Why They Hate Us

Paul Gottfried has a post up on the topic of elite whites incessantly condemning white people for alleged crimes against nonwhites. A feature of the current crisis is a rich white person, usually a woman, wagging a bony finger at white people for the alleged crimes of their ancestors. Of course, these white people always live in the whitest areas and rarely interact with nonwhites. This always brings the charge of hypocrisy from the sorts of people who think this matters.

The question that white civic nationalists ask themselves when confronted by this strange behavior is whether the antiwhite scolds believe it. The practical brains of the people attracted to civic nationalism cannot accept anything but a practical answer to the question of motivation. The antiwhite scolds must see some profit in this behavior so they are cynically exploiting it. They do not actually believe what they are saying, which explains how they live.

Gottfried offers up an alternative to this thesis. These antiwhite scolds are acting from some form of self-loathing. Eric Hoffer made this observation seventy years ago in his book The True Believer. People who join causes tend to do so because they have a desire for self-abnegation. This is driven by a hatred of their natural identity and a desire to swap it for some other identity. The group identity then becomes their own, which is why they so viciously defend the group.

By way of example, Gottfried points out that Hitler once socialized with Jews in Vienna when he was trying to find his way in the world. The great enemy of the Jewish people once admired the tastes and attitudes of the people he came to loath. He later protected an old family friend, the family doctor, from his own polices. The argument here is that Hitler’s hatred for Jews was driven by hating himself for secretly admiring the Jewish people and their cultural outputs.

Occam’s razor says that Hitler, like the rest of the Nazis who promoted anti-Semitic polices, were like all humans in that they could hate something in the abstract, but also admire it in the particular. There are plenty of Israelis who have Arab friends, but also support the extermination of the Arab population in Palestine. Humans operate by general rules but then make exceptions to those rules as circumstances and their own emotional and moral needs dictate.

Putting the Hitler business aside, the question remains. How is it that someone like Elizabeth Warren can wag her bony finger at us about our white privilege, while she enjoys a lifestyle free of diversity? How is it that Sandy Cortez presents herself as the woke warrioress while married to a guy who looks like he should be leading the New York City St. Patrick’s Day parade? Ilhan Omar divorced her brother so she could shack up with a guy who looks white to Jared Taylor.

All of the antiwhite stuff comes from people who are as white as a Klan rally or clearly infatuated with whiteness. The model of the universe held by the typical white American cannot explain this bizarre phenomenon. This is why they tend to start chanting the word “hypocrisy” even though the target is immune to the charge. That there is a clue as to what is going on with these people. For the antiwhite scolds, there is nothing hypocritical about what they are doing. It makes perfect sense.

The place to start here is understanding what they mean by white. It is not skin tone or even ethnic heritage, but rather a state of mind. Elizabeth Warren feels no shame or remorse about defrauding at least one university about her heritage, because as far as she is concerned, her lived experience says she is an Indian. She is not white because she has lived as a nonwhite, therefore society has treated her as a nonwhite, so her lived experience is as a nonwhite.

Even for those who cannot do this mental jujitsu, the mere fact that they accept that whiteness is a social condition is enough for them to see themselves as nonwhite, even though they are ghostly white. It is hard for normal people to accept this, but people with a need to believe in something have an amazing capacity to believe in the most creative and egregious nonsense. Anti-whiteness fills a need for these people, so they find a way to passionately believe in it.

That gets to a much more complicated part of this. What is the void that needs to be filled and is being filled by anti-whiteness? That is answered by asking, why is it that a mediocre lawyer is a senior senator? Why is it that a former barmaid is now the most famous Democratic in the House? What justifies the exalted position of the people who populate the managerial class? It is not smarts or achievement, so how is it that we are ruled by a collection of mediocrities?

That is where these secular fads come into the picture. Elizabeth Warren feels justified in her scolding because she fervently believes all the things the beautiful people believe, which places her on the side of angels. The anti-whiteness is not the point. It is the embrace of it and the thorough understanding of the language it employs that demonstrates the piety of the person espousing it. They could just as easily hate broccoli as they do whiteness. It is the hate that matters.

This is the final stop on the managerial train. A system that seemingly selects people at random and places them into positions of authority and status results in people in these positions looking for a justification for their good luck. Since they cannot accept random chance as the answer, they latch onto every passing fad that promises to justify their position with regards to the rest of us. Who they are is not us, which is proved by their enthusiasm for hatred of us.

This is why their reaction to one of their social experiments murdering children at a Christian school was so vulgar. That need to not be us required them to no share in the general horror of the event. It is why the NYTimes found the first opportunity they could to side with the killer. It is why they are now rallying around an imaginary narrative about a brewing backlash. Who they are is not us, so anything that amplifies that is embraced, which is why anti-whiteness is so popular with them.

This is why there is no reasoning with these people. You cannot bargain with them or appeal to their humanity. Who they are literally depends on them hating us. Like the people on the top floors of the office building, making fun of the rank and file, our ruler’s sense of identity is now tied to hating the people over whom they rule. For them, their life literally depends on hating normal white people. As we saw yesterday, for the rest of us, our lives now depend on hating them back.

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264 thoughts on “Why They Hate Us

  1. The anti-whiteness religion seems to have arisen from the remnants of liberal Protestantism, combined with some Jewish craziness. This religion is right at home in the pulpits of the United Church of Christ and Unitarian churches.

  2. Wow great insight Zman. “people in these positions looking for a justification for their good luck. Since they cannot accept random chance as the answer, they latch onto every passing fad”. I notice this with my clients. Several of them are multimillionaires through luck and connections, yet they espouse this ‘law of attraction, think positive’ perspective like it’s a religion. I imagine woke progressivism is just as religious.

    Another point about white people seeing themselves as non-white. The SADDEST thing in the world to me is a wigger. After living in california over a decade, I returned to my suburb in the midwest and all the white guys are wiggers in this particular area. “My baby mama be callin…” is a real phrase I’ve heard young white men use unironically at the gym. Another friend of mine has always been obsessed with black culture. He has two master’s degrees, lamented about his career being stifled for his being a ‘white male’ yet he spends every free hour watching sports and listening to rap or watching black cinema from the 90s. Big surprise he told me he attempted suicide 5 years ago. The alternative path is a liberal friend from highschool who is now a crack addict. They’re both way too ‘intelligent’ to believe black people are born different, like me and those racist republicans. They must believe it’s white people’s fault and have chosen their respective outcomes. I guess if you’re a self-hating white person, your choices are to become a rich politician who believes he is fighting for the POCs, or a depressed, suicidal drug addict.

  3. I think that the immortal Lina Lamont had it right. “Peeepul?” she said. “I ain’t peeepul.”

    That’s the point. Your Liz Warrens aren’t ordinary whites. They are special, they know it, and don’t you forget it.

  4. It’s not random. I had an argument a few years ago with a relatively poor guy who got an athletic scholarship to Vanderbilt and that changed his life, but he wouldn’t admit those White guys had accepted him, even as he gave examples of how those White guys had accepted him. His life was irrevocably changed for the better because of it. It’s a small club and we aren’t in it, unless we get in it young.

  5. I have yet to read the comments, so this has probably already been said in so many words, but when are normal White people going to dust off and bring out of storage the scaffold, rope, stake & guillotine etc? There is no reforming the existing system in any, way, shape or form. It needs to be burned to the ground – it’s the only way forward.

    • The answer to your question is;

      When they have nothing left to lose.

      Right now, most are as soft as puppy shit. It will take the endangerment of their lives, or children’s lives, to get the trillers off the couch.

      That’s the answer. Will it happen? Most certainly. Many will willingly walk into the showers before that happens.

      As a side note; I was watching “Temple of Doom”, and was curious about Fords ancestry. He allegedly said,” When it comes to being a man, I identify as being Irish Catholic; when it comes to being an actor, I identify as Jewish”.

      (His moms parents were the smart Jews)

      And that, my friends, says it all. ( with regards to Hollywood).

      Remember who your enemies are, and keep your family and tribe first.

    • I just watched a video comparing 2023 F-150 and Ram. See what the working man is into these days. After that, I’ll go with NEVER.

      • It doesn’t really take all that many to accomplish it. The real numbers are in running interference and in not selling out the ones who are acting in ways that will benefit you, even if that is not the intent.

        However, you are right. Slim to none. Even on dissident sites, the prevailing attitude is divide and conquer. Read through the comments. So many consider others the enemy not on anything they did, but because they were born one month earlier than an arbitrary cutoff.

        That makes me strongly suspect all such people as part of the ruling class, BTW…

        • Reviewer dude looked like Joe Lunchpail, and he talked about the touchscreens and the leather stitching. Half expected him to talk about drapes and color schemes 😆

    • What will it take? Well, the tranny killer is probably a definite ratcheting up of the (in my view now inevitable) march toward civil war and/or national dissolution. If I were a pastor I would now be posting openly armed guards at all church events. The heads of Christian schools are going to be thinking about making sure there’s an armed presence every day at school now. In fact, I think many parents at conservative Christian schools will be demanding that.

      So that’s a clear step towards a militarized division of the country based, not on protection against “lone nuts” but against ideological enemies among the citizenry. After this and the earlier events at Uvalde, essentially, no one but a total cuck is going to believe “law enforcement” can be counted on to protect people.

      So when they’re writing about CW 2.0 I suppose they’ll be saying something like “the trannies, it was the goddamn trannies that got it going”.

    • It’s gonna happen gradually over the next century, but the cartels will be running the country by the time white people wake up. That might be an improvement to what white liberals want for us. It could have happened sooner, but Boomers are too busy calling us all racists, locking us down, and experimenting on us with gene therapies to think about their great-grandkids being minorities surrounded by people who hate them.

  6. I am reminded that the prototypical example of this phenomenon is the self-loathing jew. Generally, this creature is someone who regards his forebears with utter loathing because they condemned him or her to a life in which he or she imagines that everyone else is looking down on them and laughing behind their back. (In many cases, these sad people are caricatures of themselves, with exaggerated semitic features.) This is usually true to some extent, but like the proverbial narcissist, this person believes that everyone, all the time and under every circumstance is thinking about them, whereas the truth is that they are not being thought of at all. This person blames his ancestors for making him/her what he/she is, and hates them for it. A person who hates their parents will act that hatred out by hating everyone who reminds himself of his parents, and who most reminds one of one’s parents? Oneself, of course. (Sorry, I could not keep up that he/she, him/her stuff, so reverted to traditional lexicography. No offense meant, but I don’t care anyway.) So the hatred of oneself and one’s ancestors is then transferred (tip o’ the hat to Freud) into a general hatred of everyone else and can result in mayhem if allowed to fester, but more generally in caustic comments, gossip and other anti-social behaviors. I think it is abundantly clear that all these so-called “trans” people are essentially self-loathing, but transfer their hatred and loathing into rage against the rest of society whom they incorrectly blame for their predicament although they clearly want self-abnegation and, as did the recent tranny school shooter, seek to end their lives by suicide or suicide-by-cop. A sad by-product of their acting-out is death and injury to bystanders. If only they would confine their destructive impulses to themselves, I wouldn’t mind so much. Contra John Dunne, their deaths do not diminish me, nor society.

    • They should hate themselves
      In other news. The Washington state legislature has passed a bill to make it a tranny sanctuary state.
      The plan is to give shelter and “gender affirming care” to anyone that comes to the state no matter their age. Also complete legal protections for any doctor that is involved in the process.
      It will go to the senate and if not specifically vetoed by the governor will become law.
      This is a reaction to other states passing laws prohibiting minors from receiving the “treatment”
      The reasoning is that GAC reduces suicide in young people.
      People that think like this have mental hydrophobia
      Only one shurefire fix , tried and true.
      Old Yeller treatment.

      • “GAC reduces suicide in young people” I assume you mean in trannies in particular, or all people? if the latter, I’d say we provide this type of care to all people of color first and definitely give them a sanctuary space… far, far away.

  7. The answer is staring you in the face: Women and Jews.

    All of the anti-White hatred originated with Jews. All of left-wing political agitation that is tearing down our country originated with Jews. Then they made rebellion seem trendy and normal, and Boomer White women adopted it as the new trendy fad.

