The Low Trust Model

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A little more than two weeks ago Hamas launched their daring raid into Israel, killing many Israeli soldiers and civilians. The Arab – Israeli story has been on the back burner for a long time, due to relative calm between the various sides. The imperial wars in the region have ended, so the American political class has not had a reason to talk about how much they love Israel recently. This attack unleashed a great deal of pent-up Israel enthusiasm from the Cloud People.

Right after the raid, the Israel lobby in the United States swung into action, launching a massive public relations campaign in support of Israel. There was a contest between the chattering skulls over who could be the most extreme in their demands for vengeance on behalf of Israel. Like the response to the death of George Floyd, the reactions from all corners of the managerial class felt coordinated. The usual suspects were all using the same canned lines on social media.

That may explain why this massive public relations campaign has not had the effect the narrative writers expected. Two weeks on and most Americans are more interested in the NFL scores than Israel and Gaza. Then you have the large pro-Palestinian protests breaking out all over the West. Washington had about ten thousand people turn up to wave the Palestinian flag. Famous people like Dave Chappelle and Greta Thunberg have made anti-Zionism fashionable again.

When you look at the polling, support for Israel is just over fifty percent, but this is due to unwavering support from old white people. Outside of that group support ranges from “a pox on both sides” to mild opposition to Israel. Among the young and left-wing, the Palestinians are becoming the cool new victim group. College campuses are suddenly having to deal with students supporting the people their donors are trying to kill over in the Gaza strip. It is, as the cool kids say, problematic.

Clearly, the all-out media blitz has not had the expected result. The political class is still playing its role, as if the people are clamoring for it. Nikki Haley is running around promising to blow up the world if elected president. She wants to rename the Defense Department into the Offense Department. While she is clearly a psychopathic simpleton, her echolalic babbling is falling on deaf ears. It turns out that even the sorts of people who care about GOP politics are not moved by Israel.

One reason for this is that this media relations campaign looks like the public relations campaigns around previous moral panics. This looks like the George Floyd hoax or the Russian collusion hoax or the white nationalist hoax. It is the same actors playing the same roles with a new bogeyman. This style of gaslighting can only work so many times before gaslighting fatigue sets in with the public. These calls to arms over the latest bogeyman are becoming background noise.

There is also the fact that there is simply too much information and too many people skilled in peddling their own reality. The Israel lobby has billions of your money to spend on these campaigns, but there is a massive guerilla army of online volunteers working to counter them. The internet is full of pics showing bombed out buildings and dead Arab children, along with carefully constructed context. The misinformation war has been joined by this volunteer army supporting the Arabs.

Of course, there is the moral problem at the heart of it all. Yes, Hamas killing women and children in that raid is terrible. Yes, Israelis have a right to be angry and want retribution for the terrible act. No, revenge and retribution are not things Westerners have been conditioned to accept. Pulverizing Gaza as revenge for the raid strikes most Western people as barbaric. Appeals to our empathy is not going to change the fact that Israeli is blowing up hospitals now.

There may be another factor, something that underlies all of these other reasons for the failed media campaign. That is the reputation of all public people has collapsed due to their constant lying and tolerance of obvious lies. All the people chanting “Death to Gaza” are people who sat quietly while their fellows told outlandish whoppers about Trump, his voters, white people, Covid and many other topics. Many of these people have enthusiastically held abhorrent positions.

A good rule of life is to assume that people who lied to you in the past are lying to you in the present and they will lie to you in the future. The public square has been so polluted by official lies and people willing to repeat them in public that many people now assume everything is a lie. If Ben Shapiro was happy to lie about Covid, why would he be telling the truth about Israel? Why would anyone accept what the Biden administration has to say about anything at this point?

This is an underappreciated aspect of what happens to people when they transition from a high trust society to a low trust society. Send a middle-class man to prison and he will be victimized by the system until he gets smart. He then goes to the extreme, assuming that he can trust no one. In time, he figures out that he can trust certain people, but he can never trust the system. Low trust societies have the same sort of trust relationships that you will see in a high security prison.

That may be what we are seeing in America. For some people, it is assumed that everything from the system is a lie. Old people still trust the system, but young people have no faith in it. On the other hand, many people are learning to trust those who have earned their trust. All the highly choregraphed media in the world is no match for the word of that guy who has proven to be on the level. In fact, the media campaigns are creating the environment for this trust model to flourish.

This is not a novelty, as much of the world functions this way. In the Arab world, for example, not one accepts official sources at face value. It is assumed that the official story is cover for the real story. Arabs love conspiracy theories. In Eastern Europe, people treat politics as a separate sphere with separate rules. Seventy years of communism taught them to understand that the people in charge serve their own interests, not the interests of the people.

It is only in the West where people came to expect honesty from the ruling class and consistency in the rules of the system. The civic nationalist concept of good government is a WEIRD concept. The term WEIRD here means Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich and Democratic. It works as long as the societies and their ruling elites remain demographically Western. That is obviously no longer the case, so it is no wonder that the West is evolving a new model.

In the end, the aphorism credited to Lincoln, “You can fool all people some of the time and some people all the time. But you can never fool all people all the time” works better as a warning, rather than a description. A ruling class that keeps trying to fool most of the people most of the time ends up fooling themselves into thinking they are fooling everyone all the time. The end result is a ruling class that has the trust of no one and must rule by force until the end.

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239 thoughts on “The Low Trust Model

  1. I just have to say this, and I’m sure I’m not the only person to realize this, but Chappelle, Thornburg etc aren’t “pro-Palestinian” for the same reason some right-wing/right-leaning/conservative dissidents are “pro-Palestinian. It’s the old problem of “the left agreeing with me for the wrong reasons”.

    Chappelle basically hates while people and has profited his whole life by making fun of the white people he hates (while performing a minstrel act that also sort of self-deprecates) and the white people he hates eats it up, because they hate themselves more than he hates them.

    Thornburg hates white people too, because she thinks old white people have raped mother Gaia and left a burnt up crust of a world for all the innocent brown people of the world.

    Both of them see the Israel/Palestinian issue through the same lens. It’s a “western” white people (European Jews) oppressing a brown victim group (Palestinians).

    No matter how the dissident, antisemitic right may view these two groups, and their different motives and interests, the white-hating left will always see Jews as white people who have the upper hand over a poor brown people.

    This is also, conversely, why so many normie conservative “muh Gods Chosen People” Christian white people are pro-Israel. They think of pro-Palestinian as implicitly anti-White, anti-Christian, anti-Western, anti-Democratic etc.

    I understand the history behind Zionism, and the inherent problems that it caused, not for brown people, but for Americans and Europeans. I am a right-wing dissident who gets it.

    However, I believe the cost of being seen agreeing with the worst people on earth (antiwhite leftists) is too great to take any kind of stand pro/con on the issue of Palestine. When I talk to my normie friends who are pro-Israel, I feel I do a lot more to make them see things my way when I just question the reason for caring about it at all. I do point out that modern Jews are mostly secular and that most of them dont even practice Judaism, let alone respect Christianity. But I also acknowledge the dangers of letting millions of Islamic Palestinians and others swamp all of our western nations.

    It’s an easier sell to be disinterested than it is to sell “pro-Palestine”.

    • This problem started in 1946 to 1948 when the British and Americans decided to play God and partition the area in order to give it to their preferred people. Note that the people who were living there and forced out had no part in the Axis Alliance nor much to do with WWII at all.

      OK so be it, however it should have come as no surprise that doing that would piss off many people even to this day. Now take that anger and add it to the fact that in Gaza they are kept in an open air prison. That will produce mad dogs as night follows day.

      The Jews took all of that on and it is their problem. Not our problem. Israel is a party to the Geneva Convention articles. No matter which side you come down on they are currently committing war crimes. So it should not surprise anyone that they are being condemned by most of the world.

        • I come to this web site to escape brainwashed Zombie Slaves like you. Your ‘voice-of-reason-from-on-high’ shtick as you vomit up your propaganda is tiresome beyond all measure.

          We have ALWAYS been at war with Eurgaza, right? O’Brien?

          • LOL! Presumable proto-Nazi moron whines about invasion of his safe space.

            I repeat, “What provision of which Geneva Convention is Israel supposedly violating?”

            Asking that clarifying question about a prior assertion is “propaganda” and indicates brainwashing, how?

        • They are currently violating the one that says civilians should not be bombed. You can look the article up yourself. They have this thing called the internet. I am pretty sure you can find the article number and the exact wording.

          Israel signed the convention articles in 1951 I think. I could be wrong about the year.

