Lessons From The Troubles

Like so much from the 20th century, The Troubles has largely been forgotten, despite the fact it loomed large in the last half the century. It is a good example of how the cultural shadow of the Global American Empire warped everything. Meddling by important people in the empire played a huge role in the conflict. It was also one of the justifications for flinging open our borders.

Then all of a sudden, the conflict ended. Right around when the Cold War ended, the two sides decided it was time to get on with making peace. Just like that this generational event disappeared from our consciousness. Ireland quickly moved to the “Celtic Tiger” stage and then to the bust-out stage. Now Ireland is just another node on the Global American Empire trying to commit suicide.

Interestingly, The Troubles are a good example for dissidents trying to figure out how to combat the metastasizing blob that is the managerial state. It is not a perfect analogy, but it is a good example of a long running revolt against a cultural force. The British were not in it for the money. They were motivated by cultural factors and the Irish, for their part, rallied to their cultural banners in resistance.

Of course, there are good lessons and bad lessons from everything. The Irish won their freedom only to give it away to globalist interests, far more sinister and deadly to the Irish than the British. If you hold the views of the typical IRA man in today’s Ireland, you will be de-platformed and perhaps even imprisoned for blasphemy. The Irish are literally trying to erase themselves from the book of life.

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  • Lessons of identity
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  • Lesson of Struggle

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143 thoughts on “Lessons From The Troubles

  1. OT: Ukraine

    excuse me if this point has been widely discussed, but i don’t remember seeing it. was just re-reading current article at BigSerge, and he talks about how Russia was light on personnel (in Ukraine) because conscripts cannot be deployed outside of Russia, without a formal declaration of war. well, wouldn’t the referendum that lead to parts of Ukraine becoming officially Russian territory now allow conscripts to be deployed there? maybe something, maybe nothing; ties in with Zman’s comments about the Russians being sticklers for legality.

  2. Sadly, it seems like this tendency towards negative identity is largely confined to the White race, regardless of ethnicity. Can’t love, embrace and support ourselves – nope – have to promote, love, embrace and support the “other”.

    • Z Man often mentions the importance of a positive group identity and he frequently uses blacks as an example of a negative group identity. Z Man says that all that holds blacks together is a hatred of us. And the Irish have a negative identity based upon hatred of the English.

      Further down in these comments, Citizen Silly said that the chosen have a negative identity too. I thought that they were the gold standard for a positive group identity.

      I would appreciate examples of a positive group identity. If you discuss a concept but can’t provide a single example of it, I wonder if the concept is valid. That is my feeling about positive group identity.

  3. I’ve thought about how the Irish went from the land of hardy IRA fighters to the current rollovers for multiculturalism and am left wondering how such a change could occur in a people in less than three decades. Did someone spike the drinking water of Ireland? Or did someone make a genetically engineered designer virus that turned us all into pussies?

    • There were very few active PIRA members. The 2 large cells that were excised toward the end were a significant part of the organization.
      The rest of the Irish were wokeready, just like other whites who are dominated by feminist idealism.

  4. it would be pretty funny if trump flew to florida, and De Santis granted him sanctuary; but made trump cut pro-De Santis campaign ads.

  5. I believe (not an expert by any means though) that there are a lot of parallels between the Irish history you describe with the absentee landlords and all that, and Ukraine.

    The Poles expanded into what is now Western Ukraine and set up huge estates worked by the native peasants. The absentee aristo owners brought in managers (often Jews) and there was resentment and tensions. On top of that the Poles were Catholic and the peasants were Orthodox.

    Eventually peasant revolts and cossack freedom fighters and what not. What you got by WWII was Stepan Bandera and pogroms against Poles and Jews.

    Some parallels to Ireland and the Brits for sure.

    Great show!

    Please consider making the Sunday show an hour as well.

  6. A 1947 movie set in Belfast about an IRA man on the run after a failed bank heist: Odd Man Out.

    The great James Mason directed by the brilliant Carol Reed.

    As the protagonist navigates the city he encounters many different parts of thier society and you see all kinds of responses, from Irish nationalists to the Pro-Brits to the I-just want-to-left-alone types.

    Interesting for the politics but highly watchable for the human side, and photographed so beautifully you want to cry.


  7. If it makes anyone feel any better, at the rate things are going large chunks of the US will be unable to sustain the grid. The average age of a utility worker is like 50 now.

    A lot of skills are just gone, a major pipeline company was subjected to a ransomware attack and could not apparently turn the pipeline to manual mode as there was no one left who knew how to do this. They had all quit or retired.

    The grid requires huge inputs of skills much less materials that in decade or less will be nigh impossible to obtain

    This fits nicely with the 4th turning idea and the usual “troubles” by the 2030’s that I’ve been hearing for so long. The legitimacy of the state depends on the idea the stuff must flow and when it doesn’t?

    • Last week they replaced the hot water heaters in my apartment building. There was a little problem though. When the water came back on the hot water was only lukewarm. I tried to tell the xirls in the office about this but they just read from their script which apparently said “Tell them to run the water for a few minutes to pull the hot water back in”. I had done this and tried to explain that the water remained only lukewarm. Eventually, I intercepted one of the hispanic guys on the maintenance team. He actually seemed to understand that this was a real problem and that running the water for untold amounts of time would not turn it hot. He didn’t know what to suggest but he did have the sense to summon the older White guy who ran the maintenance team. We’ll call him Liam (it’s St. Patty’s Day after all) The next day, Liam and the beaner support crew appeared and found that the real problem was that the “cartridge” (a kind of water mixing valve) had gotten clogged in my apartment and was simply not ever going to allow enough hot water into the mix to take a proper shower.

      So here’s the hierarchy of usefullness.

      1. Office Wammen: actually worse than useless since their stonewalling and stupidity delayed getting the real problem even recognized.
      2. Hispanic Dudes on the maintenance staff: somewhat useful for manual labor but not smart enough to think of the real problem.
      3. Gen-X White guy: solved the problem in like 20 minutes with some support work from the beaners.

      Now imagine a country where Liam is gone from everywhere and everything is just run by the office xirls. They will never see their own incompetence and get out of the way either and eventually there won’t be a way to go around them like I did.

      • This reminds me of when I bought my older home that needed some electrical work done. Contracted for services with electrical company. They sent two guys, one white, one negro, who in fairness to him was clearly in the apprentice role. Full day’s worth of work. They split up to knock out the punch list. After the white guy finished all his stuff, he discovers that the negro has failed to successfully troubleshoot any of the issues tasked to him. So the two of them stayed past quitting time while the white guy finished up all the stuff his partner was supposed to have been fixing earlier. He didn’t seem real happy about it, but he did it, because he was a pro. Thank God there was at least one.

      • I’ve noticed a similar issue when trying to get things done these days: between you and what you need to solve the problem there’s a wall of stupid women.

