Critical Lunacy Studies

When I was on the RamZPaul Show, he asked about something and we ended up talking about the lunacy of the age. If you take a step back, it is as if the people in charge are putting on a show. It is supposed to be ridiculous. They are killing time with this stuff to entertain each other. We just happen to be seeing it, but the whole point of it is to keep the Cloud People entertained.

Therefore, the best response from normal people is to laugh at it, maybe just shrug and ignore it if possible. Back when I was just starting out, this was what a few managers decided to do when we were sent off to sensitivity training. This is what they called diversity training back in the before times. They decided to do the absolute minimum in the training class and show it no respect.

One of them brought a newspaper and another one had a paperback. They sat in the back and read while the African guy did his thing at the front. Having a fresh off the boat African do the training was a bad choice, as he struggled to read his lines. He kept looking to the back of the room where the rebels were ignoring him. He never said anything to them, and the class ended without incident.

Of course, it is hard to ignore what is going on, but that does not mean we have to treat it with respect or pretend it is serious. A pervert in your kid’s school is serious, but his make-believe nonsense about gender is not serious. Anyone playing along with it deserves to be mocked and ridiculed. Laughing in the face of someone announcing their pronouns is the revolutionary act of this age.

People on our side get vexed with Tucker for not going hard, but his best weapon is the Tucker face he uses when mocking these people. The same is true of Elon Musk, who shows signs of sanity, but never looks too long in our direction. Him being a billionaire shit-poaster is the best he can do, and he does real damage to the people demanding the dissidents get censured by big tech.

In other words, they are the best they can do. In an age when things will have to get much worse before there is an opportunity to change things, the best you can do is immiserate the people in charge. When their best weapon is menticide, your best weapon is a healthy attitude and indifference to their tricks. Lunatics hate being mocked as much as they hate being ignored.

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185 thoughts on “Critical Lunacy Studies

  1. Make scrotums manly again! We need more “scrotum studies” stories to go along with Xirl science and contributions from DEI/CRT “scholars”.

  2. Laughing or enraging wouldn’t change anything.

    They won, we lost. Simple like that.
    Blackpill? Absolutely yes.
    But it don’t matter.
    All conscious people have to build their life to be ready for escape. Money, heath, network relationship, etc.
    Helping ourselves, helping the ones we care about.

    Not a 100% Blackpill, that said. As a Christian, I strongly think a) God will triumph at the end, and b) this crazy ugly leftist society is not sustainable at reasonably middle term
    Even if nuclear fusion, biotech or AI could produce gigatons of wealth, wokist societies have no future.

    • (oh, and I forgot to add : since I’m Blackpilled*, I’m a lot more relax, cool and happy. I watch that now as a reality show particularly cringy)

      *it annoy me to use this kind of words, bc I consider Matrix movies as bullshit masturbation.

  3. For those who still adhere to the belief that we can talk our way out of the mess we’re in (i.e. persuasion-based remedies), there is an excellent blog post up at (Larry Johnson’s blog) with a guest commentary written by a PhD in psychology that details the mechanics of self-delusion and why it is largely immune to external verbal remedy. Bottom line – brain wiring is hard to alter without a severe and persistent external stimulus to motivate change. IOW, if you are only getting a single meal every other day, you are not likely to fret about putting a tampon dispenser in the boys bathroom because “transgender rights.”

    • Larry Johnson and Andreï Clownovich Martyanov are, indeed, expert in self-delusion.

      When I polluted my mind reading their “work”, I felt like if I was in a reverse MSNBC

  4. I listen to Z’s show in the car in two segments on the weekends since I have to drive a route that takes just about 30 minutes on Saturday and Sunday late at night. I notice that this scrotum stuff is in the show but not the essay. I usually look forward to listening but this weekend, hmmm…. I’ll still listen but I’m gonna be cringing until I’m past that part!

  5. Just finished the podcast, and I have a question.

    After listening to this litany of the breadth and depth of the insanity afflicting the USA and EU, is there any realistic remedy that does not require a wholesale collapse as the initiator of redemption? IOW, what other realistic alternative might actually succeed in getting us back to a place of sanity and normalcy?

    Mind you, as our host has spoken, there is no reasoning with people this deluded or stupid as to make scrotum appearance an issue of governmental imperative. We have major public works (roads, bridges, sewer systems, flood control levees, etc.) that are in horrendous disrepair; but someone in government service has prioritized scrotum aesthetics over these essentials.

    God help us.

    • Any “fast” collapse that could accomplish that probably requires rubble. Lots and lots of rubble. Otherwise I think we’re talking decades. The kind of collapse that looks fast in the history books but not in real time.

    • Yes, there is a solution (of a sort) that does not require a complete collapse, plus it has the advantage that individuals can implement it on their own without waiting for a political leader to step up. It’s actually quite simple. I’m going to sound like a broken record, because I’ve mentioned it many times before, but hopefully it will start sinking in.

      The solution: Disengage from consumerism and pay off your debt. The simple expedient of getting out of debt engages the enemy on every front simultaneously.

      First, it cuts off the source of their social power over you. The only reason that the HR ladies and DIE instructors are held in such fear is because they can “cancel” you, which in practical terms means causing you to lose your job. Their power is not some new and mysterious occult force, it’s really just the power of the purse—same as it ever was. The best way to beat them is to do what Russia did and disengage. If you pay off your mortgage, your car, and don’t have a bunch of monthly credit card bills coming due, that’s like having FU money. They can’t intimidate you because you don’t need them anymore. That freedom opens up immense possibilities for you and your family.

      Second, it starts drying up the slush funds. One of the most important revelations of recent years, and one that few people are talking about, is the extent to which the financial system acts as a giant money launderer for woke causes. SVB and FTX were up to the gills in funneling money to Ukraine and BLM and God knows what else, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. But this kind of unaccountable financial system cannot exist without financial repression; it thrives on suppressed interest rates and inflation. Just imagine what would happen if we all stopped turning over our money to these institutions. They would all collapse. If we turned every bank in SVB, no more money for the wokesters.

      Third, living within your means reduces the power of “woke” corporations. I’m not talking about things like boycotting Bud Lite, although that should certainly be done as well. I’m talking about superseding the whole notion of the publicly traded corporation, which is really an idea whose time has gone and will not be viable in the future. The things we really need in life—i.e. foodstuffs, energy, and chemicals—have extremely cheap, unbranded, wholesale solutions that do not require you to go through a bevy of corporate middlemen who put woke ad campaigns above core competence. The trick is in learning to think of things solely in their material significance rather than as branded, hyper-realistic corporate logos. If Cheerios is basically wheat flour, then just buy wheat flour. Buy it by the 100lb sack and feed your family for six months for the price of a single trip to the grocery store. Make everything generic.

      Every citizen should do what he can to keep interest rates up, inflation down, and corporations out. We have it within our power to do so, by our own decisions and actions. This is how you take back your freedom.

