The Immorality Of Immigration

On this side of the great divide there has been a lot of discussion about the role of altruism in the current crisis. Altruism run-amok is often blamed for things like open borders and the so-called woke subculture. Something went haywire in Western people in the last century, and we now care more about total strangers than we care about our closest relatives. Altruism is killing the West.

The trouble with this is there is no answer as to why. Why did Western people suddenly go bonkers in this way? Perhaps the answer lies in the idea of moral preferences, the decision-making process we use to choose the right thing, or the wrong thing, in the many small transactions of life. Human societies are moral societies, so we are trained up into a framework that guides our moral choices in life.

Perhaps somewhere in the last century that mechanism has been hijacked in such a way that it is immoral to think we have preferences at all. Note that everyone seems to be compelled to justify even the smallest choices. If you say you do not like onions on your burger you are expected to say something about onions being one of the least popular condiments for burgers.

In other words, you cannot have preferences just because you are a human being with free will and the right to choose. You must always justify your preferences against some standard that exists outside your personal preferences. In the case of immigration, you must justify any opposition to it in economic or security terms. You cannot simply say “I do not want this” and leave it at that.

That is the show this week. I use the topic of immigration to talk about why we have to justify our preferences when there is no reason we should. I also finish off with an explanation for why any immigration is immoral by default. The narrow exceptions are so narrow that they are not worth considering. The people who want immigration, therefore, must confront the immorality of immigration.

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This Week’s Show


  • Introduction
  • Economics
  • Importing A Smart Fraction
  • Your Preferences Count
  • The Morality of Immigration

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154 thoughts on “The Immorality Of Immigration

  1. If in times to come every school and university burned, all these bad and inhuman preferences would mitigate to negligible levels.

    Basic literacy can be taught at home in reading and math, the internet, libraries or tutors the rest.

    I think you’ll also find the school’s and educational establishment are the frame, foundation and bedrock of their system from local to global, and the most expensive and permeating government where you live. Most of your tax burden as well.

  2. There’s an even stronger moral argument than that immigration devalues our sense of citizenship (it’s a good argument but some people will say they don’t care about that) – there’s an argument that should appeal to even those who claim to *want* more immigration. The argument is that immigration drains the developing world of the fittest, most intelligent, most thrusting people, leaving their countries populated by the dregs. By accepting immigrants from a third world country, our politicians are condemning that country, bereft of its best people, forever to be an economic basket-case. This is nothing less than depredation of the first world upon the third, elevating a minority, but immiserating the millions who remain behind.

    • The same argument can and should have been made regarding the integration of the country. When the talented tenth left the black neighborhoods to enter the white man’s world, what he left behind devolved into today’s Detroit, Baltimore, and East St. Louis.

    • Pretty hard for the so-called “developing world” to develop when everybody with an IQ above room temperature flees into the waiting amrs of the Blue-eyed Ice Devil.

  3. There’s a sever or eight year old movie called Mother that is a good parable of the situation wrt the morality of immigration.

    Probably unintentionally so, which is why the movie was memory holed almost instantly.

    In the movie, a man and wife move into an old house in the country and begin fixing it up. She learns early on that she’s pregnant with their first child. Shortly after that, some strangers show up at the house – i think they say their car had broken down. Are invited in and proceed to flatter the husband. Which he enjoys immensely. To the point that he invites them back repeatedly, and they begin brining along greater numbers of friends each time. He basks in their adulation and begins neglecting his wife and the house. The situation continues escalating to the point of loud parties on a regular basis causing his wife great distress.

    Eventually, she has the baby while one of the large parties is happening. The mob demands to see the baby and proceeds to kill it with rough handling – all while the husband is basking in the mobs adulation and unconcerned with the fate of his wife and child.

  4. If it wasn’t for immigration we could just hunker down and wait for the brain plagues of woke to exhaust themselves. Immigration is the reason we can’t wait. Because the wenches will have destroyed society beyond repair by the time they start waking up.

  5. Great show as usual, though I think you might have mentioned your real name there at one point, if it matters.

    • One of his pseudonyms is Christopher (Chris) Zeeman, which may or may not be based on his actual name.

  6. What happened in the last century? Easy: 19A. The empathy voter gave us compassion over common sense; emotion over logic and whining over force – and it is force that government is about. It is why there never has been a successful matriarchy.

    Women’s suffrage begins with “Oh that poor ____ we must do something to help them!” Said ____ being illegal immigrants, incarcerated thugs, crappy teachers, illiterate thug students, street criminals, murderers who had a bad childhood, etc. It is the replacement of adulthood with perpetual pre-adolescence. It is the rejection of personal responsibility and the rise of every single social pathology attacking the West today – from millions of illegals to below-replacement fertility, and everything in between.

    Turns out we can have a safe, free, educated and prosperous society… or … women’s suffrage. Who knew? You mean apart from the very beginnings of Western Civ? EVERYONE KNEW; Eve and Pandora were female for a reason. Suffrage overturned thousands of years of culture and Darwinian evolution (you know why women get lost? They never had to develop directional ability to find their way home after a hunt – they were cooking and raising kids…) because women WANTED to.

    • I will vote for any candidate that proposes repealing the 19th Amendment, no matter what the rest of his platform is. He can promise to genocide every German-Irish male over the age of 50 and I’m still pulling the lever for him.

      Kinder, Küche, Kirche. And even in church you need to keep them in line.

    • Alexander Scipio: “The empathy voter gave us compassion over common sense; emotion over logic and whining over force – and it is force that government is about. It is why there never has been a successful matriarchy.”

      As I’m saying below here, to Apex Predator, I don’t think it’s empathy.

      I think it’s Cluster-B searching for the virtue-snivelling social-ladder-climbing Dopamine Hits.

      I don’t think there’s any empathy involved whatsoever.

      There’s just “Daddy, you will pay attention to me Me ME ME ME, and one way or another, I will get my Dopamine Hits!!!!!”

      “Even if I have to shave my head & die my armpit hair green and get tiddy-ectomies & a radical hysterectomy, Daddy, you will pay attention to Me ME ME ME ME!!!!!


    • Certainly the 19th A was a disaster. So was lowering voting age to 18. Illegal immigration has many fathers, however. Businesses wanted cheap labor for agriculture, hospitality, food service, etc. then you have the academics screaming about the evils of colonialization so that everyone hates America. then you have so-called minorities banding together, politically. Mix in the feminization of our culture, and you have a potent brew.

  7. There is a name for this. It’s called “pathological altruism.” Big difference between giving someone or someone’s a leg up, and sacrificing your own best interests to the point of self distruction. A good analogy would be, you invite strangers into your home, and tell them… help yourself to anything you want. Eat, drink, play with anything, smash the dishes, take anything, feel free to trash the place, set it ablaze etc… But bear in mind. We are not all like this, or even a majority. The people who suffer from pathological altruism simply control all the levers of power, and hold the megaphone. More often than not, they are like your neighbors in the scenario I described above saying “go ahead and help yourself to my neighbors property, belongings. They are willing to burn it all down for the “feeling” of being a do gooder. At everyone, and anyone else’s expense.

  8. Very Off topic–

    Since I brought it up yesterday. If you are truly interested in DMT and some of its profound effects re: spirituality / the God question. Some brain food for you. This is a compelling study since its over 2500 participants. One line that caught my eye particularly since you are claiming “atheist” as your state of being.

    ‘More than half of those who identified as atheist before the experience no longer identified as atheist afterwards.’

    Not quite an NDE, but pretty damn close. It may even answer your mechanistic questions, though not necessarily. The only downside is that it was an online survey vs. a controlled clinical environment. I.E. people who responded probably have some positive bias towards DMT. Fascinating shit either way IMHO if you are into spiritual questions, teleology, philosophical ramblings, etc.

    • If it takes chemicals to see God, doesn’t that imply a materialistic explanation of the phenomenon?

      • You are a giant walking bag of meat & chemicals. This is pretty inescapable as part of the human condition. Your consciousness just resides in your ‘meat robot’ so it could just be that -particular- chemical pulls the veil back a little more than normal. It could be argued that religious experiences also cause brain state changes (they do, there is some clinical evidence behind this) so this is just a “shortcut” to the same place. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

        I don’t claim to be an expert on any of this, I just find it utterly fascinating.