          • There is of course no Geneva Convention article asserting flatly that ” civilians should not be bombed”, as you would have realized if you had even the slightest semblance of a functioning brain.

  2. ROWAN, if you’re reading today, History’s Greatest Genius copied out a Steve Kirsch*** essay:

    The original essay is here [but you would need a subscription to see it, which is why you would want to read it instead at History’s Greatest Genius’s website]:

    Anyway, the gist of the essay is that everyone who submitted to the V@xxines is now poisoned with Simian Virus [#40].

    Wikipedia SV40

    Wikipedia tries to sweep it all under the rug, but if you read the entire Wikipedia article, it’s abundantly clear that, under the right circumstances, SV40 is moar than capable of inducing Turbo Cancer.


    Anyway, it’s just one moar reason to NOT be envious of your fully-v@xxinated brother and his Ivy-League’d chillunzzzezzezes.

    [PS: I would never mention any of this to your brother or your sister-in-law; it’s hard to imagine how speaking of it to them would not come across as pure rank Hubris, which is amongst the very worst of all possible sins. OTOH, if any of your nieces & nephews are still Purebl00ded, then I would go behind their parents’ backs and very vigorously encourage the nieces & nephews to remain Purebl00ded.]

    ***(((Steve Kirsch))) ???

    • When you said History’s Greatest Genius you left out Level 99 Karate Man and Unparalleled Spaghettore.

  3. “Old people still trust the system…” I’m old and haven’t trusted the system since the passage of the PATRIOT Act.

    • I haven’t trusted the system since before the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, so Z isn’t talking about us.

      But then he still thinks Israel is bombing hospitals, so he seems deeply confused.

      • Ok Boomer… the truth is, we will never -really- know who hit that hospital. It is just as likely it was hit by Israel mistakenly as it was hit by Hamas mistakenly. War is chaotic, and mistakes of that type are -common-.

        US hit many friendly targets or wrong targets during their adventures in the sandbox. The fact that you automatically wave this off as an impossibility for Israel says everything I need to know about you.

        • Didn’t a doctor working there say that Israel had already lauched a couple dud rockets as warning shots into the hospital? I think they’re just so used to dumbasses here believing the story that Arabs just desperately want to kill themselves to make Jews look mean.

          • Lying liars say all sorts of stupid things, but it would take a real dumbass to believe nonsense like Israel firing dud rockets into hospitals as warning shots. Is Israel trying to kill Gazans or not?

        • Hamas routinely makes human shields of the Palestinian citizenry. They purposely place weapons and fighters in hospitals, schools, mosques so Israel can be blamed when it bombs them.

          Dissident Right doesn’t need to be in love with Israel, but to root for the Palestinians is foolhardy. Might as well root for BLM or the Antifa college students or the ANC against South Africa.

          • Not “rooting” for anyone none of the Semites are my people. My ideal outcome would be mass obliteration of both parties, but the “hurr durr muh Israel are the good guys” hot take is Fox News Boomer Tier shit and needs to be called out quickly. This ain’t Breitbart…

        • “we will never -really- know who hit that hospital”

          That formulation dishonestly assumes facts not in evidence. If the hospital had actually been hit it would have been perfectly possible that Israel had hit it. But the surveillance photos show it is still standing. And there is a parking lot nearby that WAS hit by something, but the possibility that 500 were killed by that bomb or missile is zero. Just look at the photos.

      • Shoot, you ain’t dicksquat. I haven’t trusted the system since the Code of Hammurabi.

          • Lots of things are possible. but I’ve asked “What is the evidence?” is up and down this thread and the proto-Nazis have never, ever, come up with more than rumors, more bare assertions and downvotes. They come across as being as dumb and un-self aware as A-rabs. On the evidence you are too, “maybe”.

            So, again, what “lie” excuses your half-slur?

  4. An interesting development in all this is that support for Israel is now being seen as low class among the left.

    The over-the-top lumpenproll enthusiasm for Isreal is activating the gag-reflex among the educated libs.

    Conservatards have a long history of discrediting pertinent issues by acting stupidly and thus causing the public to associate debate on an issue with the cringy behavior.

    Conservatives have finally managed to discredit support for Israel by their association with it.

    • A cloud can’t risk being seen to be on the same side of an issue as a dirt, lest his greatest fear be realized, that he be mistaken for a dirt.

    • True. But equally important is that the overriding anti-white racism of the Left is finally engulfing Israel, which is seen–wrongly–as a white, colonial state.

  5. Gun sales may be useful as a indicator of how trusting a citizenry feels. More guns, less trust. Guns sales in recent times have shot through the roof…as well as gun use.

  6. I did see someone compare Israel to Rhodesia and I got to admit it tugged my heartstrings a little bit but then I remembered, one was my people, the other isn’t

    • Yes. I’m reminded of the Chesterton quote about picking up a boomerang (which may itself now be self-parodying to quote in any new context). I think the online narrative troops of every big-shot Internet economic zone are throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks.

      The old agenda-setting media is the TV-addicted boomer here trying desperately to keep up with the tempo of mindless hormonal e-activism. There was a fairly deranged piece of neo cope in “The Spectator, by someone of whom Wikipedia notes his “British passport has enabled Haaretz to send him to cover the 2011 Egyptian Revolution” (only a schmuck pays retail), arguing that these new food fights and street take-overs somehow demonstrate impressively that, yup, PUTIN IS WRONG, and Wladiboy Zeylenskyyy/Brandon/”the West” were right — slay queen, drop that tea on Russia. If any of you remember the old National Review cover of Bush, Blair, and the Australian guy dressed as the Three Musketeers, well, I apologize for making you throw up a little bit in your mouth right now.

    • How appropriate to be talking about a country founded and named after a stooge for jews like the Rothschilds and Afred Beit.
      I can certainly see the connection with Israel.

  7. This is zog just added a menorah emoji to my recently used emojis. I have never used that emoji ever I’m really annoyed by it. I just had to click on 36 emoji’s to remove it because I am petty.

  8. I realized I had finally triumphed over my libertarian impulses when I noticed that the only reason I ever visited Reason magazine’s site was to make fun of it (I have also noticed that seems to be the purpose for a majority of the commenters there).

    I am starting to notice that my reaction to almost every post on InstaZionist is mockery, so I guess that’s something.

  9. I forgot the good news!

    Gaza Games are causing a shortage of gender transition drugs in the US.

    The only maker of gender transition drugs is Teva Pharmaceuticals, in Israel.

  10. This old white guy is in the “no dog in this fight” camp (neither Hamas or Israel is any friend of ours). However, our unqualified support for Israel in this conflict has made everything worse and made any possible peaceful solution impossible. The Palestinians are not a threat to the USA; Israel and its American lobby definitely are. They are a perennial war lobby and are the prime movers in our overall disastrous Middle East wars.

    • Yes..there’s an article on Unz talking about the 4 ways America would benefit from Israel’s demise…My reaction to that is…only 4?

    • How it can be that a nation with debt of 120% of GDP. or $100k per capita is going to borrow money to give to a country with debt of 60% of GDP. or $30k per capita.

    • Palestinians are not a threat to the USA? Well, according to what I’ve seen in the form of riots and protests on college campuses and in major leftist cities Palestine supporters are very much a threat to America. First of all they’re freaking Muslims and Muslims hate America Christians Jews and everybody else. According to their books the goal of all Muslims is to either convert or kill non-Muslims. So don’t tell me the Palestinians are not a threat to America. And you might not like Jews but they don’t wanna kill every American at least not not according to their books.

      When colleges are turning out America hating Muslims at the same rate they’re turning out communists and Nazis from the same institutions we got a problem whether you like it or not.

  11. I haven’t really kept up with the fracas, since it’s lies all around. Why bother? But the one thing that seems apparently true to me is that the GAE really wants somebody to take a shot at its forces and give them an excuse. Only reason I can see that they moved all those assets into the region, which apparently have no other purpose.

    • Yep, the US task force presence is a “trip wire”. No doubt about it. Even more scary is that the close proximity of US assets allows/tempts belligerents and promotes false flag operations by the deep State apparatchiks. One only needs to remember how we got into the Vietnam conflict to see how easy it can be to promote an Iran attack and a subsequent US response.

      • Don’t think you’re supposed to use your most expensive assets, two super carriers no less, as trip wire. But of course I’m not Brandon Tzu of “if you don’t know what you’re doing, neither does your enemy” fame

        • I don’t know exactly how vulnerable the US carrier groups are, but the idea that the only possible reason for them to be there is to lure an attack is as dumb as a rock. Given Brandon’s track record that they are an empty gestural flex to make him look “strong” seems rather more likely.