    This is why women should not be allowed to vote, and Jews should not be allowed to live in the Western world.

      • Abraham Lincoln said it best on July 4, 1861, when he gave a speech to Congress laying out his case for raising an army to invade the South:


        “Again: If one State may secede, so may another; and when all shall have seceded none is left to pay the debts. Is this quite just to creditors? Did we notify them of this sage view of ours when we borrowed their money?

        If we now recognize this doctrine by allowing the seceders to go in peace, it is difficult to see what we can do if others choose to go or to extort terms upon which they will promise to remain.”

        • “Again: If one State may secede, so may another; and when all shall have seceded none is left to pay the debts. Is this quite just to creditors?”

          Of course. Haven’t creditors heard of due diligence? Factor that into the interest rate. Anything less in the name of “due diligence” is properly called “tyranny”.

    • Jews are 2% of US population.
      They corrupted 98%?
      This is like sparrow raping an elephant.
      Hey, elephant, aren’t you ashamed of itself?

      • I am not ashamed because populations around the world have been corrupted by the jews over generations. Jews are insidious and, once a population recognizes its society has been corrupted through, only extreme measures can resolve the jewish question. The insidiousness is why there is a “jewish question” at all. No roma or irish traveler question. Yet there is a persistent jewish question across civilizations. As the used to say in old istanbul, “yesterday the homes of the assyrians burned, today the homes of the armenians burn, tomorrow the homes of the greeks will burn but the homes of the jews, they never burn.”

      • Anna:

        2% could suffice. The sparrow disguises his bird turd to look like a peanuts. Culls the entire elephant herd.

      • I’ve made this point before, but keep in mind women dropped like flies throughout most of history. 33% of mothers died during childbirth, and many more died from yeast infections. So they were always incredibly fragile and barely influenced any institutions. After the industrial revolution, germ theory, and antibiotics, the number of women in society skyrocketed. So their voting and just their participation of course has swayed everything toward the irrational side of the spectrum.

      • You can have a nation with white women, but you cannot have a nation with white women in charge and running the culture. As the past forty years in America, Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Western Europe have illustrated.

  8. Luxury beliefs are a kind of intellectual foot binding, an ironic demonstration of fitness for a certain class (usually merchants, but sometimes lower brahmins who don’t get the joke if the belief goes on too long) that believes simple bicep flexing is vulgar. Luxury beliefs have to be crushed by the warrior caste’s use of force, since they’re not just unreasonable but a calculated anti-reason meant to demonstrate hypothetical power. The answer is to this, is real power. Then the merchants will go back to being just merchants and act like nothing happened and they dindu nuffin.

  9. This is why they hate the El Salvadorian guy too, or at least one of the reasons. He is a leader who seems to like his people. Same thing with Trump, they despised that he actually seemed to like America and Americans.

  10. In the cases Z mentions I don’t think it’s self-loathing as much as it is self-interest. Warren’s career never took off until she ticked the box. Even after it came out that she never sought tribal membership or attended any Indian events, nobody called her on it. She was never asked to explain. That’s a big “tell” for me. The Somalian was never asked to explain any of the inconsistencies in her migration story. AOC presents as cognitively impaired but she supposedly was a national science fair finalist. I’m going with “follow the money.” There’s big money in “DIE” right now. Who’s behind it is the question.

    • This self-interest versus true belief as a motivation is rather silly. As Warren Farrell said, ideology follows self-interest. When a belief is good for your self-interest, you end up believing it and doing it sincerely and truly. The capacity of a person to deceive himself is endless, at least for 99% or people

  11. CARL JUNG had much to say about the peculiar insanity of Americans:

    “There is a much better hypothesis to explain the peculiarities of the American temperament. It is the fact that the states are pervaded by the Negro, that most striking and suggestive figure. . .What is more contagious than to live side by side with a rather primitive people? Go to Africa and see what happens. When it is so obvious that you stumble over it, you call it going black… It is much easier for us Europeans to be a trifle immoral, or at least a bit, because we do not have to maintain the moral standard against the heavy downward pull of primitive life. The inferior man has a tremendous pull because he fascinates the inferior layers of our psyche, which has lived through untold ages of similar conditions … He reminds us not so much of our conscious as our unconscious mind – not only of childhood but of prehistory. . .Even today, the European, however highly developed, cannot live with impunity among the Negroes of Africa; their psychology goes into him unnoticed and unconsciously he becomes a Negro. There is no fighting against it. In Africa there is a well-known technical expression for this: ‘going black’. . .The psychological peculiarities of the Americans exhibit features that would be accessible to psychoanalysis, since they point to intense sexual repression. The reasons for repression are to be sought in the specifically American complex, namely living together with the lower races, more particularly the Negroes. Living together with the barbarous races has a suggestive effect on the laboriously subjugated instincts of the white race and drags it down. . .the ceaseless gabble of American papers is an eloquent example of this – is scarcely to be derived from his Germanic forefathers, but is far more like the chattering of a Negro village. The almost total lack of privacy and the all devouring mass sociability remind one of primitive life in open huts, where there is complete identity with all members of the tribe … “

    • And mustn’t forget this winner from JOSEPH SOBRAN:

      “Western man towers over the rest of the world in ways so large as to be almost inexpressible. It’s Western exploration, science, and conquest that have revealed the world to itself. Other races feel like subjects of Western power long after colonialism, imperialism, and slavery have disappeared. The charge of racism puzzles whites who feel not hostility, but only baffled good will, because they don’t grasp what it really means: humiliation. The white man presents an image of superiority even when he isn’t conscious of it. And, superiority excites envy. Destroying white civilization is the inmost desire of the league of designated victims we call minorities.”

      • First part of the SOBRAN quote:

        “The concept of envy — the hatred of the superior — has dropped out of our moral vocabulary. Liberalism has fuzzy ideas of historical guilt, but not original sin, or pride, or envy, which is pride’s obverse. The idea that white Christian civilization is hated more for its virtues than its sins doesn’t occur to us, because it’s not a nice idea. Not that its sins aren’t considerable; but to the envious, sin is more forgivable than virtue.”

      • “The white man presents an image of superiority…”

        Bingo! I’ve been saying that for years. As long as there is a demonstrably superior race, then there must be acknowledged an inferior race(s). The further apart the two in terms of superiority and accomplishment, the greater the jealousy and hatred engendered. Add in your race hustlers—both White and Black—and you’ve got a toxic brew.

        We did what we could after the Civil Rights era to “close the gap” and deny observable reality, but all these efforts are now seen as failures and therefore confirmation of the above. There is little to be done now, but wait for the inevitable conflict.

        • I am both relieved and disappointed that I am unlikely to be around in 50 years to see how the millenials and zoomers deal with the vibrants still being violent, still not catching up economically, still doing poorly in school.

          • In 50 years, “Millennials” will be an average age of 83. “Zoomers” and “Alphas” will have most of the power then, to say nothing of the people who will be born in the next thirty years or so.

    • Ha ha. Excellent find, and doubtless largely true. There is historical evidence of plantation owners and other courtly sorts being fascinated with negro revels and their wild, chaotic interpretations of Christian music. The present mindless and otherwised totally inexplicable white infatuation with rap is part of the same phenomenon, but on steroids.

    • Probably taking it too seriously, but isn’t what Jung said called white fragility these days? Basically admitting whites are weak-minded and threatened by the mere presence of blacks. Tough to say he was wrong in 2023, but still.

        • Intense sexual repression, laboriously repressed instincts, unconscious primitive influence. Why discomfort at talking about race? Methinks Jung was getting at the weak spot, otherwise I see no reason why Liberia wouldn’t have succeeded, given the efforts he notes.

  12. And Katie Hobbs’ PR secretary tweeted a meme today basically promoting more violence against “transphobes” only one day after that shooting. She got fired for saying the quiet part they all feel out loud: they hate you, and they want you dead.

    • Boomer hate differs by being bipartisan, practiced by both clouds and dirts. But the same in that it is directed exclusively at white boomers.

    • Because boomers are the genitalia that gave birth to all of this in 2023. Boomers were there at ground zero of the social revolution, and bought everything they were told hook line and sinker by everyone from Timothy Leary to Nancy Pelosi. Because the boomers did the heavy lifting of putting the degeneracy in place by the 80’s, which had prosperity but was socially rotting in the sub-floor. Because the boomers to this day watch “the boob tube” with people like Sean Hannity with his CIA lapel pin to the bull dy-kes on CNN for their political advice. Because the boomers bought a house in 1986 for 128K which is now 1.28 million and think it was their brains that got them to that equity pile. Because it was the boomers that hired Juan to mow their lawn and Maria to clean their toilets and undercut every skilled tradesman for the cheapest labor they could buy and then got red-faced when their cinderblock wall would crack in three years. I could go on and on like the Unibomber Manifesto about boomers for another 50 pages on this…..but I digress…..

      And boomers sit there wondering why people are asking “Just die already boomer.”

      • There’s the leftist boomer and there’s the civnat boomer, but their common god is materialism, on the altar of which they were eager to sacrifice their other purported values.

        • The Boomer problem is a “human” problem—not a problem of a particular generational subset. I remember life in the 50’s and 60’s. Folks didn’t have much in the way of material goods, but no one suffered or wanted.

          When times got better, we consumed. Everyone consumed—Greatest Generation first, then Boomers, then X-res. There was no reason not to. We all thought it would and could go on.

          As they say, hindsight is 20/20.

          • That’s probably true. Good times producing weak men and all of that.

            After losing most of our down payment (those used to be a thing — 20% of the purchase price) on our first house, we decided to not go into more debt than we could reasonably pay off in a year. We built our house evenings and weekends, using cash flow, finally borrowing just under $50k to get the occupancy permit.

            That is an option. Still. I sold my software company to pay my way through college in the late ’80s. I know many people who started their own businesses right out of HS, and chose never to go back to get a silly degree. In retrospect, I’d have probably been better off doing so.

            Going into debt and becoming a wage slave is a choice. If that describes you, own it, or you will never get that bitterness out of your soul.

      • I wish I had some of whatever you are smoking, @JR. The wife and I bought a house in 90 for 186k, and sold it in 2004 (wife had a job transfer) and sold it for 162k. I was less than 4 years old when Woodstock went down. My wife wasn’t even born when the Senators who put most of the social garbage programs of the 60s. Couldn’t possibly have affected that, yet she is also to blame?

        And truth be told, virtually every McMansion I’ve ever seen was built for people younger than I. Look in the mirror, dude.

        You are mad about both having fewer people competing for jobs, and at the same time complaining that you can’t outcompete an illiterate, innumerate 80-IQ sub-Saharan who speaks 4 words of English.

        That’s why modern whitey is to blame for slavery. Because way too many people are incapable of coherent thought.

        • @Steve, “That’s why modern whitey is to blame for slavery. Because way too many people are incapable of coherent thought.”

          And instead do the exact same thing that this article posits, lashing out at someone else, ANYONE else, to blame for your failures.

          • The boomer cohort seems to be comprised of two distinct subcastes. This is likely based on mass experience driven by post-war cultural and technological evolution.

            There were the first-half (or early) boomers, generally up to ‘54 or ‘55, and the second-half, from about ‘56 to the end.

            Early boomers face involuntary involvement in Vietnam, and also lived through some of the lean early post WWII years.

            My group, the late boomers, had no fear of giving it up for Vietnan, and they were generally raised in a more self-absorbed, materially saturated culture. Made ‘em very different.

            Whatever, I could not stomach either group.

        • Again, I don’t get the downvotes. That the wife and I lost $30k? Heck, yes, that bummed me out at the time, but the lesson we learned was not to get into that situation.

          That the McMansion trend coincides with GenX entering the workforce, not Boomers? Again, not seeing why facts are downvoted.

          Jobs? Everyone and his dog is complaining about how much of GenX was aborted, which I’ll definitely agree is a problem, but what did I have to do with it?

          And, again, even if I had something to do with it, why complain about ignorant, uneducated, stupid immigrants? Can’t you get a job beating them on at least one of those criteria? What difference does it make if immigrants are willing to take the job at minimum wage if the company has to hire ANOTHER person to actually do the work?

