Hard Truths

A few months ago, when Pedro Gonzalez suddenly became an over-the-top supporter of Ron DeSantis and committed enemy of all Trump supporters on Twitter, I knew I was going to hate the 2024 election. The election was never going to be fun with Trump running, as it would mean another round of foaming at the mouth claims about Trump, but with DeSantis in the race it would be much worse.

The reason it would be worse is lots of people who should know better would convince themselves that DeSantis was the miracle antidote to their troubles. They would make all of the arguments that the anti-Trump people make, but swear they are acting from better motives or making a reasoned critique. Many of the on-line influencers, of course, would be on the payroll of DeSantis.

On the other side would be the vast on-line army of Trump fans, many of whom are on the Trump payroll. They would dust off their playbooks from 2016 when they went to war with the neocons and Buckley-cons, but this time they would not be using jokes and clever memes, but shrill denials and denunciations. In other words, they will just be monkeys fleeing poo at the crap-fest.

This election will be a test of sorts for our people. Many on this side of the great divide still cling to the fantasy of voting our way out of this mess. Their heads tell them it is not possible, but a lifetime of conditioning still traps holds their hearts. Their struggle will be avoiding the crap show, but many will succumb and join it. Those who have broken free from the madness will not enjoy seeing this.

That is the point of the show this week. There are hard truths about this age and our politics that are the final boss on the trip over to this sort of politics. Once these truths are accepted, the coming election is just a reboot of a bad movie. It is Fast & Furious Nth edition, this time with new bad actors to join the bad actors from previous iterations of the franchise. Enjoy the fake explosions.

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This Week’s Show


  • Elections Are A Circus
  • Elections Do Not Matter
  • The System Is The Problem
  • Your Opinion Does Not Matter (Link) (Link)
  • The Game Is Rigged (Link)

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194 thoughts on “Hard Truths

  1. Mike Judge got pretty close with Idiocracy imo. Maybe getting too serious about a funny movie, it says people are evolving to be less intelligent. I think the darker truth is we’re being domesticated and farmed. Then again, there’s a lot to read between the lines of that movie. Look how goofy domesticated foxes are compared to wild after only a few generations.

    Granted, that’s my view of civilization these days. I think domesticating, degrading, and weakening people is what it does. Probably why it seems to have an expiration date. Far from trying to save the thing, I think the answer is to be less civilized, less dependent on it.


  2. Here is your enemy and here is the face of those who thirst to see you humiliated and in bondage:


    It was not black men, or Mexican men, or Trobriand Island vegan Jews that built the Prog Politburo Security State. It was Champagne Jane and the tens-of-millions like her, the hysterical busybodies who monitor every step and every word, who poison every well. White, empowered, cocooned anglo women.

    They are the engine of Woke. They are the destroyers of fatherhood and family, the screeching ruin of civilization, the construction crew of the gynogulag. And they want you and all like you dead, after extensive captivity and torture to punish you for disobedience to their will.

    You better figure out who your enemy is and who it ain’t.

    • Jane Fonda owns a $13 million, 7,100-square foot home and flies private. Her concern is noted, and she should be encouraged to kill herself to save the planet.

      • RE: white women:

        I came across a book (which I purchased in hard copy) called “Pathological Altruism” edited byBarbara Oakley et al.
        Publish date 2012.
        (For everyone’s reference if interested)

        Point is: this mental defect almost ALWAYS occurs exclusively in white (Western) women. That’s it.
        Not African women, not Mexican women, not Uruguayan women, not Chinese women.

        The book lays out a LOT of evidence and it’s a “thick” read.
        But interesting.
        I definitely haven’t finished it.

        But the point to reiterate is: the Leftists do not have their women under control (which we knew). And I dare say, brighter does part of the DR.
        And the Leftist women are the genesis of this issue.
        The men back in the 1920s failed to get their Suffragettes under control, and here we are.

        Also– I’m sure Z Man has already mentioned it, but Jared’s annual conference is in August this year. Not November.
        So check your calendars.

    • It’s funny how these assholes really think they’re some kind of elite heroes when they really are disposable playthings for the ruling class.

      And once a Russian sniper splits this guy’s daughter’s head open like an overripe cantaloupe, he’ll write another op-ed about how happy and proud he is that she was such a hero saving Ukrainian democracy.

      • ‘ . . . he’ll write another op-ed about how happy and proud he is that she was such a hero saving Ukrainian democracy.’

        . . . and he will whine that if only ‘men
        manned up’ and fought to defend the matriarchy, well then his princess would still be alive today! . . . and working her way up the affirmative-action corporate personnel chart. Childless and empowered.

        He’ll leave out the part about the matriarchy.

    • I have a elder family member who watches a lot of TV. The war programming seems especially concentrated in the last several months. I don’t get the impression that this kind of propaganda resonates with anyone other than militarily-useless old white people.

      I think this is especially true with the Holocaust stuff. There isn’t a diversity inside AINO that gives flung feces about the Holocaust, except perhaps as an avenue for grift. I think that, to the extent they think about it at all, it is classified as white-on-white violence, at best none of their concern and at worst all to the good if it means fewer white people.

      take-home assessment: past ‘glories’ of WW2 as a propaganda tool to gin up enthusiasm for yet another international bankster’s war: HARD FAIL

      • “I don’t get the impression that this kind of [pro-war] propaganda resonates with anyone other than militarily-useless old white people.”

        And many of them are more likely to fight against the Clown World regime, rather than for it.

  3. Personally, I arrived to the conclusions as follow
    All those conclusions are not zetetically “proved” by “sources” but are fruits of tuitions, slowly connected to form something quite coherent

    1-left as won. Bigly. The trend was too powerful.
    2-Conspirationists are wrong. Their “usual suspects” would be inoffensive if the western world wasn’t corrupt
    3-left, Conspirationists, neoRX, 1488werdopagans, moderate conservative and neocons seems have the same common point : anrichristianity or total disinterest for it (it’s quite obvious for fans of conspiracies, which clearly have no faith in the victory of God (and thus of good), and, even more importantly, they absolve ordinary people of the consequences of their own behavior by blaming all the evil on a mythical omniscient and satanic “elite”.)
    4-decay of Christianity seems connected to our decadence.
    [decadence which is inside all institued churches : chief of Catholic is a pure leftist. Protestants turn to jewish worshippers and their false massoretic chronology. Orthodoxs are too linked with Cesar-Russia. That said, I would precize than Orthodox christianism finally appears to me as the only strong and not left-jewish part of Christianity. As French I’m catholic but if I can find a non-russian controlled Church, I will convert soon]
    5-message of the Right should be double. A part would be to preserve the hierarchistic values, and consequently patriarchy, christianism, monarchy, legal ethnic and private discriminations, undivised heritages, elite’s mission of protecting weakers, end of legal divorce and abortion, ethnic nationstates, etc (1)
    And the other part would be to STOP whining about the evilness of the left, but ti ask for the non-leftist to act properly and with dignity.
    By exemple for wealthy non-leftists, it would be to offer decent wages to co-ethnic employees, spending money into public utilities and beauties, get stylish clothes instead of shitty Bill Gates’s egotrip poor look.
    For non-wealthy non-leftist, it would be to re-dignify themselves. Stopping being uglies fatty. Stop tattoos and nigger/peasant/walmart look. Make sport instead of watching NFL. Read books, cooking themselves. Etc.

    (1) this kind of program, in our decadent times, will not protect us from electoral defeat neither from spitting from the left, BUT we ALREADY have defeats and spit but even without a clearly rightist program.
    Will Trump or DeSantis would ethnically clean the country? End LGBT rights? End divorce? Declare christianism as official religion? Ban transgender surgery? Limit the spending of federal government? Establishing authority of professors and parents against insolent childs ? Restaure beauty in architecture?

    Answers are : No. No. Still no. No again. Always no. No. Aannnd.. no

    • I downvoted you because your post is barely readable.

      Not going to take the time to try to figure out what you meant with the sloppy writing.

      • Hey, that’s not easy to write a good English when you are french.;)

        My TLDR was : stopping whining about the left, admit than rightists are also decadents, and let’s build a true right for, not tomorrow but the day after tomorrow

        • Pasaran:

          The French love to write and express themselves.
          BEST is when you distill your idea to TWO sentences.

          Et s’il y en a besoin, je pourrais faire un “proofread” pour toi.
          Mais, plus court est le mieux.

    • I upvoted you due to some very good advice about personal behavior. Separation from the rot is tougher in France due to its size vs. United States but it is possible there, too, and you should have mentioned that (if you did it got lost in translation). And, yes, the people who have gone along with the worst aspects just to get along deserve severe criticism. It is one thing to assent to a lie to preserve employment, another to boost social standing.

    • Upvote for your ideas on proper conduct.

      Being poor isn’t an excuse for being ghetto. And a rich white man has a duty to guide a poor white man.

      • I was mulling this over the other day at the cheap grocery store, watching all the flabby white arm and leg tattoos.

  4. Great show. Disturbing reality.
    I am starting to think we are just reverting to the mean. Things have been prosperous long enough and it’s just time for things to do what they have always done and we are on our way back to what has been the norm for most of human history.
    As America’ns we have this silly belief everything should continually improve. History appears to be cyclical and not linear.
    The contempt for reality that prosperrity breeds, seems to be the downfall of complex societies. The end result for a suuccessful civilization can only be ruin. The question becomes about the duration of the civilization. All good things eventually end.
    We live in the most oppulant and prosperous era in history. The average conditions humanity has existed in are at the extreme opposite end of the spectrum.
    We live in interesting times.