  9. The global conception of morality results, I would argue, in a distortion of morality rather than its fulfillment. Ethics could be defined as a sense of responsibility toward other human beings and the consequent willingness to put restraints on one’s own behavior. As a personal development, a sense of ethics normally originates in the family and among those we are close to and then is extended outward in widening circles to other human beings. The distortion of this natural basis of morality is brought about when it is applied in the abstract to collectivities of human beings, or even to the human race as a whole. Even thoughtful liberals are beginning to realize the impossible burden such an obligation places on human nature. As Christopher Lasch has written:

    ‘My study of the family suggested that the capacity for loyalty is stretched too thin when it tries to attach itself to the hypothetical solidarity of the whole human race. It needs to attach itself to specific people and places, not to an abstract ideal of universal human rights. We love particular men and women, not humanity in general. The dream of universal brotherhood, because it rests on the sentimental fiction that men and women are all the same, cannot survive the discovery that they are not.’

    This sentimental fiction arises, I think, when we take our own personal experience of love of ethical responsibility and say: ‘because I feel this for one or a few people, and because this feeling is good, I must feel the same way toward everyone, I must act on the same basis toward the entire human race as a collective whole.’

    Once people have taken this stand, and especially if they try to convert it into public policy, all rational limits of common sense or self-interest are thrown out the window. Ultimately, this obligation must be imposed by political force, since no one can actually love the whole human race. What starts, then, as a personal sense of compassion and responsibility for individuals ends as a collectivized ethics which compels men to love the foreigner (not just the individual foreigner, but all foreigners) more than their own.

    – Lawrence Auster, The Path to National Suicide – An Essay on Immigration and Multiculturalism, page 79.

    • There is a biblical basis for this also, loving one’s neighbor as one’s self, the good samaritan etc.

      • Luke 10:25-10:36…

        And, behold, a certain lawyer stood up, and tempted him, saying… WHO IS MY NEIGHBOUR?

    • I’ve long suspected that most white men would rather see their chldren sold and their wives passed around rather than even be perceived as racists.

      There is no level of hell for racism or antisemitism or misogyny. But there is one for impious traitors

      • actual white “altruistic” hierarchy, top to bottom: people on TV, people who remind you of people on TV, people who rape and murder your children, people who chemically castrate your sons, people who say they hate you and want you dead and are contracting third parties to kill you, “based” minorities, everybody else, people somewhat like yourself

    • Auster was a piece of work. Cantankerous and harsh. David Horowitz once said that Larry caused him more headaches than all of his other writers combined.

      Auster was pivotal in my development 15 years ago and I owe him a big debt.

      Darkly funny story: A smart lady who commented on Auster’s site had her own blog called “Thinking Housewife.” She was quite critical of those who noticed Larry’s ethnicity and wondered how it may influence his outlook. When Larry was dying, this woman actually took him in, which was immensely kind. A few years later, she was quite willing to consider the questions that she had previously rejected.

      • She’s a family friend. She mused he would not like her views now! I think he died at least 10 years ago. She swears he converted to Catholicism.

        • Holy (Dominating, Smothering) Mother Church does rather tend to be the favoured deathbed refuge of overwrought Homos.

          The pitch obviously worked and he was a good catch.

          (I’ll get my coat.)

        • The Spanish Inquisition was largely about forcing them to convert to Catholicism. While I am not suggesting that Auster’s conversion was not genuine, it demonstrates that there are loyalties that command deeper loyalty than what religion you profess.

          • Torquemada, who lead the inquisition, was a converso.

            Jews were herded to:

            Amsterdam banking industry for the soon to emerge Dutch East Indies company.

            to Morocco
            to the just opened up new world.

            Think slave trading. And,
            There is a book: Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean: How a Generation of Swashbuckling Jews Carved Out an Empire in the New World in Their Quest for Treasure, Religious Freedom–and Revenge Paperback

    • I think auster is spot on. Before I ever read him, felt like most people concidered their own immediate family, then MAYBE 1st cousins. But then it was all of humanity. There was no grades of piety,, it was children/parents then right to all humanity.

      Lots of reasons for that including technology and individual istic philosophy

  10. THe industrial revolution basically doubled the lifespan of women, then we gave them the right to vote. Thats why the West is behaving irrationally. Women. And what have they done in return for being more privileged and fortunate than ever before? Vote for open borders, higher taxes for men, free handouts for themselves, no fault divorce, the right to kill their babies, and special laws forcing universities and corporations to prioritize them. Changes like this happen so slowly, no man alive remembers why he has to jump through endless hoops to make a girl happy enough to agree to let him by her a house and pay her bills for 50 years. The single group that achieved more than any other in all of history, white men, have been reduced to batteries for groups that achieved next to nothing, women and POCs.

    • Mass immigration’s acceptance is based on societal trust of strangers…This is only true of those societies populated by natives of the UK and European countries west of the Hajnal Line, which is basically Europe west of the Ukraine and doesn’t include southern Italy. Those areas were characterized by manorial feudalism…So Eastern Europe, Russia, and the Balkans aren’t included….So it’s not surprise that Poland and Hungary have rejected the EU’s push for open borders..The problem is that this trust makes sense for white people with similar backgrounds, but makes no sense for grifters from 3d world countries, and is indeed suicidal…..It was no accident that US immigration was originally restricted to “white men of good character.”

  11. I’m going to go a bit meta: The topic of immigration forces us to notice that no one ever voted for our current immigration mess. Our government is absolutely committed to massive immigration and open borders, despite that fact that some polls say that a plurality of Americans do not favor these policies.

    This forces us to consider that our immigration problems are a result of greater forces than the will of the people. Some candidates for these greater forces:

    • Loss of belief in historic European Christianity
    • Z Man’s favorite, “liberal democracy,” or liberalism approaching its logical conclusion
    • Greed of elites, which manifests as outsourcing jobs and insourcing cheap labor
    • Affluence, which engenders, among other things, pathological compassion/altruism
    • Loss of civilizational confidence by traditional white men, which leads to expanding the voter base and the rising political power of women or minorities
    • “Communism” (Peter Brimelow did a recent video that seems to identify this as primary)
    • You know who I’m talking about but I’ll get in trouble or sneered at if I mention them

    For me, there are two primary causes in the list above. The rest are effects.

    How do we decide which of these contribute most to our current sorry situation?

    The unsatisfying answer seems to be that, when you disagree with someone about the root causes, you look for problems that your opponent’s model cannot explain as well as yours. This is sometimes called abductive logic. I wish there was a more conclusive method for adjudicating these disagreements.

    • Peter zeihan was on some podcast and they were both chumming it up like it was a no brainer the USA needed MORE immigration, otherwise it will collapse! If an economists definition of financial success is based on the assumption that endless population growth is a leading indicator, even from sub saharan african immigration, than these economists have a myopic view that completely disregards the political, cultural, and biological aspect of societal prosperity. Plus 60% of immigrants end up on welfare, so theyre not even factoring in government spending. Its literally just GDP or bust, open the borders to anyone who will come buy stuff here!

      • Zeihan and his former employer Friedman are on record stating that the new Americans will become just as American as the old Americans. Pretty close to a direct quote.

  12. Altruism is the bullshit fed to the college-educated girls so they believe immigrants are just like warm puppies. There are, however, elements in the immigration debate that have much baser motives.

    The first element is neoliberal global capitalism, which seeks cheap labor above all else and is perfectly willing to destroy existing national cultures to get it. We’re used to hearing about how all the immigrants came through Ellis Island for “freedom,” the reality is that we let them in to live in tenements and work in factories for the lowest possible cost. The Progressives of a century ago were absolutely right about this. The capitalists let in millions of Irish and Italians, many of whom were outright criminals and scum (cf. Tammany Hall and The Mob) so that they could get their cheap labor. The Know-Nothings had it figured out by the 1850s but the capitalists were able to buy the politicians until 1924.

    The second element is the entrenched permanent welfare state lobby, embodied by the Democratic Party, that arose from last century’s Progressivism. It needs a continuous supply of illiterate, ignorant, poor and stupid masses to vote for government gibs to keep the government bureaucracies empowered and staffed by well-paid bureaucrats.

    The worst possible thing for the welfare state and the government bureaucracy-lobby is a prosperous, white, self-sufficient middle class that votes Republican and opposes unionized bureaucrats.