  8. The story of Ireland’s decline must include the post-Vatican II problems of the Catholic Church. Before V2, Ireland was poor, with large families and large numbers of priests, many sent to America and around the world. The U.S. church was dominated by the Irish. After V2, the Church “opened to the world,” and in many places collapsed, eventually in Ireland. Now the Irish are rich, with a 1.62 birth rate (lower for the Irish themselves), unhappy, and headed toward extinction. Any faith that isn’t militant is pointless. In America, at least, the Catholic traditionalist movement is thriving, with high birth rates, despite persecution by the current pontiff. It also exists in Ireland and perhaps will save a remnant.

  9. Well, in the past few months there have been protests, “Ireland is Full,” and some arson incidents at “refugee camps” and various beatings of “migrants” some in response to rapes and assaults. In response on Feb 18 there was “big” rally (some estimate 50K) in Dublin in “support’ of “migrants.”

    The attendees seemed similar to the BLM protests: lots of White women, a few visibly miserable hangers on straight White guys dragged by their wives or girlfriends, some gay dudes, and aging 65+ hippie types and has been musicians.

    In the meantime, things are getting spicy in Ireland, as the PM, the gay Pakistani, is turning out the Irish from their houses and apartments to house “migrants” while the Irish sleep on the streets as eviction moratoriums expire. There is ample government money to house refugees but none for the Irish. Meanwhile the PM is sending lots and lots of money to Ukraine, Zelensky needs more billions to buy more mansions in Miami.

    I think it was NOT negative identity that ruined Ireland, black people for example are entirely defined by hatred of White people, and they are demanding they import lots of Hondurans to displace them. Plenty of places without any negative identity at all have been ruined in exactly the same way: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, France, England. All had a pretty well defined sense of who and what they are, and all immediately started importing en-masse lots and lots of Muslims and Africans once they got wealthy and women and gays stopped being suppressed.

    [Civilization lesson: unless your nation constantly suppresses gays and women in particular they will ruin your nation, guaranteed.]

    If you look at the Irish pro-Migrant rallies via the pictures available, its easy to see who and why wants them imported.

    White women, particularly the fat and ugly ones, benefit greatly from making beta male land into a violent hell-hole. All the more sexy dominance, third world trash style. Look at the Danes. In 845 they sacked Paris, hanging 111 men on the banks of the Seine for Odin. [He was fond of that]. Today their descendants don’t even urinate standing up. [Pinker’s thesis of removing the warrior genes from Europeans.] That has a reaction in women, they don’t care or want things like safe and clean running water, decent medical care, compared to tingles. No wonder Denmark and the other Scandi nations are awash in culturally enriching diversity.

    Ireland a hell-hole, destroying all the heritage of the Irish people? Well what women ever cared about their people over tingles? It was I think the lady tingles in Ireland, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands, England, Scotland, that ruined the West.

    • Yes! Classic Whiskey! Never forget: women hate, hate, HATE betas!

      This post reminds me of when I was an innocent lad and I simply turned to the manosphere to get a date instead of being blackpilled on all history and politics and all hope for the future. The tingles done did it.

      • The manosphere was really a fascinating phenomenon. Both liberals and conservatives hate, hate, HATED it because it contradicted their sacred cows about women.

        As far as the tingles problem goes, everything that was predicted came true. Nearly every white woman I see at the grocery store either has a little niglet tagging along or still has the bull there with his hand up her skirt in public. The various swarthy males all have a dead vacant soulless look in their eyes as well which denotes adaptive sociopathy (hiding one’s emotional state from potential opponents).

        • when i see a mud shark with her niglet(s) i feel revulsion and disgust. don’t even want to stand next to them in the check out line.

        • Wow where do you live? Sounds awful.

          Multi-cult Ontario isn’t that bad, fairly uncommon to see mixed race couples and even less likely to see a mixed kid.

          • Suburb outside Portland. People like to make fun of Portland being commie woke yet still all white, yet that seems to have been remedied rather rapidly over the last 5-10 years. The miscegenation is rampant because the lefty whites here don’t have that instinct to segregate that you see in the south or cities back east. (Sort of like how in the Anarctic you can walk right up to the penguin and it won’t run away) Thus the women are brainwashed into thinking that having a niglet isn’t a disgrace, and that Tyrone will make a good long term partner since all the TV ads show happy married interracial couples.

          • Ploppy there is no lack of coal burners in the deep south and hasn’t been for many years. I can attest that it was common in southern appalachia a quarter century ago. These days on the gulf coast I see it every time I go to the grocery store.

    • Did the women orchestrate these problems or just take the bait?

      I agree that female nature is profoundly disappointing. Just recently I concluded that female nature is even worse than male nature, and my opinion of male nature has never been all that high. So, I’m not white knighting for chicks.

      But again, are women the architects of our problems or are they just non-reflective conformists, hungry for immediate approval, who have inherited the “war bride” genes to always side win whoever is winning at the moment?

      If I am right, then who set up the incentives to cause women to follow their disgraceful instincts?

      • women didn’t give themselves the vote. and prohibition passed before women got the vote. it was the fukkin’ proto-grillers that brought the roof down.

      • The reddest pill of all that you don’t even hear much about in the darkest, most H8ful corners of the internet is simply this – women are not good people. Virtually all positive human values and achievements are derived from men. Women are at their best when they’re following along with male examples. When men abdicate their roles the result is not that “female values” come to dominate. There are no female values. Instead everything just gets knocked down to a lower level of organization.

        You can see this in Black society. The results there are a foretaste of what every society becomes with male leadership gone. You certainly don’t get pacifism, equality, or any of the other things feminists claim to support. In fact society tends to become more violent and warlike but, alarmingly, in very stupid and chaotic ways. I’m tempted to think the posturing of our rulers towards Russia resembles nothing so much as a ghetto chimp-out where a bunch of ganstas with pistols they never practice with take on a SWAT team with machine guns backed by snipers in a helicopter.

        • I remember way back when they did that 90s Outer Limits, and one of the episodes was where a virus had killed all the men and left only women. The female-only society not only couldn’t get the electricity running again, but every single woman in a position of authority was that snotty spiteful Nurse Ratched personality type.

          That survival reality show where they split the women and men into two groups showed the same result. Aside from a bull, the women all sorted themselves into finding tasks to look busy but that didn’t actually accomplish what needed to be done. Notably the women didn’t take instruction from the one experienced woman there, everything had to be done by committee like they could catch fish via consensus.

  10. I don’t remember ever hearing about John Gotti being tortured in prison. Just sayin.

  11. FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force makes plans to arrest Trump:

    “…agencies involved include the NYPD, New York State Court Officers, the U.S. Secret Service, the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, and the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.”

    If they actually go through with this the honorable thing for him to do would be to make them kill him in a gunfight:


    Negro prosecutor:


    Even if every allegation is true, so what? How is this illegal? People get paid to STFU every single day. People sign NDAs every day.

