Talkin’ Bout My Generation

After a week of stellar posting inspired by a trip to American Renaissance, I thought a show on generational stuff would be a good way to finish the week. It is also a good show to do before a summer vacation. With two weeks left of summer, I am going to take the next two weeks off from the show. I have some things that I want to get done before the fall, so it means making some time in the schedule.

The post earlier in the week about the Zoomers and specifically the Fuentes cult got me thinking about other issues related to generational topics. Something I did not mention in my show is the fact that the Zoomers are about to be elbowed off the stage in the next year or two by Generation Alpha. I am told this is the label for the kids who are currently in high school at the moment.

It would take a heart of stone not to laugh at the thought of Fuentes and his crew suddenly finding themselves as geezers in pop culture terms. I look forward to the Alphas calling him a Zoomer-Boomer as a way to indicate he is an old man while they are the young happening future. Maybe we also get an Alpha version of the groypers turning up in comment sections to heckle the Zoomers.

Putting that aside, the Alphas will be the first diverse generation. They will be majority-minority, so the media will love them. The face of this generation will be a trans lesbian of color immigrant transvestite. Nothing screams the glorious future like a young mentally unstable genetic dead end. Maybe they should be called Omegas, as they may be the last generation for the circus known as America.

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This Week’s Show


  • Generational Madness
  • Generational Politics
  • Culture versus Calendar
  • My Generation
  • Sympathy For The Zoomers

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254 thoughts on “Talkin’ Bout My Generation

  1. I feel Gen X was sort of a bifurcated generation. Like one stereotype of Gen X is the “John Hughes movie” Gen X who probably thought Reagan was the best and always dressed in a preppy manner.

    Then there’s the set who idolized Hetfield, Staley and all the others who were sort of the “goth types”. I feel that’s equally a part of Gen X.

    • It was mostly a class difference. Middle+ = Alex P. Keaton, lower = Kurt Cobain (and his predecessors like Hetfield).

      There’s a chronological difference too. If the first president you thought of as a real person was Carter or Reagan, you were probably team Alex. If Bush, team Kurt.

      The most important difference is that Kurt was real (almost), not *entirely* a caricature made up by urban shitlibs (though he somewhat was, to his great misfortune). Alex was the model for “ConInc.”

    • Could there possibly be a more Hollywood formed stereotype view of X than this? I guess so, if you made a 3rd category for Seattle grunge rockers/Friends cast members.

  2. A couple of perhaps tangential points:

    A. The decades have stopped. While there was a big change in technology, culture, fashion, behaviors, entertainment, etc from the 1920s-1990s, with each decade having their own unique set of culture/fashion/tech/social attitude changes [With the Sixties perhaps being divided into thirds] there is an “Endless Now” that has descended from say 1999 onwards. [Maybe Prince was right]. Look at a car, pair of jeans, TV show, etc. from say 2000 to now, and other than phone tech and a few minor hairstyle changes there have not been many major changes [save one very big one*].

    B. HBD applies to White people too. “Oliver Anthony” the singer of “Rich Men North of Richmond” might as well have been a character out of David Hackett Fischer’s “Albion’s Seed.” He encapsulates the entire Redneck Nation ethos: (1) Leave him alone, don’t micromanage him, (2) wants his own land where he answers to no one but himself, (3) Wants a workingman’s share — honest pay for honest work (4) Struggles with alcohol, drugs, (5) Hates/loathes those who don’t work (since he works plenty) either big shots or fatties on welfare loading up on fudge oreos. (6) Willing to live in a $750 camper shell with a tarp over the roof just to live by himself.

    All the social media, infotainment, sportsball is not going to dent those desires because they are genetically based, and these guys (love the outdoors, like to hunt/fish, etc) are always going to be what they are; and IMHO their ranks will grow because:

    *C. Since 2012 the wokeness, anti-White male stuff has just accelerated every year, to the point where there are basically NO White male heroes left at all any more, by design. As Hollywood descends into POC/Alphabet people/Girl Boss. These sorts of stories (Beowulf, King Arthur, Robin Hood, Sherlock Holmes, James Bond) act as the social glue generating sacrifice and cooperation where otherwise there will be none. What legitimacy does the Regime have with heroes being nothing but strong, empowered Girl Bosses who don’t need a man, or strong empowered POC Alphabet people? [The WGA has demanded quotas to have basically no Straight White male writers/characters and various DEI groups as writers based on floors set by the industry. One can imagine that will be reality in any settlement.] Into this gap, something will move. For now its been grifters and charlatans, at some point genuine men of talent forbidden from Government, Media, and Corporate life because of the color of their skin and sexual orientation (the “wrong” one).

    • Whiskey:

      A. The decades have stopped.

      B. HBD applies to White people too.

      C. Since 2012 the wokeness, anti-White male stuff has just accelerated every year…


      Forgive muh spergtardery, but I’ma kick a dead horse yet again.

      From muh redneck spergspective, looking at Klownworld from the outside in, one thing has not stopped, and that is the acceleration in the variety of personality types simply amongst the White race itself.

      The Frankfurt School psychiatrists & behavioral psychologists have unleashed Unholy Hell in terms of newly minted deviant personality types, and, in that sense, the decades not only have not stopped, but are rapidly accelerating towards total societal insanity.

      Ergo, yes, HBD, the Human Bio-Diversity, is indeed very much at play within the White race, with the White bell curve for personality types flattening out and producing a massively broad spectrum [or bandwidth] of new personality types: White sh!tlib personalities are falling apart and either disintegrating into insanity or exploding into violence, whereas White traditionalist & working class personalities are either giving up & checking out via Sackler-Family-Fentanyl, or else are hardening into something akin to psychological titanium.

      And yes, the effects of this psychological Darwinism – this sudden acceleration in the total number of different personality types – is making profound changes to the nature of Our Race.

      In fact, in terms of large scale biological revolutions, it would not surprise me if the emergence of the new personality types were somehow oddly timed to coincide with perhaps a Massive Maunder Minimum in sunspots, and the onset of a new Ice Age.

      I can’t shake the innate intuitional inner nagging sense that something big is headed our way…

      PS: The situation in Maui is simply horrifying; in relative terms, it’s akin to Dresden.

    • I’d say the ‘endless now’ ended right about 2020. The horror show we then entered into is something different. You could also say it ended 2016. Whichever, it was the beginning of an era in which everything became political, or was overtaken by politics, and its genesis was marked by political events.

    • Agree Re: B

      As greater society’s grip & impact on my life has receded further and further, something deeper, older, and more genetic is taking over.

      Alot of the stupid Boomerisms I believed in and cared about in the 2000s seem so silly now (sportspuck, bootstraps, etc).

      The harder they push the more their conditioning wears off – and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. If you don’t fall for the Libtard nonsense, and also don’t fall for the white guy deaths of despair, that’s a problem for the regime. And millions are not.

  3. Z Man’s main complaint about generational infighting is that it is always used to divide white people and only white people. I interpret this infighting as a sign of our lower level of tribalism.

    To what extent is generation infighting among whites encouraged by the media? I’m not sure. For example, were the “OK Boomer” tee shirts an organic phenomenon or part of an intentional plan to isolate and atomize whites?

    Even if the media was not encouraging it, it still would happen somewhat due to our unique interest in the truth, even when the truth is unpleasant. (I’m not saying that the criticisms of the Boomers are correct, only that at least some of it comes from honest attempts to explain our sorry state.)

    • Well, as I’ve come to expect from him, the Z-Man has this totally backwards.

      In fact, the generational battle is the MOST important battle there is to fight. The racial angle that many people here like to focus on is just a sideshow within that generational battle.

      There would be no Civil Rights Act and no Affirmative Action if the Boomers hadn’t supported it all, body and soul. Yes, I know they were not old enough to vote for those things, but they have adopted that ethos and made it their own. They have spent their lives lionizing the Hollywood and music and sportsball industries that consolidated all of that and incorporated it into the fabric of the culture.

      In any case, the Boomer old age and retirement will bankrupt the country, and there isn’t much any country can do if it’s broke, so everything else is academic anyway.

      • I had planned to just read and see where everyone was coming from, but this is utterly brain-dead:

        “There would be no Civil Rights Act and no Affirmative Action if the Boomers hadn’t supported it all, body and soul. ”

        The last of the Boomers were still crawling when the Civil Rights Act was passed. Affirmative Action happened during Nixon, when most of them were unaware of politics, even pop culture like “Billy Don’t Be a Hero” or Campbell’s “Galveston”. Most of them don’t have any recollection of putting flowers into the barrels of National Guard rifles.

        FFS, let’s leave the kids out of it!!!!!

        • Oh, and while I’m thinking of it, only a complete idiot wouldn’t realize that it was the mid to late Boomers who were being sentenced to taking those absurd “sensitivity” classes. Yes, that continued into Gen X, but who TF was pushing that nonsense? Do you honestly believe that we were putting up with the re-education for a free doughnut and cup of coffee, after which we’d have to put in unpaid overtime for having taken time off our jobs for that crap?

          If so, you are even less intelligent than I gave you credit for…

  4. Always great observations. Wildly talented man.

    I’m 68, a boomer. Began to understand the outrageous lies I’ve been indoctrinated with over my entire life, beginning some 20 years ago. Americans live in a horrible, continuous web of lies. As Z has previously described it, the country is a pirate cove.

    The future is not good in America. But as has been stated by many, the future is not “mad max”. Rather, it is a slow descent into totally incompetent systems, where nothing quite works anymore. Over the years, no one will remember what normal was. Dysfunction will be normal.

    It will be against the law (similar to holocaust discussions) to discuss the past.

      • The United States will increasingly come to resemble Brazil, both in the sense of the South American country and the ramshackle bureaucratic dystopia depicted in Terry Gilliam’s cult classic film.

  5. Millennial/Zoomer Reader nearly wrote what I wanted to write.

    While it is true that generational conflict means hating your ancestors which can easily loop into self-hatred, and while it is also true that generational conflict is a tool the usual suspects are using against white people, limiting your perspective to those points misses the bigger picture.

    Dissidents may be defined as those in opposition to the system, but that system was generated as an extension of a specific set of people who now use their power to protect it. FedGov was built by the victors of the Civil War who put up the framework for this new system around the time of the World Wars and then codified the spirit of it during the Civil Rights era. Much of what came after can be seen as defensive or fortification actions. Greatest and now the Silent Generations wholly own the system at this point. It is an extension of their ruling class.

    You can say that blaming the system on the Boomers is a useful bit of misdirection per the usual suspect, and that is again true, but that is not the real reason why younger generations are hating on the Boomers. The heart of the generational conflict is that the Boomers have been remarkably passive and uninterested in the sins committed against their children. College debt is the favorite example, followed by public education at large, the great replacement, dissolution of the family, atomization of white society, etc. The list is quite long.

    Boomers are the ones who are suppose to be addressing these issues. Of all the generations, they now have the bulk of all social and economic capital. It is their war to fight, and they are not fighting it. It will be poetic justice for GenX to inherit the Boomer title from the young since I do not see them fighting against the sins committed against their children all that much more than the Boomers did. Speaking to the generation as a whole, recognition of these sins is a positive step, but not enough to absolve you of the Boomer marker.

    The young have been subjected to a system that has destroyed their families, their communities, and their very identity; a system built by the victors of the Civil War, defended and solidified by the Greatest and Silent, and is generally approved of or ignored by the Boomers. A century worth of problems are crashing in on the young, and their champions are half-hearted slaves to the system at best. More often completely absent and uninterested. More often in denial of the blatant and obvious because it did not happen to them, merely their children.

    So when you tell a young person that generational conflict is a form of hatred for your ancestors, the answer from some will be “Yes”. It is the correct answer too.

    • “Boomers have been remarkably passive and uninterested in the sins committed against their children”. Great point. They tune out or call me racist when i explain my views. They quietly moved to the suburbs in the 60s, 70s, 80s and didnt tell us why, or want to admit it. I partially think its because of all divorce they wnet through, and their wives had them by the balls if they dared to voice an extreme opinion.

      • They quietly moved to the suburbs in the 60s, 70s, 80s and didn’t tell us why, or want to admit it.

        My Greatest Generation parents moved out to DuPage County from Chicago’s collar suburbs in the early 1970s and my father would be HAPPY to tell you why he did it. Let’s just say the riots around MLK’s shooting and the 1968 Democratic National Convention weren’t abstract concepts to my parents and older siblings. They lived it.

        That said, I got a measure of schadenfreude in 2020 when the squishy headed liberals who lived in tony suburbs sought to assuage their liberal guilt and let BLM “protestors” march in their towns. They, especially those folks in Naperville, got an up front and personal reminder why they, or mom and dad, or grandma and grandpa got the HELL out of Chicago and moved out to the ‘burbs. Yeah, in 2021 BLM didn’t do much marching in the Chicago and Collar County suburbs.

        • Same reason my folks moved out of Minneapolis in ’68. My dad worked in the Hennepin County Coroner’s office and had a heads up on where this was headed.

    • terranigma: “A century worth of problems are crashing in on the young, and their champions are half-hearted slaves to the system at best… It will be poetic justice for GenX to inherit the Boomer title from the young…”

      August 19, 2023
      Gen-X Ron DeSantis [born 1978] says MAGA supporters are “listless vessels”.

      [I’m not sure that I got the analogy correct; analogies are very very difficult for me to navigate, and I could have it completely backwards, but it feels about right.]

  6. What are they using as generational markers now? A generation used to be around 20 years (18 years and 9 months, actually). Now they are saying Millenials started with the mini baby boom in 1980. I don’t think there were a bunch of teenage Gen X having babies then. It was late Boomers. Should this constitute a new generation?

    Certain cultural shifts have definitely affected how certain cohorts turned out. I’ll grant that anyone who grew up with the Internet is different from someone who was in their late 20’s when it appeared. But “Generation Alpha” seems like a construct. They’re late Zoomers. You don’t get your own generation because you don’t like the older kids’ memes or whatever.

