The God’s Three Questions

Fundamental to all human organizations are three questions that must be answered in order for the organization to survive. A group of people who come together by chance with no reason to be together will go on their way. A mob at a sporting event is there for the game, but once the game is ended, they disperse. The only point of them gathering in the stadium was to see the game. Even that reason, however, was temporary and was never intended to bind the fans together.

The first question for every human organization is “Who are we?” This is the most basic and if not the most important question. The answer could be something mundane and temporary like a sporting event, but this is an answer that assumes the gathering of people is intended to be for the mundane and temporary. A more lasting answer is one that provides the members with a reason to continue working together. A fraternal organization, for example, has an answer that is timeless.

That answer will then be linked to the second question, “To what end?” The people at a ball game come together to see the game and to cheer on the team. Since the founding answer is expected to be short-lived, the second answer is as well. The group that assembles near the old railway station with the password “sic semper tyrannis” for the purpose of organizing a rebellion has a longer-term point of their organizations, so the answers to these two big questions have a longer view.

The final and most important question that all human organizations must answer is the one of authority, “Who says?” The answer to this question is usually assumed, but rarely considered in the open. The people at the ball game do not talk about who says it is a good idea for them to come together and cheer for the team. Similarly, when the civil authority banned public gatherings during Covid, everyone just accepted that they had the authority to do so. The state is usually the answer here.

Those guys meeting near the old railway station to plot the overthrow of the government, however, cannot just assume the question has been answered, because ultimately the purpose of their group is to provide the answer. Maybe they think the civil authority has offended the gods or is violating the traditions of their people. The answer to “Who says? for them is those gods or traditions. There is some moral authority that provides them with the justification to rebel against the civil authority.

At a more mundane level, the people who assemble in the park on the third Saturday of every month for the purpose of cleaning the park also have an answer. They are getting together because they are the Third Saturdays Park guys, and the point of their organization is to keep the park clean. Their moral authority for doing so, the answer to “Who says they can do this” is their understanding of their civic duty. By the morals of their society, they feel a duty to clean the park.

To see how this works in American society, think about the civil rights movement, which has come under renewed scrutiny of late. As if by magic, America went from a rights-based society in which the citizens were sovereign to one ruled by a self-perpetuating elite charged with enforcing a regime of equity and diversity. The words on the original paper, which is supposed to be the moral authority, are still there in the museum but as if by magic new words on new papers now prevail.

This is the reality of civil rights legislation, particularly the founding court case of the movement, Brown v. Board of Education. A group of men came together in the name of what they called civil rights, with the purpose of overturning the rights based moral structure of American society, so they could insert a new answer to that fundamental question of society. The answer now is the law requires that all public policy bend toward the goals of diversity and equity.

It is an amazing trick, but it shows how powerful even a small group can be when they have answered the three big questions. That power only grows when they are able to undermine the majority confidence in the traditional answers. The new moral regime of civil rights looked attractive to people who had slowly been disabused of their long-held answers to the three big questions. Once Americans stopped believing in their rights as Americans, they were ready to believe in anything.

From a different angle, you can see how the three big questions can vex a movement before it gets started. Christian nationalism is largely a reaction to the moral degeneracy of the current age, but it seeks to be a positive alternative to the prevailing order, which it struggles to define. You can see that here in this post in the American Mind, which tries to flesh out what is meant by Christian nationalism. Another take is this post that addresses some of the points of the first post.

Christian nationalism fails the first test as it is unable to provide a coherent answer to the question, “Who are we?” As you can see in those posts, they are not even sure what they mean by Christian, much less nationalist. The plan seems to be that they will rally a majority around some vague criticism of the present condition in order to gain political power, which they will then use to order society to their liking. Their answer to that third question will presumably be the ballot box.

For a human organization to live past its initial enthusiasm of the moment it must answer the three big questions. Who are we? What is our purpose? By what authority have we come together to act in concert? This is why reactionary movements always fail to rollback what they oppose. The object of their efforts either evolves to evade their critique or it evolves a moral authority based in itself, like we see with the civil rights movement, that the reactionary cannot defeat.

If there is to be a revolt against the modern age, the people doing the revolting will first have to tackle the three big questions. In other words, the opponents of the present order must learn from the creators of the present order, the people behind the civil rights movement, and fashion a new moral framework that rests on a moral authority that the movement will defend to the last man. In other words, to defeat the old gods, one must build a movement around a new god.

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177 thoughts on “The God’s Three Questions

  1. Brown was able to change American culture not because Americans were growing disillusioned hut because people didn’t care. Americans have traditionally just wanted to be left alone. If their kids’ schools weren’t impacted by Brown, it simply wasn’t important to them and most of America wasn’t impacted immediately.

  2. What they mean by Christian is easy: the same “mere Christianity” that the founder intended. We all admit a sort of Jesus is lord idea and everything else is up for grabs. But this time, oh this time, we really mean it!

  3. I’m going to get a little Spengler-y and kaczynski up in here.

    Put aside all cultural, political, gender, sexuality, religious, racial, greedy motivations that have brought the world to it’s current state for a moment. Think about how the huge abundance brought on by industrial society may in and of itself be the sources of the ills.

    Once there is no more scarcity of vital resources and survival becomes easier, it is inevitable that population will soften and be stupefied because the previously less fit are not weeded out by harder circumstances.

    Not to be cliche, but ALL THINGS require BALANCE. I’d like to maintain in-door plumbing and not having to bloody myself to get a piece of meat, BUT these “good” things come with a price on either a micro or macro level. Somehow a balance must be struck by the material benefits of industrial/technological society and the character/strength/gene pool of the people.

    Otherwise, you’re left with the most sophisticated machines and doodads ever, and a world of primitive cretins.

    • If Spengler is right then a civilization will die as surely as a man. We can try our best to live a worthwhile life, but it all ends the same.

      On that cheerless note, what a great discussion today.

    • Anyone who eats meat should, at least once, hunt or raise, kill, and butcher an animal. Just my opinion.

      • I shot a deer in the butt with a low power BB gun to chase him out of my garden and I felt guilty afterwards. I might as well grow a pair of tits.

      • I killed what are — if I counted correctly — my 32nd and 33rd deer last week.

        Cutting and wrapping them was a LOT of fucking work.

        But the venison souvlaki on a pita with feta and tzatziki kalamata olives was fantastic…

      • I’ve been a bowhunter all my adult life. None of this high-tech compound stuff for me! I use the old-fashioned recurve like Fred Bear did back in the day. Killing a deer that way is quite a difficult undertaking. Sorta like flyfishing. There are easier and more productive ways to hunt and fish, but it is, after all, a “sport” and I don’t mind when my quarry makes its escape after an exciting encounter. Killing at close range with an arrow, gutting, skinning, and butchering a deer brings out some sort of hard-to-explain primal feeling in me. I’m just glad my survival doesn’t depend on my hunting and fishing success!

    • Think about how the huge abundance brought on by industrial society may in and of itself be the sources of the ills.

      I think this is correct and can be refined even further, it’s the power of petroleum.

      Petroleum is the foundation upon which modernity has been built. It led directly to material abundance beyond the imaginations of people a couple centuries ago. Even more important has been the revolution in transportation over the same time and petroleum’s offspring electrification.

      The scale and abundance of modern social groups is beyond anything possible even a century ago. The power potential at the fingertips of everyone today exceeds that of everyone, even imaginary heros prior to the 19th century. Go said let there be light , modern man makes it so with the flick of a switch.

      All of it vastly exceeds are evolved cognitive capacity by leaps and bounds.

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    • i know people consider her an AA nominee but KBJ was a SC clerk for the 99-00 term. You pretty much have to be, at a minimum, order of the coif and all that stuff to clerk on the SC

  5. A mechanical note, if I may.

    What, then, is this God from whom we draw the ultimate authority?

    LineInTheSand mentioned earlier, “if I could believe in God,”; a very great many of us feel this way. It is as natural to us as is feeling God’s touch is to the faithful.

    To make sense of that touch is simple.

    “God” was described by Freud, a brain surgeon, as the Super Ego.

    As a small child or stunted sociopath can only be concerned with their own ego, or sense of self, we are social beings. No one is born alone, nor can we survive alone, or procreate.

    From the purely selfish demands of Ego, sense-of-self, there develops a higher sense-of-self, a connection and relation to our groups, a Super Ego.*

    To idealize this deep wiring as an archetype, as a “God”, is a most natural thing, easily understood, once defined.

    (The wiring for this phenomenon can be seen in both a firm corpus callosum line, or in the lateral firing of a woman’s brain. Per Jayne, the archaic wiring was through the anterior corpus.

    Racial identity fever is found most strongly in the belt from the Nile to the Indus. It is there that by far the most close-cousin marriage occurs, both a cause and reinforcement of ferocious loyalties.)

    • Perhaps you really should try DMT one of these days? I get the impressions from your writing you are a bit of a lost soul searching.

      Since NDE’s cannot really be induced in any safe way DMT is your next best option. You will open that connection in your mind that perhaps comes naturally for so many that “touch” you describe that the faithful feel. Given that insane amounts of DMT are released into the body naturally directly before death the connection seems obvious to me.

      Many people coming back from DMT describe that sense of ego death and the supra-self connected to everything all at once. Perhaps that is the “God” you are looking for? NDEs offer this as well in a very profound and life changing way to many, but again, they require NEAR death so not advisable as something to seek out. (And only a percentage of people experience them anyways)

      There are many YT vids describing this. Joe Rogan is a big proponent of DMT as well.

      • Why, thanks Apex- your description of the rise was a tremendous help. I’d forgotten that aspect, intent on the “other direction”.