    We’re living through the equivalent of the transition of Rome from a republic to an empire. Trump’s only “crime” was challenging the Uniparty, the Deep State, and the Establishment Media.

    They are going to make sure that no one will ever be able to challenge the Oligarchic State at the ballot box ever again, and that leaves only one option, which I will not mention in print. Of course that is exactly what they want, so they can increase the repression under the guise of “keeping us safe: from “terrorists.”

    The next 20-30 years are going to be, shall we say, “interesting” but for all the wrong reasons.

    • They’re preparing for–and hoping for–another Alphabet Gestapo-organized fool’s errand by Trump’s acolytes. I hope that only the operatives show up, making their “security protocols” as ridiculous as the previous time when the Capitol resembled a County Armagh Army/Ulster police post. If they want to show support for their God-Emperor, let ’em do so in other ways.

    • I suspect the junta was upset when widespread rioting didn’t occur after the arrest and torture of the 1/6 political prisoners, so this is intended to provoke enough civil unrest to justify martial law (I would argue the Covid lockdowns also were martial law). Unfortunately for all of us, it may work and spark acts of terror and violence, which will be the causus belli to crackdown. Again, if you are in a major city you need to get the hell out of there and should have done so a long time ago. If some yahoo doesn’t cut power and water to a place like NYC, the feds will as a false flag operation–and that’s a best-case scenario. It is pretty obvious when the corrupt feds bungled the classified documents case against Trump they farmed this out to the city of New York, which will regret this “honor” immediately.

      Winners: Xi and Putin, not that the United States had any moral and ethical authority left as it was.

      Losers: Jews, blacks–and us.

  12. Pingback: DYSPEPSIA GENERATION » Blog Archive » Lessons From the Troubles

    • A few days ago Tucker was on Redacted with Clayton Morris talking about the weirdness surrounding WTC7.

      At this rate he won’t be long for Fox.

      • Don’t be fooled.

        Tucker did a good-boy thing a couple days ago and blamed bank failures on corporate wokeness, and corporate wokeness on the government. In real life the government is woke out of fear of Wall Street™, and banks and governments conspire to make banks fail so as to “socialize losses.”

        He’s still the least bad conservative.

  13. this substack is parents telling their stories pf how their kids and families were destroyed by the system and rulers . one of the many ways they kill us .
    really eye opening. also a good opportunity to drops some red pills on people who would neve find the Z blog.

    • In a totalitarian bureaucratic state like the GAE, “The process is the punishment.”

  14. I’m old enough to remember the last years of The Troubles, and I don’t remember the British having the kind of hate/contempt for the Irish that the clown world regime has for us. Like it was just business for the Brits, it wasn’t personal. For our regime, it’s personal. As you point out, the IRA had lots of friends in the USA, even in high places, and they had U2 carrying their water culturally. We have none of that. We have no friends anywhere (who have any power). But we do have much greater numbers, both real and relative, than the IRA did.

    Something else the IRA had that we don’t have is the will and the means to reach out and touch the enemy regime where they lived. And I cannot help but conclude that this was the factor that brought the whole thing to a resolution. The Brits had, by then (like the rest of the west), become too soft and weak to respond in kind with the greater force they could have brought to bear. So they worked out a deal. But it probably wouldn’t have been possible without the other advantages noted above. And also the digital surveillance state did not yet exist. Which made it easier for secret societies to form and remain cohesive. I’m not saying it makes it impossible now. But certainly a lot more difficult.

    I noticed Zman, that despite your observance of Lent, you still aren’t religious enough for Vox Day

    • I think the Troubles came to an end – and the IRA came to the peace table – in part because the Brits outsourced the killing of IRA suspects (and their families) to Unionist paramilitary groups. Then, once people like “King Rat” Billy Wright had served their purpose, they were eliminated.

      • They also developed a network of informers–“supergrasses”–who made the IRA leadership rather paranoid about things. There’s an interesting article in the Atlantic Monthly of Yore (2004?) about one Kevin Fulton, ex-Royal Irish Ranger-cum-informer in the PIRA. Fulton had the ironic displeasure of being subjected to a grueling interrogation by the IRA’s legendary Grand Inquisitor, Fred Scappaticci–also known as “Stakeknife”–another supergrass for the security forces.

    • Jeffrey Zoar: I was in England (and corresponding with a friend in Ireland) during the ‘troubles.’ No one I knew in England (younger flatmates, their older parents, etc.) ever spoke disparagingly of the Irish to me, fwiw. My friend in ‘Derry kept assuring me it was perfectly safe although I unfortunately never made it over there to visit.

      As far as the other blogger you mention, I cannot understand the mindset that deliberate singles out other bloggers to pick quarrels with. If you dismiss them as insignificant (as said blogger does) then why even mention them?

      • About 50% of Vox’s blog posts are him picking pointless fights with other internet people. Credit where credit is due though: he hit the nail on the head with Jordan Peterson, and aside from the special category of Alpha+Omega=Sigma his sociosexual taxonomy was insightful.

        • Ploppy: I always take pains to explain to others (although such an explanation ought not to be necessary) that someone being an a-hole does not make him wrong. Personally, I’ve found said blogger to be correct on quite a number of pivotal issues. Again, says nothing about his character.

          • My main point of contention with Vox is that he reduces all the evils to Satanism. It works fine as an allegory for the entropic decline of society, but taken literally passes the buck away from human agency.

          • I only infrequently read his blog anymore. Mostly because nearly every time I go there I have to read about how evil I am because I am a boomer. Not that I don’t need to repent for my sins but he does as well.

            For the record every boomer I know, to include me, is actively trying to arrange things so they can leave their assets to their children. I don’t have that much but I will leave my children all I have. There are bad boomers for sure. But most?

            He recently had a quote. ” It is Good and True to hate boomers.


  15. The Irish had the fortune to not live in a police state. It is near impossible to move around in public without being tracked in such a way that later, your movements cannot be put together and that is even if you leave your personal tracking device home. There are cameras and license plate readers everywhere. Your car is (likely) equipped with a black box that records your movements using GPS. It will even record where you stop and what doors in the car open and close or the trunk or hood.

    The police have extraordinary amounts of resources to put together evidence and the courts will rubber-stamp anything they want to do. Prosecutors have broad discretion to threaten co-conspirators with 700 years in prison, but probation if you cooperate and testify against your co-conspirators or wear a wire. They will even put bugs in lawyer’s offices. Meetings with your lawyer are supposed to be sacrosanct, but not if they really want to arrest you.

    If there were ever to be “trouble” in the GAE, they would have to figure out some way to avoid the police state.

    • Considering the surveillance state, we can probably accomplish a lot more with something in the nature of a general strike than we can with trying to play good ole boy guerrilla. Even if the number of strikers is only, say, 10 million. Either way it takes a lot of organization, but, in the case of the strike, there’s nothing criminal for the surveillance state to see.

