The God Of The Clouds

One of the things about the current age that gets little attention is the contradiction we see every day in the political system. On the one hand, most people think the political system is captured by minority interests like corporations, the military industrial complex, ideological fanatics and so on. At the same time, the political class puts an enormous amount of time and energy into convincing the public. If public opinion plays little role in policy, why do the politicians care what we think?

First off, there is the question of whether public opinion matters. Paradoxically, many of the people who claim government is controlled by minority interests put a lot of time into convincing people of this theory. They also make claims about the nature of the minority interests that are absurd. For example, white men are claimed to have special access to power, when this is clearly not true. For this class of critic, “minority interests” are whatever bogeyman haunts their fevered dreams of utopia.

Ten years ago there was a big study to determine if public opinion matters when it comes to the making of public policy. By the standards of social science, the data set was massive and comprehensive. The result was that economic elites control public policy, not majority will. If rich people want something from government, they tend to get it barring overwhelming public opposition. If the people want something but rich people oppose it, then the politicians are happy to ignore the people.

To the realists, this makes perfect sense. In every area of life, rich people have far more influence than regular people. This has been true since the first guy drew a line around some land and declared sole ownership of it. Wealth is power because it can be used to buy influence, but also because people tend to respect money. It is a sign that the person is successful and therefore has qualities we should respect. Even the most radical leftists respects rich people. Just as George Soros.

This answers the question as to who really controls the political system in the general sense, but it does not cover everything. Do the economic elites of the West want a long war in Ukraine? Maybe in the United States the war profiteers see it as a good thing, but European industry has been getting killed by the war. Similarly, environmentalism benefits some profiteers, like Elon Musk, but it harms many others. Clearly, rich people can be cajoled into supporting things that harm their interests.

That starts to get at the question as to why the ruling class puts so much time and effort into tricking the public. If you look at lists of the richest people, the one thing lacking in the vast display of wealth is diversity of opinion. You do not find immigration opponents, for example, in the Fortune 1000. There are no zealous Christian Nationalist or even serious opponents of Zionism. There are degrees of enthusiasm for the latest thing among the elites, but everyone supports the latest thing.

No one, not even the sociopaths who populate the economic elite, wants to think of themselves as the bad guy. They may embrace a mock version of being the devilish figure in the drama of life, but no one thinks of himself as the devil. No matter your station in life, you are the hero of your story. What supports this is others taking your side in some moral cause. It is why people like sympathy and forgiveness when they do something stupid or get harmed. It means they are the good guy.

The reason our elites chant about democracy so much now is they not only believe what they are saying, but they have to believe what they are saying. In order for them to maintain their sense of being the hero, they need some moral authority to bestow upon them the blessings that are reserved for the righteous. The support of their fellow elites is not enough. In this age, the righteous have the support of the masses, so that is why our elites invest so much in winning public approval.

The god of democracy is not the god of the people. It is a process that turns the people into a fickle god that must be cajoled and bullied in order to give its blessing. In order for our rulers to see themselves as heroically leading mankind to the next phase of human existence, they need the people to be cheering them. Like the deranged rulers of Rome who staged games to win public acclaim, our rulers stage mass media events, public festivals like elections and public relations campaigns.

In a way, our rulers are acting the same way as the people who go door to door handing out information about their cult. On the one hand, these people think they are giving away something beneficial. They are offering people a way into their cult. On the other hand, they are looking for confirmation. If even a few people show some interest, it confirms to them that their beliefs have some merit. The conversion process in all religions is for the benefit of the converted.

Unlike a religious cult, our rulers resent this relationship. It is a weird aspect of the morality of democracy that it corrupts the soul of the believer. They begin to hate the god they are forced to worship. Our elites hate the marketplace, whether it is the economic market or the political one. It is why they seek monopoly. If they can so dominate the market that they always get majority support, they have tamed their god into always being a loving and approving god.

Of course, nature abhors a monopoly, so that means our elites are always in a contest with the Old Scratch of democracy, which is dissent. As long as there is one person out there who disagrees it remains possible that the opinion of the elites is invalid or even immoral, despite the level of support. Much of the venom directed at the public by our elites is the result of this reality. Final confirmation can only come when the final dissident is wiped from the scene.

Hans-Hermann Hoppe famously picked “Democracy: The God That Failed” for the title of his book promoting private government. It contains many of the themes in this post, but it misses one essential point. Democracy is not a god that fails the people or even society, but a god that can never satisfy the ruling elite. Every ruling needs a god, as they must stand on a moral framework. All societies start from a moral basis and it must feel permanent. Democracy is simply too fickle for the task.

In the end, that is why our rulers and their servants in politics and the media so frantically chase after public opinion. It is why vast amounts of capital are invested into tricking the people. Like the rabbis looking for loopholes in the Talmud, our rulers are always looking for some way to get justification from the public for their actions and their position, but they always find dissidents. For them, democracy is a god that always brings the devil with him to undermine their efforts.

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215 thoughts on “The God Of The Clouds

  1. Z, I think on a surface level you may be right, but ascribing motives to the top elite is a fool’s errand. They are not regular people. We cannot even begin to imagine what they’re like. They’re as alien to our way of thinking as we are to some tribesman of the Amazonian rain forest. The levels of power and wealth is something unimaginable. I’d also say the truly powerful don’t put on the dog and pony shows for the people. Sure there are PR campaigns but not for approval. The Gates, Bezos, Musks are front men. Actors playing a role. Most of the clown show is about divide and distract any way.
    Personally, I ascribe a metaphysical Evil motive that moves in concert with willing and well rewarded players. That’s a much more solid evaluation for human history than psychology. It checks all the boxes.

  2. Average citizen Voting is meaningless when all political party candidates selected by benefactor
    Of course, benefactor wants endless and pointless war, deindustrialization, devaluation of a currency, ridiculous cost of living
    its about undermine white people at all cost because it makes the job easier for professional looter

    Today I saw South Korea TV show where black man appears which that man no reason to be there
    Today I saw a Japanese newspaper article about famous actress said adultery is not wrong
    Jewish multiracialism and Jewish sexual liberation destroying South Korea/Japan

    due to white people gave the power to Jews, whole world gets suffer
    You son of bitches, are you happy now?

  3. “As long as there is one person out there who disagrees it remains possible that the opinion of the elites is invalid or even immoral, despite the level of support.”

    This would explain why they had such a hatred of talk radio back in the 90’s.

  4. Evidence that you are correct can be found in the ruling class reaction to the Jan 6th protest.

    They cannot tolerate people clapping back at them, which is what 1/6 represented. The protest was also a rejection of the bs election results, which is also a rejection of the applause they so desperately need to survive.

    Rush Limbaugh used to call politics “Hollywood for ugly people” or something like that. Just like Hollywood, vanity and thin skin are defining character traits of these sociopaths.

    It’s also why they are baffled over the public rejection of war in Ukraine, even after a shock-and-awe level of propaganda.

    • The Jan 6 “insurrection” is nothing but a bogus media narrative used as cudgel to attack Donald Trump and to cover up the true story of that day.

      One thing Nancy Pelosi did not want was any debates on the acceptability of electoral votes from certain states and it’s no coincidence that the “invasion” of their sacred space began after one senator and one member of the house objected to receiving Arizona’s votes. This triggered a two hour debate on these votes which the Speaker of the House did not want on the public record.

      Also, the boss of the D.C. police is the Speaker of the House.

      • No, too superficial, it’s more than that.

        The hysteria was and is a glimpse into the combination fear and insecurity that comes with the angry crowd jeering at the actors.

        Their entire sense of authority comes from the religious fervor of public adoration and approval.

        Sure, they have used it unsuccessfully as a weapon against Trump. But it’s much deeper than that.

        January 6th burns them. They’re not so loved as they believe.

  5. Democracy is a circuitous sort of code that continues to write in errors, over time this problem compounds itself. Imagine if we had a system of government that received outside input from some incorruptible source as a constant means of course correction; or a way to verify data and decisions. This source would also have to be accessible to some extent, and knowable, and verifiable.

  6. Cannot argue with this. And I would add, the attitude of the elites that the people’s opinion are a fickle god that must be wrestled with and subdued is not new. Example: Wildstorm Comics “the Authority.”

    As originally constructed in its 1999 debut, it was mostly obsessed with the end of the 20th Century and with already 20th Century nostalgia. That was a reflection of creative people at the time. It showed up in other comic books (which by this time had morphed into books for boys ages 8-12 to explorations dirt cheap and FAST of fantasy/science fiction for the boys who used to read that stuff 20 years ago). This was at the end of the bust (mid 1990s) of the comic boom that started off in the late 1989-90 when say, Valiant Comics Harbingers #1 would sell for $1,000.

    Series Creator Mark Millar created the book as he learned the only reason the other book he was writing (Stormwatch) was not canceled was to keep him employed. There were no real villains save the passing of the Century. Then Bush got elected and 9/11 happened and the dude went insane IMHO.

    The series morphed into overthrowing Bush, abolishing Christianity and destroying churches, seizing all guns, and ruling by the Superheroes directly in an uber-liberal utopia. All straight White dudes were rounded up and sent to prison. The superteam consisted of a gay copy of Batman and Superman (as gay lovers), a Hawkgirl clone, a Constantine clone with a massive drug habit, a furry, and a lesbian Iron Man. Nothing original or appealing in the characters.

    But other writers in the company used them as villains. Particularly the rebooted Stormwatch and Wildcats, even as the Authority team viewed themselves as heroes as ruling America as Uber Liberal Dictators. Because the people failed.

