The Final Boss

Since the concept of the “red pill” got going, there has been a debate about the progression one takes in the awakening. Logically, this implies that there is a final boss on this journey, some belief one must drop in order to finally become fully aware of what is happening behind the façade of life. Once you defeat that final boss, you see things as they are, not as they are presented. Of course, the nature of this final boss almost always reflects personal bias.

Strangely, the real final boss in this process may be the crux of the whole normie belief structure that gets ridiculed by dissidents. That last belief may simply be that the political class cares about public opinion. Even the most cynical among us still thinks that the people in charge worry about public opinion. They may have ways to fortify democracy against the voters, but they still worry about the voters. After all, no democracy can be completely fortified.

The reality is, they probably do not care at all. The people controlling the politicians certainly do not care. The unanimity of opinion among this group is why the two parties are barely distinguishable from one another. What is the main different between Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer? The people who animate the politicians have their aqendas and they do not care about public opinion. Most people get that, but they still think the pols care and they need to care.

The trouble is, there is no evidence of this. For example, it was rather obvious that the Republican Party threw the 2018 midterm to spite Trump and his voters. They could do this knowing that they would not suffer in any meaningful way. Sure, some back benchers in the party would have to transition into lobbying jobs or (gasp!) the dreaded private sector, but 90% of the caucus would do just fine. In fact, the bosses could expect to be rewarded for throwing the fight.

The last midterm was a similar display of indifference. If the parties really cared about the result, they would have pulled out all the stops. On the Democrat side, it was a chance to prove those election deniers were wrong. Joe Biden really was the most popular man in history. On the other side, the Republicans could have got their red wave of rebuke. Instead, both sides worked to make sure none of the populists got the support they needed to beat a system candidate.

The indifference of the political class is most obvious with what is going on in the town of East Palestine Ohio. There was a time not so long ago when the place would have been crawling with Democratic politicians, including the President. They would bring the media to show how much they care about the people. Instead, Pete Buttigieg is antiquing in Vermont and Biden is in Poland promising the people of Ukraine that he will take care of them forever.

Of course, the media could cover it on their own. It is the ideal story, ripped right from one of many movies over the years. We have a small town being victimized by a mean and indifferent corporation. It is as if someone decided to make a real life version of the movie Erin Brockovich. Instead, the media cannot be bothered and the reason is the political class does not care about it. More important, they do not care that the people might think they do not care.

The fact is, the political system in America reached a point where elections make no difference to the system. Over 95% of incumbents win reelection and those who lose land in cushy jobs. John Boehner now makes seven figures selling weed, after a disastrous run as Speaker. Paul Ryan makes seven figures sitting around one of the banks, making calls to Washington on behalf of the bankers. When the losers get rich the winners do not fear losing.

In the bigger picture, even a wave election does little to change the makeup of the political parties in Washington. If forty House seats change hands in a wave election, it means close to 400 remain safe. Look at the last twenty years and you see that maybe 60 Congressional districts can be competitive. Most years only about twenty seats are genuinely up for grabs. American Congressional elections are ceremonial. It is a big expensive show that means nothing.

What appears to have happened over the last thirty years is the political class has internalized this reality and they no longer care about elections. The contempt we see is not so much about public opinion, but about the lingering need to keep up appearances with regards to elections and public opinion. The leaders of both parties are increasingly irritated that they have to pretend to care about your opinion. They have better things to do than take questions from the slobs.

This reality is hard for Americans to accept. Central to the American identity is the invincibility of the marketplace. The “go woke, go broke” business reflects the enduring belief that public opinion matters. The fact that none of the woke are going broke does nothing to alter this belief. Something similar is in play with elections. Despite all the evidence to the contrary, people still cling to the idea that public opinion not only matters, but it matters to the politicians.

Even people on this side of the divide cling to this belief. The concept of the psy-op rests on the idea that the people in charge care about public opinion. In reality, the secret police just like their work. The same can be said for the busy bodies that police the internet for bad think. They are not shaping public opinion. They simply enjoy playing hall monitor. Contempt for the public and public opinion is now the coin of the realm in the ruling class.

That is the final boss. You can be red pilled about race, ethnicity, history or conservatism, but still believe public opinion matters. You only become fully aware when you defeat that final boss and realize that the people in charge are indifferent to public opinion and often contemptuous of it. The reason elections change nothing is the entirety of the political class is in agreement on most everything. Mainly, they agree that they are in charge and your opinion does not matter.

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254 thoughts on “The Final Boss

  1. On the media non-coverage of East Palestine you write “the media cannot be bothered and the reason is the political class does not care about it. More important, they do not care that the people might think they do not care.”

    The media doesn’t cover the crash story because it had no truth value. For the media there is no objective truth. A story’s truth value depends on whether it advances a progressive narrative. The only narrative the East Palestine story advances is elite incompetence. It is a non-story. The elite consider fellow citizens who want to read about the who what where and when benighted, not contemptuous.

  2. Z is right that they no longer care about public opinion but that isn’t the final boss. There is at least one more: none of the solutions touted by the dissident right and conservatives are going to change things.

    Not only will voting not undo this, guns won’t either. There will be no secession allowed and no leader to emerge and take us to the promise land. The economy may deteriorate for the masses but the elite will be fine. Someday this will change for better or worse but none of us are likely to see a change for the better.

    Reality is that men to the right of the divide are optimists. They just can’t help but assume our deranged and sadistic elite is going to get their comeuppance so they flit from one fantasy cope to the other.

    • Despair and defeatism is not a solution either. If you want to give up and circle the toiler bowl, be advised that many others will not be joining you in the vortex. We can, and should, fight back against the madness, but only on favorable ground and timing that maximizes the odds of success. You seem to think that a classic civil rebellion is the only option. Not at all. There are many alternatives, some better than others, but doing something stupid just to vent your anger and frustration is the worst choice. If you want to be part of a solution, start by working on yourself first. There is absolutely nothing stopping you from doing that. And here is a pro tip. Whining is not a good skill to cultivate.

    • One thing I know about the future: it’s really, really hard to predict. Even for people who get paid to do so.

    • you hit the nail on the head , but the guns will be esential in defending yourself and your family during the depopulation phase. It will keep your family afrom becoming prey as easily. As always Faith family and friends will be all that really maters , andtaking care of them as best you can.

      • Right. The guns will still have a practical purpose as self defense. It is going to be fascinating to see the effort they will put into crushing anyone who uses a gun fur defense though. They have already started

      • The point about guns is like the point about bears. I don’t have to outrun the bear, I only have to outrun you.

  3. What amazes me at how quickly newcomers to Washington get assimilated to this mindset. I do think many go to Washington genuinely caring about people and having principles, and then the establishment get to them and cuts a deal and they fall in line. The most recent example of this can be seen on the left with AOC. Say what you want about her intelligence, but she came in with principles and ready to make waves. Now? She parrots forever war in Ukraine and bent her knee to Nancy and the establishment.

      • I might not call them principles like the Greek, but certainly left wing socialistic goals. Now she’s basically just a centrist Neolib Democrat. She’s ditched every traditionally left wing viewpoint (anti-war, anti big pharma) she entered principles.

        For the right, I think MTG has now started down this road.

  4. Super irony situation –

    I sent this blog post to a good buddy of mine who is your prototypical Civnat G. Normiecon. He watches Fox news and works outside of the corporate landscape so he’s not exposed to chief diversity officers and girl bosses.

    His response after reading it?

    “That guys is a little to out there for me.”

    The mental blockage is mind numbing. The programming is so severe that there is no waking them up. I have given up, admittedly. I have zero hope I will ever live to see any sort of retribution for this hellscape society. As long as sports ball is on the TV and Netflix continues to stream then it’s all good. Un-fucking real.

    • Things will turn when enough people die, or lose everything.

      Think about it, even the poor have big screens and Gucci bags. Very few people actually suffer, which is a big catalyst for change.

      It’s taken quite a while to get here. Sans a catastrophic (a real one, not like The Covid Hoax), it will take a while to get to the “strong men create good times”.

    • You hit something important when you said he doesn’t work in the corporate sector and so hasn’t encountered diversity officers and girl-bosses. I think that’s key. That’s when the scales really dropped for me: when I started to realize “political correctness” wasn’t just an annoying cultural artifact but a top-down program backed by the full weight of global capitalism.

      I’m a corporate refugee who has been contracting independently from home since 2019, and I have to say, when I’m just chilling and grilling in the suburbs, when politics is just something in the papers, when I’m not commuting into a downtown core and encountering feral blacks or demented bums, not regularly mashed cheek-by-jowl into a “supportive,” “affirming,” and “inclusive” office environment with unstable women and effeminate gays, then I have to say (I plead guilty of this, mea culpa) it gets easy to be complacent, to think the ship will somehow right itself, that the real Americana still existing on the far outskirts of cities can be preserved, and that, at the very least, the Republican party will heed the success of Trump and will become a white working-class party: an opposition with some backbone. I mean, they still allow Tucker Carlson on Fox after all…it can’t be the *whole* system that’s against us, can it?

      There is a lot you can ignore when you aren’t forced to deal with it: people with a little bit of money can still buy peace for now, depending on zip code. But when you have a corporate office job, and you realize you have almost zero freedom just to speak like an ordinary man to other ordinary men, that your company has installed political commissars in the office to facilitate ideological conformity, that’s when you realize how far gone things really are. That’s when you start committing thoughtcrime.

      Be patient with your buddy. Just as nobody changes their religion at the end of an argument, nobody just walks away from (to take the Marxist term) false consciousness. The greatest mayor Philadelphia ever had, Frank Rizzo, said it best: “a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged.” Your buddy will be mugged eventually.

      • Bankster’s response to Tired Citizen is thought provoking, and if his name is accurate, I bet that he could tell us some interesting stories.

        Bankster writes about when he “started to realize ‘political correctness’ wasn’t just an annoying cultural artifact but a top-down program backed by the full weight of global capitalism.”

        Yes, the same well-meaning but foolish conservatives who believe “go woke, go broke” also mock people who major in victim studies. “You’ll never get a real job with that stupid degree.” When the victim studies major ends up working at Starbucks with a huge student debt, then the conservatives are right. But they overlook that some of those students go into human resources and hold the livelihood of those conservatives in their hands. Who’s laughing now, conservatives? Who has achieved real power?

        The cynical take on Tucker is that the elites don’t mind him because, as spot on as his criticisms are, he always ends up affirming race-blind civic nationalism, which has lost every battle. I like Tucker, but to put this criticism unkindly, he is a harmless release value that diverts peoples’ dissatisfaction into an approach that always loses.

      • @Bankster

        outstanding post and good points all around. You described my friend perfectly. It just amazes me how people can refuse to see what’s right before their eyes.

    • That guy’s is a little to out there for me = I’m afraid. It isn’t mental blockage, it’s fear. And certainly a large part of that fear isn’t just fear of retaliation from the System, it’s the fear that change will threaten his comfort and soft, protected lifestyle. Better the devil that you know. It’s why upstart political parties have a hard time getting traction – a lot more people might agree with them than vote for them because they doubt the new party can get the job done even if they win. You won’t get support from this type until he thinks the status quo is more of a threat to his comfort than change is. So yeah, until then bread and circuses.