          Also possible happenstance. My understanding is that the second was scheduled to go through the area before the out-of-Gaza attacks. Which could be a cover story, of course.

  12. The ADL was quick to redirect their hatred at whitey by claiming White supremacists were the real enemy who were exploiting the conflict to spread antisemitism.

    • Sounds like claiming that the Palestinians were white supremacists was a bridge too far even for the ADL…

      • It’s an old Israeli trope that an ex-Palestinian leader, Haj Amin Al-Husseini, was a pal of Hitler. So it’s not too far-fetched to say the Palestinians are white supremacists. It has also not been forgotten that the Arabs as a whole were supporting Hitler and the Third Reich.

        • But Israel didn’t exist in 1939-1945, so the A-rabs were being anti-British and anti-French rather than anti-Jew, at the time. Not that they WEREN’T anti-Jew, but they had more salient reasons for preferring the Nazis.

    • Greenblatt is covering for his buddy Soros. A neo-communist who uses Jewish identity to launch predictable retorts to any and all critics and to provide cover for his nihilist pal, whose NGOs are providing the organization for these protests. The alt-right remains mostly pseudonymous and low-key, while for the Left the Arabs serve as their pets du jour, while Israel satisfies their hatred for “Western Civ.” I have little sympathy for the Arabs, but this “Our Greatest Ally” crapola nauseates me. Apparently, this Armenia/Nagorno-Karabakh/Azerbaijan business goes unacknowledged. OGA is said to have an arms-for-oil deal with the Azeris. The Evil Russians were able to intervene on behalf of their Christian satrap before, but this time the Armenian regime decided to attempt to join the EU. Russia’s response: ‘See ya!

      • Nagorno-Karabakh was the final straw for me. I went from neutral on Israel to thinking of them as an enemy. Helping an Islamic country against a Christian one would be impossible for any sane Jew it seems to me. It proves the absolute contempt in which they hold us.

        • Azerbaijan and Iran are not comfortable with each other, so Israel backed Azerbaijan (the enemy of my enemy) and Iran backed Armenia (the enemy of my enemy). Don’t look at religion; look at geopolitics.

          • Nah. That’s exactly the route that the ruling class would espouse. That way you train yourself to become comfortable with knifing your people in the back.

          • @Arshad: Your tone is wrong. Rational explanation is lost on the antisemites. Just deride them.

  13. Yes. America is becoming a low trust society which is fine with the replacements who are all from low trust societies.

    The rulers no longer have to care whether people buy their lies. Example: Most democrats don’t support what Israel is doing but will vote democratic anyway. The tribal donors like what Israel is doing and that is all that matters.

    Young people might not be on board with Israel as our greatest ally but they buy all the tribes’ other narratives including open borders and hate whitey.

    The rulers can’t win them all.

    • They will buy the open borders narrative right up ’til the time when the Venezuelan criminals move into the neighborhood….When their real estate values go into the toilet…

    • Every people have their myths and legends, Jews among them. The issue is that a politically powerful group of them believe it as fact. Given the vicious self entitlement in their myths, this is bad.
      What is calamitous is that they demand that the rest of the world go along with their bullshit.

  14. Your point about us becoming a low trust society is spot on. But…

    ” Appeals to our empathy is not going to change the fact that Israeli is blowing up hospitals now.”

    You’re damaging your own trustworthiness. You know that claim as been debunked. Hamas itself is no longer promoting it.

    • I haven’t seen it debunked at all and even if it had been, what about all the other non-military targets they’ve joyfully bombed? For example the Orthodox church, Israel is on a mission to destroy Gaza and its people no matter what the rest of the world thinks. No one has said anything about lebensraum yet but I’d bet its coming from the radicals in Israel soon.

      • Yes. To the point now that Israeli politicians are saying they will annihilate Iran. With nuclear weapons if necessary. So my fellow old people need to wake up and smell the coffee. Does anyone doubt the small hats are capable of using nukes? If nukes are used what will Russia’s reaction be to the use of such weapons on a country they share a border with?

        Even if a potential war with Iran stays conventional, can the collective West win such a war? I think that is very much in doubt.

        The real problem is there are no adults in the room.

          • This appears to be what you are referencing: “Israel has a very clear message to our enemies. We are saying to them, look what’s happening in Gaza – you are going to get the same treatment if you attack us. We are going to wipe you off the face of the Earth.” – Israeli Economy Minister Nir Barkat

            So, as I said, you are a liar. The particular government official is NOT saying that Israel WILL attack, it is a conditional threat. And it is directed not at Iran, but at “you” IF “you attack us”. Israel has of course not said it will “annihilate Gaza” either.

          • Compare:
            (a) Search for “Khobar Towers bombing” and choose “images”.
            (b) Search for “Gaza Hispital bombing” and choose “images”.

            The only thing truly determined is your determined and deliberate ignorance.

    • You choose to trust people who lie to you all the time about everything. i do not make this mistake.

      • The the pictures of an intact hospital and a parking lot with damaged cars is a fake? I doubt it. Yes, there was damage and lives lost, but there is no hole in the ground where a hospital once stood–but I don’t spend much time pondering the issue.

        Not my monkey, not my circus.

      • To be fair, the Palestinians lie as often and as hard as the Israelis and our Regime. Why trust anybody to be giving the straight story?. A supposed hospital was supposedly blown up and all sides are slinging bullsh about who did it. There’s no way to find out and I don’t care.

        We should have learned from WWI to stay out of such conflicts and let intractable enemies kill each other off until they agree to stop or one side crushes the other and ends the war.

        • “A supposed hospital was supposedly blown up and all sides are slinging bullsh about who did it. There’s no way to find out and I don’t care.”

          I don’t care if you care, but “the pictures of an intact hospital and a parking lot with damaged cars” are in fact evidence that the hospital wasn’t blown up. Plus there are the video of missiles being launched from Gaza just as the “hospital” explosion happens right under their path. The absence of flattened-hospital pictures is in fact dispositive.

          • I still don’t care. Several tribes of religious nut cases are fighting over some desert territory. I don’t hate any of the tribes and I don’t like any of the tribes and can’t get exercised over the fight one way or the other.

          • Since you didn’t take in my first reply I can only conclude that you came in on the short bus. What part of “I don’t care if you care” left you convinced that “I still don’t care” was an appropriate response?

            The issue is not whether you care about the hospital, but whether you care about truth and falsity. I think that’s now settled. Clearly you are perfectly comfortable with lying

    • Palestinians are expert propagandists with decades of experience and billions in funding from the Islamic world, the UN and Europe. The population of Gaza is constantly exploding with tax drivers having 20 kids thanks to international welfare. If this is a “genocide” the Israels certainly need coaching.
      What is annoying is how the recent ethnic cleansing of 100,000 Christian Armenians from Nagorno-Karabakh has merited absolutely no howls of condemnation from either the pro-Israel or pro-Palestine crowds. Where are the Christians?

      • I’d say the Palestinian Authority (the official “government”) and Israel are splitting the UNWRA profits.

        Also, this way, the Israeli MIC does a roaring business and the corps can shaft small business by forcing Pali temp labor at their border maquiladoras (assembly plants.)

        Plus the usual “developer” chicanery, etc.
        (Bibi’s kids are the MEK company, slumlords to Pali’s and to Israelis.)

      • The Palestinians have nothing on the jewish propaganda machine. The jews have 1000 times the experience and resources.

        • The reason for such “success” in the propaganda war by Israel (IMO) is the overwhelming control of the high ground (media).

          Even the local radio commentator here is Jewish and roars like lion wrt the present conflict, where previously he sounded like quite a based conservative talk show host and (((his))) religion was never mentioned.

          There is also (I suspect) some co-ordination of talking points among these folk nationwide. For example, the most duplicitous one is how Israel is being described as a tiny State of 8M.

          The commentator asks you to imagine/compare what a loss those 1700+ people killed would be if this were scaled to the US population number of 350M people. This would be equivalent of the US sustaining a casualty loss of 37k in a single attack!

          From that of course they continue to talk about an attack of 37k civilian deaths and how WWII started with less than 3k killed at both Pearl Harbor and 9/11. The actual death toll in Israel from the Hamas attack never to be mentioned again, just the number “37k” over and over.

          I’ve heard this somewhat deceptive analogy from three commentators so far–all Jewish.

          • That is beyond deceptive. 37K did not die. Period. But, at any rate, even if Hamas had managed to grease 370K Israelis, it would change nothing in my mind. This is between the Israelis and the Palis. I’m just not interested in warfare between two alien peoples.