    It was never a book that sold well, but like the Velvet Underground being a commercial failure but inspiring a million punk bands in 1979, it seems to have had a profound effect on the creative class who fantasize about “correcting” the failed people. It was repeated somewhat on the CW Supergirl show, and elsewhere. Very different from Stephen J. Cannell’s take on this in the 1981 Greatest American Hero, where his formula of disparate people in mild conflict have team up to work together depended on the charisma of the real star (Robert Culp as the grumpy FBI agent) and his chemistry with star William Katt. It has a liberal teacher with a super-powered suit having to learn that sometimes, his uber-conservative FBI partner is right. It was a “lets all work together” response to Reagan which was very different from happened just 20 years later with Bush.

    If you think about it, its remarkable. The creator made one of the more interesting villain teams of all time, as they thought they were the heroes. But he himself could not see that they were indeed the bad guys though other writers certainly saw it well.

  7. The rich LOOVE stability. If the middle class is declining slightly, as it currently is, is doesn’t matter because there’s no roller-coaster ride element to it. The rich continue to divert their tithe from the lower echelons of society, and consider themselves well deserving of such largesse.

    It is STABILITY that determines whether the rich playing kingmaker will support a particular candidate or not. Is the current quarter of the stock market going to suffer? Are my capital gains on the chopping block due to unproven volatility? And so on.

    The rich are animals without long-term brains. They forget the French Revolution. They ignore the Russian.

    • “They have learned nothing, and they have forgotten nothing.” — Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand, on the Bourbon dynasty in exile

    • The rich are the ones creating all the instability, with the assistance of their bohemian leftist foot soldiers.
      George Soros, Krause Schuab just to name two.
      Kicks that theory to the curb!

  8. Contrary to the hopes and dreams of many delusional commenters here, Americans will NOT have their “Thermidore” moment. I’d say, google it, but all you’d get is ghetto thugs standing around a guillotine.”
    Revolutions are not won on hopes, dreams, or prayers…

    • Whether or not there will be one, and whether or not the regime is afraid of one, are two entirely separate questions. The latter being true is not a prediction (or even a hope) of the former.

    • The men with money (and it is usually men, unless they’re an heiress like Paris Hilton, coddling her dogs and waiting for her alpha male to come in) like regularity and stability. They believe in the Chinese curse “May you live in interesting times.”

      As a result, they have convinced themselves that stability is paramount in human interests. Periods of radical growth aren’t so great, because they threaten stability. A slightly declining middle class, as we’re experiencing now, is okay because it’s not rushing to destruction, but only taking its sweet time.

      Long-term trends are irrelevant. The current quarter of the stock market is all. Sustainability of the environment never enters into the equation. Stability, stability, stability! is the mantra to be chanted over and over, with fingers plugged in the ears.

      • Yeah, and Rothschild is supposed to have said something like, “When the blood is running in the streets, that’s the time to buy.” Which is exactly true. In 2020, I was offered some property in Minneapolis for a song. I believe @Zman invested in Bud Lite’s parent company InBev shortly after the Dylan Mulvaney incident, and if you aren’t watching GOOGL for the bottom, you are not as smart as you think you are.

        • They want stability for THEMSELVES and their ASSET INTERESTS. If certain segments of the economy are tanking, they’ll pounce like sharks, but they don’t want the turbulence to touch their core interests.

          • No, they don’t. That undercuts the whole idea of high-frequency trading. Ken Griffin didn’t get to where he is by stability, but by volatility. Same with George Soros.

            SomeoneTM wants you to think the rich want stability, but why do you think they always appear to be funding the mobs?

    • They always seem to think that such things just happen, and if they just complain and flex enough on the internet it will happen with them in some kind of advisory capacity. People that move history did the legwork first, getting influence and power. Unfortunately everyone that has done that today is on the other side, with no one on our side willing to do the boring work of political organization. Instead, they just flex on the internet and pound their chest.

  9. When the elite talk about “democracy” or “our democracy”; those words do not quite mean what normies think it means.

    Democracy is something that the founding fathers abhorred which is the reason that the electoral college was invented; it was to prevent the popular vote determining the outcome of presidential elections. Got that, Hillary?

    • Of course, you are correct. Yet the fact that everyone must praise democracy now, regardless of the clear disavowals of the founders, says to me that we live in a media-controlled state.

      The people who control the media literally dictate the morals of the people around you. For example, the people who control the media literally command the morals of my mother, as much as I love her. There’s no use arguing with her. Their words are stronger than mine, even to my mother.

      Who are these people anyway?

      • Who the hell started calling our political system a “democracy” and when? I find nothing in the discussion of the time.

        McHenry is quoted as saying… “A lady asked Dr. Franklin Well Doctor what have we got a republic or a monarchy – A republic replied the Doctor if you can keep it.”

        So right there seems a clue that a democracy—certainly as we know it today—was never intended by the Founders.

        • “Who the hell started calling our political system a ‘democracy’ and when?”

          I think that would have to be Prof. Wilson, who asked for and got a declaration of war against a country on another continent, separated by an ocean, that never attacked us, to “make the world safe for democracy.” Of course he jailed anyone who objected to this, like Debs.

          In 1918 Wilson demanded that Germany become democratic, which it did… and when they voted for NSDAP deputies in democratic elections and got their party leader named chancellor, we sent Patton and Eisenhower to kill some more of them.

          Lincoln referred to the nation as a “republic” even though he destroyed it, LOL.

          • You got me there wrt Wilson. As a recovering academic, I can only say they are worse than professional politicians!

        • “So right there seems a clue that a democracy—certainly as we know it today—was never intended by the Founders.”

          Madison was quite explicit about the defects of democracy:

          “… it may be concluded that a pure democracy… can admit of no cure for the mischiefs of faction. A common passion or interest will, in almost every case, be felt by a majority of the whole; a communication and concert results from the form of government itself; and there is nothing to check the inducements to sacrifice the weaker party, or an obnoxious individual. Hence it is, that such democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security, or the rights of property; and have in general been as short in their lives, as they have been violent in their deaths.”

      • I doubt it’s a problem caused by the media, but rather by Big Ed. Older boomers are the best evidence — they pretty much all learned about the distinction, why it was preferable, and remind you of the difference any time they are given the chance. At the time, media was closely held between CBS, NBC and ABC. At least now there are, what 6 companies controlling the media, and when the late X and early Millenials got their tech chops, the internet was a “wild west”, cable had scads of channels that had a pretty broad range of thought, but the schools had already gone to crap.

        • While it is true that public school systems have suffered in quality, the private version is no answer. They too have their own agenda. There, the almighty dollar is paramount above all else — including the truth or reality as we of the humbler class like to call it. At least in the public sector the lure of the dollar is taken away.

          • “At least in the public sector the lure of the dollar is taken away.”

            Where have you been for the last half century or so? If you look at public sector pensions, the top end is dominated by public school administrators, followed by public school teachers. These are people who, depending on the district, may have paid absolutely nothing towards their defined benefit plans, plus they get lifetime cadillac health care. Present values well over $1million, in some cases, $3million or more. Where the heck are you going to get anything remotely like that?

            Private school profligacy is nowhere near that unless you are sending Muffy to some prep school.

            But I do agree that homeschooling is where it’s at. That’s the only place you can be sure they actually care about your kids.

          • Private schools (USA terminology) have different incentive than public (again USA terminology). Their incentive is to lure parents to enroll their children. They make money via tuition. It does not matter who pays (State, Parents, Grandparents), they simply need your enrollment to survive.

            Here we see to that effect that they attempt to differentiate themselves from public schools in various ways. Some emphasize religious orientation, others the “Three R’s”, and so forth. There are private schools here for Lefties as well. Mother Earth, Gaia, is worshiped with the same enthusiasm as Jesus in Catholic Parochial schools.

            Public schools, simply don’t compete. They are the government and the brook no competition. Some are quite good—depending on the neighborhood—others not so good, also depending on the neighborhood. However, they never compete. They simply beg and cajole the government for resources . Excuses, not results are the norm.

            So maybe a particular private school over a public school is not always the best answer in every scenario, but you will always have a choice of that particular school and its emphasis in the child’s type of education. Not so much in public school.

    • Changing the meaning of words, and then turning the newly defined word into a liturgical incantation, is a specialty of the empire of lies: “democracy”…. “equity”….. gross domestic “product”….. “science”……

  10. My line is that a ruling class always needs a political formula to justify its rule.
    Our ruling class, the educated class came to power in the aftermath of Gutenberg which made books really cheap and resulted in a ton of intellectuals filling the public space.
    But after the educated class gained power, then what?
    The answer was simple: We are ruling to help the victims! Poor people, workers, helpless women, former slaves, helpless LGBTs, Palestinians!
    Of course, the educated class is ruling to help itself. That’s why the educated Elite 1% is the only class doin’ fine under Bidenomics.

  11. (Warning: arm chair philosophizing to follow. However, we’re all chained up in the same prison right now, so my philosophizing is no more impractical than some guy’s clever scheme to take over the GOP via infiltration.)

    When you think about creating a better state, there are some perennial problems that present themselves, like, “Who watches the watchers?” The perennial problem that Z Man highlights today is, “How do the people prevent the powerful from using the state to dominate them?”

    To me, this is one of the advantages of an ethno-state. In all states, the powerful will usually dominate the people, but if the powerful feel an emotional identification with the people through ethnic kinship, then they are likely to be less rapacious and cruel.

    The ethno-state doesn’t solve the problem, but it seems to be one of the least bad attempts at a solution.

    When I get really utopian, I think that the state should not allow any person to become so wealthy that they can force their will on the state. Alarm bells should go off the moment a person or corporation can buy a Congressman.

    The idea here is that all profit past a certain amount is confiscated by the state, not because the state hates success or excellence, but because it cannot permit a person or corporation to acquire power that rivals the government’s. If a rich person finds such tax confiscation intolerable, then the state is probably better off without them, no matter how gifted they are.

