out, according to witnesses.

      The automatic braking detection system for some reason didn’t catch it, or they had a Long Island Express rehire at the wheel.

    • This is sort of false equivalence my dude. Yes it was a “lesser evil” but you know what an even lesser lesser evil would have been? Bring in the damn equipment to put those rail cars on -another- train and get them to a safe disposal site and do it the right way.

      This is a very binary question you can ask yourself about whether the “harmless release to atmosphere” was really done with as pure intentions as you are claiming.

      Query: Had this derailment happened in Hagerstown, MD near the source of the Potomac River which feeds down through MD/VA into DC proper, would they have also started the ‘controlled burn’ in the same manner? Magic Eight Ball says: “no f-cking chance”.

      • So, the train caught fire upon derailment. Rubbing 244,000 lbs of steel (per car) against other steel for 20 miles produces enormous heat. They were trying to prevent a bleve “hampster huey and the gooey kabloie” situation, much like firefighters will open a roof to let the fire exhaust the fuel instead of smoldering for weeks.
        Also, everyone realizes this is the stuff they used to make your water pipes, right? And everyone should know that running exposed pvc has been prohibited by code for a few decades now bc of the fire risk – pvc is less flamable than most construction plastics (eg pex), but combustion offgasses are nastier than Pelosi in a bikini.

        • I spent all night being more than a little disturbed that so many of the Z-readership seem to be trusting the cover story at face value: That it really was just an accident.

          I haven’t read all of the comments on this essay, but I feel like I’m the only person here who is proposing that the Palestine incident was in fact an INTENTIONAL ACT OF CHEMICAL WARFARE.

          Never assume incompetence when Sadistic Psychopathy provides an even better explanation.

    • My understanding is that the explosion created phosgene gas, which is extremely deadly….It was used in WW1..

    • The whole traingate fiasco will certainly provide lots of opportunity for all the vile factions of the ruling class to have a virtue-snivel contest. Imagine all the competing narratives here:

      Globalist Free Trade Ratfucker: It’s so good that we sent all our industry to China because otherwise this would be happening a lot more right here in AINO.

      Woke Zombie: That’s incredibly raciss! Yellow Lives Matter! How dare you suggest it’s better for the Chinese to die from train derailments than racist cracker White people!

      Silicon Valley Chinese Mouthpiece: You are both wrong and evil. In the Glorious People’s Republic there was only 1/3 of a train derailment last year and all that spilled was baby milk formula on it’s way to feed war orphans in Ukraine. See (looks up CCP website) the government statistics prove it!

      Insane TDS Wammen: Trump caused the derailment!

  8. I watched the presser (not Q&A) with the two participation medal “generals”. Milley says “In short, Russia has lost, they’ve lost strategically, operationally and tactically…” I swear, you watch faux serious clowns like him and just wonder what the hell? It’s hard to believe that asshat believes the garbage he’s spouting, but in this day and age, he probably does.

    • Milley is laying the groundwork for the declaration of victory and the exit. The surest sign of this was when someone in the Banana Empire’s capitol confirmed to Hersh that, yes, the United States did sabotage Nordstream. Putin will take the win and, if he takes a notion, respond in due time.

      • For the regime to both declare victory and withdraw, there would have to be an agreement with the Russians not to advance beyond where they presently are. Otherwise they can’t declare victory.

        I know that this is clown world, so maybe they believe they can, I’m just saying

        • They will declare it, Russia will take the rest of Ukraine that it desires, and anyone who says it wasn’t a total US – er, I mean Ukrainian victory is a hateful misinformer, and a racist terrorist.

        • The Russians aren’t going to agree with anything that comes from the West now. Yes, AINO will declare victory and the outcome will resemble what a negotiated peace would have. This has been a momentous cluster and the world grasps that. I honestly think the Banana Empire leaders thought the sanctions would work.

      • Russian’s have very long memories, I wonder if maybe some people in Europe, the GAE and the Ukraine will be sleeping well for years after this is over? I certainly would be willing to bide my time and exact revenge and justice on a lot of people in this country if I were Putin.

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  10. It’s just amazing how much abuse and neglect is required to wake up the normies in the heartland. The only emissaries from the Borg will be Democrat Party-approved trial lawyers ready to sue Norfolk Southern for $1Trillion on behalf of the Ohio victims, with part of the fee kicked back to the usual suspects.

    • Assuming I were in a good mood and didn’t have them all shot, if I were king, I would outlaw the class action lawsuit. All they do is make everything far more expensive and enrich lawyers.

      • It actually cuts both ways. Sometimes a defendant may want a class action so they don’t have to defend a million separate lawsuits, and can negotiate a global deal.

        • Yeah, and that is exactly what is wrong. The law firm gets millions of Dollars and each individual gets a coupon for a few buck off which requires you do business with the offending business.

          • Its a valid tool. Here’s the deal: if Shittybank steals five cents from a million customers, who is going to do something about it? It cost more than you lost just to send a letter complaining. The regulators were bought off half a century ago, so its self-help or bohica for financialized anarchotyrrany. But if you pay me 20% of the 5 million, I’ll at least stop them and make them pay back the other $4m. And the reason current class actions are so banal is bc it has worked. The country-wide racketeering scammers and such have moved on to non-extraditing countries now. Last one I saw was Safeway got sued bc some of their receipts printed some credit card numbers on the receipt. Big whoop, who actually got hurt? The only “thalidomide” stuff that happens anymore has already paid off Congress for federal civil immunity (eg corona).