  5. the final boss? my best guess is the CCP. they are destrying the west via the WEF. as well as what looks like a sabotage campaign . our national government is completely captured . as are both political parties. Who is the big winner of the russia NATO war? the CCP. the whole western military establishment has been exposed as a neutered fraud. the javelins were going to defeat the russians , then the Himars , then the tanks , next the planes . meanwhile the CCP laugh

    • Blue Pill: Always blame some group of external communists, that way you don’t have to admit the existence of internal enemies who want to destroy you.

      • who do you think controls the domestics? you really think dr jill is masterminding this? our media willl cancel even the most woke basketball player. who speaks up for hong kong, tibet, or tiawan. this belief that biden campaigning on build back better at the same time treudeau iis talking build back better is a coincedence is naive. macron andmerkel used that slogan to. two chinese pla corlnels wrote a book called unrestricted warfare layout the pholisophy in the 90’s . it wes translated to english in the early 2000’s. you should read it. till then keep working the MTG campaign.

  6. I agree with Z’s premise, but with one caveat–public opinion does matter insofar as it is something the elites feel they must alter. Take, for instance, women’s sports. Nobody gives a shit about them. Even the vast majority of women couldn’t possibly care less. Why would anybody care to watch sports played by human beings with drastically inferior athletic ability when they can watch sports played by dramatically superior athletes? Alas, this common sense approach to sports viewing vexes the elites in charge of the television networks, including ESPN. Preferring men’s sports and ignoring women’s sports is a rank rejection of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity. It is also a stinging rebuke to egalitarian nonsense and the supposed triumph of gender over sex.

    The elites will not allow this contumacy to stand. Rather than sensibly ignore women’s sports as any normal sports fan wishes to do, the elites impose them upon the viewers of their networks. Specifically, ongoing is an incredibly blatant effort to cram women’s basketball down the throats of the people whose only interest is how the upcoming men’s NCAA tourney is shaping up. The elites advertize the hell out of it, highlight obscure ball-dribbling dames, and constantly scroll the scores of women’s games nobody gives a tinker’s dam’ about.

    The elites know our opinion about women’s sports, they hate it, and they are doing everything they can to change it. And eventually, I suspect, this will mean half of all sports television time will be devoted to women’s sporting events. If they can’t change our minds, they will punish us. And they can do so because they are never made to suffer for their tyrannical arrogance.

    • Trannies have been interjected into women’s sports to make them hated even more.

      I actually think the Elites could care less one way or another, however. Their priests and priestesses, though, do, and there is no reason to interfere with The Helps’ personal sadistic joy.

    • The ruling class is perfectly happy to have whites fritter away their dwindling time watching any form of internationalized, mercenary professional sports – be it overtly or covertly professional.

      Worship the pets. Waste precious time. Consoom identity denigration and humiliation rituals. Increase ad dollars.

      Turn it off. Walk away.

    • Jeffery Dhamer didn’t turn people into skin shirts because he was trying to start a clothing trend. The weird kid in middle school didn’t rip the wings off of flies to get then to walk more. TPTB don’t push whamen’s sportzball because they want to influence your opinion about sports.

    • Now let’s not be too hasty here. I grew up as that oddity, an American male whose Dad wasn’t a sports nut, so neither did I become one. Nevertheless many times in my life I have watched transfixed at [Olympic] Women’s sports, especially gymnastics (I still have found memories of Retton in ’84 😍), skating and probably beach volleyball. The first time I saw the latter, I thought it was a spoof. 😀

      Mind you, the above was in my much younger higher-T days. It’s probably just as well I’ve lost most of my interest in the opposite sex, since going forward many of those I’d see in women’s sports are not necessarily — women. 😡

      • I hear tell of this loss of interest in women. It baffles me. I’m just as much of a horndawg now as I was 35 years ago.

    • If there was a sports channel dedicated to women’s pole vaulting, it would attract a huge fan base and the women athletes would be well compensated one-dollar-at-a-time by the men in the front row. Just sayin’.

    • Ostei- Women’s basketball, both the NCAA and WNBA are good examples of what we don’t want to watch. The difference in ability compared to men is glaring.

      There are other women’s sports though that for most, are preferable to watch: figure skating, gymnastics, perhaps even volleyball.

      Girls playing basketball looks kind of clunky and awkward compared to men. Also the girls tend not to be nearly as good-looking as the skaters, gymnasts, and volleyball players.

      • Yes, it’s the sports in which there is no male analogue or which are traditionally female–or feminine–that are watchable. Oddly enough, there is no push to impose this stuff on viewers, however. Clearly, the elites seek to diminish male sports and to popularize their female analogues. It is not simply a case of enhancing the viewership of female sports; it is also a case of weakening men’s sports. Artificial equity, wot.

  7. There’s a long chain of red pills that leads down to a rather nihilistic end, and I don’t think even the current dissident right has hit the bottom yet:

    1: Far left is crazy and takes advantage of racism for their own ends, I’m going to be a classical liberal.

    2: Democrats are corrupt, I’m going to be a Republican.

    3: Republicans are neocon warmongers and corrupt, I’m going to be a Libertarian.

    4: Corporations are just governments with their dick tucked in wearing a kimono, I’m going to be a Dissident.

    5: ((()))s! ((()))s everywhere! I’m going to be a Fedposty Dissident!

    6: It’s all just Machiavellian Realpolitik when you get down to it with the elites. ((()))s just are playing the game better. We need a counter-elite! Clear them out!

    This is the precipice, the edge of our own Overton window, and the blackest of pills may be what comes after:

    7: Elites are monsters, have always been monsters, and always will be monsters. The natural drive of animals is to eat other animals that aren’t mating opportunities or their own offspring. Your neighbor who lets his dog crap in your yard would kill and eat you in a heartbeat if he wasn’t a coward. The elites are just the ones who aren’t cowards, and they live lives of opulence preying upon the overwhelming mass of humanity who are rationally unwilling to risk themselves fighting the elite mafias.

    The problem is that at this point the only solution I can think of is running into the woods, so maybe watch a few more videos on bushcraft and less Tucker?

    • Ploppy, I agree with everything you said, but I believe there is one more step: ethnocentrism is real.

      People are not just atomized animals maximizing their own pleasure. They are that in part, certainly, but they also will sacrifice to see their own people rule other peoples. When a member of a racial outgroup harms a member of the racial ingroup, non-whites will unite. A phrase that I coined and will shamelessly repeat: The unit of survival is the tribe, not the individual.

      White people appear to be the least ethnocentric so it is literally difficult for us to imagine how strong this force is within most of the people on the planet.

      Z Man has observed that the elites have achieved class consciousness, but I bet that if that class is every put under pressure, ethnocentrism will best explain how they fight amongst themselves.

    • Human Nature is the final pill. Understanding evolutionary psychology and what drives people gives you insight to behavior of people as single units or groups. Base desires are the driving factor for all human motivations. This is not muted in religious or political arenas even though they proclaim it so.

      Religion, politics and economics attempt to direct our base desires for the common good, and while they made have had some success over human history it was fleeting as all institutions are corrupted at various levels.

      The only difference is corruption is easier to spot now, so our political, religious and financial elites have given up attempting to hide it, now they just amass as much power as they can via force, financial or narrative to suppress the people’s response to the corruption they can no longer hide or dismiss.

  8. Figuring out that the “Of the people, by the people, for the people” talk was an entire charade and farce is not an overnight realization for most of us. It is a process that takes place as one notices a pattern of deception that began centuries ago.

    A few examples: Woodrow Wilson campaigning for president in 1916 on the slogan “He kept us out of war.” Less than a month after inauguration, American boys were stepping foot on French soil to add more bodies and carnage in a useless conflict, one that would be continued by their sons a little more than 20 years later during WW2.

    Korea, Vietnam, Iraq part 1 & 2, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya…the list is long of foreign entanglements that did nothing but drain blood and treasure from the nation. Not much needs to be added to explain the insanity of attempting to nation-build in a land of warring tribes and secular violence. Democracy? In Iraq or Afghanistan? How delusional does one have to be to believe in that?

    More current is the gay married push that, while failing in 37 out of 39 state referendums, (including California-Prop 8) somehow ended up becoming the law of the land when it was decided by 9 unelected tribal elders (SCOTUS) that somewhere in the Constitution the framers accidentally left out the gays.

    Closer to home is the never-ending California state ballot propositions that are voted on, only to be stripped or watered down of they’re intentions once under judicial review. It is important to note that American citizens never wanted mass immigration to dilute the culture and Western world way of life. No, it was decided for them by the ruling class a long time ago.

    As Z Man points out repeatedly, the differences between political factions are nil. Rs pretend to be the loyal opposition while Ds appear to have lost their minds over DEI and wokeness ideology. We are not voting our way out of this, nor was there really a chance to do that to begin with. The goal now is to survive the coming collapse and hopefully build from the ashes. Although, with intellectual giants at our countries helm currently, we may not have much left to build from once everything settles.

    • I wasn’t around then, but my mom told me that in ’64 LBJ said a vote for Goldwater was a vote for going to war in Vietnam

      I never heard that anywhere else but from her

      • Jeffrey Zoar,

        I believe that.

        The justification put forth on escalating involvement in Vietnam is the now debunked ‘Gulf of Tonkin’ incident. My concern is a similar incident being used to get us even more entrenched in the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

        While MSM basically ignored Putin’s state of address speech, they fawn over Biden playing pretend as a tough guy in Poland and Ukraine.

      • I was around. My memory isn’t clear, but the best that I can recall is that Goldwater (of whom I was a fervent supporter) was depicted as a warmonger. The television advert with the little girl and the mushroom cloud was the big thing. I don’t recall Johnson ever saying that he wouldn’t go to war in SE Asia, but he was implying the Goldwater would go nuclear. Johnson did say that American boys shouldn’t do what Asian boys should be doing for themselves.

        • I was around then. Goldwater *was* painted as a mad man who’d go nuclear. That was a bit his fault for talking about nukes in speeches. He mentioned the “N” word, and it was used in political commercials against him in his challenge of LBJ in the 64 presidential elections.

          What Goldwater was trying to say was that the “limited” war that LBJ was waging in Vietnam was a fools errand. That the war would drag on and US casualties mount and in the end—whenever that turned out to be—we’d have poorer results and more casualties. What LBJ was saying was that we (US) could have both “guns and butter”. Guess who won the debate?

          Goldwater was roundly defeated because of his perception as a dangerous expansionist. LBJ won the 64 election overwhelmingly and went on to lose the war—well Nixon actually, but LBJ used up whatever patience/support the people had after losing 10’s of thousands of American soldiers up to that point.

          The Tet offensive was the final straw. Much like our rulers lying about the Ukrainians on the verge of victory and the Russians on the verge of collapse, so the official line was that the the Vietcong were defeated and the war was just a mop up from then on. The Tet offensive was a major defeat for the Vietcong, but a political success for North Vietnam.

          LBJ continued to expand the war—as he said Goldwater would have done—and when he lost all American support and knew he’d never be re-elected, he began to de-escalate the conflict—I believe we had over 500k in theater and the Pentagon wanted expansion to 700k! That was when LBJ got on television and made his famous speech that “American boys shouldn’t do what Asian boys should be doing for themselves.”

          The final summary is that Goldwater was dead bang right and LBJ lost the war and in the end, more US deaths than in Korea—where we actual fought a real war with *both* the Chicoms and the North Koreans.