        Lost? No.
        Writing the engine manual. The mechanics of existence.
        What is it
        How does it work
        Why does it work that way: what is the function?

        Grounding our suppositions on a moral basis is practical, but it explains nothing. It’s like talking to four year-olds.

        Also, in this case, I was speaking to atheists, like myself, who don’t see things in terms of Someone In Charge, as if a cosmic mind were necessary or operating. Hard to translate outside of that core assumption.

  6. I know white. It’s me, my children, parents, far distant cousins.

    “Western Civilization” is a trick. Western Civilization is ideas. Ben Shapiro promotes Western Civ because he and that ilk can 1) substitute ideas for people, 2) redefine the ideas, 3) push the ideas back down to change the demographic. His rabbi, like other rabbis, call us Edom. They are champing at the bit for our end.

    Mormons are white and they have a lot of very good traits, and there are millions of them. Evangelicals state that they not Christians. Evangelicals state that Catholics are not Christians, and further claim that the Catholic Church is the beast/antichrist. Christianity is ideas.

    Our Ancestors were living in Europe thousands of years prior to Christianity. We were living on a razors edge, overcoming harsh circumstances, and yet we were inventing and creating. The Roman republic tossed the Jews out of Italy 139 years Before Christ for trickery and promoting subversive ideas. I’m rooting for the Europeans.

  7. Christopher Caldwell wrote a very good book a couple of years ago in which he argued that the “civil rights” revolution had effectively superseded the 1787 Constitution and the 1791 Bill of Rights.

    Caldwell did not go nearly far enough in his analysis, though. The reality is that the 1787 Constitution and the freedoms in the Bill of Rights were written by and for northern European whites. Blacks and Indians and women were excluded, and there was a reason for that: they were unable to live to live up to the standards of the white man. As Aristotle wrote in his “Politics,” the ruling aristocracy of free men “govern and govern themselves in turn.” Aristotle explicitly stated that women were inferior to men “by nature” and would have agreed that blacks and Indians were “slaves by nature” and inferior to whites, too.

    Once women and nonwhites were given equality of the franchise contrary to the natural order, it became inevitable that they would descend into identity politics and bloc voting and demand “equity.” Our contemporary politics is not the politics of free white men debating policy among themselves, but a type of race and gender communism in which the main issue is how much of what the “bourgeois” white man created will be expropriated by the faux-proletarian “victim” groups.

    • Well said. Although I haven’t read Caldwell’s book, I am told that he went to the very edge of what is permissible to say without challenging race-blind civic nationalism.

      His phrase that the civil rights revolution supplanted the constitution got many conservatives, who believe that the constitution will save us, to start thinking a bit about demographics and who holds real sovereignty.

      Finally, forgive my crankiness, but how did women and blacks ascend? Certainly part of the explanation is that our natural compassion softened our hearts and that our affluence softened our wills, but I suggest to you that these two factors are insufficient.

      • “…but how did women and blacks ascend?”

        Technology. Birth control, the cotton gin. This is the part of Marxism that most people don’t get. It’s not simply that the proletariat demands a share of the wealth, it’s that technology enables them to do it.

        The other equalizer is bourgeois capitalism itself. Both traditional heterosexual marriage and slavery placed duties and obligations on the husbands and masters with regard to their inferiors. This is again straight out of Aristotle. Under bourgeois capitalism, there is no social obligation, it’s “Hey, let’s hire blacks and women as cheap as we can and give them layoff notices when we don’t need them any more.”

        Then when they can’t pay the bills and can’t compete with white men they vote for the government gibs.

      • Regarding Female Emancipation:

        I think that elite / burgerlich attitudes toward women have gone in cycles. You have:

        Medieval Scholastics + Chaucer: dangerous hos, man. Devil resides in her loins.

        High Middle Ages: Courtly Love, Chansons: Women are platonic forms and we should strive toward being worthy of them.

        Renaissance: Lucretia Borgia. Say no more.

        Samuel Pepys: My wife is for display. My maid is for banging on the back stairs.

        Samuel Pope: Rape of the Lock. They just be some silly skanks.

        Addison & Steele: Silly skanks… but will say it nicely so as not to harm pamphlet sales.

        Jane Austen: I wouldn’t buy a used car from myself or anyone else with my chromosomal configuration if used cars existed.

        JA’s Contemporary Reading Public: Also what’s up with these late Hanoverians and their skanky mistresses?

        High Victorians: Women up on pedestals again. Fight off hordes of Afghan tribesmen with a rusty spoon to become worthy of marrying the colonel’s daughter.

        The problem was that instead of the cycle continuing, and going back to ‘Tis a Pity She’s a Whore type literature, women achieved escape velocity during the late Victorian and then Edwardian era and never looked back.

        She’s still partly a Whore and indeed ‘Tis a Pity… but until our social and political arrangements arrive at a more nuanced version of the dual nature of Women and their unfitness to rule (the best of them may hold salons, perhaps) we’re going to be paying the price.

  8. Yup, the magyars broke off and made their own, highly functional country (it’s a shame they bet wrong on WW2). Can you imagine trying to build a country made up of our special brown people? It would become Haiti in no time, so we’d be on the hook to support them anyway. We’re stuck with obsolete farm implements no matter what I’m afraid

    • “ we’d be on the hook to support them anyway.
      We’re stuck with obsolete farm implements no matter what I’m afraid”

      Anyone who says that is my enemy.

      Take your slave morality and shove it.

    • I dunno. Seeing Russia resettle its Asian immigrants in occupied Ukraine is giving me a little brainstorm.

  9. Calvin Coolidge reputedly said, “The business of America is business.” Does that answer question 2, what is our purpose? I find that he didn’t actually say that. He said something a bit more nuanced but in the end no less breathtakingly circular:

    “…After all, the chief business of the American people is business. They are profoundly concerned with producing, buying, selling, investing and prospering in the world. I am strongly of the opinion that the great majority of people will always find these are the moving impulses of our life. But it is only those who do not understand our people, who believe that our national life is entirely absorbed by material motives. We make no concealment of the fact that we want wealth, but there are many other things that we want much more.… The chief ideal of the American people is idealism.

    Now that’s something to hang your hat on, “The chief ideal of the American people is idealism.” I confess I don’t know much about “Christian Nationalism”. The arguments are too nuanced and varied for me to follow, but it doesn’t take a divinity student to figure out that “American Nationalism” is as dead as a doorbell.

    • A Japanese politician cleverly paraphrased Coolidge once. He said:

      The business of Japan is the Japanese.

      • That’s good. It’s just plain common sense for the government of any nation. Any other answer should get an official drummed out of office. But then we don’t have an actual nation so all the bad things follow in their turn until the wheels come off.

  10. White men lived under Christianity in Europe for centuries without degenerating into purple haired lesbians and civil rights enthusiasts. Christian Nationalism may not be tenable in the modern age but should it succeed to any degree my view is that far worse organizational structures could happen to the white race.
    The Myth of the Twentieth Century podcast recently discussed the concept of good and evil. The knowledge of good and evil is something built into us, the example given was how do we know that saving a child from drowning is good but drowning a child is evil?
    By what authority?
    Who says?
    Animals certainly have no concept of good and evil.
    A belief in a God is a good thing. The ultimate question for Christianity is did this guy Jesus rise from the dead or not?
    If so? Everything changes
    If not? The moral principals taught are not all bad.
    The apostle Paul did not run around trying to encourage foreign immigration into Rome or equal rights for Africans in the Roman Empire.
    Paul’s teachings and the rest of the New testament teachings were centered mostly around how mankind should behave and who was this guy Jesus by and large the New testament teachings are good for the moral foundations for mankind in my view.
    What’s done in the name of Christianity is not necessarily Christianity.

    • G L G

      To add on to your post;

      “The moral principles taught are not all bad”.

      If you stop and think, there is no downside to following the 10 Commandments in daily life.

      Can you imagine if everyone did?

      • “ If you stop and think, there is no downside to following the 10 Commandments in daily life.”

        My problem with the 10 commandments is that they are pretty much false advertising.

        They are a reasonable sets of rules to live by, and the public face of how Christians are to live

        But when you get involved in most churches, they start piling an additional 10 million rules you must follow to avoid hell.

        When I left the Catholic Church 20 years ago, the trads were saying insane things like God was going to destroy civilization because the Church allowed people to receive communion in the hand instead of on the tongue.

        One monk told me that all hobbies are mortal sins because they waste time that you could be spending praying.

        • Where in any catechism I does it say hobbies are evil?

          The “new order” is not a mass. It’s not communion in the hand as itself. It’s if the Eucharist is what the church says it is, how should it be treated?

          My stars what a world…

    • “The knowledge of good and evil is something built into us… By what authority? Who says?”

      Wasn’t Zoroaster the first to formulate good/evil, or am I off base? And isn’t it bound up in monotheism? All the good placed in one god becomes Good, so all the bad must become Evil, or something like that. Eventually the Good god stops getting angry sometimes, and the Evil becomes a deity of its own. Is duotheism a word? We all know good conquers evil, right, so why worry about it? Idk, speculating.

      • Nietzsche said that the weak introduced the idea of good versus evil in their quest to subdue the strong, who saw the world in terms of good (strong/Aryan nobility) versus bad (weak/everyone else). Surprisingly, the weak overthrew the strong with good versus evil.

        Nietzsche almost never offered arguments in favor of his pronouncements, which always frustrated me but also makes him more fascinating. The wise man is expected intuitively to see the truth of what he is proclaiming.

        Who knows how much truth there is in what he said, but it is interesting.