      • Absolutely right on that, Tars. 100 percent. Erin Brockovich got $2 million, spent on “therapy” for her poor kid, her boss got $102 million, and the Mojave plaintiffs got $15 to 30k with no clean water.

        The poor McDonald’s coffee lady wanted (and didn’t get) $3600 for her ER visit for 3rd degree burns, the Lead Octopus never proved that black kids in the projects ate paint chips (or that Romans did either.) And the tobacco settlement was spent on activism as soon as it came in. Now they want to take talcum powder, a fricking ground up rock. $4 B to 22 ghetto bints for dusting their moisties!

        It’s just more theft and money laundering to politicals and activists, like Ukraine; we are buying the rope to hang us.

        • An old acquaintance of mine who got into the public service ad business—to made a set of pioneeringly “woke” anti-smoking commercials that if I reminded you of them you’d be angry I brought them back to your conscious mind—used his cut of the tobacco settlement to build a sex-cult compound.

      • “Loser pays” (all other sides legal expenses) would go a long way to if not reforming our tort system, to clearing the docket somewhat. It’s nice to dream…

      • Class-action lawsuits is a feature of US jurisprudence because America doesn’t have a consumer ombudsman – an independent body that pursues corporate malfeasance litigation with the powers of an attorney general.

        In Euroland, if a company is found guilty of criminal negligence, they’ll pay a fine commensurate with their crime and the injured consumers will be compensated for the damages they’ve suffered.

        In lieu of this you have punitive damages, where the injured parties are allowed to pocket whatever punitive fines a judge deems appropriate for the negligence shown by the corp, rather than the damages the consumers actually suffered.

        Hence, the infamous case of some silly woman who got a gazillon dollars because she scalded herself on a McDonalds coffee: her injuries might have been worth a few thousand dollars only, but McD had several times been ordered by a judge to lower the temperature of their java and had ignored this. The punitive damages awared the silly woman corresponded to one day’s worth of profit on McD coffee sales nationwide, not to the scalding.

        The grass is always greener and so forth, but I can see definite upsides to having greedy lawyers working as consumer watchdogs, rather than a quasi-governmental office, which tend to be content with handing out symbolic fines.

    • OTOH Captain Willard – it’s really a buying opportunity:
      Two Wall Street analysts said NS won’t see a major hit to its bottom line following a major derailment in E. Palestine, Ohio…

      …Tuesday note to investors, Cowen’s Jason Seidl wrote that Atlanta-based Norfolk Southern will likely incur a “special charge” in the first quarter of this year as a result of the derailment. However, the charge won’t undermine the rail giant’s business.

      “While the severity of the derailment earlier this month is still unclear, if history is a guide, the unfortunate event may not have much long-term impact on the rail carrier’s share,” Seidl wrote. “Hence, we would view any noteworthy pullback [as] a buying opportunity.”

      Bank of America’s Ken Hoexter wrote that Norfolk Southern may have to pay $40 million to $50 million in a “casualty charge.” In 2022, the rail giant generated some $12.7 billion in revenue and $3 billion in profits. A $50 million charge would equal roughly 1.7% of its 2022 profit.

    • Who do you think the normies are? The electoral voting blocks are angry cat ladies, minorities, and white evangelicals who vote based on their abortion beliefs. We racist, anticommies are insignificant in number.

  11. “… the best example of how the organism works is the catastrophic train derailment in Ohio. “

    Here is Southern AZ is another example of the above. I10 has been closed for over 24 hours now due to an “environmental trucking accident”. I10 is *the* major interstate highway through AZ and the Southern part of the country. Folks driving (read evacuating) out of the “dead zone” are urged to turn off their car heaters or a/c, close the windows, etc. Folks still at home should remain indoors. News media reports wrt evac orders and precautions, but nothing wrt the specifics of the chemical spill. Who, what, why, how, where, are not to be seen. They report it in the same vane as they do the weather (deep freeze on for tonight)—just another traffic accident…

    • They’ll never let a crisis go to waste. Get ready for bans on chemicals, fossil fuels and railroads. Oh! But first, the system needs fewer white people working on it. That will be a good first step. Can’t forget that canned response.

      Of course, getting rid of pipelines means reliance on transport mechanisms much more accident prone and much more dangerous should that event occur.

    • As B125 astutely stated above, what you are seeing is the result of the system being pounded with demands for “equity” and “diversity”. The incompetence that surrounds us is a direct result of all of it. No matter how much you fight it, reality comes and collides with fantasy. The delusion of diversity and equity bringing people with IQs in the 80s to the front of the line is starting to show. Just wait until it starts affecting the air traffic. Software systems that run financial processes will also be seeing the decline.

      “Reality comes whether you stop believing in it or not.”

        • Sadly, this article doesn’t touch the third rail. He was constantly hired because he made the damn website look “better”. I have an acquaintance that flies for a second tier carrier in the U.S. It pissed him off to no end last year when Delta hired a far-less experienced pilot than him, one that he’d trained, because she had a vagina.

          • Feminist aeronautical engineers have confirmed that, in the event of loss of propulsion, the pilot’s vagina can serve as a glide mechanism to help bring the aircraft safely to ground.

      • But we got an all-girl aviation flyover for the Black Superbowl! My gods, man, we are going to Mars! Eat that, Chuck Yeager!

        Whatya bet by “all-girl” they meant, er, ahem, “girls”. Girls can have testicles too!

      • Saboutage, terrorism and other mischief, whether freelance by disgruntled residents, by domestic or foreign government assets seeking to stir the pot, will also be easier to execute and will just add to the fog of…not war, but slow nihilism.