          And if the companies don’t need someone to do the work, why are you complaining? Open up a company on your own, don’t hire people to not do the work, and bask in that sweet, sweet, profit.

          • “And, again, even if I had something to do with it, why complain about ignorant, uneducated, stupid immigrants? Can’t you get a job beating them on at least one of those criteria? What difference does it make if immigrants are willing to take the job at minimum wage if the company has to hire ANOTHER person to actually do the work”

            Full disclaimer: As I said before, I am an European living in Central America, where I am writing from. I am about to sleep and I hooe I don’t mess my English too much.

            I said before that you don’t receive our best people.

            So, about your question, the difference is that you have to pay for the social services of these uneducated immigrants, for the welfare of people that are displaced by these immigrants (for example, black people). You have to house and feed these immigrants. This leads to inflation and more taxes. So your purchasing power decreases, even if you get the same job. And this is only the economics part. Mixing cultures is always a bad idea, as 5000 years of history prove without exception.

            As an early Gen X from Europe, I wonder why US Boomer are so defensive. Every time someone crticizes the Boomer generation, they feel attacked personally. In this case, you even mention aspects of your personal life, like the selling of your house. This is kind of narcissistic. Relax, it is not about you. If somebody says that people from my country are not fluent in English (which is true), I don’t feel attacked and don’t try to point out that this is false, because I am fluent in English

          • Steve: It’s not always all about you. No one attacked you personally. Get over yourself and ‘your’ generation.

          • @Imnobody00, largely agree. But again, what did I do to change illegal immigration to undocumented worker? What did “my generation” do, whatever one means by that communist phrase? Even though I completely reject the idea of collective guilt, what’s the best case one can make for it?

            @3g4me, “Steve: It’s not always all about you. No one attacked you personally. Get over yourself and ‘your’ generation.”

            I’m not the one making it about “my generation”. I’m saying that collectivist notions like that are characteristics of sloppy thinking. The same exact sloppy thinking that justifies slavery reparations and is actively replacing white males with the “proper” diversity. You can recognize it when it’s directed at you, but not when you do it?

            Look at the whiner talking about how every Boomer yammers on about being drafted, when at most the draft affected a third or so of the Boomers, a quarter of them if you went to college and graduated in 4. A freshly graduated college student drafted in ’73, the last year of the draft would have been born in early ’51. That’s only the first 4+ years of Boomdom. You don’t need calculus to figure that out.

            I have no idea who he was talking to, but I’ve personally never met anyone going on about being drafted. The opposite, actually. Even if you ask point blank, they will often change the subject. Which leads me to believe this is probably projection, how he would feel if he were drafted.

          • Boomers have 85% of the wealth, so YOU are the mcmansion generation according to the data big guy. Forget about your anecdotal experience. Entire books have been written about how much prosperity boomers experienced for a number of reasons:

            The USD buying power was higher for you
            The nation was safer for you
            Jobs had no competition from foreigners for you
            Divorce rate skyrocketed for you
            Economic disparity was lower for you
            In the prime of your golden years, artificially reduced interest rates created an insane stock market run up and real estate increase… for you (millennials still hadn’t recovered from 2010 recession you guys caused trying to help POCs with no credit buy houses)

            Obviously the boomers here at this site are not the problem. Boomers calling white people racist or fighting to save this country, as if it’s anything like the country that died in the mid-sixties, they’re the problem. EVen boomer Charles Murray, great author of the bell curve, supported low skill immigration after knowing full well better than anyone the IQ implications. He didn’t change his tune until a decade ago. POCs have hated us since 1492 and women have always been irrational, yet the boomers (outside of this site) are still fighting to prove we’re all equally qualified to run governments and build bridges. Future generations will be picking up the mess while struggling to learn spanish.

        • All four of my kids have far more than I ever had at their age. Better everything.. education, jobs,opportunities. But they aren’t pussys they are WHITE MEN and act like it.
          Most people get opportunities, also most either don’t recognize them or too afraid to take a leap. Some may be under the illusion that there is a free lunch.
          Served on a silver platter.
          There is an undeniable truth, everyone is their own worst enemy.

        • The Immigration Act, the Civil Rights Act, the Great Society, the nation of feminism and liberationism and egalitarianism . . . all were constructed and imposed by the Greatest Generation and their immediate forebears.

          The Boomers were in grade school when the heavy shit went down in America. Including the coup of 1963.

          The Booms were the duped generation, their mass-commed vanity, high-spirits and material plenty leading them into believing the Glorious New Age ahead was a product of their own specialness and wonderfulness.

          For all their faults, the nation we now see before us was neither planned nor executed by the Booms.

      • You really should reconcile with your parents, otherwise it will be your undoing.

      • Pretty true, but it must be noted that it was the “Greatest” generation that passed the 1965 Hart-Celler Immigration bill, which is at bottom the most important source of our current, collapsing nation…They also were key in getting us into the Korean war, and Vietnam….

        • Funny you should bring up Vietnam. I’ve only heard about it my entire F – ing life. “Vietnam” is the word boomers use to get away with every last terrible thing they’ve done since 1975. Yes, it was a sh–t war for sure. It was a dumb war. But that doesn’t give you the right to demolish the place because you got a draft card in the mail. If anything, you don’t support every last thing that’s been done since 2000.

          • I know mafs hard and all, but try to follow, @JR. Vietnam was over by April, ’73. For those who had to endure the ejukayshun system created specifically to harm you by “teh Boomers”, that means the youngest Boomers were 7 years old. Kindergarten or maybe 1st grade, depending on the state.

            Are you seriously blaming kids who were in elementary school coming up on half a century ago for your problems?

          • I’m genuinely curious what one could possibly downvote on my earlier response? Are there really people who doubt that the Vietnam War was winding down in the early ’70s? Those who doubt the (in)famous pics of the Saigon embassy evacuation of April ’75?

            When US left, tail between their legs, the youngest of the Boomers were not yet 10, and the draft had ended a couple years earlier. THESE were the people you heard whining about being drafted? 3rd graders? Who were 1st graders when the draft ended?

            Are you just doing this for comic relief? Or is it some kind of excuse for why you didn’t bother to make of your life what others made of theirs?

          • Again, I was kind of hoping that someone, somewhere, had something of value to contribute. Turns out, not so much.

            “Reality! Boo! Hiss! Reality is only for lamers. Reality Sux.”

        • If you look at history with an open mind, the Greatest and the Silents were responsible for most of the societal destruction of the 60s and 70s. That may not fit what you want ot believe but it’s true.

          • The bosses of the Greatest and the Silents produced the revolution. The masses of the Boomers led the revolution to the institutions: companies, government, schools. They also transmitted the revolution to their children.

            I don’t blame Boomers. They happened to be the generation that reaped all the benefits of the tradition, and all the benefits of the revolution and produced garbage for the following generations. But there is always a generation like this in any culture. It is the first generation of the era of decadence. It happened to coincide with the Boomer generation

      • Most people believe what the ruling authorities tell them are high status beliefs. The hate for average boomer is wrong and delusional. Even if people weren’t sheep what should the voomers have done? Voted harder? Nixon won the largest landslide in US history to rollback the 1960s and the regime removed him.
        I blame the people who decide what is high and low status ie regime media.

  13. After the Reformation, many Church leaders warned that the Protestantism would lead to antinomianism. This is what we see today. These modern leaders believe that by virtue of their innate moral superiority that they no longer have to abide by the societal rules that the rest of us must follow. In fact, their moral superiority makes the charge of hypocrisy without merit, as it would be impossible for a person of their superior morality to be a hypocrite.


  14. During the 2020 riots, I recognized that the cultural elite were trying to turn us all into Germans. Germans are, of course, a defeated people, full of self-loathing, and complete pawns of their enemies. The Germans are where they are because of a particular narrative that has been paraded in front of them their whole lives, and being defeated, they have totally internalized it. Their oppressor tells them, in a very un-Christian way, that they will never be clean of the sin they bear and can never repay the debts they have incurred on account of their German ancestry.

    This works, but it’s limited. After all, those of us who had ancestors on the other side of the conflict can plausibly say, hey we defeated those guys! We bear no guilt! We took you guys in! So they had to come up with something else, and hence framed race as a narrative that claimed because of our “whiteness”, we are the same as Germans. We are guilty of all these sins we were born with, we can never be forgiven, we can never repay the debts, we can only live in shame. It’s not a Christian message, but the people pushing this message aren’t Christian.

    Obama started rolling this message out to the masses when he claimed that slavery was “America’s original sin”, which is obviously blasphemous but for a non-Christian liberal of European ancestry, they buy it. So now, a decade later of this ruthless social engineering, white liberals have, in effect, become German. Yes, they really do hate themselves, they will go along with whatever their oppressors say, and hope for a mercy and forgiveness they will NEVER receive. .

    • It worked, even on those on whom it didn’t work. Because just like a German, I no longer give a damn about fighting for this country. Which is quite the flip, if you know about me and where I came from.

    • Mycale: I’m not certain who originated that accusation of “America’s original sin,” but it was not Obama. I distinctly recall an earlier magic blaq, repuke Condoleeza Rice, saying those exact words.

      No matter what hat they wear, they all harbor the same eternal resentment.

      • That is quite likely. I am sure it was invented long before Obama said it, probably on a college campus somewhere, and field-tested by other prominent people before Obama said it. That said, it was definitely the first time I remember a sitting President say it, and that carries a lot of weight. As soon as he said it, others, especially in the media, started repeating it and internalizing the message.

  15. Technical aside:

    Is there no way to paste in a photo feom iPhone in a reply?

    I have a picture addressing a comment made by Mow N above — I think the pic (of a real thing) speaks more clearly than any simply posting the words …

  16. Dear God, man, I usually have my breakfast while reading this blog. Please don’t talk about filling Elizabeth Warren’s void.

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  18. Wow, serious commentary today, good job, Z! I’m currently listening to “The True Believer” now, good timing. When you take Mattias Desmet’s argument that we are currently ramping up a good old totalitarian nightmare and pair it with Hoffer’s view on self-abnegation, I think that in reality soon it will require them to start killing bad Whites to signal. Hence Tranny with a Gun is publicly a non-item at best but privately I tend to think they are actually proud of It. I know none of us can say publicly what each of us is thinking for fear of getting Ruby Ridge’d, but I personally am tired of seeing rats shooting and killing other rats. When will some well-armed and militarily-trained rats start taking down the dogs and pigs?

    • With apologies to Aerosmith (and this group):

      Trannie’s got a gun
      Trannie’s got a gun
      The whole world’s come undone
      From lookin’ straight at the sun

      What did society do?
      What did they put you through?
      They said when Trannie was arrested
      They found her in a school
      But man, society had it comin’, now that Trannie’s got a gun
      Things ain’t never gonna be the same

      Trannie’s got a gun
      Trannie’s got a gun
      Her dog day’s just begun
      Now society’s is on the run

      Tell me now it’s untrue, what did society do?
      She shot a little baby, the girl has got to be insane
      They say the spell that she was under the lightning and
      The thunder knew that someone had to stop the train…

      • I predict Quentin Tarantino will soon remake Annie, Get Your Gun as Trannie, Get Your Gun.

      • I’ve always been a fan of cheesy old sci fi movies, but never did I guess that Berserker Trannies Attack was the one most accurately predicting our dystopian future

  19. I’ve never thought self-hatred is a real phenomenon. The word exists—causing suspicion that the thing does too—but so does “chupacabra.”

    I grew up always knowing my mother’s family’s serious, non-rhetorical, murderous hatred for (other) white people. They especially hate other Jews who are losers or hicks, e.g., Israelis. There is no element whatsoever of guilt, abasement, embarrassment, or anything like that involved. They are chosen (in the vulgarest sense, just as JQ enthusiasts imagine) and you are an animal to be beaten (in every sense). It’s not an incidental or epiphenomenal extension of some other feeling they have. It’s who they are, more than they are anything else.

    Two molested children who grow up to be a gay couple, adopt a stranger’s son, and rape him until he dies don’t hate themselves. They want to hurt other people—specific others. And they truly believe, deep in their ape brains, that it’s their right. They’d “confess” self-hate—really the tortured boy was a symbolic self—to help them get away with it, of course.