      • Everything you have said is wise and good advice, but as our host has said in regard to Libertarianism, it can only work in a world inhabited by nerdy white guys with high IQs. Ditto for your invocation of pioneer thriftiness and financial prudence. It can only work in a largely homogeneous Caucasian nation with strong moral fortitude and work ethic. History will eventually record that at least 10 million illegals have entered the US in the past few years, and that is no trivial impact. And a slow decline means that we fail in slow motion like the frog in the pot where the temperature is being raised a degree at a time and he never tries to jump out until its too late. I don’t think passive abstinence alone is a realistic solution.

        • Hi TomA,

          Thank you for your reply. I just wanted to say that there is a lot more going on behind my theory than just “passive abstinence.” I am essentially talking about waging a financial war against the powers that be. This is the real struggle. The Deep State doesn’t thrive on racial issues or sexual identity issues; it thrives on financial repression. This is the sole source of its power. For decades it has been waging a financial war against the ordinary citizens who did not even know what was happening to them. Now we know.

          The Z-man is always talking about a quest for a new morality. Well, I disagree with the use of that term because there is no such thing as a new morality. Morality simply is what it is. However, I understand the import behind the term and I understand what drives the desire to talk about it. The way to actualize Z-man’s “new morality” in real life is to demand a culture of hard currency and sober valuations. This puts a reality check on governments and businesses and eliminates a lot of the nonsense.

          The first step is reducing overall debt loads. Nothing will be accomplished until we wrest back from government the power to print money without consequences. The market itself is our ally in this if we learn how to make use of it. It will not do to say that it all depends on high IQ people. Every battle, every endeavor worth doing, depends on will, intellect, organization, and effort. If we foreswear those, we’ve given up everything. Yes, leaders need to lead the way, but we don’t lack for those.

          The financial war is both winnable and necessary. It is paramount to wage it, to help people understand it, and to concentrate our efforts there.

          • At the root, your plan is to attempt to persuade others that they should wage a covert action against the corrupt elites using a specific financial strategy to defeat them. But what if most Americans are not persuadable and just carry on with their head in the sand? This is the same problem with voting harder, it relies upon the wishful thinking that an epidemic of sanity will break out and the herd will change direction based some magic words of persuasion.

            I don’t think human nature works that way. People tend to stick with the status quo as long as they remain comfortable in their personal lives. Only a change in environment (collapse and return of real hardship) will shake them up enough to alter their behavior.

          • Intelligent Dasein, TomA,

            Kudos to both of you for this discussion of the theoretical/meta, and the practical implications thereof and conduct of life that flows from this. Each of you have your points, but instead of cancelling each other out, resulting in a Mexican standoff, ways forward that take into account each of your insights can issue.

            Thank you both, and thank you, Zman for sparking such dialogues.

          • Would you include checking of the work force as much as possible, too? Seems like there is a lot of that going on.

      • It also requires a good woman to do all the cooking….

        ps–it has arrived in my small town, today at the local grocery store, a tiny Central American woman (Maya or Inca looking) approaching all the (white only) shoppers in the parking lot with a printed card saying I have no work papers and need money (not groceries understand–MONEY) for rent and food and I have 2 children. This while her team leader watched closely from inside her car.

    • haven’t there been myriad periods of societal “madness” throughout history? it seems like they don’t often lead to full collapse. the boomers dying off will have a salutary effect on AINO, and ironically the mud people are mostly immune to the current madness. to my mind TPTB are misplaying their hand very badly, and undermining their hold on power with every hare brained decision they make. what comes next will be very different than peak America, but I really don’t see a nightmare scenario unfolding either.

      • “what comes next will be very different than peak America, but I really don’t see a nightmare scenario unfolding either”

        I truly am undecided on that last point. Most of Europe over time manifested as intact nation-states and eventually thrived after the Roman collapse (admittedly not a precise analogy), and this very well could happen here regionally, but the modern leadership, ironically, is far more barbaric. It is shaping up to be quite the ride regardless of how it shakes out. Whether for good or bad, those driving this crazy train doesn’t know what happens after it derails, either. Every day the ad hoc nature of the lunacy becomes more apparent.

  6. To paraphrase Leon Trotsky, “You may not be interested in Woke politics, but Woke politics is interested in you.”

  7. “At the age of fourteen, a Zoroastrian named Vilma ritualistically shaved my testicles. There really is nothing like a shorn scrotum…it’s breathtaking — I suggest you try it.”

  8. The WSJ reporter’s background is laughably suspicious. No surprise, his Early Life is exactly what you’d think, but his parents emigrated from Russia and he grew up in Princeton, NJ. So, Russian Jews for parents and he’s around Princeton. Hmm.

    And then, there’s his career path.

    He graduated from Bowdoin in 2014. Just two years later, he’s writing articles for the New York Times. I’ve known people in the reporting business who worked for decades to get into places like the NYT or WaPo. This guys is writing for the NYT at 24.

    He then goes to the Moscow Times, which isn’t crazy given his background but still, makes you wonder. He then goes to work for the French news agency while remaining in Russia. And then to the WSJ in 2022.

    This guy screams intelligence. He might not be an actual intelligence agent, but he’s certainly been working with them for a long time.

  9. “Therefore, the best response from normal people is to laugh at it, maybe just shrug and ignore it if possible.”

    You can’t ignore it, because it won’t ignore you. It’s coming for you and yours—and that’s not simply by accident.

    Today’s rave in conservative circles are two transgender affirmation incidents which now have made the news. One, Washington State has coded into law that the State may affirm/provide transgenderism and transition care to children without parental consent—nor even notification. Two, a women from somewhere, I forget, poignantly tells the tale of her 11 yo daughter who was guided into transition by her primary school counselor and nurse in secret. The child fortunately finally told her mother what had occur after months of it being fostered and hidden by the school.

    I believe these incidents to be true and increasingly common. You’re right, I can laugh it off—when it happens to the “other guy”. But when it happens to my family, laughter changes to rage—as it should for all those who would attack your family.

    • Right. The ones who push this evil demand attention. I can avoid it, some can minimize it, but for most it is a constant in their lives and the choices are either to submit or resist, often at high costs. As psychotic as transgenderism is, it has proved a powerful tool in the hands of totalitarians.

  10. In Elon Musk’s interview with that BBC stooge, he did what so many on the cuck right refuse to do, and that is fight the idea that the left has the right to dictate reality (“misinformation”) and that it has the assumed moral high ground. He challenged the very idea that the BBC is an authority on what reality is and that they have the right to determine what we can and cannot say and think. And as you saw, the guy had absolutely no counter. He was absolutely flummoxed, had absolutely nothing to say, because he has operated with these assumptions his entire career, it is like oxygen. That’s the only way to combat these people, you cannot concede a single point to them. One of the easiest points to not concede has to have been that a person can be born “in the wrong body” and need a lifetime of medical intervention and drugs to “correct” it, but sure enough, as as soon as it got going, the NR posted an op-ed talking about the conservative case for transgender, and, unfortunately, the entire cuckservative crowd operates along the framework of that op-ed.