      • I’ve never understood the point of things like Sharletsvile.

        You may as well put a sign on your back and say “effectively end my life”.

        Grey man

        Side note; the working/original title of “Atlas Shrugged” was called “The Strike”.

      • “Considering the surveillance state, we can probably accomplish a lot more with something in the nature of a general strike than we can with trying to play good ole boy guerrilla.”

        I like your thinking here. We should be talking about ways to make trouble for The Powers that don’t violate criminal statutes. Of course the state will act as if such action is against the law, and probably try to make it illegal, but they’ll have to do it without the backing of the courts. And the odds are far better for us in the legislative domain than in the courtroom.

  16. My, oh my; The Boromir Strategy rides again…

    The Boromir Strategy = “Hey lads, Let’s use the One Ring to Fight Sauron!”*

    e.g. Studying “successful” terrorists for strategies, so Our Side will win…

    Where might That idea lead us? What kind of “victory” could we expect from using the weapons of evil?

    *Reference: charltonteaching.blogspot.com/2016/07/the-boromir-strategy-as-advocated-by.html

    • I have no doubt that many kulaks told themselves circa 1920 that God wins in the end. They weren’t wrong, but the end didn’t arrive on their schedule. Or keep them out of the gulag.

    • Neither the IRA nor the Unionists were successful. Decades of bloodshed and nobody budged an inch. They could’ve made peace in the 1960s and avoided all the horror.

    • Historically the only escape from empire has been to make your nation so unpleasant to rule over that the empire gives up. We declared victory and left in Afghanistan because the camel fuckers over there kept putting bombs in the road non stop for 20 years no matter how many weddings we blew up with drones. The Taliban didn’t win by voting super hard, having a hippie sit-in at the dean’s office, or sperging about the Bill of Rights.

  17. The Micks fought a 1,500-year war to keep the Limeys at bay, only to succumb to the nuggras in three decades.

    • Scale it up….Europe fought to remain Christian and European for 1,500 years, and in the last 30 years they just let all their cities turn into Istanbuls.

      Say what you want about Neoliberalism, but it is awesome. As the old definition of awesome. As in full of terrible awe.

    • in olden times, they never had to contend with the teevee.

      It’s the ultimate weapon per Ozymandias for you comic geeks out there.

    • Neoliberalism, whether its objective is Islamifying a suburb in Paris, or negrifying one in Illinois, has an advantage that no foreign army ever did. It has a psychological “beachhead” in the minds of virtually every woman and, through the blandishments of consumerism, in those of most men.

      This is the key to its amazing success. The strategy doesn’t work though in countries like Russia where the women have been prevented from forming a cultural 5th column and where a man’s job security is contingent on *not* accepting cultural rot and filth. The same rainbow pin that you practically *must* wear in many jobs here in AINO will get you fired (and possibly paid a visit by the FSB) in Putin’s Russia.

      This is also the actual reason the ruling elite here is terrified of Russia. Modern Russia shows that globohomo’s cultural beachheads can be neutralized. The usual next step our empire uses if it can’t subvert and undermine a nation through its women, gays, and weak men is to go to military force. Russia has shown that it’s far too strong to succumb to that. The empire’s plotters are left enraged and frustrated by this.

  18. “For all the talk of a national divorce and the breakup of America, it must be admitted that the Red states have none of these advantages to hold an independence movement together.”

    That’s because, outside of smaller New England states, the state governments are just as synthetic as the federal government. America is a synthetic entity, built by a variety of transplanted European ethnicities who looked to improve the material well-being of their lives. Historically, the main driver of American immigration was (and is) greed. Immigrants wanted more than they had in their home communities, so they moved here. The two main exceptions to this are the puritans and the quakers. The latter have essentially died out, but the former, in spite of constant schisms, still drive the culture to this day because they are the only group that are spiritually motivated. Everyone else is economically motivated, which is why, in the end, they always yield. Too much resistance is bad for business.

    • I beg to differ on your statement that the latter has died out. There are loads of “Friends Meeting Houses” up to a one hundred mile radius of where I live. There also plenty in CT as well. They have become a veritable fifth column, as every single one I’ve seen not only has that hideous Rorschach, lefty flag flying out front, they also have the Ukie flag flying as well and front and center is that f%cking “In this house we believe” sign/list.

      • Here in the PNW I’d say most of the “Christian” churches are actually 100% rainbow oriented. The evangelical churches around here lost like half of their membership during the Coof when their obsequious and instantaneous compliance with the mask mandates revealed the fact that the leadership had actually cucked a long time ago. Probably for the best though really.

      • Quaker women were the heart ‘n soul of mid-Nineteenth century proto-feminism. If memory serves they basically ran the Seneca Falls Working.

    • Quakers are still around. As a Pennsylvanian, I’d add PA Dutch to the list of spiritually-motivated people. I’d hazard to guess the big difference between those two groups and Puritans is pacifism, which drives me nuts.

      • I’m afraid you will discover that the PA Dutch began worshiping mammon in earnest over the past 40 years or so.

        • There were some casualties in the collision with modernity, no doubt. Many still seem solid in my neck of the woods. Buying farms for 7 digits and still farming them. Still having lots of kids, still spreading out. Doing better than us English for sure, and I thank God for that.

  19. As you said, analogies fall short but one way in which the current situation in the United States does resemble The Troubles is the widening opposition to involvement in war. The entry of the United Kingdom into World War I and, ironically, its subsequent victory contributed in large part to Irish independence because resistance to service became a template. In the United States, its military now is degrading because the young White men from the South and Midwest who once comprised its backbone refuse to degrade and debase themselves in the service of evil.

    The torture of the 1/6 political prisoners you referenced may be a piece of this. Word is spreading of this atrocity, and I have friends and family even in Europe who know of it. Few openly speak about these human rights violations, but it has really soured some, including those who once could be tricked into fighting for the Empire. The near-blackout of these atrocities, including little mention of the blatantly totalitarian Mackkey trial, indicates the Regime knows this as well. Again, though the analogy isn’t exact, the British government in the Seventies was called on the carpet over human rights violations in Northern Ireland political prisons. While the UK was not a hegemon at that point as in the United States is for the time being, the latter is finding the cold shoulder now from the rest of the world for many reasons, including its blatant hypocrisy over human rights issues.

    The problem, of course, is the United States is far more barbarous than the United Kingdom and will stoop to any measure and commit any atrocity in the name of its deranged ideology.

    • Jan 6 political prisoners? How quickly we forget GTMO—“… Of the roughly 780 people detained there since January 2002 when the military prison first opened after the September 11 attacks, 740 have been transferred elsewhere, 31 remain there,…”

      As far as I know, none of these “terrorists” have been given trials. Their de facto sentence therefore is life without parole. There has been no accepted legal challenges by SCOTUS as they have bought into the fiction that they have no authority upon government actions outside of US territory—albeit they’ve said in the past that if born in a US controlled area of the world, you have a right to citizenship.