    Self-hate, if it exists at all, is “meta,” a way people talk about how they talk about themselves. It’s as incapable of motivating murderous action as “differance” or “aufhebung” is. Hatred, sadism, etc. are fundamental, biological, the unmoved movers of the human mind. We are the great predator.

    • Yeah, the elites’ behaviors aren’t really consistent with self-hatred. The same hypothesis is used to explain black misbehavior, that they lash out because they’re so clearly inferior and know it. Or in the case of Jews it’s supposed to be nebbish resentment of Biff the 6’4″ blonde quarterback in high school who got all the girls.

      In reality blacks actually high ridiculously high opinions of themselves, and easily buy into all the rocket-pyramid stories they’re fed. Similarly all the Jews and Asians I knew in school presumed themselves to be the most intelligent regardless of what the test scores actually indicated.

      The part that Z gets right is that people backfill a model to explain their success without luck, nepotism, or having been evil. Listen to any tech billionaire talk about himself. Our politicians are doing the same thing, and they are in love with themselves.

      The anti-white stuff is just a way for them to say they hate white peasants without sounding bad. They all know that “whiteness” is code for “hillbilly” or “redneck” and that’s why they aren’t hypocrites within their own context. They hate peasants because peasants are The Other. They hate peasants because peasants listen to godawful country music, they own NASCAR collectible spoons, and drive ridiculous oversized pickup trucks. They hate peasants because they don’t listen to classical music, they don’t own PBS collectible spoons, and don’t drive Teslas.

  20. These antiwhite scolds are acting from some form of self-loathing.

    As you intimate, it is a little more complicated than that, and there may be many factors involved including the above. Guilt (feeling you are successful only because you are White or something, or just because you got lucky to be born in a certain place, time, and family), some hypocrisy (like that matters), some opportunism, some just ignorance/stupidity, some vanity (virtue signaling) and who know what else. At bottom, I think it stems from deracination and denigration of the achievements of your culture – in short, no strong sense of identity with your ancestors which is the role tradition fulfilled. When everything is a disposable fleeting fad, hard to create that sense of identity and connection.

  21. “This is why there is no reasoning with these people. You cannot bargain with them or appeal to their humanity. Who they are literally depends on them hating us.”

    Humm, I’ve heard this before…where…oh, from my favorite movie:

    “Listen, and understand. That terminator is out there. It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.”


    • So Zman is cribbing shit from the terminator movies? The shizzil just got real. Z, the unforgiven is good source material as well.

      • A long, long time I go I was the only guy doing the Terminator bit. I used to post “Listen, and understand. That neocon is out there. It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead” in the comments section of NR. I would also replace neocon with other epithets as circumstance warranted.

      • You can also do Tombstone.

        Doc: ” A man like Ringo has a great empty hole right through the middle of him. He can never kill enough or steal enough or inflict enough pain to ever fill it.”

        Earp: What does he need?

        Doc: Revenge

        Earp: For what?

        Doc: Being born.

  22. Ilhan Omar divorced her brother so she could shack up with a guy who looks white to Jared Taylor

    Just to note that ol’ Omar, the black Somali, may be the least anti-White of the bunch, if she is at all. In fact there is a suspicion from many corners that she’s a closeted klansman as she feels her imported black vagina gives her the power to occasionally ignore tenets of the current faith and thus steps into…”controversy”.

  23. When someone I’ve never met hates me, I don’t spend too much time worrying about why. I just accept that they do, and act accordingly.

    I’ve accepted that roughly 2/3 of white people are conformists. I gave more credence to the Milgram experiment that demonstrated this after what we just saw with jab uptake more or less confirmed it. Warren and AOC aren’t doing anything more complicated than conforming to the currently prevailing zeitgeist. In a different era they would have conformed to that era’s norms just as fervently. Who is creating the zeitgeist, propagating these norms, are more relevant questions.

    • I’d not make too much of the oft touted Milgram experiment. It has been revealed that he cherry picked his examples. There were many subjects that rejected his commands to inflict severe pain upon the faux participants. These folk he ignored in his write ups.

        • Yep, I’m not saying a disagree with Milgram in essence, just that he paints with too broad a brush.

          Another book out a couple of decades ago was “Hitler’s Willing Executioners”. Caused quit a stir in Germany. Basically, it refuted the typical German cope that everything bad was done by the NAZI’s—and most Germans were not NAZI’s—hence somewhat guilt free.

          The book reviews NAZI records about the participation of German civilians in the war effort. In one chapter, the NAZI’s had civilian home guard march prisoners into the forest and execute them on command—one guard to a prisoner. Boy’s just into their teens and oldsters in their 70’s. None hesitated when commanded.

          This was part of an SS experiment and an evaluation of using the home guard to help in the final solution. The experiment was a success from the reports.

    • Look no further than the postmodernist philosophers. They are where, for all intents and purposes, it truly began. Midwits such as Warren and AOC don’t have the intellectual horsepower to create any zeitgeist; it has been handed to them.

  24. My theory is that Northwest Euros are broken into two general peoples. Today that is the “liberal” people and the “conservative” people.

    The “liberal” peoples ancestors *are* the “evil” people they complain about. A liberal who wants to force everyone to wear a pride jersey today is probably not that different from a person who demanded that Indians stop burning each other at the stake, or that Africans stop eating each other.

    The griller conservatives probably didn’t give much of a shit what savages were doing 300 years ago either, as long as they weren’t being bothered/killed.

    “Liberals” aren’t inherently a bad group, they are what makes white people different from the rest of the world. And their unique traits seem to be bad in the current era. But basically they are grappling with their own ancestors, and putting it only regular whites, who probably had very litle interest and political agency 300 years ago to affect anything.

    • Liberals, as we used to understand the term, were not usually intentionally malevolent, but they were the poster children for unintended consequences, paving the road to hell with their good intentions.

        • Have any of history’s villains ever claimed to have bad intentions? Virtually without exception, the vilest monsters who ever lived claimed their atrocities were motivated by the desire to do some form of good.

  25. It’s actually pretty simple, they are all sociopaths. They hate without the remorse for being what the hate.

    • Statistically, that’s impossible. They are perhaps capable of empathy, but that empathy is substituted by malice in the event of political opposition.

      How do you defeat people for whom total victory is a pathological obsession?

    • Don’t you think it’s odd that Tater Joe’s second favorite pastime [after molesting his daughters & granddaughters] is racing a vintage Chevrolet Corvette which fills Holy Mother Gaia’s atmosphere with dark black smoggish particulates?

      Do you think Pete’s ButtIsGay at the DOT or Michael Sinless Regan at the EPA will write some new regulations which ban the racing of vintage Chevrolet Corvettes?

      And do you think the regulations will ackshually apply to the Cloud People?

      Speaking of Clouds & Dirt, things ain’t looking so great in East Palestine, Ohio.

      Nor are they looking all that good for the Great Birds of Prey & the Whales which are being slaughtered by the Cloud Peoples’ windmills.


      An asinine obliviousness to one’s own purposelessness in life.

      What was the word for that?


      The problem with the cloud people is that their purposelessness is not benign.

      Not something which can be chuckled at, nor even smirked at.

      Their purposelessness inevitably festers & boils & erupts into vicious seething nihilism.

      The absence of humor is the tell.

      They can’t laugh at themselves.

      They are on an Holy Mission to destroy everything.

      They fashion themselves to be the high priests and sibylline oracles of the Cult of Moloch.

      • Which is why I think AI is a greater threat than Z is appreciating. It doesn’t need to be true intelligence to oppress us, or even to fundamentally transform (read: oppress) the dirt populace.
        The psychological abuse will absolutely be personalized and relentless. Best of all, it’ll be completely free.

      • If you are looking for core principles in Mr. Biden, there has only ever been one: Power

  26. John Derbyshire postulates a long running “cold civil war” between whites, breaking down roughly 60/40 conservative/liberal. The liberals then ally with other minorities against the conservative majority to achieve power.

    Kevin MacDonald takes it a step further, locating the schism deep in genetic history. At least as far as Northwest Europe is concerned, the liberal mindset is descended from that of northern hunter gatherers, who had developed a cooperative, collectivist culture in order to survive harsh winters. The conservative mindset, on the other hand is descended from steppe nomads, who had a hierarchical and individualist culture, based on private property (largely herd animals). They also had the horse and the wheel and metal, so they basically conquered the hunter gatherers. The hunter gatherers’ genetics survived, however, because, not to put to find a point on it, everybody loves blonde women.

    The collectivist mindset had a resurgence in the last 350 years since the Peace of Westphalia, as cooperation and high trust societies had a distinct advantage in the commercial world that evolved afterwards. The Puritans and Calvinists who sought to found their own righteous utopias in the new world are the forebears of the modern left, however much their descendants reject the association.

    They believe them selves to be an elect, other whites are damned, and nonwhites are cannon fodder, or at best, sacred human sacrifices.

    • That’s happening already through ideological splitting. I’ve noticed that the way normies like my mother-in-law are talking about the system is drastically changing. For them, it serves a necessary and beneficial purpose. They are men and women of faith. We can hardly be bothered to scoff anymore. Faith on one side and loathing on the other has led us into separate psychologies, and these differences will increase in intensity like a shepard tone until schoolteachers are allowed to murder people for not being gay.

    • Here’s a different take. The Sons of Noah: descendents of Shem intermarried with the decendents of Japheth before the Japethites moved north and west into the rus plain and central Europe. What we are seeing is nothing more than the fruit of that miscegenation 30 generations ago, that comingling of two goods to make one evil: the halfbreed’s fundamental identity crisis that leads to virulent hatred of those around them, eg Kapernickism. Mitt Romney hates whites because in his very genes he should have been a persian or a Hebrew, but instead ended up a goyish Western white. From Boniface 1 to Cromwell to John Brown to Liz Cheney, the same remnant line struggles to snuff out the natural existence of the identity of the civilization that envelopes them, but in which they only have a small, fractured part in common.

    • Certainly, there’s been a Cold War the past half century amongst whites, a vast divide. But the movement of the Anglo nations radically Leftward over the past century has far more to do with the ’emancipation’ and empowerment of white women than to nomad vs. settled tribes in the past.

      It is divergent male vs. female nature that explains modern conservative/liberal conditions, and the victory of liberalism. It was a war, a sex war. White women allied with other ‘minorities’ going back to Seneca Falls in 1848. Later to cement hegemony the grrls added the homos, the LGBTQ, and the Feds. Collectively, they now ARE Intel and the Deep State.

      • ray, I don’t disagree. Part of Macdonald’s thesis is that women had higher status among the egalitarian hunter gatherers than they did among the steppe nomad warrior culture. Pedestalization has a long history.

        Interestingly, however, to prove that our ancestors were not all fools, even among the egalitarian Nordics a woman’s status was tied to her sexual continence. Tacitus comments on this. Contrast this with the current situation, where “you go, girl” hypergamous harlotry is celebrated, facilitated by effective birth control, which mitigates the most obvious negative consequences of promiscuity.

        • Tarl Cabot —

          Agreed generally that nomadic cultures are masculine and hierarchic and agricultural or settled cultures are feminine and egalitarian. The U.S., of course, is the grain-goddess breadbasket of the world, and Lady Liberty is a symbol of egalitee and female-rule, not of freedom and patriarchy.

          God never wanted human beings to live in concentrated places like cities. He accepted the offering of the nomad/pastoralist Abel, and rejected the offering of the proto-agriculturalist, Cain. Likewise, He dispersed the city of Babel for getting Uppity.

          Nomadic and pastoralist cultures are masculine, agricultural cultures are feminine. There’s a reason that Hillary and Team Woman desired (and got) ‘a Village’ and not the dad-led family. Female power lies in collectivity, communication and hive-mindedness.

          Catal Huyuk, dating to the Early Neolithic, was ruled by women and the ‘mother goddess’. As James Frazer and others have shown extensively, agricultural societies are female-dominated and typically worship goddesses or the Mother Goddess. They are characterized by year-kings (here, presidents) in octate-limited cycles, an eternal goddess or goddesses, and blood-grain-fertility rituals (modernly wars, school shootings etc.) and female domination of institutions or rule-making entities.