          • There was a great 2002 made for cable TV movie about America’s gradual descent into the quagmire of Vietnam called “Path to War,” starring Michael Gambon (Eddie Temple in “Layer Cake”) as LBJ, Alec Baldwin as Robert McNamara, and Donald Sutherland as Clark Clifford. “Path to War” was the final film directed by the late John Frankenheimer.


        • I was around back then. Goldwater had no chance of winning because he wore eyeglasses. Alpha Males don’t wear glasses! Never underestimate the power of the female vote!

    • Good examples. I figured out a lot of this during the Obama administration. Under Bush, the Dems and Code Pink were in the streets denouncing the Republican “imperialist war” and the Obama campaign denounced W’s Iraq “surge” in 2007-2008.

      Then Obama — the supposedly pro-Muslim, dope-smoking, anti-imperialist, anti-military, anti-war leftist — came in and promptly threw 100,000 troops at Afghanistan and kept the war going for another eight years.

      Same thing with the budget. I once naively believed that the Republican budget-hawks were the “good guys” who were going to cut all the wasteful spending. When Bush came into office, the debt was $5 trillion. When he left, it was $10 trillion. In 2008, Obama denounced the “reckless” Republican spending that had doubled the national debt.

      When Obama left and the Republicans took power again eight years later the debt was $20 trillion. When Trump left the debt was pushing $30 trillion, and today it exceeds that.

      There’s other examples as well. The Democrats campaigned on repealing the Patriot Act. When they were in power, they not only kept it, used it against their domestic political opponents. The Republicans campaigned for ten years on repealing Obamacare. When they were in power, they didn’t. The Democrats campaigned on banning guns. When they had control of the White House and both houses of Congress, they didn’t.

      The one thing you can be sure of is that nothing happens in D.C. unless both parties collude. And when they’re both on board with something (e.g., Ukraine, Israel) you can bet you bottom dollar that the American people are the ones getting fucked.

      • Xman,

        Agree. I didn’t add those other examples on my list solely due to not wanting to post a competing length against Z Man’s post.

        Seeing the war machine roll on even harder once Obama came in and all semblance of anti-war forces dissapate almost instantly was another indication for me.

    • Perhaps it’s time to draw up your own personal “list” that people hereabouts occasionally speak of. I admit I’m not certain precisely what’s on that list. Various supplies that would come in handy in hard times I’d assume 🙂

  9. George Carlin was hardly a member of the dissident right, but the man knew the score regarding the true nature of American democracy almost twenty years ago.

    “Forget the politicians…they’re irrelevant. The politicians are put there to give you the idea that you have freedom of choice. You have no choice. You have owners.”

    “It’s a big club and you ain’t in it.”

      • No he wouldn’t. He’s always hated his own people and society. His act was similar to Howard Stern, “shock jock” to tear down Heritage American values.

        If Carlin was alive today he would be making “jokes” about how Trump is a N*zi and how unvaccinated people should be put in camps.

        • Shoot the messenger, right?
          Carlin knew how corrupt the system was 50+ yrs ago, and people like you hate him for pulling down the facade of patriotism we all live behind. It’s all a giant farce for the low IQ proles.
          I enlisted in 1972, was off the coast of VN in ’73 and woke up to the MIC reality fast and never again will I encourage boys off to die for billionaires.
          Americans are some of the most naive, gullible and brainwashed creatures on this earth. People are rioting all around the world and Americans sit meekly awaiting instructions from their political parties, never admitting we live under a Uniparty system which trades places every 4 yrs.
          And for speaking the truth, Carlin is the bad guy. Just another commie with 10x the IQ of an American voter.

    • I believe the congress critters, especially the Senate, really like to perpetuate the belief that they never get anything done, they they are dysfunctional, that they don’t have any power, that they are mere puppets for faceless oligarchs. They really like you to think that.

      Because the Senate is where the real power is. Most of those are lifetime jobs. 3/4 of those seats, they’d have to get caught with a dead boy or a live girl to get voted out, and nowadays in some states even that isn’t frowned on. So they’ve been up there for decades, and decades, organizing, consolidating, and exercising their power. Can you even imagine how much power a senator can amass after 3 decades on the Hill with no one to challenge him? How many loyal people he’s been able to place in the bureaucracies? Beyond any accountability other than to each other. They watch presidents and cabinet secretaries come and go, and they dictate to the president who his cabinet secs will be, from their chosen controlled people. Dictate to the president what he can and cannot do, under threat of impeachment. Dictate to the bureaucracies how they will be run. And controlling who is allowed on the courts. And most of the time (with notable exceptions as we have seen) dictating who is allowed to run for president in the first place.

      There is this silly belief that oligarchs use their money to control senators. Nonsense. Those safe seat senators don’t need their money. They are virtually untouchable.

      If you’ve been trying to identify the Deep State, it was hiding in plain sight the whole time. Putting on the R/D show to make it look like they don’t get along.

        • A quarter century ago, sure. Now, we have gay-married cabinet members while vaguely right-of-center politicians are hounded in the press for hitting on female 20-somethings. The times, they have a-changed.

  10. I’ve become someone who can suffer from sensory overload while driving and I always try to avoid places like this:,-93.8000276,3a,75y,18.14h,93.14t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1slYzJbGR88I0LsZ2uPnmhpQ!2e0!!7i16384!8i8192

    I consider myself an environmentalist but someone who also dislikes the climate movement and feel that there ideas themselves might cause environmental catastrophes. But I remember when the area in the picture was all farmland and I feel that when people moved out to that area, that was the reason they moved there because it was bucolic. Putting a “town center” with the strip malls, big box stores and five over ones defeats the whole purpose of living there. I’m also someone who is a firm believer in finding a place to park where if I open the door, I don’t want to worry about hitting someone.

    So the question is, which would be a better solution:

    1) demolish half of all the strip malls/five over ones/big box stores to make room for parking and allow for parking on all four sides of the property

    2) keep the malls and big box stores intact but make the area accessible only by bus or by foot so as to reduce traffic

    3) tear it all down and start over

    • Not sure where you’ve been, but most of what you say has been done by the Internet and Amazon. It’s gone and folks who made their living in that environment are either unemployed or flipping burgers. Are we better off with Amazon?

  11. There’s actually academic research on this. The Gilens and Page study a few years back concluded that public opinion has “near zero” effect on Congressional lawmaking:

    I don’t think elections are useless on the state and local level, though. Speaking of Ohio, it became a rather deep-red state in the last 20 years. Within recent memory it was quite Democratic and sent the Jewish ultra-liberal Howard Metzenbaum to the Senate for 20 years to be good buddies with Ted Kennedy.

    The effect of a resurgent GOP in Ohio put Trump into office and has had a significant impact on state gun policy, CCW policy, and abortion policy. Metzenbaum is probably rolling in his grave over how conservative Ohio has become.

      • How coincidental in that Red State then, that suddenly a toxic railway ‘event’ occurred in Ohio.

        Nothing to see here, move along . . . .

    • Z man has referred to the study at least a couple of times. It’s a pay-to-play political system masquerading as a mass democracy.

    • But your Republican Governor DeWine is no conservative. He is as uniparty as you can get. I am sure there were better options in the primary but as Zman said 95% of incumbents win.

      • DeWine is a uniparty piece of shit but Ohio has become so solidly red that he is forced to go along with the red tide if he wants to stay relevant. The GOP has veto-override supermajorities in both houses of the legislature. They outnumber the Ds by an incredible 26-7 in the Ohio Senate.

        It’s really quite a sight to behold, considering what Ohio was like 40 years ago. Those down-ballot elections for the statehouse in rural districts sure made a difference.

        The transition to solid red is in no small part due to Ohio being Ground Zero for the offshoring of industrial jobs and the closing of factories after NAFTA and MFN for China. This had the effect of breaking the power of Democratic unions and causing a lot of those union members to flee the state. Those who remained eventually became Trump Republicans.

      • This country is dying while the voters still argue over their favorite D/R picks, never admitting they’ve been conned by the Uniparty.
        Denial and apathy are like a drug to the American people.

  12. My personal final boss was the Rotherham grooming scandal, that is what shattered by faith in the Western world. The English aren’t all that very different from us, and at the time I was even married to an English woman, so I placed the same weight on the scandal as I would have an American scandal. I’m sure you guys remember it. Muslims all over the UK had been preying upon poor White girls for years, and years. The government had even been caught covering it up to avoid the appearance of racism, and that cover-up went from the local police all the way to the Prime Minister.

    When it all finally came out and you could not deny that the horrible events had happened, what did the English men do? Did they rise up hang politicians and Muslims from every lamp post in the land? They drank their tea and tisk tisked. They did, absolutely, nothing. I knew the West was dead right then and there.

      • Amen !!! And it won’t return, if ever, until hard masculinity is back — front and center. Look around now though, and note all the proud fathers of girls, bursting with pride over their daughters — the first one of her play-date-circle to make Eagle Scout, or to get “selected” for military flight training — yet bemoaning the state of America and Western civilization.


        It won’t be happening soon, with these males in the front ranks.

        • PrimiPilus: And every last conservatard sends his ‘princess’ off to college to be further brainwashed and to be either pumped and dumped or convinced she’s a guy.

    • yes , I remember that very clearly. As a group , men have not given a dam about the west for a long time . there were Huge riots in england when it came out that English fans didn’t get the same number of reserved soccer tickets as the Germans in a soccer tournament held in europe . but rotherham, they didn’t care . the worst part was when the girls were actually kidnapped, the police arrested the fathers who did try to take them back.

    • “They drank their tea and tisk tisked. They did, absolutely, nothing. I knew the West was dead right then and there.”

      And if a few of them tried to organize a response, half or more of the “Red Pilled” would denounce them as Feds.

    • The final boss for me is the importation of foreigners that everyone knew would become a majority in the country.

      The Rotherham scandal, operation Setinelle in France, fentanyl deaths soaring ever higher every year, open calls for genociding whites, German TV talking about how Germans won’t be white in the future, pretty much all Swedish politics for the last 30 years: all of this should have led to some meaningful response but all you get is nothing.

      I remember my great grandfather predicting back in the 70s that the West would become an extension of the third world. If you accept the eradication of your people then all these other crimes will be tolerated.

    • This was likely the final boss for me. The giant red pill that filled me to my eyeballs. I was seeing red. Maybe even seething red if that’s a thing.

  13. The ruling class certainly no longer feel they need to care about public opinion. However, whether or not they are correct in their belief that they don’t have to care is yet to be seen. If what the people thought truly didn’t matter, then their predecessors never would have bothered to create powerful brainwashing institutions such as the media and school system in the first place.

  14. The People in control do care; they hate us, they want us dead. They want to destroy us and our children and drag our face through filth on our way out.

    Who are they? Who makes up Biden’s Cabinet? Who provides the Lion’s share of campaign funds, bribes and other honorarium.

    We know who they are and what and why.

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  16. I have some friends who are Q-plan-trusters. We have friendly disagreements, so in order to understand their arguments and for entertainment, once in a while I’ll listen to Q podcasts. (I have a job where I can listen to podcasts all day.)

    One of the most prominent is the X22 Report featuring “Dave.” It gets a lot of listens. Dave has been saying for quite a while that the bad guys like Biden, Hillary, and the rest of the “cabal” are going to be arrested and brought to justice.