    Reagan claimed he was going to shrink the government and eliminate bureaucratic agencies…you can see how well that worked out.

  13. Altruism is not really an explanation for the “bonkers” behavior of Western peoples, even assuming that altruism actually exists (which I deny). Neither is universalism an explanation for their behavior, except as a description applied after the fact. Any attempt to include alien peoples or concepts under a single heading would fulfil a certain definition of universalism, but that is an idea without force. The real motivator, the driver, is civilization itself, which means in this case the desire to organize vast, practical objectives. The same impulse that causes a man to envision a transcontinental railroad or invent a jet engine will also cause in him—indeed, necessitate in him—the desire to spread his “Western” values far and wide. You will not find one without the other.

    It is a matter of some irony that many a frustrated reactionary today upbraids his society for “losing its civilizational confidence” by inviting in foreigners or by catering to the degenerate elements within its midst. It is really quite the other way around. The zeal to bring “the blessings of civilization” to every corner of the world, even to darkest Africa and the south sea islands and one’s own skid row, independently of whether the Africans or any of the others even want Western civilization, is not a sign of a lack of civilizational confidence. It is a sign of supreme civilization confidence, in fact a rude and insistent overconfidence not even capable of the most rudimentary self-reflection. It is the imperturbable insolence of the man who has no doubts, no perplexities, no soul-conflicts, only practical problems and an enormous will to organize.

    For that is the essence of civilization summed up in a few words: demythologization and pragmatic force. This is how civilization is constituted in its own native lands, and there is no limitation to its exercise, no means by which to confine it to any boundaries of place, people, or class. To limit it would be to turn inward and question the meaning of the entire enterprise, and it doesn’t work that way. Since civilization is itself a highly artificial state that will not bear much scrutiny, it is doomed to follow its own internal logic to “advance” at all times. There is nothing else for it to do.

    The reason why every defense of liberal values is heedless of their real-world results is because the spread of liberal values is itself the only result that matters to civilization. The reason that so many arguments are made in terms of economic efficiency and GDP is because these are in fact the metrics of civilization. The reason why foreigners seem preferred to the native population is because the ingrafting of foreigners, like the conquering of the wilderness, is itself the process of civilization. Civilization is a tragic and demonic curse that provides a meaning to restless activity but destroys life in the process.

    • “The real motivator, the driver, is civilization itself, which means in this case the desire to organize vast, practical objectives.”

      So, the impulse to civilize necessitates massive immigration and open borders? It’s not often that I meet someone more pessimistic about our prospects than myself!

      What is the largest community that can exist without this necessity? If we organize a postal system, does that compel massive immigration?

      • If we organize a postal system, does that compel massive immigration?

        At the risk of sounding glib, I venture to say “yes.” I don’t believe anything like a postal system was ever organized by a state that wasn’t already an empire or at least a colonizing power well on the way to becoming an empire. It is the need for rapid communication in the economic sphere and the relaying of news dispatches throughout the domain that necessitates postal systems and the like. Absent those imperatives, they are not needed.

        The Catholic Church, for example, maintained a consistent theology and practice across an ecclesia nearly coextensive with the known world, without either modern communication or ease of travel, because it practiced subsidiarity.

        • And it had a common, official language, across centuries and continents – Latin.
          Now, it is a Tower of Babel. More ‘fruits’ of Vatican II.

    • Interesting post. However, I descry a difference between civilization tout court, and Leftist civilization. Namely, they behave very differently toward alien populations.

      Civilization per se, as in Chinese civilization or white civilization prior to the Cold War, did not evince a civilizing afflatus.They did not feel the need to civilize those without. Now was there conquest? Yes. And in the case of the West, was there exportation of Christianity? Yes. But these phenomena were old-fashioned imperial functions, not impulses to civilize. Whites explored and conquered because they were curious about the world around them, and because they craved riches, not because they desired to turn African savages into poets and violinists. Likewise, Christianity, which proceeded in civilization’s train, was about saving souls, not ennobling them.

      Thus, for the overwhelming majority of Western history, whites had no interest in civilizing the world. And I am convinced that once we’ve escaped the bizarre historical oxbow in which we’re currently enmired, we will return to the true purpose of our civilization, which is improving and rarefying itself.

      • I have to qualify my use of the word “civilization” here. I am a Spenglerian whenever I speak in the specifically historical mode, and for Spenglerians “civilization” refers only to a specific phase in the life-history of one of the great cultures, i.e. the last age, the republican age, the age right before Caesarism obliterates the culture as a vehicle of high symbolism.

        In the Western culture, the civilization period began with the French Revolution and Napoleon, and is winding itself up now. In the Chinese culture, it began with the “Contending States” period and last through the incorporation of the last states into the empire by the Tsin dynasty. Since that time, Chinese culture has been in the fellaheen condition of post-history, so it’s not surprising that they no longer extend anything.

        The only culture that is alive at the present time is the Western culture, and it is currently in the climax of its civilization period. The sequala will be a Western fellaheenism.

    • Thanks for putting some interesting thoughts out there, but I associate myself with Ostei’s take on these things in preference to your conclusions.

    • “Civilization is a tragic and demonic curse that provides a meaning to restless activity but destroys life in the process.”

      I often dig your lucubrations, ID (+1 on the ID bonus big word scale) here at Z blog, especially when you go after the Boss Hisself. But this ‘invective against civilization’ is just inane babble. When in 2040 you – Intelligent Dasein – compile your 12-volume “Intelligent Dasein: The Collected On-line Comments”, you’ll want to leave this one behind. It’s stupid and indefensible.

      Replace ‘civilization’ with ‘wokism’ or ‘communism’ and the sentence could pass muster as a phone-in comment on the Sean Hannity
      program, intelligible if platitudinous (+2 ID bonus for big word!).

      Civilization is a social, historical, cultural fact, a “thing in itself”. It is noteworthy primarily by what it is not: hunting and gathering, clan wars, wandering and filth, pre-literacy, strange gods, and flat-out weird shit that I hate even thinking about. Call me a demonic life-destroyer, but I vote for civilization. Sorry!

      • Please see my reply to Ostei above. I am working from a somewhat different definition of civilization.

  14. I notice the scams are everywhere. Even listening to this podcast, the host (Rumble) is playing scam commercials. Last month Youtube employed a bunch of countermeasures to break adblockers and I was suddenly seeing ads on youtube. Almost every ad I saw was some kind of scam. Google is the same thing, you search for something and the first few ads are just scams. Gab is doing it too. 1/2 the applications in the Googleplay store are fake.

    Whether it’s google, youtube, gab, rumble etc, we need laws that make them liable for the losses incurred by people who fall for these scams. Same with the phones. All these scam calls from India and other places. They have some duty of care that is being breached. It is beyond disgusting that these corporations are making so much money selling scams. They could stop these if they wanted to. But they are making money and so they don’t want to. The phone companies know. Internet companies know. Every single one of them knows what they are doing and could easily stop them. Amazon is loaded with scam/fake products. Walmart (website) too. They could stop the scams, but they don’t want to.

    The “internet economy” is primarily scams. Even when it is functioning properly, it’s very destructive.

    • I bought a concealed carry belt/holster which came to my attention through a youtube ad (and I never would have heard about it otherwise) and it’s the best such thing I have ever owned. I love it.

      • There are some mainstream ads for mundane things like fabric softeners. But there are also a ton of non-skippable 3 minute scam ads like for free energy devices.

        But even if they are only the minority of ads, that doesn’t make it OK. Youtube hyper manages videos on its platform. If you deviate from the narrative you get banned. They need to put this same scrutiny on their advertisers. The only way to make this happen is to make them liable for the losses.

        • Something needs to be done with their algorithm. I don’t understand how YouTube knows I’m watching antique chainsaw repair videos and Forgotten Weapons and decides I need an add with light skinned black people with a tiny dog buying car insurance.

          • Pretty sure the algorithm has a few settings that are hard-coded to true. EVERYONE must watch the mocha hued negroes and their tiny dog. If YT had neo-nazi content you could watch nothing else and they would still show you the mocha people and micro-dog.

    • Ha.

      Privately educated in England but made a career out of pretending to be a working class Irish guy. His dad bought him a house in central London at the same time he was claiming to be a couch surfer.

      None of his public opinions contradicted elite policy.