          • Similar to what uncle Joe (or whomever) stated: A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic.
            Sub 37, or 37k, or 370k for a million – it’s all statistics – and all probably mis/dis info in any case.

      • “Palestinians are expert propagandists with decades of experience and billions in funding from the Islamic world, the UN and Europe.”

        You’ve just gotta be kidding. They can’t hold a candle to the Zionists, who have deeper pockets and literally own Western media. The amazing thing is that there are Western people who can’t be brainwashed and who see a long-term genocide for what it is.

    • Oh, for Pete’s sake, just shut the hell up. What are you doing here? Did you read the above post? Obviously not, if you’re here telling us to trust the authorities who’ve “officially debooonked” something.

    • Look, I don’t know if the IDF did or did not. I do know, however, that they have cut off all the water, sewer, and electricity to Gaza. These acts are clearly targeted at harming the general population. The specifics are subject to debate; the overall outlook is not reasonably debatable.

      • The allegation that Israel bombed the hospital is bullshit, and if you repeat it expect to be called on being a bullshitter.

        As to water, sewer, and electricity… expecting Israel to continue to supply water and electricity to its enemies is ridiculous. And I would be greatly surprised if they treat Gaza sewage, but if true, that too ought to have stopped..

        • If all of Gaza is the enemy, then why mollycoddle about? Why not just turn it into glass and be done with it once and for all?

    • Israel had actually bombed it some a couple of days before and had warned the hospital to evacuate within 24 hours…And it wasn’t a bomb, it was a US missile..

    • It hasn’t been debunked. Israel pulled together some audio recording of a supposedly intercepted Hamas radio transmission that said something like “oh my , I can’t believe our missile did such damage to the hospital”. Such a crude stupid Israeli trick that it was insulting. It was either a Hellfire or a JDAM.

      • Larry Johnson, a former CIA analyst, tried to play it straight and acting as a skeptical professional, but ultimately he has come to believe that it was Israel’s deliberate doing, likely through the use of a Hellfire missile armed with a thermobaric warhead.

      • “It was either a Hellfire or a JDAM.”

        JDAMs range from 5 to 20 times as large as a Hellfire.
        If you can’t tell the difference you obviously don’t know squat.

  15. We are breaking the system just by doing nothing. In a way we are immensely powerful.

    COVID: I’m just not getting the vaccine! This small act of doing nothing whipped up the elites into fits of frenzied rage and hysteria.

    There seem to be many people who spewed the most vicious demonization towards unvaccinated individuals for over a year, calling for us to be locked into cages like animals. That now feels entitled to our support for their cause as they demand extreme violence against Palestinians.

    No. That’s not how it works.

    Ukraine & Israel: I’m just not supporting the current thing. There’s nothing they can do about it. Without public support, and crucially bodies in the military, they can’t do anything. China, Iran, and Russia recognize this. There will never be a draft, because we just won’t sign up.

    That’s how you beat the left/right paradigm, scripted for the “right” to always lose. You just don’t play. You don’t argue with them and their bad faith arguments. You just ignore them, reject their entire morality, and focus on building your own thing with your own people.

    Obviously I’m not saying that we should do nothing at all. We need to be building up regional power centers and focusing on our own network of people, while rejecting and ignoring the illegitimate Biden & Western occupation regimes.

    • I like your general idea of rejecting their abuse and manipulation. But I foresee that any cluster of whites working/living/communicating with other whites will be targeted with lawfare, harassment, slander by the regime. “Live and let live” is not part of their mindset. Judging by behavior they genuinely hate us

      • No doubt. But AINO is weakening, morally, economically and militarily. In time, it’s ability to harm peripheral white regions will dwindle to insignificance.

        • The Washington regime obviously thought, well , let’s wrap the Hamas thing into support for our war in Ukraine.

    • On a more macro scale, hopefully Russia/China et al understand that the way to defeat Clown World is not by confronting it so much as by ignoring it.

      • It would be nice if they could, but I guess it is complicated. The US is a rather large market in particular for China’s stuff. Europe is also tied up by the US, so that is another sizable market, not to mention other areas where the clear message is side with the ZOG or you are suddenly a “threat to democracy” that needs to be dealt with. So they can only ignore the ZOG to a certain degree. I think more accurately it is “wait it out” rather than ignore.

        • From the signs, they will refuse to be drawn, other than when something they adjudge to be existential is attempted against their central national interests. Even then, their response will be carefully calibrated.

      • That’s a rational response. You don’t want to get too close to a rabid dog lest you get bit. At the same time, a rabid dog has a limited life span. Wait, sit back, and be patient.

  16. There has been speculation that Israeli nationalism acts as a substitute for ethnic nationalism unavailable to White Americans. Sounds plausible.

    • I think it’s a combination of two things, the first is the Americans root for the underdog and Israel has always been portrayed as tiny Israel against millions of heathen Arabs. The second reason though is the important one. Christianity especially evangelical Christianity has pounded into the skulls of everyone in their churches that Jews are God’ s chosen and any criticism or less than full throated support is a mortal sin. Until that changes, and it might as their bombing campaign becomes more barbaric, Israel can do no wrong.

      • True. As Obi-Wan said: “These are not the Hebrews you are looking for.”

        All part of their decades long propaganda. Same with the “Judeo-Christian” nonsense. There is no Judeo Christ.

        Critical thinking skills were bred out of most Americans I guess.

        • “Critical thinking skills were bred out of most Americans I guess.”

          More like propagandized out of most Americans. We’re drowning in holocaust museums and movies about poor, oppressed Jews and evil moustache man.

          The problem is, once you realize that these stories are filled with glaring holes and inconsistencies, the propaganda stops working.

          It especially stops working when the same tribe screaming that it’s oppressed happens to control all levers of government and media — and when they use that power to vilify and persecute White Americans.

          These people hate us and are no longer bothering to hide it. Is it any wonder that so many of us are starting to hate them back?

          • I grew up with all of the propaganda. I was a teenager when the USS Liberty was destroyed. Even as young and naive as I was, I knew then something was not Kosher in Tel Aviv.

      • It’s pretty laughable, of course, that a parasitic entity whose population thinks it was totally OK to crucify Jesus is a Christian God’s “chosen”…

      • Israel has traditionally been portrayed as an outpost of Western civilization and sacred democracy in a wilderness of Islamic savagery. Furthermore, Jews have been depicted as white. Those two tropes have played a large role in white America’s support for Israel. Alas, as AINO rapidly becomes less Western and whites are increasingly condemned as Blue-eye Ice Devils, that support will wane. In fact, it’s happening already.

  17. A lot to unpack here.

    In a low trust society rulers have to rule using hard power. Using hard power is expensive, which is why the west used soft power to dominate over many decades. So-called “Freedom” and “Democracy” and “McDonalds” went a long way for globohomo to propagate itself worldwide. Those days are over. So I think the west continues rapidly toward a model of explicit hard power, boot on your face, much like China has done. This will intensify and get worse. Indeed, when ruling over a multi-ethnic empire hard power becomes the only way to govern over time.

    With respect to Israel and Hamas, it’s a desert tribal war. It doesn’t end until one side wipes out the other and enslaves the rest. The argument about proportionality is an argument for perpetual war, and people who make it are retarded. That being said, America should stay out, no more foreign aid anywhere and withdraw all military forces worldwide. Not like this will happen without current elite, of course.

    With respect to Jews in America, they really shot themselves in the foot by importing millions of Muslims. They did it as a wedge strategy, as Muslims vote supermajority Democrat, which gave Jews power against their white Christian opponents. But the Golem they summoned isn’t controllable, as they are now finding out. Will Jews reverse course and try to close the borders? I doubt they could even if they tried.

    Lastly, the future is looking very solidly like it is going to be much more brown, much more black, and much more Islamic. Muslims have swarmed Europe, especially France and England and Germany, but the same stuff is happening in Eastern Europe and Russia. Africans have the highest fertility by far in the world — something like 6.0 and its not decreasing much at all, they don’t like using birth control — and Muslims have much higher fertility rates than whites and Christians, at least 1 child or more on average worldwide.

    If you want to know what the far future looks like, imagine a bunch of black Muslims sitting around their mud huts with a campfire telling stories about the mythological whites who built untold wonders until they mysteriously disappeared, in between their 7th century lifestyle where they worry about Djinns and spirits and the like.