    • Internet is a big divider, and really should be a generational marker. There’s a very big difference between people who remember times before the internet. I’m probably the last group of before internet people, my cousin that was born only 10 years later has no concept of the before internet times, and there’s a big difference.

    • The Millennials started in 1983. If you graduated high school before Y2K, then you’re an X-er.

  7. Great show, I definitely feel a bit better about being a mid/late boomer – clothes and all – even though the really gay fashions were not my style…

  8. A little late to the party and I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been so busy. Wife and I are on our way back to Texas after a week long vacation in the outer banks, NC. We flew to Norfolk, VA. What an interesting experience. Every single employee at the airport aside from the pilots and a few airline clerks is a knee-grow. Absolutely amazing.

    In the OBX, there were nearly zero of them. It was all white, affluent white people. The few blacks I saw were restaurant workers. The neighborhoods are all really nice and people can leave their doors open. My wife and I literally forgot about what was happening to our former country for a short bit. It reminded us what kind of place we could have with an all White country. It all came crashing down when we went to the airport to come back home. Lots of ferals. Every black woman had a baby and was grossly obese. Contrary to how some, including Z, I hate them. I don’t merely tolerate them, I despise them and can’t stand them. In the airport they’re all talking on their phones on speaker phone, no mind disturbing people. The dudes all have super expensive headphones and 300.00 Nike sneakers. Their pants are hanging below their ass. I’m fully convinced they were God’s accident. They were created from the leftover, defective shit after making decent people was completed.

    In the early part of the podcast (around 13 minutes), I nearly spit my water out in front of everyone here at the airport.

    “…what are the odds of this happening? I mean he’s not going to be palling around with him unless they’re in jail together. You’d be better off making ads with unicorns and Bigfoot.”

    God bless you, Z.

    • The Outer Banks would be pretty close to paradise if it wasn’t such a hurricane magnet

      • I’ve often wondered whether the “Lost Colony” was lost because a CAT-4 or CAT-5 hurricane came to town and obliterated everything.

        • Nah, they fled to a more defensible position inland and were absorbed into Indian tribes or outright killed. Apparently there’s a hidden image on an Elizabethan map, recently revealed using imaging techniques, that shows a possible fort.

          Outer Banks would not be a bad place to run out the clock.

    • “I’m fully convinced they were God’s accident.”

      One of my favorite writers wrote a poem with a similar sentiment. You’ll have to correct the URL.

      Even people who sympathize with your airport observations will feel an urge to remind you about the “good ones.” I confess to feeling that way.

      But when the “good ones” are forced to choose between the values that you imagine that you share with them and the bad ones, they almost always choose to support the bad ones over your values. This is tribalism and it is one of their deepest feelings.

      • There are no “good ones”. Like you said, they will ALWAYS take up for their own when it comes down to it. Therefore I learned to take up for my own at all times.

        • E.g. Colin Powell. Raised high and greatly exalted by the Reagan/Bush administrations. Went for Barry O in 2008. Voted his ( light black) skin.

    • They are all violent, dangerous animals.

      Nothing more, nothing less.

      Know blacks, no peace.

      No blacks, know peace.

    • Hating blacks is like hating dogs. They don’t know any better. If you let dogs run wild with no discipline, they’ll make a mess of your home. If you let blacks run wild in your society, they’ll make a mess too.

      If your’re going to have blacks in your society, they must be well-trained and disciplined, forcefully if need be. If not willing to discipline them, you must expunge them.

      • But if you give a dog a treat, he will wag his tail and be great full.

        If you give gobs to a luggage tester, he will resent you and want you dead.

        Big difference.

      • I’m in my early 70’s. Old I guess. Grew up in the 50’s, 60’s, college in the early 70’s. “Right thinking ” white person with the whole “ To Kill A Mockingbird” Atticus Fitch, MLK etc.indoctrination . Bought into it, but always wondered.
        Now when I hear that “ we’ve come far but we have more work to do” line my reaction is that I’ve done all the “ work” i’m going to do.
        Now, I deal with blacks one at a time in business, stc. Fine.
        Aggregations however, get away ASAP.
        The permanent curse of this country lives on.
        Damned be him who first brought African slaves to these shores.

  9. “At one point, it seemed ‘everyone’s’ parents in our subdivision got divorced with all the resulting BS, ‘with my dad this weekend’ and the rest.”

    I definitely remember this shit starting around 1972 where I grew up. Thank god my parents were older (father mid WW2, mother first of the Silents) because their marriage was rock solid and so was those of all their friends. It was kind of weird. Most of the people in my classes who had older siblings generally escaped the divorce revolution. Nearly everyone where the first-born was my age did not.

  10. Coming off my ‘victory’ during Zman’s last post — 85 Upvotes, 0 Down — I am sure this one will not fare nearly as well. Posting it late, and due to its content makes that a certainty.

    My parents, Silents, were married in the late 1950’s, and during the divorce wave of the 1970’s-early 80’s, caught that wave. At one point, it seemed ‘everyone’s’ parents in our subdivision got divorced with all the resulting BS, ‘with my dad this weekend’ and the rest.

    That makes my cohort ‘late Boomer’ or early Gen X, take your pick. It really does not matter much, only the effects. As a kid in grade school I swore to myself I would NEVER put my own through what my parents put us through. And approaching 90, they really have not changed all that much – self-absorbed. When I was growing up, the only metric of “success” was the big house. Like they had.

    Only problem was …. their 5,000 sf center hall colonial, in a top suburb of the major shitlib city of the USA … cost $85 grand. Brand new. On 6 acres. Even with high interest rates, blah-blah, the same house recently sold for $1.85 million.

    That brings us to THEIR progeny, the Boomers. It is more accurate to combine late Silents (did not serve in WW2) with early Boomers, as they are really the same cohort, since ‘late Boomers’ born in 1964 had no say in the country, and what took place in years 1965 (you all know), 1968 (Summer of Love), and nearby. So here I will refer to them as the “Soomers”.

    That is not to exonerate my peers, born in the late Boomer years. By no means, they embraced all the usual cultural BS. Two new car payments, Disney cruises, get the bigger house… while also embracing that ‘everyone’s kids borrow money to go to college these days’, their one gay child, their mixed, non-marriage grandkids… piping up with virtue the entire way.

    While their kids were stuck with six figures in ‘college’ loan debt, almost half of those not even getting a worthless degree sheepskin, they could not stop with the vapid platitudes. Never admit that using your growing home equity is not the same as “success” even though it gets you on the golf course, or equips you with an Audi to flash your overly-bright headlights at motorists that dare get in your way doing a mere 80 in a 65, left lane.

    These Soomers all jabbed. Kept their mouths shut as all the bad things were allowed to flourish in their muh giant corporation jobs. Cannot “understand” why some young people seem to die suddenly. Why their 30 year olds son have breasts. Why their 33 year old daughter are not married.

    The ones that work in government, law enforcement…. while watching it all happen live these lives where they pretend it IS the 1980’s and Ronnie Reagan is right around the corner. Try and tell a Soomer you have no intention of vooting.

    The Soomers did not get off their asses every Sunday morning and get their kids in a pew. Now, their godless selves are in the majority where I live — they cock their Soomer heads and look at you funny, “you go to church?” Their kids, cast astray into this world while they did what on those Sunday mornings? Golf? Watch CNBC?

    I can go on but no hero story intended. Just facts. My wife and I raised 4 kids, and bootstrapped hard. No new car smell. No borrowing for college, which at this point looks like a waste, but years ago was still part of that thing called ‘The American Dream.” Got kids to adulthood, as they stand now, embracing our ethos so they have no debt whatsoever and we collectively reject the ball and chain intended for one and all forever: debt. Two married off in the church, and not some trans flag/blm/rainbow statement sign display church.

    The Soomers let ‘the school’ tell them their sons need to be on medication(s). Note I way plural as I know Soomer parents that have sons on multiple meds, one for ‘ADHD’ and another, an adult SSRI. Dad comes home from big city job, arrives home at 7:45 after commute (yes, they dragged them back into the office) and I never see him outside doing ANYTHING with the kid.

    The Soomer fucked over their kids to make their lives more comfortable. More interesting. To have more sexual partners. More fun. They might as well have sold their children into slavery.

    Fact is, they did.

    • I like to point out to the legions of Boomer-haters lusting for the Day of the Pillow that the very oldest Boomers were only turning 23 in1969, the year of Woodstock. Hardly gripping the reins of power yet, were they.

      Some make the distinction between so-called “first wave” boomers, born 1946 to 1956 and “Generation Jones” boomers making up the later cohort. I don’t recall who coined the phrase, but it refers to that whole “keeping up with the Joneses” ethos that allegedly gripped those of us who arrived later to the party.

      I don’t know a whole lot of self-absorbed 50- through 70-somethings who treated themselves to European vacations, Med cruises and BMWs at the expense of their kids’ inheritance. Perhaps because that lifestyle requires money, and most of those in my universe were not of the monied class. The vicious hatred we collectively endure for being lumped with those few privileged trust fund babies is therefore rather undeserved and unfair.

      We are guilty of having been lucky enough to be born at the very pinnacle of American wealth, power and pride, which did confer some advantages that have since been closed off to later generations. We grew up in largely safe, clean, majority-White cities and towns, watching men land on the moon and enjoying a standard of living that was unmatched, before or since. Too young for Viet Nam, but joining the workforce just in time to qualify for the last of the old-fashioned company pensions along with the new-fangled 401(k) plans that subsequent generations were forced to rely on, instead.

      I feel blessed for having grown up in the 60s and 70s and then attending college in the early 80s when it was still inexpensive and meaningful. We raised our two millennial children in a relative Whitopia and yes, we did chase that upscale dream house, mostly paying as we went. That our children could not possibly afford to buy that same home today on two professional incomes is indeed a shame. But I can’t imagine what my wife and I individually did to cause that. To Gen X, Millennials, Zoomers and beyond I say, you would have done precisely what we did, taking every advantage offered to you, and don’t even try to deny it.

      • When I met my ex-wife’s Dad, a rural Michigan factory guy and farmer, it was important to him to emphasize to me that only a relatively small proportion of his generation were hippies.

        The people who control our media intentionally tried to glamorize, praise, and overstate the number of coastal weirdos to encourage others to join the weirdos.

        • Just as a small number of Jews punch far above their weight, so it was with the hippy cohort of the Boomers. Their numbers may have been comparatively exiguous, but they DEFINED that generation through their behaviors and beliefs. They were historical players in all the wrong ways, while the rest of the Boomers were effectively dead weight.

      • Well said. I am a mid Boomer and have always been in the working class. I have never had a vacation outside the USA and very few vacations inside the USA. I have over the years visited relatives. I guess that could be considered a vacation.

        It seems to me I have been working all my life just to keep up. My “great generation” parents were less than stellar. They were both alcoholics and quite abusive. Mom was also a dexadrine abuser and Dad was also a gambler and womanizer. He did take vacations. To Las Vegas and Reno. They died basically penniless. So much for the great generation being ever so responsible.

        The fact that the younger generations have been cheated in many ways is not lost on me. I was complaining back in the 70s about the offshoring to China. I will always help younger people when I am able. I am also quite aware that many in my generation are evil to the bone. Seems to me that is true of all generations.

        I guess I have been stupid in that I previously bought the line of America being about “Truth, Freedom and Justice.” Sorry Vox. It took me a while. I am not as smart as you.

        To answer some of Vox Days’ boomer points:
        1. My children will get my house when I am gone. Already in a trust. They will also get what funds that I have managed to save. I am genuinely sorry that I was not smarter and did not acquire more to leave them.
        2. I have no ATV toys, boats or fancy cars. My vehicle is an ancient (1986) Dodge pickup. It is in the King’s Configuration ( standard cab and 8 ft bed), if that counts as a toy.
        3. I paid my children’s way through college.
        4. My children have bought houses that I helped them purchase.

        Note that I am not unusual. Most of the boomers I know fit this mold more or less. Many have more assets than I have but they were smarter and had better jobs.

        Not that any of this matters as I think it is probably about to be all taken away in any event.

      • The highest level of nonwhite immigration has taken place with mostly boomers in politics in the last 30 years, and same goes for drug overdoses and antiwhite racism. Neither republican nor democrat boomers in office can even agree this is happening long enough to sign a bill. Theyre all too scared to lose their cushy jobs and corporate connections. Theyre mostly selfish, obese, divorced muhammad ali fans who think tax cuts or welfare can turn tyrone and Jose into Colin Powell and Eric Estrada.

        • Many years ago I had occasion to meet with my congressional representative at the time. I was living in California and it took some doing to meet with him. I was representing a group of us where I worked who were concerned about the immigration problem.

          Anyway, the Rep listened to my points and even agreed that the immigration problem was a serious matter and was in fact a crisis. Near the end of the meeting he told me that while he was sympathetic to my worries, there was just not enough of a constituency for him to champion the issue.

          I told him that polling showed that a clear majority of Americans favored reduced legal and illegal immigration. He told me that it was nice to have met me and to have a good day.

          So look. The elites were going to flood the country with aliens. The Republicans wanted the cheap labor and the Democrats wanted the future welfare voters. Now it is obvious that they just want to replace us.

          I always voted for people who said they would do something about it and, surprise, they lied. The system was rigged. Ronald Regan said he would fix the problem and then he shanked us with the Immigration Act of 1986.

          Most of the boomers I hung around with were not happy about it but there was nothing we could do. Guess what. The Gen Xers and beyond won’t be able to do anything about it either with the present system. It will have to get a lot worse before most people will care enough to take matters into their own hands.

          I have a question for the younger generations. Many of you think that the boomers were responsible for the immigration crisis. I say a majority of us did NOT want the country flooded with third worlders. What would you have had us do?

    • There’s a geographical divide in this. In the south, they kept on going to church, in the midwest too but perhaps less so, and in the northeast and west coast, not so much. Obviously exceptions all around, shouldn’t get too carried away with the strawman-ing here. Perhaps today the south is finally in the process of un-churching. Fluid situation. Can’t say that today’s church doesn’t deserve to be abandoned either.