    • The one thing libertarians might be right about is that prosperity and progress (actual, not moral/political) are side effects of the official recognition of individual rights. Of course that’s not stable, because rights aren’t a real thing.

      If prosperity = complacency, the poorest would be the most radical enemies of whatever constitutes the present regime. They are not—anywhere, ever. They riot when permitted, when it’s in regime interest. A few (e.g., black Americans) are regime golems in everyday life. The rest just scrape by.

      The current American/globohomo regime pretends its great enemies are white losers, but of course they’re lying. White already-losers its scapegoats—and have been for years, at least since Li’l Abner. Its *enemies* are everyone who remembers daily life before the latest round of immiseration.

      Do the recently immiserated do that? I’ve never seen it. Even slight deprivation erases the mind/self. It’s those who remain stable while others are destroyed who *might* meaningfully object to it.

    • I agree that complacency induced by long prosperity is a big problem for our people. It’s up there with gullibility and low ethnocentrism on our list of big problems.

      However, I can’t let a discussion like this go by without pointing out that we have an elite that hates traditional whites and is trying to dispossess us. This elite mostly controls the media and uses our compassion and gullibility as a weapon against us to make us believe that we are a uniquely evil race that deserves the worst. Our kids are taught his almost from birth.

      Some people put all the blame on us for these failings, but let’s at least acknowledge that one of the most powerful empires in the history of the world has made crushing us one of its highest priorities.

      • My point is not that prosperity = complacency, it does but that is a minor problem.
        Prosperity alows for the growth and implementation of bad ideas. In a Less prosperous era it would be impossible to sell the concept energy is evil and destroying the planet. Life was too hard to push such a lie.
        Simalarly the demonization of the architects and builders of modern western society can only be done by someone living with the comfort, security and luxury afforded by that western society. It’s a form of cancer that comes from a blind and ignorant faith in continuity…things are good, they will always be good.
        Only a very wealthy society can embrace such madness.
        This leeds to an unstable and unpredictable society. It may have to decline to regain stability. The question is not the direction, it is the distance and duration.

    • They come in the age’s most uncertain hour
      and sing an American tune. . . .

      But it’s all right, it’s all right
      You can’t be forever blessed
      Still tomorrow’s gonna be another working day
      I’m trying to get some rest
      That’s all, I´m trying to get some rest

      ‘American Tune’

  5. Having been inside advertising for over thirty years, I can say Zman’s assertion that advertisers and ad agencies don’t care about public opinion is absolutely true. This seems hard to believe, and certainly few people in that business would agree. “We do focus groups on everything! We do market research!” Those things are just trim tabs on the airplane. The flight still goes where the pilot wants, and that’s no place that looks anything like traditional America.

    I mostly understand the creative end of the business, and you might be surprised to learn that the topic of what the consumer wants seldom arises. The client of an ad agency is not the consumer, but the advertiser who pays the bills. Whatever the client wants comes first, and often that’s the widespread woke pieties that infest boardrooms all across the corporate landscape. You have no idea how often what the advertising managers at any given business buying ads want to sell is not their product so much as an image they want you to have about their world. These days that image is non-white, non-binary, woke. The phrase “showcasing our diversity” is one I have heard many times. “Who doesn’t love diversity? We’ve shown you how diverse we are and we’re certain you want that too.” What diversity has to do with the driving qualities of a car or the effectiveness of a dishwasher detergent is not a topic of interest here.

    Consider any number of home improvement store ads. In the real world, just how common is it for women in smart clothing to be seen painting exterior trim or installing plumbing? But what they are selling is Grrrl Power, not paint and piping. As another example, take a recent Bud ad, post-trannygate, that features a woman customer at a bar, managing to manhandle multiple glasses of beer across an obstacle course of people and furniture, past a clumsy male who can only carry four glasses, to successfully land them at her table of friends. What is the message here? That drinking Bud will make you as dextrous as a juggler? No, it’s just a ten second drama showing how Awesome and Confident Women Are. Grrrl Power is everywhere and it’s fabulous. Brought to you by Bud. We don’t want to show you the dirt people who actually drink our swill. Who the hell wants to see them? We don’t even show you the Swedish bikini team because something something sexism. What we’re doing is protecting our brand, and we really believe the best way to do this includes putting Grrrls or trannies or POC on a pedestal. Who could think otherwise?

    That’s why A-B has doubled down on tranny agitprop today: “Bud Light and its parent company Anheuser-Busch are sponsoring at least three different upcoming Pride events despite backlash over the partnership with Dylan Mulvaney, a social media influencer who identifies as transgender.”

    • Of course. Television and film are the same as advertising. The goal is not to make money, and certainly not to please the customers. All these elements operate under intel oversight, mostly CIA. Been thataway for fifty years.

      The goal is to propagandize and mind-bully the public into embracing evil, whether that evil is Total Feminism Grrl Power or some other doctrine of Woke. Gradually and incrementally, the message seeps in and people are brainwashed both subliminally and via the overt messaging of Correctness.

      • All I can address is advertising, and honestly the woke stuff is almost unconscious. It’s assumed, just like taking off a hat indoors or putting on a seatbelt. No outside prompting by shadowy forces is necessary. They really believe in this stuff on their own.

        I also don’t want to imply ad people give no thought to the customer. As an example, take a home improvement ad. You may be making a commercial aimed at small fry contractors. You want to show a bunch of them in quick vignettes using the products. There will be a lot of internal discussion about exactly what they will do. Do they work on a large McMansion under construction? Or on a modest deck? They will tailor such things to fit how they want the potential customer to view himself, and this sort of cat-herding goes around and around for days internally. “Yes, I can see them doing that in their contracting work!” “No. They would never do a job that big.” They make sure the casting is hispanic, since the customer will be too. So to this degree, it conforms to reality. Then finally the ad people decide that half the burly contractors in the ad have to be women, standing reality on its head.

        Additionally, let’s not be too doctrinaire. Ad people most certainly want to make money. You make a really popular commercial or even one with large ad buys so it’s on air constantly, you can put this on your reel (basically your resume) and use it to get yourself a higher salary elsewhere.

        The interesting thing about the Bud melodrama is that up to now, the identity of the third party ad agency has been a secret. That makes me think there was a nondisclosure contract between Bud and the agency, requiring anonymity short of mutual agreement otherwise. Why? Bud must have known this was likely to backfire, but insisted on “reaching out to new markets…” of perverts. They could justify secrecy to themselves… after all, them gap-toothed, gun-totin’ bigots might firebomb the ad agency. Or, the ad might offend one of the agency’s other clients. It’s also possible the agency demanded a premium for their services, if the trade-off was giving up the right to claim authorship of their work. I promise you this, the ad people involved are even more proud of what they did now that it has made all the right people angry. They are howling with laughter at all you transphobics.

        • Great info on ad industry and motivations. I enjoy learning from experts. You’re either busy being born or you’re busy dying.

          Agree that rank-and-file Woke are largely true believers, with plentiful sadists and moolah-grifters tossed in, and that at the lower and mid-levels of corporate business, profit and customer-targeting still is priority. Makes sense.

          However, the decision-making supervisory levels (above the Boards) are not true believers. Their motivation is mass-control and incremental but constant movement towards chaos, degeneracy, and malevolence.

          By this, both mass depopulation and complete subjugation is feasible; the People delete themselves, mostly.

          The rulers want passive sheep, not snarling sheepdogs. They prioritize the Message, not the Moolah. Once the Message is sufficiently advanced and ingrained, the Moolah is simply confiscated, have a nice day.

    • Sometime anecdotes are prophetic. I was shopping at Walmart the other day late in the evening (hardly anyone there except for the shelf-stockers), and happened to glance down the isle where the cold beer is stocked in an open refrigerator case. What looked like a homeless guy was pissing on the Bud and Bud light cases. I actually thought about telling someone in the store so they could remove the piss-soaked cases of beer, but then I said “Nah” and went about my business. Methinks the anger at Anheuser-Busch is worse than most people realize.

    • I’ve worked in direct response marketing for more than a decade and this kind of marketing requires evidence of transactions. We all get fired if the phone number doesn’t ring or if the link isn’t clicked. You know it’s direct response marketing when you see white people and men as the talent. That’s what generates the instant sales because when it comes to opening your wallet, those are the people america trusts the most. The big brand advertisers are all listening to marketing graduates who have no way to prove if their progressive ideas generate any sales. David Ogilvy famously claimed that 80% of award winning agencies get fired in two years because they can’t prove they make any money for their clients. Yet 40 years later they’re still dumping tens of millions into ads no one wants to see. I’m not sure that these big brands don’t want to do what sells, I just think they’re clunky, bureaucratic machines with women and POCs steering the wheel now. I already made my arguments previously about women’s influence on literally every institution, but biracial tv ads that insult men are exactly what you get with female marketers. The female brain really is an irrational habitat, and with power it’s total clown world. Also some other (((groups))) find their way in of course.

  6. There really needs to be some alternative to the status quo beyond the Dissident Right’s “just give up.”

    Don’t vote. Don’t marry. Don’t have kids. Don’t go to university. Don’t boycott.

    There is some solid rationale behind all those directives (especially don’t vote in Federal elections) but the cumulative impact is the other side runs rampant and the destruction is even crazier.