          Nothing new under the sun. The tech changes, that’s it.

    • I should have used the word “egalitarian” instead of “collectivist”, which is something of an anachronism in this context. “Egalitarian” is the word MacDonald uses.

  27. Avowed enemy control the reigns of cultural production; is there really room to wonder about why fish get sick in a well poisoner’s aquarium?

    Fresh and clean water would help; but the solution is the keep the icky ones away from places they ought not be.

  28. When they say “whiteness,” do they just mean Western Civilization? It is what the left has been trying to destroy for 150 years. Now it is defined by race instead of class.

    • “Whiteness” means “bad other” to them. They are special and therefore it does not apply to them. It is narcissism to the most unhealthy degree imaginable. It always has existed but technology such as social media has exacerbated it. When the obese black chick played James Madison’s flute, it wasn’t so much as to refute Western Civilization as to make it accord with their perceived superior conception of it.

  29. “ As we saw yesterday, for the rest of us, our lives now depend on hating them back.”

    That’s something else I don’t get. According to them we’ve ALWAYS hated them. Why, we’re it not for heroes like Warren and AOC…guys like me would be machine-gunning queers, jews, noggers and then burn their bodies to fir the boilers of the Fourth Reich.

    I am regularly accused of the Four Deadly Liberal Sins on an almost daily basis. But yesterday I was out on a long dog walk…and these two girls went skipping by, arm in arm, clearly dykes. They were about 16. The little one was cute as a button, but the bigger one was your typical horse faced degenerate. They skipped by, all giggles and smiles. I didn’t feel any hate, or want to do them any harm. All I felt was sorrow and despair for their parents. Years ago my daughter came out of the closet… and I went through a toxic wringer of progressive drama and hysterics. If anyone would want to kill these people it should be guys like me! But all I felt was a forlorn desolate grief.

    There will be no voating our way out of what’s coming because we can’t reason our way out either.

      • It’s taken a lot of effort for me to not feel a little bit sorry for the woman who shot up the school. This was clearly a person raised from birth to be wrong in the head. It would have taken a heroic amount of introspection for her to figure out, on her own, that her reality was wrong, much more than the average person can muster. In the end she wasn’t a person, she was a product, a product of a regime that provides actually no shelter of normalcy and only rewards degeneracy.
        Boys? Eh, they might have been screwed up no matter what the circumstance, but girls? It seems deliberate.

    • It’s the opposite rule of liberalism. They know perfectly well that we bear neither hatred or ill-will. What’s important is that we feel stymied by their accusations that we are hate-filled. If our populace didn’t prefer a peaceful coexistence, they couldn’t keep pushing us this way.

      Of course, such sentiments will be increasingly untenable. There is only so far people can be pushed.

      • It’s a good trick actually. Call a nice person “hate-filled” until they are (rightfully) filled with hate.

        People who name call (racist, bigot, phobe, etc) are evil children and are not looking for peaceful solutions. They are looking to beat you down and take everything you’ve got.

        Take the movement for reparations in california:

        Last line tells the tale: “It should be communicated to the public that the substantial initial down-payment is the beginning of a conversation about historical injustices, not the end of it”

      • Very easy way to tell who is the victim and who is the aggressor.

        The victim wants to separate, the aggressor does not.

  30. The why of the cult of anti-racism doesn’t matter at all. If someone wants you dead, and you don’t want to be dead, the why is irrelevant. Self-defense is all that matters.

    • I don’t know – if you can correctly determine the why, that might help with strategerizing about the how to deal with it.

      Knowing the why is not completely pointless – it might help you reach the reachable and avoid the hopeless.

  31. Gottfried really only had to write one thing, which was that it doesn’t matter whether they believe in this or not, or whether they hate themselves or not, because the effects are going to be true and certain, regardless of mental intention.

    I’m hoping we’re nearing a point where we don’t talk about Leftist Minds any longer. It’s a luxury of the salon set. I don’t really care whether they like themselves or have developmental problems or are acting out of rage against capitalism or whatever. All I know is what I observe, and the effects and results of the activities of these people are consistent across time.

    They destroy. That’s it. That’s all. See one of them? Have one of them at work? Have one in your family? Then they are destroying things.

    You hate to reach this point but we are nearly there. One would like to have the leisure to sort out the mixed-up folks from the truly bad FOLX, but we don’t. We didn’t create any of this, it was brought upon us, we don’t want it, and we will have to fight it until it’s back in underground rooms in blue light districts. If they object, just tell them it’s the best deal they’re gonna’ get, per Anton Chigurh.

    • “… because the effects are going to be true and certain, regardless of mental intention.”


      ONE foray into the world this morning and the following occurred:
      1. Cut off badly, as in last second lurch out of an intersecting road, late model SUV. older woman and man, both in blue face diapers. Not only cut off as if I was not there, but in a two lane road, I am in left lane — woman driving — lurches across two lanes, into mine. No one behind me in sight.
      2. Arrive at post office to see if a client paid. Someone else’s clearly marked, wrong PO Box mail, in my box. Walk into other part of building, hand over to the one clerk working at counter. Stepped to front of line, in front of same old masktard woman, paying her no notice. She had pulled in, no recognition of cutoff, parked next to her. Did not engage.
      3. Drive thru McD (forgive me), valuable new citizen, turns out also in mask — broken English. Could not understand him, no way to exit line, end up struggling to place order. Ended up just paying more instead of gaming specials. Vowed to not do that again (drive through with excellent new citizens; walk in when/if urge to get shitty food strikes again although diminishing rapidly based on this and other recent ‘touches’ in that realm (loud music of a foreign language, shouting female workers of an excellent new citizen group, etc.)

      By my count, ONE trip, 3+ touches of our excellent new world. Maybe count as more if you include Mrs. Mask driving, not Mr., but that’s another conversation.

      • And this is why, as much as I urge people to drop out of Insane Clown World for the sake of their own mental health, from a practical standpoint, it’s not entirely possible. You withdraw as much as possible–no TV, pop “music,” etc.–but like a toxic green miasma, the foul atmosphere of ICW creeps into every interstice of our lives. It’s not like the Middle Ages where you could hope to basically be left alone as long as you paid the signeur his due in kind and in corvee. Far from it. It’s a different world, and in many ways a worse one.

    • William Corliss: Very well said. Worrying about the mutants’ ‘intentions’ is equivalent to labeling something a ‘hate’ crime. As if the killer’s emotional state of mind matters more than his violence and savagery. As you note, the end result is always death and destruction. That’s all we need to know.

      Hate them back harder.

    • The problem with real-life, potential Antons (at least on our side) is their ears perk up with they hear ‘ATM.’

  32. They have a pecking order of white hatred. The whites they hate the most openly mock their gods. They drive big trucks. They pile Costco items into their shopping carts. They listen to country music. They have a safe full of guns., etc. A vegan white woman who drives a Prius to yoga can be checked on her white privilege (which is a new feature which means liberal white woman can potentially be exposed, making them even more pathological) but their hatred is directed at the people who mock their mother earth gods. This is really hatred at people who don’t do exactly as they say at all times and live exactly the way they’re “supposed” to live.

    Telling others how to live is an American specialty and goes way back. It’s what prohibition was all about. These are Methodists who became unbelievers by the mid 20th Century and fell into their own pelagic, works righteousness black hole into a total deconstructionist mindset. Had John Wesley’s heresies been checked we may not have come to this.

    • “A vegan white woman who drives a Prius to yoga can be checked on her white privilege (which is a new feature which means liberal white woman can potentially be exposed, making them even more pathological) ”

      This will become a default position once the numbers align. From time to time already, and this was particularly true in the aftermath of Hillary Clinton’s loss, White “suburban” women are vilified. Women tend to be very conformist and most likely will be shamed into self-denunciation and fall into line once this becomes absolute. But, man, these types are really, really hated–perhaps more so than even the truckers your referenced, believe it or not–and it has taken remarkable constraint for the Hive not to rip them apart prematurely. Pressuring them to mutilate the genitals of their children has a sadistic element along with the religious one in their specific cases.

      • There is a particular species of hatred directed at white women precisely because they’re frequently beautiful. They are walking, talking, sashaying rebukes to the egalitarian ideal that fatuously claims we are all equal. No, we obviously are not. And a comparison of the lovely white women to her bovine black counterpart proves it. This is why the white woman is despised, and encouraged to eradicate her natural beauty with hideous ink, metallic acne, and garish hair dyes. It is also why Victoria’s Secret and the SI Swimsuit Edition, among a host of cultural arbitors, now valorize female negtritude, obesity, and ugliness in general. All images of white feminine beauty must be suppressed and eliminated, perhaps as a precursor to eliminating white people in general.

        • Outta the park, OK. Outta the park. I receive a number of women’s clothing catalogs, and the models in their ugliness would make a freight train take a dirt road.

        • Brilliant. Add to all that the temporary reqiurement that White women have to be included on the “friend” side of the ledger, and the seething hatred makes all the more sense.

        • Ostei, you said it well. There’s nothing that reveals inequality quite like female beauty. And white European women, whether Nordic or Eastern European or Italian, are the most beautiful in the world. Promoting fatness and ink is a way to flatten things out, lowering the standards, which is inevitable when you seek to equalize.

  33. Scott Adams recent remarks about avoiding certain people rang true.

    But it’s a common sense and practical approach across a much broader aspect of life. Consider the school you want your kids to attend, the neighborhood where you might want to live, the church you choose, places you go on vacation. His comment is no different than what European police recommend with respect to “no go” zones – just don’t go there.

    Of course saying anything sensible is going to get you in trouble these days. So just make a point of surrounding yourself with people who look, think and act like yourself. Avoid the great unwashed and places where they go and keep your mouth shut in public.

    • Yes. Yes. Yes. But avoidance alone is not enough.

      Yes, get out of the city. Yes, find a safe haven where your neighbors are sane. Yes, be a part of a community that shares your morals and ethics, and does real work for a living. Yes, eat better, get fit, improve your robustness and aim. Yes, otherwise disappear into being a nobody that nobody notices. Yes, wait for the fog. And Yes, when the time is right, act with moral purpose and Spartan determination. It’s in the genes. Honor your heritage.

  34. Do we have to re-think the history that was propaganducated into us in the 60’s and 70’s?
    Perhaps these were the sorts of people that little man with the mustache – he whose name shall not be spoken – sent off to the camps? For some terminal employment?

  35. As someone who is politically bipolar and occasionally misanthropic – my worldview was that I was always macchio in karate kid or bacon in footloose. I was the prophet who was enlightening everyone. .

    Is it possible that warren or aoc feel the same?

    • “Is it possible that warren or aoc feel the same?”

      No. They are driven more by conformity that shows their perfection than they are enamored with rebellion. They are, ironically, the most conformist people imaginable.

    • The “I am Bacon in Footloose” mindset is easy to comprehend in wannabe clouds who grew up in dirt heavy areas. What is harder to comprehend is why so few young whites appear to rebel against the prevailing norms in the shitlib heavy areas like CA or MA. Of course unlike the Bacon wannabes they don’t get any encouragement from media/popular culture.

      • The indoctrination, including especially the “safe space” concept, is aimed precisely at the potential young Whites in shitlib areas because of this concern. It has been successful thus far.

      • Well as I’ve said I’m politically bipolar. I’d also enjoy going on daily kos and JAQ (just asking questions) off

  36. “The place to start here is understanding what they mean by white. It is not skin tone or even ethnic heritage, but rather a state of mind.”

    “What is the void that needs to be filled and is being filled by anti-whiteness?”

    “…why is it that a mediocre lawyer is a senior senator? Why is it that a former barmaid is now the most famous Democratic in the House?”

    State of mind. They’re crazy. Crazy idealists. Like the gas station tranny who mutilates his body because it refutes his thoughts. It’s not a void but an obstacle— ultimately life as the obstacle between them and the peace of the grave. Or pure contemplation of God, as I hear some Christians describe heaven. Want to capture whites? Capture their imaginations.

    (Blacks? Make them feel something. Asians? Shiny objects. Hence Asian and African societies seem to be more conservative, because they aren’t as idealistic.)