      I can say that close to none of the “soomers” in my immediate or extended family fit your descriptions. But I have known some people who do seem to fit it. The majority of them northeastern transplants in Florida when I used to live there.

    • “Sooner” is a good term for the betweener generation that you and I are. Generally I agree with your assessment of our generational cohorts. I will say something in defense of our generation, or at least those who grew up in our part of our city (two high schools on the “South Hill”). The cohorts I grew up with proved to have a phenomenal work ethic and competence compared to those who both came before as well as after us.

    • Oh, nonsense.

      Back in the ’70s when the last of the Boomers were going through high school, most people didn’t even have a/c, which is not considered essential, even though the high temperatures are pretty much the same.

      Used to be we had those little triangle windows in our cars. A few of the lucky ones could afford a car whose rear window rolled down.

      Any, yeah, cable didn’t exist, internet didn’t exist, if we wanted privacy, we stretched the phone cord from the kitchen into the hallway linen closet, or if you were rich, into the second bathroom.

      Yet somehow, we survived that holocaust…

  11. There is an old Roman saying that people carry their faults on their back. Others can see them but the person can’t.

    It is amusing to read younger generations complain that Boomers are stuck in the worldviews of their youth. For the most part that is true of all generations. There was a professor at Stanford who studied this topic. He found the vast majority of people formed their worldviews and tastes by 27. The ones who continued to evolve on their outlook and tastes tended to have a lot of change in their lives: jobs, marriages etc. People with stable lives were pretty much formed by 27. I have noticed this with nearly everyone I worked with who had a stable marriage and lived in suburbia.

    The only thing I have experienced that caused a shift in this dynamic was the election of Orange Man Bad combined with social media. The society is truly different now. People to the left of the divide, whom I could have a rational discussion with, are now deranged.

    The right, even the hatred boomers, have opened their eyes to a large degree. I grew up in the Vietnam War and have always viewed the American Empire and war machine as evil and the FBI as a threat to our freedom. I thought Reagan was a fraud. This made for some very unpleasant conversations with many on the right. Now even normies on the right are opening their eyes to this after the way Trump has been and still is being treated and the hatred being spewed by the Good Whites and our replacements. Seeing the DOJ and FBI become the secret police arm of the Democrat party has been a real eye opener for a lot of people who used to pride themselves on being law and order types.

    • in Zmans absence, I have a question maybe some chemistry nerd aka Walter White can answer: is there a commercially available antidote or amendment that can reverse the deleterious effects that chemtrail residue powder (Barium, Aluminum, Strontium) has on my “open to the sky” garden soil?

    • While still technically a Boomer, I was a little young to have thought of Reagan as a fraud, at least in 1980.

      Now granted, my folks did a great job doing what folks are supposed to do — protecting their kids, instead of converting them into the shock troops of the Glorious Revlolution…

  12. Funny that the hippy father from Family Ties went on to play the reactionary gun nut on the Tremors series.

  13. “And you know what? They are not starving.”

    You’re setting the aspirational bar too low. The coyotes in my local storm drain are not starving.

  14. The reason that ad companies don’t portray some negress and her grandma and kids the same way as white people is because blacks don’t matter. Neither do Asians or anyone else. This is a white country that’s soon to be non white. White people matter and they attack what matters. What matters is what they have to destroy.

  15. Let’s not give the boomers too much credit. They’re old enough to know by now that they’re fu ck ing us. I think they enjoy it. Nothing more pathetic than someone pushing 80 whose a juvenile piece of sh t. “You had to have been there” doesn’t wash with me and hasn’t since circa 2004. Most of them would fuk you over in a heartbeat, much like their millennial children. And fuk The Bee Gees.

  16. I think you nailed it. This is another method for divide and conquer. The future doesn’t gs up the roots and the past burns the acorns. Enough of it.

    For some time I had a building maintenance guy who was from Montenegro. I talked to him often as he was cool and he told me his story about coming to America when I asked.

    He was in the Montenegrin special forces the equivalent of their green berets. During tue Balkan civil wars of the 90s he fled. One night his platoon was ambushed. They were thrown into a ditch. He heard shooting and screams all around him. Someone got a flashlight on. Looking up they all saw their nephews and sons shooting and killing them after pushing them into the ditch. He said he was lucky to scramble away and escape. He came to America via Albania and Italy.

    We need to stop this. Our posterity face a tough future and there is no brake on this runaway train. All signs point to second class citizenship and complete dispossession. We can halt this, but not if we are in fighting over what decade we were born in.

    Tue check kiting economic system does promote inter generational economic war via debt. However the real war has been inter racial as whites still balance the budget if it were not for the Great Society racial wealth transfer. We need to lead the way in stopping tue in fighting and pointing out just who is waging the war against whom.

    • You have no posterity. Maybe mud sharking. Not with the current trajectory of what used to be this country. I have every right to be enraged at the gray haired fa gg ots who did this to us.

      • The future is a country like Brazil. The Whites do not have solidarity and show no signs of developing it. Even if they did nothing would make the Jews happier than wiping out the Nazis v 2.0. The sad fact is that many tribes and nations have disappeared into the mists of history. All signs point to the White nations following a trajectory of gradual dissipation. The worst part is that those who replace us will carry on the shell of what we were for a time. The flag will still be there. The Army will still have it’s traditions. But what they stood for will materially be gone. Everyone will be a mutt and will be happy being a mutt. The things that are precious to us will be unknown to them. They will have political and real fights among themselves. History will go on. The story continues, but it is not our story. Why? Because our ancestors were not intelligent enough or didn’t care enough or cared too much.

      • The position does not look good right now. But defeatism is for sad sacks. It is the same as surrender.

        Things can change. The worse things get the stronger a hold on identity and solidarity there will be.

    • Waayyy off topic, but your keyboard keeps producing an “u” when you try to type an “h”.

      They’re right next to each other on the keyboard.

      De-crypting it makes for fascinating reading.

  17. It’s interesting how the “evil” or narcissistic generations are the ones that were targeted the most by media and advertising. As Z said the small generations tend to get ignored by advertisers. The small generations also tend to come of age during periods while new forms of media are forming and haven’t yet been fully locked down by the cathedral.

    The boomers have essentially been prisoners of television their whole lives, and the hippy to yuppie pipeline was just their version of the millennial bugmen. One funny aspect of boomer TV is how frequently the show itself will go on about how important television is. Homer Simpson’s life revolves around watching TV. At every point in their boomer lives, TV was pandering to them and telling them that they’re special and important. Right now it’s those incontinence ads where the old people are running around partying and leading improbably active lives because now with Pissentrix they no longer smell like piss.

    The millennials also grew up right about the time when social media metastasized and the internet became more or less censored for normies who didn’t know where to look. Same routine as the boomers: you’re special and important and people really care about you taking pictures of your food at a restaurant. Same witless social activism for narcissistic supply.

    I have no idea about the Gen-Z stuff like tiktok because it’s largely incomprehensible. Their youtube content seems to largely consist of effeminate rich kids jumping around squealing while engaging in conspicuous consumption. I honestly don’t see a huge difference between them and the later millennials aside from a higher tendency to dress up as anime characters.

    • Gen Z is probably the first one for whom online is “reality,” and the real world is “meatspace.” If our overlords have their way, this outlook will become more prevalent. They’d like you in your pod watching porn, playing video games or whatever it is the kids do online these days, ordering the door dash drone delivered bug loaf sandwiches, that you pay for with your UBI credits.

        • It’s not encouraging that the “conservative” news channel is the one I most frequently end up googling the hostess to see if she’s done anything spicy.

      • Just the term : Virtual Reality: Dont they realize that reality is not virtual and virtual is not real? If you accept this term then your mind is sucked into a labyrinth ,you will need a AI to guide you and your thinking.

  18. Well actually punk rock was a thing in America until around the late 80s, long after it had disappeared from England. Z missed it because he didn’t smoke clove cigarettes and couldn’t figure out how to dance to Flock of Seagulls but instead spent the decade (and all subsequent) pining for Mx Nicks.

    Most of it was was fucked-up kids from fucked-up households with no musical training banging on instruments as hard as they could. But it was a thing.
    Black Flag, Minor Threat, Husker Du, Minute Men, Butthole Surfers, Dead Kennedys, The Replacements, Suicidal Tendencies and so on.

    How much of it was a forced meme is an interesting question, but no one made any money off of any of it. That didn’t happen until the ethos was married to arena rock chords by the grunge people, who had no being called sell-outs if it meant shekels.

    Putting that aside, the Alt Right was the most truly punk thing to hit American culture since Johnny Rotten called his American audiences a bunch of “cowboy faggots”.

    • Generation X was an English punk band. Billy Idol was the singer.

      “Generation X” was not used to refer to the 13th generation of Americans until 1991, when a book with that name came out. The author was born in 1961 and was self-applying the term, which he said he got either from Billy Idol or Paul Fussell.

      No American highschool teachers were using the term to refer to their students in the mid-80s. Z made that part up.

      The usual suspects tried to use the term as a marketing tool, but it never really worked. Maybe this was because, in a strange confluence, and whether it came from punks or Paul Fussell, Generation X meant people who didn’t want to be part of the status shitstream.

      • I don’t recall when “Generation X” started, but I do remember my fellow Gen X cohort being referred to as “slackers”. Wasn’t that a thing for a while? Maybe because we showed some disdain for the boomer’s conspicuous consumption and associated rat race.

  19. You know you’ve truly made it when you have a crater named after you!
    “The image taken today at 08:23 Moscow time shows the south polar crater Zeeman on the far side of the Moon. The coordinates of the center of the crater correspond to 75 degrees south latitude and 135 degrees west longitude,” a Roscosmos statement confirmed.

    • At other times, he puts the fox amongst the chickens, as yet another interesting Rohrschach test. “What do you see in this blot?”

      Gentlemen, retire to neutral corners, and then come out swinging, justifying your prejudices and hatreds. I guarantee it will be revelatory; but only self-revelatory if you strive to be objective, and occasionally land a blow on your own heads.

  20. The appraisal of the Boomers is right on target but ever more of them are taking the red pill. Higher suicide rates are evidence some are taking the black pill. It used to be when I’d say “vote harder” or DR3, most of them didn’t get it. Now, in the face of the anti-white racism and irrelevance of elections they see around them, they’re far more open to these ideas.

    Furthermore, guys born c. 1980 are even more resIstant to race realism and more enamored of the blank slate, probably because they were more aggressively infected with the equality virus than prior generations. The curriculum of the the 60s and 70s was far less woke than that of late 20th century. The conquest of the Americas by Europeans was still celebrated, the cultural and scientific achievements of the West were still praised, and it was widely understood that ‘the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.’

    Once the march through the institutions was complete, all the means of cultural production were in the hands of the lunatics. Gen Xers and Millennials were exposed almost exclusively to postmodernist ideology. I’ve had even greater difficulty getting those guys to cross over to this side.

    • I don’t ever once remember hearing “diversity is our strength” prior to the 1990s. Mid 90s probably. I’m certain that the first people I remember uttering it were various Clintonistas. So the Xers were mostly out of school before it came along. The Millenials were solidly indoctrinated with it. To them, it’s unquestionably foundational.

        • If I’d had internet access in 1987 quite possibly I’d have heard about it, but in my then 17 year old world, very little information of that nature penetrated.

          • If you’d been a student at Stanford in 1987, you could have heard Jesse Jackson and your fellow students chanting it IRL — no internet required. I doubt Stanford was unique among universities in holding those values at that time. A precocious 17 year old might have even been in college.

  21. I don’t have anything particularly original or insightful to say about generational differences or the lack thereof. But I like to share good news on a Friday

    Being the solidly “X” child (chronologically) of one “Greatest” parent and one “Silent,” my outlook is probably different from the typical X. Whatever that is. I remember sensing that the world they offered me was there for the taking, if I wanted it, but the pressing question was, why should I want it? The song lyric from my youth that encapsulated this: “Packed like lemmings into shiny metal boxes, contestants in a suicidal race.”

  22. My portion of Gen-X (born around 1970) was full of damaged kids who are now damaged adults. It’s not a coincidence that the emo thing came about during Gen-X’s childhood and the rise of heavy metal. When I was a child, almost every single kid I knew came from a 2 parent household with a stay at home mother and a father who worked a full time job of some sort. By my teenage years, almost every single kid I knew came from a broken home and came home from school to an empty house. .

    Thankfully, I never even heard the term Gen-X until I was in my late teens. It was usually in the context of boomers complaining about us being slackers who wouldn’t make nuisances of ourselves in public with our lack of protesting. While Gen-X isn’t the worst about money and bootstraps, it is by far the worst of the SJWs. It is mostly the Gen-X woman being called “Karen.” It was Gen-X strategic bankruptcies that made student loans nondischargeable. It’s also when black Gen-Xers started naming their kids made up names that are supposed to be African. Through busing and “integration” I went to school with a lot of blacks, but at least they all had normal American names. They were still black, but at least they (their parents) tried being American.

    • The last great dissident political book, Jim Goad’s Redneck Manifesto, contains one of the most plausible origin stories of “wokeness” (though he never makes this connection anymore, for whatever reason). Reviews complained that it was too personal, giving too many words and too much symbolic weight to Goad’s personal nemeses: trust-fund-punk scene police, college-town literal police, and feminist prosecutors. Our current stereotypes of the everyday ideological enforcers of the regime as garishly pierced and tatted blue-haired fat semi-bearded “gender goblins,” its violent enforcers as cops enraged that they were called away from a pride parade, and its courtroom enforcers as the illiterate “meritocrats” of antifa, exist because that’s exactly who’s been in charge for three decades now. The bible of our enemies isn’t Marx or Foucault or Alinsky or Kendi. It’s Maximumrocknroll—whether they know what that is or not. “Wokeness” is universal Portland. Goad saw it first…then forgot somehow.