    – NF

    • “They did it as a wedge strategy, as Muslims vote supermajority Democrat”

      Maybe I’m off base, but if we take the D’s at their word and ‘whiteness’ is the bane of happiness, then the wedge strategy is to peg their enemies as explicitly white and then the wedge vote is an anti-white vote alone. Which may explain a lot of the incongruities of policies and interests from their big tent strategy.

    • Jews have scored a huge own goal by facilitating the importation of millions of Third Worlders into the West. Suddenly – as in the 1940s – they need Whiteman to bail them out from fearsome enemies. But this isn’t the West of 1940: Jewish-led feminization, faggotization, trannyism, race-mixing, Third-worldization, etc. have sapped its strength. We could not face a new Hitler or IMperial Japan, were they to emerge.

      Oops! (and “OY VEY!”)

      • Mass immigration is the biggest disaster to ever befałl what is often called the West. If Jews were the central perpetrators of this it is hard not to conclude that Hitler was right about them. I don’t want this to be the case. But it is now clear that the deluge of POC into the West is a genuine genocide. So we are talking about top stakes here.

      • “We could not face a new Hitler or IMperial Japan, were they to emerge.”

        Well, yeah, those personalities were products of their time and as you said, it’s not the 1940s anymore and those kinds of wars aren’t fought anymore. Short of a nuclear exchange, I think the close of the twentieth century also brought to close many old notions regarding global world war and hegemonic tyranny.

        • I fear the kind of people who could survive a nuclear exchange.

          Mix the instincts of an African cannibal with the smarts of a white man, and what do you get?

          Someone who could survive the Fall of the Ehdeen- Eden, as we say it- where meteors hit Abraham’s birthplace with the power of nuclear bombs.

          • I might possibly have a plan in place to eat the neighbor who wanted me to pay for replacing HIS fence, should civilization collapse.

          • You’re not serious about survival until you’ve sized up your more annoying neighbors for potential nutritional value

      • Jews did not brought 3 world to America any more then catholics or protestants. In fact the Catholic church is bringing them now and most of the ohter Cristian denominations also. And almost every church flies the tranny flag out front.

    • No, it does not end with Hamas. If and when Hamas would be ended, the battles continue with expansion into next region, and next, next, next.

      There are large natural gas fields all along the Mediterranean coast. Some are in front of Gaza, and the Gazans would benefit. That is intolerable. There is gas in front of Lebanon and Syria, places that also get attacked.

      There is the Litani River in Lebanon. Israel wants that. And Jordan, and and and.

      According to some, Shaddai gave everything from the Mediterranean to the Euphrates to Abraham. And somehow Abraham gave it all to Them. Those folks are not quitting until They own it all.

      One can say “not my people, not my battle,” and that is true. But the war is your war because the resources to fight those battle are yours and ours. And the war has a front right here, waged upon us. In fact, we could most honestly say the war spread from Europe to America and then into the Middle East.

      • Hi Disruptor, ownership of oil and gas is just one factor (and I think, a relatively minor one) among many. If you zoom out on a historical basis Islam only spreads over time:

        The demographic changes in Europe tell the story, as the demographic shift dramatically favors Africans and Muslims.

        Additionally, *how* a society changes under Islam is also remarkably constant. See here for how it spreads and the effects it has:

        Now, if you’re not a Muslim maybe you prefer a future as a Dhimmi under Islam instead of as a Noahide to Jewish power. But based on current trends (which hey, you never know, could change, although I think it is unlikely) those seem to be the options.

        – NF

        • Thanks.

          Yes, subjugation to Mideast themed overlordship does seem to be the tide. It feels like a barb wire funnel. We fight left and right, but the tide is moving deeper into the narrow portion.

          The Rabbis see Islam as a tool to use against us in their quest to Noahide regime, so it’s perhaps one and the same. Certainly Islam is more congruent to their world view.

          Islam hadn’t been an issue in American. Nor in Europe for six centuries. It is the same group who are bringing Islam to us now, that brought Islam to Spain back in 700s. Generally, the Islamics were sleeping in their nest until America went in to stir in it up to help Israel’s expansion. Israel wants the surrounding land, so we spend and die to displace those people to come to our lands.

          I, for one do not wish for a mideastern king, but many seem too. Alas.

          Resources do play a large part. We still could earn our freedom from middle east influences. But as our resources continue to be transferred to them, the options we have continue to dwindle. If and when the Israel crew grab all the lands and its resources it will be a big help to them to leverage the intellectual property they hauled off from us. Every resource captured from us, has and will increasingly come back to enslave us.

    • Will the jews win this genocidal campaign against White (Christian) civilization? There are some in the PNW who are determined to not let this happen.

    • This is rank defeatism. There are still hundreds of millions of us and we have repulsed far more destructive Asiatic invasions many times in the past. The generations after the Boomers are becoming less affected by the propaganda systems all the time(notwithstanding all the sexual nonsense).
      We will prevail.

      • Of course we will. But we will endure some very dark–in more ways than one–times before doing so. The first Dark Age was economic, cultural and political. The second, which we are now entering, is demographic, aesthetic and political.

  18. I agree with just about everything you’ve written today but feel compelled to point out that the regime perhaps doesn’t feel compelled to “manufacture consensus.” If the electoral system is rigged, why bother? What difference does it make what the public thinks and feels as long as it doesn’t translate into violent riots and demonstrations?

    What I find interesting is the contempt in which US “leaders” and their European catamites are now held abroad. Blinken had to wait all evening for a meeting with MBS, who didn’t bother showing up until next morning for a perfunctory talk. Virtually no-one abroad wants to meet Biden (save the aforementioned European catamites).

    • I do not think they care much about public opinion. They obviously do not want universal opposition, but that is never an issue with how they have baked the hive mind into the culture. Whatever Biden says will get 40% support by default. The concern is the collapse of conservatism which worked as a controllable alternative. That said, most of this is aimed at the managerial class. mainstream media is all about signaling between the nodes of the managerial elite to the other nodes.

      • They do care about manipulating the public, though, even if the rubes’ opinion no longer matters (if it ever did). The collapse of trust has made manipulation far more difficult and every now and then the foot soldiers of the Ruling Class seem exasperated by their inability to control the narrative. Covid has played a major role in this and that in the long run may be its greatest impact. Note the absence of stats for how many sheep have been jabbed for the new and improved version of the jab, to cite one instance. It may be close to single digits.

        If polling bears any semblance to reality, the passage of Boomers will make the loss of trust permanent. The cats don’t run to where the laser is pointed as in times past. That is not limited to conservatives by any means, and presents a real problem that even censorship cannot solve.

        • The removal of Boomers is/will be the big demographic/societal change. So much so that the list seems endless. For one, the knee jerk CivNats will forever be in the population minority.

          For another, the wealth ($40-60T) of the Boomers passes on to the Millennials who have experienced for most all of their lifetimes a limited lifestyle not compatible to their parents. The Millennials will assume some improved station (power) in life without the baggage of appreciation for the “system” that the Boomer’s had.

          Interesting times that I will never live to see.

          • The wealth transfer will make for a powerful plurality. The money won’t change hands without notice, of course, and that may set up quite the power move.

    • > If the electoral system is rigged, why bother? What difference does it make what the public thinks and feels as long as it doesn’t translate into violent riots and demonstrations?

      It’s not about “winning” elections or “controlling” the populace. Our rulers are almost universally emotionally-stunted Cluster B types who have a deep-rooted psychological need to be fawned over and praised. It’s not a strategy, it’s a symptom of derangement.

      • Very well said. And in addition to the following: “need to be fawned over and praised” they also refuse to let anyone just walk away.

        We’re ruled by Amber Heards; only mostly uglier.

    • Our money they can take at will. The only thing for which they need popular approval/cooperation is a ground war. Good luck forcing a populace to go fight an unpopular war for the benefit of a foreign power that repeatedly rapes us. The only other fear they may have is a “drop out” of a consumerist mindset, but that is a long way off at best.

  19. > I do wonder now how much they broke with their bizarre reaction to the WuFlu.

    The right eventually won the narrative war in Covid, only it was two years too late. Even the most aligned shill avoids trying to defend it now.

    The right also finally won the St. George Floyd narrative, also far too late though.

    While it would have been nice to win these when they mattered, the right’s ability to organically message and stay persistent against these propaganda operations are creating a hard and jaded populace that is sick of being lied to, hence the failed Israeli propaganda operation.

    • Some Covidians will remain holed up in their neuroses like a South Pacific Jap hunkered down in a jungle cave.

      My dentist’s hygenist was a quivering pile of fear for the entirety of the pandemic. So this afternoon I was scheduled for a routine cleaning but I got a call this morning that the visit would have to be postponed because the hygienist had “had her vaccines over the weekend and wasn’t handling them very well.”