      Now that US citizens protesting for their rights and against government over reach are legally called—and therefore treated as—terrorists, we seem to be waking up. A bit too late however.

      • Yesterday, they ginned up hatred against the ‘towel heads.’

        Today, they gin up the hatred against you. And think, the same dopes they ginned up the hatred to manipulated, including sending their own flesh and blood to die, or have brains injured forever, lose limbs … are now THE NEW TOWEL HEADS.

      • Yeah, the groundwork had been laid for the police state apparatus to turn inward on citizens. I would argue, though, that GITMO was a follow-on to the grotesque civil rights violations at Ruby Ridge and Waco. Everything has ratched up for decades.

      • The only thing that gives me pause about that comparison is that those interred in Gitmo are/were, ostensibly, foreign combatants, and that falls under a completely different set of rules. That doesn’t mean I support the military actions of the GAE, but the taking of POWs isn’t the same as throwing your fellow countrymen into a gulag; killing the chicken to scare the monkey.

        That said, it’s a horrible indictment of America that anyone remains in Gitmo at this stage. My hometown had a German POW camp during WWII. I can’t imagine the relief those Heinie’s felt being in American hands and not Russian. They were housed in dormitories at the fairgrounds and used as manual labor on local farms. When the war ended most went back, but the odd one stayed here and married a local girl. In the history of human warfare they were likely the among the best treated POWs ever. But even then I can’t imagine what it would be like to house them for 20+ years! That’s equal parts farce and iniquity.

    • Just the other day, can’t find link, I was reading something about how a panel of historians was asserting that China couldn’t supplant the US as a world power due to China’s lack of a free press, free markets, equitable justice system etc. I didn’t make it more than a paragraph in, just enough to see that part. But I’m sure they believed this nonsense.

    • The whole concept of “human rights” is fake and gay and a tool to tear down Western Civilization. “Human Rights” like everything else is weaponized. Homos, Trannies and Africans have “human rights,” you have no such thing.

      They are not failing to protect your human-so-called-rights. You literally don’t have them and never did. They are a weapon. Just as the modern version of free speech is nothing more than a weapon. “Free Speech” means they can destroy the culture with degeneracy and you get destroyed if you try and say anything they don’t like.

      There is no such thing as rights and you don’t have any of the rights they say you have. They are rights in word only. You have these rights and they aggressively protected until you try to exercise any of these so-called rights.

      • No doubt all power and what is presented as “human rights” flows from the barrel of a gun and all that. I was using “human rights” as short-hand.

    • Never mind the Troubles – how did the Berlin Wall collapse? One minute the USSR was this untouchable, fearsome monolith (the GAE of its era), the next minute mulletted and mustachioed Deutschers in stonewashed denim were bashing down their vaunted barrier.

      • People like to point to this and that but the final nail was hyperinflation. 200%. Which, like the other causes regularly cited, was an outcome of cultural and intellectual rot. But what I’m trying to get at is all kinds of rot can be tolerated and smoothed over as long as the money is good. Once the money’s not good, then it’s over.

  20. Something you said near the end was very, very important. The more this process, this struggle, continues, the more deranged our enemies get. That’s bad, inasmuch as it means they get more sadistic, but it’s good, inasmuch as they make more and more unforced errors, overplay their hand, and disgust even the fence-sitters to the point where they also finally choose. These people are plugged into the twenty-four hour news cycle, and are basically hardwired now like junkies, only thinking as far as the next fix. Cutting the cord—both literally and in a cultural sense—will allow us to start perceiving time again as a changing of the seasons, rather than millisecond bursts of dopamine that come from arguing online or being self-righteous and pious, like them.

    Bin Laden said it best: they have the watches, we have the time. Yes, we have the demographic problem to contend with but this is a very, very big country, and a lot of our enemies know none of it outside of the coastal regions. Their discomfort around normal people assures us a buffer between us and them, which we can use to our advantage.

    The other day I was in a greasy spoon for breakfast, and some old guy was fearmongering about China, telling his friend that there’s a Chinese man who owns more land in Texas than practically anyone else. Old Man Number Two just shrugged his shoulders and said, “Hell, he ain’t going anywhere with the land.”

    The asymmetrical battle here is still (mostly) a mind war, thus far. Still, I’d urge people to seek out environmentalist Edward Abbey’s book “The Monkey Wrench Gang”, about small, pure-hearted people sabotaging the soulless and faceless machine. Gregory Hood had a podcast awhile back talking about Abbey’s more “serious” nonfiction, but there are some serious lessons to be extracted from “Monkey Wrench” about how a fly can annoy an elephant until the elephant gives up. If the energy expended to catch you exceeds your nutritional value to the predator, it will relent, or even better, starve trying to run you down. This is going to get very bad, but for those who are young enough and tough enough (or sick enough in the head) it can also prove fun. Resistance can be joyful.

    • I’m surprised the book hasn’t been banned for the racist title alone, “Monkey Wrench”, how dare you/

      • It’s just possible that some hipster would flip out over the term, but “monkey wrench” is a familiar item for us older folk. Rather, I’m surprised that the misanthropic humor that propelsThe Fool’s Progress hasn’t caused it to be be banned. No racial epithets, but many unpleasant depictions of a Wonderfully Diverse cast of characters, more so than The Monkey Wrench Gang, which I also enjoyed. His nonfiction essays led me to visit and to enjoy the stark beauty of New Mexico’s high desert country, I need to go back there, hopefully soon.

    • Reading Abbey is a good use of time, both fiction and non-fiction. I’m sure he wouldn’t be on our side but he knew how to agitate.

      • Then again, he wouldn’t be hostile to us. He didn’t strike me as a particularly ideological guy. He had an appreciation of human absurdity in most every manifestation, but he was a “small m” misanthrope. He was a native of southern Pennsylvania, and in 1944, aware that he was subject to the draft, he hitchhiked his way around the country. His only regret was his passage through Chicago, then a wartime industrial colossus. The Hog Butcher of the World, the arsenal within the Arsenal of Democracy. He never visited our fair city again. However, he fell in love with the desert Southwest, and studied at UNM in Albuquerque his military service as an MP in postwar Italy. He took quiet satisfaction in pulling over officers, the higher the rank the better. He admonished a speeding Lieutenant with “use both hands, sir.” The unchastened officer glanced at his Italian girlfriend, winked at Abbey, and replied, “yeah, but I need one to drive with!” ANY way, long story short, Abbey’s cause was his beloved desert, where he was supposedly buried by friends and family in an undisclosed location in 1989.

    • “Old Man Number Two just shrugged his shoulders and said, “Hell, he ain’t going anywhere with the land.”

      All empires die. When this vile empire of lies, usury, and sodomy twitches its last death throe, property rights and citizenship rights instantiated under its aegis will die with it. Smart wealth should be establishing relationships with the people whose acquiescence to their property claims will be necessary for their post-American retention.