    • I agree and personally like the concept of Noblesse Oblige. Within the ethno-state a strong tradition of using wealth to better your people would be preferrable.

    • Agree. Who needs more than ten million dollars? One hundred million? No one needs that much money, and it surely corrupts their connection with the rest of humanity. Confiscate everything over that amount.

      • Really, and you’re following this group? My “needs” or for that matter, my “rights” are not subject to your approval of what you think I need or should have.

        What is your right to have/take what someone else has worked for?

        As to how much one should have, money after a sufficient amount to account for sustenance is a tool. A multimillionaire may use his “excess” (your definition, not mine) to invest and produce in projects and business, which benefits others. If you don’t believe that, then move to a socialist country, there are still a few left, but they are poor due to accepting your recommendations.

        None of the above implies that there are not any number of wealthy a-holes out there that misuse their wealth—Soros comes to mind. But misuse is a different question than possession and has different remedies.

        • You’re falling into the Griller’s trap of vaunting abstract principles above practical benefit. One can make all sorts of high-flown arguments in support of the free market and personal property, but in reality tremendous amounts of malefeasance are being worked under than meritricious cloak. I think the vast majority of dissidents have finally disabused themselves of the notion that capitalism is anything approaching an unalloyed good.

          • I did not say that.

            I did not said that capitalism is an unalloyed good—only that what you earn is yours. That some folk play outside the rules or use their wealth against the general good is another story, which I noted. But that is not all the wealthy. There are many who contribute to the general good of society, most of the dirt people are employed by them.

            You are missing the point. If one can decide—even if that one claims to represent the majority of society—to recommend confiscating your wealth above a certain defined (by him) amount, then we are all in danger of being impoverished and in essence being made slaves. CA is leading the way. Let’s see where that gets them.

            Paraphrasing Lysander Spooner: one is nonetheless a slave if under the control of a group of individuals, rather than one individual. You can be sure that given human nature, it will be a short time before everyone’s salaries and wealth are looked at with envy and adjusted or worse, confiscated.

            Remember the theory of “Comparable Worth” which raised its head as far back as Reagan. That’s an example of the pernicious “leveling” of people in society such ideas promote. It’s simply tyranny of the majority, or in our case the mediocre minorities we are now populated by.

            Here’s a challenge, put a solid cap on what productive people can earn—and keep—and see the effect of such. How’d that worked for the USSR and China? Russia is only now recovering. China went full steam with commie capitalism, but now is simply replicating many of our mistakes at light speed.

            If the above is too “Randian” for you, so be it.

        • I agree and actually I’m all for the stinkin’ rich & think they should flaunt their wealth rather than invest it in crocked lawyers, social welfare, feeding the poor, etc. let them buy wine and Lamborghinis instead.

          Every super yacht they buy & sail once a year, every compound they build in Hawaii, every 27 room country bungalow they own puts bread on the table and roofs over the heads of thousands, tens of thousands of righteous, competent working folks.

          • Plus, they are bidding up the prices of stuff you and I can’t possibly afford, even if we wanted to, instead of it being pissed away putting inflationary pressure on lower-end consumer goods.

            Sounds like win-win to me.

          • Well, let’s analyze an example of just who you are describing. I’ll use Larry Ellison, of Oracle and derivative “People Soft” fame—last estimated worth $137B.

            He is a terrible person to be sure—he’s ultra wealthy, right? He once upon a time owned three multimillion dollar yachts. Can’t use all three at once, can you? He spends his billions selfishly—meaning I guess he doesn’t give any to me, but rather lives a lavish lifestyle and does not apologize for it. Hell, he even bought one of the Hawaiian islands—just little one however.

            For all this, all he gave the world is a software system that is dominant throughout the field, used by almost all businesses and as I remember my university (was part of the adoption year ago). He employs tens of thousands, not just in his Oracle firm, but also in building and maintaining his rich people toys, like his yachts and stuff.

            Yep, the world would have been infinitely better place had he done like Saint Francis and sold all his worldly goods to feed the poor, while wandering around barefoot in sackcloth rather than make an essential software product like Oracle.

      • We can argue over the amount, but I think any reasonable person understands that at some point excess wealth is the devil’s workshop.

        • The problem with a 100% confiscatory tax above a certain amount is it defeats the core purpose of a free market — which is to allocate FINANCIAL and POLITICAL power to the most far-seeing men operating on a practical level. Business is the most practical level of all. Therefore, influence is not inappropriately vested at that level.

        • No, we don’t agree that excess wealth is the devil’s workshop. Mainly because we don’t agree, nor know what excess wealth is. Besides, wealth is not the cause of immoral actions. Confiscating wealth because certain folk misuse it, is the same fallacy as confiscating firearms because some idiots misuse them.

          What I hear when one say’s excess wealth, is a person who is envious that such wealth is not possessed by him. Envy of others is not limited to a particular level of wealth. Listen to the Lefties, and you’ll soon realize that you are in their crosshairs as well. You drive a car? You have a home above so many square feet? You like to take a vacation and fly to exotic places? And so forth. The world is full of mediocrities who are envious of what others have.

          Now I don’t disagree that some societies have not found a kinder way to “share the wealth” in their societies, but not in a multi-racial “experiment” resembling the present USA.

          • Excess wealth is like porn–we know it when we see it. But the retreat to definitional purity is the ploy of one whose argument cannot withstand scrutiny. Can’t define excess wealth? That means it doesn’t exist and therefore you can’t do anything about it. But only a mealymouthed pedant falls for such nonsense. When Nike, Coca-Cola, Disney, Target, etc.–and I’m far more concerned with corporate than individual wealth here–have more geopolitical and domestic swat than most countries, and when they use it not simply to produce more goods, services and to make more money, but instead to subjugate whites, deify negroes, and extend the Blackberry Fruitcake Empire’s hegemony over the whole planet, something is terribly, terribly warped. If you can’t see that, compsci, well…I don’t even want to say.

            But, hey, muh free market. You can keep on shilling for the free market and in doing so you are helping to dig the grave of your own people. I’m just a wee bit more concerned with the plight of white civilization than advocating on behalf of corporate capital and the anti-white racists who wield it.

          • @Ostei, …and I’m far more concerned with corporate than individual wealth here–have more geopolitical and domestic swat…

            But, hey, muh free market.

            What the heck do corporations, an artificial government construct, have to do with a free market?

      • I’m pledging every cent of my wealth over $10 million to the government — if it should ever come to that. It’s the only right thing to do.

        Yours in Marx,

    • I support confiscatory progressive tax rates. Like above a certain amount, 98% (or, hell, 100%) tax rate. The argument always put forward against such tax schemes is that this would badly cripple the American economy. However, America’s most prosperous era, at least in the recent past was during a period with 90% top marginal rates of the war and post war period ending in the early 80s.

      But here’s the thing, nobody but actors, singers and sportsman paid it. Instead of taking huge profits and being subjected to these confiscatory tax rates, the money was reinvested in the company in various ways including new plant and equipment, which is deductible. It also prevented all of the consolidation we saw in the 80s and 90s with the old marginal rates having been eliminated. The tax system prevented the desire to become super massive.

      It’s not that I want to fund the state and their idiotic programs. Like I said, people won’t pay the tax. I would be just as happy seeing the money loaded onto a ship and the ship sent into the sun. They will simply prevent themselves from earning so much money in the first place. A lot of the obscene wealth in the US is illegitimate. Then, after acquiring the obscene wealth, they use it for obscene purposes.

      • What you fail to understand is that in the “glorious” days of such tax rates, no one paid them. There were exemptions and alternatives (loopholes for you cynics) and some folk still got rich—whatever that was considered to be then.

        This will still be the same—especially for the wealthy. Who will not escape are the middle class. And by the way, taxing high earners already collects most of the income tax from the upper quintile and most of that from the upper 10% of the population. The extraordinary wealthy did not make their money from earned income (working).

    • The only problem is that when you look back at the feudal system the nobility still hated the peasants and would routinely dispose of them in famine or warfare. Also, the system of international intermarriage among the royal families broke down the ethnostate affinity. The British royal family are all Germans, its no wonder their few political outbursts have been to fellate muslims and promote eating zee boogs.

      • There’s always a boss. The best thing is to have one who shares your interests, and to depose the ones who don’t.

        • But that’s what I think @Ploppy is saying. The local lord was exactly that, local. He was your ethnicity. If tribal nobless oblige were really a white thing, why was it so seldom manifested? Why was it largely a thing beginning in the colonial days?

        • And a boss who shares your race–if not necessarily your ethnicity–is more likely to share your interests than a boss whose natal root stock lies on the other side of the globe.

      • Really. So Elon Musk, should not be worth more than Botswana? Who contributes more to the good of this world: Elon or some s**thole country in Africa?

        Really, you need to get a grip on your envy. Again, who decides just how much wealthy a person can obtain, and how and why is this amount is computed?

        • Envy? Ha ha. Man, I used to think you were fairly bright. Now I know better.

          Oh, yeah, I’m just smoldering with envy over ol’ Musky. Keeps me awake nights, it does. In point of fact, old boy, I have no use for wealth. Never in my life have I desired to be rich, only financially secure and comfortable, which I most certainly am. If anybody’s prone to class envy, it’s far more likely to be shallow materialists such as yourself.

          • You’re all missing the point. The point is how to prevent entities like Google and the BBC becoming so powerful that they can engineer society in the direction of their own interest/ideology.