      It won’t make a difference. She’ll dutifully line up for these jabs every year until one of them finally finishes her off.

      • I’m gonna say somewhere around 5% permanently broken by the plandemic, in that sense. I still see them with their masks and I’m not in a blue city/state. Which is a smaller percentage than those of us who are permanently distrustful.

      • It is sad. They are advertising about a 75 percent rate of the population that took at least two jabs. Very disappointing. I have been depressed since then.

        How could they all have been so stupid? The good news is that the jabs are not being received very well. I hope not.

      • The article has just been accepted for (re)publication. It’s been repressed for almost a year:

        Skidmore has basically been cleared of academic integrity claims and is once more free to publish such analysis.

        Basically he claims, from publish government data, “… that the number (with 95% confidence) of American jab deaths as of December 31, 2021 is probably between 229,319 and 344,319.”

        Yep, keep those boosters coming.

        • If that number is correct, then the “cure” most assuredly was worse than the disease.

          • Kill the men in wars, the general culture with crime…

            And sterilize the next generation of women.

            This is pure genocide. They want what is ours.

  20. If Ben Shapiro was happy to lie about Covid, why would he be telling the truth about Israel?

    I do wonder now how much they broke with their bizarre reaction to the WuFlu. I don’t think I’m overly prone to normalcy bias when it comes to their machinations but it’s only now beginning to settle in to my mind that they broke a bunch of stuff that can never be repaired, that nothing will ever be “right” ever again. I have to think that has some impact on their script engine.

    • I too thought I was being skeptical but repeatedly had to admit that I was not nearly skeptical enough. That the BS was far bigger than I could have possibly imagined at first. Honestly no idea where we’re headed, on either side of the North Atlantic. But it’s not looking good, it really isn’t

    • That was a big one, but it is more the never ending cycle of things that Covid kicked off. All but the dimmest bulbs have started to figure out the press exists to create outrage cycles and get people worked into a lather about issues that they cannot control.

      The cycle became obvious when people who were still Covid zealots switched to Ukraine in one day in early 2022. Now that the Ukraine cycle has exhausted itself they have switched to Israel. Also, an increasing number of white Christians have figured out the chosen ones really do hate our guts. The overturn of Roe when some Jews claimed unrestricted abortion was part of their religion, that they didn’t really practice otherwise, didn’t help their cause with their most loyal supporters/suckers.

      • All that other stuff we can put behind us though, even letting blacks/commies destroy cities (more) can be waved off as a jump in the “black tax” that we all have been paying since the dawn of civilization. Those lockdowns though….

        There was an effort to set stuff up to be the way it was, but nothing has ever quite right since then; too many retirements/deaths, too much maintenance not performed, too many broken business/personal relationships. Much like starting a car after it has sat in the driveway unused for several years everything seems to kinda work, but there’s lots of weird smells and sounds that weren’t there before which portend of some systemic failure.

      • “The overturn of Roe when some Jews claimed unrestricted abortion was part of their religion, that they didn’t really practice otherwise, didn’t help their cause with their most loyal supporters/suckers.”

        In Barnard’s head this really happened.

        So, he’s a loon.

        Out here in the real world, where a majority of Jews were, I am quite sure, opposed to overturning Casey, it didn’t.

        • Gandydancer, you are a smallhat suck-up and a liar. May you burn on earth before you burn in Hell.

          • Add one more self-discrediting bloviator to my score of gibbering morons accusing me of lying without being able to identify anything I’ve said that is untrue.

            You are a pathetic lot.

  21. Well, it starts like an Oliver Stone-like cinematic conspiracy theory. And why not? The official version is certainly BS. But it plays out instead like “Reservoir Dogs”…

    Hamas: wanted to interrupt the rapprochement of Iran and Saudi and the establishment of diplomatic relations between Saudi and Israel.

    Israel: wanted to attack Iran with a US Administration in power gullible enough to support it, knowing the political window of opportunity was closing, maybe willfully blind to a provocation?

    American supporters of Israel: totally misreading the room, thinking they are still as strong as they used to be, ignoring the flashing lights from the US Treasury market

    NATO: shocked to learn they have imported Islamic “fifth columnists”, but still dragged along with every stupid US war

    It starts out like a normal bank robbery of the taxpayers (think Ukraine and the “Italian Job”), but it ends up a bloody clusterf*ck….

  22. Dan Bongino (who normally says at least a few sensible things) has gone full retard in his support for Israeli revenge against the Palestinians. He wants blood, lots of it, and cheers on every act of collective slaughter no matter how many innocents pay the ultimate price for what a few hundred Hamas criminals did. He has done a half dozen shows in this vein while spitting rage-fueled F-bombs endlessly. Unhinged is too mild a description for his vitriol. I have now come to believe that he gets his paycheck every week after getting up off his knees, such is his enthusiasm for Zionism.

    So, how can anyone recover their reputation after such a blatant display of cuckoldry in service to their paymasters? How can anyone support vote-harder when the pied piper has no clothes? This is a guy who wears his working class bona fides on his sleeve and expects his followers to match his hatred with an equal dose of stupidity. And his hatred is sincere.

    That is the state of our culture. That is how far we have fallen.

    • Are you saying “Not All Sandnaggers Are Like That?”
      Look, I’m fine with a Jewish next door neighbor. But I don’t want any Nagger savages, sand or otherwise, moving in.

      • There are (IMO) a lot of “good Jews next door”. Jews falling from the faith is no less a problem for them than us. However, as this event has shown, how can you tell if you have a “sleeper” next door? 🙁

    • > He wants blood, lots of it, and cheers on every act of collective slaughter no matter how many innocents pay the ultimate price for what a few hundred Hamas criminals did.

      How much more evidence do people need that Bongino never left the intel community, and “radio host” is not his real job?

      • In the late 90s spy thriller Ronin, *spoiler alert* at the end he admits he never got out, he’s cover of being “former” just a clever rouse.

        Its the same with all these guys, little reason to believe otherwise.

  23. I can strongly relate to the journey from high trust to low trust. There have been many bumps on the road. Election night 2020 was definitely one for me. Nothing can persuade me that was on the level. And if elections are totally cooked all bets are off. J6, lawfare against Trump (not a fan of him but it is what it is)…. eventually you start to realize it’s all lies

  24. American society used to be low trust. The founders, setting up a government, warned the people to be vigilant and hold them accountable.

    “Old people still trust the system, but young people have no faith in it. On the other hand, many people are learning to trust those who have earned their trust.”

    I see this as a positive development, something more fundamentally American, frankly. DC is making itself irrelevant. Power will devolve, is devolving, to the local, which has its scumbags but is more trustworthy, because it’s more accountable.

    Keep it going!

    • I think the main thing holding it up is state and local being dependent on federal largesse, with strings attached. When the money goes away, the center of power will shift, and fast.

  25. > Two weeks on and most Americans are more interested in the NFL scores than Israel and Gaza. Then you have the large pro-Palestinian protests breaking out all over the West.

    The pro-Israel propaganda could be seen as a net negative at this point, as it’s just galvanizing the pro-Palestine side and the Israeli message is falling on deaf ears. Then you have online nutcases who scream about a final solution to the Palestine problem. No surprise they also tend to be DeSantis people, as they are participating in what can only be seen as anti-optics.

    It would be better if all the Israeli government and all the pro-Israel shills went radio silent while Israel does their operation. No one is going to take their side, so the next best message is “we’re going to do what we want regardless of your opinion.”

    • I keep wondering about the meeting that was held in the offices of Hasbara where they decided that killing women and children is a good campaign concept. “Okay, I think we all agree our message is going to be genocide of the Palestinians, so how can we get that out there as quickly as possible? Suggestions?”

      • It used to not really bother me that Israel had nukes. The way they’re talking now I’m not so sure that’s such a good thing

        • The Samson Option isn’t about nuking, say Tehran and Damascus if things look terminal for Israel. That might be done, but it’s not the point. Samson is explicitly about nuking European capitals (or so persons who act as if they are in the know say).

          Why nuke European capitals? You tell me. I’d hazard a guess of:
          1. Blackmail to push Euros to oppress and torment those Israel sees as enemies;
          2. “Because you didn’t love us enough to keep us safe, so you deserve i!” It’s a very narcissistic way of looking at the world.

          • I’ve read that too and that only augments the thought that they shouldn’t have them of course. It also provokes grimmer thoughts if I may just leave it at that

          • Hard to believe this, but as mentioned above, in a world of lies what is believable or unbelievable any more?