      • Ho ho!

        Another exampl of why it’s better to know as little as possible about your heroes, fave artists, etc.

        Thanks for that bit of info.

        I liked that song when it came out (am even older than Zman) and remember The Pogues suddenly on SNL and all that. But I always felt that song in particular was just too Professionally Irish. Just trying too hard.

        I remember the shock when the Waterboys suddenly swiitched from being a rock band to doing Fisherman’s Blues. I guess there was a sort of cultural awakening (yet again) going on in Ireland.

        But I guess this guy was following a fine tradition in Brit music. Mick Jagger as I understand it grew up totally middle class and then assumed the persona of a Street Fighting Man. (A terribly skinny effete one.) Even the Beatles actually were working class lads.

  15. I’ve said it a million times: my immigration policy is hockey players and their hot WAGS. That’s it!

    • Somewhere there’s a scenario where we help Canada become the vibrant paradise it wants to be while we import (or annex) their white people.

        • I’d take the Boers- all those rugby players could learn to play hockey.

          Don’t forget, too, that “hockey players and their WAGS” takes in a lot of territory- Sweden, Finland, Russia, Czechia, Slovakia, and many bits of the German speaking world.

          On the other hand, there’s probably enough talent to have a NHL division in Europe, so the Euros can stay home.

  16. A Spanish thinker wrote a book describing our situation. Its title is The revolt of the Masses. He says that of the two classes of society one which demands nothing special of themselves, but for whom to live is to be every moment what they already are, without imposing on themselves any effort towards perfection.The common place has the assurance to proclaim the rights of the common place and to impose them wherever it will. The mass crushes beneath it everything that is different, everything that is excellent, individual, qualified and select.

    • If you consult Wikipedia, you will find a disturbing quote from The Revolt of the Masses, quite jarring from the perspective of Zman’s remarks. You will also find that Ortega y Gassett was a typical enlightenment liberal. It seems to me that we should always ask, “Who bears the burden of proof here?”

      The world has indeed been turned upside down when the crazies are asking reasonable people for reasons.

  17. I view our current predicament as the civil rights era taken to its logical conclusion. Equality is a faux virtue the weak use to justify tearing down the strong. Men were torn down to empower women. Whites were torn down to empower blacks. Heterosexuality was torn down to empower homosexuality. Equality is an artificial and unhealthy, while hierarchy is natural and healthy.

    • Those formerly at the margins are now at the center and vice versa. All part of the Satanic inversion.

    • You’d probably like Aristocratic Utensil on YT.

      Displaced Afrikaaner in Europe. Incredibly entertaining. Has spicier links on Rumble.

    • “The truth is, Colonel, that there’s no divine spark, bless you. There’s many a man alive no more value than a dead dog. Believe me, when you’ve seen them hang each other…Equality? Christ in Heaven. What I’m fighting for is the right to prove I’m a better man than many. Where have you seen this divine spark in operation, Colonel? Where have you noted this magnificent equality? The Great White Joker in the Sky dooms us all to stupidity or poverty from birth. no two things on earth are equal or have an equal chance, not a leaf nor a tree. There’s many a man worse than me, and some better, but I don’t think race or country matters a damn. What matters is justice. ‘Tis why I’m here. I’ll be treated as I deserve, not as my father deserved. I’m Kilrain, and I God damn all gentlemen. I don’t know who me father was and I don’t give a damn. There’s only one aristocracy, and that’s right here – ” he tapped his white skull with a thick finger – “and YOU, Colonel laddie, are a member of it and don’t even know it. You are damned good at everything I’ve seen you do, a lovely soldier, an honest man, and you got a good heart on you too, which is rare in clever men. Strange thing. I’m not a clever man meself, but I know it when I run across it. The strange and marvelous thing about you, Colonel darlin’, is that you believe in mankind, even preachers, whereas when you’ve got my great experience of the world you will have learned that good men are rare, much rarer than you think.”

      • I used to like the book and movie but then I realized it was a bit teary eyed progressive… so I went hard right.

  18. GDP is worthless. The guy who sneaks over the border and knocks up 3 other Mexicans before he kills some innocent White person also makes the GDP go up. GDP includes government spending. So if the 3 women he gets knocked up all go on welfare and section 8, well, the government is paying and that is captured in GDP. Then when they spend the money, those same Dollars are captured in GDP again. His trial and incarceration are also added to the GDP. The lifetime GDP contribution of the White person he killed is not subtracted from the GDP.

    They impose lots of other costs that are simply not recorded anywhere. What’s the lower quality of life in the community he lives in recorded? Of course, it cannot be recorded. The school district their kids are in perform worse and this cost is also not recorded anywhere

    Pretty much all of the economic arguments are fake and that’s why they use them.

    • Yes.
      But GDP is not worthless. It’s just not designed to measure overall wellbeing etc. You have pointed out its obvious defects.
      The problem is that it has been fetishized by midwits to justify all kinds of BS, like immigration and deficit spending.

  19. ‘The trouble with this is there is no answer as to why.’

    Of course there’s a major reason. I was around in Fifties America. It was a masculine-run nation. It worked. Not perfectly, but well.

    The past four decades, the U.S. has been increasingly gynocratic and gyno-centric, meaning increasingly totalitarian. Neither man nor woman, neither Conservative nor Christian nor Progressive, wants that answer. They have empowered daughters and mommies and wives, you see.

    But it is the answer. God clearly ordained that men lead both the Church, and the overall culture. America is a feminist nation, and so it rebels (proudly and with funding) against God, and happily destroys everything around it in the name of tolerance and liberation and etc. But at root it’s just rebellious envy and power-lust.

  20. So-called “pathological altruism,” was burned into white consciousness by postmodern cultural arbitors. Those people, all of whom hate white civilization, argued that because there supposedly can be no general standard for evaluating the merits of different cultures, white people cannot justifiably exclude other cultures from their midst. Doing so would be a manifestation of irrational racism, and that is simply not acceptable. Add to that the postcolonial guilt tripping (whites owe nonwhites reparations in the form of unfettered immigration for conquering them), and what we have is the West in smoking rubble, just as was intended all along.

    • One’s preference is always irrational. The justification is the rational part, which comes later. Why ought we? How do we know what we know? Etc.

      The original preference is simply will, or spirit, which is its own justification as far as it can impose itself on matter and ideas.

      Apologies, fwiw, imo.

      • One’s preference is rarely irrational because preference is always informed by fact. I prefer a chocolate shake to a cup of hydrofluoric acid with a cherry on top because the former is edible, while the latter is fatal. And I daresay all rational people would follow me in that preference. It would be evidence of their rationality.

        But that’s something of a reductio ad absurdum. I could also say I prefer a chocolate to a strawberry shake. A fully rational person could prefer the opposite. This is preference, but there is nothing irrational in it. I prefer it because I like its flavor more. What is irrational in that? And whence the need for justification? I prefer it because I prefer its flavor. What other reason would I likely have for the preference?

        • You can prefer whatever flavor you like, but why do you prefer it?

          Ideas are a petulant child, always asking why— until the parent says, “Because I said so!”

          • The putative irrationality of the justification, not justification itself, is what’s at issue here.

          • Like I said, the justification is the rational part, but the willing comes first.

            Hopefully not too long-winded, I might be painting myself into a logical corner with that statement, but then I’m giving reason primacy, when I’m perfectly capable of being unreasonable.

            In fact, it’s easier to be unreasonable. Things like logic and knowledge take effort to be discovered, maintained, and followed— and these are acts of will. Will to discipline.

            To put too fine a point on it, imo, we’re losing our civ because we lack the will to keep it, because we’ve lost who we are, because we lost our religion, because God’s will (as far as I can tell) is the essence of religion, and God perhaps became too good and loving to keep imposing His will. Ideas test and flesh desires, both unchecked these days.

  21. Growing up “whitebread,” I think I can grok how the self loathing starts. Familiarity breeds contempt, and for some percentage this is guaranteed to happen. But I can’t grok how it continues to develop over time, because at some point, when exposed to the world and the “other,” one should come to one’s senses. If one has any.

    I used to have this one limo liberal friend, truly, from out in the east hamptons. Childhood friends with the Kennedy kids and others of that set. She was basically a meme, a living caricature of a leftist. Yet she said nigger, spic, and kike more than anyone I knew. And meant it. Try and figure that one out.