    Granted it is hard to see anything that will work and there doesn’t seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel.

    However, the idea that societal collapse is going to happen and hurt the rulers seems to be yet another fantasy cope from the DR. It is the updated fantasy of:

    + gun owning patriots are going to join forces with the police and military and take back our country

    + OK that isn’t happening so we will secede!

    + OK that isn’t happening. by the time people are really ready, the DR will have achieved its dream with the death of Boomers, so there won’t be the necessary votes and no real leader will be ready to go full George Washington. So let’s just give up! That will show them.

    I have lived in poor countries and life can be very sweet for their rulers. Besides it will be a very long time before life even might possibly be worse here than most of the home countries of our replacements.

    Even though I don’t know if young I would marry and have kids in the current fat, misogynistic culture, I have to acknowledge that it is pretty much only the conservative normies we mock who are generating more white people.

    • My Comment: “Even though I don’t know if young I would marry and have kids in the current fat, misogynistic culture, I have to acknowledge that it is pretty much only the conservative normies we mock who are generating more white people.”


      Then how about getting up off your big phat posterior, grabbing a soap box, and preaching some sense into the Grillers?

      De-toxify their minds and cleanse their souls of the stench of Scofield, and get them squarely onboard with Team Victory ?!?!?

      • Who are the 7 JIDF agents, assigned to monitoring Z, who don’t want the Grillers to be cleansed of Scofield?

        • 8 JIDF agents now, as of Sunday moarning.


          40 billion here & 40 billion there, and before you know it, Greater Khazaria has very deep pockets.

    • I can’t recall ever hearing a US dissident say, “just give up” or “don’t have kids.”

      The most common advice is to live in a place that is far away from any potential breakdown in the cities and to become part of a physical community that you can depend upon in troubled times.

      Some people hold an expectation that a small group of Davids, with enough courage and luck, can always topple Goliath, but that is probably the result of watching too many movies. Such a feat is not in the cards for us right now.

      We’re preparing, watching, and waiting for some sort of opportunity, although we aren’t sure what that opportunity will be. Most have not given up, but just have a realistic appraisal of our current situation.

        • There is an overlap among the young. The MGTOW has morphed into the trad Christian and young opinion leaders like Nick Fuentes position themselves as celebate. A lot of these trad men only want to marry a virgin if they want to marry at all. Good luck with that

          • fuentes doesn’t lead anybody. he is a creation of the donor class. charlie kirk too. no Christian can be a MIGTOW frapper. those are just losers trying to justify their pathetic condition.

      • I’ve heard it often. Mostly from boomer-generation dissidents preaching MGTOW.

        On the off chance this isn’t censored by Zman like my posts criticizing Russian gulaghomo, senior dissidents are heavy on preaching the lopsided dichotomy of 1) do nothing and await system collapse (a historically silly position) or 2) violence (the token alternative everyone understands doesn’t work).

        The middle path for normal men who simply want to raise their kids in a better world gets left out because it involves mundane, local political activism.

    • “Even though I don’t know if young I would marry and have kids in the current fat, misogynistic culture, I have to acknowledge that it is pretty much only the conservative normies we mock who are generating more white people.”

      Do you mean “misandrist” culture? Seems to me it’s more anti-male than “misogynistic.”

      I don’t know how true that is, though. I am shocked at how many 50+ white men I know who are unmarried and never had kids. I’d say a majority of the people I know — and they’re all conservatives.

      Liberal Millennials seem to be having at least some white kids, though. In any even it’s very difficult for what we would consider “normal” guys out there. I had my kid back in the 1980s because my gf (now wife) was too dumb to use birth control properly. I’m glad for that “accident,” because my kid is a very decent and successful person and I seriously wonder if I ever would have gotten married and had kids otherwise.

      It was difficult enough to find a decent woman (and a decent job) in the 1980s. Back then they didn’t have tattoos and fat girls were extremely rare to the point of being almost nonexistent. When I look at women today, particularly women of childbearing age in their 20s, I couldn’t even imagine banging 95% of them. Tattoos, purple hair, morbidly obese, ugly big glasses, dress and act like children. Half of them think they’re trans or bi and are on psych meds.

      Repulsive, frankly. As much as I would like to be a white supremacist, I despair for my race when I see young white females today.

      • You are right. I meant misandryst.

        It is a tough one for the young. Few young women are worth having and the system is set up to solely favor women.

        However, men are biologically wired to want women and kids. That doesn’t magically change with the craziness of the culture.

        However, an increasing percentage of men are simply not wanted because even many obese single moms think they deserve chads.

        Dammed if you do. Dammed if you don’t

      • An observation from a far corner of the American hinterland: There are lots of young, married people here. It’s not unusual to see young families with three kids under 6 or seven (I can’t always accurately guess their ages). Two kids is a yawner. Fairly frequently, I see four. It’s not just at WalMart, and they’re not simply drooling mouth-breathers. I travel around in the Old Territory, into the corners of this state. I see a lot, and I look.

        The other day in the area’s only settled spot that could really be called a city, the most popular regional barbecue chain restaurant was packed with families of multiple children. My attention was drawn to one in particular, when a son of about five or six knocked over their big whiteboard showing the day’s specials. Parents were a nice looking, early-thirties couple — well dressed, with no visible tattoos and a very 1960s presentation. They had three sons and a daughter in a baby carrier. All well behaved, and clean. Wife was very pleasant looking; husband fit and well dressed. Young professional appearing.

        Something I noticed when I first got to this area four years ago, following a short stay in rural Virginia, was the appearance of the women, and who they chose as mates. There are a lot more thin women here in this rural outland than where I was previously — regular looking women, that is. And they differ somehow from the carefully cultivated gym physiques that proliferated in the larger urban area I lived adjacent to for 40 years in Nevada. Here they seem like girls you could still see in the mid-1960s, before the cultural toxins introduced during that era overwhelmed our urban, intellectual and creative classes.

        One of the first things that struck me in moving to the old Indian Territories (no longer live in that town) was the fact that you often saw tremendously good looking women, hooked up with big, beefy, strong-looking men. Saw one get out of a pickup in the WalMart there, dressed in worn clothes, with boots on) and spurs). Absolute knock out. The guy who got out of the truck a few seconds later was a big, very thick and imposing specimen. Such observations became commonplace.

        Where I lived those so many years, she’d have been trading her appearance and “favors” for a glitzy lifestyle, or notoriety. (yes, I know she could have been doing the same there … appearance and loyalty for a ranch etc; but still, they seem to stay).

        Anyway, my point is that there are places in America, far from the places we see in media, where something else is going on. There is something out here that’s continuing to happen, though I’m not sure it could be clearly analyzed and explained, without destroying the magic..

        I will say, though, that church attendance is a powerful part of what I see. Even in the small and dying town I live in now, there are at least four moderately sized churches. All have full parking lots on Sundays.

        • About a year ago, with my family at Disney World (yes, I know), I noticed most teenage girls there were fat, but the 30 & 40 something moms pushing strollers or herding multiple kids were more likely to be thin, in shape, and hot. Different from what I recall in my youth.

          • I also think it’s the things that parents today are allowing their children to eat.

            I do think they just have no idea that we are being poisoned… if we don’t read labels, grow some of our own food, shop locally, etc.

          • For Lub:

            I’d not say this is a “magic” place; there are plenty of things here that are far from ideal, at least for a guy used to a different culture for most of his adult life. Much of what one sees in the towns, villages and hamlets looks like areas which would have been condemned long ago in other parts of the country. Many small towns hereabouts look to have had their best years before the depopulation waves of the 1930s, and following WWII. Many small commercial areas are utterly abandoned; most settled places have a large number of abandoned structures and long abandoned houses. Schools sit empty in many.

            The town I live in lost 25% of its population between between 2010 and 2020. There are many abandoned houses, and “downtown” is in pretty rough shape. Peak population was in 1950. Since then, passenger train service terminated, and the railroad quit switching out train crews here in the 80s …. big economic and cultural hit.

            But there is life here ….. I’ve come to believe it’s just harder for an outsider to clearly pick it out.

            There is an abandoned school setup in the center of town (someone purchased), but they did build a new K-12 complex at the edge of town. Like most of the places hereabouts for 200 miles in any direction except Ne to ESE (there it’s 100+ straight line), everything looks kind of worn.

            But I don’t hear much complaining, and people seem to play by the rules.

            The thing I’ve noticed, is that most of them seem to accept this as how life is. They’ve made some trade-offs if they know better, or they’ve always been here and it just seems to be how things are.

            I get the feeling that they expect hardship, and that they are willing to expect that life will likely deal them a bad hand at some point.

            All over I’ll see a house that no one would live in (except maybe a group from south of the border) that will be a family’s home. And often there’ll be a relatively new pickup, or a newer company truck, and well as a newer car for the wife in the under the heavy metal carport.

            And as I mentioned above, there will be kids on the streets, riding bikes, or even riding along lazily, alone. People here don’t seem to worry about someone taking their kids. And the kids are clean. But there are also the problems that followed the Republican Governor signing the medical marijuana bill a short time before I came to the state.

            The town I first moved to, where I got my first real look at the culture and daily life of this state, lies about halfway between two large metropolitan areas, right off the interstate. about 24K people. When I got there it already had 27 marijuana dispensaries, and a lot of people who seemed to have no visible means of support, and probably not a second pair of pants. There were several very active charity / thrift operations offering clothing, household goods etc, and I saw many grown men riding bicycles as their primary means of transport. Not something I saw out West.