            I could think of no act worse for the Jewish people than the nuking of European capitals as a final “FU” to the world. More Jews live outside Israel than within. Turn their adopted homelands against them and you’d have a 21st century “Pogrom” of worldwide dimension.

          • Compsci,

            The Big Jews, the self-denominated machers, have no compunctions about letting the Little Jews pay the price for their delusions. Upon the ascendancy of Hitler, “World Jewry” decided to declare war on Germany. Prior to that, Hitler wanted the Jews out, but after that, and the attempt to exercise “sanctions” (maybe the first determined use of that, and later used against Imperial Japan) against Germany, all talk of controlled emigration was gone. The Big Jews put themselves beyond the reach of harm, and then cynically exploited the harms to the Little Jews to serve as a tool of propaganda for future needs. And still, the Little Jews didn’t catch on, have they?

          • Samson was intended as a sort of reverse mutually assured destruction. The Jews suspect that the Arabs and Iranians might be willing to give up a few cities in order to eradicate them, or at least given the genocidal behavior of the Jews the Arabs can only assume that they’d be butchered by them anyways so MAD wouldn’t work with them.

            So the plan was that by threatening to take the capitals of Europe down with them, they essentially extort the West into making sure they never lose a war. The narcissistic element comes in when the Jews don’t understand why this would engender hostility among Whites, since the universe revolves around the Jews after all.

      • Bibi was playing to his base. They want to ethnically cleanse Palestine and create a Greater Israel. They aren’t able to get away with that but they found but they can continue to oppress the Palestinians.

        Nearly all White nations showed that they have Israel’s back even if they completely genocide the Palestinians.

        The problem for Israel is the rest of the world. However, Muslim nations showed that they fear the US and won’t act unless Israel goes full genocide. Their fear is well founded as Libya and Iraq show. We might not be able to win wars and are no match for a major player like Russia but we are able to destroy Muslim nations and kill their leaders. The leaders have nice lives and don’t want that.

    • “The pro-Israel propaganda could be seen as a net negative at this point, as it’s just galvanizing the pro-Palestine side and the Israeli message is falling on deaf ears.”

      Yep. This the first major war in Israel taking place where nearly everybody who is interested are watching it unfold on the internet. People are seeing just how ham-fisted Israel actually is at propaganda when information and narrative isn’t under tight control.

    • I think a huge eye opener was how the anti-woke IDW crowd is suddenly filled with the rage that whites surely feel living day after day in an anti-white society. Another eye opener was oligarchs pulling their endowments from Universities where anti-white rhetoric and activism is a daily norm. Another eye opener was private firms and academics openly refusing jobs and rescinding job offers

      I know several whites who had job offers rescinded because they were white and the firm needed more POCs.

      Aside from Shapiro and watching Israeli officials going postal on teleprompter readers and Russian teleprompter readers, the mask has also slipped on who power is willing to defend and punish in defense of who is defended.

      More and more white people are that much closer to realizing that we are undefended and alone except for each other. It is only a matter of time before a new generation of men, the kind Hawley called for but is unwilling to be himself despite residing in a safe district where he could do so, will rise up and be a voice and champion for our people. Understanding more each day that they are abandoned, such men who arise will be met with a maelstrom of support as tens of millions stand behind and aside them.

      As Z said, the full weight of the system will come down on them. This will only rally more Americans in post-America to our own side. The system will have to its own coalition to beat down, Palestinian anti-colonists, BLMers, genital loppers … … and a large and hopefully increasingly organized ascendant minority majority pissed off at their dispossession to deal with.

      They’ve got a lot of tigers by the tails. And those tigers are getting angrier by the day.

      • A couple more shovels of coking coal to shove into the furnace:

        A cabinet where 12 of the members are dual citizens. This was pointed out to me at the latest White Papers podcast:

        A Secretary of State who flies in as an emissary of the great superpower to be diplomatic who comes and states that he comes as a member of the tribe of one side and who also comes bearing dual citizenship. This comes a couple of weeks after the head of the DOJ pulls up crocodile tears before Congress in the name of a wrong that occurred to his grandparents close to a century ago in a land most Americans don’t even know existed. He does this to defend surveilling and persecuting Catholics.

        Frodi’s speeches on the crisis of legitimacy are coming to fruition at an ever accelerating rate. I am sure they are throwing many other shovels full into the inferno, but those are worth a mention.

        • The test will come if the conflagration gets to the point the ZOG decides to send foot soldiers. Then we will see how many normies are willing to go, if a draft is required, how many dodge it, if imported mercenaries decide the food stamps aren’t worth it and go home, etc., etc. Could be a real shite show.

          On the other hand, normie could just fall right into the Greatest Ally trap and happily march off. At least that will cull the normie crowd some.

          • Yes. If the Historic American Nation and its contingent in the military were organized this could be the end of the regime. I doubt the organization required to do this is there. Still, a serious moment of truth for the GAE.

            Certainly the GAE’s adversaries’ timing took into account the GAE’s color revolution in its own homeland.

  26. I just finished “The Agony Of The Script Writers”. Thank you folks, you are magnificent.

    (I found myself going off the religious deep end and shut up; apologies to all.)

    An interesting note is that the Rave Raid may not have been an attack on the rave at all.

    Someone noted that Hamas was attacking an Israeli military site; the rave was, oddly, staged next to it, venue changed suddenly?

    The rave goers tried to flee; the IDF blocked the road(s) and forced them back into the middle of the field of fire.

    • It is to be recalled that some of those in a kibbutz that was invaded recounted that the IDF was operating on the “Kill ’em all, let Gid sort them out” rules, and wasted a bunch of the dwellers in the kibbutz. So, your story seems pretty credible with that in mind.

          • If you had any credible evidence for your tall tales you could supply links. And Id be as curious to look at them as I have at one or two above. (E.g., the ~”That Israel bombed the hospital is proven by this video of an Israeli soldier scared off from throwing a grenade at an ambulance by the sight of cameras” bullshit link.) But instead all you have is bullshit assertions. You and all your pals are pathetic.

  27. Remember that recent photo of Biden, Kirby, Blinken and raisin lady on Air Force one?
    Without a word most Americans can grok the total ineptitude and guile of these midwit grifters and gaslighters. Who can trust anything spit out by these cretins?

    Not that it will matter that much, but I do hope the responses to these events will open the flood gates for Joe Normies to come to our side.

  28. If the MSM said the sun rises in the east, I would want to check it out for myself.

    As for the kerfuffle in the sandbox, I’ll start paying attention right after the southern border is sealed. It’s breathtaking that the asshats in charge want to secure other borders, while ours is nonexistent. It’s like fighting the fire at your neighbors house, while yours burns down.

  29. Three options to solve the Israel/Palestine s#it show.
    1. They learn to live together.. Fat chance!
    2. Israel runs the Palestinians outa town.
    3. Palestinians along with the rest of the A-Rabs run the Jews outa town.

    Nothing else works. Get on with it and leave the rest of us alone.

    • Agree. Now here’s the naughty thought experiment:

      Would you rather relocate 2 million Palestinians to the U.S. (distributed around how you see fit) OR

      Relocate 6 million Israelis to the U.S. (they’ll go mostly to NYC and LA, because that’s where they dominate now)?

      (Correct answer is “no thanks” to both. We’ve enough problems here already)

      • No one, particularly Arab nations, want Gazan refugees for obvious reasons. They’re like plague rats.

        But, I think it’s interesting to wonder how many Gazans would ACTUALLY leave if given the opportunity. Hamas needs the human shields, martyrdom is goal for many, and others see moving 1 mile further away from Jerusalem as surrender.

        My own guess is that refugees would be limited to those with the inclination and bribe money, and those who Hamas deploys as agents.

    • I agree because it all comes down to control of Jerusalem. Jews and Muslims are both willing to sacrifice everything they have for it, and always will.

    • May I propose?

      4. Mossad and the CIA stop funding and arming violent terrorist organizations that destabilize regional governments.

      • Violent savages without guns just use sharp objects.
        The hatred is written in their magic books and fed to babes in arms.
        Separation is the only way.

    • mikebravo: I would like them all – Israelis, Palestinians, IDF, Hamas, etc. – – to just go away. As in, turn the whole area to glass. No more Judeo-Christian pilgrimages to the “Holy Land.” No more painting collective ‘kibbutz’ life as warm and wonderful and western. No more siding with one alien tribe or another.

      I am far from a biblical scholar but I don’t recall Jesus telling his disciples to instruct the world to make pilgrimages to various dusty spots as eternally ‘holy.’ I thought becoming a Christian meant an internal turning (repentance) and a change in self, not a change in government or the international order.