      • I work for the FAA in the Inland Northwest. At least where I am, all the air traffic controllers are of the Caucasian Persuasion.

  12. With the loss of competence in government and industry, eventually there will be an incident that will affect a large geographic area and/or a large number of people. The Chernobyl nuclear accident is an example of this. The Chernobyl incident was one of things that caused a loss of confidence in the Communist party in the Soviet Union. One of the pebbles that started an avalanche. The train derailment in East Palestine is another data point on the loss of competence trend line.

  13. Zman you can be forgiven for overlooking the peace gesture that emanated from the left side of congress not long ago, since it was retracted and memory holed in record time, under 24 hours if I recall. One wonders how they were threatened, and by whom.

    I’ve learned not to underestimate the power of regime propaganda. We all should have learned that, in these last 3 years. For most people, reality is what they say it is. Just the other day, an attempt I made to break through it with a normiecon who I’ve been friends with for years was met with outright hostility. Merely for emailing a few links to him that contradicted the regime narrative re: Ukraine. This was a sufficient transgression for him to imply that it jeopardized our friendship and tell me to “love it or leave it.”

    Then within just a few hours he had a stroke. Go figure.

    • They don’t hold their views because they worked these views out in their minds. They came to their views through highly emotional propaganda.

      You were not providing him with new information or a new way of framing certain information, you were literally calling him stupid and a poopy head and maybe even an evil person. He responded as such.

      • That’s probably true, but with us living in different states now we hadn’t really discussed it and I couldn’t have told you for sure what his views on Ukraine were, prior to this recent exchange.

        But he gave me a clue last time I saw him in person, when he (unbidden) expressed admiration for Fauci and told me he wasn’t voting for Trump because Mattis said not to. Not that I care whether he votes for Trump or not, but his reason for not doing so is indicative of his love of the MIC.

      • Impervious to new information because, how do They put it… oh, yeah, “Your words are violence!”

        Cringing, whinging non-entities.

        And as my Parthian shot, where did that stroke come from, I wonder? Maybe failure to question The Narrative was a fateful misstep.

      • I have said repeatedly that we live in the era of deductive reasoning. The general principle is implanted with propaganda, and, thus, every conclusion is preordained. Inductive reasoning is completely dead. Inductive reasoning is the only way to challenge a general principle. Great effort is expended by TPTB to prevent this from ever occurring.

  14. Now take the next step. Self-preservation is the highest imperative of the DC organism and it will use all its powers to defend itself by all means necessary. And these powers are enormous, ruthless, and they play dirty as well (the illusion of the rule of law is a mask used to keep untermenschen distracted and pacified). It cannot change itself nor can voting harder influence a political class with 95+% reelection incumbency. So what to do?

    A revolution is bloody and results in staggering collateral damage including many innocents. Secession could get traction under the right circumstances, but the first Civil War was no picnic and DC won in the end. There has to be a better way, and there is.

    DC is a festering tumor in the larger organism of society. And it’s pathology has metastasized to various sites within the body, but the number of cancer cells is still relatively low compared to the general population. We are likely at late Stage 3 or early Stage 4. Medical science is constantly improving the tools for treating cancer and these new remedies are highly focused.

  15. I have a bit of experience with Capitol Hill staffers. First thing you notice is that they’re very young, usually in their 20s with the head staffer in their early 30s. These people not only lack real-world experience, they lack experience period.

    The next thing that you notice is that they’re all Tracy Flick-like characters from the movie Election. You’ll also notice that they generally come from prep schools in the East and West Coast and the same colleges. A few come from normal high schools and even state universities, but they tend to despise the people that they grew up with and are more than happy to be accepted by the Borg.

    I’d argue that something interesting happened to this group back in the 1990s and early 2000s. Before that, DC was mostly seen as a bit of a cultural backwater. Sure, there was Georgetown, Chevy Chase, a little bit of the area around Capitol Hill and a few other spots. But they were considered islands of culture in an otherwise lacking landscape.

    The lower-level Hive members had a bit of an inferiority complex about DC compared to NYC, Boston, LA, San Fran and a few other cities. But in 90s and early 2000s, DC saw a huge increase in restaurants, cafes, clubs, etc. Also, gentrification was pushing out blacks, making many neighborhoods such as Kalorama, Adams Morgan, Chinatown, Logan Circle much safer and way better to live. The area around Capitol Hill that was consider safe also grew a lot.

    Basically, you could walk from Georgetown to the Hill through a continuous Hipster paradise in relative safety. That was a big change. The DC managerial class no longer felt second class to other cities. And, of course, the close-in suburbs such as Bethesda and North Arlington also became much nicer, so the DC managerial class could feel comfortable sticking around with a family.

    By 2010, DC was a city with the power AND the amenities for the Hive workers. It no longer looked elsewhere for anything, except as playthings and sources of money.

    • There are entire schools that hardly anyone has heard of, that exist to pipeline people onto Capitol Hill. Who was that girl who told the lurid tale of Trump trying to hijack his own limo on January 6? All I remember is that Ace of Spades called her “Madison Cornbread” (say what you will about that ludicrous cuck, he comes up with a good nickname). Anyway, she went to one of those schools. James Madison U. is the only one I can think of offhand, but Washington and Lee (before they dropped the Lee), William and Mary, and UVa (“Mr. Jefferson’s School”) used to be that type, and of course Georgetown and American University. Unless you really want to work on the Hill, there’s no reason to go there.

      I went to grad school with a guy who ended up teaching at one of them. Imagine an entire student body of Tracey Flicks. On steroids. Also meth.