    When it didn’t happen a couple of years ago, Dave switched to the theme that “the people need to see it.” In other words, things need to get worse so the people, even the most normie of them, need to see how evil and corrupt they are, before there is action.

    Supposedly the military, which they call the White Hats, is currently undergoing operations, which is called “devolution,” to oust the evil globalists. But again, he says repeatedly, “the people need to see it.”

    I just thought I’d share a perspective that many patriotic Americans believe. Hope can be very powerful. Personally, I think it’s continually kicking the can down the road until demographic transformation is complete.

    • I’m pretty well convinced that Q is an alphabet agency operation modeled on Operation Trust. Whether Dave is part of that or is a useful idiot inspired by it, well, I guess it doesn’t matter.

    • “Supposedly the military, which they call the White Hats,”

      Oh dear. Like Jeffrey below, I think Q is/was a psy op, but the fact anyone would believe the military to be “White Hats” is more concerning than the propaganda aspect of it. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Maybe it does, but I doubt Q focuses very much on demographic replacement. These people will sing the national anthem while the country they celebrate kicks them out of their houses to accommodate their vibrant replacements.

    • White hats vs. Black hats fighting it out in esoteric realms is standard ancient near east belief. Soon, the White hats will eventual win. This motif resonates with the rapeture crowd.

      • I get more of a Great White Buffalo vibe, with the Sioux dancing to the oldies and waiting for dawn to break.

        • Great thoughts Z…have already sent it out to what’s left of my few friends in the world. By March 2020, when the entire Western world bent the knee like a flock of birds in synchronized flight, that’s when I groked they didn’t give a shit and they hated us. Target on our backs.
          That’s the Ghost Dance you’re thinking of. That was ultimately to bring back the ancestors and whitey-white-white would be pushed out. Started in Western Nevada and spread all over. Then came Wounded Knee and the Ghost Dance went underground. In 2020 and 2022, two white buffalo calfs born in Bitterroot/Montana Valley ranch and one in Chippewa country. The vibe is uplifting spiritual strength for Indian people and, well…. you know how they feel about whitey-white-white.

        • Ted Nugent’s “Great White Buffalo” from “Double Live Gonzo.” Accept no substitute. For my money this was Nugent at his best and on the short list for best arena rock songs of all time.

    • I can understand the hope that civnat patriots have that any moment the calvary will finally come riding over the hill and save the day. It took a long time for me to come to terms with the level of rot and corruption in this country. There is literally no one in a significant position of authority in this country (Western World?) who is on our side.

  17. In support of today’s Z-man missive, I give you AZ State elections 2022. The current governor, Hobbs—former Sec of State, refused to debate her opponent and was recorded running away from reporters when they attempted to question her impromptu. She simply ran scripted adds on TV and radio, but never met directly at the level of the voter through town halls, public debates, and the like. Her opponent, Lake, was all over the State and campaigned tirelessly as was once traditional in democratic lore of prior times.

    Hobbs was in her prior office *twice* sued and lost twice for firing a staff member on the basis of racial animus—costing the State $8M in settlement. The Sec of State in AZ has direct responsibility for the conduct of State elections, however Hobbs refused to see any conflict of interest in running the 2022 election process while running herself for the office of Governor. In short, she ran her own election!

    Of course, our election process as controlled by Hobbs drew national attention for its discrepancies. In short, Hobbs sat back and depended on the “fortified” election process now endemic to win the office. Nothing could be a better example of the farce of what now remains of our once touted democratic process. As has been said, they are no longer even trying.

    • I will add that Hobbs is also a very unappealing candidate, not very articulate, does not present well. Kari Lake is naturally a tremendously talented politician, attractive, and communication skills arguably not seen since Reagan. That alone screams out fraud.

      • Yep. Hobbs is the epitome of the “new” politician. Not very smart, but smart enough to “take orders” from her controllers. She will serve her purpose and perhaps even advance to a higher office (doubtful), but inevitably she will “fail up” an have few worries when she leaves office.

    • Not to mention that Lake was up in every poll, by as much as 10%. In fact, the polls were used to predict Lake’s likely margin of victory, so the Hobb’s people knew how many “mail-in” ballots they needed to dump in to close the gap. They were clever enough to dump them in at the beginning this time, which is why Lake was playing catchup all evening.

  18. The last boss is the idea that the public cares or deserves any better than they are getting. Covid showed me that the majority of people do not want freedom, quite the opposite, and many love being hall monitors. Watching the increase in Died Suddenly is entertaining and if half the country keels over in the next few years, well, cool. I delight in hearing about white liberals getting raped/killed by ferals, and if Vlad nukes DC tomorrow I will laugh. I just don’t care anymore. There is no abuse the people wont accept as their due so maybe the ruling class is correct in treating them as expendable slaves.

    • Faith in the system dies hard. This is understandable. The question becomes one of despair. If the State is hopelessly corrupt, what has the average “slob” got—nothing!

      You are on your own. You have no one to depend on but yourself. For an enfeebled populace as we’ve become, that thought is too horrible to be even contemplated. Hence, we (DR) are probable doomed to be a tiny minority for the foreseeable future.

      • It’s a hard truth, but how do you explain the masses being too stupid to see what’s going on all around them, and they do nothing but wait for another babysitter to show up.
        Think NOLA x1000 There’s going to be a lot of dead white people before the learning curve improves.

  19. In general the elites don’t care about things that are important to us, like restricting immigration, jobs, staying out of foreign wars. But they do care enough about some opinions that might start to form among us, where they could become motivated to “shut it down.”

    As an example, if you visit the website of the guy who calls himself the Handsome Truth, goyimtv or something like that and print up his informative flyers about who holds power and distribute them, you might find out rapidly that there are some opinions the elites care a lot about.

    HT and others regularly put the flyers in plastic baggies weighed down with corn kernels and toss them onto driveways in various neighborhoods like you might see with guys promoting their landscape business. Sometimes they hang informative banners over busy freeways.

    Several newscasts have reported on these with solemn concern and worry, and now in Florida, lawmakers are talking about restricting freedom of speech and making these actions a felony.

    Some opinions do seem to resonate with the people in charge.

    • It’s a nice thought, but the same passive resistant actions went no where in NAZI Germany. These folk were eventually *all* tracked down and executed. What did go somewhere was something more along the line of Claus von Stauffenberg. He at least took a direct shot at the “problem”. Pun intended.

    • Never heard of them before. Wiki has an unflattering (of course) entry on the Goyim Defense League. Of course I read it as a dissident, but I wonder if other readers might wonder if the the GDL is a “parody” of the ADL and similar organizations, then why is only the GDL a trouble maker and a conspiracy theorist? Perhaps I’m wishing too much, but as the old saying goes, even bad publicity is good publicity.

      These guys are being arrested for littering. I hope it’s not upgraded to a felony. But it’s worth mentioning that in many countries they’d be facing prison time already for CrimeThink alone.

    • Sometimes I think my primary goal as an early Xer is to outlive the boomers. Should probably file that under careful what I wish for. Will be a different world, and not too far in the future it is.

      • The X’ers aren’t aging well. A lot of hard living. Drugs and cans of SpaghettiOs. Very Fetterman like. Aging as badly as the calf tats from 2003.

        • It’s funny to see Xers and Boomers complaining that Millenials and Gen Z are doing less drinking, smoking, and s*x than they were.

          It’s actually not a bad thing, beyond being a sign of less social activity and family formation.

          Boomers and Xers are generally aging horribly. Boomers dress like crap and look like old hobos, Xers have very bad skin that looks like thin paper.

          20 years ago the old folks were elegant, well spoken and well & formally dressed.

          • The millennials aren’t going to age well either. I need to find a public company to invest in that makes butt plugs. Maybe 3M? They make all kinds of things.

    • Finding another Reagan is not the problem. The problem is that Reagan’s time has come and gone. Heck, I bet there are any number of Reagans out there, so what? They won’t change a thing.

      What you really want is a “savior”. A Superman. One who will swoop down and make everything “all better”. That ain’t gonna happen.

      • Even if a Reagan appeared, he couldn’t win the fortified swing states. Hell, Kamala and a million “mail-in” ballots in the right places would beat him

        • Reagan alive today would be acting in the local theater in Bakersfield, and wouldn’t rise above the mayorship of Glendale.

          • Yup, Reagan’s greatest acting job was in the WH. People can’t differentiate reality from Political Theatre.
            Goes to show how many adult children we have, playing groupie to someone and not realizing their mental capacities are wandering off.

  20. Intriguingly (or not), Napoleon Bonaparte was obsessed with public opinion, on the premise that if he did not keep winning victories on the battlefield, the French would string him up. Had weekly reports drummed up by the gendarmerie. Without fear on the battlefield but he had a horror of “the mob,” after having seen the sans culottes massacre the Swiss Guard, and defile their bodies.

    More to Z’s point, that’s why it’s so pathetic to see the likes of space lawyer Glenn Reynolds and his band of Reaganite Zionists with their “own the libs” demonstrations of prog hypocrisy. As though any prog, or any politician, give a shit.

  21. I would describe the “Final Boss” slightly differently. Admitting that public opinion doesn’t matter is part of it. But it goes further than that. The “Final Boss” is realizing that the entire Western government system & societal framework is invalid, and rejecting it. Ignoring public opinion is part of that, since bread and circus democratic processes are part of the current framework.

    I don’t disagree with whatever X,Y,Z put out by the ruling class. I fundamentally reject it and view it as illegitimate. I do not give GAE (or whatever you want to call it) consent to govern me. Since I am not morally bound to the ruling order, what they do is of little interest other than how it will affect my personal and group interests.

    The difficult part is figuring out what that actually means, and what it means for the future. Rejecting everything is a big statement. There are no viable alternatives at the moment to take power and change anything. So far, all I can come up with is distance yourself from the regime (either mentally or physically), focus on having children, raising them well, and connecting with like minded people. Don’t be afraid to point out obvious facts about the system that are taboo to other people, but don’t waste time arguing with people who are still in the grips of the current regime framework either.

    By doing our own thing, we will likely continue to attract more people who are disillusioned with the current order. Just by being a normal, healthy white person causes one to stand out from the crowd these days. Others notice and are interested.

    The regime is increasingly full of stupid people. Regular people are more intelligent than them. This will continue to become more and more apparent as DEI initiatives are forced at all levels. By mid-century things will most likely improve for us due to global and local fertility trends. I don’t think the future is as bad as people expect, at least in North America.

    • B125: I was with you until the last bit – “By mid-century things will most likely improve for us due to global and local fertility trends. I don’t think the future is as bad as people expect, at least in North America.”

      Demographics say otherwise.

      • One hope that I have is that as things get worse here, a lot of our little brown visitors will scoot back to their homelands. Things may be pretty hot for them as times becoome tougher and they become targets for everyone.

      • I suspect B1 was referring to the TFR dropping everywhere (except Africa) and drying up the immivader population. SubSahs are not going to fare well as White aid disappears, either. Granted, before that materializes the damage will have been done.