    • What Elon does, and this is not hard even for those of us with little rhetorical skill and experience, was to ask a couple of simple questions: “How do you define…?” and “Can you provide a specific example of this?”

      The BBC interviewer was not prepared for this simple response. He was used to interviewees accepting his premises and going on the defensive. Elon Musk went on the *offensive* instead and attacked the stooge’s premises thus leaving the BBC stooge defenseless. He then followed that jab with the knockout blow, “You don’t know what you’re talking about do you?”

      If there had been a referee (in this case a moderator) he’d have counted out the BBC stooge and changed the subject (hate speech on Twitter).

      The irony here is that it was the *same* BBC that sent another stooge to interview another intellect far above her ability. That intellect was Jordan Peterson and the BBC stooge some women whose name I forget. You can Google the interview. It’s famous. The situation was slightly different in that the BBC stooge tactic here was to attempt to reframe JP’s responses to support her implicit assertions. JP was having none of that and continued to simply say, “That’s not what I said…”. 😉

      • It was a two-sided trap in that he would either have no examples, or even worse, he had examples (and probably lame ones) but could never bring himself to repeat them.

  11. Is the rest of the world pandering to the delusions of the western elite? What happens when they realise that the rest of the world isn’t buying their BS and won’t play their game anymore?

    It should make for some interesting times.

    • What happens then is BRICS, Saudi Arabia selling oil in Yuans, India and Japan ignoring sanctions and importing more Russian oil…

    • The country I know the most “based” types in is Japan, and their impression is that their government/etc. is trying *very hard* to succumb to America—the present-day globohomo one, not the older one that Japanese people think well of—but the masses minimally resist it, just barely enough, for now.

      From outside I think their recent shot upward in obesity stats means they’ve lost. And their media is almost fully Westernized. It’s aesthetically superior, not all loud and stupid, but 20th century PBS/NPR weren’t loud and stupid either.

      Also, when Abe was murdered, no “Abe party” was formed in his memory, and the one legitimately famous Japanese person I know was SCARED TO DEATH to say that Abe being shot in the street was bad. She just took a few days off.

  12. Worked on the geriatric unit of a hospital early in my working life. Saw many elderly scrotums while on the job. That descriptor of “least ugly” is so apt. Reminds me of an old camp song we used to sing as teenagers, regarding body parts hanging low. Thanks for the hearty laugh, Zman!

  13. I had been the Marine Reserves (and one war) for 4 years when I had to sit through the first sexual harassment training in 1993. Everyone was laughing and joking – even the Master Sergeant teaching it didn’t take it seriously other than to keep us out of trouble when around females.

    Thirty year later I bet those classes are taught by true believers and nobody would dare laugh or joke,

    • First they have to get their foot in the door, then, they can let their demons run wild.

      The main error is accepting their contention that “sexism” is wrong.

      • Call it the camel’s nose under the tent-flap, the slippery slope, or whatever–bottom line, Leftism must be rejected and punished maximally the moment it is descried. One iota of tolerance for it produces utter ruination down the road.

    • Same experience in corporate world. It’s deadly serious now.

      Worse than not joking: your best strategy to to agree and amplify with total sincerity.

    • “Everyone was laughing and joking….Thirty year later I bet those classes are taught by true believers and nobody would dare laugh or joke”

      This is exactly why Zman’s advice to “laugh at it” is so terrible.

      You either get angry and fight now, or you submit in humiliation in the future when your back is against the wall

  14. They don’t want the same of number cars on the road that we have now. That is the biggest part of the electric push and making auto ownership more expensive. None of them have thought through the capacity problems you mentioned either. I would say it is a split between true believer green zealots and elites who just want less time sitting in traffic.

    • That’s exactly what I thought. An electric car costs like $65k on average. I don’t think there’s any ability for poor people to buy a used beater electric car since the cost is all in the battery, and an old lithium battery is near useless. You ever try to use an old laptop without it being plugged in? Worn out laptop batteries hold charge for maybe an hour tops.

      This is all kinds of winning for the elites. No more traffic, urban poor are more or less trapped where they live and can knife each other on the bus, and the rural poor are driven from their homes to live among the urban poor and be miscegenated.

      • They don’t care about poor people and their transportation needs. Remember, before EV’s, Obama had his “clunker” destruction program. Paying premium prices for workable used cars to be destroyed. Those cars were in the price category that the poor could afford. The dilemma was brought up at the time. The response,’Let them use public transport’.

      • moving away from the internal combustion engine guarantees a severe reduction in cloudland population. it also guarantees the breakup of AINO into independent regions.

    • An under-noticed elite/”elite” motivation: never wanting to encounter the rest of us, and especially not any evidence of our *individual* existence.

      You invisibly packed into a train like livestock is a vision of civilization, but you in your car that you picked out yourself—maybe you even customized it LIKE A HICK LOSER—and are driving to who knows where, is an insufferable affront.

      Apply to housing, schooling, masking, “small gatherings,” the internet when it still had people on it, 23 brands of deodorant, the Rural Purge, etc. etc.

      Everything that even minimally reflects you has to go.

  15. ZMan that Ya’Ke reference is priceless. I am having a look at his Bachelors of Brochure Readiness Arts alma mater – University of The Incarnate Word.

    They have a preparedness and response guide for Covid-19 and Monkeypox. It has regular updates on Influenza, Covid-19 and Monkeypox.

    Oh no! Du’Uh Donkonkwo has a cold! Excuse him from class, give him an A for the semester and center his picture on the Health Bravery and Heroism brochure! Acknowledge the seriousness of the flu and send an email to every student’s birthing-person-and-sleeping-quarters-custodians that we are doing everything we can to ensure the psychological and physical safety of all of our communities in the face of this flu-season.

    That is an A+ find. You earned a weekend free of all news sources for that one. Amazing!

  16. Great segment, Zman! I actually agree with almost everything that black professor says about discrimination/DEI. There *is* entrenched racial discrimination today. WHITE people are insulted, marginalized, excluded from desirable positions, and generally treated as second-class citizens. It’s particularly galling that this happens in countries that white people either dominated from time immemorial as their ancestral homelands, or founded for themselves and their posterity. We definitely need a reform movement to take the oppressors’ boots off the necks of hard-working, blameless whites.

  17. What three words first come to mind when thinking about scrotal self-regard?

    (Please visualize context that induces a feeling of positive scrotum security.)

    1. Stately
    2. Munificent
    3. Ferrous

  18. The worst part of the Gaia worshiping crowd is that they never want to outlaw anything, they want to price the middle class out of middle class life. That is the point of the electric car stuff. The wealthy will get to drive around in their 150k electric cars and everyone else takes the bus. Or they put a “carbon tax” on jet fuel so the wealthy can continue to fly around on their private jets while we take the train. They want to do this with meat too. Or price people out of heat so we can live in ze pod eating ze bugs and ze Soylent Green chips. while they continue to live in mansions and dining on meats.