  23. Part of what makes the Boomers so unbearable is their shocking disregard for the well-being of their children and grandchildren. My Boomer mother lives in a 95% white community where construction workers are still mostly white guys.

    She was visiting me in a different state a few years ago and heard Mexican music coming from a nearby construction site. When she asked about it, I explained that it’s Mexicans doing a roofing job and that almost all of the roofing crews are Mexicans now.

    BOOMER MOM’S REPLY: “Oh wow, that’s really nice.” She meant it. It made her smile, feeling all warm and fuzzy that hard-working brown people are getting “good jobs” here in the United States.

    ME: “Well, actually it’s NOT nice because American white guys like your (Boomer) cousins ‘Bob and Randy’ are being squeezed out and can’t compete. If this keeps up, guys like Bob and Randy won’t be able to find jobs. The whole thing is actually pretty sad.”

    BOOMER MOM (said with a reassuring smile): “Oh, don’t worry. Bob and Randy are almost ready to retire. They’ll be fine.”

    ME (doing a slow burn): “Yeah, but what about Bob and Randy’s kids? And their grandkids? What about THEIR jobs? The younger generations aren’t getting ready to retire. What about THEM?”

    As usual, she had no response other than vague irritation with my apparent racism. Everything we discuss, from health care to employment opportunities to safe schools, she has absolutely no concern for how it impacts people who aren’t boomers.

    It’s pretty shocking, actually.

    • This dynamic is easier to observe in Europe, where the young are far more right wing than their parents and grandparents. Due to demographic changes it’s difficult to observe this dynamic in the United States.

      In Germany you see these grandmothers marching in support of literally displacing their own children and grandchildren to make way for Turkish and Syrian migrants.

      There really is something weird that happened to the baby boomers (at a high level) that causes them to be so disconnected from the the following generations. It goes beyond the typical generational complaints which are as old as time.

      • I have posted that it was out of their hands , but you are righ about a subset of boomers those who were in high school in 68 to 72 cannot be reasoned with . they hat america and americans with a deep passion . they are sure everything is stupid, man .

        • From what I’ve seen, the graduates from 1972-1974 believe they missed out on the chance to be a true hippy. Of course, my dad telling my older siblings they couldn’t be true hippy if they still went to the dentist didn’t help their attitude.

      • Actually, it’s not weird at all. Remember reading about all the countercultural madness of the late 60s? Those anti-western fools are the Boomers who now march in solidarity with every PoC and perv. It couldn’t be more logical and inevitable. They are a generation of vipers.

        • I gotta disagree. No one ever called me a boomer apologist, but I think the apt description for boomers is Eve, not the serpent. Generational rebellion to remake themselves as gods, rather than bondservants to their God and progeny.

        • By the way, I didn’t mean to step on any corns. Obviously, there are good Boomers, too. Some of them post here.

      • Part of the reason I think that baby boomers are so shockingly disconnected from the well being of their offspring is that they are the first generation to have mass prosperity. Of course, there were previous generations that were prosperous, but the social structure was static. Farmers were still largely farmers, small townspeople, etc. It was in my opinion the mass dislocation of the Great Depression, followed by the mass prosperity after WW2, along with new affordable housing in the suburbs that caused a mass of Americans to have a form of prosperity they never had before. Also, don’t underestimate the silent generation who had massively spoiled the baby boomers so as to prevent them from suffering the horrors they endured during the Depression.

        While the boomer generation has many reasons for ending up as they are today, I think the simplest reason is that many of them are massively rich and this causes a disconnect with how they raised their children. Richer people are more likely to be disconnected in the well-being in the raising of their children (just throw money at it for it to disappear) and this mass psychosis has come about on a generational level.

        I can give personal examples, especially since my family was initially working class, but had friends in the upper middle class. (They were all immigrants and some had a headstart in wealth). The upper middle class parents tended to play more parlor games that just got annoying as they got older. Recently, I was at a birthday party for my father where a lot of these upper middle class — now grandad — boomers were invited.

        The most shocking thing for me was the immaturity they had on display. These were people who are literally grandfathers, yet still acted like spoiled kids. One annoying woman in particular was indulging in passive aggressive games, plus complaining loudly about having to care for her husband like a little child. This is someone who has end-stage Parkinson’s when dementia sets in. You’d think that this would be a humbling experience for her, but she prattled on as if his illness was an inconvenience for her.

        The reason why a lot of younger generations are more radically right wing is inherently a class struggle (although a strange inversion given the left was typically the class warriors). Their generations are the first to be poorer and their parents either have no sympathy or are unable to relate.

        The Z-man is correct that the boomers grew up in prosperous times and that this colors their worldview in pining for the “good” times, except that the prosperity made a lot of boomers smug out-of-touch assholes who largely raised their children in benign neglect.

        • “Part of the reason I think that baby boomers are so shockingly disconnected from the well being of their offspring is that they are the first generation to have mass prosperity.”

          You sure? That’s 70,000,000 people you’re talking about there. How many do you think you’ve accurately described, and how did you reach that conclusion?

          • Indeed. Put it another way, 80% of the wealth in this country is in the hands of the top 10% of the population.
            Top 10% would be 35M people. Those people are comprised of not only Boomers, but also older and younger generations. You have your Zuckerbergs, but also your Bloombergs cohort therein.
            A little simple arithmetic would indicate that perhaps most of the Boomers are not that well off as claimed.

  24. the coup that took out JFK was truly crossing the rubicon . IF whacking the president wasn’t off limits to the deep state , then nthing was off limits for the deep state. they have meen metasticizing untill they spread into a global entity . and here we are with open mass murders like covid shots and maui. the prior generations were dis-empowered then, 60 years ago. so bleming them for anything is pointless. BTW , you can’t make thids up, the police chief in Maui wes the police official in charge of the las Vegs shooting task force.

    • Any good gossip as to what exactly was to be gained by incinerating Maui?

      It wasn’t just another (((9-11 real estate heist))), was it?

      Please tell me there were at least some bio-weapons labs which needed to be vaporized.

      Arson for real estate insurance payoffs is so very very 19th Century.

      • Welp, the woke admin turned off the water

        Another turned of the sirens

        Police blocked the road out, so people fleeing burned alive in their cars


        And a missile or DEW of some kind was caught on camera

        Oddly, Hawaii is slated for the first of 15-minute smart cities

      • “Any good gossip as to what exactly was to be gained by incinerating Maui?”

        Across from Lahaina’s harbor is the privately owned island of Lanai. Its owner, Larry Ellison, is connected to the World Bank, was recently on the board of Tesla, tried to introduce vaccine passports in USA a month after 9/11 (he called them just national ID cards at the time), is heavily invested in life-extension technologies, has directly funded the Israeli military, and currently on Lanai, is developing automated greenhouses which he anticipates all of Hawaii to depend on for food after it goes 15-minute city. “Sensei Hydroponics”, for the curious.

        Not sure why you’d need hydroponic greenhouses to grow crops in Hawaii… except for bioengineering containment.

        Its population is one small town and two luxury hotels. Bill Gate’s marriage was held at one of them.

        And the nearby harbor town of witnesses just got torched? That’s one way to not have close, curious neighbors.

        • In other words, they’re prepping Maui as one of their fallback options for when their next bio-engineered contagion produces The Walking Dead?

          [Note to self: PURCHASE EVEN MOAR @MMUN!TION.]


          PS: There’s an aging hippy chick who penned a piece on LinkedIn last week, and she’s sufficiently cynical to finger the real estate developers, the “Smart City Conference”, and the “Digital Summit”:

          So it seems that everyone’s intuition [on both the Left and the Right] is cluing in on precisely the same group of malefactors.

    • The one thing I do blame them for is continuing to be beguiled by the same old grifters running the same old cons

  25. Nature and nurture.

    Nature is your DNA; it’s the hand you’ve been dealt by virtue of genetics. Nurture is the programming you receive post-birth that gets hardwired during the years when your brain doubles in size. Language is an obvious example. Religious inculcation is largely about instilling local and effective wisdom. Same for broader cultural traditions that have proven to “work” in your community.

    And for most of our history, nurture was the province of local influences; family, church, schools, and civic leadership figures. Then broadcast radio and television invaded home life and introduced an entirely new form of indoctrination that has come to augment traditional nurturing. Fast-forward to the internet and smart phone revolutions and external nurturing indoctrination has now become supercharged and overwhelming.

    At first it was advertisers that commandeered these new communications platforms and the goal was simply higher profits. However, seeing this success story, nefarious bad actors (think people like George Soros) seized upon this phenomenon to exert directed control over this programming and have changed the species fundamentally.

    We are at a dangerous crossroads in our evolutionary development. If we continue as is, colony collapse is unavoidable. A course change is therefore imperative. And there is a smart way to go about it that results in the highest probability of success.

    • Just sayin’, for Whites in the north especially, there is a long history of Whites in the U.S. nodding along and doing whatever the religious fanatics in charge say.

  26. The Zoomers are waking up from the horror of whiteness. They realize they don’t have to lord it over colored people and abuse them to have a positive self image. They focus on holistic fitness and personal growth and don’t hide behind white supremacy for economic advancement. And you know what? They are not starving. They are comfortable and know the difference between having enough and having it all.

      • Balanced Perspective can’t possibly be JIDF from Tel Aviv; the syntax & the teleology are all wrong.

        It has to be a glowie, working out of Quantico.

        Has to be.

        • I’m in stitches. “Lord it over colored people”. Firstly, nobody has lorded over non-whites in generations. Secondly, really? My sweet Troll… “colored people”?! How gauche.

    • I think the generational labeling is a new thing, but I think it has value in the last few generations because the texture of society has been evolving rapidly, especially on the technological front, but also wrt the texture of the social structure as pertains to increasing elevation of blacks and open borders immigration, not to mention the increased role of females and indeterminants in the professional world. Young people are socialized to a very different set of circumstances at roughly ten year intervals apart. Hence we have huge sets of young people who have literally no concept of what normal is!

        • Okay, you are welcome to chastise me for not understanding your position here, but I have to remark on this phrase:

          “…we have huge sets of young people who have literally no concept of what normal is!”

          I would argue that there is no longer any stable canonical concept of normalcy in this country.

          Certainly not in the Blue Zones.

          The Frankfurt School has utterly deconstructed any possible sense of normalcy in most all sociological venues, with, gosh, upwards of half the population having been driven stark raving mad***.

          Pathlogical Abnormalcy is now the New Normal [at least in the Blue Zones].


          ***Although, even with the question of madness, there is the argument that sheer insanity is now the psychological coin of the realm, ergo the obviously insane are now considered pillars of sanity [at least in the Blue Zones].

          tl;dr == The ghost of Jacques Derrida is well on its way to succeeding in its mission to turn the language upside down, inside out, and invert the definition of every single word in the dictionary.

    • Wait until it dawns upon them that the colored people want to lord it over them. Wait until it t dawns upon them that you frittered away all of the innovation and ingenuity and legal structures that led to unprecedented prosperity at your all white drum circle calling for a rainbow colored kumbaya.

      Wait until it dawns upon them that the vast percentage of their ancestors never lorded it over anybody and that it was easily duped knaves like you who threw away their inheritance for a lie that all they have is due to lording it over colored people.

      Wait until they discover that while big mama was turning a soup over a coal fire, their ancestors were crawling through tunnels to mine that coal and dying of black lung.

      I can’t wait until they turn and spit on you for the future you have led them to.

      • “ Wait until it dawns upon them that the colored people want to lord it over them.”

        Really—wait until they are forced to interact with minorities *other* than the “talented tenth”, or whatever fraction that turns out to be regarding the minority de jour.

        This seems to be a subtext in the current thread. I see this myself with my children. They freely interact with minorities in a world that does not apply to the majority of Whites. We used to call them “Yuppies”. They’ve bumped into AA, but not been stopped/injured directly by it. My grandchildren (whatever generational name you want to call them) will not be so lucky.

        • If you want to cure a White equalitarian, force them to interact with the diverse masses on daily basis. It is eye opening and shocking. I had this shock myself. I was in Catholic school as a kid when my family moved. The Catholic school there had no openings and I had to attend public school. I can only recall 1 black kid in Catholic school. Since he was 1 literal guy, he did everything possible to fit in with his peers. Plus, he wasn’t in my class.

          On my first day of public school in a school that was about 50% black and the rest a mix of Whites and Puerto Ricans (though mostly White), I had never seen so many black people in person in my life. There are no equalitarians with this level of demographic integration. Nobody is trying to fool themselves into thinking everyone is the same. You won’t live long if you do. (probably overstating it for jr high, but you get the drift)

          This was Jr high. The levels of violence was absolutely shocking. The behavior of black kids was often shocking. But that was in the beginning. You get used to it quickly. It all seems so normal. Seeing a child’s head go into the backboard and shatter the blackboard into 30 pieces was funny at the time. Everyone becomes sadistic or withdrawn.

          • What a conundrum, we sent the kids to private or special schools (here we have a variety of charter options) to have them learn. But perhaps the best lesson they could have learned would have come from a year in your described environment. 🙁

    • “And you know what? They are not starving.”

      You’re setting the aspirational bar too low. The coyotes in my local storm drain are not starving.

  27. 14:10….”..I mean, he’s not going to KNOW him unless he’s pallin’ around with him in jail….” SPIT TAKE. LOL LOL

  28. As far as I know Gen X comes from _Generation X_, the novel by Douglas Coupland.

    I read the thing back in 91 and I know that I had never previously heard the term.

    He was born I think in 62. His point was basically similar to the one you make, that late Boomers are not _really_ Boomers but a lost after thought.

    I was born in 61 and as a kid found the 60s kind of disturbing and weird, because as a kid nothing the older people were doing made much sense. And as Coupland pointed out in his book, there was the Viet Nam war always hanging in the background like a big black cloud, even for us Canadians.

    The book was not that good. Whiny and self-pitying. Mostly a bunch of short stories strung together to make a “novel”.