        An observation that is counter to Nietzsche and supportive of what you wrote is that most of the people that I have known who have converted to muscular Christianity said that the undeniable existence of evil in the world led them to search for the good.

        • The big thing is that conflating weak with good allows evil weak people to whine and complain their way to power. The strong are intrinsically the only people even capable of meaningful good in the first place as they are the only ones with agency. The “good” of the weak is similar to an incel telling you about how he respects women so hard.

          The actual strong in our society notably don’t adhere to any of this slave morality beyond the ocassional pandering to a gullible public. They use their power to inflict their vision of the good on society, unfortunately it’s a vision of cockroach meat, jigaboos, and a matzo ball stomping on a human face forever.

          • “unfortunately it’s a vision of cockroach meat, jigaboos, and a matzo ball stomping on a human face forever”

            Sacre bleu. I won’t sleep tonight from alternate fits of bawling and guffawing.

        • I’m guessing Nietzsche was comparing Christianity to paganism, and drawing, to him, the obvious conclusion. Not a Nietzsche scholar, but it seems right.

          Pagan gods generally are sometimes good, sometimes bad. Maybe that has to do with the good/bad distinction he attributes to master morality.

          Can’t remember if I read it or heard it in a lecture, but the essential thing about evil is that it can destroy you. The old ressentiment raised to a theological principle lol. Some judo action.

    • I disagree with “The ultimate question for Christianity is did this guy Jesus rise from the dead or not?”

      If we accept the style of writing by the supposed authors of the Book-

      that the main characters are archetypes, an Everyman story to simply convey swaths of history-

      Then to reach for Jesus alone is to try to grasp the strongest magic.

      A better understanding for many would not be to demand the proof or not of this or that specific occurence, but to understand his story illumines a deeper truth:

      That there is a world beyond the physical, to which we can aspire or descend.
      That to aspire, or descend, depends greatly on whose path we follow.

      And to recognize that saying “there is but one path,” is like saying “there is but one race,” without caring what one is opening the door to.

      • The Nazarene is /ours/.

        Missionaries would give away our greatest treasure to aliens and savages, hoping to turn wolverines into puppies.

        • Please. Don’t turn my Wolverines into anything else until we win the national championship. Otherwise we chew your faces off.

  11. Z, could you please crosspost this blog onto Substack?

    That would allow me to only track one website and also to take advantage of Substack’s text to voice feature.

    • Done. I will try to remember to do this daily. I have no way to post free content on SubscribeStar, but those subscribers can always come here.

      • Good afternoon Z, I have a question for you regarding the care package you received that you mentioned in the podcast this past Friday.
        Where was it purchased from? The reason being is that several items you mentioned – cherry pudding chief among them – sound really good and I would love to try them. Thanks!

  12. I wonder if what we need are a sense that “there are sensible answers to these questions” more than explicit answers. Vagueness and the abstract can be great impediments but sometimes they can also be alluring. There is something about people that attracts them to things they sense but don’t quite understand. We need, in addition to a million other things, an air of mystique.

    And not answering explicitly doesn’t nail you down and expose you. If we answer these questions bluntly it would be a declaration of war against both regimes and the vibrancy. We must have external and internal ideas of answers and the former must be more vague.

    Yes this is mumble jumble but you all know that explicit honest answers to these questions will get you persecuted into non-existence at the current time. Guerilla tactics are not only a military form but also an ideological one. And for now I think it is necessary

  13. Making Christianity our rallying point is doomed to fail. As has been noted here in this space, modern leftism/wokeism/shitlibism sprang largely from Christianity “the last shall be first and the first shall be last, there is neither jew nor greek, neither bond nor free, neither male nor female….” and as we have noted here even our atheists are christians.

    I have some lifelong friends who are wokeist shitlib bugmen. They live in another state, which is probably part of how we’ve been able to remain lifelong friends, also I have a hard time tossing lifelong friends just over ideology, but I digress. The point is, they are Christians. Catholics. They are in church every Sunday. If you were looking for fans of the current Satan Pope, here they are. And I suspect there are many like them. The Church is hopelessly pozzed.

    So rallying around Christianity is doomed to fail. Because we have no more claim on it than they do. Indeed, everywhere you look you will see non-christian leftists, or even devout ones, claiming to be in favor of importing our replacements and distributing gibs because it’s the christian thing to do.

    We must rally around the simple fact of being White. Which anyone with a brain can already see is a status under threat, requiring us to rally around it, because we have no other choice. We can’t change to plaid, we are White and that’s the way it is. The hard part is getting those without brains, who are many, to also rally around it. They are bombarded with messaging to the contrary by The Blob, but facts on the ground in the real world keep bringing more of them to us.

    Our single most effective “casus belli,” the one central irrefutable truth of the DR, is that when whites are a minority, no other group or groups is going to stick up for whites the way whites have for other groups. We are going to be on our own. As we already are. Everyone knows this, or at least knows it as soon as you point it out. Even bugmen know it and can’t deny it. This is, or should be, the central rallying cry of what is now DR-ism. Not IQ graphs or crime statistics. Those, while true and useful, are secondary to this primary truth.

    • The hard part is always getting the masses to rally. While avoiding the unpleasant consequences of defying an evil regime. But I’m stating the obvious and I completely agree with your idea of who we are, why it is necessary and how big the threat is

      • Communists and syndicalists learned very slowly, and sometimes not at all, that the masses are not revolutionary, though they can be stirred up to rioting. Once upon a time, some commies and syndicalists who WERE able to learn the lesson modified their ideas about secularism and totalitarianism, then they started calling theirselves Fascists.

        • That is true 90+ percent play no role whatsoever. But what you do need is a strong group of capable men who will not blow their own foot off the second they open their mouths. Moses had his brother, Jesus had his apostles, Mohammed had his bandits, Lenin had his group, Stalin slowly built up his while his rivals gave big speeches. Some Austrian fella also collected a group of men who could get things done.

          All of these also had an undisputed leader, not a committee in charge. The position of White Alpha Hero is so open people don’t even know it’s there. And it’s probably too soon for it now

    • Jeffrey Zoar: “If you were looking for fans of the current Satan Pope, here they are.”


      I hate to always be the Nattering Nabob of Negativity, here chez “Z”, but them peeps ain’t your friends.

      If they’ve jumped into psychological [metaphorical] bed with a pederast like Bergoglio, then they’re your mortal enemies [or at least they ought to be].



      10:34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to
      send peace, but a sword.

      10:35 For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and
      the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her
      mother in law.

      10:36 And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.


      I wouldn’t break bread with sh!tlibs who support that pederast, Bergoglio.

      I would cut off all communications & un-person them from the entirety of my psyche.



      18:6 But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in
      me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his
      neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

      • It’s something I think about a lot. One of them I’ve known since I was 4 years old. As I alluded to, if we were in daily contact, or even weekly or monthly, it’s quite possible, or likely, that the relationship already would have ended. But being that my contact with them is very limited, perhaps every other month there is some electronic communication, maybe we see each other every other year, there really isn’t a lot of contact to break off. If anything, it helps give me a window into bugman-ism without burdening me with constant contact with it.

        More vexing are triple jabbed sheeple blood relations who are part of the pozzed church

    • So rallying around Christianity is doomed to fail. Because we have no more claim on it than they do.

      This statement is just plain wrong. Christianity means something; the word has content, you know. It’s not just whatever anybody says or thinks.

      The poz is not Christianity, and pozzed people are not Christian, no matter if they sit in the pews, or celebrate Mass, or occupy the Throne of Peter. They are not Christian.

      • Don’t tell me, tell them. And they will have scripture they point at to back themselves up. I’m sure they will concede when you tell them how they are misreading it.

  14. Who says these questions — or any questions — must be asked and answered?

    The system is designed to prevent the organization of threats to it. This is obvious. And this applies whether the threats have a thought in their head or not.

    The only way to open space for real organization is to exhaust the system with more action (random, individual, farcical, even pointless) than it can handle.

    Consider the currently imprisoned Jon Minadeo. In one year, armed with cat litter, ziplocs, and a laser printer, he compelled a bloated vampire to compel the governor of the third largest state in the union to fly to a foreign capital and sign a law restricting the rights of his own citizens. It may be an asshole move to point this out, but Minadeo’s antics have had more actual mask-ripping impact than a dozen conferences where the common mortal enemy can’t be named.

    Struggle is not a spelling bee. Struggle is action. In an existential struggle, survival is the sole morality and only acceptable answer.

    When blown out, brains full of correct anwers look no different than brains fillled with incorrect answers. The mass grave of white genocide will be full of spelling bee winners who wouldn’t spell JEW if you spotted them the J and the W.


    • Handsome Truth threw a few grains of sand into the gears of Jewish white supremacy, but ultimately his tactics are a failure. Part of his problem is pigeonhole minded thinking about the big matters of the day. One finds some evidence of his mediocre education on his flyers, which often feature “EVERY SINGLE ASPECT OF [suchandsuch]”, or something like this, as I recall. Upon doing a little thinking about the topic, one realizes that, for instance, some things about the Bidenocracy are NOT Jewish. Minadeo’s way won’t succeed in attracting many bright minds while deterring tatooed trash.

      Suppose now for a moment that “The only way to open space for real organization is to exhaust the system with more action (random, individual, farcical, even pointless) than it can handle”. Well, how do you expect this to provide a segue to replacing contemporary Zionist ruling classes with benevolent, harmonious Europeans who are sovereign on their territory? A bunch of atoms throwing sand could easily open up space for something worse than what rules now. Immivaders with their own religions and social networks have set down strong roots.