            Down there there were addiction issues, and drug trafficking problems. But by and large, everyone seemed …. different …. like they fit in. And they were conspicuously and continuously polite.

            Not to say there wasn’t a strong working and middle class segment, because there was. People worked there. Guys had new, larger-sized pickups supporting various equipment rigs set up on custom-made beds (oddly enough, the local “thing” was that they did not paint these heavy duty custom beds). But they weren’t afraid of work. And some I knew, including my next door neighbor, were thrown from work when Biden got elected and pledged to immediately scale back oil and gas …. which he did. But the guys immediately went back to something else.

            So it’s not a magic place. I just think that the culture is substantially different from those places laying heavily under the blanket of postmodern thought and transformative agendas. And again, I think religious belief seems to be holding on there a bit more handily.

            But life is hard there, if only due to the vast distances involved and taking care of routine business. What would take me an hour in my previous life now becomes an all day ordeal — just getting to the place and back. And there’s also the problem of breaking in socially. Most of these folks have lived here their whole lives. Their families go back generations. They know where to go for recreation; they know who can fix your lawn mower, or where some guy has a shop in a run-down building where good work is actually done. And they know where the best plumber is. You don’t just look on line hereabouts.

            And as I mentioned, it’s hard to break in to the community. If you come from an urban environment, or spent a lifetime doing something demanding, highly specialized or cerebral, you’re not going to (quickly) find someone you feel an immediate kinship with, not that they aren’t polite.

            For JZ

            No Mormon utopia here. I spent 40 years and my professional life living amongst, working with and having LDS folk as friends, co-workers, bosses, subordinates and colleagues. This isn’t Mormon (can we use that term anymore?) country here. Haven’t seen one LDS church way out here. One interesting point …. there are an awfully lot of blond haired girls and women here; appear to be from Northern European stock. Their local fall pubs on the Football and cheerleading rosters and schedules bear out this demographic. But they’re not of that faith, though I’d also contend they are also not as inclined to the globalist perspective as the Mormon church seems to be leaning.

        • There are a many places like that, and I think it explains some of the craziness. Trannies, overdoses and loud war drums are geared toward stopping the production of white children. It has failed so far, which is very surprising.

          The Tribe’s greatest success was with straight, decent white men now in the age range of 40ish to 70 or so who did not marry or have children. The evil ones attained this result with mass media and pop culture targeted toward white women in that age range that turned many of them into repulsive, lonely shrews.

          Below that age range, though, younger white men across the ideological spectrum are having more children than they have in a century. You see this even in cities and particularly in the ring suburbs where they move after marriage.

          There is a desperate and concerted effort to kill off these young white males via fentanyl, sexual confusion, and, as a last resort, a meat grinder of a war. For all intents and purposes, the Sackler and Pritzker families are foot soldiers if not key components of the Regime. So far and shockingly that effort has failed spectacularly with younger men and if anything backfired. The best advice that can be given to young white men, if it is even necessary, is to disengage from the system to the fullest extent possible.

          The future belongs to them if they keep behaving in this way. It is bleak for us and they see it and seem to want something better.

          • Yes, seen that too. It’s not all bad. Somehow some whites are still figuring things out.

      • ‘Repulsive, frankly. As much as I would like to be a white supremacist, I despair for my race when I see young white females today.’

        LOL. You don’t hear THAT too often.

        I don’t aspire to white supremacy — the races are what they are, for all to witness — but to pleasing my Father. The church I attend accepts men of all races, if the strict criteria is met.

        That does not mean I am unaware of innate race-characteristics going back to Noah. Nor am I unaware of the benefits of a majority-white, patriarchal American nation without constant tribal warfare and resentment. I know, I lived there once.

        Many here are looking to build some kind of white nation in the U.S., but that’s impossible. Your women rule over you. White men can’t even keep their own daughters from destroying civilization and dancing on its ruins, mocking them . . . but folks are gonna form some kind of White Nation? With what females, exactly? Backyard hasn’t been cleaned up but people want to launder the whole county.

        • I believe that racial tribalism commands greater loyalty than religious belief. So, I guess that if some racial incident arose in your church, most of your non-white brothers in Christ would be against you and the whites.

          I don’t want to sound dogmatic or dismissive of your beliefs. These issues are difficult, and smart people of good will can disagree.

          If I am correct, then when we want to build a new society on the most firm foundation, we build on race, not values.

          • You want to ‘build on race’ but it is your own white daughters, wives, mothers, sisters and women who oppress you and who rule over you.

            Which is why I say your White Nation is a fantasy. Take command and control over your women and you may have something to talk about. Right now, you don’t.

            We’re gonna see which lasts longer and thrives: your White Nation (full of empowered feminist women and girls) or my church.

  7. Truly a sad state of affairs. Even sadder is the only way these corrupt Fs are going to be dislodged is most likely via something truly disastrous – for everyone.

  8. Massachusetts gets a mention!

    There are Bay Staters who meet for mutual consolation in our tiny, out of the way pubs in Massachusetts’ “Little Appalachia” up in the western hills. We’re the Red Sox fans time forgot.

    And then, from ten miles up the road across the Vermont line, in storm the Bernie Bros to guzzle all the Bud Lite (they formerly sipped only the most exotic microbrews.) You might think that no one could be more ridiculous than Liz, but check out our junior senator, Markey, who hails from the same Southie as MSNBC’s insufferable Laurence O’Donnell while Rachel, the LGB… Stanford grad, holes up just down the road.

    Why don’t we leave this vale of post Mitt Romney tears? We can’t get parts for our Priuses.

  9. Is the target stock really down? Or is it just down like the rest of the market? I doubt Target will be impacted long term.

    AB is in real trouble though. -25% bud light, -10% budweiser, -7% busch, -2% natural ice w/o/w vs. last year. Getting worse each week too. And it may get even worse with this weeks memorial day data.

    Almost seems like Conservatives are purposely trying to get us to boycott everything to dilute the success of the Bud boycott. We need to see this one through, ideally until AB inBev is liquidated and its properties sold off.

    • I’ve come to the conclusion that, most of the time, “go woke, go broke” is just cope for conservatives, who can’t accept that the market is not free and probably rigged against them specifically.

      If I’m right, then these problems that Bud and Target are having are just temporary bumps in the road. They can stay fanatically anti-traditional much longer than your group can maintain the motivation to boycott.

      I’d like to be wrong, because that would mean that we are not as economically powerless as I believe that we are.

      • It doesn’t matter if AB-INBEV goes broke what matters is whether you have enough dignity to stop doing business with degenerates that denigrate you. The metric of a successful boycott is not whether the business apologizes, changes or goes broke, but whether your personal dignity and moral standards remain intact.

        • Yes, but it’s difficult. I suspect if one were to list all the woke companies one should avoid, they’d be no companies left to do business with. I have left many companies and charities, but there seems to be no limit to their proliferation these days. City life, ironically, seems to present fewer alternatives for day to day living necessities. So many times I’m faced with finding the “cleanest dirty shirt” in the hamper.

          • In as close to an ideal world as there could be, we would still do business with lots of people who disagree with us. But not with people who mock and subvert us.

    • Target stock doesn’t look to be much down from other natural dips.
      Also note that stock price doesn’t necessarily track with profitability.

      Thirdly (regarding LineInTheSand) the problem isn’t that the cattle aren’t economically important, it’s that you’re utterly spineless at the end of the day. Also encrusted from head to toes with grifters like barnacles on an old ship’s hull. You can run out of patience and sympathy when these people just seem to shuffle between Jack Murphy, Mike Cernovich, Posobiac or Gunt Vandelay (real name Avi Schlep’n’Fress) being taken in the by same three card monte scam year after year. I’m not even convinced normie expects to get any positive outcomes from the process, they know it’s a pantomime and just want to feel included.

  10. I largely agree with you on hating the seething anti-Trump people. However, I do think Ann Coulter’s criticism is legitimate. She had (another) article in taki on it this week. Trump was good at talking sh*t. He triggered lefties. However, he rarely actually did anything. Despite having republicans majorities the first two years he never got his wall, constantly backed down, and was constantly trying to make a deal and compromise. Platinum plan anyone? Where Ann loses me is that she thinks DeSantis is some panacea. She really doesn’t see that the system is broken and will spit out any real reformer (or not allow them in to begin with).

    • Might as well ask why VDare is every other day calling for someone to be impeached. Some things are just a mystery.

      • Oy, VDare. They are little different than Breitbart or Revolver. They live for the rage-clicks.

    • “However, he rarely actually did anything.”

      Anything he did was overturned by some judge nobody ever heard of. Anything legislation program he wanted was never acted on by the Ryan / McConnell Congress.

      Give Trump credit for nominating some decent judges and McConnell credit for a seating a couple of Supreme Court justices.

      • I’ll believe they’re good judges if/when they strike down affirmative action and other blatantly anti-white policies. I won’t hold my breath though. Considering she adopted some African kids, my guess is Amy Coney Barret is all in on work stuff.

        • I’m convinced all of this is downstream from affirmative action. Blm, female-run ad agencies, gay obsessed corporations, and even the collapse of universities and the rise of managerialism. Women and POCs ruin everything. I even tweeted Charles Murray asking if wokeism was just affirmative action on steroids and he seemed to not disagree. If scotus overturns that, it will still take a while to trickle through the culture but it will be a genuine victory for the future generations, and trump will deserve some credit I think.