  21. Fascinating show! I’m a history buff, though, so I’ll always vote in favor of historical content, especially if it’s relevant to the current political situation.
    Speaking of modern Ireland, while researching Irish fiction this week I came across a disturbing article in the Irish Times. There’s a normal-looking father holding a baby and the headline says “We won’t tell our child their gender; we’ll let them decide.” Really? Sounds like a recipe for disaster. The transgender mental illness has reared its ugly head in my family and I always tried to be a normal dad. If there’s any chance this man’s attitude fosters confusion as the child grows up, it’s extremely negligent parenting. Sick, sick, sick!

    • RB, I’m sorry that the sickness has affected your family. There has been one such case in my brother’s daughter’s life.

      Given your unfortunate experience, I wonder what you think of the theory that white kids, especially boys, are so thoroughly hated in our schools, that announcing that you are sexually deviant is the only way to get the target off your back.

    • As I was growing up I was regaled with stories (the Welsh are great story tellers) about my ancestors and their almost super human endeavors (the Irish are great lie tellers). Both sides competing to make sure that the Welsh side (settlers since 1701) or the Irish side (settlers since 1703) came out the better. Now days I treat those stories like gold, and have told them to my boys. The modern Welsh and Irish are as soy polluted and woke as the AINO and UK limp wrists. At least I held up my end while in the Navy. Told enough stories not to be lonely, told enough lies to stay out of jail.

      • Hi Cymry, I was in the UK Navy too – lots of Welsh and Irish lads. Great lads, one and all, but they knew how to give we Anglos a hard time! Happy days!

        • Hate to spoil a good thought, but I was in the US Navy and am Southern by birth and the grace of God😁. Had some good times with the Ladies and Aussie’s though. Australian rules football is brutal, or they just kept changing the rules until they won😁. Cheers.

      • I love the Welsh people and their history! One of my fathers branches goes back to Llywelyn Ap Gruffudd! I’d love to be able to become fluent in that language, man is it tough! Any of you have any suggestions other than babble?

        • Hire an actual native speaker tutor (even online, like Preply or one of those sites) and study grammar with a book like the “Teach Yourself” series.

        • Steve: I think Welsh is beautiful. Studied a bit of medieval Welsh in college (mostly reading the Mabinogion) and had only just started studying modern before danger of bus travel (Yorkshire Ripper) put a stop to the classes. Still have my textbook, though, and just packed it up – maybe I’ll have the time to study it after we move!

          • Trouble with Welsh is that its not based on another currently spoken or historically recorded language. English is German, French, and Spanish are Latin, etc. Welsh is Welsh. Any precursor has been lost to history. I hear Finnish is the same.

    • Great post.

      An excellent primer on the origin of the troubles can be read in the book: “Year of the French” – Thomas Flanagan

      Historical novel that became a trilogy of books. Supremely well written.

      Great book to get on the cheap on ebay on St. Patrick’s Day.

  22. I don’t like the moaning and whining I see here. It seems defeatist. We are not in a physical war where we are outnumbered and facing the spears and arrows ready to finish a massacre.

    We have two hundred million people. Is our high-trust open self governing system over? Yes. Does that mean we can’t live according to our biological preference? Yes, sort of.

    What do we need to do?

    We need to take back production and distribution of our culture. Eventually that means training and transmission of our culture and arts. In some sense, the Asians are preserving it for us because they love our art.

    We need to preserve and transmit our massive and incredible history to our children.

    We need to build our own education system.

    We need to fight like hell to end Affirmative Action and either destroy the Civil Rights regime or we need to take it over and include ourselves within its protections but still gut all of the financial components of it. We can enlist allies in that fight.

    We need to fight like hell to restore freedom of association. See above.

    We need to form tight communities and associations of our people, by our people and for our people. We need to do this across class and interest lines.

    We need to stop whining about the degenerate whites. They are gone. Some will come over once they realize they got into bed with the devil. They are on their own. Let’s get the 80 million of us who are ready or near ready and get things done.

    Are we the whining babies that Columbus, Magellan a Westward expedition leader would have left on the dock because they were too weak or are we the Columbus, Magellan or Westward expedition leaders ourselves? I am tired of the self defeatist attitude.

    • “Is our high-trust open self governing system over?”

      At least in America, it was supposed to be low-trust, and self-governing because low-trust, I think. Get involved in government or you’ll lose your freedom, etc. High-trust and centralized was the FDR thing. Maybe earlier, I’m not certain, but I think that’s when it became a thing here.

      High trust and self-governing seems like a contradiction in American terms, but it describes what we’re supposed to believe. Maybe part of the trick.

      • High-trust and centralized sounds kind of like managerialism, if not outright authoritarianism, now that I think about it.

  23. Hang on a minute Z.

    You said “many people you talked to who voted for Trump in 2016, didn’t vote for him again in 2020 because of…noise?


    So an exponential increase in a nuclear exchange fomented by a senile pedo is better than a loudmouth blow hard.

    Got it.

    The sick, stupid bastards. I can’t think of a curse vile enough to wish upon them.

    • Trump’s increase in votes between 2016 and 2020 was historically significant and unprecedented for an incumbent who “lost”. I am sure Z knows some real people who moved away from Trump, but the only group of people who in large numbers voted for Trump in 2016 and someone else in 2020 have obituaries.

  24. Resistance against oppressive governments have several common factors, in varying degrees: geography, religion, language, and ethnicity/and or race. The IRA had religion, ethnicity and geography, but in such close proximity to England the geographic factor was largely negated. Language was mostly a non-factor; they had Gaelic but most of them spoke English anyway. Ultimately, they failed to drive the British from Northern Ireland.

    The Afghans had all these going for them, enabling them to defeat both the Soviets and the Americans.

    The American revolutionaries had geography and culture, but certainly not race or religion on their side.

    For all the talk of a national divorce and the breakup of America, it must be admitted that the Red states have none of these advantages to hold an independence movement together. In the jet age, geographic separation is not nearly as clear as it was in 1861, and you have a significant mixture of Blue cities in Red states (i.e. Austin). Insofar as religion is a factor, the leftist wokism is essentially religious fanaticism and favors the enemy. Language is a non-factor. Race and ethnicity clearly favor the enemy; the Blue side successfully encourages racial identity, while whites are divided among themselves.

    This does not bode well for those who talk of “divorcing” or splitting up the U.S.

    • Not only does wokist fanaticism favor the enemy, it has infiltrated and taken over most of Christianity – certainly institutional Christianity.

      My Mom’s Lutheran pastor’s bio never mentions Christ and rambles on about some interpretive neo-hippie sounding God. She doesn’t wear the traditional Lutheran tassles but rather her own tassles that look like they were taken from the gift shop after an ahuayasca ceremony in Central America. The congregation still does communion and services remotely and says that we are never returning from the “new normal that is now just normal.” It sponsors chain migration and features a tranny Gautamalan as one of the heads of its immigration and replacement project.