    • Well, well, well…
      Guess who just discovered lithium deposits at the Salton Sea in California? (A desert scrub region between the Mojave desert and Palm Springs.)

      See you at the mines, comrade

      (Think I’m kidding? At Yuma, down by the Mexican border, there was a second dam built concurrent with the famous Hoover dam by Nevada, during the Great Depression. This one wasn’t trumpeted in the papers, though; the working conditions at this WPA camp were so brutal thousands were felled by heatstroke, dysentery, and short rations. They were housed in tents in the desert.)

      • Can you imagine Kamala’s glee at the thought of directing the work camps?! Prison labor was her forte in California.

      • I used to walk on sidewalks laid down by the WPA at my old university. There was a labor camp in the nearby mountain for the WPA folk building access roads up the mountain. Still exists today and attracts tourists. It looked to me like a Boy Scout camp, rather than a prison.

        What I always remembered about such times was the difference between then and now. In those days, men down and out scrambled for such job as welfare was scarce and looked down upon. Now welfare is a civil right and “workfare” is deemed a racist insult.

        Gawd, I hate this society.

        • I used to hike the trails in a PA tourist attractions called the Grand Canyon of PA. There is a whole system of trails going up and down the mountains on both sides collectively called the Turkey Trail. It was built by the WPA in the 30s. There’s lots of neat stuff like that from the era.

  19. Good show.

    I was just thinking the other day how I have an instinctive revulsion to regime media now. I was forced to watch TV in a waiting room, and it was like a saw buzzing through my consciousness the entire time.

    I guess it’s a good thing – we are apparently immune to the standard regime brainwashing techniques through the idiot box.

    It’s important to not completely tune out though, because the idiot box is still an important insight into what the enemies are thinking, planning, and doing.

    Thanks Zman for reading some news so that I can hear about stuff through a mediator instead of having to read the fake news on a regular basis.

  20. This is very good advice, and it’s a course of action I’ve followed for some time now. And actually, it’s not just a weapon against the Insane Clowns, it’s a periapt against their madness. Engaging with Insane Clown World is a recipe for mental illness. Ignoring it, to the best of one’s ability, is psychologically salubrious. Don’t let the maniacs pull you into their insane asylum.

  21. Great podcast today. Zman adds to the woe of the ageing white man.
    Male pattern baldness. High blood pressure. Cholesterol. Grey hair. IRA balance. Alimony. Woke. Boomerang kids.
    And now we have to worry about the aesthetics of our scrotums.

    Oh the humanity…….

    • Think you got it bad?

      So here I was, a 15-year old kid, stocking the bar after school during happy hour. I was, to be honest, something of a late bloomer.

      The regulars were all there, railroaders, ranchers, and cowboys, drinking their Coors, eagerly awaiting the daily ritual.

      The daily ritual consisted of old Ed, the barkeep, sidling up to me and asking in a loud voice:

      “So, kid, how they hanging? One lower than the other?”

  22. Musk handled the BBC guy completely wrong. What he should have done was called the police on him for trespassing. From what I understand, this BBC clown showed up at Twitter unannounced and demanded an interview.

    If it was planned and he didn’t show up unannounced, Musk is a tool. He should not be giving free content to enemy outlets. This is a lesson nobody seems to be able to learn.

    • Well, I guess they won’t do that again. 🙂

      That’s makes it even better because Musk was calm, cool, and collected. And ready, more than ready. This stuff has been on his mind for awhile that’s for sure.

      • He got a meme out of it, while BBC got a show out of it. They get legitimacy out of it. They monetized it.

        There is absolutely ZERO benefit to doing interviews with the lying press.

  23. At a family gathering on my wife’s side I met a woman who is getting a PhD in Educational Leadership.

    It will probably come as a shock to you, but she said her son was “special needs”. In this case, like many, special needs meant he acted like a boy, and when she put all her academic training into raising him, he just got annoyed.

    • Ph.D. in educational leadership–oh boy. Doubtless a woman who is stupid but imagines her doctorate will hide the fact.

      • She will demand that everyone address her as “Doctor” for sure.

        I’ve dealt with these people…unfortunately.

      • ‘Pray for the son. He has to deal with his mom.’

        My first thought too. My second thought, where is dad to protect his son from empowered PhD mom. Oh wait yeah, there’s dad! On the bottom of the boot of mom’s State.

        Soon Ms. PhD phembot will be slicing off junior’s manparts in an effort to boost status standing with the Hive. Doing her part to save the world and Gaia.

    • Special Needs seems to be the follow on to the moniker, “Special Ed” of perhaps 40 years ago. Back then in our largest school district, the percentage of SpecEd students in k-12 began to grow dramatically. It became the catch all for any student hard to manage or for that matter simply falling behind. At one point, the number of such students labeled began to exceed double digits. Finally, the legislature (IIRC) put a limit/cap of 9% of enrollment to be allowed this classification.

  24. Say and think what you want about Tucker (Cucker) Carlson, but he also used his sneering ‘Tucker face’ to denigrate white identity, which was not only disgusting, cowardly, and traitorous, but completely unnecessary — if asked about it, he could simply have said that given the fact all other races are allowed to pursue their own collective self-interest, it was understandable in today’s political climate where Whites are constantly scapegoated (‘white privilege’, ‘institutional racism’, etc), and are fast becoming a minority — instead Carlson gave aid and comfort to the enemies of Whites, as well as moral cover to anti-white sentiment by describing white identity as a ‘Nazi idea’.

    I won’t forget it, and neither should you.

    • And he would have been fired. In order for him to remain on the air he has to do the ceremonial dance with regards to race and identity. You may not like it, but that is reality. Demanding Tucker get fired to make a point that will be forgotten in an hour is stupid and why we cannot have nice things.

      • You’re exactly right, but what we need, now or later, is a martyr. And that means somebody with a huge megaphone who uses it to call out the negroes and Jews, and to champion white identitarianism. He must then not only refuse to apologize, but reiterate his offending points a fortiori. Being publicly devoured by lions is powerful hoodoo.

        I know, I know–easy for me to sit here and request somebody else suffer on behalf of our movement, but it really does need to happen eventually.

        • Lol. That would just be career suicide by Tucker. He would be forgotten in an hour and replaced by Nikki Haley.

          You don’t charge a tank with a bayonet.

          He walks the line. It’s not unreasonable to suspect that he may lean a little more towards our side than he admits on air.

        • We have our martyrs. Too many to list. Nothing happened. E.g. Lavoy Finnicum and every person fired from their job or harassed by a woke mob for wrongthink. Hell, Don Imus is a martyr for you.
          Take Macduff (from Macbeth). Macduff could have stayed with his wife and kids. He would have been slaughtered with them, martyred, but accomplishing nothing. Instead, he went to England and formed a coalition to overthrow Macbeth.