            Current antitrust laws are not up to it so we need new laws to rein in corporations that are powerful enough to ideologically influence the masses. Political bias is all very well on a small scale (such as in local newspapers, which is the cut and thrust of society in action) but above a certain scale these things skew society off its pivot. We need better antitrust laws that curb ‘social domination’ as much as economic domination. Capping the wealth of the players is no solution – it’s just irrelevant.

          • @Anson The point is how to prevent entities like Google and the BBC becoming so powerful that they can engineer society in the direction of their own interest/ideology.

            Excellent synopsis of the problem, and I agree.

            Thing is, the corporate form is a government creation. The only way it can go away is for the government to eliminate it, not to try to control the beast it unleashed.

            “All varieties of (government) interference with the market phenomena not only fail to achieve the ends aimed at by their authors and supporters, but bring about a state of affairs which — from the point of view of the authors’ and advocates’ valuations — is less desirable than the previous state of affairs which they were designed to alter. If one wants to correct their manifest unsuitableness and preposterousness by supplementing the first acts of intervention with more and more of such acts, one must go farther and farther until the market economy has been entirely destroyed and socialism has been substituted for it. ”

            –Ludwig von Mises,

    • Where would dystopian science fiction be without its WEYLAND YUTANIs, CHOAMs and OCPs? Blackrock exists in the here and now. These megacorps have already merged with governments, ballooning grotesquely and far beyond the garage start-up and pocket protector.

      Actually, politicians get them to do their dirty work to get around the 1st Amendment, etc. With gentle prodding from the IC, of course.

      “There seems only one cause behind all forms of social misery: bigness. Oversimplified as this may seem, we shall find the idea more easily acceptable if we consider that bigness, or oversize, is really much more than just a social problem. It appears to be the one and only problem permeating all creation. Wherever something is wrong, something is too big.”
      Leopold Kohr

    • I could get comfortable with only a certain level of wealth being allowed, but not with giving the excess to the state. Better to burn it.

      • Excellent. A yearly festival for the people where all the excess wealth is put towards a jublilee, not for the government. I’m feeling festive just imagining it.

        To you music nerds out there: My band literally covered Rush’s “The Trees” in a high school talent show. I played guitar, and I did a pretty good job, except for one fuckup that still haunts me to this day. Further, I played it all without a pick, because I was into classical guitar at the time.

        Anyway, the whole point of that Rush song was a Randian warning against all that I just suggested.

        “No there’s no more oak oppression
        For they passed a noble law
        And the streets are all kept equal
        By hatchet, axe, and saw…”

        I never imagined then that I would have come to the conclusions that I now profess. I’ll conclude with Eliot from “Little Gidding” of “Four Quartets”:

        So I find words I never thought to speak
        In streets I never thought I should revisit

        • The ritual destruction of wealth would serve as a reminder that there are more important things. Which seems needed in the west today

      • I assume you are talking “excess” money, not “excess” wealth. I see no reason to think things would be better if the mob dragged all the CNC mills and laser cutters out of factories and destroyed them in the parking lot. “Excess” currency? That wouldn’t be unalloyed waste — at the very least it would be deflationary.

        But the wilfull destruction of stuff? The St. George of Fentanyl revivals weren’t exactly good for anyone, other than maybe the ultra-rich who were probably laughing at all the fools putting the middle class in the poorhouse.

    • Ethnostate is the answer to so many seemingly different problems. It cannot be stated too many times.

      However there is no justification for a priori confiscation of legally earned wealth. It is the lazy man’s solution to a moral problem. Your example of the State being jealous of a rival power undermining it is first addressed by law. This can be done. Seems China has no problem keeping its oligarchs in line.

      Of course the above takes effort and it’s so much easier to rob to people than do your job correctly.

      • I agree with you with the proviso that money and politics are a bad mix. Money used to build better tech, fund research, get things moving without going through all the Karens of government, absolutely excellent

    • I think the debate about confiscating wealth to the mega-super-rich is the wrong debate.

      It is always: why do you need that much money? vs with this incentive they do the world a better place. See Oracle or Microsoft (yes, I am joking about Microsoft).

      The problem is not ultra-wealth per se. If you want to have a million yachts, be my guest. The problem is this people buying the government, the universities, the courts, the movies, etc. and making slaves of everybody else. Using money to buy power and using power to steal our money. Such as the financial powers behind the “you will own nothing and be happy” schemes.

      I am positive that Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping will be very wealthy, will live like gods and they will have stolen money from the State (using corruption). But they don’t want everybody else to be poor because they want to take the money of everybody else. So they can have the 100th private yet by forcing everybody to ride with bicycles. This is greed, level Satan.

      The people in power in the West print money like demons only to stole the purchasing power of thousands of millions of people and take it to themselves. They ruin agriculture because they want to have all the farms and import food from other countries with their own companies. If they see a kid with a candy and that candy is not theirs, they will plan to have the ownership of this candy so the kid has to pay them to lick it.

      They are people that fly in private jet telling everybody not to have car and eat bugs, because this way they can have more money to themselves. They use their money to have power to steal our money. This is the real problem. If they want to have yachts and whores and leave us alone, no problem with me.

    • This is a good point. Walid Jumblatt is not going to sell out his fellow Druze to enrich himself. Our present rulers do it every day multiple times before breakfast.

  12. While members of the ruling class may see themselves as good guys and heroes, many of them seem to take exquisite pleasure in harming the Dirt People. This seems especially true of the mid- and lower-tier members. It’s not easy to reconcile that hatred and meanness with a “good guy” self-image, especially when combined with their self-loathing. Oh, the cognitive dissonance!

    • All of them, to a man, were hall monitors, or wished they were, granted the power to hurt their fellows, even though they got no personal gain from it.

      Which means there is an easy way to prune it…

      • The ruling elite can be split into, at least, two groups; those who have the right to go and live in another foreign state and those who don’t.

        These two groups do not necessarily have the same interests and one of them loves screwing other people who are not of their tribe.

        • I don’t know. I once looked into emigration. What I found didn’t surprise me. Basically, for somewhere in the neighborhood of $500,000 you can basically buy permanent resident status in like 100 or more countries. They usually have some euphemistic name for this that implies that you’re some kind of entrepreneur who’s there to “create jobs” rather than just snorting a lot of coke and banging local hookers like we know is the real reason.

          The dual (or multiple?) citizens aren’t the problem. It’s that there even is such a thing that’s the problem. BTW, anybody know who has citizenship in the most countries? Like, which dude is the record-holder for that? I’m seriously curious.

          • There’s a fellow by the name of Andrew Henderson who has a Youtube channel by the name of “Nomad Capitalist.” He probably has half a dozen passports (he renounced his US citizenship some years back). Quite a few people have three passports.

          • What I’ve seen, but not researched extensively, is that these “ex-pat” residencies (not real citizenships) do not convey complete rights. Most important right is wrt voting. You can retire there and receive protection as do citizens, but you cannot vote or interfere with their politics. You bring them capital and spend money, but they keep you from lousing things up.

            US had something like this years ago. I was at a meeting at University of Chicago and the Chinese faculty member asked me how much money I thought his brother should bring with him from Taiwan. He was going to apply for the entrepreneurial residency VISA offered foreigners to come over and start businesses. Of course, after 5 years he could apply for full citizenship rights.

        • “The ruling elite can be split into, at least, two groups; those who have the right to go and live in another foreign state and those who don’t.”

          I know you mean people holding Israeli and US passports but even among high-net-worth goyim, there are many who have bought residence permits and/or passports for other countries. I would do the same (if I had high net worth) as insurance policy — no knowing when this sucker is goi8ng down. Even those on the top deck of the Titanic know the ship is sinking.

    • “many of them seem to take exquisite pleasure in harming the Dirt People.”

      They promote trannies feeding babies HIV milk, at this point they make bolsheviks blush with their sadism.

      What I gather from this form of totalitarism is that it feels very sexual, like a fetish.

      Butt sex, pedo stuff, interracial sex, tranny cosplay, putting foreign objects into your body.

      It’s as if we’re living in a dominatrix-submissive porn series where elites give pervy orders, leftists get off on submitting and being whipped for being racists, while the rest of realize the whole of western society is a snuff film.

    • “While members of the ruling class may see themselves as good guys and heroes, many of them seem to take exquisite pleasure in harming the Dirt People. “

      One of the prime traits of psychopathy is sadism. Taking pleasure in the suffering of others…
      One of the mystifying aspects of our current ruling class.
      They have theirs, why resent what little the dirt ppl have, and why the need to crush them?
      We have had elites who had the best interests of the nation / ppl on the whole.
      I often ask myself, “don’t these ppl care about what they are leaving for their own children and future generations?”
      Other than wealth and political power, why turn it all into a chaotic, dangerous, shit hole?
      Psychopathy / sadism is the only viable answer. Malignant narcissism is another trait of psychopathy. A narcissist’s main and only concern is “the self.” All others be damned.
      Think “ Marquis de Sade,” the origin of the word “sadist / sadism.”

    • Well, when the rulers view normal white people as incipient whisuprimiss Nazis salivating at the prospect of “finishing the job,” they can easily convince themselves that putting us under a yoke is holy work. You see–people can rationalize any abomination to which they become attached.

  13. “Like the deranged rulers of Rome who staged games to win public acclaim, our rulers stage mass media events, public festivals like elections and public relations campaigns.”

    Bingo! But I don’t see this as much as attempting to win approval and acclaim, as to distract. The airwaves are now completely filled with the latest and greatest involving the 2024 “elections”—which is, of course, “the most important in our lifetimes”! 🙁

    This is a sleight of hand sort of thing in which the thief’s accomplice distracts the “mark” while his pocket is picked.

  14. “The reason our elites chant about democracy so much now is they not only believe what they are saying, but they have to believe what they are saying.”

    The situation is a bit more nuanced IMHO.