      • I agree. Around five years ago I saw a short film on another site and it had to do with a SA farmer and his court battle with what were essentially squatters. They claimed that because he was white, he stole the land and they had every right to squat on it. The name of the article was something along the lines of “What awaits white America”.
        Bullet points; The farmer won his case against the squatters, he stands there in his driveway waving the paper stating so around and the bantus just laugh at him. He pleads with them saying, “Your own government said this is my land and you have to leave.” They shake their heads and say, “You gonna make us leave? The government going to come out here and kick us out? No. You got nothing.”
        That night, the bantus kill all the livestock, burn the fields and the farm to the ground, murder most of this poor bastards family – his daughter and one of his sons managed to escape to tell the tale, but the worst punishment was meted out to the blacks who worked the farm with him, as they were considered traitors.
        While barry was president, most of the people who work in the “civil rights” division of the DOJ openly stated that the civil rights laws DID NOT apply to whites. Does anyone here really think that the various Hispanics and SubCons who are now pouring into what was once our country are going to behave any differently?

        • SubCons no. Hispanics, maybe. So far the problem in my majority Hispanic area has been one of simple incompetence in political leadership and of course, the work force.

        • Interesting comment on the Africa experience. From my fragmentary knowledge of history, much the same happened to the “house slaves” during the revolution in Haiti.

          As the situation deteriorates, dispossessed Whites might find themselves culturally in the same space as field slaves were in Haiti ca. 1804. Hmmm…..🤔

      • Sub-group demographics matter more than “if current trends continue” nonsense. The only trends that continue indefinitely on the human scale are the battle between God and Satan.
        In 40 years, 90% of Whites under 50 will be to the right of Pat Buchanan. The White race marches to the far right one boomer/early Xer’s death at a time.

    • The light brown hoards are not working out as well as TPTB planned, hence the increasing dark brown hordes from Africa and Haiti crossing the border. TPTB can play that game all day long. There are simply too few whites to ever count on demographic shifts. As odd as it is to say, whites will need their own version of Israel to have any kind of non-tyrannical, prosperous future.

      • We have our version of Israel, we are standing on it. What we don’t have is the *will* to defend it.

        • Agree.
          I’m VN era, spent several yrs among the Recon, UDT/SEAL and SF community. I have younger friends who think they’re on par with me, mostly with a background of video games and gun collecting who could care less about what is going on today, mainly watching monkeyball and war movies.
          Yet none of them will lift a finger or get off the couch, clueless to how bad this nation has sunk, and yet crow about how great their Rambo skills are. Here is the modern rural conservative male, protector of freedom and families, fat and stupid.
          As I keep saying, there’s going to be a lot of dead white folks before the learning curve improves.

  22. Governments can be replaced, but the people can’t be. Clown world has it all backwards, so it’ll fail. We should be more indifferent to them than they are to us, more focused on what comes next and how to get there. But the situation does bear repeating.

    • The indifference by the elites has been obvious to me for a long while. However now that Z Man has spelled it out, it is also obvious that the majority do think they care, at least somewhat.

      This is enlightening. It may help with some red pilling that needs to be done.

    • Articles of Confederation succeeded by the Constitution, succeeded by Yankeedom, succeeded by GAE.

      To realize we’ve had four systems of government already and still exist is to realize an American isn’t a piece of paper, that the government doesn’t really matter, and who cares if the American Experiment fails? It already has three times before, so why do we keep identifying with it? It all goes to the question of who we are.

    • They are, in fact, making every effort to replace us…hence the wide open border, and the import of savages from places like Somalia…

  23. I agree with all of this and it doesn’t help that the population is now above 330 million for a set amount of seats….in a country the size of a continent. If you live in a place like Denmark, Copenhagen isn’t three time zones away. The seat of power is right there.

    Part of what makes California alone so insidious is that it’s occupied by 40 million people. No one really knows the real amount. You don’t even get representation on a state level unless you have Google’s checking account. This is where “our democracy” is no longer in human scale, and hasn’t been for awhile. People cease being people are are just part of a VALS marketing demo that’s appealed to. So, no, the politicians don’t care about people, but they do still care about ratings to some extent, which is why that poser JD Vance stood there in Ferragamos poking the bottom of an Ohio creek with a stick. I’m sure some intern with a rag wiped them off as they drove away. I’m guessing his pajeet wife was still in Georgetown picking out furniture for their new D.C. digs.

    • Vance has eyeliner caked on. Good callout on this. He doesn’t even bother to get out of his Cloud uni for the photo op. At least Dukakis put on fatigues and a helmet when he got in that tank.

    • DeWine and the EPA dude taking teeny sips of tap water in that lady’s kitchen will be my enduring image from this episode.

  24. I had thought the final boss was the Enlightenment. When you’ve come to accept that the problem with America is the concept of America – not the bastardization of America by bad actors, but the enlightenment ideas America represents – then you grasp the problem.

    I see lots of people who are against all the bad things, but who will absolutely lose their minds if you suggest classical liberalism is the problem. The reason why this is the final boss is because, once you accept it, you also have to agree that every single thing they ever told you was a lie. You might as well be waking up in one of them pods, man.

    • Totally agree with you wrt to the Enlightenment. Renaissance, Da – Enlightenment, for the most part Nyet. I appreciate that it helped give birth to Beethoven and other things in the Arts but in politico-moral terms it was an absolute disaster, particularly in “America”. I have people in my woodpile that fought in the Virginia, NC and SC militias. I’m going to have some stern words with them in the Kingdom – but at the same time, I can’t imagine for the life of me that a farmer in the Southern colonies gave a tin shit about John Locke or natural law. I imagine if anything they wanted to replicate the old English countryside/manor system, where people were more or less left alone. (Little known fact, what triggered the English Civil War was less Puritan fanaticism than Charles’ meddling in the age-old structure of rural society, and seeking to replace it with a centralized administration more along the lines of France or Spain).

  25. They do in fact make a show of caring about public opinion. But the reason they sometimes appear to care about public opinion is fundraising. If you didn’t realize that was why, it can get confusing, because they do at times put on a good show of it. If you don’t know any better you can get taken in by it. Evidently the small donor market remains lucrative. And there is other incentive, especially for presidential candidates in primaries, to appear that they care. Even if they have no chance of winning, it positions them for future advancement in the party. Buttigieg wouldn’t be Sec. of Transportation if he’d been content with being mayor of Fort Wayne. He had to go to Iowa and pretend to care about the people so that he could get that job (not the one they thought he was applying for). That’s just the way the system works.

    The real way they show, not pretend, that they care about public opinion is their tight control of media. That control is tighter and more comprehensive, I believe, than even most dissidents are aware or acknowledge. This suggests some other motive. Not fundraising (not directly), nor voting, which as Zman points out, 80%+ of districts/states are foregone conclusions. No, this suggests something else. Fear. But probably some percentage of it is just habit, by people for whom power and control are their raison d’etre. Control is just what they do. And as long as you still have an independent thought, their control is not complete.

    • Public perception to improve campaign funding? Not from my experience. Yeah, the rubes do contribute, but do they out contribute the wealthy elites? I doubt it. The folks with big money fund all sorts of PACs and subvert the regulations on individual campaign donations.

      Where I see the public donations having any semblance of meaning is for the first time office seekers, some of them anyway. Many of these first time folk are really the elite moving into politics to replace the old elites retiring. They fund their own campaigns quite well.

      • Those funds aren’t necessarily for “campaigns.” But regardless, obviously it matters, because they do put on the show. If it didn’t matter they wouldn’t bother.

        Some of the big money donors also have to be seduced, tricked, fooled. Not just the little ones. It’s not as if every rich donor is black pilled about how the system works. Especially in this country, where even stupid people can be rich.

  26. As if any more proof of this is needed, the leadership of both parties continuously get reelected. Mitch McConnell was first elected in 1984! Lindsey Graham since the early 2000s. Pelosi in 1987. McCain from 87 to 18. If public opinion mattered, none of these people would be in Congress. The parties would have primary-ed them years ago. Their being elected is proof either the system is rigged or it is terrible to begin with.

  27. “The reality is, they probably do not care at all. The people controlling the politicians certainly do not care.”

    Only when things become physical do they start caring. That is to say, when public opinion translates into armed insurrection, buildings and cars being set alight, prominent figures being assassinated, roads and cities being barricaded. and so on. As Heraclitus said a while back, “War is the father of all things.” The rest is just words, and words designed to placate, to mollify, to put people into a sedated sleep. Just look at what’s happening in East Palestine, Ohio. Little other than words. That actions count is the realpolitik directng Putin, who has started testing his intercontinental nuclear missiles. “Do ya feel lucky? Well. do ya, punk.”

    • Which is why they fear 1/6/2021 and call it an “insurrection”. As Jack Woltz said in The Godfather “A man in my position can’t afford to be made to look ridiculous!” The rabble made them look silly and By God, They Will Pay.

      Earlier Z had a post where he pointed out unlimited immigration ended in the 1920s when a few bomb throwing anarchists from the old country figuratively and literally started throwing bombs in the US of A. One wonders what it will take to move needles here today.

      • The situation of the country is more parlous today than in 1920, when prominent US dissidents such as Emma Goldman were deported back to Europe. I think Z man had a post a couple of years back when he commented that the political elite were barricading themselves in D.C. because they fired an armed uprising. It’s an illegitimate government ramming unpopular policies down the throats of USA’s denizens. What the breaking point is, what the final straw is, I don’t know.

      • As far as looking silly, they didn’t help their own cause by cowering under their desks in a puddle of urine or by following up weeks later with a publicized pity party where they could grieve for their lost innocence. Grown adults, mind you.

        Good lord, read this article from 2/1/21 and marvel at the faggotry on display. Jack Woltz took steps to keep himself from looking ridiculous; these people embrace the concept.

        • I’ve always said that the thing that terrified them was, if it had been an actual “insurrection,” there was nothing to stop it. It would have succeeded. At least in eliminating a large portion of the legislative branch.

          • I agree. The “insurrectionists” came, chewed some gum, ambled around and in the buildings, took a few selfies, and departed peaceably. Real revolutionaries are made of sterner stuff. If you have handed these people the reins of power on a platter, they wouldn’t what to do with them. Yet even this docile crowd had the senators and congresspeople cowering in the puddles of their own urine, hardly daring to take a breath.

      • That’s why there’s so much consternation in regime circles over releasing the 14,000 hours of January 6 footage. There’s going to be reams of mockable, humiliating behavior shown by our Distinguished Gentlepersons, not to mention evidence that the whole thing was a setup.

        • You have some video showing such now. Just that no one’s really pushing it. For example. The “rioters” are pictured beating their way into the Capitol on one side, while the guards were waving such folk on into the Capitol on the other side. Guess which video is show over and over?

    • I would add one small point to the Ohio discussion:

      The reluctance of national politicians to make an appearance on site could have something to do with it being massively contaminated with carcinogenic chemicals.

  28. Nothing changes until the environment changes. That has been true for a billion years of life on Earth. We have been too affluent for too long, and it has made us soft in both body and soul. The rot in DC would disappear in a heartbeat if the dirt people became genuinely desperate. Which is why the Cloud People must keep the plates spinning at all costs. And the fat ass on the couch is rooting for this outcome because he knows that he’s deadweight that won’t survive the interregnum of real hardship. Nature has always purged the stupid and lazy; that is how species advance. Civilization has intruded upon this process, but those chickens are coming home to roost and the piper must be paid.

    The real redpill is the realization that you only control you, and YOU must improve your own fitness in order to earn the right to survive the coming gauntlet. Eat better, exercise more, learn new skills, educate yourself about things that matter, train and practice basic survival and hunting skills, and disappear into the fog around you. When the time comes, the remedy for what ails us as a society will be blindingly obvious. The best of us will then step up. And that is how you rebuild from the ashes.