    Most people I know just believe what the idiot box tells them to believe, and adopt the mannerisms it imparts. My disappointment with them cannot be overstated. My loss of faith in them just in the last half dozen years is something I’m still coming to terms with. They are nothing but bleating sheep.

    • The recent scamdemic covidiocy really put the final kibbosh on any faith I had in the intelligence and discernment of most of my contemporaries, family, friends, coworkers an acquaintances alike.

  22. The large shift towards massive government expansion and insane policy implementations is generally traced back to when the voting franchise became universal. From there we were suddenly subject to the whims of people who aren’t very bright and have no investment in society.

    So you now have a voting population with no real understanding of how things work and who can be easily swayed by rhetoric. The institutional capture of media and education has shaped the public psyche into something neurotic. No matter what issue occurs on a given day, the concern is that the white man may turn violent.

    To that end the thoughts, actions, and words of the white man must be heavily policed. A group of white people is immediately suspected of fomenting racism. Any minority who converses with white groups is also suspecting of enabling racism.

    The result is that the white majority now finds themselves stuck in a situation where they are immoral by default. The directive is to ‘be less white’ which is both insulting and nonsensical. The general impression is that most nonwhite races are somehow regarded as sacred compared to whites.

    TLDR The reason why a bonkers immigration policy was enacted is because we told every idiot that ‘your opinion matters’ and an organized elite managed to convince them that it’s a moral obligation to regard the white race as uniquely evil.

    • Headline: “Muslims detonate nuke, MILLIONS KILLED!’

      Subline: “Blacks and minorities hit hardest. Authorities caution public for angry white men and islamaphobic backlash.”

      • Most recent example – the stabbings in Ireland and France – and the government reaction to the natives anger in both.

  23. A government that abdicates its borders, the first and foremost responsibility it has, is no longer legitimate. It thus rules solely through force rather than consent. This is the situation in the United States, the world’s most vicious, violent and contemptible police state in part because it pretends to be a positive force. The refusal of the heritage population to serve in this garbage state’s military is a positive and telling step toward disengagement from its evil. The ongoing dissolution and fragmentation of the nation will continue organically until it dissolves, whenever that may be. The aliens will sort right along with the legitimate people.

    Aesthetics, preferences and quality of life are not the best arguments to keep out aliens, they are the only ones that matter. Hence, they are ignored. The relationship between the people and the rulers has been made clear. The adversarial relationship will be permanent from this point forward.

    Great podcast.

  24. I don’t see any altruism, to be honest.

    Altruism would be going to Third World shit holes and building and maintaining everything they needed to maintain a western standard of living at the material level. This would also be done for minimum reward.

    The people behind mass immigration support it in order to actively harm the native and/or majority populations. As the adviser to the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair openly admitted they promoted mass immigration to make Britain multicultural and “rub the right’s nose in it.”

    Using the language of altruism is not altruism and mass Third World migration into western countries has been consistently opposed by majorities in these countries since the beginning.

    That it has continued to happen despite this fact is the more interesting question.

    • Just so. Mass migration to the West is genocide and the leaders in North America and Western Europe are war criminals.

    • It is altruism. For normie, anyway. “We” (white Westerners) did go into the third world and built wells and clinics for them and shit. There’s an enormous white-savior industry, especially in Africa, and it’s driven by both leftist and Christian whites. Centrist whites do their part by teaching them economics, medicine, and engineering and inviting the smart ones to live in the suburbs.

      Yes there are certain (((minorities))) and their goyim that want to erase “whiteness” whatever that means. But that is a trivial amount, and they have simply taken advantage of white altruism, and its cousin, the white American’s inability to be rude.

      • Weird. So what you are saying is, if you get an alien ethnic/religious sect that has capture on your news, films, books, schools, magazines, television programming, legal system, stage, music, internet access, banking and bureaucracy… then you are going to get a weird and alien outcome in your society?

        Hmmm. That makes me feel like I should start being rude.

        • A lot of the West’s problems stem from a certain weird Puritanism that often places certain very important things outside the circle of what “decent” people can be involved in. In the US, the various Protestant sects have long viewed “the arts” as morally suspect and did not want their kids involved with them. The result was that a certain (((group))) filled those roles. Indeed they filled them almost completely such that “American” pop culture is really (((American))) culture.

          This goes back a long way though and Catholics started the trend in the Middle Ages by telling Christians they couldn’t loan money at interest. Guess who was allowed to loan money at interest though? Since being able to borrow money became hugely important as industrial society grew this basically amounted to handing that group control of Europe’s finances for free.

          The lesson for me is that cultural autarky is absolutely essential. If there’s something you don’t think “our” people should be doing it should be either banned with huge penalties or you should rethink why you feel the practice is unseemly or whatever. Healthy cultures, like healthy nations, need closed borders.

      • It is a fascinating observation how both the lefties and the Christcucks have the same goal isn’t it?

        I cannot tell you the number of NPC lefty women I know that work for NGOs in Africa and other “shith-ole countries” (h/t DJ Trump). They really keyed in on women’s sense of nurturing & caring to get them to go to Africa and try to give human training & technology to genetic missing links with a 300,000 year evolutionary gap.

        Ditto for Christcucks on the above, it must make Central Planning™ incredibly happy that people who would normally be diametrically opposed on issues (abortion for instance) both rally around trying to educate a race that by all outward signs in not Homo Sapien Sapien but something else.

        Hearing the lefties talk about their trips to Africa and the Christcucks talk about their “mission to Haiti” leaves me equally baffled. There are SO many people in the US suffering and in need of aid that you could spend the next decade never leaving US soil and would barely scratch the surface of the need. But we must jet halfway around the world to help the ineducable, why exactly?

        It provides strong evidence that both Women’s Liberation & Christianity are millstones around the collective neck of civilization. Christianity of the past was a world bestriding nation building enterprise, this modern version is horrendous.

        • J: “They really keyed in on women’s sense of nurturing & caring to get them to go to Africa and try to give human training & technology to genetic missing links with a 300,000 year evolutionary gap.”


          J, I am convinced that there is no longer any enduring sense of nurturing in moderin women; furthermore, I fear that nurturing is LEARNED behavior, rather than innate behavior, and because we are no longer TEACHING our girls about nurturing, our girls no longer know what nurturing is.

          Furthermore, for women these days, I strongly suspect that it’s all about the dopamine hits, as produced by the virtue snivelling & the social ladder climbing.

          In the 21st Century, my sense is that EVERYTHING REVOLVES AROUND THE DOPAMINE HITS!!!!

          So that e.g. if a certain particularly evil Tribe of grinning hand-rubbing sooth-saying happy merchants moves to town, and convinces young women that it’s hip to get tiddy-ectomies & radical hysterectomies & become A-ARE-FIFTEEN-wielding mass-mμrderesses at Christian daycare centers, then young women will dutifully line up for the job, simply to experience the Dopamine Hits from pleasing their grinning hand-rubbing sooth-saying happy merchant masters.

          Once classical morality is destroyed [to include the destruction of female modesty], and Cluster B is unleashed [cf Pandora, as above], everything female degenerates into nothing but Dopamine Hits.


          PRO-TIP: If you cross paths with a bish who is immune to the Dopamine Hits – a bish who has just the faintest inkling of an innate inner moral compass – then move immediately for BUNZ => OVEN!!!!!

          Because that bish is rarer than hens’ teeth.

        • Oh, really? One reason that “Judeo-Christianity” and progressive leftieism(Communism) could be the same is the possibilty that various Christian denomitions were infiltrated by communist activists, starting in the 1930’s, with the intention of turning these institutions in Communist fronts.

  25. Urbanisation, wealth, progressivism, native altruism, malicious minority in charge of media and academia re-writing preferences via cultural programming. Atrocity propaganda and trauma programming.

    People have been broken from the circle of life. Programmed to not care about survival any more. Because they, for 60 or so years, have been told non stop that caring about the survival of their people is wrong.

    In short the majority are now insane, and have been inculcated into the world’s largest cult.. the anti-White cult. Remove any single factor, and the whole shebang probably wouldn’t have gotten the momentum that it has.. but all those factors were present.. and reinforced each other.

    • “In short the majority are now insane,…”

      Occam’s Razor. Sometimes the simplest explanation to a problem is to be preferred, and it follows that sometimes the simplest solution as well.