    The ruling class has two audiences – domestic and international. Prior to 2016, they were confident that they had the domestic audience captured through mass-manipulation technologies and media. So, their game was to get some corrupt guy in president’s palace and then use him as the democratically approved US leader to dominate the international audience. Think about those, who lost various presidential elections prior to 2016. McCain, Romney and Kerry became the most hated among the DC “elites”, and if they won, the country would have been equally bad.

    The happy situation for the ruling class ended after 2016, and it experienced a huge shock and reality check. The best way to understand how shocked they were is to watch the leaked video of Google founders reacting after the Trump election. The ruling class plans decade ahead, and political uncertainty is cancer to such long-term plans.

    At present, the ruling class is still lost and is trying to find their new rhythm. So, some of their actions appear to be continuation of their pre-2016 way of life, and I consider that as inertia. The other actions show clear anger and hate toward the populist masses, who have been stealing their show (internationally) since 2016.

    • “The ruling class has two audiences – domestic and international.”

      This is true but I disagree in part with your analysis, and almost in full with Z’s. The Ruling Class thinks, perhaps correctly, that it is now in a position to disregard public opinion. The sham of democracy that continues is totally for foreign consumption. The primary reason even for that is because “democracy” provides a pretext for globalism and imperialism, to the degree the two can be disentangled. If the Regime ever decides it has achieved all it can internationally, it will stop any pretense of democracy then and there. And let’s face it–every day the Ruling Class imposes more draconian and totalitarian domestic policies even though full control of the world is not in hand. Maybe they have about decided they have about maxxed out?

      • For the tribe who directs the ruling class on what to think, Communism was just a tactic to gain absolute power. Now they are doing the same with Democracy.

      • Plausible. There are clear signs that the Rest of the World doesn’t want to play along anymore, and to such an extent that concrete ways of establishing impunity from Western Globalism are being actively developed for implementation.

        This may be the inflection point at which all pretense to “democracy” in the Western, Rules-Based Order zone would be abandoned in favor of straight up hierarchical, unabashedly power-based and coercive Neoliberalism.
        Whoo hoo!

      • The ruling class has disregarded the will of the people for decades. Go back to WW2 era and see how many Americans opposed getting involved. I think it was over 90%. Yet we all know what happened. Democracy and everything associated with it has been a sham in this former country for decades.

        • WW-I was when they employed mass media for the first time. Mencken’s writings describe that period well. He lived through the transformation wide awake.

          He wrote that the country was entirely against involvement in European war, but after mass media did its magic, everyone was eager to be first in line to kill those “barbaric Germans”.

  15. Much of the current detachment of the elite from the ruled is from years of low interest rates. The Cantillon efffect is very real. We’ve been living in its shadow for decades. It means an elite that never has to plummet to Earth like Icarus when they make terrible business mistakes. Hence, there is no real, internalized positive growth. They become emotionally, intellectually and morally stunted. Wealth isn’t something you have, but something you swim through, and the highest echelon of our society, made buoyant with cheap credit floaties, has become atrophied and weak.

    Nothing will be better for our society than an era of super-high interest rates and very expensive credit. Many of these people will sink like rocks to the bottom. Others will get their minds right. And we can have some fresh new faces at the top. This won’t happen tomorrow, but years from now.

    • This is something Z has referenced as well as the empire’s wealth comes from money printing so the concerns of the pleebs is meaningless. For instance, that $94 billion dollar fiasco-for-foreigners passed by the the Senate, what industry could they possibly extract that wealth from “honestly”? What group of people could they possibly tax enough to pay for that thing? The law is completely disconnected from the people in the country because the money funding it is completely disconnected from it as well (apart from the “inflation” thing, of course).

    • The government will find this out very soon. BRICS + and the end of the ability to offload inflation onto the rest of the world will eventually result in every time the government deficit spends that will cause immediate inflation.

      The free ride is almost over.

    • Excellent comment. The only counterpoint to be made is that higher interest rates, in and of themselves, are not sufficient to force a change in the composition of the cloud people. The more salient issue is that access to capital is subject to the Cantillon effect.

      Even a complete moron can keep a failing business afloat if the business has unlimited access to capital. Witness Jack Dorsey and Twitter. Purportedly, Twitter was losing $4MM/day when Elon Musk acquired it. This is catastrophic for a business, but a relative bargain for the three-letter agencies and the State Department to control a global propaganda and surveillance network. Hence, the money printers made certain that Twitter always had access to capital.

      The composition of the cloud people will change when their access to capital is cut. I’m not holding my breath.

  16. “If public opinion plays little role in policy, why do the politicians care what we think?”

    It’s because our ruling class is filled to the brim with unhinged Cluster B types that need constant validation. It is not enough that they steal from us. No, it is imperative that we thank them for it too.

    All the wealth in the world is meaningless when you feel like you are dying if not receiving constant external approval and validation of your moral and intellectual superiority.

  17. “In a way, our rulers are acting the same way as the people who go door to door handing out information about their cult. On the one hand, these people think they are giving away something beneficial. They are offering people a way into their cult. On the other hand, they are looking for confirmation. If even a few people show some interest, it confirms to them that their beliefs have some merit. The conversion process in all religions is for the benefit of the converted.”

    I thought that the major reason for going door to door was to enforce the cult members’ sense of alienation from and rejection by the outside world, and drive them into a tighter relationship with the cult.

  18. “No one, not even the sociopaths who populate the economic elite, wants to think of themselves as the bad guy.”

    Yes. There is a fantastic example of this on video. Alex Epstein is interviewing Peter Thiel and they are discussing the problem of this failing Order. In it, Thiel says, paraphrased, “We have to ask ourselves why is it that so many psychopaths and sociopaths get into all of the positions of power in this system.” Of course, Thiel’s great path to notoriety was as much his series of lectures at Stanford titled, “Competiton is For Losers”, where he touts the need for business monopolies in order to build wealth and avoid doing hard work in the face of competition.

    Another smell is revealed later on where Epstein laments that the cloud adjacent can’t depart from this Order, but Thiel thanks to his wealth can. He asks Thiel if he plans to buy an island or reconvene his sea-steading project. Oh how ironic where the powerful who lament the failing Order find as their solution getting rich on its back and then planning disappearing. It is all childish. I get the most toys in the sandbox, realize that everywhere it is more litterbox as it is filled with turds, but instead of risking my toys I just figure out an escape plan.

    You compare this small-souled bugmen to Julius Caesar. Caesar conquered most of what is today Northern Europe with only 60,000 men, consolidated the gains, and spent almost every last penny to buy himself support and power. Rather than seeking exile he revolted against his being exiled and took his men and crossed the Rubicon. Of course, when he did cross the Rubicon, he found that the men who wrote the words to exile and censure him were nothings and they fled – cowards.

    The final bow on that conversation was that it took place at the top floor of some office building in LA.

    While Thiel laments the Order, all of his enterprises that made him rich, (Facebook, Palantir, PayPal … …), are the worst aspects of it.

    Who knows how far away we are from a man who commands men whose gut is sickened by the weakness and cowardice of this merchant led order.

    Great insight today about how these psychopaths lack self awareness.

    I do think the minoritarianism of the system, and its media does serve a specific purpose. It is a patronage mechanism. It is used to identify and ruin political enemies and to reward its client groups. The useful idiots, of whom are most of the people in the regime, do get this moral authority, but those at the very top know exactly what they are doing. They are dispossessing the majority with conscious intent. Krugman said so in the clearest of terms.

  19. Excellent piece but I’m not yet persuaded. For the public or for public opinion to matter, the public has to have some practical effect on the rulers who subscribe to their own morality. They don’t need the public to like, endorse or approve of them. Raw power is enough as we saw with covid and now with the war in Ukraine.

    The canonization of St. George Floyd may have stemmed, in part, from a guilty conscience but the practical effect has been to enhance divide and rule.

    But if the rulers have all power, why bother to divide and rule? Divide and rule may be an incidental effect of public policy, not a motivation. Palace intrigue among the rulers may be the closest we’ll come to the need for some portion of the elite to seek to influence the opinions of another portion of the elite, but even there, among inter-elite intrigue, the dagger is more the rule than the sermon.

    • When the truckers did their thing, Castreau was terrified. He even went to a secret location, from which he made a statement with the fear in his eyes.

      • One of the great memes is two pictures, one of Hitler standing tall and smiling amid an uncontrolled crowd of thousands, vs. Angela Merkel hunched scared inside a bulletproof limo speeding down a police-emptied street with no citizen in sight.

        We take the wrong lesson from it. Merkel’s shameful display is a show—for the people who put it on (a bonding exercise akin to group prayer), and for her.

        Trudeau is egregious because he can’t hide what a truly cowardly sissy he is—some actor—but all our rulers act partly out of fear of being pulled down and strung up by us.

        As a practical matter that fear is irrational. Even in the uncontrolled-crowd days, assassination/etc. was incredibly rare. And as a personal matter, it makes them insane—an insanity that’s purposefully cultivated in them, to add self-defense to their motivations for doing what the “deep state” (or whoever) wants them to do to us.

        Cultivated for long enough, as it has been in our elderly elected officials, that defensive insanity becomes an overwhelming desire to see us die before they do. Because, as the fedposters say, YOU WON’T DO SHIT. We’ve been out here besieging them and trying to kill them for half a century—and nobody even came CLOSE. Fucking ANTS.

      • There have been good times, haven’t there?
        Romney running around the corridors in fear was hilarious, too.

      • The effeminacy and cowardace of the rulers is not often enough remarked upon. Say what you will about the West’s rulers in the 80s and before, but they were not femmy and pusillanimous. I suppose it’s all part of the Satanic inversion of societal norms.