      • Don’t forget Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown Law co-ed who went to Capitol Hill a decade ago to whine that the reason she wasn’t getting laid wasn’t because of her punishingly unattractive visage, but because she somehow couldn’t afford contraception.

        As for the safety of the Imperial Capital, my cousin has owned a street level Alexandria condo for two decades. Last fall he was jumped by two Africans while approaching his front door after a late night meal. He managed to fight them off and they escaped into a nearby building. The cops, however, let it drop at that point. Policing’s hard, man! Between the lack of criminal justice and the swarm of brown Hispanics, the safety of DC is probably not going to last much longer.

        • Just this week a congresswoman was reportedly attacked in her apt building elevator by a deranged feral. He must not have been very determined since she came out of it fine, but the safety of DC seems to be a historical scenario, not a current one.

        • In DC “Hispanic” means primarily Salvadoran or Guatemalan. The former boasting the world’s highest homicide rate notwithstanding and as undesirable as these immigrants are, in terms of crime they pale in comparison to feral blacks. And the street food is better. Miss those pupusas.

      • Yeah, the colleges around DC and the Virginia public schools for NoVa kids pump a lot of people into the DC system. You’ll still get a sprinkling of kids from the various big-name schools, but the DC and Virginia schools are definitely way overrepresented.

        Georgetown is the premier pipeline, but it tends to send kids more into the government – State Dept, intelligence agencies, whatever – than Capitol Hill though you’ll still get a lot there as well. They also go into the various NGOs and think tanks. The same is true for GW and American. UVa is also in that category. UVa seems to be a hotbed for the intelligence agencies as well, much like Georgetown, Harvard, Princeton and Yale.

        The state schools like George Mason, JMU, CNU and, to some degree, VaTech, tend to pump more people toward the Hill. But the Hill gets kids from all over b/c reps bring people who worked for them back home and then fill in slots from those other Va schools.

        All of those kids dream of running the world and, bizarrely, feel as though they deserve to do it. They feel zero connection to regular people.

  16. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to learn that the Ohio train derailment was, in fact, sabotage. Maybe the whatever they call the KGB now can’t do something precisely equivalent to blowing up the Nordstream pipeline, but surely they have a few old pros who know how to blow up some train tracks. This would also account for the silence from The Regime. If we start seeing some people in the Apparat suddenly and dramatically reversing course, well… there it is.

    • If Putin wanted tit-for-tat, would he derail a train full of hazardous materials in a populated area next to a giant watershed?

      That sounds a bit too malevolent. I can see a few religious zealots doing that kind of thing, but not a state actor that already lacks for friends around the world.

      • He kinda has to at this point. The Juggalos in DC won’t stop poking the bear until it causes them real pain. Blowing up an offshore oil rig or something — the closest tit-for-tat — wouldn’t bother them in the slightest. It’s offshore, nobody sees it, and they couldn’t care less about the spike in gas prices, because they don’t know or care what it costs to fill up their private jets.

        But a train derailment in the continental US? The Apparat has to deal with that, since there really is a big toxic cloud floating over some important areas. If they try to deal with it, they will of course screw it up, because they’re Juggalos, and they lose face. If they don’t deal with it — which seems to be the current plan — it becomes obvious to even the Grillers that their so-called government doesn’t give a shit about them, and they lose even more face.

        It’s all about making the Apparat deal with the fallout, up close and personal.

      • Note also that Putin, unlike the Americans, isn’t stupid. The GAE had people out there bragging up the Nordstream sabotage on Twitter the minute the first bubbles surfaced (indeed, more than one GAE official, including the “President,” announced we were going to do it in advance).

        Putin isn’t dumb, so he’s not going to announce it to the world. He’d have his ambassador make some Mafia-type quip to the American ambassador: “Gosh, nice train you have there. What a shame something happened to it. Infrastructure like that is so fragile…”

        If the Americans are then dumb enough to announce it to the world as a casus belli — and Magic 8 ball says “all signs point to yes” — then they deny everything and make hay off the fact that the Juggalos just admitted their internal security is so weak, they can’t even stop agents from blowing up big important stuff in America’s heartland. They can’t even stop a freakin’ balloon, for pete’s sake — the apex of 19th century reconnaissance technology — and now they can’t even be bothered to secure shipments of vital industrial chemicals.

        Again, it’s a testable hypothesis. If we suddenly see a big shift in the Ukraine Narrative, somebody dropped a word into a few ears. If not, well, I’ve been wrong before. I’m perfectly willing to attribute to stupidity what is also explainable by malice.

      • If Putin wanted tit-for-tat then his submarines would begin sinking luxury yachts. Plutocrats watching their escape plans be literally torpedoed is more likely to force a 404 settlement than carpet-nuking the American Midwest.

        • Not really. The regime would see that as a casus belli and wouldn’t fear it because the risk is easy for them to personally mitigate (stay off yachts). A massive toxic chemical spill 500 miles away from the capital, in the heartland to boot, brings the matter home because a) it can’t be easily escaped and b) it can’t be prevented. In fact, the biggest weakness of modern America is that it’s logistics network is pretty much completely unsecured. It’s second biggest weakness is that said network is expensive. Think about how cheap and easy it is to mess with train tracks, or clog up interstates, it take out transformer stations, or knock down power lines or telecom lines, and you’ll see why a train derailment makes a good warning shot.

      • If you believe Russia lacks for friends around the world you should start getting your information somewhere other that the clowns who told you that.