      Teamwork is needed, but profitable teamwork—by which I mean gain in terms not recordable on an income statement—will require a plausibe doctrine about human nature; the purpose of any one particular human life; a plan for living through the various periods of one’s life; a scheme for modes of living (some being priestly, some warrior kings, etc ); a way convince women to have three or four children; social traditions which sustain harmony between the sexes and among people at very different temporal points in their lives; and a method for passing on the religion to the young. Not wanting to take up the challenge of working this out is like not wanting a people who perdure for centuries and millenia.

      • The EVERY SINGLE ASPECT flyers are useful in pointing out the Jay’s enormous dominance in the Biden administration, Covid agenda, Hollywood, media, porn, Trump’s donors, LBGTQ/tranny agenda….etc. More of this, more noticing, more pointing out needs to happen.

        It needs to continually be pointed out to imagine if a group such as Indians or Mexicans or blacks or Chinese dominated these positions like the Jays do. The fact that it’s a relatively quiet fact says everything about the effective conditioning we’ve been immersed in.

  15. There are no gods. Only malicious angels made into ‘gods’ and ‘goddesses’ by human beings. Typically for the purpose of rationalizing the evil that people and their groups wish to do.

    There is only one God, and as I am His servant (however low) I guarantee that soon the entire planet will get to see Him. Everybody will be a believer then, even through their moans and their curses.

    • And He says Whites should prosper in their own lands and not be ruled by others. And you know that He is good

  16. maybe this is a too clever by half take, but does anyone think that civil rights legislation has pushed us toward an indian style caste system?

    • The purpose of “civil rights” is the usual sort of thing, identifiable by who did it, but I think the bureaucratic machinery of civil rights—the largest sector of our fake economy—was invented to give women something to do.

      To fully subjugate and immiserate the population, to reduce him to the subhuman Economic Man of communism and libertarianism, it’s necessary that women be forced into the labor pool. A life outside it cannot be considered possible. While there, they have to do *something*—but they suck at almost everything that isn’t a traditional wifely duty, and we can’t have them being constantly reminded of those things. They cause inappropriate longings. So we made everything into *school*. We made everything *gossip*. We made everything *compliance*. Etc.

      Boys are “failing”—being “left behind”—by every measure because society isn’t rationally navigable. It can be obeyed, but it can’t be understood. It’s for girls. Of course that comes with a great hardening of divisions by class/caste/etc. Ladies love injustice.

      • i’m skeptical that civil rights, at least when originally passed, was about women’s rights. Feminism as an issue didn’t become a thing until a few years after the bill’s passage.

        Also, do you watch Pearl’s videos? You’re talking points sound like hers

      • Yup. America is a gynocracy in a world already suffused by femaleness.

        It can only fail. The Boss will make an example of it.

    • A bit… sure. Clearly Civil Rights did that in the sense of what Indians call Scheduled Castes — ones get preferential treatment in employment. And we all know that it’s also true in USA when the Law is involved.

      But USA is headed there anyway, regardless. Free and compulsory education and the explosion in socio-economic mobility during C20 has meant that most people with genetics for higher IQ have gotten off the dirt farm and are not languishing in janitorial jobs.

      (Of course even now you still get the occasional flower sprouting in the dungheap due to the genetic slot machine coming up trumps… but not so often.)

      So we’re now in the era of assortative mating. Doctors don’t marry their secretaries anymore. They marry other doctors or lawyers. Even the ones with least impulse control marry physical therapists they met young in Anatomy 101.

      It gets far more selective and rarefied in Ivies, Finance, White Shoe Law, top levels of Big Tech, etc.


      Bob from Accounting marries Karen in HR.

      Blackrifle Bill the Electrician marries Hayley Childbearing Hips, a dental Technician.

      Soyface Wojacksen of His Mom’s Basement marries Elephantia Facefurniture who he met at the Tattoo Parlour.

      Billybob in the 101st marries Kaylee the stripper down the road from base main gate.

      Rinse / repeat over some generations and you get siloed evolution and pretty soon some obvious caste differences and caste awareness/feeling amongst said castes.

      And that’s leaving out alien races.

      It’s nothing new, really. You go Europe and especially England and it’s not hard to pick out who is Ruling Class just by height, physiognomy, speech, mannerisms, dress. Everyone instinctively knows who fits where.

      • People have allways married genetically close counterparts from the same socio-economic strata, what has changed in the last 100years or so, is that the smart faction’s realised fertility keeps collapsing, only the bottom keeps growing, so the ratio of smart vs dumb is changing. The reproduction premium for high IQ won’t return until this system breaks down, or it’s done artificially via state enforced eugenics.

  17. There is actually a cauldron of movements currently competing to attain dominance either locally, regionally, nationally, or everywhere. The GAE is trying to shoot the moon by homogenizing everyone into sheeple ruled by a small super wealthy elite. Muslims are similarly trying to establish a caliphate with sharia law everywhere possible and using a high birthrate as their principle weapon. The Russians and Chinese are playing the long game by building up real military power and productive industries while waiting patiently for the West to commit suicide. Israel is committing genocide in broad daylight in a revival of the Final Solution. And perhaps the biggest cohort of them all is the growing population of deadweight humans everywhere on the planet. Without natural hardship and evolutionary culling, the entire species is devolving into useless whining crybabies.

    Assuming you can even assemble a critical mass of the sane and capable, and then employ them in some macro-scale fashion to “right the ship” so to speak; what are you chances against those dominate movements mentioned above? How many more dead white guys does Ukraine have to sacrifice before someone figures out that smarter beat harder. You can bash your head against the Russian brick wall or get on the road to Kiev and solve the problem in a week. God help us.

  18. Depressingly, it’s possible that more anti-White oppression will be necessary for Whites to develop enough group identity to even start asking these three Questions.

  19. There’s another option.

    The current order declines and collapses under the weight of its “internal contradictions” as the Marxists say. Chaos, disorganization, probably material poverty, the breakdown of the institutions that have been “marched through.”

    Ad hoc arrangements beyond the ability of civil authority to control and manipulate, surface: here, there, everywhere. Who are we? People. What’s our purpose? Trying to survive. By what authority? Whadaya mean, “by what authority?” We’re trying to make ends meet.

    Power then coalesces and emerges, dancing, as it goes, to its spontaneous and eventually abusive tune.

    • A lot to be said for the ever-grinding gears of the Dialectic. They grind on and on and grind us out and we think we thought it out and felt it by ourselves.

      I like the Power Dancing bit above… has resonances with that Shaker hymn, Gary Zukav, Kali, King David (not the hotel, you in the back row!), Elagabalus. Elagabalus being probably most relevant in these 2020s.

  20. I believe that these questions should be re-ordered. By whose authority should absolutely be first. It can’t be God, because he abandoned this science experiment years ago. We live in a jar of slime in his garage. So it has to be one of the amoeba that makes the move. “We, the strongest and smartest of the amoeba are taking power for ourselves, because we know what to do with it and we’re better than you secondary amoeba. If you refuse we will poke through your membrane and you will no longer exist.”

    The second question is what do we do? The answer is , “anything we deem necessary at any time. Your previous amoeba made you wear masks to the supermarket for a year. Maybe we’ll make you do something that stupid. Maybe we’ll make you wear waffle iron bell bottoms. That’s not a question for you but for us.

    This leads to the third question, who are we? “We, the ruling amoebas define that for ourselves. We’ll tell you. And it may change one day with a new generation of ruling amoebas….

    This is how the left took power, and this is how the right, for a very brief moment in the late 20’s and 30’s also looked at the world. It’s a winning formula.

    • Well said!

      Better to reign in the Slime Jar than serve in the Virtual Reality Pod.

      Also, it’s the ONLY winning formula.

  21. > The plan seems to be that they will rally a majority around some vague criticism of the present condition in order to gain political power

    No, the plan is for us to have more babies than you atheists so we eventually replace you.

          • Right, my stock response when I declined to give money for the poor starving Biafrans was, what are we saving them for? If all we are doing is feeding them until they are old enough to breed another generation of machete swinging dolts that we again have to go in to save, maybe it would be kinder to let them perish.

        • Until someone in your flock decides that that’s not sufficiently Christian. And will use that to out-holy you and oust you. And then we’re back on the path to extinction

          • That’s when you give him the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch as a suppository.

            Holiness Spirals do respond to radical therapies.

    • This is the division within us that is probably unbridgeable, although I would happily choose to live without citizenship in Mr. Generic’s theocracy over what we have now, if he would have me.

      The only solution that I see is federalism, where the Christians and non-Christians pledge to their mutual self-defense, but beyond that, live by their own lights and don’t interfere with each other. Even if we can’t tolerate each other in the same house, I hope that we would appreciate each other as good neighbors. As in any partnership, the prisoner’s dilemma is ever present, but there is probably no other alternative.

      • If that division is unbridgeable then we don’t treasure survival enough. And, well, then we have the cause of our impotence. We don’t care enough about the great grandchildren we shall likely never meet in this world

      • Trust–that’s what it boils down to for me. Can I trust my fellow workman not to steal my tools when my back is turned, nor siphon gas out of my truck while I am in the lunchroom? Trust-can I trust that the person who lives across the street will not rape my wife while I am at a ballgame? Trust–can I trust that my child’s teacher is teaching my child what I think should be taught. Trust–can I trust the medical professional to do the right thing for my illness while ignoring any personal consequences to himself? Trust–would I run uphill into a hail of gunfire for this manager, knowing he would care for my family if I died? Trust–can I trust that the food I but from the store is wholesome and nutritious? And right now boy the trust level is really low.

