We Finally Catch A Break

Since forever, the children of successful men have often taken up positions in the ruling class once they reached adulthood. Some would argue that it is genetic. The able male finds a high quality mate and the result is a child with the genetic stuff to follow in the father’s footsteps. Others would argue that it is slipstreaming. The successful male blazes a path for his children. The unencumbered route to the ruling class is easy to traverse, even for the average, compared to blazing your own path. The dull-witted child of a billionaire is going to have a better shot at attending Harvard than the smart kid from the projects.

Maybe it is a combination of things, as is always the case. I don’t know, but I do know Americans have been cursed by a few dynastic families. The Roosevelt’s did a lot to damage the country. The Kennedy clan may be the biggest blight on a nation since Agrippina found a husband. We’ve been lucky too. Some of our worst politicians like Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon did not have kids interested in politics. At least they never made a go of it.

It looks like we dodged another bullet. Our semi-retarded vice president’s oldest kid is probably going to be the next governor of Delaware. Luckily, that’s a ticket to nowhere, but he’ll surely end up inn the Senate one day, taking up the seat held by his father as the dumbest man in the Senate. Biden’s other kid was hoping to run the same game with joining the National Guard as a lawyer so he could put “war hero” on his campaign website. Luckily, he was thrown out for drug abuse.

Vice President Joe Biden ’s son Hunter was discharged from the Navy Reserve this year after testing positive for cocaine, according to people familiar with the matter.

Hunter Biden, a lawyer by training who is now a managing partner at an investment company, had been commissioned as an ensign in the Navy Reserve, a part-time position. But after failing a drug test last year, his brief military career ended.

Mr. Biden, 44 years old, decided to pursue military service relatively late, beginning the direct-commission process to become a public-affairs officer in the Navy Reserve in 2012. Because of his age—43 when he was to be commissioned—he needed a waiver to join the Navy. He received a second Navy waiver because of a drug-related incident when he was a young man, according to people familiar with the matter. Military officials say such drug waivers aren’t uncommon.

Mr. Biden was commissioned as an ensign on May 7, 2013, and assigned to Navy Public Affairs Support Element East in Norfolk, Va., a reserve unit, according to the Navy. In June 2013, after reporting to his unit in Norfolk, he was given a drug test, which turned up positive for cocaine, according to people familiar with the situation. Mr. Biden was discharged in February, the Navy said.

Mr. Biden said in a statement that it was “the honor of my life to serve in the U.S. Navy, and I deeply regret and am embarrassed that my actions led to my administrative discharge. I respect the Navy’s decision. With the love and support of my family, I’m moving forward.”

We still have one hapless nitwit from the Biden clan in the pipe, but at least we avoided having a second putz from that deformed family tree.

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Joseph K
Joseph K
6 years ago

What kind of a tool still does blow past 40? What a piece of trash.

6 years ago

The thing about political dynasties is that the scion is nearly always a watered-down form of the root. And the generation following that one is an even further diminution. One need only look at the horrible Kennedy clan for confirmation.