Illiberal Multiracialism

This post on Twitter from Vivek Ramaswamy got a lot of attention and not the good kind of attention he has been expert at attracting. Instead, the replies were full of baffled people wondering how he could say such stupid things. To many people, it looked like the sort of race-swapping that is common with Hollywood. Instead of black Vikings he was saying there were black roman emperors. He then went on to claim that these truths were somehow erased from history.

As many pointed out, there were no black emperors and Philip the Arab looked like a typical Roman at the time, as in European, because North Africa was settled by people from the other side of the Mediterranean. The “browning” of North Africa happened long after the Romans were gone. The best part of that thread is he was buried by comments correcting him for his nonsense statements. Maybe white people have reached a point where they will not tolerate this stuff.

The post, however, highlights the impossibility of a multiracial society that operates along liberal democratic lines. Liberal democracy assumes a natural equality among people in that we are born with natural entitlements. Therefore, we get equal rights and privileges in a liberal society. That is fine for an ad hoc arrangement. Pirate ships were egalitarian in their operations, for example, but the pirate ship was never intended to be a permanent arrangement among the diverse men.

Human societies assume permanence and that means they require a story for how the society came together. The Romans, for example, had the legend of Romulus and Remus who founded the city of Rome. The Rape of the Sabine Women is another important part of the story of the Roman people. The origin myths of a people are specific to a people; thus, their history is specific to them. In other words, a people’s identity is exclusive to them.

This is why a multiracial egalitarian society is impossible. You have different people with different identities rooted in different origin stories. Any effort to write the origin of one people into the story of the other people will be viewed as theft. Vivek Ramaswamy in that tweet was trying to steal a part of European history on order to insert his people into your story. No doubt he saw the resistance to this as a slight against him and people like him. This is now part of his people’s story.

You see this with the old race divide in America. Black people have an origin story that depends on white people being the villain. White people have an origin story that does not include black people. Inserting blacks into the white story requires whites to accept guilt for things they did not do and shame for ancestors who made it possible for any of us to have this discussion. It simply cannot work, so any effort to make it work aggravates the natural racial friction in America.

This does not mean a multiracial society is unworkable. The Russian Federation is a multiracial society that generally works. For a thousand years the dominant Russians have ruled lands with significant minority groups, almost all on the fringes of their territory, while avoiding many of the problems we see in the West. The most difficult period was in the early years of communism when the egalitarian impulse tried to eradicate the natural differences between people.

What you see in modern Russia is peaceful separation. The fringe areas populated by various non-Russian ethnicities are left to have their own culture and traditions, as long as they respect their place in Russian society. These ethnic groups have an identity that is tangled up in their relationship with Russians, but also separate and distinct from that of the typical Russian. The modern Russian state encourages intolerance of ethnic agitation among the Russians and the Russian minorities.

Much of the rhetoric you will hear from Russian officials about their ethnic minorities will sound like the nonsense we get from Western rulers, but it has a different purpose, and it is received by different ears. Russian multiculturalism assumes a dominant Russian culture that includes a tolerance of minority cultures, as long as they never create trouble for the majority. In other words, the Russians take some pride in not having wiped out these minorities from their lands.

Applying this civilizational model to the West would mean a European identity that assumes a natural dominance over European lands and the people in those lands, regardless of their minority identity. This sort of cultural chauvinism would allow blacks in America, for example, to hang onto their story of victimhood only so far as it gives them pride in who they are now. Antiwhite animosity would be suppressed officially and unofficially through general intolerance.

Of course, this means applying different standards to different people and that is where things run afoul of the liberal project. In order to maintain peaceful separation, it requires different standards of conduct and mutual exclusivity in large parts of the origin story of the different racial identities. The story of black people would include whites, but not in a negative way, but also exclude whites. The same would hold for the story of the white population with regards to blacks, Asians, Hispanics, and others.

There are obvious problems with the concept, not the least of which is the narcotic of egalitarianism that flows through the veins of every European. Before the West can appropriate a civilizational model to managing their now multiracial societies, they must first break their addiction to egalitarianism and natural rights. That will most likely only come through a struggle to avoid extinction. Even so, civilizationalism may be the only path forward for the West if it chooses to survive.

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228 thoughts on “Illiberal Multiracialism

  1. Except it is pretty clear where the trajectory is going.

    Exhibit A: Steve Sailer. Sailer has some connected friends. He has been acting “odd” recently, obsessing over trivia: golf course architecture, Ohtani, Kanye. It was almost as if he was told the clampdown was coming. And he better avoid that train.

    Exhibit B: Carville openly saying the CIA will “wetwork” the OMB.