        • heemeyer the saxon: But on what do you base your trust – theory, ideal, experience? You might meet one of the 0.01% of race ‘x’ who is honest, capable, and/or trustworthy. Do you then automatically assume all members of race ‘x’ share these characteristics?

          Of course there are dishonest and thieving White people. There are purported Christians who are, in reality, whited sepulchres. One is likely to find the whole range of human characters amongst any race or religion.

          So – one must either judge each individual as one meets him, with no preconceived notions, or one must rely on assumptions based on averages and history. There will always be a bottom 10% of any race who epitomize its worst characteristics, but there will also be the top 75% or so who more typify the best. One is usually wise to also consider the heritability of behavioral characteristics and reversion to the mean.

          All of the above leads me, at least, to strongly prefer White people, and to offer at least a modicum of courtesy and trust without prior verification that they are worthy of it. Yes, some will turn out to shitlibs or wiggers or scoundrels, but the majority – barring mass psychosis/media manipulation – will not.

          tl;dr: Your skin color is your uniform. Tribe up or die.

      • Live and let live can work. But Christian Busybodies who show signs of cucking or conversely excessive intra-White missionary zeal must get the Saxon Angel treatment. Any and all Crusades must be against the Genetic Others.

        There are also plenty of Agnostics, just plain weary of the Theological BS on our side of the river too. I’m one and to quote the Chinaman in Africa, “It’s all so Tiresome.”

    • If you answer the first question with “we are Christians” you will start by cutting out all who are White but not Christan. And then you will split into a million rivaling fractions fighting over who are the “true Christians”. IOW you will have started out with a standing challenge to ab internal virtue signaling race that will distract you from your real enemies, those who don’t want any Whites around, Christian, Norse or others.

      That is why the answer to the first question cannot be “Christian”. That does not imply hostility to Christianity. It just means it is not Christianity that is threatened, it is viable White societies

      • >” If you answer the first question with “we are Christians” you will start by cutting out all who are White but not Christan.”


        First, we need tens of millions of deeply Christian White Heritage Americans on our side in order to win, and it’s just not worth it alienating them by trying to appeal to the tiny, irrelevant fringe of non-Christian rightists instead.

        Second, our aim is to restore the Western Civilization, which, as I’ve said elsewhere, has three ingredients: the White race, the Christian religion, and the Greco-Roman cultural heritage. Leave out any of those ingredients, and you don’t get Western Civilization back. And since restoring Western Civilization is the goal, that’s not an acceptable outcome.

        • First, there is going to be a giant upsurge in Whites who are neither leftist not Christian as things deteriorate.

          Second, if Christianity is the foundational rock, people are going to start fighting over who are the real Christians.

          Third, the only Christians who would feel alienated by a white identity are exactly those who have “black Jesus” tendencies and are therefore highly undesirable.

          So you’re making a problem that doesn’t exist. Until you put Christianity ahead of white survival. And thereby already redeveloping SJW from first principle

          • We were White long before we were Christian…and we circled the globe, and built mighty, and just, civilizations, long, long before we we were Christian.

            Christianity reflects what is already in us. It is to that that we must bow, not to some transient, corruptible vehicle.

            Not to propaganda chronicling a race war.

            Another thing the religious scholars must turn their fine minds to, is remembering what the book was actually talking about.

            They have forgotten, hectoring us about the rules without understanding why the rules were written, like nagging schoolmarms.

  22. This is one of the Z-man’s best essays ever, but it leaves me with a sinking feeling that we are probably several generations away from the Dissident Right being able to answer those questions. What role does Christian nationalism have, for example, for those of us who have concluded that the events described in the gospels are mostly fiction and that Jesus likely never existed as a historical character? Probably none, which doesn’t bother me too much as modern Christianity’s universalism has rendered it nearly useless as a tool to organize a racially-based people and society.

    On the other hand, several other commentators have pointed out that the power centers in the present system are starting to turn on each other. As these conflicts become more and more intense, it may provide opportunities for small groups of people to come together and answer the three questions Z-man proposes.

    • “the power centers in the present system are starting to turn on each other. As these conflicts become more and more intense, it may provide opportunities for small groups of people to come together and answer the three questions Z-man proposes.”

      This only will grow worse and dissolution and fragmentation will follow on. There really is no well-defined power center. Something will fill the void and with any luck it will be us.

    • “What role does Christian nationalism have, for example, for those of us who have concluded that the events described in the gospels are mostly fiction and that Jesus likely never existed as a historical character? Probably none,…”

      If you can discern no aspirational/motivational value in anything less that the unvarnished historic truth, then I fear you’re doomed to a lifetime of disappointment and will never find your “organizing principle”. There are many, I’d even venture to say millions, of us who consider the Bible as a *moral* organizing principle. That the Gospels may differ on one account or the other, or even if Jesus never existed as God in the form of man, changes none of the moral truths contained.

      Joseph Campbell in his book “The Power of Myth” delves into the above. In short, he looks at various cultures and their historical/foundational myths and rather than dismiss them as “fairy tales”, discovers in them the aspirations of their societies which helped made them what they are today.

      To trade you example for example, one of America’s historic myths is that of our Founding Father, George Washington, as a little boy chopping down his father’s cherry tree with his toy axe. When approached by a stern and angry father who asked George if he had done this, George looked upon his father and said, “Sir, I can not tell a lie. Yes father”.

      The story is pure BS–and known to be so. Yet, when I was a boy in school, was taught to all of us as an example of integrity and desired behavior expected of us as American citizens. (If George can do it, so can you!)

      • Useful for Little Boys and if you plan on making a career of modelling for Norman Rockwell.

        Gets you nowhere fast in the Game of Thrones.

        How does one get to a Moral People ruled by an Amoral Ruling Caste who shepherd (not farm cattle) their sheeple responsibly?

        That’s the Six Million (heh) Dollar Question. Because Ruling Casts will ALWAYS be amoral at best… Otherwise how could they hold onto Power?

        (At present we have an Immoral Ruling Cast who hate us and farm us like Cattle for the slaughter.)

        Given the necessary divide between public/private morality of the Ruled and Statecraft Morality of the Rulers in order for a stable and just society, it suggests that some kind of Inner/Outer mystery religion is needed. The Outer Folk learn all about Cherry Trees and failed assassins sticking hand in brazier… the Inner Folk learn how to deal with foreign interlopers and spiteful mutants the same way that Spartans of the Crypteia dealt with uppity Helots.

    • Diversity Heretic: I would argue one could and ought to accept historical Christianity as one of the foundations of Western civilization, even if one does not accept the Bible as literal truth. American culture, before it was hijacked for DIE, followed broad Christian principles such as those in the Ten Commandments. I believe this is what Line In The Sand has suggested.

      I will also admit, however, that accepting general Christian morality while simultaneously rejecting its source poses its own inherent problems. Per C.S. Lewis,

      “I am trying here to prevent anyone saying the really foolish thing that people often say about Him [that is, Christ]: ‘I’m ready to accept Jesus as a great moral teacher, but I don’t accept His claim to be God.’ That is the one thing we must not say. A man who was merely a man and said the sort of things Jesus said would not be a great moral teacher. He would either be a lunatic–on a level with the man who says he is a poached egg–or else he would be the Devil of Hell. You must make your choice. Either this man was, and is, the Son of God: or else a madman or something worse…. You can shut Him up for a fool, you can spit at Him and kill Him as a demon; or you can fall at His feet and call Him Lord and God. But let us not come up with any patronising nonsense about His being a great human teacher. He has not left that open to us. He did not intend to.”

      • I’ve seen that C.S. Lewis quote before but I don’t find it persuasive. What if Jesus never existed and all of the claims that he supposedly made were inventions by writers who were religious fanatics determined to sell a new religion? I suppose that one could bifurcate the historic Jesus: his moral teachings were authentic, but the claims that he made to divinity were invented by later authors determined to sell their version of the religion. (I know of no textual support that his moral teachings were any more authentic than his claims to divinity.) In any event, it took the Church several centuries, and some fits and starts, to finally agree on the nature of Jesus and the relationship between the three figures of the Trinity. Jesus’s death and resurrection as one-third of God, and the belief in these as historical events remain indispensable to Christianity. It would take something even more sweeping than the 16th Century Reformation to change that.

      • If Jesus was Black, would C. S. Lewis make the same demand?

        (p.s. multiple original sources from or near the time describe Him as blonde, with grey-blue eyes.)

  23. If there ever is a true revolt against the modern age, it’ll have to be led and driven by Whites. And probably the most important question that’ll have to be answered is what to with the blacks. The fact is the black population has been the rock that’s been tearing the hull out of this country for centuries. The civil rights scam was all about blacks, period, and forcing Whites to accept them as totally equal citizens in all respects. Oh sure, women, queers, trannies and other assorted mud people have glommed on, but it was first and foremost about the negro. I imagine a majority of Whites were in agreement up to a point, but now it’s become nothing but a freaking joke – and a damned bad one at that. So if there ever is a serious separatist movement or rebellion, it’ll have to be led by Whites who don’t give a single s*** about fairness, equality, diversity (except for their own) or being called a racist. We’ve been marinating in the magical negro and DIE slop for so long, it’s going to be a tough slog.

    • Perfectly said. I’ve harped on this for a long time. All that matters is race, and the single most destructive power on planet earth is the negro. It infests, destroys and then migrates. There is no pleasing it. The more preference and advantage it gets, the more it demands.

      They are an insufferable bunch that have worn me out to the point of no return. My one wish from a genie would be to rid the world of them by shipping them to some foreign planet.