    He also indulged in a lot of this gen talk, and seemed to invent some terms of his own. He had one I can’t recall that he applied to the kids that came a little later after Gen X. It was something like International Daycare Kiddies. I guess these became the Millennials. He harped on how they did everything together, in groups. Hive-minded little buggers.

    This way of thinking I don’t find all that useful.

    • IIRC, the first chapter of Generation X is titled “Our Parents Had More.” Kinda set the tone for the whole thing.

      (Although to be fair, I did read it, back in college. I’d been hearing myself called “Generation X” all my life — mostly by people who seemed hilariously clueless about pretty much everything — so I sat down and gave it a go. It wasn’t good, but I must say…he was right. “A bunch of whiny, navel-gazing brats” describes us pretty well).

    • pantoufle: “Douglas Coupland… harped on how they did everything together, in groups. Hive-minded little buggers.”

      pantoufle: “This way of thinking I don’t find all that useful.”

      I cross paths with almost no one at the Bachelor’s degree level or higher who is not hive-minded.

      Working class White folk [typically at least semi-rural] are about the only hominids in our society who retain any individuality or free-thought.

      Everything on the college campuses & in the corporate/gubermental “Managerial” metastasis consists of static sterile uniformly & perfectly five-nines-ly manufactured Double Plus Good Think.

  29. If you’re ever in doubt about who among us are true Baby Boomers, we’re the ones who still watch old Roy Rogers movies.

  30. Off topic

    All due respect to elected officials from insignifcant Baltic statelets, but AmRen should try to get guys like Javier Milei. He has clout. But more importantly, he appears to understand that we are actually in a war and we are not going to win by treating the enemy with dignity or respect. We need fire, not hot takes, silk ties and bon mots.

    • Based as fuck! I saw this guy labeled as a “libertarian” but that little minute and 30 second speech sounds more like General Pincohet reborn with fabulous hair then any milquetoast “libertarian” we’ve ever heard speak here in the States. I hope he turns Argentina into Pinochet’s Chile.

    • It will be interesting if he actually has a chance of winning. Chile has been drifting towards the left over the past 10 years or so. The famous Simon Black (Sovereign Man) left Chile during the covid-19 lockdowns (Chile has some of the most draconian lockdowns any where in the world) relocated to Mexico.

    • Chile has drifted to the left over the past 10 years or so. I suspect one of the reasons is the increased financialization of THEIR economy, which is no different than that of OUR economy.

      Some years ago I read a book about the coming subduction zone earthquake we’re supposed to have in my area (Pacific NW). This expected quake is similar to one that happened off of Chile in the 80’s or 90’s (I don’t remember the exact date). What I do remember is that they said that all of the construction companies in Chile used to be run by engineers in the 90’s, but are now run by finance guys today. This would most certainly not be limited to the construction industry.

      The free market economy since the late 70’s was very successful for Chile. But the finance people took over everything starting around 2000, just like they did here in the U.S.

      I wonder if the “financialization” of Chile’s economy soured everyone such that they began voting for leftists again. I strongly suspect this to be the case.

      Javier Milei must answer how he plans to deal with this problem if he hopes to be elected.

  31. I think generational politics and generational differences among the obsolete farm equipment isn’t a thing because for well over 65 years, that demographic have been raised as wards of the state, as well as being culturally stuck in permanent adolescence. A “ghetto” Afro-Boomer is virtually the same as a AfroXer or a AfroZoomer “hood rat” in all the things that matter to them-
    1. Gibs.
    2. Violence, criminality, malt liquor and weed.
    3. Fouling their nest with stupid, self destructive idiocy.
    4. Blaming Whitey.

    • If White Silents/Boomers are indeed locked into an inter-generational war with White Xers/Millennials [and soon with the oldest of the Zoomers], and if there is no such intergenerational warfare amongst the j00z [nor their kneegr0w & armadillo golem], then that multi-generational solidarity would give the j00z & their golem a vast sociological structural advantage in their existential war to eradicate the White race.

      OTOH, there’s an enduring foundational postulate of eco-dynamics which holds that a deadly disease must necessarily & rather quickly learn to reduce its effectiveness in killing its hosts, else its hosts will all die off, and, status post the various hosts’ extinctions, the disease itself will necessarily go extinct.

      Ergo it behooves the disease to devolve into a much milder parasitic state, with an higher probability of survival & persistence over the longhaul.

      tl;dr == Have the j00z & their various golem [kneegrow, armadillo, streetsh!tter, g00k, etc] ever paused [for so long as 60 or 120 seconds] to try to imagine what the world is gonna be like WITHOUT White people?

      They’ll all be reduced to starving to death and/or eating one another for dinner.

  32. I understand your dislike for generational politics, and the point about hating your ancestors is sound.

    As a younger guy, and younger than your typical audience, I don’t hate my grandparents or parents, however I find their views on the world incredibly frustrating. Coming out of college I couldn’t find a job right away and though I eventually landed one I had to deal with these ridiculous platitudes from my parents and grandparents about how I just needed to “pound the pavement” and “have a good handshake”.

    It was a total disconnect and a lack of understanding that this isn’t the 60s or 90s anymore and the job market is extremely competitive if you didn’t go to a top tier college.

    Fast forward a few years and my wife and I are getting the same goofy comments about why we haven’t bought a house yet “you’re throwing your money away in rent”. They just assume that we are being vain and don’t want to maintain a house. Even when I show them how much a house costs in their neighborhood they pull up Zillow listings in the ghetto as an alternative!

    At no point has anyone offered to let us live with them to save up money, just like nobody offered to try and leverage their contacts in their businesses to help me find a job.

    I think that’s where the resentment comes from. The older generations had life on easy mode in terms of these basic life milestones. That’s not to say they didn’t work hard personally, they all did work very hard. But they have never had to deal with half the BS my wife and I deal with navigating modern America.

    • It’s a case of everyone adopting individualism and shirking their responsibilities.

      Everyone has a role to play. Old people should look after young people, and vice versa. We can all learn from each other and complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses that come with age. If the old people actually worked with young people, they might notice how the world has changed and act differently.

      You’re right to be resentful. Remember this as you age and change how you act towards young ones. We need a complete cultural reset away from individualism.

      • Our church has weekly Bible studies/small groups for men. We’re trying to adjust how we do it in order to foster more community within the church.

        Do you know who we can’t get to reliably show up? It’s the older guys who’s kids are out of the house. The men with the most time on their hands can’t be bothered to show up and participate.

        It’s disappointing, they all were able to raise Christian kids in a pretty secular place, their kids seem to be well adjusted too.

        Why can’t they take a couple hours a week to do a Bible study with young men and fathers, and actually share what they did with their families? Like I said, it’s very disappointing.

        • Have you considered that an unacknowledged driver of your bible study attendance is the (sublimated) urge to get away from the kids for a few blessed hours? 😀

          We need families and religion and morals. But building this world requires a very cold-eyed realistic grasp of base reality — at least for those who organise and lead communities. Of course one of the purposes of religion and tradition is to draw a veil over the raw and somewhat less Hallmark Card nature if not downright occasional horror of base reality existence for the rest of the flock (both senses).

          Sounds like you need some kind of “Nudge” (devil has all the good tunes it seems) to encourage attendance by the older guys. Obvious move would be to work on their wives to nag them into showing up.

      • Millennial/Zoomer: “Even when I show them how much a house costs in their neighborhood they pull up Zillow listings in the ghetto as an alternative… they have never had to deal with half the BS my wife and I deal with navigating modern America.”

        B125: “It’s a case of everyone adopting individualism and shirking their responsibilities.”

        I think the greatest existential irresponsibility here [on the part of the Boomers & the Silents] is [or, in the case of the now-deceased Silents, was] the failure to keep an ear to the ground regarding the ambient psycho-sociological earthquakes in our society.

        Silents & Boomers who haven’t yet been screamed at by a managerialist Turbo-Karen*** have absolutely no business whatsoever even offering up so little as meteorological opinions concerning what the weather might prove to be later today.

        At the other extreme, you’ve got phenomena such as the soft pasty overweight soyboy peter pans who spend all day whacking off to j00ish pr0n and swallowing j00ish pharmaceutical poisons [courtesy of the Sackler Family Crime Syndicate]; apparently we’ve got an entire generation of young White Male Zoomers who are going all Robert Downey in “Less Than Zero” [if not Colin Firth in “Where the Truth Lies”].

        The “White Boy’s Burden” in academia is now so severe that a White Boy’s parents will need to make [on the order of] a one million dollar donation to the endowment in order to get that White Boy an admission to even just an excellent state skrewl, such as GaTech or Northwestern or Berkeley.

        And you can simply fuhgeddabout the Ivy League.

        Ain’t happening.

        But the Silents & the Boomers never seemed to grok Psychology nor Sociology; in fact, the Silents & the Boomers don’t seem to have any personal knowledge of [nor personal experience with] Psychology nor Sociology whatsoever.

        In most of their minds, it’s still Norman Rockwell’s Amurrikkkuh, and it will always be Norman Rockwell’s Amurrikkkuh.

        I guess living in j00ish psychological prisons [such as The Villages****], and binge-watching j00ish psychological warfare campaigns [such as Seinfeld & Friends & Sex and the City] inures them from wondering about the ackshuall state of the real world as it ackshually exists.


        ***Heartiste briefly flirted with calling them, “Battle Kμnts,” but that moniker never caught on in the wider dissident lexicon.




        I’ll probably catch hell for adding this here little footnote, but, to be quite honest with y’all, I don’t think even Gen-X is fully clued in to Psychology & Sociology, although, to their credit, the Gen-X glacier is slowly starting to tack around towards Starboard.

    • At no point has anyone offered to let us live with them to save up money, just like nobody offered to try and leverage their contacts in their businesses to help me find a job.

      Yes, yes, and a hundred times, yes. Intergenerational networking and cooperation is THE royal road to wealth building, and parents who do not understand this are getting better than their desserts if their children even bother to show up at their funerals.

      If you’re a parent who values their children’s future, do not save for their education. Save for their house, or let them live with you until they can afford to buy a house for cash (or better yet, a farm). The 30-year mortgage is the biggest millstone around the neck of young people, and freeing them from it means freeing them from a lifetime of bondage and corporate compliance.

      The rat-race is not something that any sane parent should want for their children. Rather, they should want to do all thy can to spare their offspring from that degraded spectacle.

      • Here, here. Your genetic linage is at stake! It is all for naught if your children are so mired in the physical effort of survival so as not to produce grandchildren.

        Everyone here certainly has a different economic story, that I admit, but first things first—offspring! What you received, a part of must be passed on. You are not to be blamed for the *gift* of being born in better times, in a better economic climate—but you *are* to be blamed for not passing on some of those “unearned/undeserved” benefits to your heirs while it will do the most good.

          • Nothing to do with detente. Each post stands on its own merit. If you are an honest broker of thought, you admit/realize you often fall short in knowledge and opinion as is revealed by other posters’ responses.

            No one has a lock on the truth, we all can learn. There is not a person here—I hope—that is so shallow as to disagree with another out of dislike.

    • Yeah, the bullshit about “get off your ass and get a job” gets old when you hear it from old people and Boomers.

      Look, Pops… $14 an hour with union benefits, retirement and paid vacations was great money working on the assembly line at GM in 1973 when a house in a white neighborhood cost fifteen grand and a new car was $3000.

      It’s not quite the same as pouring coffee at Starbucks for $14 with no bennies when a house costs $400k and a new car is $50k…

      • You are comparing previous union wages with TODAY’s minimum wage. Idiot.

        Union scale for the Teamsters in 1977 was $8.69 – I know because I occasionally unloaded trucks at CF while in college as a temp and got scale.

        Minimum wage was $2.10 – which I also got at a number of part time jobs during school.

        NO ONE expected to buy a house and a car on $2.10 an hour.

        When I got out of college it was the middle of the Carter recession/inflation. There were NO JOBS. And interest rates for that ‘$3000’ car – which by then was 8K – were 25% plus.

        So take your old people and boomers crap and shove it. Pops this, twerp.

        • What is your point? The Carter years were tough? Sure. Does that dismiss that times, for the middle class, are getting worse as an overall trend, and not a simple, singular crisis? My wife and I (in our 30s) live frugally (no car debt, no credit card debt, homecook all meals for health and money), and we have more saving than the majority of Americans. We had to, however, make some shrewd moves to get a house and pay it down due to the ridiculous rate of housing prices. We also had to make tremendous sacrifices to not put our kids in daycare. I don’t want strangers raising my kids, and we worked hard to adjust our work to switch rearing them.
          To be clear, I feel fortunate. My hobbies are cheap, and I enjoy simple pleasures and in no way feel deprived – I can afford the simple things I want. But there is an overall trend to making us serfs.

          • Sure. That *USED* to be the norm. The wife and saved pretty much every penny, and I was 32 before we could afford the 20% downpayment our starter home, which was an 800 sf, 80-year old bungalow fixer upper.

            My dad was 38 when they could afford to buy a house. Which was a fairly small 3 bedroom ramber, with an unfinished basement. Not a whole lot to try to raise 6 kids, so when they had the chance, they upgraded homes.

            I have no idea where you get the idea things were all sunshine and roses, money growing from trees.

          • I think we are all talking past each other. The economic climate then and now are different—even if the dollar amount example “seems* the same.

            Here’s what I’m talking about. In those Carter days, I went to university and the cost of tuition and room were $300 per semester
            —*total*. Most all folks in the dorm were working a $1.35 an hour minimum wage gig to pay it. Summers they worked and saved and that provided the rest of essentials—books, food, clothes, gas for a beater car, etc.

            It’s as simple as minimum wage (hell, most wages) no longer buys what it did, i.e., a “market basket” of a “good/adequate lifestyle”. Those of us who got a start in the “good old days” kept the lead and often never looked back nor reflected upon those following on.

            I think everyone commenting here *does*, but have different positions in the “pack”.

          • @Steve: I didn’t say it was roses. But the prospect of moving up (economically and in housing), as your parents did, is not likely. I do not believe in 10 years my prospects will be such that I will have a different, better home and cars than I do now. The generations before could generally expect each year to be better. I do not. THAT IS THE DIFFERENCE.