      My mother votes for and tithes to a government and church that is openly bent on the subjugation and destruction of her grand and great grand children.

      Religion is not only not fanatic enough, it has been subverted and is working against the Europid’s in their own homelands.

    • Yes a new identity would have to be forged. For example:
      Language is a non-factor.
      It can be made to be a factor, that’s how a lot of “dialects” came about. Easier said than done, at least intentionally, though there’s a possibility of it coming about naturally (though at my age it makes me tired just thinking of it).

    • All cities are ‘blue’ because of the lifestyle. Civ is in the cities, therefore civ is blue, too.

      Cities/civ have been collapsing since the 60s, at least in America. Tech has made the process less acute by spreading it out over time and distance, because that’s what tech does. W=Fd, P=W/t.

      In an earlier age, lacking tech’s miracles, this would’ve been over quickly and less destructively. Nobody could’ve denied what was happening. Instead, we got to suffer greater damage in the long run while thinking we were prospering for a while longer.

      This is what’s happening. This is what peak civ gets you. Overrated.

    • I’m a registered member of the Constitution Party who lives in New England. Daniel in the lions’ den. If there ever was a national divorce, I’d probably have to stock up on ammo.

    • Some Red states are dismantling or neutralizing the Blue cities within their borders, though: Tennessee vs. Nashville, Mississippi vs. Jackson, to cite recent examples. A big state, Florida, seems to be starting down that road with Orlando, Palm Beach and the university towns of Gainesville and Tallahassee, in cultural and economic fashions. It seems those efforts are working. Texas will not do this with Austin for a variety of reasons including cuckery but it may prove an outlier if this continues.

      There are divisions and fragmentation is underway. It may not be a panacea but we should not overlook what is happening, either.

        • Few states will be in my pessimistic opinion. Both millennials and zoomers are large majority leftist and woke. It’s inevitable that when boomers die off most remaining red states will flip blue.

          Here’s an example. The Republican Governor of Mississippi recent passed an anti-Trans law and while he remains popular with those over age 50 polls show he is losing to the Dem among those under 50…this is in deep red Mississippi.

    • I really wish the whole “national divorce” bullshit would stop. As much as I’d love separation, it’s not happening – ever. Even if you could legally do it, the left will never let you. Not only that, but the federal government would just invade and destroy. People need to stop, it is not happening. Ever.

      • This assumes the federal government has the will to do that. In this softer age, I’m not sure that’s a given.

    • It would have to go by counties, likely. That is …. excrete the blue hives — by counties. As a friend of mine says: “There are no blue states, only blue cities.” (Excepting perhaps small ones like Rhode Island and Connecticut.”

      Interestingly, large and red states are likewise rare. And our leaders are working hard to change that now.

      • …. and I suspect it would be effected more by local, passive disobedience, leading to benign neglect.

  25. Negative identity. If you’re identity is built on hating another group or groups, you’re lost when you finally win. You’re an empty shell that can be filled with anything.

    This appears to be the case with the Irish.

    Negative identity also causes you to do things that hurt your own group just to spite the other group.

    You see that with Jews today. They long ago brought in enough non-whites to diminish white political power, but they continue to push for more, even though many of the new arrivals – Indians and Asians – threaten Jewish power.

    It seems insane unless you understand that since the Holocaust story became widely accepted in their community, a large part of their identity has become about destroying whites.

    Moving forward, American whites will need to navigate a multiracial society. Those non-whites aren’t going back. But to survive and thrive, we’ll need to create communities that are based on.a positive identity and not on opposition to other groups – though that doesn’t mean that you turn the other cheek either or forget who is trying to harm your community.

    • Silly Citizen offers the j3ws as an example of a group with a negative identity.

      I see the j3ws as the best example of positive identity. They believe that they are god’s chosen and ruling the world is their birthright. When a group resists them, they feel attacked.

      More generally, people often say that a group must have a positive identity but rarely offer examples. Can anyone offer some examples of groups with a positive identity?

      • I was probably a bit rough on tribe. I’d say that they have both negative and positive identity. They do loves themselves, that’s for sure.

        But since WWII and, especially since the Holocaust have become accepted narrative, they’ve added a negative identity, and it’s costing them.

        I actually think that a little bit of negative identity is a good thing but it can’t consume you. I use my bully example.

        Let’s say that a kid keeps getting bullied and decides that he’s done getting pushed around. He starts going to the gym and working out. He also learns to box.

        Now, he’s initially motivated by a negative identity – dislike of the bully. But over time, as he gets into shape and gains the confidence that comes from knowing how to fight, his identity turns positive. He’s become a better man and enjoys being the person that he’s become.

        One day, he gets into a fight with the bully and drops the bully with a nice bunch. A person consumed with negative identity would continue beating the bully. But this guy just walks away because he doesn’t really care much about the bully. He heads over to the gym or out with friends not thinking of the bully at all.

        If a little bit of negative identity can push you to become a better person and helps you create a positive identity, that’s a good thing. If it causes you to become obsessed, it’s a bad thing.

        • In America, Jews had the best situation to thrive in peace and prosperity that they had ever had in the history of their people. While admittedly they are currently still in a strong position, their obsession with the destruction of White Christians has put their long term prosperity in jeporady. They have now to face over 2 billion Chinese and Indians who play the game exactly like they do.

      • I agree with this assessment. I think the victimization story is just a ruse. If you happen to get a glimpse behind the scenes the real narrative is what LineInTheSand describes – you are special and have His light.

        Our people once had a very strong positive identity. It has been crushed in a very short period of time. Now the project is even more brazen and aggressive. It is a tall order to establish a strong positive identity. It can and it must be done.

        AmRen recently released a video about an absolutely heroic Arctic adventure that went wrong but that the men survived for 617 days. Our movement was put as much effort into preserving and honestly telling our story to ourselves and our children as we do in lighting the beacons and discussing the problems. Nobody will tell those tales and stories if we do not. They are potent. They are also a great way to get our people to look toward our shores. I could share that video with all of my friends and family. If I had 30 more or 200 more I could do the same. A few would tumble down the rabbit hole without a doubt.

        I second LineInTheSand. We may get some chance to turn the demographic tide and be prepared for that. But, it is unlikely. So, we must get our two hundred million set up to get out of this situation of being second class citizens. We must set ourselves up for success and this means a strong positive identity and an open group advocacy and a closed ranks strong in-group preference.

        As for the Jews, they screwed up. The South and East Asians don’t care about their victim story and are going to muscle them out. Even the blacks don’t care and will muscle them out as they can.