          • I’m talking about martyrs who can also get our message out to all and sundry. Lavoy Finnicum doesn’t remotely qualify. Hell, even Z-man doesn’t.

        • “… but what we need, now or later, is a martyr.”

          Really? We don’t know how to recognize (and therefore handle) a martyr. At least it seems we either ignore such or jump on the band wagon and help to martyr him.

          Point Z-man was making. We want our saviors, pure and unsullied. Of course, the last perfect man died 2000 years ago. Trump, Jorden Peterson, Tucker, and so forth. All suffered greatly punching in the right direction. None were deemed good enough of a symbol for the cause due to one perceived defect or another and therefore ineligible to become a symbol of martyrdom.

          The Left doesn’t give a shit. A scumbag like George Floyd is as easily accepted into their Pantheon of Martyrs as was MLK. As long as they are useful. There’s a lesson there I think.

          • Goid gosh, well said, Compsci.

            Better the misfits in the Dirty Dozen than feted by perfumed nonces. The Foreign Legion, after all, is composed of guys who *really* fuqt up.

          • (PS- I had a French “uncle” in the actual Legion; when I asked him about Africa, he just gave me black scowl and said not a word.)

          • Trump, Peterson and Tucker never came close to enunciating the message I mentioned. That is what must happen. Preach the unalloyed gospel of race realism for everybody to hear, and then be burned at the stake (hopefully, not literally) for speaking the truth. Two things are thus accomplished. First, everybody hears something terribly important that they’re not even supposed to think. Second, the messenger goes down as a selfless hero. Both lead to dissident converts. And probably a great many. Alas, heroism seems well and truly dead in AINO.

          • “Preach the unalloyed gospel of race realism for everybody to hear, and then be burned at the stake”

            Ostei, you simply do not understand/accept Z-man’s retort. The time and conditions for such are not now. Such folk are quickly demonized, silenced, and eliminated like a fart in the wind.

            There are any number of folk, like the present example of Carlson who push the limits and live to fight another day. They change minds. Your method won’t—*at this time*.

        • Like Kanye West? He called out the jews and now…crickets. Whatever happened to him, anyway? Some say he’s languishing in a mental hospital against his will. i really have no idea. Does anybody else?

      • Tucker has been disappointing, of late. Aside from the Shaman stuff (which admittedly got the guy out of jail) there has been nothing else from the J6 footage. That means either there is nothing to see, or Fox is preventing it from being shown, under threat of litigation and/or prosecution.

        Got to hand it to McCarthy. By giving the footage to Tucker, and only to Tucker, he created a choke point to which pressure could be selectively applied. If the footage leaks, they will know where it came from. It was a trap, and Tucker walked right into it.

        Also, he has been much more bellicose towards the Chinese than towards Russia. Aside from the ancient grudge of the neocons, the rest of the Deep State doesn’t care where it gets its next war, so long as it gets one.

        Mouthing platitudes is annoying, but unfortunately necessary, in his case.

        • Carlson didn’t just ‘mouth platitudes’ — in the face of anti-white rhetoric and an anti-white tenor throughout the mainstream media, as well as the looming threat of Whites becoming a demographic minority, he said white collective self-interest was a ‘Nazi idea’ — did you somehow miss that?

        • Sorry, I’m multiposting

          Good catch, Tarl Cabot, that’s a sharp eye you’ve got re the trap. He’s walking in a field of landmines.

      • >And he would have been fired.

        Sorry, but if you think Carlson, after everything he’s already said and done on the air, ‘would have been fired’ for simply saying, after being asked about the topic, that white identity was understandable considering today’s political climate, then you’re deluded — saying it is understandable is not the same as expressing sympathy for it.

        Obviously, calling it a ‘Nazi idea’ was shameful, as well as completely unnecessary, as I said — instead of blandly countersignaling, you should have acknowledged, and should now still be willing to acknowledge, both of those straightforward points.

    • He’s Episcopalian. In real life.
      It takes them a bit more time…
      the gears turn really

      • Given the years of anti-white rhetoric and the general anti-white tenor commonly found in the mainstream media today, there has already been plenty of time, and there is no longer any reason to tolerate such rhetoric (‘Nazi idea’) from white men, even Tucker Carlson — one can appreciate other things he has done and is doing and still condemn him here.

        I think the Asian parents who sued to stop affirmative action are indirectly doing more to help Whites concretely than Carlson has done or perhaps ever will do — the very least he can do is not call white collective self-interest a ‘Nazi idea’.

        • Feels like betrayal, doesn’t it?

          Pacem, friend, please remember, my generation was absolutely drowned in anti-Nazi themes, it was like the water we breathed.

          Now, I’m all
          *Seig Heil
          *White Pride Worldwide
          *Avenge all that they have done to us

          but still, to hear an echo from my past is only an irritant– a reminder that mine are but a smaller echo chamber, that normie still speaks in a dated dialect.

          Forgive them their trespasses, harden your heart against burden. Don’t let the b*stards get you down.

          Some are on a lower step, they aren’t yet where you’re at. But, they are on the same stairs.

  25. “Anyone playing along with it deserves to be mocked and ridiculed. Laughing in the face of someone announcing their pronouns is the revolutionary act of this age.”

    There are two major problems with this. 1) for a LOT of people, your ability to hold gainful employment is not only dependent upon “playing along with it,” but enthusiastically supporting it. It’s literally Soviet, if you stop clapping first at Stalin’s speech you have made yourself a marked man, and 2) Joe Griller and the normies are stupid enough and sheeplike enough to shrug and say “Yeah, I’m good with it.”

    On the day of the Nashville Christian school shooting by the transgender, the local (((NHL))) team held it’s Gay Pride night. The coach wore his Pride lapel pin with the transgender triangle on the lapel of his suitcoat in the postgame press conference. Every one of the players was a red-blooded white heterosexual boy who know damn well that if he wanted to keep playing in the Big League the thing to do was to STFU and don his Pride jersey celebrating man-on-man anal.

    The game was sold out. The stupid fat slobs waddled with their children in tow to pay $20 for fifty cents worth of draft beer and watch the spotlights shine gay rainbow colors on the ice. Nobody protested, nobody objected, and the media covered it as if it were as normal as Grandma having an apple pie baking contest at the county fair.

    Yeah, I mock it and laugh at it. But then again, I got fired from the last shitty job I had for accidentally “misgendering” a transgender.

    The only way to mock or ignore this stuff is to check out of society completely, and accept that you are going to forfeit money and status as part of the “terms and conditions” of doing so.

    • You. Got. Fired. For. Mis…

      Fuqit. You know that whatever they inject to put dogs down? We need some black market veterinarians over on this side, stet.

    • Parallel societies brother, parallel societies. I keep harping on this. It isn’t easy, but if you want to live the way YOU want to live, I agree, you have to check out.