      If this desire for us to tend to our own people and garden, untroubled by either Jews or Palestinians, makes me bloodthirsty – then so be it. Kinda sorta how Jesus says take care of the log in your own eye before worrying about those in others’ eyes. Not at all the same as ‘do not judge anyone ever,’ but rather take care of problems on the home front before you go looking for crusades abroad.

  30. What would happen if conservatives were to start praising Islam for how they treat women and homosexuals as well as their decisive treatment of criminals? (think chop chop after Friday prayers in Riyadh)

    I like the idea of making left wing heads explode

  31. You mentioned Israel blowing up hospitals but you also mention both sides pushing their agenda. How would we possible know who blew up the hospital? By placing blame, one would think you are declaring which group is more right/less wrong?

    I choose to watch, knowing the US will likely get dragged further into this thing. I cannot keep the score myself and I cannot trust the narratives of either side.

    • I never used the phase “both sides” this way as I try hard to never use that phrase. Being not of either side in most political debates, I bristle at the concept of their being only two sides. My use of the phrase “both sides” in this post was in the context of the expression, “a pox on both sides” not as a way to describe anything.

      As far as the hospital, the odds of it blowing itself up are zero, while the odds of Israel bombing it are very high.

    • Why the dislikes? While I can’t speak for our esteemed blog host, Mr. C… I think that may have been a semantic slip? What I am hearing now is that it was a defective Pali rocket that blew up the hospital….and that it landed in the parking lot, not the hospital itself. Who knows?

      I am in the camp of “a pox on both sides”. I want nothing to do with the blood feuds of jews and moslems. I hate them both and could care less. I will not be moved to hate Palies more because of propaganda showing decapitated Jew babies, or hate jews because of blown up hospitals.

      I hate the leaders here at home trying to make me pick a side and support it, to be honest.

      • When you fire missiles into urban areas full of civilians, you will inevitably miss and hit something your should not target. This is the argument against firing missiles into densely packed urban areas. It is also why defenders put their precious assets in densely packed civilian areas. Ukraine has been doing this for two years.

        In war, there are no good guys.

        • No good guys and really no civilians. They provide the forest that hides the enemy at best and at worse supply the enemy with needed supplies of men, food and equipment.

          The concept of “civilians” is a modern one at best. Genghis Khan was notorious for wiping out entire populations as a safe guard to his rear.

        • “When you fire missiles into urban areas full of civilians, you will inevitably miss and hit something your should not target.”

          The level of generality used here is inappropriate.

          The hospital is still standing. The “500 dead” claim is demonstrably bogus. Normally you’re better than this.

        • WHAT level of damage?

          We’ve seen the parking lot. There isn’t even an obvious crater.

          I’ve seen drone footage of the area. One nearby roof had a hole in it. No collapsed buildings.

          What are you believing that contradicts my lying eyes?

          • Here I must confess (again) to my not following the fracas real closely. (why would I?) I have certainly not looked at any pictures. But I was unable to escape the headlines about 500 dead. That damage.

            If that was a lie, it is indeed my fault for even remotely accepting anything they report as the truth

          • Yes, if you still believe leugenpresse headlines, that IS your fault.

            The “500 dead” claim is completely debunked.

            Given the antisemitic infestation that is the population of this comment thread I expect lots of downvotes.

            But, as upthread, repeatedly, no factual responses.

    • The Israelis took credit for blowing up the hospital in a tweet. The tweet came down pronto when they realised the popular outrage unleashed and then concocted a cock-and-bull story of how the fireworks the Hamas had had somehow blown up the hospital. Bollocks.

      • “The Israelis took credit for blowing up the hospital…”

        That Tweet is widely published. It was an apology, not a brag and followed up by a retraction as incorrect/premature news.

        As Z-man said, in a war in a heavily populated area of non-combatants, you will inevitably have such incidents. I seem to remember in Gulf war 1, we lobed a missile into a Baghdad air raid shelter killing well over 100 non-combatants.

        • To make this clear …yeah, it’s Politifact, which is embarrassing. E.g, it appears to accept uncritically the claim that the explosion killed hundreds, despite including a photo that makes this lie laughable. But it also includes enough actual information to debunk compsci’s lies. And it’s what duckduckgo turned up so, employing tongs, I’ve used it.

  32. Among the young and left-wing, the Palestinians are becoming the cool new victim group.

    That’s hardly new. Palestine has been a Commie cause celebre for half a century, until about ten years ago – right after Occupy Wall Street, incidentally, when the left decided it had bigger fish to fry than transnational banking cartels, namely homophobes, misogynists and racists.

    • Dropping the Palestinians from the roster of victims goes back much further in America. In the 80’s the fringe left supported them, but it was clear that the mainstream left was abandoning that cause. Like so much of what we are seeing today, this new found support for Palestine and anti-Zionism is a reboot of popular franchises of the 1970’s. Add in the millions of imported Muslims and you get pro-Hamas parades in the imperial capital.

      • Dropping the Palestinians from the roster of victims goes back much further in America

        Hmm… Now that you mention it, I struggle to even recall an American pro-Pally figurehead – except Chris Hitchens who wasn’t really American to begin with.

        Notice, by the way, how these Hamas demonstrations have been (unironically) fiery but largely peaceful – Mohammadans don’t burn down cities like joggers do.

        • …except Chris Hitchens who wasn’t really American to begin with.

          And who seems to have redirected his xenophilia towards Kurds about the time he got his US citizenship.

        • Until recently, America had largely been pro-Israel while Western Europe had largely been pro-Palestine. It defined the post-war period right up until, I guess, 2015. When I lived in Europe fifteen years ago, I remember those Palestinian scarves being in fashion. I also watched a lot of BBC News, and there was a definite pro-Palestinian slant. (Much, much more than I ever saw on CBS News.) The people, at least the people whom I associated with, who were normal professional types, were definitely more center-left than my American associates. To them America symbolized a kind of imperial rightist entity (“rightist” mainly because of the religiosity coming from Washington…remember when all our politicians fell over each other to look more religious?) which wasn’t all that bad compared to the Soviets or Nazis, but many had the feeling the USA was two clicks away from itself being an imperial bully. Which it has now become.

          Israel and Britain were in particular targeted as American running dogs. This the pro-Palestine sentiments, and the widespread dislike of Britons. I got the impression the BBC was giving Palestine a fair hearing because otherwise Europe wouldn’t watch it.

          • Great summation. The scarves were a big thing in Copenhagen well into the late eighties, and the Pallies were the lefties’ favorite stalking horse until 1992, when they occupied a church bringing a few hundred Pallies for props and claiming “church asylum” for their rabid pets. State media loved it.

            The cops made short work of the Commies and bussed off the Pallies, but then boohooing happened and the parliament voted through an infamous, unconstitutional “special law” (a law aimed at a specific person or group) that extraordinarily awarded those 300 Pallies residency permits.

            They thanked Denmark by immediately going on a monumental crime spree of such magnificent that even the media took notice, and that killed at lot of the buzz for Palestine.

            Today those 300 individuals (and their descendants) are a staple population for criminologists, sort of an informal calibration standard. They’re almost up there with black Americans.

            In Danish:

          • Marko: I remember seeing those scarves all over Europe in the early ’80s. That differing, less judeocentric view of the Levant (or at least questioning all I’d been taught about history and politics) was part and parcel of my stepping onto the dissident path. Trying to understand how others saw the US and world events, without network media as the middleman, was a genuine education.

        • I would say they don’t burn things down YET. Muslims are disciplined rioters/demonstrators. Right now the guys with the biggest turbans are showing their strength in order to temper pro-Israel policy.

          I believe they will deliberately become “vibrant” when they see fit.

    • The difference is the embrace of the Palestinian cause has spread outside Commieworld now and into places that actually matter.

      • I doubt it will last long. The Pallies are the biggest assholes on Arab Street, and the only immigrants who commit more crime than Somalis. Nobody likes them.

        • The counter to that point is blacks, who are worshipped harder the more problematic they become, but we’ll see.

        • Gaza could be like Singapore if Hamas put down their weapons and made a serious bid for peace with Israel. But that’s not the Islamic way…as countries like France, Sweden and Britain are starting to discover.

          • Big difference: The Pallies were imported into France, Sweden and Britain. It’s the jews who were imported into Palestine. So I would expect Pallies in the Levant to be warlike, and can’t really blame them for it. On the other hand, they have no excuse to act that way in France, Sweden and Britain.


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