      • I bought a 9000w generator a few weeks ago, despite never needing one in my previous 52 years on earth. Why? I don’t know. Will I be able to rely on a supply of gasoline to run it when the time comes? I don’t know. But something spoke to me and told me to get it now.

        Now, on to an axe and a hose…

    • How is being able to benchpress going to help you when SHTF and there are roving bands of urban ferals — many armed — and you look around for allies and there are few if any. Yeah, but you leave a great looking corpse I guess.

      • True and false. One alone is simply a target. I get that. But one needs strength and endurance to take to the field. Try humping even a (very) light pack (20 lb’s) and a light weapon and ammo (12 lb’s). The average guy over 30 probably can’t handle this for a reasonable distance, say 8 miles.

      • The coming remedy is not going to won by Rambo-type supermen, so no need to emulate Arnold Schwazenegger in the weight room. Yes, basic fitness goals should include shedding the extra fat (BMI <25), reasonable muscle tone and size, ditto for cardio endurance, and callused hands are a plus. I'm not advocating anything extreme, just common sense. Ideally, you want to be lean and lithe, and then conceal it behind loose clothing so that no one knows how fit you are. Not everyone can do this, but make your best effort and be persistent. I find that developing a specific exercise habit helps (something you do that becomes both pleasurable and routine). Mountain biking works well for me, but your niche can be whatever best suites you. Start today.

        • I live in a big urban area — lots of young feral x-cons — they also have something neither I or probably most of this site don’t have — the don’t give a f*k attitude to go absolutely psychotic on you in a matter of seconds. Most of us — and I am fit and lean but not young — don’t have that extra something that will allow them to kill at will. The roving bands will have that — it won’t be like a Rambo movie cos you’re not Rambo.

          • The darker races can and will chimp out in a nanosecond, while the average white person can’t react due to their brainwashing. They have been taught to act civil and wait for permission, this default setting will see many of them dead and maimed. Trying to adhere to high morals while getting your ass beat is not a wise move either.
            Guerrilla fighting is a whole new mindset.

          • In a situation of generalized lawlessness, those savages will operate much as they do now….victims of opportunity, attacking unexpectedly solo or in groups. Come The Purge, it’s not as if they will suddenly develop even rudimentary martial arts skills. Any halfway competent marksman with any type of rifle and a bit of cover could do quite a bit of damage. The real danger probably won’t be the ferals, rather it’ll be drones, APCs and other heavy artillery response by whatever remains of “government” forces. I wouldn’t want to live in such a world, and pessimistically I probably wouldn’t, for very long. 🙁

    • Good advice and all. But for those of us closer to the end of life’s journey and having none dependent upon us, perhaps it’s better to make up The List. You know, have your legal affairs in order, someone that’ll feed the cat and walk the dog until they can be properly sent to an animal shelter and all. If and when things start to fall apart, perhaps instead of cowering under the bed in a puddle of urine, one could, er, “tidy up” the community a bit to make the transition a bit easier for those would would rebuild civilization 2.0.

  29. “Mainly, they agree that they are in charge and your opinion does not matter”.
    Helps to be reminded on occasion as to why I’m such a cynic when it comes to politics.

  30. I will not be voting in this national election but I will be watching closely only to see how many remaining normies vote. To paraphrase the old saw, you can fool most normies all of the time, but when your presumptive GOP candidate is an Indian woman named Nimrata Randhawa, all but the dumbest mark wises up. We know they don’t care, but what happens when the last people who actually do care—the ones who keep the machine going, normal white people—withdraw from the charade? What happens after whitey stops watching cable news (aside from a handful of Tucker clips on YouTube here and there) and starts actually looking at the world as it exists?

    I answered every stupid statement that came from my normie neighbor with the statement, “I don’t care. Your children are members of a hated minority.” Democrats are the real racists? YCAMOAHM. Putin is mean? YCAMOAHM. At the very least, they’ll stop pestering you with their AM radio/Fox News bs, and even dogs can recognize about one-hundred and fifty words.

    • [w]hen your presumptive GOP candidate is an Indian woman named Nimrata Randhawa, all but the dumbest mark wises up.

      I doubt that the normies or dummies care about Nimrata’s ancestry. Only dissidents and racists do. Even if she called herself “Nimrata”. Kamala didn’t change her name to Kiki, and normies don’t hate Kamala because she’s of mixed race. What’s most important to normies is ideology and grilling/golf techniques. If Nimrata is for freedom and pwning libs, then good enough sir.

      And TBH I don’t totally disagree with that assessment. I’d rather have a based Hindoo in charge than a blonde white lady imposing her Marin County fads on us. We are well-past hoping for an ethnostate. It will not come.

      That being said, Nimrata is a regime toady and super GAE and her foreign-ness only exacerbates my dislike of her.

      • 95% white Scotland is probably going to vote in a guy named “Hamzah Yousef”, who says Scotland is too white.

        1) normal people are really dumb/easily propagandized, and 2) liberal democracy is not a viable system.

        • It’s because of shit like this that people such as myself cannot go and visit the places of our ancestors anymore.
          I used to visit an English culture website regularly and every time I came up with an village/town/area where an ancestor of mine resided, say 600 years ago, there was always someone in the comments section who would say, “You can’t go there anymore, it isn’t safe.”
          The same with the Wales and the Normandie region of France.

      • “I doubt that the normies or dummies care about Nimrata’s ancestry.”

        “Care?” The trained idiots celebrate it!

        • Progressives do. (20%?)

          Everyone else but racists and dissidents (5%?) don’t give a shit. If Hamzah likes haggis and shows up at caber-tossing events then he’s Scottish enough, for most people, even Scots. Does he have the accent? Even better!

          I also think there’s a growing attitude of “let them have it”. If my country doesn’t work for my people, then I’ll cede the political space to morons and immigrants. I’ll do my thing in the glen and ignore the Sturgeons and Yousefs, and hope they ignore me.

        • That’s the white noise from the chattering skulls in the media classes. I lived in SC for several years and never met a normal white person who had anything good to say about her. You can find progs in the “New South” but even squishy faux rednecks (think the Duck Dynasty guys) don’t think the Stars and Bars should have been taken down from the capitol, even after some crazy dindu ran his car up there. They wouldn’t put a bumper sticker on their car, but they’d go with the “it’s a part of history,” line.

      • But everybody does hate Kamala, even our enemies. They can’t quite articulate why, but they know that even though she’s female (despite the Michelle Obama-style strong safety neck) and being blackish, that something is just…off. Part of it is how dumb she is, part of it is her previous role as a prosecutor, but a lot of it is down to her alienness. Foreignness as a political selling point was played out (again even for our enemies) after Obama left. Black people would vote for him but they could see he didn’t really look black and wasn’t very American. This became a standard routine with black comedians after a few years, how they wished he was his wife’s complexion and had a pitbull or a non-p*ssy dog. Our Indian overclass has a bit of a problem in that they don’t bring enough to the table culturally to disguise their presence as non-intrusive or nonalien. At least Jews made comic books and songs praising America; yes, it was all BS, but it kept people distracted for decades and made them see Jews as integral to the American project (Spielberg definitely shaped America’s conception of itself from on high in Hollywood.) Indians are culturally sterile parasites, like most other Asians. The Japanese seem to have a living culture but everything in China or India worth seeing or reading is thousands of years old. They’re just high IQ/high earning corpses, as spiteful as the mutants even when successful.

        • Us dissidents see the race angle, and see the narratives that foist whores like Kamala upon us, but normies don’t. Just because they don’t “go there” with the race stuff doesn’t mean they “can’t quite articulate it.” They can articulate it: they hate her ideology, her countenance, and the fact that that she clearly was a diversity hire and not a merit-based one.

          I personally am glad that most people don’t see race like we do. If normies get race-pilled…that’s how pogroms start. Well-read and rational dissidents like us are able to handle the race thing, and if we were put in charge, we’d do the most civilized and kind removals possible. But normie in charge? That would get ugly real quick.

          • Everything that’s happening in the US is plenty ugly already. I’m more than ready to inflict some ugliness to restore what’s left of our civilization. I used to care that people don’t “go too far” but I don’t anymore. I can’t say that I’d personally carry a torch and pitchfork and join in the mob actions – but would I try to stop them? Probably not.

  31. I fundamentally agree, but on the other hand even the CCP tries to keep the populace satisfied–hence they ended draconian Covid lockdowns after widespread riots. Michael Bloomberg largely exists to prove billionaires can be morons, but despite the uproar he was fundamentally correct that the Chinese dictator wants a happy population. Putting down rebellions get icky, after all.

    Is the West worse? Perhaps so. People are or at least were fat (literally) and happy and would put up with anything because, why not? As that paradigm shifts, though, this will change. Ask the Tsar. Ask King Louie. It did require a world war to remove the Kaiser and the Habsburgs, but their departures were not mourned.

    Acceptance of political impotence and helplessness indeed is the last red pill about the system, but it is not the end of the story by any means. Will we live to see the final chapter of the GAE? As things now stand, we mayl if we get past the radioactive fallout.

    Trump will be in East Palestine today. That is smart but pointless. The National Justice Party is just as ludicrous as Trump, but they have been there to provide material assistance such as bottled water and to advocate for the poor, abandoned Whites. Despite the messenger, therein lies what practical politics looks like and will become.

    • Jack: “Acceptance of political impotence and helplessness indeed is the last red pill about the system”

      Vey well put. And it pairs perfectly with Maxda’s point about the final stage of grief being acceptance.

      So I don’t know if it’s necessarily the final boss, but Zman is spot on that it’s the final stage of dissent – recognizing that for all your cares or concern or lost love or dead hopes – that you are utterly powerless to effect any real change. That you can rage and dissent or play the politics game and vote, but that none of it matters in the least.

      In so many ways I’ve moved past that – sure, I still get briefly agitated over the latest satanic inversion, but in many ways I’ve retreated to apathy. Because I cannot change anything. I can’t get Joe Q Normal to stop sending his kids to diverse public schools. I can’t get Jane to stop gushing over blaq babies who will grow up to rape and kill her White childen. I can’t get putative Christians to stop celebrating their sexually-deviant children because ‘love.’

      And it’s continual bad to worse news on a daily basis. There is no bottom beyond which humanity will not sink.

      I used to love Dylan Thomas’s line about raging against the dying of the light (although he was writing about death). I just can’t summon the interest or energy for the fight any more in the face of public idiocy and apathy.

      I am now the new dissident version of Joe Sixpack – I just want to be left alone. Let it all go to hell, but don’t bother me with it. As long as I can provide for me and mine, f**k the rest of them.

      • “I am now the new dissident version of Joe Sixpack – I just want to be left alone. Let it all go to hell, but don’t bother me with it. As long as I can provide for me and mine, f**k the rest of them.”

        That’s the only rational response because at the end of the day it is the only response actually available.

      • i don’t think you are apathetic; just stoical. history is a process that is immune to individual will.

        • karl: I’ll take that as a compliment. My husband has always admired his late mother’s strength and stoicism in the face of difficulty and loss.

          And excellent point about history and individual will. I will endeavor to remind myself of that and make my peace with it.