      • Agree. I don’t really see it as checking out.

        It’s more like taking on an active role, shaping the future that we hope to see.

        The checked out ones are the people cheering on sports, and being brainwashed by the TV every day, idly accepting whatever is given to them by the regime.

    • Retirement is close enough to my lips that I can taste it.

      Though, if it’s going the way it looks, even retirement won’t be an option for most of us.

      • once you retire, you won’t be spending much time worrying about those still in harness.

    • Yeah laughing at getting stomped doesn’t cut it for me. Here and there I can manage a bit of forbearance and ‘cheek turning’ but I would not count on that.

      Complete withdrawal of my presence, aid, and relationship from New Amerika was required. And, of course, making it clear daily to God’s enemies in the U.S. and elsewhere that I am against them.

      It’s about endurance and patience these days, while the chaff gathers itself into nice manageable clots that can readily be torched. Until then, the coal burns hot inside. My turn always comes. This time around will be no exception.

    • Xman

      Best post of the month. The only people I know who don’t realize how horrid this shit is are people who work for themselves, so they can’t comprehend the reality that there’s a stasi diversity officer paid to ruin your life.

      You are exactly right. It’s not enough to not openly oppose the degenerates, you must love them. What I’ve found is that it accomplishes only one thing. Hatred is now ratcheted up. The few others like me are so angry they’re hanging onto their sanity by a thread.

      • To paraphrase Saml Adams, many moons ago:

        From tolerate
        To celebrate
        To particip*klik-klik-BOOM*

    • A few players have said “no”.

      Eric and Marc Staal, due to “Christian values”. Both old and almost done their careers. Financially set for life I’m sure.

      James Reimer, a Mennonite. Also pretty much at the end of his career, although I suspect his refusal is due to truly religious commitment rather than political reasons covered up by religion like the Staals.

      Other than that, a handful of Russian players have refused. They can go play in the KHL (Russian Hockey League) at any time and make millions there. They probably don’t care that much if they get kicked out of the NHL, and most return to Russia after their careers anyways.

      Quite brave actions from a small number of players. Pretty much all of them have nothing to lose though. And Reimer would be okay with simply returning to his Mennonite commune in Manitoba instead of playing hockey.

      What have we learned? Self sufficiency and community is important.

    • Sounds like Nashville is being set up to be another Austin, so none of that is surprising.

      “The only way to mock or ignore this stuff is to check out of society completely, and accept that you are going to forfeit money and status as part of the “terms and conditions” of doing so.”

      FWIW: Not that bad. I don’t have an extra piece of paper, and I’m not a prof. Probably would’ve been run out by now, anyway. I didn’t start life with a small mortgage, got to wear many hats (large ones) and learn many practical skills, learned— well, still learning, always learning lol— financial discipline. I get to speak publicly like I post. You don’t get to work from home or earn a nonessential worker’s wage, but you are, in fact, essential. Life isn’t extravagant, but I have more than I need and realize how little I need.

      The hardest part has been being gracious to others, for a long time having been seen as an inexplicable disappointment, and having been seen as crazy for the things I said about society heading for a fake and gay collapse, but people are getting it now. Over that hump, I think. Now it’s time to make good.

      • Skills? You have skills?
        You’re competing against men who think a dress, lipstick, and prounouns is a skillset.

        Suddenly, I’m beginning to feel a tiny, wee candle-flame of burgeoning optimism

      • Right now I’m working (mostly) from home at my new job. It’s 2 hours away so there’s no other way to do it anyway. They seem OK with me coming in only 1 day a week and it might even be less after I get things set up. My main task seems to be to tell them how to actually do what the previous software devs couldn’t and set up a re-engineered site using modern tools. I suspect some of the departed names I keep seeing in documents were “pronoun-people” who were manly focused on their personal nonsense and had no idea how to actually create working software.

        I think I get what you’re saying about working from home but honesty, I don’t think I could do the job I do anymore in any other way. The office environment is now completely dominated by insane women and degenerates. Being around these people in real life is bad for health, sanity, productivity, everything. I think some of the “remote work” is designed to humor people who developed Coofism and severe germophobia or whose personalities are too toxic even for the hyper-pozzed modern office. Other people work remotely because that’s the way to avoid wasting time and sanity on interactions with crazy people. Some employers can tell the difference. I hope mine is one. Of course, I’m keeping my side business going too…

        • I get it. At the same time, it was pretty awesome during the lockdown. Owner of the company posted letters on the door from the Pentagram saying we needed to stay open. I got to threaten to quit over masks, later vaxxes. Company doesn’t make money without me and my coworkers producing the product that customers purchase. Money or power?

          • I salute you for standing your ground on the masks and vaxxes! I managed to avoid that insanity by being self-employed through the worst of the Coof madness and now most companies are trying to pretend it never happened.

  26. while listening to your show, i was greatly anticipating the last segment – and was not disappointed! all throughout that section, i was envisioning those fellows in San Fran, who inject their scrotes with saline solution, until they balloon up to 2 – 3 times normal size. now there is a commitment to personal aesthetics!

  27. “Sensitivity Training”. “Diversity & Inclusion Officer”:

    Euphemisms for “political indoctrination” & “political Kommissar”.

    Let’s call a spade a spade.

    • The world has really changed for the worse if it takes these people seriously. They should be laughed out of it.

  28. I have to say it.

    Clearly, the contributors to the last segment are Dr Evil fans. After all, there’s nothing like a shorn scrotum; it’s breathtaking…..

  29. My theme for work and most of my life now are my favorite two words:

    Malicious Compliance.

    For example, we’re coming up on annual performance review time at work. They have self-evaluations that we are supposed to fill out. This year, they are mandatory–no self-evaluation, no “merit increase”. Now we all know that they know exactly how they are going to evaluate us long before we do anything, so I’ve never felt the need to participate in the charade of the self-evaluation.

    Being a slacker at work (I do my job quite well, but nothing extra), I’ve never rated very high on the performance scale, but it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make. The people who do rate high do far too much work for that extra 1% raise they get over me.

    But since the self-evaluation is now mandatory, I will be giving myself the highest marks possible in all categories. My entire goal is to make my evaluator HAVE to justify giving my lower ratings than I rated myself. In other words, I want to make her squirm. Her discomfort is now my goal, seeing as I’m now required to play.

    Malicious compliance. How do you like me now?

    • Yes, making “her” squirm is a worthwhile goal in and of itself, especially when “her” is usually an incompetent boob, and knows it…..

    • I think that is a great idea.