      • Trump simply never was the president. “His” judges suck but they’re not his. And his too would have sucked. No judge is a decent person, and Trump is a credentialist/meritocrat who’s incapable of understanding that successful careerists can be (and typically are) incompetent, saboteurs, or both.

        I think the only anti-Trump people around here—source of your frown-votes—are what we could call “alt-right deadenders” who’ve followed Spencer’s or Vox Day’s lead in pretending to be disappointed that Trump failed to “cross the Rubicon”—during a military coup *against himself*.

        They’re retarded.

        • For many of those types, it is a cope. I suspect a substantial portion of the so-called “Alt-Right” is controlled opposition. Most of the rest is in fact retarded and believed the Q nonsense hook, line and sinker.

      • If Trump is incapable of doing anything useful (whether that’s his fault or systematic) then what is the point in arguing over whether he’d be a good president or not?

  11. I fantasize that Trump loses to some over the top undeniable cheating so suddenly we have two guys running around, only staying in their strongholds, issuing arrest warrants for the other while claiming to be president. Much like Rome had periods of multiple emperors.

  12. Blackpill podcast, but some whitepill encouragement to round things out.

    The models are clear that we can fix what ails us, but it has to be smarter rather than harder. First, the number of disease cells operating at the root of the problem is quite small, and they are not robust. Too much good life makes you are highly sensitive to losing this windfall via a quick exit. They will stampede out of Dodge under sufficient motivation, and it only takes a few noteworthy examples in a sustained pattern to start the stampede. Focus matters more than anything else. It’s a waste of resources to attempt remedy aimed at the useful idiots at the bottom of the tyranny pyramid.

    What traits do the best of us possess? Intelligence, determination, creativity, cunning, and the ability to adapt and change as circumstances require. What if an army of nobodies arises from nowhere and comes in from the fog. And operates solely within the confines of your cranium based upon seizing spontaneous opportunity and acting via novel means that are nearly impossible to anticipate? Can the Stasi really arrest or detain every plumber, nurse, or FedEx delivery driver?

    Yes, the game is rigged and voting is all a charade designed to keep normie on the couch. But someday the plates will stop spinning and the disease cannot fail but to kill off the host. Losing in Ukraine and the rise of BRICS will likely be the last straw. And when the SHTF, you won’t be able to eat the old saw about End of Times predictions never coming true. The Soviet Union fell overnight.

  13. Maybe I’m still too idealistic to be a real dissident, because from where I sit, judging from what’s happened with Bud Light and Target, it looks like normie has finally found a way, and the will, to push back in a manner that forces the enemy to change its behavior. When’s the last time anything coming from the “Right” accomplished that? It may not be much, maybe all it potentially gets us is a return to corporations merely selling us things without trying to indoctrinate us, but it’s something. Or at least keeping the indoctrination subtle, and not overt.

    Speaking of subtle indoctrination, there are a lot of folks who ridiculed the Southern Baptists in the 90s for calling out Disney, who owe them an apology. Those folks had the mouse pegged back then. The good news is Disney is a dying company, mainly because it is no longer producing things people want. The theme parks may go on, because people actually do want that, but theme parks are not the profit engine of Disney. The (formerly) more profitable parts of the business are fading and fast.

    • Yes. I have been saying, for more years than I can recall, that the correct strategy is to stop spending money. I don’t even mean boycotting the woke corporations (although you should certainly do that, too) but just stop spending so much, period.

      The general idea is slow down the consumerist merry-go-round. Not stop it completely—the vast majority of people would not survive without modern conveniences, so that’s unrealistic—just slow it down. Reducing debt loads promotes personal liberty and it radically curtails the amount of leverage the corporations have over us. Make the C-suites fight for scarce capital so they won’t have time to worry about getting with the latest ideological crappola.

      Your debt is their power. Reduce their power by reducing your debt. It’s simple, it’s doable, and it works. What’s not to like?

      • I agree with you. Our entire system is built on debt. Limit what you buy to the greatest extent you can and at the least refuse to carry credit card debt. Be willing to buy a home below what you qualify for. My car is 7 years old, it’s paid for and I will drive it at least. Starve the system.

        • It’s actually quite the opposite for mortgage debt. If you bought the absolute biggest house you could afford while ZIRP was in effect, your mortgage note is an enormous liability now to those banks as interest rates rise. This is a big factor causing stress in the banking system right. In effect, your mortgage note becomes a short on the dollar, and with inflation and interest rates rising, that mortgage is an albatross.

          Think about it this way. If you have a million dollar mortgage at 3% interest, with “official CPI around 8-9%”, they’re losing money every year. Now throw in that they can make a loan at 8%, and no other company would want to buy that mortgage bond from them. This, if they want to sell that asset, they have to do it for less than face value. So an asset they’ve written as face value is actually worth significantly less.

          • the problem with that is large property tax bills, and large amounts spent on upkeep and maintenance.

      • Totally agree.

        Simply paying down one’s debt an building your rainy day fund in a variety of assets is one of the most powerful things the individual can take action on immediately.

      • Starve the beast. Spend as little money as possible. Lie flat. Give your enemies nothing.

        “They pretend to pay us, and we pretend to work.”

        Swear allegiance to the flag
        Whatever flag they offer
        Never hint at what you really feel
        Teach the children quietly
        For some day sons and daughters
        Will all rise up and fight while we stood still…

      • Agree fully. I have been doing this for my entire life. Debt makes you a slave to The System. You have to pay homage to the corporate Gay Pride and feminist and trans and BLM shit and keep your opinions to yourself if you want to have a job to pay your debt.

        In my case I NEVER had a good job and was never part of The System, so I was never able to incur debt. So I learned to do without things, or to do things myself. For example, I bought a used truck for less than $2000 in 2013 and drove it for ten years. I did 100% of the maintenance and repairs myself the entire time, never paid a single mechanic bill. I still have it, I could probably sell if for almost what I paid for it. I also have a spanking brand-new truck, one month old, paid for in cash. The entire time I drove the old one I saved money. I got fucked during ZIRP, but now that T-Bills are over 5% the government is paying over half the cost of my new truck this year — paying interest to me so they can fund Shaniqua’s EBT card. I hope the bastards “default,” it’ll only raise interest rates if they do. Ten per cent T-bills would be great. Paid off my 7% mortgage in 2009 when ZIRP crashed interest rates to nothing.

        The other thing people fail to realize is that by not buying shit, or by buying used stuff, you are automatically denying the government the 1/3 or more they rake off the top. Let’s say you want to buy a car that’s $50,000. The government will take 7.65% of your pay for Social Security, minimum 12% for income tax, 6-9% for sales tax, and 3-7% for state income tax — not to mention registration and title fees. You will probably have to earn $75,000-80,000 just to be able to spend $50,000. Of course this example does not even take into account the interest on financing the cost of the vehicle and financing the sales tax.

        Buy a used one for a few thousand bucks and deny the bastards their cut, and deny them the leverage they have over you by working just to pay your debt. They want you to be a good little hamster on the wheel. Debt enables them to keep you running on that hamster wheel.

      • X 20,000.

        We built a house a few years back, and paid cash rather than feed the monster. Yes, that loan would be a problem for the lenders now due to the increased interest rates, but it is still an asset to them. It was a hit worth taking.

        Everyone’s top goal should be to get rid of any and all debt. It is a power you absolutely control.

    • Maybe we’re reaching critical mass. There are now more normies that hate the woke stuff than normies who ignore it. (There was always a small minority who supported it.) So boycotts are going to work.

      Will this have a lasting effect? I don’t know. Our overlords have figured out that if something upsets the public, just memory-hole it. Many of the people actively boycotting Bud Light will come back in a few months, feeling satisfied that they proved that money runs everything (not ideology, as Z teaches).

      The biggest hurdle for normie to jump would be stopping buying F-150s. You know that normie is truly upset when F-150 sales start plummeting. That could signal a lasting effect.

      • Yes, sticktoitiveness is a bugaboo for the Grillers. I remember during an MLB players’ strike back in the 80s, Griller after Griller came forward to announce that he’d never attend another MLB game. The very next season the Grillers were back in force cheering on Dave Winfield, pounding down piss poor beer, and scarfing up Ball Park franks.

        • Personally, I’d been advocating for years a complete boycott of all spectator sports (for at least one damned weekend!) by white, working-class men. Just to show racial and cultural solidarity.
          Of course, that’s never gonna happen. What’s so addictive about worshiping large, overpaid negroes whose only contribution to society is their ability to chase a ball around?

      • But why would anyone “come back” to Bud Light? It’s not like virtually every other light beer isn’t as good or better…

        • There are people that only buy Bud, like there are people that only buy Fords. But boycotting cheap swill is one thing. Boycotting the company that supplies your fossil fuel phallus…that is another thing indeed.

          • I always thought there was something Freudian about the constant polishing and waxing.

    • The Bud Light success is a mirage. The Bud Light boycott has worked because it requires almost no effort from normie. There are numerous competitors that normie can easily switch to for cheap generic swill. How hard is it to say Coors or Miller light at the bar? The Target one will fail, people won’t drive further to the Walmart if the target is closer. Furthermore, the public school stuff will go on because people have no choice. For people that can’t afford to send their kids to religious school or home schooling, you’re a captive audience.