  32. Great post that succinctly describes where things stand at this point. I imagine more people coming to realize the situation we’re in. But it is discouraging to still see American flags flying on vehicles or in front of homes or sportsball stadiums brimming – if they were flown upside down/ largely empty, that would be encouraging. Too many still can’t come to grips with the reality staring them in the face – that this government hates them and wants our lives as miserable as possible – if we’re even allowed to live.

    • The absolute worst normie thing is “thank you for your service”. I get enraged whenever I hear that. A couple of my friends say it every chance they get and I scold them for it every time but it doesn’t change anything.

      For most of the people getting thanked the service is just a paycheck and a pension. No one has ever thanked me for getting paid.

      • Mike: The last refuge of a flag-waving color-blind civnat is thanking a diverse female for her service in f**king up supplies.

      • The “thank you for your service” thing was originally to compensate for how Vietnam vets were treated upon arriving home. Remember for most of the war they were draftees and had little choice in the matter of service.

        This has morphed—as they all seem to do—into a response/greeting for any first responder one meets. I await the day someone starts to use the exclamation for the postman on his route. Then it will be little different that the commies using the term “comrade” so and so.

  33. This is a stellar essay by Zman and it brings to mind something that occurred to me the other day while I was having one of my weekend cigars.

    I was born in 1977. Every American president during my lifetime has been a bland centrist (and most before my lifetime fit that label as well). Of course, that wasn’t the rhetoric of those presidents. That wasn’t how they were sold. That’s not how their ostensible enemies portrayed them. Mainstream conservatives cast Bill Clinton as a dope-smacking radical and Barack Obama as some kind of Marxist, yet both were middle-of-the-road and largely forgettable. Same with Orange Man Bad. We were supposed to fear Donald Trump as the “new Hitler” — or embrace him as an anti-establishment messiah riding in on a white horse — but he turned out to be very centrist and nothing like the rhetoric that he spewed and that others spewed about him. Even Mr. Ultra-Conservative himself, Ronald Reagan, was, in reality, firmly planted in the center and quite milquetoast. But he was a decent actor and thereby did a hell of a job in the role of “conservative.”

    This observation that bland centrism defines virtually all American presidents strongly reaffirms my suspicion that the presidency is a ceremonial position primarily designed to distract the public. The same bankers, military industrialists, technocrats, and other assorted oligarchs run the system regardless of who occcupies the position of Puppet in Chief at any given time. It’s all transparent theater and only the obtuse take it seriously.

    • “Dope-smacking”?!? I assume that was an error of autocorrect. Could I have misspelled “smoking” that poorly on my own?

    • “Every American president during my lifetime has been a bland centrist”

      Maintaining the elite-controlled status quo, both domestically and internationally, has been the name of the game for generations. Now that US hegemony is slipping away, the velvet glove is off and the iron claw beneath revealed in all its hideous ugliness. Hence the bombing of Nord Stream 2, and the talk of using nuclear weapons against Russia.

  34. The powers in charge of New Amerika the past forty years do care. They care about making anybody not bowing down to them and their agenda an insurrectionist, criminal, pariah, and inmate.

    Guess that’s why they call them Kare-ens. :O) U go Kare-N-Nation!

    Their hatred of me and mine is the only ‘caring’ they ever do. All malice and deceit stemming from them is justified and is quickly rationalized away as being On the Right Side of History, Righteous, and My Side Getting ‘Our Turn’.

    Scripture calls this time and mindset being ‘given over to strong delusion’. Seen any ‘strong delusion’ the past four decades in New Amerika?

    However, God does not impose this state of strong delusion upon persons until they demonstrate that they have an ongoing disregard for the truth, preferring easy and pretty lies to seeking after probity. After that, He gives them over to their preferred comfortable hypocrisy, after which follows damnation.

    Make that Damn Nation. A wholly owned subsidiary of KareNation.

  35. Thanks for this phenomenal post. Yet another post which should be shared with those who may be beginning to open their eyes. We can hope.
    It’s reminiscent of the Solzhenitsyn line “they know we know they’re lying…”

    They don’t care. They know we know they don’t care and they don’t care that we know they don’t care.

    • Only one thing might make them care – land war on US soil where they need numbers. Short of that, don’t really see them changing.

  36. My own personal red pill final boss? Stupid economic policies will destroy them. I too believed that the authoritarian’s stupid economic policies, or rather evil economic policies, would destroy them…eventually. It is logical that their policies would hurt people, and that they would, eventually, pay for it. “logical”

    Then came COVID. The population not only didn’t fight the COVID tyranny, both the economic tyranny and the social tyranny, but they embraced it, and begged for more. The vast majority of the people were running around getting a tingle in their private parts from telling (forcing) people to bend to their will despite the obvious damage to society.

    • Stupid economic policies destroyed the Soviet Union and their satellite states. Just not in a way most people think. Their policies affected their young elites/children of the party bosses in negative ways – negative enough to make them jealous of their western counterparts. So they brought the system down. When you look at the backgrounds of current Eastern-European elites, you will find out that many of them studied at the same elite school in Moscow in the late 80s. Now they are esteemed entrepreneurs, philanthropists and political donors.

      • Would they rather be rich or get their tingles from having the power to tell you what to do? Perhaps they think they can get both, but if they had to choose between the two they would send us to the reeducation camps every time.

        “Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven”

        • They did get both. Many have joined the globohomo elite club. The few that have been negatively affected by the anti-Russia sanctions have had a great run for the past 3 decades and are mostly still doing relatively OK.

    • Covid proved beyond the shadow of any doubt that the -vast- majority of people do not want freedom. They want safety and any bondage, shackling, or punishment that will insure ‘safety’ they will gladly endure.

      It is, more than anything, a reflection of the ultra feminization of society as a whole. The amount of grown ass men I knew in my personal orbit that were hiding under their bed from the “deadly Covid plague” shocked what little faith I had in humanity right out of me. They are sheep, ripe for the slaughter, and that is what they will eventually get.

      They will be swept away like driftwood when an -actual- “happening” occurs whatever that may be. This is why like many here, I do not even countenance their existence much anymore. It would take years for me to unravel their total feminization and propaganda induced NPC programming. As our black ghetto lady meme friend likes to say, “ain’t nobody got time for dat!”

      • I agree with your post, but I hold out a little hope that the “medical emergency” wad has been shot. I will never take another vaccine – not even the flu shot that I had taken for about 20 years in a row. I now know the FDA/NIH/CDC are revolving doors with the pharmaceutical companies, and nothing they say can be trusted.

        My newfound skepticism even stopped me from taking my doctor’s advice on signing up for a lifetime of statins. I did my own research and learned that the 38% reduction in heart attacks and strokes touted by the drug company reflected relative risk reduction, while the absolute risk reduction was less than 1%.

        For a simple example in the difference between the marketing and the reality, assume you have 100 people in a control group with 2 deaths, and 100 people on statins with 1 death. The relative risk reduction is 50% (1/2), but the absolute risk reduction is 1% (1 more death out of a 100). I was just borderline high on cholesterol, but also borderline on pre-diabetes, which could have been worsened by the blood sugar increases that are a side effect of statins.

        • Relative vs absolute. Right up there with correlation and causality. The two most important concepts in statistics. Probably 80% of the evils we are subjected to result from misunderstand/misuse of these.

        • Thank you. Your experiences and investigations are quite close to mine. The mRNA shots are probably in a class all their own in terms of danger; certainly their lack of testing, breaking of all prior standards for safety etc. is unprecedented. What for me was a disillusionment was to discover how many of more traditional drugs and treatments, those that have presumably had more rigorous trials and have been in use for decades, are often very nearly useless. Most common vaccines, statins, blood pressure treatment for most patients, and no doubt many more therapies fall into this category.

          Here’s a link to a Substack article on precisely what you describe today. This author is one of several I follow; this guy’s articles are remarkably similar to topics I’m interested in 🙂

  37. Two quick explanations for one paradox Zman raises and another he didn’t, but which is worth exploring:

    1) Why do the Elite bother with the Senate elections? – even Augustus Caesar didn’t abolish the Senate. The old republican trappings reassured the public. Keeping them reduces systemic friction. Obviously the public doesn’t matter, but resistance/non-compliance is an expensive friction “tax” on the system. Caligula got frustrated with this charade and made his horse a Senator. We got Fetterman.

    2) Why do the elections cost so much if they don’t matter? The answer I think is in Game Theory. The insiders collude to make Senate races brutally expensive. This serves as a massive “entry barrier” to outsiders. Hershel Walker spent $60M to lose to Warnock (who outspent him by far!). Seriously? This barrier guarantees we will get more of the same while maintaining the illusion of competition. If you are a white guy in Georgia (or PA), you get your choice of insider-approved buffoons.

    • Accomplishing the seemingly impossible: Caligula’s horse less ridiculous as a senator than…whatever Fetterman is.

    • “Caligula got frustrated with this charade and made his horse a Senator. We got Fetterman.”

      I shall shamelessly steal this quote. 😉

  38. Very interesting take, Zman. While I obviously agree public opinion doesn’t matter in the least, I don’t know that I’d term accepting that the final boss. I see it as yet another aspect of the final boss of the false god of equality. After you’ve accepted that men and women are irrevocably unequal in ability and reason, and that the races are eternally unequal, you also realize that any social and political structure is unequal.

    We all know that in any society money and influence matter. Women will spread their legs for anyone with more than average of either, no matter how old or how violent or how alien. Everyone flocks to the ‘strong horse.’ Sure, politicians enrich themselves but it has ever been thus. What they really crave is the power and attention that both come with the sense of superiority. They’re no longer one of the ‘little people’ who they’ve so easily fooled on their way up the ladder, helped along by others with the money and power and influence to which they aspire. But it’s the sense of being the top of the heap they crave.

    Whether it’s rubbing shoulders at Davos or merely flying out of DC by private jet – or sometimes better for self importance a military plane – everything reminds them they matter. They make decisions others will be compelled to obey. They control access. They are above the ordinary rules and the lives of ordinary people. Too many mistake this as merely a love of money or attention or power, but it’s all of these things, because being ‘equal’ is not what they ever wanted.

    I maintain the ‘final boss’ is accepting there is no equality anywhere the natural world or human nature is involved. Accepting that you and your life or your loves are irrelevant in the grand scheme of things – and that almost no one gives a damn. That no one is coming to save you, because we’re not equal and those who are more equal than others will always see to their own skin first.

    This is why destroying them in their bunkers is critical after any crisis or crash. A new crop of poseurs will always arise, but it will at least clean out one rank of them before they can ensure their plans for ‘continuity of government.’

    • Your point is supported by the vision of Tater Joe’s parade of endless limos during one of his outings. What was it, a hundred? Obviously, had nothing to do with security or any practical necessity.

      The idea is to mock the rest of us in our powerlessness, obscurity and relative impoverishment, but also to demonstrate to all that Tater Joe Is Important! Power for power’s sake alone.

    • “This is why destroying them in their bunkers is critical after any crisis or crash. A new crop of poseurs will always arise, but it will at least clean out one rank of them before they can ensure their plans for ‘continuity of government.’”

      The new crop of poseurs likely will not allow those in the bunker to emerge for continuity of government. The system not only selects for sociopaths but also those dimwitted enough to think they are indispensable. What comes next, or is supposed to come next, already is lined up.