      “How did you embody, promote and advocate for our most important Company Objective – Diversity, Inclusion and Equity?”
      1. 397 times I refrained from calling the master branch master. In design documents I replaced master/slave with leader/follower approximately 11 times.
      2. Whenever I was asked to interview a white male, I never gave him a chance. I was courteous and professional but I know that we only want to hire blacks so I am always saving our open roles for a black.
      3. I am proud of my German heritage and even though I wanted to start a German ERG, (I had a clever acronym Sausages and Krauts at Megacorp – SKaM), I knew it would be oppressive and offensive to the people in our vulnerable communities and so I never set up this group, knowing that it would make our company more diverse in all of the wrong ways.
      4. When I do peer reviews, I always recommend my non-white, non-male allies and co-creationist community members for promotion and give them higher marks. I do my best to confront my biases and adjust downward the rankings for my white-male colleagues. I hope I am down-weighting white males and white females enough to adjust for my implicit biases.
      5. I championed and delivered on two allyship initiatives
      a. Operation Gaze Free – I got executive approval to convert 50% of our public spaces into zones where only woman can enter, which cannot be viewed from outside so they can feel safe and free from the male gaze. The conversion was completed with by a female free crew of men who operated in perfect allyship and who attended an Angel Davis reading and workshop.
      b. Operation Man-Muzzle – I was able to procure and install 100% renewable “MaleyMouth(TM) – Gaia Approved Man Muzzles” stations and keep them stocked as part of our annual budget. Man muzzle dispensers are always 5 feet away from every spot of the office. When women and female identfying co-creators are mansplained, they can interrupt and put the muzzle on any male or male-identifying co-creator.
      c. I did fall short in implementing my goal of having a POC-Wash on every floor of our offices. The POC-Wash will look like a shoe-shine station but it will be attended by male colleagues who will wash the feet of our POC and POC adjacent co-creators once per day.

      “How can you do better in meeting this critical objective?”
      1. If I have an interview loop and there is a Transperson, a black male, a black female or a Latinx person, and each performs the same on the hard and soft skills rubric, which one should I prefer? Perhaps the company can share its quota sheet with me so I can track and hire for achieving the metric. I want to do everything I can, but I feel that the company needs to do more empower me with all of the tools to meet the objective. I will do whatever you need to do and I could do more and better if I had such support.
      2. I can refuse promotions and raises and give my stock options to non-white people.

      Fun aside. I think this could be very useful. Imagine the position you would put HR and legal in if you did this. If they reprimand you, they acknowledge that this discrimination is wrong but then you can say they told you to do it – even implicitly. If they fire you, you can point to their massive DIE catalog as guidance to discriminate. If they do not reprimand you, then they openly admit they permit anti-white, anti-male discrimination.

      We should strongly consider doing this. Great idea Outdoorspro. Malicious Compliance can be an effective weapon not just of mockery, but of exposing the evil morality and illegality of what they are doing. It could put them into a rock and a hard place.

      • This is hilarious, sort of an updated 2023 version of the various piss-takes from the movie Office Space in the 90s.

        “So what would you say you do here all day Peter”

        “Well let me tell ya Bob…”

        You walk out of the HR meeting expecting to be fired for such blazingly sarcastic f-ckery and once you are out of the room they go-

        “A real straight shooter that guy! Has upper management written all over him. He really knows how to bring the insanity up to the next level and keep whitey down!”

      • Yes, the “master” vs. “main” nonsense. If you do anything in software you’ve noticed that the default branch in Git is now supposed to be called “main” rather than “master” because slavery and someone might get hurty feewings hearing a word. The silliest example I’ve come across of this is that the Coq computer logic system has renamed itself because some wammen supposedly got hurty feewings over the name. I’ve joked that we should fork the project, duplicate every feature and update, (it’s open source) and call the fork Cock! just to make its oppressive patriarchal nature super duper clear.

        No profession has done a political (and psychological) about-face more completely than IT. When I was working in software in the 90s the most common political stance was probably libertarianism with a sizable number of outright commies and, in the defense sector, neocon warmonger Republican types. No one cared about anyone’s feewings and the 3 women in the entire field were bull dykes so they laughed along with the frat boy jokes. The typical younger IT person is a genderqueer whatsit with green hair and facial piercings that look like war injuries. Then again this may be why I just got my new job. My job description seems to be “fix the mess the last three guys who didn’t last long created”. It’s good for my personal bank account but what’s happened to the computer field is a dark omen for the rest of society going forward.

    • Excellent comment. The system can win anywhere, but it can’t win everywhere. We need to raise their cost of policing us in every dimension of life.

      • Such a good point.
        It’s like cultural aikido, using the opponent’s own weight and momentum against them.

  30. About the auto regulations, you’re going to see more of the weird phenomenon of 2 year old used cars being almost the price of a new car. We’re going to be stuck in a holding pattern of people holding onto their 200,000+ mile gas cars because they can’t afford an EV and used EVs are useless after their batteries can’t be recharged anymore.

    • Driving past used car lots in Indiana while visiting my son, it was already pretty close to that. Prices being asked indicate prices paid at auction….ouch.

    • I think used gas powered cars may sell at a premium when people find out just how annoying electric vehicles are, especially when you don’t own a high speed charger….

      • If gangs make a market smuggling freon, catalytic converters*, and Chinese knockoffs, just wait til they get into smuggling gasoline and diesel. That’s when the Revolution begins.

        (A new one in LA: the circuit boards controlling smog systems on semi-trucks. In two hours, they hit 18 trucks parked on a side street overnight in downtown L.A., across from me.

        The circuit boards go for $3600 apiece; the chip shortage means none are available in less than a six-month lead time.)

        • PS- the Sikh and the Arabs are opening small refineries on sovereign Indian lands, selling slightly less refined petro but at large discounts, with their own tanker fleets- yup, I’ve got some more people to talk to, I’ve chatted up some. More allied parallel society here.

        • “ The circuit boards go for $3600 apiece; the chip shortage means none are available in less than a six-month lead time.)”

          That makes no sense at all. I’m certainly there are at least 18 used boards available in the market for perhaps $5k over retail. 😉

  31. What Musk did there was a very, very rare moral inversion where the Leftie concedes the point. Or rather – he changed the subject. The usual ending to these exchanges is with the Leftie in tears, or red faced rage, and childish name calling and accusations.

    You won’t ever have an exchange with these people; because 99% of them won’t ask questions like “who says?” or “by what authority” etc. either. They run on emotion and anything that goes counter to them is BAD… and they don’t have to justify themselves to BAD people. This is why normies used to go out of their way to be polite and kind to them, hoping to get them to listen or think.

    It’s simple manipulative bullying and we’d better do something about because if we don’t it will only get worse. We are way past debate and discussion with these guys.

    • I engage in zero discussion with lefties. I despise them at such a high degree that I can’t stand the sight of them. I simply want a society in which to live where they are permanently removed. I have no interest in trying to save them or bring them over. I know they hate me, I simply hate them even more.

  32. Immiserate those in charge?

    Is that like visiting private jetports in Minecraft?

    Asking for a friend….