    • There is video evidence that the wheel sleeve bearing on one of the cars failed and the resulting friction ultimately caused the derailment. Long haul railroad corridors include “hot box” detectors about every 20 miles or so in order to alert the locomotive operator and stop the train before it gets to derailment. Unfortunately, this detection and warning came too late in this case. Also, inadequate preventive maintenance may have played a role as well. When times get tough financially, PM is always the first thing that gets cut.

      • In the past 12 months I’ve heard radio ads from CSX, looking for employees. You never, ever used to hear that. The only way to get a job on the RR was to have connections. Also, at my plant, in the past few years it’s not unusual for us to not get our daily switch because the railroad, CSX again, doesn’t have a crew available.

        About a year ago, a Norfolk Southern train passing through my town lost an axle off one carriage and derailed. Should have been caught by a hot box detector but wasn’t. Traffic in both directions was stopped for about 24 hours while NS dealt with the aftermath. As you say, it raises questions about their PM program.

      • I think what we need are more people in suits who read teleprompters and who explain charts and stats like they are teaching the ABCs to kindergartners.

        We also need more DIE commissars. Once we have enough of them in place the trains will run perfectly and the water will get treated. Oh, and we need more immigrants so the teleprompter reader class can have nannies and house cleaners.

      • And speaking from experience in a government position, employees doing routine, boring, preventive maintenance are well known to cheat and cut corners. Pencil whipping they called it in the military. My stuff wasn’t mission critical life or death, but some things are, and I don’t see why human nature would be any different in, say, inspecting and servicing wheel bearings of railway cars.

    • This is precisely what I believe. Tucker had an interesting piece on it a few nights ago that’s worth watching. The gist of it is this: with our borders being wide open, we know for a fact that hundreds of Chinese (probably Russian as well) nationals have also come across undocumented. What are they doing? Are they all benign? There’s been a huge uptick in train derailments in the past 3 years. Apparently, it’s laughably easy to do. So yeah, I’d certainly believe it was Chinese or Russian agents.

      • Maybe. But I find it more plausible that their sabotage would be against networks, like pipelines, or electrical grid, or software systems that government administrations use.

        Those are high-value, highly-visible targets which can do a lot of damage and cause a lot of inconvenience without potentially killing. When you kill people, you hand your enemy the moral high ground. Better to make your enemy lose face and lose confidence.

        • Have to agree with Marko hear. Does not seem to be Putin’s current MO, especially after all the effort he took to build positive PR wrt the SMO at the beginning. Gonna throw that all away with a derailment that injures civilians? Great way to unify a country against you that is currently divided. Not enough of a cui buono for him. Doing something that disrupts the lives of the Swamp – now that’s a win-win. Sewage backup at the Capitol would be hilarious – watching Ms. Graham get the runs for a few days would warm my heart.

          • I think Putin is smart enough to realize that he doesn’t actually have to DO anything. He can clearly see that Western civilization is collapsing on its own. Maybe a little nudge here or there, but really, all he has to do is wait.

          • Putin is winning hands down as things are.
            The clowns continue to depopulate Ukraine and disarm the joke that is NATO.
            Why does he need to do anything?
            Let the dipshits win the war in the media while they commit suicide on the ground.

      • Antifa manuals include sections on causing train derailments.

        During the CHAZ/Portland Courthouse insurrection, Commies in the Pacific NW repeatedly traveled out from their cities to derail trains and set forest fires out in Trump country. In a fair/sane nation it would have been a bigger story.

    • Spetsnaz has trained (pun intended) for this kind of kinetic shyte since the 1950’s.

      However, I think VV Putin can distinguish between the American people and the Borg. The Trans Alaska pipeline is a much better payback for Nordstream. No one get hurt.

  17. I watched Tucker while he interviewed a couple from Ohio regarding the response(or lack) from the EPA, FEMA and the Fed in general.

    I wanted to reach through the screen and grab the guy by the throat and tell him “No one is coming to save you!!”

    Allegedly Federal agents took over his business, and refused to speak to him. And he just took it.

    Honest to God, how bad does a situation have to be before the Dirts say enough, and start doing what is best for themselves?

    The governor is a complete Gimp. How that asshat remains in office after this is a mystery. Or maybe not.

    I had to leave the room.

    The collapse can’t come soon enough.

    • A black guy with a long criminal shot up Michigan State’s campus because he was out of jail due to sweetheart DA plea deals. The Indian Majority Whip of Michigan’s State Congress responded by sending out a statement saying “F*ck your thoughts and prayers” and spent the rest of the memo demanding gun control.

      You have no idea how much abuse midwesterners will just bend over and take.

      • Here, I see that this story has been juxtaposed against the sentencing of the White Supremest (?) that shot up the Black supermarket. You get about 5 seconds of the MI shooter incident—without perp race mentioned—and 10 seconds of a reminder of a bad White supremest. I kid you not.

        Funny how when you get across to this side of the divide, such shenanigans become so obvious.

      • Yes. But another generation will note Ranjeev’s antipathy and hatred as well as why this raving shooter was able to do what he did. They have connected the dots that allowing these murderers free is done on purpose to allow a Ranjeev to step in and propose gun control.

        They will understand that what is needed is felony control. Ranjeev sewed his future dated seeds with this statement. Their arrogance and hatred is breeding something that will come back to bite them. Someday his security detail may have someone touched by these deaths who will never forget what Ranjeev told him to do with his thoughts and prayers.

        Keep it up Ranjeev. Americans are not Indians.

        • Sanctions against Soros, and all who take his blood-drenched money. Looking at you, Soros-funded District Attorneys; there are lots of these around who need more in the way of consequences than meeely to be voted out of office.