      • There’s a bizarre sociological symmetry of your poast, wherein it remains perfectly accurate if “kneegr0w” were to be replaced by “j00”, and if “j00” were then to be replaced by “kneegr0w”.

        j00z & kneegr0wz really are mirror images of one another, right down to their photographic negatives, and the opposite sides of the IQ bell curves which they occupy.

        There’s even the perfect symmetry between Passive Aggression & Active Aggression [a j00 will mμrder you with a cl0t-sh0t, a kneegr0w will mμrder you with a 2×4].

        • Because one is the mischling child of the other.

          Whites happened to be the right combination to open the gates of heaven.

          The Seeding or radiant panspermia layer. To which we seek to rise.

          The Afro-Aryan mischlings, unfortunately, were literally the right combination to open the gates to hell.

          The bestial, organic formative layer, the Muck. Which must, by its function, drag all things back into it.

          It is not that they are alone in this, by far; it is that all races are so very close to its seductive pull. The ends of their own spectrum, cannibals with smarts, are driven by a Power not that of the Light.

          As to that famous “highest IQ” trope, it too is a propagandistic fraud.

          A deliberate, cherrypicked “study” of 250 undergrads in an elite school were tested, a test originally devised by their own in the late Scofield era..

          The very best of their very best could only average 115, yet this was trumpeted endlessly as proof of their overall superiority.

          The Puritans were intelligent men and women too, yet somehow, despite their inherited inferiority, they built a civilization, rather than a porn, Pride, or child trafficking industry.

      • Tired Citizen: As Bourbon has noted, that still leaves the machinations of the Jews. And the highly similar behavioral patterns of the subcons. And the bugmen striving of east Asians.

        When people claim the ‘elites’ want to eliminate 90+% of people on the planet, I can agree with the number but not the group to be eliminated. Start off a new world with the 50% of the world’s remaining White people who don’t hate themselves and their history (so perhaps 60% out of 8% of the world’s poplation) and I think we could work from there.

        I have no personal or particular animus against Samoans or Thais, but if we assume any sort of modern communication or travel, I wouldn’t choose to take the risk. In lieu of some sort of unenforceable ban on the media and travel and inter-racial marriage or adoption, just have a world of varying nations of White people. That is ample diversity for me.

        • Oh, hear, hear.
          We really are the Solution mandated by the very design of Creation.

          The counteragent to resist the pull of the bestial Hell layer, the neverending Wheel of pain and death, and break free to the Radiant above, fulfilling the highest function of why a biosphere forms in the first place.

          The others were already limited by what they are, but we gave away too much, too freely, feeding the stray cats until they take over the house.

    • Who are we? White people. A people being targeted by the government and the elites.

      To what end? The defense of our race and culture. This defense is increasingly for our very lives through organized violence that the government condones.

      What authority? The right to self defense. You know, like the jews claim that they can take any action for “self defense.” Except that ours is more logical and needed.

    • I don’t think people care about being called a racist in and of itself. I don’t think it is shame that is the root of the problem, rather the power of the enforcers. Calling you a racist is not an attempt to shame you, it is an attempt to make you an outlaw, in the old sense of the word. As an outlaw, society, institutions and the state have no obligation to you, up to and including protecting you from physical violence and removing your “right” to self defense. At a minimum, it is to deprive you of the ability to support yourself, but can include sending you to prison for self defense, like the McMichaels and Michael Drejka. It is the modern equivalent of blasphemer.

      • Outlaw, used as in merry old England, is a good analogy. Too bad more people don’t have a understanding of history in these matters. For those, I might use more modern analogies. Deeming people “racist” is merely an example of “othering”. It follows the age old process of “demonize, marginalize, destroy…”. Modern examples abound.

    • What to do about blacks? Separate from them and then bar them. In any future nation-state, the complete absence of negroes is almost of equal importance to the overwhelming preponderance of whites.

      • True freedom of association entails your restrictions (bars them). Can’t have one without the other. I’d also note that, even with the “leaky” system we had prior to the Civil Rights Act, we as a society were able to coexist with the Blacks and other minorities. They had their areas, we had ours. Which always leads me to the real problem we have today (leaving out illegal migration for the moment)–the absolute destruction of “freedom of association” as we once knew it and practiced it.

        • True. But I would argue that the creation of Whiteland (a political embodiment of freedom of association) at some point in the future is far more feasible than restoring the concept of freedom of association within the context of AINO’s political culture. We’ll never see “white only” swimming pools again.

      • They are just the most obvious aspect of the problem. If not for our small hatted friends, they wouldn’t be a problem. Take the NAACP, for an example. It didn’t even employ blacks. Their extremely high rates of slave ownership, increased the number of slaves. Their involvement in the slave trade.

        Had America been exclusively White and Black, probably most of the problems wouldn’t even exist. The problem might even have been entirely solved by now.

        • “Had America been exclusively White and Black, probably most of the problems wouldn’t even exist.”

          Possibly, although I doubt it. But if there were no blacks in America we KNOW these problems wouldn’t exist. And, at any rate, the mere presence of negroes presents an insoluble aesthetic problem. The only sure solution is a land without them. And it goes without saying that the same goes for Jews.

          • There used to be no blacks, or Arabs, in Britain, Sweden, Germany, Italy etc. That was “rectified”

  24. The good news is that non-white and younger white Americans can’t answer even one of the three questions, at least not in a way that keeps the country together.

    The bad news is that the group that controls the commanding heights of society can answer each of those question quite clearly.

    That will be conflict going forward. How does the cohesive tribe hold together and control a larger society that 1) has no sense of who we are; 2) has wildly divergent purposes; and 3) is losing faith in the govt’s authority.

    We see that now with the Israeli-Hamas war. Most whites don’t care while liberal whites and non-whites side with the Israelis. In response, the tribe has unleashed an unprecedented media and money campaign to shut everyone up. It likely will work, but other issues will crop up more and more.

    There’s also the rise of other groups who do know who they are (for example, Indians), do know their purpose (gain wealth and power) and do have an independent authority (their people).

    Whites, of course, are the lynchpin to the whole thing. In the last few years, I’ve seen more awareness by everyday whites of the anti-white agenda and propaganda than I had previously seen in my lifetime. Whites are waking up to their status in society and don’t like it.

    That said, enough whites aren’t close to answering the big three questions – yet. However, we are dramatically closer than we’ve ever been.

    But until some group or collection of groups can take on the ruling tribe, which is very powerful and very cohesive, no big change will come. However, there’s no doubt that the tide is turning.

    • Great comment. The ruling tribe is losing its grip and mind, though, and seems perfectly capable of taking everyone out with them. That’s been the running undertone ever since they brought us to the brink of nuclear war over Ukraine. Everything is dissolving and fragmenting in the meantime and there really is no way to maintain the control they once had.

      • The tribe was tripped up by negative identity. The rise of the Holocaust story as central to Jewish identity (at least American and European Jews) meant that their relationship with whites changed. It became a caged death match to them.

        Their whole existence became about destroying the ability of whites – particularly, white Christians – to attack Jews or even limit Jews in any way. The purpose of the Jewish people (question #2) was to bring whites to their knees, not to promote the welfare of the Jewish people – though they considered them to be the same thing.

        (They were wrong because the Holocaust story has been so distorted from reality.)

        As such, they went on a campaign to undermine white culture and pride, flood the West with immigrants and promote minorities above the white majority.

        And what do you know. It worked. Whites were brought to their knees.

        Now, however, the tribe has to deal with its motley crew of foreign mercenaries who view them as just another tribe (albeit an extremely powerful tribe) and whites are realizing what they’ve lost.

        Oh, and at the same time, GAE is slowly fading.

        The tribe is an immensely talented bunch, but their skills lie more in gaining power than in using it. They like to work behind the scene, but that becomes much harder when you’re in charge. I mean, look at Biden’s cabinet.

        But, yes, it will be much harder for the tribe to maintain control moving forward than in the past.

        On top of all the structural problems, there’s the fact that the Ashkenazi are losing population and their next generation doesn’t seem all that great compared previous generations. Then, there’s Israel’s demographics. Not good.

        Things are about to get bumpy.

        • Talented yet very unstable and impulsive people at the same time–thank God. Imagine if they could keep it together for longer periods. In far different ways, they are just as dependent on whites as blacks, though, and now are filling the sting of the dog catching the car thingy. My concern is they try to take the world out with them, and we’ve seen glimmers of that possibility in the Ukraine.

          • Jews are a middle-man people. They aren’t farmers and builders. They’re merchants. And the group where their merchant skills operate best is with Europeans.

            So, yes, Jews are somewhat dependent on whites. The Asians won’t let them in. The Indians are poor and hyper-aware of Jews, so not very fertile ground.

            Without white countries in Europe, N. America, Australia and NZ or white-led countries in South America, Jews would be forced to be middle-man merchants in the Middle East. It’s a living, but not great.

            As whites decline, so too will Jewish power and well-being. History loves irony.

          • Barbara Spectre released a documentary about the NGO network built with Holocaust reparations. “Paieia”, I think.

            It’s sole purpose is the destruction of the Westphalian ideal. Savage wars amongst us brought a truculent solution: sovereign borders.

            To prevent the rise of nationalism, Spectre states, one must undermine or destroy the nation states.

            That sweet little old lady is directly responsible for the rapes and murders of countless young Caucasian European girls.

            She fears nationalism because organized Europeans have the power to fight globalism/communism. They don’t fear a world gov’t, because they will control it.

    • Unfortunately, it is going to take something a lot more than a vague sense of our newly perceived status as the bad guy in the script.

      If you take Dublin and dial to 11, that would be a good start. 75 years of trying to pretend everything will be alright made this necessary. People need to figure out that compliance is voluntary and that the other side is not playing a game and that they need to act accordingly.