          • “I do not believe in 10 years my prospects will be such that I will have a different, better home and cars than I do now.”

            Unfortunately, that’s probably true. As Americans get poorer, Washington redoubles its efforts to import even more people to support, and to spend into oblivion. I recall that going into the debt ceiling negotiation, McCarthy had pretty much unanimous agreement of the entire electorate of moderates and conservatives that he should not increase the limit without getting actual cuts. He even had a substantial fraction of Dems — some polls were showing overall electorate in the high 70%s in favor, and all of them were at least in the 60%s.

            And yet what happened? “Screw the future,” was the official answer.

            While I don’t think it’s true that your generation were any more screwed than mine at the same point in our lives, it’s certainly true that you almost certainly won’t be able to be where I am when you are my age. Though keep in mind that’s going to be true of all of us serfs. By 2040, if the country makes it that long, we will all be eating the bugs and owning nothing and being happy.

        • Hey, look, we found one! Neat. Have fun being looked over by haitians in the retirement home one day soon! Those gatdang kids need to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, right?

          • Show him that video from during covid with the crazy n****r punching the bedridden old white man to death in the nursing home.

        • “You are comparing previous union wages with TODAY’s minimum wage. Idiot.”

          Not really. Today’s federal minimum is $7.25, not $14. My estimate of $14 for a UAW job in 1973 is a bit high for unskilled labor, it started around $4-5 plus bennies then but skilled trades with seniority would have been well over $10 plus benefits.

          Bu contrast in a lot of service jobs today $14 is considered big money, depending on the regional market. Sure, they are paying more than that in New York and LA where housing starts at $1 million.

          And thanks for the ad hominem insults, Dickmeat. You prove my point precisely about being an old Boomer crank.

          • Dickmeat apparently is not an ad hominem in your lexicon, and your ongoing diatribe against ‘boomers’ isn’t just one long ad hominem either. I’m actually a very kind and understanding fellow who has had nothing handed to him, worked hard, had many setbacks, managed to build a life for myself and family AND DIDN’T BLAME THOSE WHO CAME BEFORE ME FOR HOW IT ALL TURNED OUT OR DIDN’T, WARTS AND ALL.
            Insufferable ingrates. In a way I’m sorry I won’t be around to hear later generations ream your asses out for how you ruined THEIR world.

      • “It’s not quite the same as pouring coffee at Starbucks for $14 with no bennies when a house costs $400k and a new car is $50k…”

        Right. Thing is, back then no one even thought about buying a brand new McMansion and a brand new luxury car when working an entry-level job.

        I get that Obama’s Cash for Clunkers program gutted the used car market. Boy, oh, boy, do I get it. So used car prices are still through the roof. But, heck, a brand new Versa starts at $17k, and if you are willing to buy good used vehicles, $12-$15ish gets you a lot of selection. Much less and you take your chances, but that’s a far cry from $50k.

    • “I had to deal with these ridiculous platitudes from my parents and grandparents about how I just needed to “pound the pavement” and “have a good handshake”.”

      This is far better advice than you might think. Sure, it sounds dumb and on some level it is. But persistence pays and things like showing up on time and being appropriate also pays in the world of job hunting. Gen-X faced the same conditions. I recall the warnings from older people that the days of getting a job and staying at the company for your working life were long over. That companies didn’t care about you and would use you up and then spit you out. The late 80s and 90s job markets were nowhere near as easy you think.

      Things probably weren’t that easy for Boomers either. It’s easy to look at seniors and see how things turned out for them in the end and then say they had it easy. The Boomers faced a lot of problems too. To begin with, if you were a male, there was a reasonable chance you were getting drafted and sent to Vietnam. All through the 70s and 80s, the American economy was collapsing. The electronics industry collapsed. The auto industry collapsed. Manufacturing in general was collapsing. These are the times the vast majority of Boomers were graduating high school or college and entering the workforce.

      Talk about home ownership, in 1981, the short term interest rates were over 20% and you had to put 20% down. Mortgage rates weren’t over 20%, but they were historically high. How many young boomers wanted to buy a house around that time?
      And as far as intergenerational problems go, there was a rift between Boomers and their parents. “Never trust anyone over 30” was real.

      Boomers had to find their way in the world just like everyone else. In some ways, things actually were a lot better for them, in other ways things were harder. The past always goes much faster in a history book or a story from an old person than it did in real life. All the stuff that happened later that you know about, they didn’t know about. To us, it’s a narrative. But to them, it was moving into a sometimes scary and unknown future.

      • “ in other ways things were harder”

        This is the comment that sums up the issue, and it’s why younger generations resent you. It’s an unwillingness to acknowledge that things are worse for the younger generations.

        I don’t know why your generation says stuff like this. I assume it’s an ego thing, or their pride would be wounded if they had to acknowledge that the younger generations we’re having to work harder than they did to achieve the same thing.

        We don’t need to be told to show up on time. Yes my generation has more retards than the prior ones but that is due to factors that this readership should be familiar with. I’ve been working since I was 15 in between sports seasons, this was not an unusual thing for my high school.

        • It wasn’t an unusual thing for us back then too, sport. Things aren’t worse for you, and it’s not our ‘pride’ or ‘ego’ so stop projecting.

          I never resented my parents, or grandparents, they didn’t have it easy, and neither did we.

          Your resentment and that of your contemporaries is YOUR problem.

          • If you are a Boomer, your parents had it easier than probably any other generation. They went through a lot as kids, but they went into the workforce right after WW2. This was a nationwide boom town for the US.

            My father was a young man in the 50s and he bought a brand new car and took a several month long road trip with his brother, my uncle. I asked him what he did for money and he said they would stop in a town and get a job. He could literally find a job, though not a great one in an afternoon. He’d stay in that town for a week or so and then collect the pay and move on.

          • “Wow, tell me more?” are words you will never hear out of the mouth of a boomer, ever. The complete lack of sympathy and curiosity of the entire generation to, well, everyone. Themselves, the young, even the old to an extent. The entire world. No curiosity.

            “Things are hard? Tough shit, it was hard for me too!” he says, having grown up in a vastly, vastly whiter and more prosperous time with a much brighter future ahead than what any young person is growing up with today. No “Why do you think that?”, nothing like that, ever. THAT I think is where the resentment comes from. They know everything, and they know they know everything, and even though you can just like, watch a video of a street scene from when they were kids and one from right now and see that the world is manifestly worse off now than then, they don’t want to hear that and they won’t hear that.

            If you don’t see how 2023 is a lot more grim than even the carter years I don’t know what to tell you, friend. You can survive an economic recession, as evidenced by your having done so. You cannot survive complete demographic replacement. It cannot happen.

          • But would you concede that young folk are less prepared by parents and society for sacrifice and tough times? The misery that young folk experience may be because they how a crooked view of the world, but that does not dismiss that they are miserable. The doping of the kids, the horrendous schools, the enabling parents, the indulgent society. Yes, they are spoiled and there difficulties are less objectively difficult than previous generations. But they are so weak. Some of that is worthy of compassion mixed with distaste, as they did not rear themselves.
            Granted, no one can fix it for themselves. But the misery is real, and dismissal of that misery is ignorant.

        • Nobody resents me. I’m Gen-X. Frankly, even if they did, I wouldn’t notice. Gen-X, like all generational identities are fake and gay. If you say “Gen-X is X” it doesn’t affect me at all because I don’t internalize it. I’d be like “really? i didn’t know that. thanks” I don’t think of myself as gen-x.

          Yes, people do need to be told to show up on time and dress appropriately and generally be appropriate. Maybe you specifically do not, but many, many do.

          How can you be so damned sure of yourself that everyone before you had it easier in every imaginable way? YOU were not alive when Boomers were young. I was technically alive when they were young, but was a kid. I don’t really know the specifics of what they faced, but I do know they weren’t living on easy street because nobody does. I do know that the US economy was collapsing at the time they were entering the workforce. I know inflation was high and interest rates were high.

    • “At no point has anyone offered to let us live with them to save up money, just like nobody offered to try and leverage their contacts in their businesses to help me find a job.”

      Have you asked? Once you are an adult, the expectation is that you will act like one.

      It’s true that people who don’t know the neighborhoods around where you chose to live might “helpfully” make bad suggestions. Just keep in mind that they are doing so thinking they are helping. Depending on how you react, they may well back off, realizing that whatever they offer will just make you mad. Which, if you are being honest, is probably the truth.

      • You have a point here, you don’t get what you don’t ask for. Parents may also have a bit of a aversion to allowing a child to depend upon them too much, which of course leads to the proverbial “man-child” living in his parent’s basement until they die.

        My recommendation would be a *plan* as to how whatever efforts asked for work to *both* your financial and emotional needs. (But really, this is very hypothetical as I know nothing of the OP’s situation.)

        In my personal history, there have been such interactions now that the thread brings back such memories—and I’m a Boomer! ;-).

        My father gave me a first house down payment. My father in law allowed my son (his grandson of course) to live with him while going to university (same town). There are other examples of a helping hand—but never a hammock. All efforts had defined purpose and finality. All demonstrated a unity of “family” in the best sense.

        • Yeah, I moved back in with the folks when I went back to college. Though I don’t know that they even knew I was going back to college, let alone that I would appreciate staying there. They wouldn’t have thought to offer, but were more than happy to oblige when I asked. My daughter is still staying with us, quite a while after graduation. We have no plans to kick her out. It would be nice if one of the kids wanted to take over our place but they all say it is too large with too much acreage to take care of.

          I’ve already bailed my son and his wife out of the 30/30 mess they got themselves in. $30k on credit cards at 30% interest. The DIL still won’t talk to us because I insisted that in exchange, they had to cut up half the credit cards. They didn’t, she’s run the cards up higher yet. And it’s still my fault, somehow.

          OK, Boomer.

          • Your mistake was meeting them 1/2 way. Cut up all the credit cards and make them promise no more.

            Though they probably would have hated you for it, letting them go bankrupt would probably have been the right thing to do. They get out of debt and can’t really get any more new date for at least a few years.

            But you bring up a good example. It’s a no win dilemma. Give them money and they just run up the debt again or let them go bankrupt and they blame you for the problem. The DIL probably hates you now anyway. That hate will be in the middle of every fight they ever have.

  33. Generations were historically 20 years for a pretty good reason. This was around the average age of a woman’s first pregnancy. A woman born in 1905 would have, on average, begun having children in 1925. Using this as a metric, generations should be getting longer, not shorter. In my mind, the first “Gen-A” has yet to be born and Nick Fuentez is a Millennial.

    But “generations” have been turned into a gay identity and a fashion statement and became somewhat prescriptive as opposed to descriptive. Since everything is fake and gay, the younger generations is having a hard time building a traditional identity and will embrace the gay stuff.

    Whatever generation the high school kids of today are, they are going to be worse in every way than even gen-x. These are the most confused kids who think autism is cool and cutting off their genitals is hip. I’m sure other mental illnesses are going to find their way into the fashionable accessory by the cool kids of the current generation. Maybe they will start identifying as schizophrenic or bi-polar non-binary furry. There will be a new diagnoses for the inherent contradiction of being bi-polar and non-binary at the same time. Just imagine what they will be like in the workforce.

    • “ Maybe they will start identifying as schizophrenic or bi-polar non-binary furry.”

      Maybe they, with the largest generational number of “spiteful mutants” will be correct? 😉

      In any event, it’s a shrewd observation Tars that the age of birth to first birth is beginning to screw everything up—perhaps to the point of making generational distinctions a distraction or even obsolete.

  34. It’s an index of Leftist cultural barbarism that “diverse,” insteading of meaning “variegated” (the correct definition) now means “non-white.”

    • I frequently interrrupt someone talking to me directly who says “diverse” and ask if they mean “non-white.” A few get testy, most are flummoxed and appear confused. If it is someone I know well enough, I substitute “anti-white” for “non-white.”

  35. “Nothing screams the glorious future like a young mentally unstable genetic dead end.” Pure gold.

  36. As a parent, I’m around the high school generation. Granted, my kids’ school is fairly (but not completely) well off, so I can only give my first-hand impression of the kids who are going to do well.

    First, while our school is still pretty white, other “good” schools are becoming very heavily Indian and Asian. The Hispanics of Northern Virginia are something sprinkled in the good schools but usually cluster in a few bad, but not particularly dangerous schools. (Most drop out over the course of high school anyway.)

    What you notice with this upcoming generation – at least from the perspective of the DR – is the noticeable lack – both physically and culturally – of the two main non-white groups of our time: Jews and blacks.

    At the top, you have the white, Asian and Indians kids. You’ll particularly notice the Indians and Asians at college. Jews are just not a dominate force like they used to be. In fact, you don’t see them much at all on debate teams or math contests. On the low end, Hispanics have pushed out blacks.

    It’s hard to say what will hold their society together. The white, Asian and Indian kids at the top seem to get along pretty well and they mouth the multi-culti stuff but seem to not much believe it or care about it outside of avoiding trouble. The Hispanics openly dislike blacks but, generally, don’t care about them as long as they’re not in their neighborhoods.

    And none of them care a whit about colorblind civic nationalism. (Sorry, Steve Sailer and crew.) Culturally, the Asians and Indians act white. While they may be more ethnocentric than the whites, they’re not a culturally distinct group and, certainly, the inter-dating (which, admittedly, is mostly Asian or Indian women dating white guys but not always) shows that they’re not that ethnocentric.

    As Z notes, our rulers and, even, many in the DR are stuck in the 20th century. What’s coming is very different. The Jewish influence likely will wane, which isn’t good news for blacks. White liberals will be overtaken by much more pragmatic Indians and, to some degree, Asians, who are not true believers in Wokism but are more than willing to use it to benefit themselves and, if possible, others of their tribe.

    But underneath it all will be a simple question left unanswered: Who are we?

    • It really depends on the kind of Indian.