    • “The governor is a complete Gimp. How that asshat remains in office after this is a mystery. Or maybe not.”

      The primary was prearranged to ensure his place on the ballot, and then in the general election enough people didn’t want to stay home or vote for the Democrat (who, admittedly would probably be just as bad in the current crisis).

      • As I recall he still (barely) won +50% of the primary vote. He passed signed some constitutional carry bill like a week before the vote in an (apparently successful) effort to scrub people’s mind of his Covid strangeness (or, quite possibly, they didn’t care about that).

    • They still believe in the rules, that it works best when people serve the rules. The fact that the people writing the rules are putting rules together to put them onto virtual cattle cars is irrelevant, rules are rules.

  18. I saw something yesterday where Samantha Power has arrived in Hungary and announced she has brought some NGOs to combat the tyrannical state media that harms some (insert prattle about marginalized and vulnerable people). I forgot who she was so I had a look. It turns out at one point while working for Obama she called HRC a monster and described HRC’s open and willful lying on the campaign trail to – Ohioans. Power had to resign within days. By 2012 she was back in good graces and worked at HRC’s state department and was intimately involved in the coup against Libya. I wonder if she is helping the sub-saharans in the Libyan slave markets. Doubt it.

    The early life section didn’t turn up what it usually does. But, I looked at her husband. Her husband is Cass Sunstein. In 2021 Sunstein started in an advisory role to the DHS – advising on immigration policy. Sunstein is a leading figure in the government using private industry experts whose testimonies are coerced by government. He advocates hiding that relationship.

    So, not only does Mayorkas neck need fitting so do those in the household of Power and Sunstein.

    “Sunstein and Vermeule also analyze the practice of recruiting “nongovernmental officials”; they suggest that “government can supply these independent experts with information and perhaps prod them into action from behind the scenes,” further warning that “too close a connection will be self-defeating if it is exposed.”[43] Sunstein and Vermeule argue that the practice of enlisting non-government officials, “might ensure that credible independent experts offer the rebuttal, rather than government officials themselves. There is a tradeoff between credibility and control, however. The price of credibility is that government cannot be seen to control the independent experts.” This position has been criticized by some commentators[44][45] who argue that it would violate prohibitions on government propaganda aimed at domestic citizens.[46] Sunstein and Vermeule’s proposed infiltrations have also been met by sharply critical scholarly responses.”

    I think the name for this organism is a heartworm.

    • RealityRules: I shared info with a friend on Sunday about Powers’ visit to Hungary. Essentially DC is pushing regime change since Orban continues to hold out against their Ukraine war. Not to mention he still resists importing mohammedans and has taken steps to encourage native Hungarian family formation.

      The NGOs and ‘free media’ facade means they’re ramping up their disinformation campaign. Hope Hungarians are smart enough not to buy it – but there’s always the danger that the younger ones want to be accepted among the ‘cool kids’ of western Europe and so parrot the same idiocy and support the same suicidal policies.

      • 3g – when I saw that a few days ago, I wondered, why don’t the authorities round her up, confiscate her passport and ship her out on the next flight, never to return? Why put up with obvious anti-Hungarian/Orban agitators like Powers – she has no “right” to be there.

        • I am sure they would like to, but geopolitical reality counsels towards not doing it. Imagine how it would be used by the GAE to justify all sorts of mischief. Orban seems to be taking note of Putin’s restraint and not taking GAE’s bait.

          • I hope that Hungary’s sexurity forces are also taking notes; i.e., the names and affiliations of all of those with whom she is in contact, now and in the future. Finding the internal enemies.

        • GAE shows the way: “Oh sorry your intelligence asset was kidnapped and murdered, we’ve been trying to get those gypsies under control, but you know how it goes, what can you do.”

        • Hungary rooted out all of the Soros’ (He’s Hungarian) NGO’s a few years back. My guess is Orban will be all over the Powers attempt to resurrect them.
          Would that there were more like Orban.

      • “there’s always the danger that the younger ones want to be accepted among the ‘cool kids’ of western Europe and so parrot the same idiocy and support the same suicidal policies”

        True, although those who have not left for Western Europe may be more immune to its influence. Also, I came across an article recently about some Eastern European country (I don’t recall which one) and many who left for the West as young people are returning and seem to have become based by their experiences.

  19. An interesting post in WaPo in regards to Ukraine (“U.S. warns Ukraine it faces a pivotal moment in war”) which reads like the regime is warning the Ukes that the barrel is about empty on resources which can be bestowed upon them (but, they’re going to win anyway so it’s all good).

    I didn’t watch the governor of Ohio’s pressor but saw some screen shots and it looks like he had some clown on dressed up in a science outfit to tell everyone how what’s happening isn’t any more dangerous than their gas stove (which is also dangerous). Could only recall how he shut the state down and had lotteries for vaxxers because “science” told him to do it.

    • I saw that presser on-line with no volume. At first I thought the guy was wearing a white suit and bowtie. Then I realized they had the idiot put on a science guy costume. My goodness.

    • No doubt D.C. is getting ready to bail on Ukraine. The Hersh story told us nothing new about the United States’ industrial terrorism against Nordstream, but it did reveal someone in official D.C. decided to confirm the little oopsie and pave the way for the exit. We also are seeing a proliferation of stories about how, geez, Ukraine is actually going tits up and the courageous journalists all have been horribly misled. These shocked, shocked stories turn up in the propaganda organs that lied the most, of course. Trial balloons, heh, about The Next Big Thing already are being floated. I’m not saying they are aliens, but…

      An interesting aspect of the upcoming wind down is the sudden talk about rebuilding the Ukraine at the same time it is still being decimated. This apparently is aimed at the profoundly retarded Help in Congress who want the grift train to continue.