    • “But if the rulers have all power, why bother to divide and rule?”

      I’m not positive they have or that they believe they have all the power. At least that is not apparent from prior historical evidence. The mob is a powerful thing and within the last century, peasants and their pitchforks have shown that even the seemingly most powerful can be unceremoniously disposed of by the rabble.

    • Seems to me that in a free society we would be able to do some rigorous research to see if there is indeed a correlation between the “vaxx” and a rise in the deaths of otherwise healthy young people, which does indeed seem to be more frequent but the evidence is largely anecdotal.

      Of course, we do not live in a free society…

    • A friend of the family’s teenage daughter died a month or so after getting vaxxed. Heart failure. She had no history of heart issues.

      I’ll always wonder.

    • Paul Gottfried: Zero f*cks to give. No, I will never accept half-hearted pseudo-apologies from those that wanted purebloods fired from jobs and put in camps. Frum is a sanctimonious POS who deserves not an ounce of sympathy. And I guarantee you he will never, ever admit that it was his magic shot that killed his daughter. Instead he will accuse and lash out at others. Nothing could possibly ever be HIS fault – he’s one of the special ones, the smart ones, the holier-than-thou ones.

    • Since the first of the year I know of 4 people in their 50’s who have dropped dead suddenly and unexpectedly of heart failure. Anecdotal or not, that’s an alarming turn of events.

      One was a co-worker of my wife’s, who dropped dead right in his classroom. The school is for developmentally disabled kids and thus has an above average nursing staff on site, along with all the heart-related gadgets. It didn’t matter; he was instantly gone.

      John Campbell is trying his best to investigate the fibrous clots that are being found by embalmers, but TPTB are quite uninterested in this, even though we’re 3 years into these shots and people are still keeling over dead. It’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature.

      • Sudden heart attack, and recovery therefrom, seems much less common than portrayed in the media. I usually inquire whenever I bump into a paramedic. Few weeks ago, I got to speak to yet another one on the range. He remarked in his career, he’d can’t remember much success in these efforts. He did not however confirm he’d noticed a sudden increase in such (my next go to question). Of course, he was working in military and among fairly healthy folk.

  20. All things being equal, it is easier to control the masses if they believe your bullshit. Outright tyranny is hard. All ruling elites, at some level, need to be a priesthood propagating a public religion. Ours is “Democracy”, with all the woke egalitarian nonsense that implies in the current year.

    As to whether or not they believe it, some of the more gullible managers probably do, and the cannon-fodder certainly do, but the true Oligarchs don’t. They believe in finance capital, through which they control currencies and countries, and in their own divine right to rule, whether they consider themselves religious or not.

    Soros believes in Soros.

    • “Soros believes in Soros.”

      George Soros is the founder and high priest of Sorosastrianism.

      It’s first tenet is the proles will own nothing and be happy.

      • And maybe its only tenet. Because, really, what further would you need than that if autocracy is your wished-for end state?
        Moo. The Talmudic cattle instantiated.

    • I agree with your point, but also believe Soros is an intel asset. Jeffrey Epstein without the rape and blackmail. He was set up with his “billions” so the the elites can launder taxpayer money around to their subversive causes.

        • Poe believes British people are driving this!

          A Jewish writer claims the British are more responsible for the actions of George Soros than George Soros.


  21. Fundamentally, the regime’s public relations are rooted in fear. The rulers are more aware than anyone else is of how precarious their position really is, how vulnerable they are to a public that disapproves, and how quickly it can all go away. They also know, again, better than anyone, about the all the things they have done that could or should provoke populist resistance against them, were the truth known. So, they distract, deflect, gaslight, obfuscate, propagandize, and memory hole. Propaganda is the product of a guilty conscience. Which even sociopaths have, insofar as they possess a sense of self preservation. The criminal may not care about society, or decency, but he does care about getting caught.

    • Good post. You are correct.

      The very succinct version is: “Yes, in all human organizations, it is the leaders who tell the subordinates what to do, not the other way around; however, leadership is fragile and if leaders do not keep the people’s good will, their position quickly becomes impossible.”

      The even more succinct version is that nobody truly governs without consent of the governed. People get what they will tolerate.

    • Jeffrey Zoar: I just don’t see the ‘fear’ that you and others claim the elites feel. They don’t want to be bothered by average people, whom they regard the way the average citizen regards a trailer park tweaker – distasteful. Bothersome. Declasse. They regard normal people as unpredictable, alien even, because they have no genuine understanding of how they think or what motivates them. They know how to work the halls of Congress, or how to speak with a fawning press, but normal people are an unknown quantity.

      Because the elites and their puppets always like to feel in control, that lack of understanding and presumed unpredictability makes them uncomfortable. They feel out of their element dealing with an average White American, but I wouldn’t call that fear. I’ve had doctors react first with amusement and then shock and anger when I’ve challenged their incorrect diagnoses, but they weren’t afraid of me – they were outraged by the challenge to their presumed authority and self esteem.

      The clouds are comfortable with fellow manipulators or fawning sycophants, but don’t quite know how to deal with sane, normal people who genuinely dislike or disagree with them. As Kipling wrote, they “cannot tell what powers control–what reasons sway his mood.” Like everyone else, the clouds are creatures of habit. Place them in an environment they don’t understand or control and it makes them very unsettled, but they’ve yet to have any reason to feel fear.

        • Yes, a panic reaction is oft expressed as aggression and attack, which must then be vindicated or ratified.
          To oneself or to an audience, as well.

      • It has been shown that certain animals, and man, have an inherent/instinctive aversion to other dangerous animals or dangerous situations. By instinctive, I mean without prior interaction and learning. How much more so can our elites be with simple observation of recent history? Within the last hundred years, the highest of elites have at times been taken down by the “peasants”.

        That our elites are disdainful of the masses and out of contact with reality as we see it, I do not deny. But perhaps they see/sense that they are vulnerable to the rabble—especially if that rabble is used by other elites or “wannabe “ elites to replace them?

    • Disagree. The current rulers of the west, do not fear the masses, at least not anymore. Whence boldly “in our faces” defying public opinion, disrespecting election results, the Covid hoax, the vax hoax, the war in Ukraine, the “green economy / climate hoax,” that is deliberately destroying the middle class, open boarders, the queer agenda, the anti white male agenda,
      The Trump witch trials. I could go on add infinitum.
      At this particular moment in history, they fear no retribution whatsoever. Because there would have been retribution by now.
      There will be no French Revolution type retribution against the ruling class by the peasants. Heads are not “going to roll.”
      In fact non will ever see the inside of a jail cell.
      Biden’s rotting corpse is still sitting in the Oval Office, not a jail cell, not even impeached for that matter for decades of criminal and treasonous behavior. And he’s still rolling along.
      These people don’t even fear losing elected office, because they steal elections, openly and brag about it.
      These ppl cannot be touched, and they know it!

      • These ppl cannot be touched…

        Cannot be touched… until they are.

        Look at how terrified they all got when a bunch of Feds led some unarmed, selfie-taking grannies into Congress on J6. Heck, AOC even died! Twice!

      • The situation as you note is not the same today, but will it always be so? The French peasants—really city dwellers, not farmers—had little to lose. Will the situation always remain the same, and if it changes, will the elites continue to ignore it?

      • “These ppl cannot be touched…” until they are. FIFY.

        Look at how terrified they all got when a bunch of federal agents escorted a few unarmed, selfie-taking grannies into the Capitol on J6.

        They know just how vulnerable they are. They know their security detail has not secured every window within 500 yards…

  22. I think the elites invest in propaganda because it works successfully to keep the savages from rising up and forming into pitchfork mobs that may someday get fed up and storm the Bastille. It is simply a preemptive defensive tactic that appears more humane then rounding up people in the middle of the night and shipping them off to the gulag. I don’t think morality has anything to do with it; just existential self-interest. In a nation with in which gun ownership is overwhelming, there is a limit to what you can accomplish with historical strong-arm tactics. And so persuasion-based indoctrination will continue until it stops working.

    Where is this headed? Well, Musk wants to install electronic chips in people’s heads that may allow them to access the internet (great fun!). How many of us will fall for this scam and opt in to the Matrix voluntarily? I can’t believe that I actually have to write this shit as a real warning.

    • TomA: “Where is this headed?”

      I can’t tell how much j00ish blood Kathy Hochul has in her, but, as we speak, she’s in the process of giving away all of the patronage jobs in NY State gubmint to ILLEGAL ALIENS:


      Kathy Hochul Moves Forward with Plan to Prioritize Illegal Immigrants for NY State Jobs

      “The rules requiring applicants to take the civil service exam and to have a high school diploma HAVE BEEN ELIMINATED.”


      This sh!znat is utterly Darwinian in nature.

      It’s quite literally Henry David Thoreau’s “Battle of the Ants”.

      The Red Ant colony [(((Our Democracy)))] fully intends to obliterate the Black Ant colony [Heritage Amurrikkkuh].

      • (Kathleen (nee Courtney) Hochul is 100% Irish Catholic. No She’s a bought-and-paid for whore for the left and the Zionists.

      • Hochul also said that the Truckers who refuse to deliver goods to NY, can be criminally charged and have their assets seized.

        So this woman believes in slavery since in our society it is illegal to force someone to provide labor.

        • As delusional as Hochel is, and I know I escaped western NY six months ago, she’s not going to have her way on this one.

          There is nothing she or anyone else in govt can pull out their asses to make the truckers do a damn thing.
          And should they try this and the truckers are rotting in jail, assets forfeited, good bye goods delivered to market.
          Which puts the bitch back at square one.

    • TomA: People will willingly, even eagerly queue up for neural chips. The novelty, the status of being ‘first,’ the convenience. Don’t ever underestimate the stupidity of the average man or the cupidity of the average elite.