      We voted our way into this mess over generations–because *Democracy*. Therefore, “democracy” as practiced in our society, and many Western societies, must be changed to eliminate the voice of the insane and establish rule by the sane.

      How this is accomplished is another story.

        • Not really, depends upon your definition. From the very founding of this country, the franchise was not universal. The “will of the people” was not even considered to require universal suffrage. Nevertheless the US governmental system as established in the Constitution was earth shaking to most established governments of the time.

          Even today, the franchise is not universal in the US. Felons don’t have the right to vote (mostly), under 18’s don’t vote, non-citizens don’t vote (exclude exceptions and violators for the moment). All I argue for is a recognition of the difference between a qualified voter and an unqualified voter. We need more of one and less of the other.

          To this effect, I’d place stipulations on the franchise greater than fogging a mirror. And I would still call this democracy (of a sort) as the people can earn the right to vote through their demonstrated merit as “citizens” and participating members of the society.

          BTW: The very birthplace of “democracy”, Athens did not have universal suffrage. They recognized the importance of earned suffrage—or at least who merits a say in the governance of their society.

  26. Abidin’ is importing millions of Democrat voters.

    And make no mistake about it, they’ll be allowed to vote, and get drivers’ licenses, all on our dime.

    • Why is that new voter scheme not in the headlines and on the lips of every Republican politician?
      Oh, yeah. They are useless. The Democrat politicians lie and are never called to account. Some government.

      • The Republican politicians are not useless in the sense that they too support the genocide and act as controlled opposition Pied Pipers for the vicious ruling class. They do their assigned job very well.

    • I have written about this in relation to the swift conversion of my former home state, Colorado, from red/purple to deep blue after the implementation of automatic registration (motor voter) laws in combination with mail-in voting. It is the deadly one-two punch for fair elections.

      New immigrants won’t be allowed to vote. It’s not about voting. It’s about printing ballots, which are harvested by the Democrat party’s ballot harvesting apparatus, and submitted fraudulently on behalf of Democrat candidates. The immigrants usually have no idea that someone voted on their behalf. There is no mechanism to track validity of ballots so there is no way to demonstrate election fraud.

      In Colorado, these motor voter and mail-in ballot laws were passed with the support of the (idiotic) Republican party, the members of which stupidly believed that the Democrats would play fair. The Republican party is now utterly irrelevant in Colorado. This was a solid red state twenty years ago. In short order the Democrats will likely have supermajority status, whereupon Colorado follows California in the descent into madness.

      • Addendum: The above described CO Rep foibles also hold true for AZ. The Rep’s here passed the mail-in ballot and motor voter laws a couple of decades back and we are almost now solidly a blue state—and of course, the election frauds in 2020 and 2022 AZ elections has made national news.

        No amount of backtracking /correction wrt election law has (and none will) made it past the current *Dem* Governor’s desk. As they say in the banana republics, “one man, one vote, one time”. 😉

  27. I only believe altruism exists within families and close-knit friends.

    On any larger social scales, altruism is a total and utter shit-eating LIE. Just a fig-leaf for the most vicious and unjust plays of self-interest.

    • I would beg to disagree. Helping or helping to recove Our People, particularly Our young, is a bright joy.

      Or perhaps I am not disagreeing. Maybe I subconsciously view them as family?

  28. Imo, modernity is the loss of religion, which leads to postmodernity, which is the loss of identity. Without identity, self and other become blurry and need to be justified.

    • I would say modernity is the failure of the Enlightenment, which was the attempt to harmonize humanism and science with religion. Think of people like Bacon. His project, the Great Instauration, attempted to hybridize religious belief with social engineering, and that science (empirical information, in his case) would be the tool to fix it. The Enlightenment is like the Sistine Chapel, where we are ostensibly honoring God but in actuality we are making God in our own image.
      Consider the revolutions of the Enlightenment – all attempts to impose scientific rationality on humanity (e.g. The Cult of Reason under Robespierre). This is why many framers were Deists. Swift’s Modest Proposal is a fantastic sendup of this mindset.
      The reason the Enlightenment failed is twofold:
      1) Science failed. Sciences did not solve the big questions, which seemed to be the hope. Science was to be the gentle harmonizer or replacement for the meaning of existence (hitherto provided by religion). All we were left with, as Thomas Hardy wrote, “The more we know of the laws and nature of the Universe the more ghastly a business we perceive it all to be—and the non-necessity of it.”
      2) Humanism failed. Modernity is said to begin with WW1 for a reason. All our exploits and knowledge and emphasis on humanity as the center of the universe resulted in a ghastly war where there was no solace for the destruction, just more steps on the way to dusty death. Ironically, the emphasis on humanity resulted in a mechanistic, inhuman war.
      Modernism is simply the funeral for religion, but it has already died before. That is why a decent number of modernist writers devoted themselves to religion later in life, particularly the stricture of Catholicism.
      To wit: Humans had been moving from religion for centuries. Modernism is just when we realized that all we had was ersatz beliefs.
      I would argue postmodernism is when we just decided to love the bomb and have fun, rather than despair, at the maw of meaninglessness.

      • To clarify, postmodernism is still disgusting. Postmodernism is like the middle aged woman who divorces, then goes out every night and gets drunk on wine coolers and plowed by college guys in a strident act of denial of reality, and creating a grotesque perversion of the individual.
        Loss of identity, absolutely. But in the pursuit of hedonistic denial, probably.

      • What will humans 1000 years hence, if there any left, make of our use of the terms modern and post modern

      • It depends when you mark the beginning of the modern world. I’m thinking 500 years ago, give or take, and the 20th century was the crisis that started the age we’re entering now and only beginning to become aware of.

        • According to accepted Western historiography, antiquity is ca. 3100 BC-500 AD. The middle ages are 500 A.D.-1500 A.D. Early modernity is 1500 A.D.-1800 A.D. Modernity is 1800-present.

          Historians consider postmodernity to be more of an ideological assertion rather than an historical axiom. However, stepping outside of the historical profession, it’s apparent to me that postmodernity is basically coterminous with the postwar period.

          PS–Some historians speak of a period they call late antiquity. It dates from roughly 300 A.D. to 700 A.D.

          • I can’t decide if postmodernity is the first cries of the next thing, or the death rattle of the last. Obviously, I don’t have the perspective.

          • A history professor whose course I attended in college told us that the modern age was generally considered to be AD 1500 on. “But,” he added, “that does not mean that at 12:01 am on January 1, 1500, the town crier rang a bell and announced, ‘modern times have just begun.’ “

      • The enlightenment goes hand in hand with liberalism, shivh began somewhat later in the 18th century.

        The enlightenment was the attempt to understand the physical world in a systematic and materialistic way.

        Liberalism is the belief that humans are inherently good and that negative actions / outcomes are caused by outside factors – which people need to be liberated from. Doing so will result in improvements to individuals and groups of individuals.

        A third derivative belief almost always accompanies the liberal-enlightenment which is that people are born tabula rasa – a blank slate that is written on by their social environment – and that all men are essentially the same.

        Over the last two centuries the trio of beliefs has been expressed

        People can see problems with the world as it exists, know how to fix those problems and have the power to do so, and they have an obligation to do so.

        Which is all hubris.
        In reality people don’t fully understand why things exist as they do. Lack the wisdom to understand the full consequences of changing some element of reality. Lack the power to enact the changes they imagine.

        So instead of leading to utopia – each reformation makes a hash of things and creates more problems than have been solved. Setting the stage for the next generation of liberal reformers.

  29. You must always justify your preferences against some standard that exists outside your personal preferences

    Somewhere along the line everyone was crowned as a “genius” and thus such explanations are mandatory, given that you are talking to a fellow genius. Such preferences were not arrived at randomly but an informal scientific method, or in a pinch, after the TV told them what to believe and why.

    Sarcasm aside (well not completely) it circles back to my point that universal literacy did more harm than good. What good does reading do for, say, a forklift driver in his profession? Nothing. Thus ‘reading’ only imparts upon him the ability to consume knowledge that he cannot understand, his already limited mental cycles consumed by crap that no one (genius or no) should be spending any time worrying about.