      D.C. has been a grotesque, continuous shitshow for some time, but the Ukraine caper probably will mark the undeniable end of empire. That happened some time back, but, like the Suez for the British Empire, a marquee finale helps drive the point home.

    • I liked Trafficante for the entertainment factor. You don’t get characters like that in national politics anymore.

    • The last time, as far as I know, that James Traficant appeared on Fox News was on Sean Hannity’s show shortly after he pointed out the vast power of the tribe on Greta Van Susteren’s show. I believe it was expected that Traficant would apologize. He didn’t of course. Towards the end, I like the way Traficant leans into the camera, “Sean…I’m not suggesting it….I’m telling it.”

      Traficant died 2 or 3 years later on his farm in a “tractor accident.”

      • I can completely believe that he was rubbed out, however there have been many close safety calls on my itty-bitty farm and I don’t even own power equipment.

    • Good grief. How could I have forgotten Toledo.

      Miles of huge, empty factories and parking lots, fenced off, crumbling, all once full and thriving. That Akron guy who told me, “in the good old days, you could quit your job on Monday, and have a new job on Tuesday.”

  20. Obviously East Palestine is ignored because it is an area of dirt people, badwhites, and deplorables.

    If something similar occurred near NYC or Jackson, MS or Flint, MI the human interest story about some faggot’s little terrier dying or blacks having contaminated water would be off the charts

    • It’s almost bizarre how I had this exact same conversation with my office mate this morning. But I only pointed out that if this had happened near one of the cloud hives it would be on the news 24/7. I totally forgot about the sympathy and attention groids would get if it happened near their one of their decrepit burgs.

    • “If something similar occurred near NYC or Jackson, MS or Flint, MI the human interest story about some faggot’s little terrier dying or blacks having contaminated water would be off the charts.”

      “But that’s racists!!” “The truth usually is!”
      That is the line I’ve been using for the last few months on people when they drop that word. The look on their face is priceless!

    • Yeah “clans” all the way down. I recall a Michael Yon story from Iraq Attaq 2 about how a kid from one clan asked the U.S. soldiers to go over kill the members of a neighboring clan, and by “neighboring” I mean you could see them far in the background of the photo of the kid. On that perhaps the monarchists have a point in that if society is going to be nothing but clans anyway then it’s best to be an organized, tiered structure of clan authority so at least there’s someone at the top who might advance society in some way, maybe.

  21. A great example from yesterday was Dianne Feinstein not realizing her staff had already announced she was retiring. I wonder if she wanted to run again and the regime people just refused to let her. Either way, she belongs in a nursing home.

    • If the walls of congress collapsed, crushing everyone in there, it would be refilled with clones of the people who just died within a couple of weeks, and not one thing would change.

      Vance might be an exception, as he was on his way to full swamp creature status but seemed o have some antibodies that held off becoming part of the borg. That being said, with his wife being what she is, the best he will be is a guy who says “hey, let’s remember midwesterners are human beings too.”.

        • Hey, at least JD Grifter can string together a coherent sentence. Since East Palestine is literally a stone’s throw from the Pennsylvania state line and the watershed all flows downstream into Western Pennsylvania on the way to the Ohio River, this would have been a perfect opportunity for Strokey Fetterman to dust off his Yinzer Working Class Hero act and get in front of the cameras too, but Strokey is too brain damaged to perform for the circus. Look for his good buddy Josh Shapiro to appoint Admiral Dick Levine in his place soon.

          • Fettermensch is already a dead ringer for The Toxic Avenger so somebody at his wife’s office really is out to lunch, he should be all over this saga. “It’s the part I was born to play, baby” -Troy McClure

  22. This tracks with my experience in the Imperial Capital. I’d guess that the reason why our political scene and cultural environment has gotten so aggressively weird over the past dozen years or so is the perfect storm of several factors combining and enhancing themselves in an emergent fashion.

    The oldest of the Millennial Generation came to work in DC at this time, especially during the early Hopey Changey years of the Obama admin. The oldsters were intimidated by their crazy ideas and youthful energy, so they took hold. These late twenty-somethings were not elected to office, but were the staffers that you mention above.

    The second trend was the arrival of social media (again Millennials) as an organizing and informational source. The traditional power structures had no chance against the insane and erratic power of the Zuckerborg. Smart staffers began to see it for what it was and how it could be used, and of course the new generation entering our Intelligence Community saw many applications.

    As these folks get older and their life circumstances change, expect our leaders to mouth the words of their concerns.

    • Not to play the generational game, but…it will be interesting to see what the M’s do when they come to power.

      Right now it’s still the Boomers because there are a LOT of them, and they have money, and they vote. Their concerns are keeping the economy and lifestyle they remember from the 1990s and before alive.

      Gen X is next in line. Not sure what they would do. They are supposedly the “cynical” generation but I have a feeling they’ll keep the Boomer train running, by a thread. Vote harder, 401k’s, sportsball, etc. while there are clear signs of dysfunction all around. There will be revolutionaries in the Gen X landscape, but they will mostly be limited to writers and e-celebs. No number of politicians, MSM personalities, or tycoons.