        I discovered this last night. Pelosi put this guy in this position: https://web.archive.org/web/20170702142815/http://www.religiousfreedomcoalition.org/2015/02/25/group-warns-congressman-with-muslim-brotherhood-ties-now-on-intelligence-committee/

        I don’t think this guy gives the first crap about the chosen. Their gollems are going to go rogue. No matter. We are about us now. All priority and energy must be focused on us – European Americans.

        • “Our movement was put as much effort ”

          meant to say “Our movement must put …”

      • “They believe that they are god’s chosen and ruling the world is their birthright.”

        The Chosen people? Every time these Chosen ppl get a chance, they screw up. It was Adam, who misbehaved, and was kicked out of Eden. And how did they do in the cities of Sodom & Gomorrah? What about the time they made God so angry that he caused a world wide flood? Then the time Moses made God so angry that he had to wait 40 years wandering around in the desert before he got to the Promised Land, and even then he wasn’t allowed in. Finally Joshua finally gets into the land of milk & honey then they screw up again commencing to fight a civil war.

        The Chosen People? Really?

      • I know many Jews (that’s who you mean, I assume). None of them think they are born to rule the Earth. Most are worried about the same things we are.

        • I bet that you also have a great neighbor who’s black.

          In a multiracial society, the individual and the group have to be judged together.

      • They practice a zero-sum game, accepting no criticism, acknowledging no one else’s rights. This does not sound like a “positive identity” to me at all. Look at their religious holidays as an example of these traits; so many of them are glorifications (some highly suspect) of how they put it to, or put one over on, many other peoples with whom they came into contact. The hooting and preening would be embarassing to anyone possessing that vaunted “positive identity”.

        Look to what people do, and do not be beguiled by the chaff they throw up to cover up their true motivations and actions.

    • The Ukrainians are poster boys for hate, they hate themselves and because of that they hate everyone around them and are willing to suicide themselves just to spite for now Russia. If they happened to beat Russia, they won’t, they will then focus on Poland and on down the line.

      • And look who they let run them around, and almost exclusively they work against their own morereasonably framed interests? The Nulands, the Kagans, the Blinkens, and ilk, how they must laugh.

  26. Now 76 and a citizen of the Republic of Ireland living in Argentina for 19 yars to the day, I’m wearing green clothing on this St. Patrick’s Day, but the Ireland of today is not worthy of celebration. Traditions die hard, but they can and do become moribund and in essence meaningless. I should probably have chosen black clothing. Sigh.

    • Used to work with a guy from Belfast who, as a young guy, apparently used to stir up some trouble. Asked one St. Patrick’s Day if he was going to wear green, he said, “Going to wear orange and see if I can start a fight.”

      Always respected his attitude.

  27. so the big question is can you make a common national identity from disparate ethnic and immigrant sources? no, you can’t. so AINO was doomed from the time non-British immigrants started pouring in. this is also why a “white” identity is a holy grail; whiteness is secondary to country of origin. plus the definition of “white” has been bent out of recognition, in order to inflate membership numbers. the real fatal flaw is that a good portion of whites seem to bond stronger along political identity axis, than ethnic identity axis.

    • karl von hungus: I submit it’s a question of numbers and time (and, of course, core, non-negotiable factors such as White European and Christian origin). A limited number of non-British could have been assimilated over time. The problem, of course, is in controlling the numbers and pace of entry to prevent ethnic enclaves from forming. Not allowing constant newcomers to reinforce older cultural and linguistic traditions that differ from the majority population’s norm.

      It’s also a question of generations. When the oldest living generation cannot recall or has never known personally anyone in the family who was culturally or ethnically distinct, then one may claim a degree of assimilation. Not when granny can talk about her mother or grandmother from the old country – but when granny herself only knew locally-born parents and grandparents. Certain traditions and crafts may be maintained and passed down, but given enough time and strong and confident majority culture, a certain number of already-similar people can fit in.

      Of course, America did it the opposite way, allowing in multiple hundreds of thousands and having them settle in distinct locations and occupational patterns. Only after the immigration pause of 1924, the subsequent depression and then world war, was there any degree of general ‘Americanness’ among disparate groups here. And that Americanness itself was a new hybrid form – precisely because of the immense numbers and short time. That lasted perhaps a decade, because then all the war brides and jevvish refugee and adopted Korean orphans were already here to welcome in the post 1965 hordes.

      Uncontrolled immigration – even with a confident native population – is invasion and ultimately conquest. That’s AINO today – except minus the ‘confident natives.’ The natives (both heritage and hybrid White Americans) are shamed, demoralized, debased, and conquered. It’s an old, old pattern.

      • Yep. Here’s a map illustrating the foreign-born population of the US in 1910 https://tinyurl.com/yc3aypx9. (From this book (https://tinyurl.com/bdzxfukk) When the English language requirement for US citizenship came in in 1906 (which is surely the most minimal proxy for assimilation) the number of those who were eligible for citizenship and sought it dropped to fewer than half. When 40% of your states’ residents are foreigners and the majority of them have no interest in becoming citizens you’ve got a problem.
        It’s not immigration. It’s colonization.

    • “the real fatal flaw is that a good portion of whites seem to bond stronger along political identity axis, than ethnic identity axis.”

      Yes, right on the money. Blacks, Asians, Indians, etc. are all United based on their race. It is why they now wield power.

      Look at the whites. A little over 50% of AINO is white, but 30% of those whites are more evil and rotten than the minorities. The blacks and browns are simpletons with propensity for violence, but the whites are calculating and completely brainwashed. They need to be vanquished alongside their vibrants, unfortunately. Just look at what happens on college campuses, those are all white kids.

      Like CoASC said, we will perish due to this non unity along racial lines.

      • That is what it looks like today. White’s position will deterioriate as will the economic situation of GAE.

        The pincer move from above and below and the speed with which it has accelerated is a gift. The ammo they have given us in terms of the rapid reduction in whites admitted to top tier Unis and the rapid reduction in whites on corporate boards is immense.

        The stats are sound bite ready. We only need one person, one person with an audience and a mic to say we are a distinct group, we built this nation and we will not tolerate this kind of brazen discrimination. Once one person does this, armed with the stats that are readily available, speaks with calm strength and does not back down it will snow ball. Our job is to be ready to have their back. In return, they better have ourse.

        This person will need one more thing besides the stats. They will need a simple and clear plan to propose. Tucker will give them the mic to propose it. I outlined it in a previous post. That plan has the support of the South and East Asian power elite. They get caught in the dragnet too.

        Things can and will change – provided a single prominent heritage American has the guts and strength to say that we have rights and we will not tolerate second class citizenship. No blaming other groups, no stupid uniforms and salutes, no bad affiliations, just a pronouncement that this is our country and we are a large and organized group that is going to fight for its place.

        • Land belongs to those who can take it and hold it.

          That is how nature works. Any ecological niche belongs to the animal that struggles for it.

          Does Europe belong to the Europeans? If Europeans give it away, then NO.

          Nature punishes gay shit like that with extinction.

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