    • I’m out of the loop on Target. Was there a successful boycott? I know Target was pushing pervs in the women’s loo to the max, and therefore haven’t set foot in the joint in several years. Have they stopped doing that?

      • I almost never shop at Target. But one thing that has struck me for years are the large photos of smiling young models posted everywhere. Almost all of them are nonwhite! And this is in the town of Venice, Florida which must be pretty close to 95% white!

        • I began noticing the same thing several years ago at Walmarts in my West Texas city. Soon after that revelation, Walmart lost my business.

        • There is a component of desperation to the marketing and advertising. As I mentioned above, young couples are having more children than in a long, long time so the propaganda is geared toward making non-white women seem more attractive. Everyone with eyes knows white women are absolutely the most beautiful of the lot, though.

          If the advertising fails, and it will, look for a mass casualty war to try to kill off white men again. I seriously doubt the appeals to patriotism have much juice left, though, in that age bracket.

    • They probably needed more powerful hardware to handle the bloated MacOS operating system.

      • I can’t think of anything more bloated than Windows 11. My wife works in IT support and some people in that field are pretty close to the murder/suicide level of frustration with it. During my job search I applied to this one startup that was using something that needed to run on Win11. To get ready for the interview I though I’d be proactive and install Win11 and their software on VirtualBox. I’ve got a 20 core laptop with 64Gb RAM. It wasn’t enough. Couldn’t even do the install.

        MacOS, by contrast, is just a BSD* Unix microkernel at it’s core. The bloat is probably due to the fact that MacOS emphasizes GUI glitz to the point where moving a window around probably unleashes a cascade of graphics effects processing that would have been an impressive addition to a CGI superhero movie a decade ago.

        * A pet peeve of mine is when people claim that MacOS is based on Linux. It’s not and never has been. That said, modern Linux distros like Ubuntu look a lot like MacOS while making better use of the hardware than either FakeOS (Win) or GayOS (Apple).

  14. That Moldberg piece reminded me of something’s that been driving me crazy a lot of late. I’ll admit up front that I’ve never been particularly interested in the abortion issue one way or another, so I’d like to think that I can discuss it somewhat neutrally. What I seem to see happening more and more lately however is a bunch of “right-wing” commentators bad-mouthing the Dobbs decision. Usually the claim is that that decision cost the GOP the 2022 elections because it scared away all the abortion-loving soccer moms.

    Now did that decision hurt the GOP? Maybe. But how the h**l do we even know who won the 2022 elections given massive and widespread voter fraud by the Left. For all we know, Dobbs increased GOP turnout and the Dems just sent in another few U-Hauls stuffed with phony ballots.

    I’ve come to see this Dobbs commentary as just the latest “tell”. The GOP has been flapping their gums about overturning Roe v. Wade for as long as I can remember following politics, and now that it actually has been – well that’s just a bad thing for the party. What is certainly going on is that the phonies in Con., Inc. and the consultant class; (1) get a pat on the head for ignoring voter fraud, and (2) provide new and different reasons for calling the stinky religious beliefs of the dirt people “problematic”.

    Now whenever I see someone make this argument about the overturning Roe v. Wade, I automatically add them to the Jonah Goldterd/David French/”Chubs” Williamson list as someone to be totally ignored and/or mocked.

    • We could theoretically wave our magic wands and return America to 1953, Biden wins reelection, and the GOP would whine that returning America to 1953 cost them the election. Idiotic is not a big enough word to describe the GOP.

      • The GOP is not your friend. You sound like the sort of person who thinks Slick Jimmy down at the used car yard is your pal, he’s always trying to get you the best price and is always looking out for your interests. After all, he said so, right?

        “Jimmy told me he gave me the best deal around, but then I found the same car for half the price at a place a few blocks over. I’m starting to think Jimmy might not be too bright.”

    • The argument made by some is that since blacks have a higher percentage of abortions, it has held down their numbers…likely true, except that blacks mostly live in blue states, which will still have liberal abortion laws, so nothing will change….
      But in AZ, the thievery was extremely crude, as shown by Keri Lake’s witnesses, and abortion was not an issue…

    • I don’t even think the Roe v Wade thing was intended to save any babies. I think it was purposefully done to drive up Dem turnout by getting all the women’s panties in twists.

      If the goal was actually ending abortions, you have to explain why Republicans only paid lip service to being pro-life for the previous 40 years. Same with the border.

    • The GOP has two constituencies: the MIC and corporate interests, and they are losing them.

  15. There is a great meme of an image of a black man looking away with a sad and contemplative expression. The caption reads “In America, a Black man cannot even scream threats at passengers on the subway without fearing for his life.”

    The amount of money raised in the crowdfunding efforts for Daniel Penny is encouraging. It’s good to see white people noticing the injustice and rallying to support.

    There are also many videos of young white women calling out target for the obvious pro-pedophilia and grooming campaign led by satanists.
    Z explains why this does not matter to target. But it is heartening to see many young white, Christian women having the courage to oppose.

    • Unfortunately, there’s always the possibility of those people donating to Mr. Penny losing their jobs. This famously happened to some cops that donated to Derek Chauvin’s defense. This is not a free country anymore. Don’t forget that.

  16. Regarding Bud Light, the parent company might recover, but the Bud Light brand is damaged beyond repair.

    Queer beer. That’s what they’re calling it. Normal dudes don’t want to be seen buying it, drinking it, or holding a can in public. Normal women are angry that “girlhood” is represented by a tranny.

    No one likes to be mocked, which is why Bud Light is doubly screwed. The company mocked its customers, and now those offended customers will mock fellow beer drinkers caught drinking the stuff. IMO, there’s no coming back from this.

    • Exactly, I don’t want to look like a f*g drinking Budweiser. I’m sticking to my pink-colored cranberry ciders like a real man.

    • Beer is one of those products where people tend to identify with it. There’s lots of brand loyalty, “this is MY beer,” that sort of thing.

      In commercials, Coors used to show crystal-clear Rocky Mountain streams, or Hamm’s with it’s “from the land of sky-blue waters,” or Old Style talking about being brewed (fully krausened!) from “god’s country.” All appealing images.

      And then some would appeal to men in a different way, using hot chicks in bikinis to pitch their brand of beer.

      For normal men a tranny is unappealing, to put it mildly. Nobody wants to identify with the image of a silly man dressing up as Audrey Hepburn and the beer of his choice.

      • They’re not going to stop with the trans stuff because they fervently believe they can use it as part of their recruiting effort to lure heteros into homo behavior.

        Yes, they are that crazy. Just look how the Pritzker clan has destroyed Chicago and Illinois with their lunacy.

    • I think almost any other brand could have waited it out, but the problem with Bud Light is it’s not very good, but long-time drinkers of it won’t realize it until they drink something else for a few weeks. I think that’s why the brand continues to rot as usually there’s a snap-back when people go back after feeling like they’ve made their point.

      • ” the problem with Bud Light is it’s not very good, but long-time drinkers of it won’t realize it until they drink something else for a few weeks”

        This. And stigma is attached now. It was the perfect storm, and while this is a tempest in a teapot, as someone else here earlier wrote, preservation of dignity is important and supporting products and organizations that hate you should be avoided at all costs.

    • But how much do you want to bet the people boycotting Bud Lite are getting Budweiser beer instead? I’ve not heard of any similar drop in all Anheuser Busch products. It’s like getting mad at Diet Coke and drinking Diet Sprite instead. It’s all the same Borg.

      • I’m not a beer drinker, but I do know this. The Bud Light drinkers in my circle are boycotting all of the company’s brands.

        This might pass, but Bud, whether Light or normal, will carry the taint of trannies for a long while.

        Tranny taint. Envision that how you will.

        • Does Cindy McCain still own that Anheuser Busch distributorship? I’m looking for the real silver lining here

  17. The hordes pouring in from the South are not going to care a bit about our voting habits. They will pour in because the current puppet has decided to stop enforcing the laws with the intent of browning or blackening the USA. The flood from Sub Saharan Africa has not really hit full speed yet. Due to the big water in between it will probably not reach the size of the European wave but air travel, subsidized by Catholic Charities, Hebrew Immigration Aid Society and Soros, can help on that front. The people of Cleveland , Texas thought they lived in an ok small town but then one day there is 50,000 person slum nearby where you have Mexicans mass murdering Hondurans. It can happen anywhere and organizing in small groups won’t do squat.

    • Bush-II, Clinton and Obama have officially endorsed constant flights of migrants dispersed all over America. The First American Triumvirate. Rome’s first triumvirate at least had actors bent on reforming and restoring Rome. We are so past degeneracy our First Triumvirate is bent on the utter ruin of America.

    • “Mexicans mass murdering Hondurans”

      That’s the future, too, no matter how hidden.

      • Well, whatever keeps their population in check. I feel exactly the same about Hutu-on-Hutu violence–you go, homie!

    • A couple weeks ago I posted here about how people seem to have two different ways to deal with “problems”. I gave the example of a person with an unreliable car needing to get to a job interview or to the airport. Certain proactive and practical actions like renting a car come to mind whether people act on them or not. With the flood of illegals though it’s really that people seem to process the problem more like something they see in a movie or a TV show. Of course they also lack the courage to take direct action themselves but I don’t think most of them even get that far. The whole thing exists in some alternate space and time of “politics” that can no more threaten them than Sauron’s Orc army from the Lord of the Rings movies.