      The M’s cohort is when it gets interesting. There are a number of politicians, MSM personalities, and tycoons (or budding tycoons) who are revolutionary. Problem is, there is very little middle ground. You are a left-progressive (maybe 60-70%) or a right-radical (a minority, but a minority with some balls, unlike previous conservative blocks). As a result, there will be (at best) voting-with-feet, mass internal migration, and (at worst) totalitarianism of the right or left kind. Probably left, the way things are going. Though like I wrote, the right will finally grow some balls. I foresee a Red Caesar in our future. He might not control the whole country, but he will happen. And he will be Millennial or maybe a Zoomer.

      As for Zoomers, to early to tell. They may not have many children, and any revolution that starts under the M’s, will wither and die under the Z’s.

      • Perhaps. I’m hoping for the heretofore experienced negative reaction of one cohort following upon the previous cohort. The greatest generation was very race realist, but their Boomer offspring gave us all sorts of pernicious reactions to the Civil Rights era. Can this reverse?

        • I can be reversed I believe: maybe not for the entire country, but certainly for parts of the country. The hope is that the US devolves into a confederation like in pre-Civil War days where peoples lived in their regions and kept to themselves, mostly. And history is replete with turning points.

          Consider: the people having babies are the conservative types. Progressives don’t have many children, and the ones that do, perpetuate the fake and gay. We’re in for a precipitous drop in population, but the whites that inherit the Earth should be the cultural conservatives.

        • The so called GG, and their predecessors, are the ones who forced integration and gave us the CRA. The Boomers hadn’t even started college yet.

        • It was the “Greatest Generation” another fucking media lie) who perpetrated the immivasion act and racial preferences for Blacks. It was Eisenhower who proposed and signed the first Civil Rights Act and who’s troops threatened to shoot Americans who opposed it.

          Still watching CNN I see.

      • This is the GenX moment, Marko. This moment is when we become who we are! This moment! Arise! GenX, and… you know, like, do whatever the thing to do would be. Probably won’t matter, really. Whatever.

        Ah, forget it.

    • Excellent insights. And it’s my understanding that the spooks had a hand in some social media like Facebook, dating back to the founding, long before they became household names. And, as the Twitter files have shown, they have an ongoing symbiotic relationship with the corporate-government complex as well. The CIA reportedly has an investment arm that invests in this stuff. It’s all one big, incestuous happy family. 🙂

  23. Washington DC truly is the nexus of the evil, not only for this landmass, but also the world. The organism/parasite believes what it believes and that’s it – nothing else, no one else, no place else matters. So, Ukraine is the most critical issue bar none. East Palestine, OH and the surrounding region, tough s***. At this point, negotiating with the corrupt US government is a fool’s game – total waste of time.

  24. Was it always this way? I can’t think so; in the past we faced some very nasty adversaries and prevailed. But such are the times that one had to question even that.
    The history revisionists, the jews, the spin doctors and narrative crafters….

    They used to be much better at their trade, that’s for sure…

    • We are in early days. Lindberg saw through the charade at the time and many others with him. Fast forward 20 years, and “history” has been “fortified.”

      What’s to say 20 years from now how this period will be “fortified?”

  25. Would be nice to peel off a few bills sent to Ukraine and climate change projects and help those Maga Ohioans. You know , so they don’t get sick and die.

    Soon the destruction of Ukraine will be complete as signaled by Zelensky’s offers for Black Rock and I believe J.P.Morgan to rebuild. Rebuild just like they did when the Soviet Union fell and the rise of the Oligarchs and the pillaging. Maybe this was the only plan all along.

    • It is weird to watch these things against the backdrop of reality. Does Black Rock really think they are going to get contracts to build things in Ukraine when this is over? The real value in Ukraine is the Donbas, followed by access to the Black Sea. The most likely outcome at this time is Ukraine is cut off from both. There is no plausible scenario that has Ukraine reclaiming the Donbas.

      I suspect that the people doing these “deals” are fully aware of the fact that it is just a performance. These are not foolish men without resources to access reality on the ground. I suspect they do this as a low cost way to play along with the organism. There is nothing to be gained from telling the State department that this is foolish nonsense. Play along and maintain the connections and maybe something else comes along that is profitable

      • Pressers like Gen. Milley and DS Austin aren’t for the great unwashed: they’re signaling to competing groups inside the federal bureaucracy that “all is well”.

        The American public couldn’t care less about Ukraine, beyond “Putin bad, it’s a Chamberlain moment, ‘Merica, nuke em to the Stone Age.”

      • I’d suspect that Wall Street is just hedging their bets – which is kind of what they do. Who knows how much “aid” will be sent to whatever Ukraine is left after the war. Maybe a little, maybe a lot, maybe nothing.

        But it’s a good idea to keep your people in place if money does start to flow. Could be a nice racket for many years if things work out right.

      • I would not discount the probability that these folks, even Blackrock executives, are under the sway of the regime propaganda re: Ukraine. We think it’s so transparent, because it is, yet for the majority it is reality. Especially for the clouds.

        • I agree with this, given the money and power behind the insane, “batteries will replace gasoline!” moonshot that the GAE is pursuing.

      • While not the richest part of Ukraine, it is a big chunk of land. A chunk of land that tribesters didn’t own and now they can pick up cheap and even get their beaks wet from DC handouts.

        Then their game continues with this new holding as an asset in the quiver. Perhaps Romania can be attacked and thereby provide a path to the sea. It’s a long game and they’ll find some new place to convert death and destruction into an asset.

  26. At this point I believe we can now substitute “giant vampire squid” for “organism”. The parasites are slowly killing the host.

  27. The NonUSA should give consideration to ending that organism; it is clearly a worsening and already severe existential threat to the rest of the world.


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