The Stupid Party Is For Losers

It is easy to see why sensible people choose to vote Republican. Despair is a sin and something to be avoided, whenever possible. Trudging off to vote for the least dangerous option at least offers the hope of postponing the bitter end for a little while longer. At the same time, you cannot blame people for thinking that a vote for the GOP is a vote for prolonging the agony. Look at this story from New Hampshire.

Stephanopoulos will be hosting Thursday night’s debate between former Sen. Scott Brown and Shaheen, despite this conflict—he’s on video as a political activist accepting Shaheen’s endorsement of President Clinton—and another conflict. As Breitbart News reported on Tuesday, Stephanopoulos has a longtime personal and political relationship with Shaheen campaign adviser Mandy Grunwald.

Stephanopoulos has a history of flubbing debates, and he is widely credited with creating the “war on women” in a 2012 GOP primary debate—inserting the issue of contraception into the debate when nobody was discussing it at all.

Why in the world do these people keep falling for the same gags? Stephanopoulos was a prominent Clinton rump-swab and the chief toady for years. Brown may as well have agreed to have Wasserman-Schultz moderate the debate. Maybe she was busy. How about Shaheen’s husband? How about Brown agree to be blindfolded and gagged for the debate so he cannot respond?

This happens all the time with the GOP. Romney signed off on the obese woman from CNN moderating a debate, despite her being a far leftist. Her lunging to the defense of Obama in the debate may very well have saved the day for Obama. Instead of talking about Obama’s defects, the post debate coverage was about the moderator slapping Mitt around at the end. It is why they are called The Stupid Party.

6 thoughts on “The Stupid Party Is For Losers

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  2. Because in NH, Shaheen has already lost to Brown,(pre actual vote counting, or “discovery” of “lost” votes-not including military of course, anyway).
    It’s ALWAYS been entertaining to watch Dem women dig themselves deeper with big puppy dog eyes welling up with tears, ever since Ms. Clinton figured out her actual chances here, and decided to take the consolation gift from Team Obama.
    Think of the Steph “monitored” debate, (in spite of many well respected “neutral” moderators actually FROM NH)as a charitable “Swan Song” for Dem. “ideas” for “Governance” and legislation.

  3. It’s a typo but also true that a Republican things this time thinks will be different.

    More broadly, as I am fond of saying because it sounds glib, Republicans are like the bike messengers of New York City, they thirst for death.

  4. Yeah, I confess that I just don’t get it. It’s like Lucy and Charlie Brown with the football. Really? You’re going to fall for it again?

  5. The only thing I can figure is that they don’t think they’ll get ANY coverage otherwise, and their “people” are still working on the principle of there is no such thing as bad publicity.

    Thinking about Clinton, Inc., they could be right.

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