  25. As a Christian nationalist myself:

    >”Who are we?”
    We are the Christian nationalists. If you want a further explanation, I’ll crib from Evola by saying that our principles are those that, before the French Revolution, everyone considered sane and normal.

    >”To what end?”
    The restoration of Western Civilization, which has three ingredients: the White race, the Christian religion, and the cultural heritage of the Greco-Roman ancients. All three must be returned to their pre-1789 positions in our society, and as such, the Enlightenment, which scoffed at them all, must be torn out root and branch. We can keep most of the nifty machines (the MRIs and the GPSes stay, the smartphone maybe not), but all of the uppity Dunning-Kruger cases like Voltaire, Jefferson, Marx, FDR, Freud, Steinem, Alinsky, and Dawkins that have blighted our civilization since the mid-18th century get their books chucked on the fire, and any unreformable adherents of theirs get physically removed to distant parts of the globe.

    >”Not to what end?”
    I insert this because knowing what you *aren’t* trying to do is just as important as knowing what you *are* trying to do. In our case, our goals do not include the preservation of the power of the Global American Empire, nor even the continued existence of the United States as a single political unit. “Christian nationalist” can mean that you are a Texas nationalist or a Florida nationalist or an Idaho nationalist. Many of us view Washington, DC the same way that Lithuanians viewed Moscow in 1979. We are brought together by common cause against those who say that we are not allowed to have our own nationalisms, understanding that freedom from DC for one means freedom from DC for all. May the National Divorce be peaceful, but let it come soon.

    >”Says who?”
    There are two answers to that question: the moral and the practical. The first one is obvious; “God does”. As for the second, Chairman Mao was not wrong when he noted that all political power springs forth from the barrel of a gun. Who said that you couldn’t go hold your dying grandmother’s hand because of Covid? In the end, men with guns did, so that’s why you stayed home. The gun mattered – the badge and the uniform are a lie we tell each other. The obvious conclusion to this line of thinking is best left unsaid for now, but is so obvious that it really doesn’t need saying.

    • ” Many of us view Washington, DC the same way that Lithuanians viewed Moscow in 1979.”

      In many ways D.C. is more alien to most in the country outside it than Soviet-ear Moscow was to Soviet-era Vilnius.

      • Certainly. However, their “nation” is located (yet to be designated) in sub-Sahara Africa. They were uniquely designed for the continent. 😉

      • Of course they can. For their own nations, which should be separate from White nations.

        Let American blacks have a homeland carved out from already majority-black areas of the Deep South. Send them home, wish them well, build a wall. Let them be Christian nationalists for their homeland.

          • Hear hear, my master and mentor Ostei. My race is my religion.

            The literature is but a temporary vessel, the race that interprets it is the fountain that fills it.

    • AntiDem: “Who said that you couldn’t go hold your dying grandmother’s hand because of Covid? In the end, men with guns did, so that’s why you stayed home. The gun mattered – the badge and the uniform are a lie we tell each other.”

      Judging from what I’ve read about the meatgrinder in the Ukraine [and, to a certain extent, in Palestine], men with guns are now a few rungs down the sociological ladder from men with DRONES.

      Apparently a large number of all rif1e sh0ts being f!red in Ukraine are now emanating from un-manned rif1es, with attached cameras, in bμnkers, where the systems are being controlled via onsite laptop computers [sitting right next to the rif1es], and targetting & sh00ting commands are being received from remote locations via wifi [or underground ethernet cable, or above-ground ethernet cable, or StarLink, or WTFE].

      And there’s been a lot of talk recently about the Pent@gon moving forward with autonomous ki11ing machines [ostensibly to ki11 mμslims & Rμssians & whatnot, but you can be d@mned certain that Lloyd Austin will get a great big un-circμmcised arousal at the thought of directing those autonomous ki11ing machines to obliterate Wh!te Chr!stian P@triots].

      BTW, this is precisely why (((they))) have moved The Other into so many positions of power; because The Other will not flinch at the thought of ki11ing outside of its own Tribe.

      The Big Brain Psychopaths always deploy alien scabs to do their dirty work for them.

    • Attacking your own in a purity spiral is not “common cause”, it is a bid for local power by satraps.

      To grovel, to beg for mercy by liars who would destroy you, in the vain hope that some thread might survive their assumed authority.

      No. We must appeal to our natural mastery, not to the threats and demands by a mask. We must break free of their illusions and spells.

      • Forgive me, this was my reply to AntiDem after reading to the “the uppity Dunning-Kruger cases” paragraph.

        I have not finished reading his comment.

  26. Given that most of what we do is critique or engage in, “can you believe this new outrage”, I think it would be good to see today’s post as a challenge. I would love to see us all answer these three questions. Here is my attempt:

    Who are we?
    We are the people of the European continent whose homelands comprise all of Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand.

    To what end?
    We exist to perpetuate our kind – for basic survival. We nurture ourselves and cultivate ourselves in order to thrive. We built the most advanced legal, technological, educational, logistical systems the world has ever seen. We built them for ourselves and our posterity. Our ruling regime, to the extent that they are even of us, has betrayed us and forced us to share it all with outsiders. To do so, they persecute and subjugate us and give away our homelands to strangers who these traitors also teach and rouse to hatred by demonizing and vilifying us.

    Now we exist to reclaim our homelands for us and us alone. We will not be ruled by strangers or traitors who open our homelands to invasion and who greet the stranger with gifts that have been stolen from our labor and invention. This is our great project of this dark epoch – to reclaim our homelands and restore them as ours and ours alone. We do this for survival. Without sovereignty and without homelands our people will suffer and die.

    We undertake this endeavor to arrive at the resumption of a higher endeavor. We do this to resume and pursue our destiny unencumbered by strangers, subversives and interlopers. We live and die to reclaim the culture of wonderment, discovery, cooperation, trust, stringent enforcement of boundaries, technological and organizational innovation that flows from our unique genetic and geographic imprints. We will reclaim that so we can be sovereign, happy and free to pursue our destiny. We are the Fathers, Mothers, Sons and Daughters of Europe.

    Who says?
    We say. We say because our genes that sprang from the Gods and the lands they made for us say. It is the existential imperative that We, our Gods and Our lands that say. It is the transcendent imperative to realize and express ourselves as only we can for the betterment of ourselves and the betterment of the world that We, our Gods and Our lands say.

    Now I am not asking the outsider for permission. I am telling you that I have asked the question of myself – for my Gods, my lands and my People. I am here today with the legions of Grand Europa and her sisters, Germania, Frankia, Brittania, Italia, Slaviland, America, Australia, Russa, Grechia. Brothers and sisters, I have one final question for my people. May our foe shudder as you answer. Are you with me!?!?


    The drum’s beat.
    Eminent spear and sword
    Crashing steady onto shields
    Pulsing from conviction’s breast
    The hearts of all legions

    Whck! Whck!
    Whck! Whck!

    The sons and daughters of Europe
    All assembled
    All aroused

    We are the existential
    Our striving the transcendent
    The Imperative is ours alone
    Dripping from our sweat
    Surging from our hearts through our bones and muscle
    Glowing in our eyes

    Rise Men and Women of Europe

    Mars Exulti!

    • “Who are we?
      We are the people of the European continent whose homelands comprise all of Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand.”

      Professor Samuel Huntingdon, one of the last original New Dealers, is best remembered for his CLASH OF CIVILIZATIONS, which was the prescient answer to Francis Fukuyama’s END OF HISTORY. He is not remembered for his last and most prophetic book, WHO ARE WE?, and in fact prior to his death was vilified and destroyed over it. Huntingdon correctly foresaw that flooding the nation with people from non-Northern European nations would collapse it. His entire thesis proved to be eerily correct. That was published thirty years ago now.

      From the standpoint of the nation-state, the question now is “who will we be?” The “are” is long gone.

      • Zman often asks this question when he says we must decide what can be built given the current demographics. Probably a good topic for a post or three.

      • From the standpoint of the nation-state, the question now is “who will we be?” The “are” is long gone.

        We are entering a new era and that is the big question. What will be next. Looking at the TFR with the white WASP types not replacing themselves it appears we will be something darker in the future with the dark continent reproducing like bunnies.

        I don’t foresee the hordes invading from the south being able to maintain the society and civilization they are intent on taking over. The small hats lack the capacity to understand the essential nature of the WASPy types to maintain our current super complex civilization. I suspect when the capable and competent boomers and Gen X start to die off the competency drain will be more than the system can withstand and survive.

        How long will it take for America to look like Africa when there is no one left who knows how to do the maintenance on the machinery of our complex society.

    • I agree with your answers to the three questions. But the answers imply a declaration of war against not only the current regimes but against all the people who came here who shouldn’t be here. A war we are most certainly not ready for.

      We do not have physical power. Therefore we frankly need subterfuge. We need two sets of answers, an internal and an external. There is something in Europeans that wants to fight openly, that finds the whole idea of secret agendas dishonorable. A sense of chivalry.

      The problem is, it is the necessary tool of those who do not have the power to decide their collective fate because of more powerful enemies. We need to use stealth or we will be crushed

      • Moran ya Simba –

        I am enjoying all of your comments today. I see your point. It doesn’t have to be a declaration of war. Also, in different homelands we are in different situations.

        In America we do need a strong and intentional collective statement of identity, collective well-being and assertion that we will no longer tolerate the crime, overt genocidal rhetoric, the brazen discrimination and dispossession via the sinecure and patronage network.

        We have the power to assert that. Moreover, in doing so, when it is met with hostility it will only strengthen our numbers and our resolve and most importantly, further delegitimize The Regime. I do agree with your point about an internal set of questions and answers and an external set of statements, postures and behaviors.