    Why mediocrities? Because civ is mediocre. Division of labor, collective defense, etc., allow mediocrities to thrive and eventually come to dominate.


    • “The place to start here is understanding what they mean by white. It is not skin tone or even ethnic heritage, but rather a state of mind.”

      When they say White or whiteness, they don’t really mean white people. They view it is as an abstraction and not literal, at least this is what they say. But even if you take them at their word, they know fully that the masses do not hear “White” or “whiteness” as an abstraction, they hear “White people”

      When they print “we must eliminate whiteness” in the newspaper or on a website, they absolutely know that a significant majority of the people reading it will read “we must eliminate White people” Not a single one them would be fooled by statements like “we must eliminate Zionism” as being anything but antisemetic and possibly a call to violence against our small hatted friends.

      • “When they say White or whiteness, they don’t really mean white people. They view it is as an abstraction and not literal, at least this is what they say.”

        Correct. They think ideas are real, but the flesh keeps getting in the way. Healthy people call it hypocrisy, like Z notes, but it goes deeper.

        Normal white people represent what they can’t overcome, so normal white people are hated. That might amount to pure self-hatred, but I suspect it goes deeper. Heaven on Earth, Utopia, Zion, and all of that. Not the world as it is, but as it ought to be, which is an idea.

        I’m talking about white people, and they are, too, because their bodies are their prisons. Might sound crazy, but I used to hang around ambitious dirt libs, homos, bourgeois Ivy Leaguers, and the sort, and that seemed the common thread. Not all of them were spoiled. Maybe I’m wrong, idk.

        At any rate, nonwhite sorts seemed opportunistic more than anything, to me. And maybe I shouldn’t mention it, but Jews, too, I’ve known a few. Some of them were sick, too, but there was something— irony, vulgarity, I’m not sure what— that gave it a somewhat different character, but I never wasted too many brain cells trying to figure it out.

        Any rate, of course this influences/is influenced by my current musings on Christianity. The Word! v. the flesh. Comes and goes lol.

        • I believe they are embarrassed by us. That is at least part of it. it’s their version of our leftist wine-aunt. We’re icky and embarrassing. I’m sure there is some self-loathing in there too.

          • I think they simply don’t like reality, because they’re always comparing it to an ideal and trying to reach that ideal like it’s the only thing that matters, and I believe that’s because they think the ideal is real. Probably a more generous way of putting it.

            But after a point it becomes pathological, and for some reason it’s allowed to go on.

        • “ they’re always comparing it to an ideal and trying to reach that ideal like it’s the only thing that matters”

          “there was something— irony, vulgarity, I’m not sure what— that gave it a somewhat different character, but I never wasted too many brain cells trying to figure it out.”

          FWIW this might have something to do with the idea that you worship what you fear, and you either become like what you worship, or rebel against it.

  37. Nuts & bolts.

    First, Warren and Cortez are not exceptions, just better at getting in front of the camera. They represent the median, and the majority of Congress is either corrupt or insane. How else can you explain the endless hundreds of $billions being sent to Ukraine, the most corrupt nation on the planet, at a time when US infrastructure is falling apart and bank bailouts are bankrupting the economy? Lyndsey Graham is every bit as evil as the hatemongers.

    Second, civic nationalism will not die until the collapse forces its demise and culling. The last domino to fall will be voting harder. And when its Katy-bar-the-door time, civnats will be at each other’s throats in a mutual blame game. That is exactly what the Cloud People are working to achieve.

    Third, when someone is actively trying to kill you, do your really have the luxury of trying to figure out why? Is that really the first thing on your mind? Or should you be focused on how to avoid being killed?

    Methinks the Jackboots are toe-tapping and time is of the essence.

  38. These anti-whites can always draw a direct line from A to B where A is acceptable public “racist” stereotypes and B is violence against that race, but only when the race is non-white. They can never draw that line when the race is white, even when the line is staring them in the face, even when the perp is screaming “I HATE WHITE PEOPLE!!!” at the top of their lungs.

  39. I don’t think this is your best work. As always there are many factions who are anti-white for various reasons.

    For Cloud whites it is zero cost status and prestige as well as class differentiation. They are so incapable that their actions don’t say, “I am better than them”, so their hatred is a poor substitute.

    For the Jews who have been the driving force behind Civil Rights, Black Power and Replacement Migration it is political and financial power and control. That in turn makes America Israel’s vassal.

    For blacks it is a blood libel and a gift horse. If they couldn’t cry racism and back it up with the legal and social shaming bludgeon there would be almost no middle class for them. It is the source of their political power.

    For SouthAmerIndians (“Hispanics”), I don’t think they much care. It is the political leadership that gets gibs and a cut of Wall St.’s weekly remittance fees plus college admissions.

    For Asians who participate, I don’t know what they get out of it. Well, I do. They can eliminate immediate rivals and eliminate future rivals for their progeny.

    This is simplified but to deal with this we need a bird’s eye view of the terrain. Our survival doesn’t just depend on hating white anti-whites. It depends on standing up for ourselves and speaking on our own behalf. We will have to replace the Elizabeth Warrens with loyal whites who look after their and our interests at some point. The corporate purge and anti white campaign of the past three years on top of the recession is going to take care of that.

    It will only take one politician to say with courage and conviction what everyone thinks. Soon multiple will and our people will have the cover they need to fight social ostracization and speak on their own behalf.

    Not sure why it is so hard to call “Diversity”, Anti White. DIE is:

    Anti White Discrimination and Dispossession
    Anti White Intolerance
    Anti White Exclusion and Expropriation

    Any White, Gentile politician reading this site – a massive lion of our people stands waiting for you to give us a reason to roar.

    • We have replaced terrible people in positions of power with good and right thinking people. Only to find out the system eventually corrupts them, every time. Better than what we had but no movement shifters.

      • 1. Accept that they hate us and waste no energy on that
        2. Don’t try to reason with them and don’t waste any time trying to assess their reasons that can’t be explained by pursuit of power and self interest.

        3. Pursue Power for Our People:
        – Have irreplaceable skills and generate wealth
        – Build a local network of men like you
        – Hone your martial prowess
        – No unnecessary conflict
        – If you face anti-white discrimination, document it and send it to a white friendly politicians at all levels. Tell them you will not vote for them if they do not take a pro-white position
        – Boycott all anti-white entities that you can
        – Provide moral and financial support to victims of anti-white actions and to whites who are suffering tragedies. Be of service to our people.
        – Support all pro white and dissident businesses that you can
        – Move into a friendly jurisdiction if you can
        – Remember there are still 200 Million of us and that while numbers matter, quality beats quantity
        – Trust that our people will wake up and be ready to catch those who do who are in your life.
        – The ground is shifting, identify the opportunities it will create and prepare to capitalize.
        – Carry yourself with dignity, confidence and pride. Quality attracts quality.
        – Keep the faith that you are helping to turn the tide
        – Remember, the enemy oversteps its bounds, goes too fast and has many tigers by the tail.

    • You are wrong. This IS his best work because it distills out the very essence of why we lose.

      Your post has this whinging tone, “well, bbb…bbbbb….but, if we just understand the mmmm….mmmany….ccc…complex factors…”

      Just stop. This overanalyzing of the “why” has been decades in the making and has cost us incalculably. It is so buried in the DNA of so many white people I just marvel sometimes at it and don’t often wonder if perhaps the hand-wringing over-analzyers should be swept away as they would like.

      Do you think the negro puts even 1/1000th the amount of thought into any of this you just put in that post? I take your point that there is nuance to each group’s outlook but the time for caring about that was about 2 decades ago is MY point. You say “this is simplified” but honestly, your multiple paragraphs are too complex, not simplified.

      Here is a better way to fix the ‘complex problem’ of “understanding the nuance of each group’s position”


      More clear now?

      • “Our survival doesn’t just depend on hating white anti-whites. It depends on standing up for ourselves and speaking on our own behalf.”

        I am not sure how you get from that to inventing stammering on about understanding the factions at play as being the solution. In the end, we are going to have to stand up for ourselves. It is tough right now. The representatives who are supposed to amplify our voice have abandoned us. National irrelevance, geographic concentration and the aggressive anti-white practices that target the high and the low end will mean that some champions of our cause will rise.

        This is an information war. Our aim must be trained on our people who are still slumbering. When one awakes, it is important that they be able to do some good sense making. Maybe someone today just fell out of bed and found this blog. Perhaps understanding the racial factions, that they even exist, and that they are at war with us and that we are not organized or even seeing ourselves as a faction, can help with enlistment.

        I enjoy your commentary on this blog. You have some great things to say. It isn’t clear what the equivalent of Alexander cutting the knot is in this circumstance. It certainly isn’t anything concrete, and thus, it isn’t useful information. Sometimes the temptation of the Internet comment section tough guy schtick is as tough to buck as the white liberal’s anti-white schtick.

        The white liberal would not be anti-white if there was a cost to them. As far as I can tell we can’t inflict a cost on them, so the best we can do is receive the benefit of them driving more people our way. If Alexander is reincarnate and has a better plan whose benefits outweigh the costs then I pray to hear the clop of Becephalus’ feet arriving so he could unveil it.

        • RR: “It isn’t clear what the equivalent of Alexander cutting the knot is in this circumstance.”

          I started to type up the list but then I realized that I would be f3d-p0@sting regarding the fates of literally millions upon millions of f3deral employees & their f@mb1ies.

          So I guess I can’t p0@st the answer.

          Arguably none of us can p0@st the answer.

          OTOH, you should be able to deduce the answer here, assuming the third president of the United States hasn’t yet been unpersoned:


          But you might need to hurry, in advance of said unpersoning.

          • If the media and select public figure’s treatment of yesterday’s killing in terms of blaming Christians or saying their children were deserved victims won’t wake Christians up, then nothing will.

            #3 has been unpersoned as far as I can tell. He has no holiday, his mansion slanders him and depicts him as a tar figure and his statue has been removed from NY city hall. Even the Declaration of Independence, written in his hand, sports the picture of David Rubenstein – the, “philanthropist”, who took over the properties of Jefferson, Madison and Washington and denigrates them and turns them into shrines of white shaming and negro worship. The memorial in DC remains, but it is only a matter of time.

            I get the FP bit.

  40. It is a pleasure for most people when they get to pass off sheer, sentimental indulgence as moral superiority. It is a childish thing, like the 4-year-old boy imagining that he’s saving the world, swinging the vacuum cleaner attachments around the living room. The boy is only beating the couch bolsters while the sanctimonious adult beats actual people, but the emotion is the same.

    What’s missing is the general acknowledgement that constructive leadership in peacetime requires that one not indulge his private passions. It requires self-mastery, which is a rare and difficult accomplishment and redounds all the more to the respect we ought to have for real leaders, because they have attained it. Somewhere along the way, the elite class started to view political power as a means of indulging their private interests, nothing more. Those elites need to be fought down, and fought down precisely by those who rather refrain from fighting if given a chance. Self-discipline was never more necessary than in times like these.

    • Much has been written on this. I remember reading about how the aristocracy of old valued their integrity and honor more than anything, leading to many “duels”. Even as late as the Victorian era, status in the community was obtained through self sacrifice and charitable acts. Noblesse Oblige sort of stuff.

      Not sure why the elites should be called out however, the whole damn populace lacks self-discipline.

      • Compsci: ‘the aristocracy of old valued their integrity and honor more than anything, leading to many “duels”’

        Now imagine an ancient race of hand-rubbing shape-shifting sooth-saying middlemen quietly entering & burrowing & boring & embedding their way into the fabric of society, and very slowly, ever-so-slowly, beginning to alter the society’s ideals of integrity and honor.

        Then, over time, the aristocracy would continue to virtue snivel its integrity and honor upon the proles, but it would be an integrity and an honor in service of entirely new psycho-sociological idylls.

        Meaning the virtue snivelling never stopped, but the very DEFINITION of virtue was turned upside-down.

        Then you would have not just a linguistic deconstruction of the society, but an entire pyscho-sociological deconstruction of the society.

        tl;dr == unitardians & quakers & cavaliers never stopped virtue-snivelling; they were simply lured into a new & very different & utterly alien sense of that which was virtuous.