      This does seem to represent a change in the way people perceive and process reality. The advent of film, TV, and then the internet did create a sort of alternate realm in people’s minds. It is probably an unavoidable temptation to push unpleasant realities into that realm in one’s mind instead of dealing with them. How much this process was deliberately engineered and encouraged can be debated endlessly but a more crucial question is how to snap people out of it and convince them that, like it or not, the Orc army really is camped down there by the river.

  18. For dissidents, I think the more interesting action is on the Dem side. As we know, for all the reasons stated on this blog, a Republican cannot win, and even if one did, it would not change the direction of this former country. The best outcome for us on the GOP side is for Trump & DeSantis to keep trying to run to the right of each other, shifting the Overton window.

    However, I think we can really sow chaos on the Dem side. If 20% of righties shifted over and voted RFK in the primaries, really forcing the Dems to go overboard in rigging their primaries, perhaps forcing them to assassinate another Kennedy, that could cause some things to come crashing down.

    I intend to vote RFK in the Dem primary in Illinois, whether he’s dead or alive at that point.

    • Evil Party vs. Stupid Party describes the voters, as Z has said. Democrats are thrilled that their primaries are rigged. The more blatant it is, the more “enthusiasm” they show in the general. A party that’s willing to screw them is going to full-on rape you and let them watch. They love it.

    • That’s funny you say that. In Massachusetts, undeclared voters get to choose their primary they want to vote in. I plan on voting RFK for the same reasons. Cheers Haha

    • I intend to do the same thing in my primary. What better way to say that I’m fed up with the whole thing and want it to burn. He will either be assassinated or cheated out of the nomination so it’s a wasted vote but who cares.

  19. I raise this point with normies when I have the chance, and at least it gives them pause…

    “We elected 2 Presidents back-to-back (Obama & Trump) with very different life and political backgrounds, from different parties. Both campaigned on ending pointless wars. Neither were able to accomplish this over 12 years. This calls into question who exactly is in charge? That should be scary to you.”

    • Trump started no new wars. He wasn’t able to end Afghanistan but the US combat role was minimum. He foolishly lobbed some missiles into Syria because Ivanka the twat cried, but overall, not too bad. The number of combat deaths under Trump was low.

      • Can’t sell Trump short on that as they tried like hell to get him to start a war with Iran.

  20. Perhaps I’m wrong, but I’d estimate that, among the regular posters on this site, only ca. 15% will vote in the electoral farce of 2024. I’d like that number to be zero, of course, but 15% is still not too bad.

    • Ostei: If, as you do, you limit it to ‘regular posters,’ I’d generally agree with your estimate – perhaps raise it to 20%. If you add less frequent and newer posters (say within the past 2 years), I would hazard at least 35% will vote. As Zman says, it seems to be a very hard habit for folks to break. It means accepting that what you want and believe in – even if these are/were White societal norms for hundreds of years until quite recently – is being destroyed and you really cannot do anything to slow or stop it.

      The final stage of dissent is acknowledging and accepting this – and getting your family out of the way. Doing what you can to ensure someone will survive to remember what used to be. “Once upon a time . . . “

      • Up here in Alberta it’s time to vote for our provincial premiere. Two women have “tossed their panties into the ring” as our esteemed blog host so eloquently put it. The menopausal commie candidate pretty much bankrupted the province when she ran it four years ago. The menopausal conservative candidate talks a good talk but has never held a real job in her life and often takes her orders from the left. My voating harder this time was not about saving the world, or protecting my province or about asserting my civil right to vote. It was only a therapeutic exercise; for in my way I was giving the finger to the far left. I dunno if we have the same fraud issues the US does…but nothing surprises me anymore. I’m just happy I used the ballot box and not the cartridge box. It was a nice morning for a walk, the voting place was filled with elderly, wealthy Boomers and retired geriatric grillers that were union slobs, snivel servants, and teachers… and cancelling one of their voats with mine was just good for the soul. Beyond that… meh, it was better than staying home and doing chores. Farting into the wind may not accomplish anything…but it sure feels good, and that’s the only way to take the whole thing.

  21. the regime has eliminated elections, but they have also eliminated key means of retaining power. once the dollar implodes and fedgov can’t print their mistakes away, the current system will collapse. what’s going on now is the terminal stage of AINO, and it won’t take 100 years to complete (like imperial Rome did), not even 100 months.

    • I think the rate of collapse over the next year will catch everyone by surprise and make the election irrelevant (if it even happens).

      • I expect the security apparatus to execute a false flag to provide cover for a declaration of a state of emergency that allows them to implement martial law and cancel all elections indefinitely, which really means permanently.

        • While I see where you’re coming from, even Stalin and Kim Il Sung and lots of other tinpot despots regularly held “elections.”

        • Something along these lines assuredly will happen. The release valve of elections no longer works with a big chunk of the populace. We’ve had medical martial law. Look for a variation that involves Russians or white supremacists or something along that line.

          • Jack-

            I expect it to go down in a red city somewhere in flyover land, most likely a Great Plains state, because the regime thinks that will produce the strongest rally around the flag effect.

          • That’s my take as well, Geese. Because if something happens in most of the Northeast it will be, if not celebrated, kind of a nothingburger. I do think the false flag, which will in fact likely be in a place like the Dakotas or West Texas and geared toward stirring up the Griller rubes, easily could go sideways since the border is wide open and so forth. And they have gotten shoddy at this stuff in recent years and people are infinitely more distrustful than was the case 911. Covid hurt them.

            But, yes, I know they have something in the pipeline to coincide with the coming economic implosion.

          • Jack-

            You read my mind on location. I was thinking Rapid City, Odessa, Grand Junction, and Helena must be near the top of their target list.

            I also agree that they are getting so sloppy they may not be able to pull this off. I figure they have all their best people assigned to keeping the national data collection center in Utah up and running.

  22. Anyone think someone should write a book on this topic? I feel that in the 1970s, the migration patterns to California started changing.

    This is when white low church protestants from the Midwest and border states stopped moving there. If my assumption is correct,b then the why would also be interesting.

    Maybe the jolly west inspired mayhem in the state caused people to stop moving there?

  23. “ Once these truths are accepted, the coming election is just a reboot of a bad movie.”

    Yep, it’s become one of my guilty “pleasures” for the last few years—listening to the talking heads repeating the same old, same old, for years and years, never progressing to a solution, always blaming the same characters, always demanding more of the same (proposed) remedies.

    For example, school deterioration and our abject failure of students in math and reading proficiency (13% and 22%). Never a mention of racial differences between the student populations of the “good” public schools (not many in the public sector) or the private/charter schools (where most all the good students have fled). It’s always the teachers, or administrators, or funding—never the students/families as they are held blameless and equal. Also overlooked is that over the decades as our public school system reversed in racial majority/minority, the decline began and continued until this day. Almost a perfect correlation, but there never is an “aha” moment, just the same old tired mantra.

    • “ Once these truths are accepted, the coming election is just a reboot of a bad movie.”

      Election 2016 put some freshness back into the stale theme, really subverted my expectations. Election 2020 failed to capture the same magic though.

    • A few days ago, Devon Stack (Blackpilled) produced an “Insomnia Stream: Ghetto School Edition.” He showed a documentary, along with his comments, from the 60s about a NYC school with many black students who couldn’t read, do math, were violent, etc.

      The “experts” were frustrated at their inability to solve the problem. You guessed it, biological reasons were never mentioned in the documentary as a possible reason for the dysfunction. And today, the problems haven’t changed.

      Link: https://odysee.com/@Blackpilled:b/ghetschool:9

      Another related worthwhile series of videos is Pete Quinones reading from a 1969 book called “Race War in High School,” again, about a NYC school full of blacks and dysfunction.

      Link to Quinones, which consists of 12 videos with various guests. (the first video, the guest is annoying, constantly laughing. But the others are great.) https://odysee.com/@Freemanbeyondthewall:d/reading-'race-war-in-high-school'-by:7?lid=4ef2342e65e9a05a812ea829e9f2037f4507e8d0

      • Thanks for the heads up. On Bitchute, I don’t see any new vids from Blackpilled since May 4.

        • I’m not sure why he stopped posting on bitchute. Check out odysee. He’s there.

  24. It is very clear now that an “Internet Influencer” is someone on the payroll of and intrest group that pays him and the platforms that promote him. they are as as fake as CNN.

    • I honestly don’t care if some of these guys get some side money from various interests. What bugs me is when they insult my intelligence by becoming complete hacks and changing their opinions based on who pays them, or become parodies of themselves from insane shilling.

      As cable T.V. viewership plummets and people want to pay influencers who actually have persuasive powers over the masses, it’s only going to increase.

      • That bugs me too. If you are pro-DeSantis and then they put you on the payroll, that is fine. The guys who suddenly become superfans of a candidate because they are getting paid are lying to you for money.

  25. “Those who have broken free from the madness will not enjoy seeing this.”

    Thank you, Zman, for noting the camp in which I find myself. Your accompanying prose today is as on-point as can be. Looking forward to the podcast!

    • I agree. Not only do I no longer enjoy the madness, but I grow weary of being harangued as a shirker or even a traitor because I no longer offer my services to local candidates as an advisor on public safety issues. It’s hard enough for an outsider, no matter how bright or morally upright, to beat an entrenched incumbent sheriff or district attorney. The final straw was the 2022 election, which saw over $1 million dollars in outside PAC money pour into a county with about 102,000 registered voters and less than 50% turnout. People refuse to see that the process is irredeemably broken, preferring instead to see anyone who refuses to “vote harder” as morally weak. You literally cannot win, for whatever value of “win” you choose; so I am done.