        All of this can only be straightened out with IRL organization. I don’t mean street politics, I mean organization and activity that is focused on positive identity and nurturing of ourselves and our folk. We are too large in number and importance still to simply go into the shadows. I think that is what the system wants. That is why they intimidate with lawfare. No. We must be visible, assertive, confident and strong in public being very smart about how we do it.

        It is OK To Be White

        • Excellent points and thanks.. You’re probably right, we are too many to just be railroaded. Even though they’re doing that with surprising success. My thinking on what is happening and what we need are very much works in progress

  27. “If there is to be a revolt against the modern age, the people doing the revolting will first have to tackle the three big questions. In other words, the opponents of the present order must learn from the creators of the present order, the people behind the civil rights movement,”

    The creators of the present order, the woke brigade, the Cultural Marxists, whatever you want to call them, are well-funded. Probably by the chosen ones and their fellow travelers. The chosen ones have a clear identity and a sense of shared purpose that furthers their communal objectives. That is a tremendous advantage, the ace of trumps. Self-defined Christian nationalists have no such advantage. The problem is that any such movement that shilly-shallies about common ethnicity is almost doomed to fail. Ethnic bonding is key and the rest follows merely as corollary.

  28. There is no “we,” no “purpose,” no “who” who says. We see this in action from time to time with contradictory policies and morality. There is no settled policy on the Israel-Hamas war, by way of example, because different factions have decided to fetishize different tribes. Put simply there is no centralized authority because there is no common purpose and leader. The system’s devil, the white man, served as a common focus until the object of hate no longer could assure continuity. We aren’t far from situations like the State Department coming to blows with the Defense Department while both turn on the judiciary over a ruling on an executive decision.

    This cannot hold and there is no reaction that could compel it to do so. Dissolution and fragmentation are well underway and that only will accelerate. We will (and do) have nihilism rather than straight up collapse. Warlords and generals and dictators may fill the void in various locales eventually but by whose authority and for what purpose and for whom? All those things will shift constantly. The factions no longer even have geographic coherence let alone racial and philosophical commonality. The remaining thread and bind is economic and it is fraying.

    You laid out the correct three questions but there are no answers to them other than chaos. How could it be otherwise? The brute force now employed only works for a bit. Pray that it ends bloodlessly as possible but expect otherwise.

  29. It IS a theological question imo, the real JQ: are we Jews?

    Goes back to the beginnings of Western civ, never answered conclusively. That’s our weak spot, our internal contradiction.

  30. Effeminate Christianity is a failure. It’s a damn blasphemy, too, but I’m repeating myself.
    If Deus Vult were to get dusted off it would have a lot better traction, which is why the softly spoken by softer hands and waistbands is foisted so hard.
    For the time being, purging the filth would check two boxes and I’m making a safe bet that God’s authority might still work for the third.
    Needed: clam shells and a couple of Hypatia’s. Put your keys in the basket and the fun begins.

  31. I’ll give it a go.

    Who are we? We are European descended peoples. We are White.
    What is our purpose? To overthrow our Jewish rulers and expel the non-Whites from a continuous territory and establish self-rule.
    What is our authority. Survival of our kind is our moral basis. We place the survival of our nation higher than any other social interest.

    • But Jews are also white. In fact other than Sammy Davis junior I can’t think of a non white Jew although I am sure there are plenty of them.

      • Well, I’d assume that those white Jews wouldn’t be too thrilled with our purpose, so problem solved.

      • You are of course correct that Jews sometimes claim to be White. This is a problem. I amend the statement to replace “White” with “Xaxxon” and definitionally exclude those of Jewish identity.

        • Yes the Jews sometimes cousin to be white when it suits their purposes. When it doesn’t, they claim to be a put-upon minority in need of justice. Like now with the whole anti-semitic hate crime panic. Every time you dig, there is at least one (or more) working to undermine our country and culture.

      • If you listen more closely, you may find that many of them disagree with you, although they don’t often announce it like J-Pod. You may even come to suspect that they see this distinction as foundational to their identity.

        (If you don’t know who J-Pod is, you may want to look into it. He and Bill Kristol are the living heirs of neoconservitism.)

      • I used to struggle with the “Are Jews white?” question. It is certainly true that Ashkenazim have white skin and basically look like us. However, genetically, Ashkenazim are 25-30 percent Semitic as opposed to Caucasian, and it is clear that the genetic difference expresses itself very vividly in terms of behavior and beliefs. Hence, it is clear to all but the very blindest of whites that the large majority of Ashkenazim view themselves as something other than white and view whites as enemies. Indeed, such people are far more sympathetic to negroes, with whom they share no genetic material and very little history, than to whites.

        Ultimately, what I’m saying is that the combination of genetic divergance and inimical behavior and belief answer the “Are Jews white?” question in the negative.

  32. The fundamental issue we have to face, I think, is that the USA — the currently constituted political entity — simply can’t answer those questions. Like the Austro-Hungarian Empire, it’s merely a collection of wildly different tribes held together by force and inertia, mainly the latter.

    In the case of the AHE, it was an accident of the feudal system. In the GAE, it was deliberate policy, but either way, the answers to those fundamental questions can’t be found inside the current political entity. There is no answer that will satisfy all the mutually hostile tribes. Therefore, disaggregation is the only reasonable way forward (“reasonable” here meaning “with as little bloodshed as possible, though probably still a LOT”).

    • I’ll try and step into the mind of the normie for a second.

      The US government and normies certainly can’t answer the first question (“Who are we?”). Not sure it could have ever answered the first question. The US was birthed into the world as a restive confederation of disparate northern European (white) peoples. It is now becoming a restive amalgamation of disparate world peoples. Everyone knows this, and the goal is make sure everyone gets along.

      The second Q’s (“What is our purpose?”) answer is to spread liberty and democracy and economic prosperity around the world. More recently, to spread equality and equity as well. Sounds trite and even sinister to us, but to most normies and the media and political classes, it’s a wonderful goal.

      The third Q’s (“By what authority?”) answer is a vague notion of human decency. Liberals often say they are “humanitarian” or for “human rights” or are “secular humanist” and this is the higher power that guides them. It’s the post-WW2 indoctrination that Westerners are free and decent, and everyone else is living in certain levels of tyranny.

      • It wasn’t a disparate group; it was mostly English people.

        They would have laughed at the idea of you calling them nothern European peoples.

        • Mostly English with Scots and Irish thrown in, and some Dutch for seasoning. (Africans were a sizeable minority, but they, of course were chattel.) Though the whites of Pennsylvania and those of Boston and of Charleston were pretty disparate. To our time, no; to their time, yes. Also, there was a palpable sense of “difference” between European peoples. To this day, the English have a sense of kinship with Germans and Scandos, but not with French or other Meds. The butter-oil / ale-wine line was a big deal.

      • This is a good synopsis. Sure, it sound ridiculous to us, but that’s what Normies believe. The question is whether that will be enough for the country to hold together.

        The problem/opportunity is that non-whites and many young whites don’t believe what Normies believe about who we are, our purpose and by what authority.

      • “The second Q’s (“What is our purpose?”) answer is to spread liberty and democracy and economic prosperity around the world. More recently, to spread equality and equity as well.”

        Most recently, to spread sodomy and child sacrifice thoughout the world. I am of the opinion that a negative identify fighting that will eventually lead us to the positive identity.

        Who are we? We fight against sodomy and child sacrifice.
        Why? Because it’s evil as are the people that engage in it.
        Who says? God

        Three steps to spiritual renewal

        • A pretty good example of why the end point must be a return to Christianity. The must be a reference to evil and what that entails.

        • The GAE exists to impose diversity and perversity upon all peoples, whether they want it nor not. (And most emphatically do not.) Not for nothing did Ploppy recently dub it The Anal Empire.

          • You cited some means, not ends. The GAE acts to elevate rapacious, irresponsible capital and to subvert resistance to worldwide Jewish white supremacy. This has become obvious since Tuesday, 11 September, 2001.

        • Which “God”? Many have been proposed. None have any clear, convincing evidence in their favor. Seemingly cogent arguments for one in particular are always knocked down, which could explain why so many different arguments have been concocted. The god (or gods?) of Jewish white supremacists has been popular, but the more we study the history of the supremacists and their theocratic literature, the more mysterious their origins become.

          During the past two or three decades, one of our own scholars has developed the hypothesis that their Torah was fabricated at Alexandia at about the same time as the Septuagint. If correct, that would make their Instruction, a syncretic work, about 2300 years old. Here’s a video of him discussing his ideas with a former Calvinist.

          How Old Is The Hebrew Bible || Russell Gmirkin

    • Great analogy citing the austro Hungarian empire of the early 20th century with our own. I read a book a few years ago called A Mad Catastrophe that neatly detailed the issues they had in the years up to and including WW one. The parallels to our own time are astonishing. Among other things, we have our blacks, they had their hungarians

        • Ha! I have had the pleasure of working with some hungarians. I should point out that hungarians are smart, white , and nothing like our current favored minority. I meant more in terms of the concessions made to placate them. No need for a duel on this point

        • Yup, the magyars broke off and made their own, highly functional country (it’s a shame they bet wrong on WW2). Can you imagine trying to build a country made up of our special brown people? It would become Haiti in no time, so we’d be on the hook to support them anyway. We’re stuck with obsolete farm implements no matter what I’m afraid

    • The tribes of AINO are considerably more mutually antagonistic–because more fundamentally different–than were those of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. That AINO continues to shamble about is a malefic miracle.

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