    • Not a bad take, but perhaps we need to refine it. Everybody needs education/knowledge as befits their function or station in life. A forklift operator probably needs the ability to read/write to be a safe and functional operator of a piece of heavy equipment. But as to having a say in the body politic (i.e., the franchise)? What is the requirement for that? As we’ve seen, fogging a mirror is too low a bar.

      • “I’m going to move 250,000 units from 11 international shipments on Thursday to accurate placement on shelves in 4200 stores in 50 states by next Tuesday”- the illiterate

        “I’m going to create an LLC shell company to launder the $11 million I just extorted from Burisma”- the college educated

        “Immigrants lift the GDP”- the London School of Economics

          • And then there are Dutton’s “midwits” who should probably—in a future optimized society—be made slaves because they are not quite smart enough to know what they don’t know, and yet not dumb enough to refrain from acting acting upon their ignorance.

  30. Why did we go bonkers?

    Could be two things. The positive, naive reason is that normal Americans saw how drab and awful the Communist bloc was, and concluded that our way of life was superior. (Which, back then, it was.) We also had relative diversity…back then, diversity being Italians living next to Irish living a few miles from Blacks. New York City and other American metropolises were models of the melting pot. NYC was much more fun than Prague. Chicago more livable than Havana. Our music, with all those nice black singers, was much more groovy. And what about all those romantic Hispanic men and vivacious ladies? Conclusion: liberal democracy might be the sparkplug, but diversity is the engine that makes America dynamic and fun! Years later this gets perverted into if these minorities prosper here, then why not bring more of them in to make America MORE dynamic and fun, and also regime-change their home countries so that Nicaragua can be like Nebraska.

    The negative, cynical one is that the “Greatest Generation” remembered that nice Jewish fella from Brooklyn during the War, and was easily gaslighted by the Frankfurt School, which primed the first youth movement we now know as the Baby Boomers. Simple as.

    • My hot take is that we had the worst education possible in the last century. It is superficial and this allows for half cooked bad arguments to thrive. The educators also aimed for the feelz and you can make easy arguments to ignore the costs of misapplied altruism. It is a combination of things worthy of a book.

      The best part (for the manipulators) of this education is that makes the population feel smarter than any other generation in history. We have universal education and they did not even had plumbing. Our modern world is also designed with Idiocracy in mind as the smart people are not incentivized to have kids and the orcs are free to reproduce and we subsidize an easy life for them.

      Part of the red pill is to be comfortably smug (like the X account name) and comfortably mean (I would add). To be honest, in my lifetime I experienced older people being pretty bigoted in ways I was trained to despise and now I get them and admire their wisdom in the face of 24/7 brainwashing. One of my new wrongthoughts is realism in the areas of gender and race and I understand their implications: no more liberal society, enlightenment delenda est.

      The weight of the reaction to the latest neoreaction online reveals we have a chance to wake up normie. If we articulate our ideas clearly their lies have a hard time standing. One thing obvious to me is why we don’t make permanent memorials for the victims of underclass crime on good Americans. The name of the woman killed by that illegal reincident criminal in SF a few years ago should be repeated every day in the news and we should have a memorial for her and many others that died similarly. George Fentanyl memorials was too cheeky, as well as melting General Lee (I am not even a southener), and they will pay for their hubris.

      • “My hot take is that we had the worst education possible in the last century. It is superficial and this allows for half cooked bad arguments to thrive.”

        Yep, but the phenomena is multi-variate.

        -We see schools deteriorate as the minority population they serve rises. (The European, White, Prussian educational model was not designed for non-Whites.)
        -We see a decline in the intellectual quality of educators as the standards lower, while the best and brightest we used to draw from go into other professions.
        -We see in the public schools–including universities–unionization that should never have been allowed by law and that “rent seeks” at the expense of their student charges.
        -We see the pool of “elites” rise due to an insane understanding of tertiary education (college degree). We produce a surfeit of “degree holding professionals”, of which the worse look for jobs as educators (perhaps the largest sink for white collar incompetents).

        I could go on, but the above is a sufficient start.

        • Women’s lib has been a huge factor in the decline of teaching. Used to be, teaching, nursing, waitressing, and secretarying were about the only jobs open to women. Or working at the textile mill. So a lot of the brightest women ended up being teachers. Now the brightest ones have options that pay a lot more.

          • Spot on, Jeffrey. We as a group here often denigrate women due to (deserved) Feminism dislike. The reality is that there always were a lot of high IQ women in the population, but they were overlooked/underutilized due to societal norms of the time. I never saw a male teacher in the classroom until HS, and then not the majority. In university, mostly men due to STEM emphasis.

            Now of course, we denigrate women’s most important contribution to society, child rearing.

      • Public education in America is collapsing under the weight of criminal migrants and failed hard-left pedagogical ideology. Parents who can are going private or homeschool. That’s the real coming revolution: a generation of millions of smart, independent, self-sufficient and resourceful kids raised outside the system. The American Pioneers of the 21st century.

      • My hot take is that we had the worst education possible in the last century. It is superficial and this allows for half cooked bad arguments to thrive.

        John Simon wrote (I paraphrase a bit): “In the history of Western discourse, there have been times of intellectualism and times of anti-intellectualism. What we have today is unprecedented — a time of pseudo-intellectualism.” Meaning, I take it, there is a pool of college students and graduates educated beyond their cognitive abilities. They know lots of names of famous people and academic buzzwords but don’t understand or think about them.

    • Well, diversity is certainly interesting in the sense the Chinese meant it with their curse, “May you live in interesting times.”

      PS–If some diversity is good, more diversity is better, and total “diversity” is best. Bye, bye, whitey.

    • Z: “Human societies are moral societies, so we are trained up into a framework that guides our moral choices in life.”

      Sgt Pedantry: “Because the Jews and their lies achieved a preponderance of power.”

      I would distinguish, at least amongst the White race, a distinction between those born with a strong innate sense of the difference between right and wrong, versus those whose understanding of right & wrong had to be taught to them.

      And physiologically speaking, the distinction likely boils down to Amygdala-dominant personalities versus Insula-dominant personalities.


      Red Brain, Blue Brain: Evaluative Processes Differ in Democrats and Republicans
      February 13, 2013

      “Democrats showed significantly greater activity in the left insula, while Republicans showed significantly greater activity in the right amygdala.”


      Amygdala-dominant personalities are largely implacable, whereas Insula-dominant personalities tend to be utterly malleable, mesmerizable & hypnotizable.

      Amygdala-dominant personalities ask themselves, “What is the correct course of action?”

      Insula-dominant personalities ask themselves, “Which course of action will maximize my exhuberance in experiencing the virtue-snivelling social-ladder-climbing dopamine hits I will receive from having adopted that course of action?”

      Then, as Sgt Pedantry indicates, if a foreign body of psychological mesmerizers & hypnotizers infects the society, and starts re-arranging the virtue-snivelling social-ladder-climbing cascade, all he11 breaks loose, vis-a-vis classical notions of morality & the difference between right and wrong.


      My own personal sense of the situation is that Immanuel Kant was likely correct when he posited that Logic is a sub-discipline of Morality, and that, from a 21st Century neurological point of view, Morality likely emanates from the Amygdala.

      In a Darwinian sense, a course of action is moral if and only if tends to maximize safety, and is immoral if and only if it tends to maximize DANGER.

      And that’s what I suspect that the Amygdala amounts to: The genetic memory of hundreds of millions of years of our Ancestors’ experiences which went into the making of us, and which [at least should have] endowed us with a strong sense of the difference between safety [Good] and danger [Evil].

      Sadly, the sociological sloth of modernity [to include Western Civilizational breeding patterns s/p maybe 1800 AD] has allowed myriad personalities to flourish with very weak Amygdalae & very powerful Insulae.

      And those are profoundly dangerous personalities to be flourishing, especially once the foreign body of psychological mesmerizers & hypnotizers infects the society.


      I’m also very worried that Selective Serotonin Re-Uptake Inhibitors [SSRIs & similar neurotropic/psychotropic pharmaceuticals] tend to quell the psychological moral warning signals which otherwise would be emanating from the Amygdala, and that, as a result, the SSRI epidemic is creating artificial psychopathy in the population at large.


      BTW, the mesmerizers & hypnotizers even have a name for their victims; the victims are known as “Golem”.