    • Hope nobody goes around putting out feelers and chatting up mechanics, maintenance, supply services personnel, chauffeurs, drivers, or logistics and itinerary at ports, airports, or travel depots, that would be as bad as talking to comms, electrical, or server systems workers

      • What a ridiculous statement.
        You’d have to go through the unions for such, where the real decisions are made.
        The financial secretary is the shot putter.

        I’ve got to stop doing this when I’m falling asleep.

    • Lefties have to take their cars into the shop at some point. Cars with lots of belts in them. Belts that can suffer accidental nicks.

  33. The other good news is that we’ll be able to kick back and laugh, because our pensions and paychecks will be secure.

    So, all these dollars and Treasuries held overseas will be coming back home, right? What will we do with our newfound wealth? Shall we:

    Build factories? Nah.
    Build a wall? Nope.
    Pay down the national debt? HEIL no.

    Call the new plan American Renewal.
    Or, “NatSec to fight NatSoc!”

    We can put this flood of money to defending our sacred democracy.

    Investing in the most advanced surveillance tech, and hiring the rising tide of unemployed– homeless, undocumented, marginalized, and underserved– to keep a careful eye on dangerous, dirty domestic extremists.

    Imagine a new paradigm (such a cool sciency word, no?):

    A National Security state, instead of a National Socialist state.
    We’re at the end of the right side of history!

    • No, we’re just at the ending phase of 1st world status…When oil is $300/Bl and the US has defaulted, nothing good will be going on…

      • But we’ll easily afford it, with all those dollars falling upon us like leaves from the dollar tree.

        American Autumn!
        Autumn is also called…err…umm

  34. “Therefore, the best response from normal people is to laugh at it, maybe just shrug and ignore it if possible”

    Bless your heart.

    The right will never learn….ever.

    • Can we stop with the “bless your heart” nonsense? I know it used to be cute and an expression of your Southerness, but it’s now a go-to for NPR wine aunts and dog moms online, and therefore, it’s rebarbative at this point. It makes you sound pedantic, insufferable, and frankly, matronizing.

    • why don’t you tell us what you have done, say in the last week, to show how you’ve “learned”?

      • He’s tried talking to people whose surnames start with “von”, maybe? The titled aristocrats born to privilege and class advantages we peons will never know.

      • Z-man is old, childless, and seemingly financially secure.

        He can afford to laugh, because it doesn’t affect him and he has no legacy/children to worry about.

        Tell the man who’s teenage son has just been propagandized into cutting his dick off to “laugh it off.”

        The right never learns. Z-man is repeating the mistakes of the boomer conservatives who laughed off the liberals marching through academia who were totally sure that as soon as they graduated and got jobs, that they would become natural conservatives after they started paying taxes.

        • Your point was valid 35 or so years ago. But we’re now at the stage where getting angry just gets you sent to the Gulag–the unemployment line anyway.

          The people in the Soviet Bloc kept their sanity by laughing (albeit clandestinely) at the idiots in their government. A lot had to happen there before enough people understood how badly off they were but could improve things by resisting–resisting, not violently rebelling. Laughing kept up their spirits in the interim. Things are headed the same way here.

          Take the time to read Vaclav Havel’s “The Power of the Powerless” and study up on the Solidarity Movement. Fixing this mess will take patience and a long time.

          As to kids getting their dicks cut off, when that comes up it’s too late to get angry. Better to work on raising the kid well from birth. People have to learn how to do again if there is to be a future at all.

  35. India is set to become the world’s most populous country on April 14, a title China has held for decades.

    1.4 billion, India
    1.4 billion, China
    1.4 billion, Africa
    749 million, Europe
    670 million, Latin America
    375 million, North America
    44 million, Oceania

    The White total is roughly Europe + North America + Oceania, which is at most 749 + 375 + 44 = 1168 million, i.e. 1.168 billion.

    But I’d guess that with the success of the White Genocide project over the course of the last half-century, it’s probably more like 800 million Whites globally.

    • That was supposed to have been a reply to Alzaebo: “Nigga walk in; Nigga take what he want; Nigga walk back out”.

      But apparently I poasted it out-of-order.

      Sorry about that.

  36. In this vein, I can prove the Black man is the smartest man in the world.

    Wypipo be like, “oh no, CBDC, they’ll track us and ration us and cut us off we’re helpless”

    While the Black man will put on his hoodie
    Don his mask

    Nigga walk in
    Nigga take what he want
    Nigga walk back out

    Track that, peckerwood

    • Until the stores run out of shit. Den it be like,”I gots to rob my neighbor”.

      • Bartleby the Scrivner: ‘Until the stores run out of shit. Den it be like,”I gots to rob my neighbor”.’

        If we get into a nukular/electro-magnetic-pulse weapons exchange with Russian and/or China, and if the power grid goes down, and if the foodstuffs in everyone’s refrigerators start to go bad after about 48 hours, then within two or three days, there will be food riots.

        And you will either defend your food supplies successfully, else The Other will eat all of your food, and then very likely eat the corpses of you and everyone in your fambly.

        Are you prepared to k!11 starving & rioting hominids in order to maintain your own fambly’s bloodlines?

        • Bourbon

          I think you are agreeing with me.

          As for your question at the end;

          Trick question, right?

          • Bartleby the Scrivner: “I think you are agreeing with me.”

            Sorry I poasted that population news story out-of-order.

            The point of poasting the story in the correct order would have been that there is a metric SH!T-TON of STREET-SH!TTERS headed our way!!!

            And that’ll be on top of all the 13th/14th Amendment kneegr0wz and the Santa-Muerte-worshipping illegal alien armadilloz and the rice-rocket g00ks.

      • Nigga walk in
        Nigga*bang bang bang bang buddabuddabuddabudda
        shkBOOM shkBOOM
        pew pew pew

    • There is a funny meme of a smiling black guy pointing to his forehead smugly and knowingly. It reads “no need to prep when you can just loot.”

    • Funny, and it will be true for about two or three days, Alzabedo. Looting is a lot like food stamps: it all depends on availability. Probably sooner than we think, the free stuff army will find the gibs ain’t magically on the shelves and, shee-it. Ol’ massa Darwin will kick in, and Shitavious and Shaneeka soon will realize their places in the world aren’t quite as prominent as they have been led to believe. It will be very unpleasant for all of us, and unsurvivable for all the predictable suspects. Scarcity will have a few upsides although gentrified neighborhoods will not be among them, along with suburbs within walking distance of the ‘hood.

      • I believe their skin colors will self segregate them, any time they wander outside their own neighborhoods they’ll simply be shot. Or perhaps a return to servile gentility? Civility costs nothing and you can slide further on honey than on patron, and yassa boss

  37. Z: “Back when I was just starting out…”

    *** cough ***
    boomer poasting
    *** cough ***

    just kidding.

    In all seriousness, though, here’s a Zoomerette for ya’, named Esmé Partridge, who is just aching for a nice hard spanking:

    The Federalist opines, “Too Dead To Live And Too Alive To Die, Gen Z Is Generation Zombie”

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