      The ones raised in Canada don’t act white, but like a bad caricature of African Americans. Intermixing is quite rare, but you will occasionally see a post-wall white woman with a beta buxx Indian guy. A white guy with a POC girl is just a white guy who couldn’t get a white girl, even if it goes unspoken.

      The new Indians are lining up in the thousands (literally) for minimum wage grocery store and security guard jobs. They’re now going on crime sprees like stealing cars, defrauding casinos, etc. Rape is low for now but they are generally repulsive and have no personality. They live 10-20 per room in stinking flop houses. Any area where they congregate quickly goes to 0% white, not even liberals want to be around them.

      Of course when I say “Indian” I’m referring to Tamil, Pakistani, Punjabi, whatever. But they’re not upper class & educated Indians like the USA gets.

      I can see the situation changing quickly if the USA opens it’s borders further to anything less than the talented tenth, or goes through a cultural change towards further anti-whiteness. I don’t think your view will always be the case and the “ruling class” composition won’t always be as linear as you think. USA is in the “pre-flood” stage where they all seem really smart and peaceful and are mostly doctors and engineers.

      • Quite true. In Northern Virginia, so far, we’ve been getting the very top tier Indians, so it’s a very skewed bunch.

        They’re almost exclusively tech or medical.

        I’m sure that over time, we’ll get regular Indians and Pakis and that will change the game.

        Either way, there will be no cultural or ethnic underpinning to the US or Canada.

      • The average IQ in India is 83. This is lower than African Americans. Even though we tend to get the high IQ outliers, there is a reversion to the mean.

        Indians out-jew the Jews. The Indians took over the diamond racket through the same mechanisms Jews took it over earlier. They are extremely ethnocentric from what I can tell. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. They are extremely dishonest and view everything as a racket to be exploited. Google Social Security fraud and prepare to read a bunch of Indian names.

        India is a disgustingly dirty 3rd world country. They crap in the streets and don’t even wash their linen. They’ve made our phone system near useless. They are every bit as corrupt and dishonest as the Chinese. They MUST go back!

        • Much more practically, we must separate into our own white enclaves and keep them white.

    • Good observations. From my experience coaching sports recently, I concur that the Asians, in my case mostly Filipinos, along with Indians get along with Whites pretty well. The cultural difference isn’t anything like the wide chasm you see comparing blacks with the other groups.

      As you mention, those groups, even if they get along with Whites, still have significantly higher levels of ingroup preference than Whites, and also aren’t very enthusiastic about what we consider foundational beliefs, such as gun rights and freedom of speech, according to studies. While similar in some ways, they still aren’t us.

      • Exactly. They enjoy the same Netflix shows, playing ball and hanging out, but they have no intrinsic feel for the Enlightenment beliefs embodied in the Constitution. They just don’t care.

        Free speech, freedom of assembly, etc. They don’t mean anything to them. In their defense, many (most) of the white kids don’t either.

        Again, I don’t know what will underpin this future society. I don’t think that it will collapse. It’ll just drift.

        • Exactly this. One of the reasons Asians have performed well in the tech industry as software has transitioned to a software as a service model is that they lack the enlightenment view of property ownership. Those of European descent have internalized the Enlightenment-era view that when you buy something, you own it and should be able to use it as you wish and control it. That view limited our ability to conceptualize the financial raping of customers under a SAAS model. Without the Enlightenment-era values, Asians have no such inhibitions.

          The whole mess that drove right to repair laws is analogous. It’s a financial blind spot for people of European descent.

          • In our defense, a high-trust, non-clannish society can be a remarkable and a remarkably devastating force.

            It allowed us to create huge organizations that ripped the world a new one for 500 years. But, yes, it only works if you don’t allow in outsiders, which kind of goes against the high-trust, non-clannishness that was breed into us.

            We were a shooting star that’s fading quickly.

    • As Z notes, our rulers and, even, many in the DR are stuck in the 20th century. What’s coming is very different. The Jewish influence likely will wane

      Your entire comment was stellar, but I want to highlight this particular part. I have said many times over the years that the JQ is irrelevant, and this partly why.

      There really isn’t any J to go along with the Q. What people today call “the Jews” are simply WASPy, liberal whites avant la lettre.. Their much ballyhooed “overrepresentation” is due to the fact that they were able early discern and master the forms into which Western civilization was tending in its decadence, because they are an older people and had seen such things before. There really isn’t anything more to it than that.

      As the rest of the West (including Westernized Asians) “catches up” with the Jews, they are rapidly losing their dominance because there wasn’t really anything special about them (pace the IQ ghetto enhancement theory). This is exactly what was predicted and described by Oswald Spengler in his Decline of the West.

      To-day this Magian nation, with its ghetto and its religion, itself is in danger of disappearing — not because the metaphysics of the two Cultures come closer to one another (for that is impossible), but because the intellectual- izcd upper stratum of each side is ceasing to be metaphysical at all. It has lost every kind of inward cohesion, and what remains is simply a cohesion for practical questions. The lead that this nation has enjoyed from its long habituation to thinking in business terms becomes ever less and less (vis-h-vis the American, it has already almost gone), and with the loss of it will go the last potent means of keeping up a Consensus that has fallen regionally into parts. In the moment when the civilized methods of the European-American world-cities shall have arrived at full maturity, the destiny of Jewry — at least of the Jewry in our midst (that of Russia is another problem) — will be accomplished.

      • It’s a matriarchal culture. The women control things in their families. Given the choice in a feminist society, women always hate betas.

        50 year old J mothers all have vivid memories of sleeping with Chad Gentile in the 80s, but being forced by her parents to let him go and marry a Nice Jewish Boy. Many are now resentful and completely domineering over their financially successful but physically weak husbands.

        They encourage their daughters to aim for Chad Gentile. If that fails, there’s always a Nice Jewish Boy waiting. Of course the men often date Asian women.

        It’s a culture in rapid decline among the under 40s, but not something that’s discussed publicly. In a few generations the Orthodox will be the only ones carrying on the culture.

      • Methinks you didn’t watch the Trump impeachment circus, or the ongoing crusade against Trump. It was impossible not to Notice. Even a few Jevvish political writers commented on it.

        • And how old are those Jews? I’m talking about kids between 15 and 20.

          Jews definitely run the show today but there’s not a group coming behind them that can continue the same dominance.

    • “ Jews are just not a dominate force like they used to be. In fact, you don’t see them much at all on debate teams or math contests. On the low end,”

      Citizen, excellent thoughts. As directly to the above. I’ve been reading that miscegenation as in Jews with every other race, and general reversal of the Flynn effect has had a predictable effect upon Jewish performance in academic competition. I’m too lazy to look up the source, but it comes from measures of Jewish student performance in the 20th century as compared to performance in the 21st century.

      • I’m going to risk the slings and arrows of being called a pedant here because I see this error frequently, even from highly intelligent people. The mot juste is “dominant,” not “dominate.” The former is the adjectival form of the latter, which, of course, is a verb.

        • Well I missed that I admit. Had I noticed, it might have deserved a “(sic)” after the quote, but I also probably would have left well enough be to keep the peace.

          I only disagree with your connection of the error to “intelligence”. I shy away from that connection. It’s a can of worms. My dirty secret is that I share the same thinking when I see mixups between “affect” and “effect”.

          Perhaps give the audience and commenters here has given one a higher level of expectation?

          • It’s hardly a big deal, of course. More of an FYI than anything else. Better a friendly correction from a friend than condescending snark from a Leftist in some future exchange. And if I make a non-typographical error, I would expect somebody to point it out so that I hopefully don’t make the same mistake again on down the line.

    • Your comment harkens back to a comment I posted a couple weeks ago pondering whether the Chinese Exclusion Act was a strategic mistake. Had it not passed, it is likely that everything west of the Rockies would have been majority Chinese, rather than majority Hispanic as it is now trending.

      America’s politics would had developed in a completely different manner. Asians are not beset by the historical guilt complex that infected Whites, so the influence of jevvs and blacks would have been far more limited. Hispanic immigration would likely have been farm more limited. This would be a completely different country, and probably a much better country.

      • And how long before the Han would begin streaming across the Great Plains in search of 生存空間 (lebensraum)?

        The problem wasn’t exclusionary practices, it was abandoning strict control of our borders.

  37. The generational stuff is just a reflection of our decaying families. Yes, we do hate our ancestors. They hate us in return. I can’t see any other reason for this.

    • Yeah, I don’t hear much about the generational stuff from younger people have both parents are home and who are doing well in life.

      Granted, teenagers today tend to be closer to their parents than when I was a kid.

      • Filthie: “The generational stuff is just a reflection of our decaying families.”

        There’s something moar at work here.

        People no longer have any inclination towards stopping and smelling the psychological/sociological roses along the way.

        If they did, they’d very quickly learn that certain of the 21st Century roses are simply putrid.

        I hate to keep kicking a dead horse, but we are accumulating badly malformed personalities in this nation like one giant industrial magnet attracting all very worst metal shavings from around the entire world.

        Again: Turbo Karens, Soy Boys, Fentanyl Addicts, SSRI-induced Psychopaths, OTDL Boy Scout Troop Leaders, etc etc etc.

        By and large [possibly excepting the Beatniks of the late-1950s/early-1960s???], these personalities simply didn’t exist in our society until fairly recently.

        I encountered muh first Turbo Karen in a universititty medical professional meeting, circa the second Obama Administration, where everyone in the room was highly edumakashunally accredited & tenured, and suddenly Turbo Karen stood up, opened her mouth, and started TALKING OVER the tenured folks [the tenured folks themselves kept talking beneath her], and no one stepped forward to put an end to it.

        I became so apoplectic [in witnessing the spectacle of it] that it took every ounce of muh willpower not to smash Turbo Karen’s skull into mush, right then & there, in front of the entire group of assembled experts.

        If you haven’t yet crossed paths with a Turbo Karen, then you have not yet entered the 21st Century.

        Your mind & psyche & personality & soul are still languishing in the 20th Century.




  38. I’m an X, and the kids are Zoomers. I’ve already prepared them for being squeezed out of the culture early as you mentioned, Z. Told them to have one ‘old school’ skill or trade, and one more contemporary skill to adapt as well as possible.

    I’m planning on no Soc. Sec. check, but I think it is possible TPTB will just crank up the payroll taxes on Millennials to kick the can down the road. There may be just enough Boomers left along with us to make enough noise about it to delay the inevitable. Since there are so many Millennials, they can probably cover the cost of X, but will almost certainly get shafted on Soc. Sec. in the end whether we do or not.

    • “There may be just enough Boomers left along with us to make enough noise about it to delay the inevitable.”

      Sure you’re not a boomer lol? My own thought about X: maybe lame, but I think in terms of Woodstock ‘94/‘99. Early X half-heartedly did the boomer thing for lack of something better, later X started getting pissed off about it.

      • I’ve seen some early X like that (Alex Keaton from Family Ties types), but I’ve seen just as many that wanted to mimic the whole punk thing, and later X that mimic the Millennials. Kind of hard to peg down. I guess that fragmentation is part of being a smaller cohort caught between two larger groups?

        As for me, there is some overlap w/ the Boomers that married & went to work right away… not so much w/ the sex, drugs, rock n’ roll Boomers that waited until 30 to grow up & then gave us the Millennials.

    • There’s no reason that has to be the case. Apart from corruption, there is no way you could hoover up 12% of one’s lifetime earnings and have absolutely nothing to show for it. Heck, if they had invested the money in Solyndra, there would at least be the assets left over from bankruptcy.

      It’s all a scam to fuel generational strife to keep us from focusing on the real problem.

    • Don’t kid yourself. If a non-Boomer generation “whatever” thinks about ending SSI for current Boomers, then they must also think about that burden being picked up by themselves for their parents or grandparents.

      Of course, the keyword is *think* and we’ve produced a couple of gen’s not noted for much of that. Nonetheless, certain races have quite a reputation for their “familia”.

  39. The one group of people that was born at almost precisely the right time were those born between 1946 and 1950; They entered the work force or secondary education between 1964 and 1968, when times were very good. I don’t think that it’s an accident that three American presidents were born in 1946. If you were born, as I was, in 1954, things were still pretty good in 1972, but not nearly as good as they had been earlier. A person born in 1960 entered the work force or secondary education in 1978, which was genuinely a different world than that of 1964.

    As Z-man mentioned the catastrophic policy mistakes of the 1960s were the product of the “Greatest Generation” (WWII era veterans) and their parents. Historians will be puzzling for centuries about what madness seized these people!

    • “The one group of people that was born at almost precisely the right time were those born between 1946 and 1950; They entered the work force or secondary education between 1964 and 1968, when times were very good.”

      Got to thinking about that the other day. Seems to me I have something in common with those people, in that the world changed dramatically as they entered it. Their counterculture was left, while mine was right, though. They had the Reagan revolution in middle age, I have this woke BS. Whatever that signifies, if anything. Hopefully things get better in my dotage and the youth thank me for it, but I ain’t holding my breath lol.

      • There is a lot of truth to this. The early boomers that came of age in the mid to late 60’s literally had the world handed to them on a platter. A lot of them (Bill Clinton) ran with it and had wonderful careers, but often at the expense of those who came after. Others who embraced the new left chic pissed it all away.

        The mid boomers (72-75 HS graduates) had a very different experience. They came into to the stagflation of the 70’s and were set back about 10 years. These people did not really get to have careers until the 80’s. Realize it was the WW2 generation that bought into the criminal sophistry of “Keynesian” socialist economics that ultimately led to the stagflation of the 70’s. Karl Denninger, in particular, has a dim view of the so-called “Greatest” generation, and for good reason.

        The Silents can be split into two, possibly three generations. The early Silents, born between 1928 and 1933 or so, were the sycophants of the WW2 generation. My mother was this generation (my father was WW2). Then there are the late Silents. They were born in 1939 up until 1945. I call these people the “pre-boomers” because many of them were. The mid Silents were those born between these two groups. It was the mid Silents that kicked off the divorce revolution in the early 70’s.