    • 3g4me: “After you’ve accepted that men and women are irrevocably unequal in ability and reason, and that the races are eternally unequal, you also realize that any social and political structure is unequal. We all know that in any society money and influence matter…”

      The Hill [piggy-backing off of some Pew Research data] has a new article today concerning the prospects for young men in 2023:

      Most young men are single. Most young women are not.
      by Daniel de Visé
      02/22/23 6:00 AM ET

      The big statistic is this: “Nearly half of all young adults are single: 34 percent of women, and a whopping 63 percent of men.”

      The article goes on to try to sweep that figure under the rug, but let me rephrase the statistic thusly:

      100% – 34% = 66% of women are sexually active, whereas

      100% – 63% = 37% of men are sexually active.

      And that right there is Hypergamy writ large.

      Effectively there must now be a milieu within which desirable men are, on average, juggling about two plates at a time, and the plates are happy with [or at least resigned to suffering through] the arrangement.

      That’s Neo-Bigamy.

      In another decade, it will be Neo-Polygamy [desirable men juggling three or more plates at a time].

      If those numbers are correct, then the Frankfurt School has succeeded in destroying Monogamy in Western Civilization, to be replaced by semitic polygamy.

      This is very very bad.

      Arguably CATASTROPHIC.

      Polygamy will destroy our gene pool.

      • I looked further into the Pew Research numbers; there were two studies, the first in 2019, and the second in 2022.

        2019 survey
        conducted Oct 16-28, 2019
        published August 20, 2020

        2022 survey
        conducted July 5-17, 2022
        published for Valentine’s Day, 2023

        A few thoughts:

        1) The numbers include kneegr0wz, and that badly distorts the monogamy versus polygamy picture.

        2) The numbers for messicans aren’t all that bad [vis-vis the numbers for Whites]; I even found a Wikipedia article about aztec mating practices:

        “polygamy was only a practice among the nobles of aztec civilization; the majority of the population were monogamous”

        3) The research assistant in charge of the 2022 study is a j00ess, named (((Risa Gelles-Watnick))), and that j00ess could obviously have a number of different reasons for pushing fake numbers [not the least of which would be promoting j00ish online dating services].

        But assuming the numbers are real, the numbers are bad, and [especially in the case of men] the numbers are declining precipitously.

        For instance:

        2019, Males, aged 18-29, single: 51%
        2022, Males, aged 18-29, single: 63%

        2019, Females, aged 18-29, single: 32%
        2022, Females, aged 18-29, single: 34%

        2019, Single Males, Looking for Relationships: 61%
        2022, Single Males, Looking for Relationships: 50%

        2019, Single Females, Looking for Relationships: 38%
        2022, Single Females, Looking for Relationships: 35%

  39. It’s such a tough hurdle because it means letting go of everything. It’s over.

    You can be a race realist and still hope to find a way to make the system work. (Paging Steve Sailer.) But when you realize that public opinion doesn’t matter, you know that the system is the problem. You’re looking into the void at that point, and that’s pretty scary.

    • In fairness, it’s not obvious the American Project ever really cared about public opinion. Sure, the Elites always courted public opinion. But “courting” and caring are different I think.

      The Revolution was a “top-down” project as we all know. Lincoln obviously didn’t give a damn about public opinion. He had the Elite on his side and that was enough. Same with Wilson. It’s quite possible FDR was the only president in US history (aside from Jackson and maybe Reagan) who ever did anything major with public support.

    • It’s not letting go of everything. It’s ending the reliance on the clown show in DC and Fox News idiots and switching it to more wholesome spendings of time.

      It’s like stopping the football watching. Go to your kid’s games, of course, but refuse to watch the games on TV. Also, stop watching Fox or listening to Conservative talk radio and switch it to local politics or listening to friends and family and neighbors.

      I personally think a return to mere Christianity and de-coupling it from militarism (AKA the “God, guns, and guts” thing) would go a long way to ending the obsessions with American democracy.

      • Anyone out there sincerely promoting democracy needs to be beaten, until they change their mind.

  40. I used to care a lot about politics and sportsball and unfairness in the world. I had read a quote from Lebron James that changed my life. For those that don’t know, he was a kid from Ohio, was a basketball talent and was hired by a local team. He gave them much hope for a championship but never quite delivered. He switched teams and went to a fancy town down south. He won the big game for them and the folks back in Ohio were incensed. They cursed his name and burned his jerseys and were just beside themselves with rage. He said… “All the people that were rooting on me to fail, at the end of the day, they have to wake up tomorrow and have the same life that they had before they woke up today. They have the same personal problems they had today. I’m going to continue to live the way I want to live and continue to do the things that I want to do with me and my family and be happy with that.” I can hate on Cuck Shoomer, $oros, or whomever, it won’t move the needle. The machine (or Lebron) does not care about you, stop caring about the machine.

    • The machine cares enough to crush you in a Kafkaesque way at a random moment. At minimum you need to be aware and take necessary precautions.

      • Z: “The reality is, they probably do not care at all. The people controlling the politicians certainly do not care.”

        Hun: “The machine cares enough to crush you in a Kafkaesque way at a random moment. At minimum you need to be aware and take necessary precautions.”

        I contend that for at least two centuries now [and likely much longer than that], modernity has been selecting for increasingly horrible personalities in our elites.

        Since at least 1800, we’ve had the worst personalities of the Ivy League mating with the worst personalities of the Seven Sisters, and with each generation, the psychological panoply darkens: Narcissistic Personality Disorder’ed males mating with Borderline Personality Disorder’ed females producing outright Psychopaths as offspring.

        Then as you move to the later 19th Century, you get telegraphs & trains which allow ever greater mobility & opportunity for these badly malformed personalities to discover one another; with the 20th Century, you get automobiles & telephones & newspaper “Personal” advertisements; and, suddenly, before you know it, it’s the 1960s & you’ve got a Sexual Revolution on your hands.

        Our 21st Century moguls & oligarchs – the puppetmasters who pull the strings behind the curtains – were literally bred [by their ancestors] to have the psychopathy [& sadism] necessary to attempt to murder 15/16ths of the world’s population via MRNA v@xxines.

        And just as the NPC pod people of the Passive Aggressive Industrial Complex were bred to sense the presence [and yearn for the comradery] of their fellow Passive Aggressives in Meat Space Bureaucracies, so too do the Sadistic Psychopaths take glee in flying across the world in their private jets to gather together for the fraternal initiation rites & rituals of torturing, raping and murdering kidnapped children as the means by which to become Made Men in the Deep State and the global oligarchy.

    • Reminds me a story I heard once from a guy talking about how he lost his interest in pro sports.

      When the man was a kid in the 19960s living in the NY, he rushed to his father to tell him about some big news regarding Micky Mantle. His dad just shrugged.

      “Dad, don’t you care about Micky Mantle?” the boy said.

      “Son, I care as much as Micky Mantle as Micky Mantle cares about me,” the father replied.

      I feel the same way about our system. I care as much about it as it cares about me. Nothing.

      • Good to know I have hit the final stage. I do care about doing everything I can to preserve my family, my cherished friends, and will still help like-minded folks. That doesn’t leave anything for the hive.

        • And that comment succinctly sums up the philosophy promoted in today’s Z-man’s commentary. Well done.

  41. I think of my red-pill journey as a process of grieving for my country. The final and most difficult stage of grief is acceptance.

    It’s hard to accept that my country is gone. But watching nobody in DC give a damn that Ohio just got massively poisoned helps with the process. I hope there is a reckoning and I live to see it.

  42. No only they do not care about public opinion, but they also know that the people in general population will never do anything by themselves to challenge the system. They will never wake up. There is no line that would cause a revolution once it’s crossed.

    The best we can hope for is widespread cynicism and apathy that will infect the public sector and bureaucracy and make the system increasingly less capable of action. Then, maybe, a secondary elite may decide to use the mob as a tool to bring down the existing system and start something new, though not guaranteed to be much better.

    At some point, the demographic replacement may reach a level where none of this matters anyway.

  43. I think the one politician/oligarch who personified the arrogance of the Ruling Class was Nelson Rockefeller. Mitt Romney must have taken his correspondence course. Old Nelson died of a heart attack while boffing his secretary over his desk. They don’t make oligarchs the way they used to.

    • Yes! Old Nelson became a legend as the first (and last) VP to give the finger to hecklers on the campaign trail. They all just do it inwardly now. There was at least something genuine about a brazen oligarch.

      • I grew up not far from Tarrytown NY and Rocky was Gov most of my young life. There was a girl at my school whose father was the Gov’s longtime chiropractor. He was one of the very few invited guests when Rocky married #2 Happy. The joke then was how Happy wakes up feeling Rocky and he wakes up feeling Happy;-) The thing I will say about him was that, as Capt Willard says above, the man was genuine. He did not have to do this — become a politician — but his evident enjoyment of serving was “catching”, unlike his creepy predecessor Averell Harriman. If the Tappan Zee Bridge has to undergo yet another name change, I vote to call it the Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller Bridge, ditch the awful Mario Cuomo named nonsense. It’s also true that the Rockefeller estate, “Kykuit,” overlooks the Hudson River at that point. I understand the place is now open to the public as a museum.

          • The decision by the Oligarchs to dispense with the Eggplants [Cuomo & arguably Pelosi] in favor of the Potato Kneegrowz [Biden, Biden & Biden***] is the most fascinating ethnic sociological phenomenon of our times.

            And no one will ever write a proper history of it.

            One moment the Eggplants were at the very pinnacle of society; the next moment, the Eggplants were discarded into the dust bin of history.

            The fascinating question would involve the extent to which the Eggplants are even consciously aware of what just happened to them.


            ***Hunter having married into The Tribe.

    • Nelson Rockefeller will live forever in infamy [which is to say, burn in hell for all eternity] for failing to have ordered the NY Air National Guard to detonate a thermobaric weapon on Stonewall.

    • Rocky and Mittens’ pop were instrumental in Goldwater’s defeat in 64. Among prominent republicans only Nixon and Reagan stood by AuH2O

  44. That is the toughest hurdle. It is buttressed by a void which is filled with fear. Suddenly, you realize that not only is there no system to support you, it is bent on your destruction.

    Only those with courage and resolve to think a new system can and must be built will get past it.

  45. Not sure if that is the final red pill or not, but it certainly leads to what may be the final red pill: that electoral democracy is probably the most idiotic system of government ever devised by the minds of men. It may work fine on a small scale, but scale it up beyond the local level and it will inevitably lead to corruption and ruin.

    • It doesn’t even work on a small scale. I’m in a local union of 300 or so guys. There are some genuinely good and intelligent men. Do any of them run for union president? NO. Almost always, it’s the loudmouth, no it all, Mr. Popularity, or the drunkard that goes to union meetings to get blitzed. Sometimes you hit the jackpot and they’re all the above. Good, intelligent, grounded men spend time with their family, or do something more productive/enjoyable. This explains why we have sociopaths seeking public office and the upper reaches of the military.

      • The Bolsheviks brought unions to this country in the late 1800”s. Denial goes a long way towards furthering the cause.
        Congrats Comrade!

  46. The final component of the red pill effect is the realization that our ruling class doesn’t care about the rest of us in any meaningful way. It is actually liberating.

    Thank you Mr. Z

    • Why care about public opinion when you have total control over its formation?

      Why care whether a vaccine works or not if you have non-medical control over deciding the matter?

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