      • Probably true. We still had people taking the vax long after all of the data showed how serious the side effects could be.

        • The tattooed…will be first in line for the chip. I predicted as much a decade ago.
          (Apple watch wearers will be right behind them).

      • Their near-universal rejection of “immersive” mega-corporate tech, from Google Glass to Zuck VR to the Apple tard helmet, speaks well of the people.

        Never forget which of /ourguys/ called you a rustic loser for not embracing those things, and never trust them about anything.

        We did fall for the thrall-phone…because it was a phone. If Jobs was plotting against us, it was a brilliant plot that he hid very well.

        Musk’s fantasy of having us all limbic-chipped into his social credit app would require total enslavement—first. Luckily he squandered his opportunity for that by being a “noticing” nerd.

        The horrors of the future won’t be virtual.

        • I see Steve Jobs as the original tech-talitarian. Apple fans are always the first to embrace some new ruling class fad and post about it online. I seriously doubt the poz would be so far advanced as it is without the work of Jobs and his lizard-men.

  23. “For them, democracy is a god that always brings the devil with him to undermine their efforts.” -The Mencken of WV.

    I have had the unique opportunity to attend just a handful of events with people on this side of the great divide. It’s extraordinary to learn the different routes which brought everyone here as well as the varying thoughts and insight. It is a really great confirmation, too. People are thoughtful, interesting, smart and funny. Just normal, smart, nice people in a world run by lunatics.

    Those on the left are such a stark difference. Every thought and opinion is the same on every issue. The term ‘npc’ really seems to apply to them as well as to our rulers.

  24. As a young teen, I got into heated debates with friends who 100% believed that “professional wrestling” was completely legit and reflected reality.

    I thought they were idiots.

    After 5 decades, I’ve came to the same conclusion about US “democracy”; embarrassed it took so long to realize.

    It’s kayfabe. All of it. Suckered me in for a long time though.

    • Indeed, pro wrestling is far more real than politics.

      This is kind of like that bell curve midwit meme.

      115: Pro wrestling is real.

      • (Apparently the comment board gets confused with the greater-than and less than symbols.)

        Let’s try this again:

        Less than 100: Pro wrestling is real
        100 to 115: Nooo!!! It’s decided beforehand. It’s all fake!
        Greater than 115: Pro wrestling is real

      • The whole thing may be predetermined, maybe slightly more so than the NFL, but at least those wrestlers are working their asses off for the crowd.

    • I’d like Our Democracy much better if it featured occasional tag-team matches between Joe “The Ice Cream Mauler” Biden and Pete “The Breast-feeding Brawler” Buttigeig in one corner, and Lindsey “The Carolina Crusher” and Kamala “The Ugandan Giant” Harris in the other.

  25. > In the end, that is why our rulers and their servants in politics and the media so frantically chase after public opinion. It is why vast amounts of capital are invested into tricking the people.

    It used to be the elites gained the love of the people with Cathedrals, massive charitable works, great works of art, etc. Say what you want about a benefactor putting his face on a fresco of a saint, but even with this bit of vanity, something was created that elevated the masses.

    The same elites now support giving away needles to druggies instead of trying to elevate them, funding anarchist thugs that harass hard-working citizens, vaccinating (and sterilizing) the third world, and creating the most bland and soul-crushing architecture ever to grace this Earth.

    • The elite are psychopaths.

      “Russia is going to invade” Europe is insane.

      Men in dresses are women, likewise.

    • Chet: But they didn’t vaccinate the third world. It’s not Venezuelan mestizos and pitch dark Senegalese who are ‘dying suddenly.’

      • I had another comment go through elsewhere; it was overdone, for that I apologise. I was hoping it wouldn’t show up.

        Basically how a gangster morality has overtaken nationalist morality; a shortsighted conquest morality, a slaver’s harvest morality.

        As to 3g4me, I saw a small chart showing the that the ace2 receptors susceptible to the vaxxine are most prevalent in European, then Asian populations. Lowest in ashkenazim.

        It’s targeted biowarfare, all right. Now concerns about blood supply and sterilization- the White future!- are being voiced.

  26. You have really been on a tear lately Z, add this one to several others in the last couple months that are among your best.

    Are you still planning on getting your book collection of essays out this year? I know a couple normiecons who seem to be teetering on the brink, and your style of succinct writing without unnecessary two dollar words would be a great gift to push these Joe Normies over the edge.

    • I got three quarters through the book and put it aside for close to a year, sue to day job necessity. That and relocating to a fixer-upper that needed lots of fixin’ made it impossible to do much else. The book is a collection of long form essays on various topics, but it will not be what I work on next. While working on the house I came up with an idea for a much better and shorter book. Once I am settled this month, that is the next project.

      • It’s much easier to fix up a house than to fix up the demographics of your ‘burg… I live in a blue state that sucks in a lot of ways but my village is 99.6% white, 100% English-speaking, 0% Hispanic, and has 0 synagogues.

      • Yes, it might be better do a 100-page banger than a heartbreaking work of staggering genius. Or release a series of mini-books. Z Reader: Part I: On Biology and go from there.

  27. Partially agree, but I’d say that some of great desire of our rulers to win public support stems from our true rulers being a tiny foreign elite with no real power base outside of controlling the commanding heights of society.

    In the past, a king could point to divine authority, but our rulers are of a different religion. Rabbi Horowitz telling 320 million Christians and non-Jews that Kagan should run foreign policy doesn’t work.

    Leaders could also gain authority through force. We see that in many countries where one ethnic group rules over the others because they have to best, toughest police/military, who are loyal due to being in the same tribe. Our rulers don’t have that. The agencies show loyalty, but it’s based on money, not blood.

    That leaves gaining authority from the people, which is why there’s a constant full-court press to stick with minoritarianism. Democracy is a cover for a ruler elite who have no other path to authority.

  28. The Princeton study showed that public opinion had exactly zero effect on public policy…The ironic fact is that autocrats like Xi and Putin care much more about public opinion than democracies, and this has always been the case…In a democracy, there is no one to blame…after all, the public was responsible for putting the wrongdoer in office, while autocrats are always fearful of being replaced…

    • Ancient Chinese ruler maxim: “Maintain the Mandate of Heaven”
      Old Russian cope: ” If only the Tsar knew…….he would never allow it”
      American Elite: “take the vaxx, we own your children”

  29. I get the sense our elites aren’t getting a whole hell of a lot of public hoi poloi support these days – at least not explicitly. I also get the sense they don’t care anywhere near as much as they used to – they put on better shows in the old days. Hopefully, their days are numbered – they sure as hell need to be.

  30. “On the one hand, most people think the political system is captured by minority interests like corporations, the military industrial complex, ideological fanatics and so on. At the same time, the political class puts an enormous amount of time and energy into convincing the public. If public opinion plays little role in policy, why do the politicians care what we think?”

    You give some reasons later in your essay, arguing that an economic elite does pull the political strings (empirically corroborated by a study conducted about a decade back), but that this elite feels the need to placate the unwashed. Not sure about the reason you give for this need — that they want to be loved and seen as the good guys.

    To backtrack a little, it was Robert Michels who postulated the “iron law of oligarchy.” An organised minority always controls, whether it’s an empire or a commune. This fact of social existence should not be in dispute. Why, then, the need for public acquiescence? Arguably because public dissatisfaction, if and when aroused, can mean the end of regimes, the end of empires, particularly when represented by a populist or emerging populist ruling group. It means rioting and violent demonstrations. The polity becomes ungovernable. We saw this on a small scale after the martyrdom of St. George of Floyd (pbuh). USA’s rulers saw this in the riots and demonstrations of the late 1960s. To this extent public opinion does matter. The ruling elite does not care if we privately grumble among ourselves in our leafy suburbs. It does very much care if cars and buildings are set on fire, and roads and freeways are blocked.

    With regard to decisions made by the ruling minority, there’s probably a loose consensus, fashioned on golf courses and in country clubs. But no unanimity. There were people in the ruling minority who weren’t happy with the invasion of Iraq in 2003. I’m sure there are similar people unhappy with the imbroglio in Ukraine.

    • “With regard to decisions made by the ruling minority, there’s probably a loose consensus, fashioned on golf courses and in country clubs.”

      Right. It’s 1950. Who are you trying to fool?

      If there’s a loose consensus (and there is), it’s being fashioned at Bar Mitzvahs and synagogues.

        • Don’t be a dick. Everyone knows what you meant – including you.

          In future, I’d ask that you don’t piss on my leg and tell me that it’s raining.

          • Look, you seem to be a little simple-minded in your utterances. You are talking nonsense. For starters, the Jews at the commanding heights are generally not the religious ones.

          • You can’t even follow an obvious joke.

            As to religious vs secular Jews, it doesn’t matter. It’s never mattered. Jews are a people – and perhaps the most ethnocentric people on the planet. They are tied far more by blood than religion. Secular Jews watch out for their people just as religious Jews do.

            What’s your problem with just acknowledging the obvious. There are multiple elite groups/individuals, not all of which are Jewish. However, only the Jews play as a team and work as almost a quasi-mob. The goy elites act independently.

            If there are 20 power bases and eight of them are Jewish, you might think that Jews aren’t in control, but you’d be wrong. Why? Because if the eight work together when needed or threatened and the other 12 are atomized, the team will win. Also, if the eight together employ bribery, blackmail and threats while the other 12 don’t or have little ability to do so, the eight will beat the hell out of any of the twelve.

            The fact that the richest man in the world was forced to fly to Poland and kneel before team Jew shows who has the real power.

    • “…this elite feels the need to placate the unwashed. Not sure about the reason you give for this need — that they want to be loved and seen as the good guys.”