      • Maus: This. Friend of a friend experienced exactly this trying to compete in a local race. You have to have big donors and connections within the party apparatus, even when running for the school board or city council. Perhaps in some small enough town it could work with lots of people and organization and time and money, but on the whole I argue that even voting or running locally is a waste of time. Just don’t play their games.

    • She must be an American Republican pretending to be Jamaican. “My best friend is an American black woman” Or, perhaps, the desire to cuck is in everyone everywhere.

    • She should do a joint marketing video with Scott Adams.

      Do you want to go to a Carribbean Island, but are you rightly bothered by that, “Stay the F*** Away”, rule that you know your life depends upon not breaking? Well, Caribbean Island Lady and her tranquil, and beautiful resort house have answered your call. Caribbean Island Lady is enforcing that rule for you. So if you can make it from the airport to the resort alive, then you will enjoy a great retreat free from the worries and stresses of the necessity and vigilance of adhering to post-America’s new Golden Rule. For just $399 we offer helicopter transport from the Caymans direct to the resort. For $50 off, enter STFA when you book your flight. I’m Scott Adams, and I’m Caribbean Island Lady. Come to CIL’s resort so you can relax and Stay the F*** Away!”

    • These days there are plenty of comments about the futility of voting, the green scam, CBDCs, and the stroke poke on stories at MSN. Comments are turned off for many stories about Ukraine.

      Maybe normie really is starting to awaken?

    • That’s great but hardly unexpected. If you travel much abroad and encounter people who interact with black Americans (and feel they can speak freely), this is the default opinion. Given their relatively close proximity to the States, it is most pronounced among the West Indians, who tend to speak freely about it. Bahamians hate black Americans in particular and feel no hesitation telling them about it to their face. Tribal affinity goes out the window for dusky foreigners there.

      Britons tend to be an exception to the rule because they are exposed to the cancer of American media and identify with the attitudes it espouses. Even there, though, it is just below the surface. I won’t even start with the Japanese and Koreans.

      It is hilarious*, and as blacks also become more of a minority in the States, they will realize very soon they are almost universally despised despite all the praise the American Left and white conservatives heap on them. The traits we condemn–the entitlement, the violence, the stupidity, the dysfunction–do not escape notice. Our constant exposure numbs even us to how repellent those types, the vast majority, really are.

      The most interesting comments to the article were from leftists doing their own version of DR3 and spitting out such perceived zingers as this also includes Clarence Thomas. Yes, it does. So?

      *In a gallows sort of way; when caught up in the violence among the factions of diversity, the humor dissipates.

      • “They’re cannibals” as Obama’s supposed aunt supposedly said of West Africans.

      • Back in the day, in Africa, a number of black Africans expressed to me how ridiculous they found the term African American to be. And I never brought it up. They did.

  26. https://youtu.be/C6BYzLIqKB8

    This show was a prime example of the “Dissident Wank.”

    Normiecon: “We need to vote moar harder, at least at the local level. If enough of us vote, we can beat the cheat.”

    Dissident Wanker: “No, voting doesn’t matter because you can’t beat the cheat because (quite likely and certainly valid) systemic reasons with the process and even if you do, the elites won’t listen to you anyway. Here’s a study with 50 million times that public opinion didn’t get the majority what it wanted from their elected officials. Maybe vote for your local school board, but eventually they’ll rig that too.”

    Normiecon: “Well, if my vote doesn’t matter, I can at least boycott all those companies that don’t support my values. Hit them in the pocketbook, at least.”

    Dissident Wanker: “No, that won’t work, because the market is flawed and you’re not going to impact their bottom line all that much and all the other companies are just as bad. Plus, remember that study I showed you before? It says that the board of directors of all these companies hate you more than they like your money, so boycotting them won’t work.”

    Normiecon: “Well, I can use my 1st Amendment Rights to go stand out in front of a drag queen story hour with a sign denouncing perverts or write letters to the editor about it or go protest in front of the state legislature.”

    Dissident Wanker: “No, you’ll just be putting on the Hitler Suit for the Cloud People’s Two Minutes Hate. That won’t do anything.”

    Normiecon: “Well, then I guess it’s time to go light the torches, sharpen the pitchforks, and water the Tree of Lib-”

    Dissident Wanker: “No Fedpoasting!”

    Normiecon: “Okay. I guess I’ll just sit here and contemplate what color to paint the walls of the cube the Cloud People will eventually put me in and start figuring out what types of bugs I like to eat.”

    Dissident Wanker: “All colors are actually just shades of beige and the Cloud People control the supply of bugs, keeping the best bugs for themselves.”

    I mean, like The Dude said, you’re not wrong. But I seem to remember something being said that posting about lighter topics would be a theme during the summer. Plus, you do have ideas about laying the foundations for a future restoration by our descendants. Otherwise being a Dissident/ Dirt Person is just a negative identity to the Cloud People.

    • As z has said in the past , we ony get one life. the part you leave out is where you have a familyand accept the blessings if children so you have real skin in the “future” . practice your faith(hoprfully trad cath), work on your friend group, fet as fit as you can , do healthy recreation with those friends like biking,fishing, hunting,camping ,kayaking, classic or performance cars, or target shooting. basicly live your life well . educate as many as you can about the crapstorm coming. None of this fixes the country , but it will help you to cope with the failed assumpton that there is something we can do to change courses.

      • Yep, that’s what Based leaves out. The situation is fluid and therefore the remedies possible are also always changing. Immediate action when the time is wrong—as in you are weak, they are strong—is ill advised. However, that’s not to say there is nothing you can do as there is some local control you can effect. As you’ve noted, that’s often within yourself and immediate family. Start there.

      • As miforest says, there are plenty of healthy and positive activities to immerse yourself in, along with spreading the word about the harsh realities and what’s coming. There are still 200 million White people in America, which counts for something. Because you’re a realist, it doesn’t mean you have to wallow in despair.

  27. “My fellow Americans, as a young boy I dreamed of being a baseball. But tonight I say we must move forward, not backward… upward, not forward, and always twirling, twirling, TWIRLING towards freedom!”

    -Bill Clinton/Kodos


    -Homer Simpson

    “Treehouse of Horror VII”

  28. Z loves to tell us that we “can’t vote our way out of this” (true enough), but offers no suggestion for what we should do otherwise.

    And no, “form groups so the FBI can RICO you and put everyone you love in a rape cage” is not a solution.

    • Ah, you’re a noob. Listen to the first fifteen minutes and he preaches the “go small go local” type of politics with the schoolboard example.

    • When you form a “group” such as the Proud Boys and then organize “outings” such that you attend political rallies and such events, that’s a horse of a different color. When you form groups and form bonds of friendship through more subtle activities, then when the SHTF, you have a ready made group to approach the situation as it presents itself. Not sure Z-man ever suggested otherwise.

  29. Never forget: Cheeto Jesus, Jr. was one of the first Republicans out of the gate to defend his good friends at Budweiser against the Bud Light boycott.

    • Trump is more likely to say “we have the best trannies” than to take some kind of oppositional position. It’s puzzling why the gays mostly seem to hate him. What did he ever do to them?

      • Yeah, this. I previously decided to only vote and only for Trump in the event he was indicted or charged, not because I thought it would do anything but to show “no confidence” in the system. Screw that. That still can be interpreted as an endorsement of sorts of a man who defends trannies.

  30. “Asa Hutchinson can be the sword swallower… no, wait, that should be Tim Scott!”

    Heh. I see what you did there.

    “The hard truth… I think I’ll stick with that.”

    That’s what Tim Scott said!

  31. Simply cannot get myself motivated enough to care about an obviously rigged election.

    Maybe if the Republicans rig up their primaries and get a mainstream insider like Haley or Scott nominated, that person would be allowed to beat Biden because the boat won’t be rocked at all.

    • If anyone gains traction that the Regime doesn’t like, they’ll get lawfare’d. Plain and simple.

      As for the media, Team Red will latch onto every Biden indictment and Team Blue will latch onto any DeSantis or Trump indictment. “Where’s the outrage?!” they’ll say. It’s all so tiresome.

  32. One of the more popular psychological tricks to deal with unproductive thought patterns is to put down these thoughts on a piece of paper, then take the paper and burn it. Sounds like you did the same thing when you nuked your original broadcast and started from scratch.

    • Nice one!

      Loving the comments today. The reminders to do some pre-TV era recreation with solid guys is perfect advice. Good reminder. I think home brewing and taking them out on the fishing expedition is a great combo.

      Have you ever spoken with a guy who is smitten with Moldberg? I have and it was as cultish and delusional as dealing with any Wokester minus the ovarian hysteria and anxiety in the air.

      Let’s see. What other fun can we have? How about a
      Charles Haywood/Yarvey Moldberg on a Caesarian Party ticket? Haywood’s had his clackers straightened and bleached, so he may be prepping for something big. Get those boys fitted for some togas baby!

      Oh I know, here is the stammerer’s delight ticket:

      Don’t downvote me. I’m just clowning around. Enjoy some traditional outdoors sporting and home brews this weekend everyone. Ba-dat-Ba-dat-Ba-dat’s Aaaall Folks!

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