    Exhibit C: The Brandon Regime now committed to issuing green cards to ALL illegals (effectively that is what it is) and full forever open borders. THAT is their solution. Brandon just let some Palestinian heckle him and that is the future for YT optimistically.

    Situational Awareness is not just for looking at a gas station when you need to fill up and deciding to drive on by for five miles because you just don’t like the looks of the place or people. It applies to our “betters” as well — Larry Fink just said that (for YT only of course) there should be no Social Security and work till you drop.

    The “dream” is that of the Chinese solution to the Uighurs, and Manzanar. Of the latter, Sailer tellingly noted that David Bazelon, father of Emily, may well have made his fortune selling off at huge discounts to cronies. [Now why is Sailer thinking about Manzanar?] There is a LOT of money to be made selling off your stuff at below market prices when the camps start up by connected insiders. And we have heard this from the UK as well as US defense people — that there is a manpower shortage of “skilled” (non DEIverse) workers. So kill two birds with one stone: “eradicate Whiteness” as the Church of England professes now, and use the illegal alien manpower which is unlimited to force YT into camps. Older YT can be used as free labor Uighur style for not just Nike, priced out of China and Vietnam, but Raytheon and those ATACM missiles. Get the delivery time down from 32 months. Younger YT can be sent to the Russian Front.

    Sailer probably has been told this, as have a few others. It really is the only solution for GAE to maintain its power (at least for a while). King Cobra probably knows this plan as well.

    Final argument for this: the FT has a big article by the increasingly unhinged Martin Wolf arguing that YT and OMB are all “fascists” and deserve everything they get.

    That is the plan at least. At any rate, I don’t see much hope for YT in any sense given the permanence of open borders and the decisive manpower advantage of non-YT and the very visible alignment of YT women with immavaders etc.

    There is no hope of winning. We can, however, survive in the wreckage.

    • The only thing this regime knows how to do is throw money. It would have a hard time organizing a bake sale. Forget about gulaging millions of white people, that is not happening. Sure, they’d like to, just like Biden would like to confiscate the guns, but there’s like to, and then there’s able to. There are just too many of us. Meanwhile, they’ll continue to pick off easy targets, debank some people, and make sure it receives plenty of play in dissident media to scare the rest of us.

      But you’re right about one thing: There is no hope of winning. Just like there’s too many of us, there are also too many of them. Way too many.

  2. A tiny ray of light amidst the gathering clouds – Joe Lieberman just went to his just reward.

  3. The good news, though, is just look at how fast that White invention- the internet and then social media- are countering and refuting Narratives. An attack in a foreign country on Friday is, by Wednesday, dense with detail and dissection.

    This, after a century of heavy control by spies, gangsters, and criminal governments!
    The former tight-fisted reign of previous media tech- printing presses, radio, and TV- has been broken. We are having a Gutenberg moment, which was, of course, also a revolutionary White invention.

  4. I hate to tell you folks, but Vivek is mostly right. With the death of the last Caesar, Nero, the Roman emperorship became wide open to anyone from anywhere who could seize power and establish a (usually extremely short-lived) dynasty. Trajan was a Spaniard, and the Libyan Septimius Severus, while undoubtedly not sub-Saharan black, was part Punic (i.e. Semitic), almost certainly part Berber (very dark-skinned North African locals), and definitely non-Italian in origins. His grandson Elagabalus was mostly Syrian-Arab and brought the worship of Syrian gods to Rome. By the third century A.D., most of the emperors were Balkans of various sorts, culminating in Constantine, a Serbian who faced the reality that Rome qua Rome had become irrelevant and moved the imperial capital to the easternmost edge of Europe. So ethnic origin and skin color were pretty much irrelevant from the end of the first century onward in the Roman Empire. I know this is disappointing news to white-obsessives who equate all that is good in Western civilization to certain ethnicities.

    • So you are saying the obvious decline and increasing instability of the Roman Empire had to do with foreign leadership and treating ethnic origins as irrelevant? Okay.

    • Vivek’s point is not incorrect except it misses the point of populism completely (plus – sorry – there were no black emperors; just look at the coinage).

      Once Rome became RINO (Rome in name only) and went full “global” empire, ambitious men from all the parts of the empire could emerge as plutocrats, politicians, generals and emperors. Ok, so what? It meant the Roman empire no longer served the interests of the actual Romans, or more broadly, the Italians.

      Vivek thinks he is making a point about America, when in fact he is making a point about post-America. It didn’t matter who was emperor or where he came from, because the elites no longer served their native people. To be a “Roman citizen” after 211 meant you were a tax slave and subject to long-term military service. But hey, at least they had “diverse” emperors!