    • “As Z-man mentioned the catastrophic policy mistakes of the 1960s were the product of the Greatest Generation’ (WWII era veterans) and their parents. Historians will be puzzling for centuries about what madness seized these people!”

      Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad. There was a documentary on LBJ that aired on PBS in 1991, simply entitled “LBJ”. There were many interviews throughout the film, including members of LBJ’s cabinet that really captured the zeitgeist of the time. The inheritors of the New Deal and the victors of the Second World War really thought that the United States could do anything, solve any problem, defeat any foe, especially with “The Best and The Brightest” at the helm. In the words of Sargent Shriver, one of the architects of Johnson’s War on Poverty, “America bestrode the world like a colossus. There was nothing equal to the United States of America.”

      • Pride goeth before a fall. And the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

        The punchdrunk colossus is reeling against the ropes, awaiting the knockout blow. And when he crashes to the canvas, the earth will tremble.

  40. Fashions – I hated the bell-bottoms and other 70s fashion no sense. Started high school in 79 and always wore normal jeans. I think we were all relieved to see it go away.

    I did sometimes watch Family Ties and despised the parents (although I often noticed that Mom’s body in my teens).

    • I’ll take either Maren Jensen (Athena from the original Battlestar Galactica), or Erin Gray (Colonel Dearing from Buck Rogers in the 25th century.) Watching the latter strut around in those spandex cat suits, with her mane of gorgeous blonde hair! Abso-friggen-lutely!
      As a lad of eleven at the time, there were plenty of inspirations about, but those two are my favorites.
      I miss being able to adjust the floats on a 4-barrel carburetor, or being able to “jump start” a car by using a screwdriver and cross-connecting the started solenoid posts. The latter was good only on older Fords.
      One thing that seems a constant with Gen-X is the…….I’m not sure how to put it. I saw a meme last year in which it had the cast of the original “Red Dawn” standing around on a rock formation, kitted-out with AK’s & RPG’s and it read, “What every Gen-X’er is fixing to do right about now.” and that was no joke. I recently ran into a girl I went to HS with and she told me how she just got her full carry permit, as well as a Benelli M-4. She’s also purchased retreat property at an undisclosed location for her and her family. Good on her.
      This is the same girl who in HS would freak if she marred her nail polish, or God forbid, cracked a nail. She was also voted “Most beautiful girl” in our senior class, now she’s all “Sara Conner” like!

  41. How can there be 6 generations out there (“Greatest”, Boomer, X, Millennial, Zoomer, Alpha) which adds up to 120 years (going by 20 years per generation). The human life span is normally <90.

    Methinks the media-industrial complex is too eager to find new generations. Soon we'll be decreasing generation size to 5 years so TIME Magazine can put out an issue about the consumer tendencies of 3-year-olds in 2035.

    • Correction: they will be marketing to “trans lesbian of color immigrant transvestite” three-year olds.

    • Jumping the gun on alpha, methinks. They should be covid babies. There aren’t many pre-boomers left, either. Really, it’s boomer-X-millennial, with zoomers recently entering adulthood.

    • You actually forgot one generation: The Silent go in between the Greatest and the Boomers. And as far as the 120 year time span goes, that’s actually not very long when you think about it.

      Try to think back to your earliest childhood memories, when you were just getting old enough to form impressions of people. That probably occurred very early in life, somewhere between the ages of 2 and 5. The oldest person alive then who would have influenced you would have been a great grandparent or someone of that generation, probably about 80 years old.

      Now, if you go on to (hopefully) live a long and full life, you will be about 80+ years in your dotage, when you will be able to influence a great grandchild or great grand nephew at the age of 2-5, who will himself live another 80 years.

      Thus, the birthdate of each person anchors a chain of influence that stretches back 80 years into the past and 160 years into the future, for a total of 240 years. That is the window of time when there will exist people who have direct, living experience of us, and it’s a long time. It really puts things in perspective, and it shows just how connected we all are across the centuries.

      • I won’t get into a math argument with you because I’ll always lose.

        But 18 years seems a bit thin? Even 20 does. What we call “developed” peoples don’t have kids ’til they’re 30, so a generation should be at least 30 years. The coming depopulation bomb might even bump a generation closer to 50 years.

      • Depends really on the definition use doesn’t it? My readings in archeology often use 25 years IIRC. My experience/memory does perhaps span 6 generations (more like 5 including myself), but of my grandfather and even granddaughter, the relationship will probably be weak due to age differences.

        • The original “Baby Boom” definition was 18 years additive, but 19 years inclusive:

          1946 + 18 = 1964.

          However, the set of dates {1946, 1947…, 1963, 1964} encapsulates not 18 but rather 19 different calendar years.

          So using 19 years inclusive, you have:

          GREATEST: 1908-1926

          SILENT: 1927-1945

          BOOMER: 1946-1964

          X: 1965-1983

          Y/Millennial: 1984-2002

          Z: 2003-2021

          “ALPHA???”: 2022-2040


          Muh own best historiological guess is that the Baby Boom generation would have continued for about another decade if it weren’t for Griswold in 1964 [decriminalization of birth control], beginning the decline & descent of White fertility rates [which subsequently were almost wiped out by Roe in 1973; myriad unborn White babies were murdered in the early 1970s].

  42. Should be required listening for anyone with limited or retarded opinions on generational culture or even warfare. I understand our European brothers have much less than us on this of course that may have changed as they mimic everything else American do.

  43. Two weeks with no show. It’s going to be a rough three weeks waiting for the next show.

    Without the Power Hour, is it even Friday?

  44. Born in ’66 I was always glad to not be lumped in one of these named generations.

    Somebody has probably rearranged the dates to include me in one of them. Whatever the label, I don’t accept it.

  45. 1974 model year here. Whether by culture or calendar, I believe that puts me squarely within gen X. I e been reading, daily, here for years and I’ve noticed overlaps in shared experiences. For example, a Holocaust memorial was built around the corner from my house a few years ago. I never heard anyone asking for such a memorial but there it is. As Z man describes, I was oblivious to the world around me in high school. However I remember something teachers were saying at the time and have since heard it mentioned once here. “We are transitioning to a service economy” I am wondering if this was repeated everywhere and if so who do I get to hate for doing this?

    • I am first half GenX. I was employed as an engineer in California during the 90’s when I initially learned the U.S. was to become a “financialized, service-based economy.” The Rustbelt, which is where I grew up, was stripmined and finished, and it would soon be referred to as “flyover territory.” This was driven by the financiers, who realized there was this tremendous pool of rockbottom cheap labor just sitting there waiting to be exploited in China. 80% of this financial class, now oligarchs, wear small hats. Hate on them without mercy. They did this.

      • In my freshman Macro class in 1983 the professor (the department chair) said “we are transitioning to a service economy.” I remember it like it was yesterday.

        I know how unseemly it is to bitch, but Rust Belt Gen Xers got well and truly fucked. You couldn’t get a decent blue collar job in the 1980s if you were willing to kill for it.

        It’s really strange to see white Millennials and Zoomers with tattoos getting jobs in industry, the utilities and the police departments as the old Boomers are finally retiring and dying off.

        It’s even weirder to see police departments and federal agencies begging for applicants. In 1985 they had a stack of applications a mile deep and there was no way they were even going to give you the time of day unless you had a hell of a lot of political connections and a healthy dose of nepotism going for you.

        I was driving through West Virginia last month and heard a bunch of radio commercials for hiring coal miners. WTF… from 1980-2000 every time I ever heard the words “coal” and “miner” they were followed by the word “layoffs.”

    • Ha! I was just talking with someone about that. All the factories being shuttered came with the mantra about the new service economy.

        • You pocketed the difference in labor savings created by the offshored manufacturing of goods. Your neighbor had fed his family by working at the shuttered factory. Now he serves you at reduced wages but that money in your pocket looks real good right where it is. So you threaten to replace the neighbor with another of the thousands displaced workers and eliminate his bargaining power. Finally, you grow tired of the squawking, fire the neighbor and replace him with cheaper imported service workers, three for the price of one. You drive by a tent camp where you see the former neighbor strung out on drugs, oblivious. You say to yourself, “there but for the Grace of God go I” and wonder how such a defective was ever YOUR neighbor.

        • My high school girlfriend just lost her job and interviewed for the only position she could find, receptionist, despite her masters degree and industry experience. Pay is $17/hr and she lives an hour outside NYC. Circa 1990, my student job as a VAX programmer for an institute paid me $20/hr and I only supported myself. Neither is a livable wage today in most metros.

          • The only job? I highy doubt it. May the only job she could stand to lower herself too. People working multiple jobs to make ends meet has been a thing for a long long time.

          • Systems programmer on a Cyber 170/Model 720 in 1981 was $8.50 per hour and I was damned happy to get it. Most of my classmates didn’t come anywhere close to that.

            Yeah, Minneapolis was cheaper than NYC (I’m sure it still is) but there is a reason the 90s became the tech bubble.

          • DaBears, first off we need to acknowledge the reality that BISHES LIE THROUGH THEIR TEETH all the dadgum time.

            However, assuming she’s speaking truthfully to you, then she’s gonna need help from somebody.

            Particularly if there are children involved.

            It would be very very difficult for a single woman to survive on $34K per annum in NY State.

            She’s gonna be dadgum near about anorexic on that budget, and she’s gonna be shopping solely from Walmart; heck, I’m spending about $6 per day on just bread alone, which comes to about 365 * $6 = $2190 per annum.

            Then she’s gonna need rent, utilities, transportation, medical [and she can fuhgeddabout new clothes; she’s gonna be hitting them thrift shops every Saturday morning at 7AM].

            Accompanied by local, state & federal taxes…

            In NY State, at $34K, it wouldn’t surprise me if she were able to qualify for welfare.

          • PS: In calculating Wage Slave [aka “wagie”] salaries, I use 50 weeks per year & 40 hours per week, which gives 50 * 40 = 2000 hours per year.

            So e.g. $17 per hour produces $34K per annum.

            But if it’s a parttime job, at, say, only 32 hours per week, and maybe only 40 weeks per year, then you’d be looking at something more like

            (32 * 40) = only 1280 hours per annum, with $17 per hour degenerating merely

            $17 * 1280 = $21,760 per annum [in which case she might ackshually starve and/or freeze to death].

            Given the Bidenflation numbers I’m seeing at the grocery store & the gas pump, I dunno how anyone could make it on less than $20/hr and 2000 hours per year [total of $40K per annum].

      • Yep. I remember those “economists” talking it up as well. Manufacturing was a dead end. We were all going to do “white collar” work. The Chinese would sell us consumer (manufactured) crap, and we in turn would sell them products like insurance, programming, banking, and the like—not to mention the royalties we’d get on our patents and intellectual property. Smoke and mirrors.

        • Yeah. The financialized, service-oriented economy is the biggest hype of all time. This scam really got going when the bubble took off around 1995.

  46. It will be interesting to see how Generation Alpha turns out. If they succeed it will put to rest a lot of the debate regarding diversity and multiculturalism.

    Things that will affect Generation Alpha will be the dominance of the Democrat Party, war with Russia, the reintroduction of universal military service and nationwide war mobilization, restrictions on dissemination of information, mandatory fitness training, and the equivalent of de-nazification in the south.

    The above are predictions but I’m pretty sure they will happen in the near future.

    • “mandatory fitness training”

      About half of US youth are fat and getting fatter as they age. Over 40% took the poison jabs. I am sure this will work out great.

      • I think that’s why he is predicting “mandatory fitness training”

        I’ve read ALOT of mainstream articles (NYT, WSJ, The Atlantics, NPR) sounding the alarm bells about the obesity epidemic.

        • Surprised they don’t call it a pandemic. They hug that treasured word to themselves as if it were a long lost pet golden retriever.

        • Way back when, we considered Jackie Gleason FAT, but if you look at his old Honeymooner shows on tv now, he just looks normal. When I was in high school, the only available thing was the water fountain, and there was NO fast food restaurant anywhere around to run to during the lunch hour, so we all arrived home (walking not being bussed) from school starving waiting for dinner. If I had known I would now consider those times as the good old days, I would have treasured them more.

      • Ah, shades of JFK’s Physical Fitness program of the early 60’s. Look it up. I still remember the schools adding and making exercise programs mandatory (I had 4 years required in HS). What I do remember are the news clips showing boys running around the football field track. Back then they were *all* skinny!

        We’d kill to have the physique of a 60’s kid today—and that was unacceptable then! 🙁

    • It would have to be earlier. My prediction is that as Generation Alpha comes of age the central government’s ability to extend its reach across the continental part of the GAE also will be sketchy and largely ineffective. We saw a glimpse of this already with Covid and some of the states and localities ignoring the Imperial City.

      • I was told to never give an order you can’t enforce.

        With that in mind, the regime did an EXCELLENT job of enforcing the Covid tyranny. In my slave state, my children can not:
        1. Go to college,
        2. Go into medicine,
        3. Go into the military,
        4. Be a policeman,
        5. Be a fireman, or,
        6. Work for a government school.

        Of course, that isn’t true: my children can still go to school, get the required specialized educational certificate (if you don’t ever visit the campus) and then be rendered unemployable by a recommended, guideline requirement. It is totally up to them.

        Or they can just leave their entire family, church and social network and move to a free state (until that state is fortified for Democracy).
        After all, this is America, the land of the free.

        • Yes, it was awful. The Regime did shoot itself in the foot with the Covid tyranny by its end, I think, and lost a lot of trust even in the areas and among a segment of the populace that support it. The template was provided for states in the future to stand against the Regime. It would require lots more competence than has been evident to fortify and keep fortified places in opposition to it.

    • Regarding mandatory fitness training; if they can force kids to inject themselves with experimental genetic concoctions, why can’t they force them onto a hamster wheel?

      And just as the climate gurus ostentatiously flout their own commandments, you can bet that the fitness czarinas will be consistently porcine in stature.

    • We see the cataclysmic results of multiculti all around us. Nothing Gen Alpha does will change that. Any debate on the subject is tantamount to a dead man walking.

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