  41. “Hitler shared many of the tastes of the group he later tried to exterminate,”

    Saying that Hitler “hated” the Jews and that therefore he tried to exterminate them is just garbage. Sure, he was a German nationalist and wanted a German ethno-state. That doesn’t mean pathological hatred. During the ’30s the Nazi government tried various ways pf ridding itself of the Jews.

    Emigration to Palestine was encouraged, even with financial incentives. More details of this can be found in Lenni Brenner’s “Zionism in the Age of the Dictators.” The problem was the tight quotas imposed by the British in Palestine, who were trying to mollify the Arabs.

    The migration of Jews to other countries was encouraged. The USA had tight quotas. Also the Jews who moved or were moved to neighboring countries found themselves in the greater Third Reich once Hitler started expanding the Reich’s borders.

    The Madagascar Plan was mooted. The British blockade rendered it not feasible. Only then did the Final Solution emerge. And not out of some pathological hatred.

    As for the phenomenon Gottfried describes, I don’t understand it. He is correct in what he describes but I don’t understand the reasons. I do observe that most of these whites live lives of relative privilege, which includes not living in proximity to blacks. The only blacks these people know is the token black at their place of white-collar work or in their residential neighborhood. They don’t live cheek-by-jowl with black dysfunction. If they did have to live in proximity with blacks, everyday life would (eventually) lead to a revision of their outlook.

    What disturbs me the most is this knee-jerk attitude that white nationalism and white race realism emerge out of some pathological hatred or innate feelings of supremacy.

    • “The problem was the tight quotas imposed by the British in Palestine, who were trying to mollify the Arabs.”

      Not so. More visas were issued for Palestine than were ever taken up.

      If I were an urban, educated German Jew I too would have been reluctant to move to the desert’s edge to do agricultural labour while surrounded by people who were bound to come to hate me.

      Alas, that reluctance might have cost them their lives.

      • AH himself predicted that if the tribe ever got their own country, the majority would still choose to live as a minority among the goy

        It’s still just about true AFAIK

        But another wave of Russian and Ukrainian Jews have moved to Israel because of the war

    • Because Jewish people could not move or chose not to move to Palestine ,the US, or Madagascar the logical step was to kill them.

      That is a bad argument.

      • “Because Palestinian people could not move or chose not to move to out of the West Bank the logical step was to kill them.”
        Funded by the “anti racist” Nuremberg regime US govt at billions per year

  42. ” It is why they are now rallying around an imaginary narrative about a brewing backlash.”

    They keep talking about the backlash that never comes, while I keep hoping and praying that it does. I would start to have some faith in my fellow man (white, nominally Christian, etc) if the backlash ever did happen.

    Alas, I just keep waiting.

    • Yeah, backlash is one of the Left’s favorite scare words, and of course, it is always a delusion, just like most of their mental world. Hence, immediately after 9/11 Leftists far and wide were hyperventilating over the anti-Moslem backlash that was supposedly just around the corner. They were predicting mass pogroms and Islamic Treblinkas. Never happened, of course. Instead, a huge mosque was built next door to Ground Zero.

  43. “These antiwhite scolds are acting from some form of self-loathing.”

    That, and envy.

    Not only is it okay to be White, it’s downright better.

  44. That these people hate Christianity and Western Civilization is a significant part of this. My impression of most of them is that they believe they are the smartest people to ever live. Yet they don’t understand what came before them and have no capacity for building anything, just tearing things down. They hate the beautiful civilization they inherited and their deepest desire is to tear it down. They can eventually substitute hatred for something else, but as long as any remnant of Christianity and Western Civ exist, that is where they will focus their hate.

    • It’s breath-taking the insouciance with which these people have taken a sledge hammer to 10,000 years of accumulated experience and knowledge. And no one is allowed to ask them the wellspring of their revelations, no one is allowed to ask the authority on which their claims rest. We’re just supposed to accept that suddenly, nature gave rise to a generation of humans capable of eclipsing the intellect of all who preceded them.

  45. The problem is that so many don’t even realize that they are despised.

    The murders of those young, white Christian children by the deranged tranny are horrific on so many levels. They are the latest sacrifices to the god of the new state religion.
    Greenblatt, Merrick Garfinkel, Mayorkas and others must be experiencing a quiet kvelling.

  46. From anecdotal evidence around the military base, many people who would be considered normie-types have noticed the way media has treated the trans shooter. More conversations I’ve heard on the replacement of heritage americans in entertainment with POC. The awareness is growing on the war on normality and this is heartening. Small push backs to be sure, but still encouraging.

    • Or, the humiliation and demoralization continues. Noting facts, and then noting your inability to do anything (or even comment publically), does not hearten a populace.

        • We sometimes discuss emergent behavior vs. managed narratives, and the Overton Window shifting among Normie obviously is the former. Transgenderism was a bridge too far. The National Review not long ago was making the conservative case for transgenderism, and now routinely criticizes the madness around it. If a ludicrously fraudulent institution can’t stay with The New Thing, no one can.

          • I disagree. Ten years ago, transgenderism was not a politically acceptable position. The fact that the default position is acceptance, and it is considered a revolt to just disagree, shows that the net movement has been towards the radical. The fact that an unhinged position is now the de facto position illustrates the shift, and not in the favor of those anticipating normie’s awakening.

          • @eloi:

            We do disagree because transgenderism is the default and accepted position only among a narrow slice of self-worshipping anti-White Whites. It is a bridge too far for most. The narrative controllers at some point will want to reel this one in because it undermines them, but whether they can is another issue.

          • Then why are more kids nowadays chopping off their wang, and the number is only increasing every day? Seems to have metastasized. Just check out that substack of all the reasonable people whose children have been seduced by this pathology.

          • 10 years ago, 90% of the populace didn’t know what a trannie was.

            Now they read stories to your kids.

          • The CIA Review will “capitulate”. It is their role. It’s why it exists.
            “21 House Republicans Wave the Pink and Blue Flag” – NR – By NATE HOCHMAN
            November 21, 2021

        • The Irish Republic (if you can keep it! Lol) would have died in 1916 if the common irish people didnt despise the British when the Troubles came. If hundreds of everyday uninvolved Dubliners hadn’t kept quite when they “saw something,” Mic Collins and his Squaddies and all the rest of them would have been done for, and Ireland would still be a province of His Majesty’s Royal Highness. When Joe Potato Griller and John Lawman in the streets of Dublin saw some Sein Feiners running down the street with guns drawn, they’d turn heel and walk swiftly away while curiously forgetting everything they saw that day. Popular rejection of the English forces was a necessary but insufficient condition for change in Ireland.

      • Yes and no. The true power of the powerless is to not care. It starts with noticing, which leads to apathy, which leads to lack of participation, which weakens those in control by making that control pointless or at least less valuable. The drop in military recruits is a heartening sign.

  47. I was raised a fine, educated Episcopalian. I held no hatred for anybody. This led me to live closely with many ethnicities, creeds and conventions. Which in turn led me to realize these were others who resented me and wanted erasure of me and mine. I am no longer Episcopalian, and I am willing to do what it takes at all costs to preserve so-called whiteness as I appreciate it. The others, including faux whites, must be removed from our ranks permanently.

    • We should look at these people the same way a normal person would look at a rabid animal that is on his property. You must put aside all emotions involving sympathy or hate, get your shotgun, and put down that rabid animal before it can do even more harm. I note that the Nashville police only required 14 minutes from the time they received the alarm until the tranny shooter was dispatched. Now that was impressive work. Very professional. This is the model.

      • Fifteen minutes, while exemplary for government work, is not sufficient when your child or spouse is number 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 on the kill list.

        Weak, unarmed, all female (or female identifying) schools is an invitation for evil. Eve was alone in the garden when Satan paid a visit.

        It only takes one sheep-dog to keep the flock safe.

        • You both are talking past each other. You both are correct.

          The police did a splendid job within the parameters of the possible for their societal role. The point you make is also valid—“dial a rescue” is not adequate for these situations—only on the spot prevention/intervention can meet the requirements of such a situation.

          So we either train employees in the these environments to handle active shooters, or we place a policeman on duty in all such environments, or we call a few dozen lives per year the cost of doing business (our current default).

          Given that only a few select persons can handle the required training and stress of what amounts to a combat situation, armed guards are the only feasible answer. Oddly enough, waay long ago at my HS, we had an armed guard that patrolled the campus. That was before school shootings became fashionable in the USA and firearms became unfashionable—pre 1968.

          Seems we had no problem affording such, nor was this person useless. He patrolled the campus and was part of the faculty. The worse interaction one ever had was if he caught someone “burning rubber” in the parking lot. 😉

      • You can just trap the animal and relocate it. NW euros pathological altuism 😉

  48. It is a known phenomenon: every marxist takeover starts with persecuting the smartest part of society, as it is easier to push their propaganda on people with lower IQ. And it is a known fact that some old order elites participate in said marxist takeovers. Enter Elizabeth Warren and others of that ilk.
    USSR, Red China, Red Cambodia–they all did it. And about 20 years after the successful takeovers they repeat it again, as the new generation grows up with the inevitable high IQ in some of them: Stalin’s terror in 1937, Chinese cultural revolution are the most known examples.

    • I don’t know about the necessary correlation between intelligence and being scapegoated. Anti-white whites are really just golems. They’re people with so little self-knowledge and so dead spiritually, that they are but inanimate clay in the shape of people. Then, powerful tribal sorcerers inscribe the name of Moloch either on their foreheads(giving them a false mind) or on a scroll in their mouths (so they speak only lies) and the damn things run amok! And to extrapolate further, those same golem eventually get around to destroying the very people most responsible for creating them. Of course, that part gets twisted into another COMPLETELY unfair historical persecution by the usual suspects, but if they didn’t have those they wouldn’t have much of an identity or history at all.

    • “It is a known phenomenon: every marxist takeover starts with persecuting the smartest part of society, as it is easier to push their propaganda on people with lower IQ”

      Is that why 115 IQ Eastern European Jews were behind the Bolshevik revolution, Frankfurt School cultural Marxism?
      Seems to me it is about status and desire for status. High + low vs middle. de Jouvenel

  49. Elite contempt for the underclasses is nothing new. When asked about the common soldiers in his army after Waterloo, the Duke of Wellington famously said: “they are the scum of the Earth”. This attitude also came to America, which is why the Founder generation restricted the franchise to landowners and why the poll tax was prevalent. But there was no hatred.

    So here it is useful to distinguish between hate and contempt. And critically, it is important to distinguish between fake Elites like ours and Elites who have earned their place, like Wellington and our Founders. I expect a little contempt from our “betters”. It’s only natural. But hate of the kind we now see is really destructive and unprecedented in American or British tradition. It is particularly galling when emanating from such incompetent Elites.

    Zman nails it when he calls it “the last stop on the managerial train”. They cannot lead people they openly hate. And the objects of the hate won’t follow. So the battle lines are becoming clear. For starters, it is the obvious duty of fathers to arm themselves and patrol the schools.

    • What separates those elites from ours is need. Once we are worth less than we could ever possibly give, and the power gap is sufficiently widened, what are we but things to be tortured?

    • Patrol the schools. Heh. They’ve made that illegal. Common sense gun control, dontcha know.

      Nah, if your progeny is in the government education camp, you have already agreed that you are a slave, and are just bargaining over the price. Homeschool or die (Very literally, as well as D.I.E.)

  50. I disagree with the CivNats, Gottfried, and you a bit less, although this is close:

    ” Elizabeth Warren feels justified in her scolding because she fervently believes all the things the beautiful people believe, which places her on the side of angels. The anti-whiteness is not the point. It is the embrace of it and the thorough understanding of the language it employs that demonstrates the piety of the person espousing it. They could just as easily hate broccoli as they do whiteness. It is the hate that matters.”

    This is a religion for hyper narcissists, a form of self love for those who love themselves immensely and more than anything else. You are correct that it is neither hypocrisy nor some warped empathy, but ultimately it is mouthing shibboleths to demonstrate purity and how darned special one is. The tranny terrorist’s manifesto cannot be released because it might reflect badly on the worth of those who deify them.