      Maybe it has something to do with consumer culture. The customer is always right! Maybe the will of the people gets confused with their desire.

      Maybe that could also explain why they hate us lol. Tending a herd of bleating livestock can be tiring.

      • “Tending a herd of bleating livestock can be tiring.”

        There’s a concerted long-term attempt to turn Americans and Europeans into domesticated and docile factory-farm animals. Consumerism and identity politics are two instruments in this regard. It seems to be a successful work-in-progress so far.

        • Wait a minute. You’re saying identity politics is wrong, that it turns us into easy to control helots.

          How is that? Are you one of those, “Don’t let the elite divide and conquer the people” types? As in, the people – black, white, Hispanic, etc. – are all one people?

          I’d say that whites not thinking and acting as a group – identity politics – is exactly why we’re getting pushed around.

          Let me ask you: Who are your people?

          • My two cents. They dumb it down to skin color, religion, ideology, etc., to weaken and break it. Like pulling down pillars from a temple. I think it’s a whole comprised of these elements.

      • Slavers gonna slave. It’s their meal ticket. Brave New World instead of 1984, though. Pleasure not pain. Huxley might’ve been right about that, but he was wrong that the World Controllers could resign themselves to it— that they could overcome their humanity and be God, essentially.

        • My take on New Yorkers inviting illegal immigrants (and their prepaid Visa cards) into their homes is: the government is providing you with paid slaves. Be sure to confiscate their assets and charge them a monthly fee, plus they have to do the cooking and cleaning and laundry and yard work. You cannot whip them but you can verbally abuse them. Pretty soon it will be cheaper to get them to pick cotton.

    • The loose thread, I think, is that the people staging the riots and demonstrations of the late 1960s not only came to rule, they used them to expand their rule…including over the WASP ruling families, the former elite.

      Perhaps by stealth; was the size and power of this ambitious, organised minority elite was hidden? The “disenfranchised”, that is, taking back what was stolen from them.

      That’s how gangs operate, until by the fourth generation or so, when they’ve gone legitimate. Ethnic gangs accepted the majority culture’s mores and wanted their grandkids to be accepted. They saw the majority culture as the good guys.

      In this case, however, the hidden element already saw itself as the good guys. Convincing other ambitious connivers as allies willing to do business “the new way” brought increasing rewards to both.
      Reinforcing the winners’ belief that that the heavens loved the winners the most, that they were meant to win.

      Thus, the morality changed. Western governments are now heavily invested in child and human trafficking, weapons, drugs, and vice as a backstop to keep the interest payments grlowing. The vice must flow!
      The Dirt are scum, anyways; why help the opposing side?

      We’ve gone from seed corn capitalism- building investment for the future generations- to pillage kapitalism, a debt bondage spending the seed corn. A slavery and pimp system, despoiling everything in its path. It’s a conquest morality.

      I just saw it described as a “beast system”- a mindless spending machine. Thus, the covid cull of the old, and the dissident; it cannot stop itself, or those who make it up will starve.

      Worse yet, its adherents would have to repent, and accept their inferiors…but, but, its adherents are the good guys!!
      We will not disabuse them of that.

    • “The polity becomes ungovernable. We saw this on a small scale after the martyrdom of St. George of Floyd (pbuh). USA’s rulers saw this in the riots and demonstrations of the late 1960s.”

      Both were demonstrating for what large portions of the elite already wanted. The unwashed masses are irrelevant if they are protesting against the wishes of the elite. Take the South with segregation for example. The elite wanted to end it and so they just sent the national guard down to put down the protestors.

      Tienanmen Square is another fine example. Though it wasn’t just Tienanmen Square, the protests were large scale in multiple places. They sent in the cops, then the military. Prague is another fine example. They don’t care what you think and you’re not going to make them change. Rule is force. All power comes from the barrel of a gun. Just like the cops will try to talk you into being arrested at first, the ruling elite prefers you just go home on your own and will make a lot of effort to make that happen. But, if ultimately you decide you ain’t leaving and they want you gone, they will escalate.

    • Arshad Ali: Disagree. Carbeques have been common in France and Scandinavia for years now, and the rulers are not bothered. Green activists and BLM blocking highways – it hasn’t yet stopped a motorcade – it’s only normal, law-abiding people who are inconvenienced.

      They fear the proven ungovernability and violence of non-Whites, which is why they will never cut their gibs. Adams didn’t decide NY oughtn’t be a sanctuary city any longer because it inconvenienced him or the city’s juice inhabitants; he changed his mind because the local blaqs have become enraged seeing all dey gibs goin’ to mestizos instead of fellow joggers. The blaqs have proven repeatedly that they are dangerous and destructive. Average White citizen – rapidly being dispossessed and replaced? Not so much.

      • I honestly think whites enjoy it on some level. It clearly used to be some twisted kind of penance. Now? Hard to believe there’s still an appetite, but it goes on. A clear conscience would deal with these things.

        I watched LA burn as a kid. We got a crime bill. By the time I graduated college, it was cool to move to the city.

        This time around, Trump repeals the crime bill and rolls out the Platinum Plan. Wtf.

      • You could say Whites have yet to fight.

        It’s fair to say Whites may never fight and go quietly into the good night, but it ain’t over till it’s over.

        If we ever get off our lazy bums and fight, it ain’t gonna be just chaos like the blaqs commit. It’s not gonna be random attacks on Wendy’s, Burger Kang and looting Target.

        Frankly, I think our inability to organize is the major issue. If this could get solved, White people will stop feeling alone.

        • Organized whites ruled the world. Who’s to say we couldn’t do it again. But it does seem a long way off right now

  31. Interesting thought Z Man.
    Political parties are cults with their god being approval and the devil being the contrary.

    No different over here in Londonistan.

    • The ‘Conservatives’ in the UK recently posted about how proud they are to “represent modern Britain” with the first Jewish PM, first female PM, first black Chancellor, first muslim home secretary, first asian PM.

      • England has devolved to be disappointing. Sure, there is history and there are monuments and tea. But get beyond the surface and you notice a rot that has been growing for a few generations.

        The silliness and quirky behaviors morphed into idiocy, faddishness, political correctness and sheep-like bullied conformity. Those same trends appear in America, starting in the Anglophilish areas like New England, New York and DC, then spread like media-driven cancers.

        And their King and ‘Queen’ are jokes.

        • In my viewing of old movies that were nominated for oscars (which I don’t really recommend doing yourself), I got to Four Weddings and a Funeral, which depicted young affluent Brits of the 1990s. Whether they were accurately portrayed or not I couldn’t say, but I only made it about 20 minutes in, turning it off with the thought, “Who could possibly give a shit about these people.”

      • When they produce the first tranny pm they’ll be able to say labour were the real transphobes all along

      • I’m sure if aliens landed there would be a fight between the Tories and the GOP over who gets to have the first authentic space alien PM or President.

    • The English and Canadians seem to have taken the current madness to an entirely new level.

      It’s very interesting. In the US, you can certainly put a decent (though certainly not all) amount of the blame on the small hats running the media and academia, but I’m guessing that their influence is less in the UK and Canada (though I could be wrong), so the English and Canadians more than the Americans chose this madness.

      I harp on the Jews a lot, but it’s obvious that whites were ripe for the picking. Something went way wrong with us starting in the 1950s.

      • Citizen: Jews have had a ton of influence in English finances – in the City of London workings – since the 1700s. They’ve also heavily intermarried with the various ranks of the aristocracy. There are still some purely English lines, of course, but they are not the ones holding the purse strings or running the foreign office any longer.

        Canada I know far less about. They have the Bronfmans, of course, and took in far too many troublesome juice after WWII, but thus far most of them seem to crave the company and attention they get in AINO. That’s why so many actors, comedians, and political pontificators in AINO are Canadian juice. But I cannot speak to how much genuine political and financial power they have in Canada.

        • Just my non detailed rough estimate of the Western World’s chain of command:

          1. Oligarchs, Soros, Schaub, Rothchilds and others. Mostly of the Tribe.
          2. Israel
          3. The U.S. GAE, and all subordinates
          4. Europe/EU/NATO
          5. Non NATO vassals, Japan, Taiwan and others.

          • Sounds about right, though remember for category number, while there are definitely non-tribe players, only the tribe plays as a team, at least when needed or they feel threatened. The other players work independently. That’s a decisive advantage for the tribe.

      • I would say that they really got rolling in 1913. Federal Reserve, Income Tax, dissolution of State legislatures appointing their Federal Senatorial representation. Tieing the US tightly into thralldom to cosmopolitan banking interests and identified needs. After that, a clean up operation.

  32. > If public opinion plays little role in policy, why do the politicians care what we think?

    Engagement. Obviously, we can do nothing to impact the elites, but the elite still need us to participate in government and the economy. A business gets more effort from an employee if the employee believes in the goals of the business and the goals of the society the business is embedded in. See also military recruitment. Armies can’t recruit if young men don’t believe in goals of that society.

    Looking at it this way, the purpose of voting is not to allow us to influence elites, which it doesn’t, but to interest us in the political process, the media, and the goals of society in general. The media doesn’t propagandize us to get us to vote. Voting exists to get us to pay more attention to media propaganda.

    Why the powers that be are going in so hard on gay and trans propaganda, which is massively inimical to engagement, I cannot say though. It looks like some kind of purity test or something, but it’s paying off badly.

    • Manufacturing some sort of consent to The Regime. The rats in the Skinner Boxes dutifully press the bars, yet with little discernable connection to longed for rewards, in point of fact, any rewards seem to be aleatoric to any objective observer. But to the rats, the lesson gleaned is that sometimes a pellet drops into the tray, so keep on depressing that bar.

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