      And they teach their children a victory dance about creating a Golem out of the psychological “clay” of the Insula-dominant goyische personality:

      Dredel dreidel dreidel, I made you out of clay,

      Dredel dreidel dreidel, and with you I shall play!!!


      Z: “Human societies are moral societies, so we are trained up into a framework that guides our moral choices in life.”

      One final note on innate morality [Amygdala] versus learned morality [Insula] is that the Insula-dominant personalities hate hate hate hate hate hate HATE the Amygdala-dominant personalities.

      The neurological difference between Insula & Amygdala tends to correlate rather strongly with the psychological difference Passive Aggression & Active Aggression, and the Insula-dominant [Passive Aggressives] can sniff out the presence of an Amygdala-dominant [Active Aggressive] from a mile away, and will immediately set off all sorts of institutional alarm bells designed to alert their fellow Insula-dominant personalities that an existential threat has just entered their zone of sociological dominance.

      Which gets us back to the perception of safety [Good] versus danger [Evil].

      It’s dadgum near about a Moebius Strip [or a Klein Bottle] of insanity.

  31. Justify myself?

    Oh shite – I counter-attack when the hive comes for me now. My shitlib mother was carping on about how I shouldn’t be such a racist nazi because some of those folks are darn nice people. I told the old bitch she needs about 95 Somali families to move into her affluent white retirement neighborhood. She said she’d welcome them and I just laughed. I told her she was full of shite, that she could live in Millwoods…which is Edmonton’s version of Little Bangladesh. I rubbed her nose in the fact that she was a lying hypocrite and truthfully quite racist herself. Most of the sanctimonious SJWs are. They have a few carefully trained zippers and nignogs…but they don’t like diversity either. Real diversity is for peons like you and other people.

    It’s not about money anymore. It’s not about being nice. Elon Musk told the jewry to go fuck themselves the other day…and we all need to start doing that – with the blacks, the latinos, the sex perverts.

    • Filthie: “Elon Musk told the jewry to go fuck themselves the other day…and we all need to start doing that – with the blacks, the latinos, the sex perverts.”

      Apparently there was a monster demonstration in Kentucky the other day, on account of a lesbian skrewl counselor having groomed a young girl into The Lifestyle.

      Comments are of course turned OFF.

      • Sadly, Elon ran like a gelding to sacred Israel when summoned by Netanyahoo to fellate the SOB.
        THEN he said the fuck themselves dodge.
        Just who the hell does he think is DRIVING this boycott?
        All those billions, and still clueless.

    • Elon has “Go fuck yourself” money 1000x over, we, do not. It is very easy to say that but the consequences of such statements can be quite harsh depending on where and to whom they are uttered.

      I am in agreement about the abject hypocrisy of your average shitlib though. All people should have to live next to their voting decision outcomes, sadly, it is not the case. Adjacency to diversity will dispel any notion of the “they are just like us” crowd lickety split.

      It is why I cackle with delight when a lefty is savaged by one of their pets as has happened a few times in recent months. The democrats pets in DC have also made a bit of a hobby of stealing vehicles from the police state. Both a Secret Service and an FBI vehicle were targets of recent carjackings. May the streets run red with NPC blood, inshallah.

  32. I remember the Mandatory Footnoting of Preferences from the early 1990s. I think, therefore, it’s a Gen X thing. Sincerity wasn’t allowed: “Ok, dude, whatever” was the most approbation one could express. If you were caught actually enjoying something, you had to pretend to be doing it ironically. So if someone saw you nodding along to a hair metal song, you immediately had to start headbanging and air-guitaring like mad, because liking stuff is as lame as trying.

    Irony — in the stupid, 1990s, Alanis Morrisette sense — was the death of Western Civilization.

    • Not to pit generations against themselves (Z hates that) and at the risk of overgeneralization, but The Greatest Generation is what got this all moving in the wrong direction. The Baby Boomers were the first generation to enjoy the fetishization of youth culture, and their youthful partying and degeneracy (which was promoted and encouraged, rather than ignored, as in the past) left America with a drug problem and high crime by the middle 1970s. Generation X was the last generation to see the old stodgy grandpas (the old guard) alongside the new guard, which was about feeeelings.

      The end of the 1980s saw popular music go from dancin’ black man to gangster black killer, and the TV went from happy family sitcom to single-in-NYC. So instead of making a judgment call, deciding “which way Western man”, they did the “whatever” thing. This attitude might have been encouraged, too.

      When X’ers grew up irony turned into Libertarianism. So that’s why we have so many apparent X’ers on Twitter being Libertarian about everything. They also think the righteous stand is saying “economically conservative and socially liberal”.

        • Nothing looking more sorry than an aging oldster full of sagging tattoos. Seen a few in the grocery store. Pony tails on guys seem big as well. 🙁

          • Nursing homes…er…I mean retirement communities, will be a horror show for the employees beginning in about 20 years. Then again, most of the employees will be horrors themselves.

  33. Something went haywire in Western people in the last century, and we now care more about total strangers than we care about our closest relatives. Altruism is killing the West.

    The trouble with this is there is no answer as to why. Why did Western people suddenly go bonkers in this way?

    I suspect it has to do with the fallout from World War Big One and The Most Evil Person EVER and his followers. Why, once you have a nation made up of people of the same ethnic group espousing Blood and Soil for themselves the next thing you know they’ll be lacing up the jackboots and enslaving their neighbors! 😱

    So let’s dilute the ethnic groups and bring in strangers from other lands. Of course, the strangers from other lands bringing THEIR old hatreds and preferring to assimilate with only themselves is to be overlooked You Hater!

    Or it’s the chicks and their touchy-feeliness. Your call. 😏

    • Chicks and touchy feeliness:
      A friend of mine has been organizing charitable drives for the last several years. Every Thanksgiving and Christmas, she sends out messages to all her friends and contacts, requesting donations. She lives in SLC which has been hit hard by the Church World Service and the evil refugee resettlement programs. The recipients of all these donations are African and Middle Eastern. Last Christmas, I responded to her request for items by asking her about the state of the poor American kids who attend schools flooded by these ‘new americans’ and if there were any efforts to assist them. Kids with parents whose blue collar jobs are being given to these people who could not be more foreign. She responded by asking me to send her numbers and statistics and admitted that she just isn’t familiar with that ‘data”. This year her request included a list of the dozens of languages of all the invaders she and her local friends have been assisting. English was not on the list.
      Somehow and at some point, it became more virtuous and lovely to provide support to absolute strangers than their own people.

    • “Why, once you have a nation made up of people of the same ethnic group espousing Blood and Soil for themselves the next thing you know they’ll be lacing up the jackboots and enslaving their neighbors! 😱”

      Damn, that’s show is on TV right now, the new series started October 7th!!!

  34. You’re missing another problem with “skim off the top talent from other countries.” Taking the best and brightest away from Bongostan makes it more likely Bongstan stays/becomes a craphole country, unable to stand on its own two feet, perpetually in need of foreign aid and/or military intervention.

    Obviously, for our leaders, that’s a feature, not a bug.

    • This was done to ex-commie countries to a huge degree. Many Eastern European countries have lost a fifth or even a quarter of their population due to emigration to Western countries and most of the people emigrating were on the right side of the IQ bell curve. It’s amazing that many of those countries are still doing relatively well, considering what they lost.

      • Yep, they lost a lot of their brightest. As I’ve stated before, some of our universities were greatly benefited. Since they were predominantly White, I have little objection.

          • Yes, I hope that’s understood. Story. First year in university, engineering dept., son comes home and discusses his school and teachers. It was obvious that the one who most rattled his cage, impressed him most, and drove him hardest was a faculty member from the now defunct USSR.

            Basically, he accepted no excuses for poor performance. A steady classroom theme was him calling out students for subpar work. A poor response to a question or an assignment brought on a berating like he never heard in HS. The theme was always the same, you American kids are lazy… ungrateful for what you have in this country… in Russia we had nothing….you are the best of the best to get in here—show it!

            A god-damn Russian drill instructor meets a typical spoiled American youth. After hearing that, I never regretted stroking out those tuition checks again. 😉

    • Having had to deal with arrogant know-it-all shitskin dots in IT for the last 20-odd years I would strongly advocate for them to ALL be deported back to they can Make India Great (for once).

      Instead we have Vivek and Nimarata arguing in US presidential debate how much taxpayer money should go to Israel

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