    “As we saw yesterday, for the rest of us, our lives now depend on hating them back.”

    Hating but a necessary and first step and most of us are there. As you write from time to time, it will not end well because these narcissistic jihadis only value one thing, and that is their beloved selves. Our responses eventually will not be optional, and this is why the soundness of the dollar to go back to yesterday cannot be viewed in simple economic terms.

    • To add, there have been instances where fervent, unhinged narcissists such as these have offed themselves and saved everyone the bother, of course. Ours unfortunately have nukes and if they go full Jonestown will try to take out everyone else.

      • “Yes. They don’t hate white people, they hate other white people.”

        Precisely. The white person they love the most is themself. Only when that self is at risk of harm or death or ridicule or condemnation do they back off. It is a bad situation and an unavoidable one.

        • This is all perfectly illustrative of Ed Dutton’s thesis regarding Spiteful Mutants (transsexuals and other mentally ill) in Western Civilization, and the tipping point to which they have pushed some relatively normal people to adopt their madness (as well as the best interests of other ethnic groups), because it appears it is the up-and-coming zeitgeist. Sheep gonna sheep.

          Meanwhile, the rest of the normal group refuses to sign up for the circus, societal trust dissolves, and here we are.

    • Narcissists rarely commit suicide. They idealize when things do not go their way, but they rarely commit suicide. If they did, they are not narcissists. And, by the looks of it, nothing is not going their way.

    • “This is a religion for hyper narcissists”

      Agreed, there is a very religious quality to their beliefs. It is an expressive belief structure where the speaking in tongues is the most important part. Everything else can be waived away in the same manner that John Kerry waives off flying in private jets; he’s smarter than us and doing more than joe blow to help.

      This is a Veblen religion where actions and consistency do not matter – it’s what you’re seen as doing matters. Would you expect any different approach from a group that holds such made up beliefs that drugs and cosmetic surgery can fundamentally alter who you are?

      • John Kerry said the grandees flying private jets to Davos were the hardest-working people he knew. That’s probably true but not in the way he intended.

  51. “These antiwhite scolds are acting from some form of self-loathing.” There may be some truth to that, but mostly, it misses the real problem.

    First of all, the whites doing the anti-white scolding are often “fellow whites,” to a degree that is vastly out of proportion with their numbers.

    Second, the anti-white scolds who are actually white don’t loathe themselves. They loathe traditional whites, whom they see as separate from them, and they see our elimination as a necessary step in their betterment of the world.

    It’s my guess that many of the actual whites who hate us have been incentivized by the economic system and brainwashed by the media to do so. If we had control of the economic system and the media, most of these people would just adapt to that world, because they are mostly selfish conformists.

    Other than the selfish conformists, the most significant problem that we have with actual whites is with the Puritan drive to achieve utopia by forcing everyone to agree with them on whatever causes are fulfilling the role of religion in their lives, like abolition, feminism or race denialism. They believe in collective salvation by crushing all disagreement.

    In conclusion, the anti-whites don’t hate themselves, they just hate us and the reasons for that hate vary depending on whether they are “fellow whites” or selfish conformists. In any case, I agree that there is no reasoning with these people.

    • “Second, the anti-white scolds who are actually white don’t loathe themselves.”

      Yes, they feel quite the opposite. They love themselves far too much and will inflict pain and destruction with impunity to show how much they love themselves. There is an element of sociopathy but even for sociopaths the narcissism is off the charts.

    • I don’t buy the self-loathing, but instead that they believe they are working towards a better society, maybe even a perfect one, where race doesn’t matter. It’s just skin color they say, no different than hair or eye color.

      Their hatred is towards those of us who don’t understand that and instead cling to what they think are backwards and archaic views on race.

      To believe we’re all one race, the human race and to dedicate your life to non-discrimination is their highest virtue. There’s nothing more loathsome than being a (gasp) racist to them.

      If they support antiwhite policies and rhetoric along the way to completing their journey towards equality of all races, that’s just the cost of doing business.

      I’ve described the liberal whites view. As to the “fellow whites” motivation, they have other reasons for the hate.

      • As evil and absurd as the ideological aspect is, that falls short. This is about them alone and their psychopathic sense of self-worth. One thing the CivNats get sorta, kinda right with their DR3 blather is there is no actual empathy or concern for the objects they deify. Of course, DR3 also is the height of stupidity because it misses the point although it inadvertently contains a kernel of truth.

      • Wolf Barney: It really doesn’t matter – to me at least – if someone believes he’s working for a better society or good will toward men. Primarily because people lie all the time and especially to themselves. They will convince themselves of their wonderful intentions and lofty goals while slaughtering White children and destroying nations.

        What matters is both one’s goal and what one does in pursuit of such goals. I advocate many less than pure actions in defense of the White race, and make no apologies for it. But I don’t go around slaughtering others or plot about how to ruin their lives. If I could ‘wish’ them all gone from the earth I would certainly do so, but I feel no need for terror and pain to achieve my wish. Wanting the best for one’s people is natural and admirable, regardless of race. White haters, on the other hand, simultaneously lie and proclaim to believe in one race while promoting their own by hating and harming Whites, rather than improving and uplifting their own people.

        White haters do not seem to me to be motivated by self hatred, but envy and resentment and a desire for status and recognition of their feelings of innate superiority. Fellow (Whites), of course don’t believe there is only one race. Oh, they’ll publicly proclaim that, but words are meaningless especially in this day and age. It’s actions that matter, and everything they do confirms their feelings of superiority and separateness.

        • If I could ‘wish’ them all gone from the earth I would certainly do so,

          Probably the only point with which I disagree. I’m fine with them staying in their own corner of the Earth.

    • Agree. I live around many of these people, and I sense no self-loathing. The actual whites generally remind me of “church-lady” types. They are really believe in their religion, but they also understand that their religion gives them power over other people and status in the community if they’re the most devout.

      They also like belonging to the most powerful religion, which, today, is Wokism. A hundred years ago, they would have been Episcopalians.

      • “They also like belonging to the most powerful religion, which today is Wokism.”

        Semantics. I believe Wokism is a term for the overall effect. The religion specifically is “egalitarianism or equalitarianism” and its bastard step child, “equity”.

  52. The argument here is that Hitler’s hatred for Jews was driven by hating himself for secretly admiring the Jewish people and their cultural outputs.

    Or maybe he became disenchanted with them exactly because he came to know them in the flesh. The famous “gradually, I became to hate them”-quote is preceded by an explanation:

    The more I argued with them the more I learned their dialectic. At first they calculated on the stupidity of their adversary. Then, when they could find no other way out, they played stupid themselves. (…) If you struck such an annihilating blow that, observed by the audience, he had no choice but to agree with you, and thus you thought you had taken one step forward, the next day your amazement would be great. The Jew knew nothing at all about yesterday and repeated his same old twaddle as though nothing had happened; if you angrily challenged him on this, he could not remember a thing other than he had demonstrated the correctness of his assertions on the previous day.

    Many times I stood there astonished. I didn’t know what to be more amazed at: their verbal agility or their art in lying.

    Occam’s razor says that the Nazis who promoted anti-Semitic polices could hate something in the abstract, but also admire it in the particular.

    The Nazis did not hate Jews in the abstract, they hated them for what they had done to Germany, or they simply want them out, because their ethnostate was for Germans only.

      • Martin Luther knew. So did William Shakespeare, Charles Lindbergh, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Benjamin Franklin, maybe General Patton….

    • Agreed. Gottfried may have a blind spot when it comes to the Jews and Hitler. It’s understandable, but it doesn’t mean that we have to agree with it.

      I can understand Hitler’s disillusionment with the Jews. I didn’t know any Jews growing up, so I never developed any view of them outside of thinking of them as just another white ethnic group like Italians or Irish. Getting to know them as an adult, I learned that they were, indeed, an odd group and displayed the characteristics that Hitler and so many others have noted.

      My dislike of them as a group wasn’t born of some self-loathing.

      Likewise, Hitler and the German people didn’t come to despise Jews out of self-loathing but out of a genuine (and understandable) dislike of what Jews had done and were doing to Germany.

      • “I didn’t know any Jews growing up…”

        I don’t hate them, but “hating” and “understanding” are two different things.

        My family moved me to a mostly *ish neighborhood when I was a kid. From an Irish/Italian one. It just happened that way, new development we were early in, then filled out with middle class *ish families.

        In the mid 70’s, all around the same time, 2/3 of the parents of the kids, divorced.

        Turning 16, the *ish kids got brand new cars ‘for their birthday.’

        At one time, baseball cards were like currency for kids. You would bring them to school, compete via “flipping”, or “colors” or “teams”. Getting “swiped” meant you lost all your cards.

        One *ish kid up the street got swiped by me. By the time I got home, his mother had called mine, and my mother made me give him his cards back. If I had lost, he would have kept my cards.

        I look back on that experience and laugh — it was an early form of bail-out. Banksters win, keep money. Lose, get your money via the friends in government they bought.

      • I was in my twenties before I consciously realized that the chosen weren’t an odd variant of Christianity, like the Amish. And for long after that, I was inclined to admire them. When Derb called himself philosemitic in the 2000s, I nodded in agreement.

        Now, I see things differently and I don’t believe that this change is due to irrationality or jealousy, but dispassionate observation of undeniable patterns. Most of them see people like me as their ancient arch nemesis who has committed unforgivable acts against them and there is nothing that I can do about it. My choices are to cower and submit or to resist.

  53. “The argument here is that Hitler’s hatred for Jews was driven by hating himself for secretly admiring the Jewish people and their cultural outputs.”

    This is the same nonsense as the theory that if you are “homophobic” you are secretly gay.

    • If you read Mi Lucha, it seems to put to rest that nonsense. It wuz the noticing that dun it.

  54. Not sure I follow. First, you say that regular people can’t believe that the lunatic leftists really believe what they espouse, and you imply that this is false reasoning. Then you suggest that the reason for their behavior is self-loathing. But in the end, the reason is that it’s all merely a way to justify the position of authority held by mediocrities.

    So it turns out that the normies were correct after all, no? It’s just a scam used by the rulers to justify their control of society.

    • Wut? They do believe this stuff because it justifies their existence. No one says to themselves, “I think I will believe this today because it is profitable.” People believe for reasons they do not understand or even consider.

      • Have to agree with Z here (though I do not agree they are self loathing). Consider the person who wins the lottery and says, “This is a reward for my tough life.” Consider what this person’s belief, unconscious though it is, actually is. They believe that God specifically selected them for a reward in the form of the lottery. Notice that this is simply an assumption that, while unconscious on their part, completely affects how they interpret a situation. Read Crane’s “The Open Boat” for this issue regarding Providence or mortality.
        Beliefs are most often unexamined, but their impacts are quite real.

        • “Have to agree with Z here (though I do not agree they are self loathing).”

          My take on these types is that they are smug.

        • If God wants you to win the lottery, you will win the lottery.

          If God does not want you to win the lottery, you will not win the lottery.

          If God is indifferent to you winning the lottery, your chances are 1 in 2,345,467,348 like the rest of us.

      • Yeah, that’s the whole point. They only believe it because it’s in their interest to do so, so it is rooted in utility. They don’t really believe in it, because if the dominant “narrative” changed, they’d changed their views to go along with it.

        And don’t give me that “wut?” stuff. If you can’t be polite, don’t expect people to comment on your site.

        • It’s what one makes of the comment that gives insult. “Wut” to me appeared very mild and was in no way insulting. Ease up Steamer. If Z-man gets his dander up, you’ll know it. 😉

  55. Outside of government hacks, there is an entire Ytoob genre of hipsters going to impoverished parts of the USA and ‘reporting’ on what they find.

    From their POV, which is the sneering, opposite of empathy,

    • The predates YT. For example, New England college kids once would go to Appalachia to perform good work. They were quite amused by the zoo animals they encountered and share their experiences gleefully. Technology has accelerated their fun.

  56. “Listen, and understand. Those Cloud People are out there. They can’t be bargained with. They can’t be reasoned with. They don’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And they absolutely will not stop, ever…until all of the Dirt People are dead.”


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