    • Once citizenship was expanded to the imperial realm, the implosion of the empire was merely a date seeking entry on a timeline. That non-Europeans presided over the former denizens of the Republic during the death throes was wholly anticipatable because they couldn’t understand the republican ethos which formerly drove Rome to greatness over the punics and others you mention. They are footnotes, not page-worthy let alone chapters in the book of civilization.

    • Well, that’s a nifty little exercise in special pleading and half-truth.

      To begin, the era of short-lived strong-man emperors dates not from the early first century A.D., but to the third-century crisis and the Dominate, a much shorter period.

      Trajan, Spanish, white, not Dravidian or negroid.

      Balkan emperors of the Dominate and later, white, not Dravidian or negroid.

      Septimius was half-Punic, but also half-Italic, and not a Berber in any sense. Every extant image of him shows a man who looks every bit the part of a classic Roman emperor. He looks absolutely nothing like King Cobra or P-Diddy.

      As for Elagabalus, he reigned all of four years and is regarded as one of the most horrendous emperors. Diversity was Rome’s strength, wot…

      At any rate, it is perhaps not coincidental that as the root-stock of Roman rule ramified away from Italy, the empire became more dysfunctional and ultimately fell. I daresay something similar is occurring throughout the western world, including AINO.

      King Cobra can put that in his hash pipe and smoke it.

    • Charlotte Allen: Did you get your ‘facts’ from Donna Zuckerberg? Why are you here, other than to spread falsehood?

    • Uh, Berbers are fair-skinned and light-eyed because they are only a haplogroup or two away from Europeans.

  5. OT but I think it may be of interest to people here. I read that the head of the FSB, Russia’s security service, explicitly blaimed the US, UK and Ukraine for the Crocus massacre. Not a good omen

    • They could have done worse than taking out Casey Jones Robinette’s favorite railroad bridge.

  6. I agree with the basic premise; multiracialism can only work in inequality and when it is clear to both or all sides what the hierarchy is. It worked reasonably well if my reading of history is correct, in the South before civil rights. The irony is that the outcome was far better for blacks as well. It worked between men and women when the roles were generally understood. As soon as you try equality it becomes a fight for supremacy. Whites should have a special right in the West, the societies we built. Others should have similar privileges in their homelands.

    The question is whether this order of affairs is durable. At some point some softhearted, well-meaning idealists will try equality again. And then the wheels will start to come off, one nut at a time. To people who haven’t thought about this it will seem unfair. But that’s because they haven’t realized that their ideas about fairness will lead to far greater tragedies. Utopia is a place only for for dead fools and hungry monsters

  7. “Democratic communities have a natural taste for freedom, but for equality their passion is ardent, insatiable, incessant, and invincible: they call for equality in freedom; and if they cannot obtain that, they still call for equality in slavery…….. Philosophic systems that destroy human individuality will have secret attractions for men who live in a democracy.”

    • But egalitarianism is really only a major characteristic of western Europe, and specifically those areas west of the Hajnal line where manorial feudalism was practiced..So it is not found in eastern Europe or in southern Italy and Sicily…

  8. Alongside the compulsive blackwashing of history there’s also what I’d call for lack of a better term pussy-washing. Namely that for any scientific accomplishment, if they’re making a documentary they try to find a female grad student who had the famous scientist as an advisor. Then they claim that the woman is the one who had the idea and did all the work while the man stole all of the credit. It’s led to a rather silly situation where Science! documentaries are insisting that the tiny fraction of women in STEM a century ago somehow made 100% of the discoveries.

    Of course that propaganda leads to the genuine cases being suspect, so one does wonder if Marie Curie really did invent peanut butter to win the civil war.

    • Marie Curie stated repeatedly that she was only carrying out Pierre Curie’s ideas, and that he should get most of the credit…But feminism was already a thing in Europe….

    • The 1981 book “God Emperor of Dune” by Frank Herbert contains a reference to the original Spacing Guild starships supposedly being designed by a brilliant woman named Norma Cenva from whom credit for the feat was then stolen by her lover/husband, a man named Aurelius Venport (whose only notable characteristic is apparently his overwhelming ego).

      I think Herbert lost the plot well before his son and Kevin and Anderson started tossing off their much-derided follow-up books, unfortunately…

    • Yep. I tutor kids in science and was flicking through their text book yesterday. The section on bacteria covered the invention of pasteurisation. The subtitle was “Mr and Mrs Pasteur”. Apparently Louis Pasteur did a bit, but it was his wife who was the main mover. I’m just waiting to hear that Churchill was a lesbian.

  9. Obie’s speeches nearly always contained multiple references to the glorious wonder that is equality/egalite, and he speaks of it as holy and as the sole possibility for human organization going forward.

    The only way that Reject Choomers like him can succeed in this world is for him and his allies (woke, feminists, homos, commies, occultists, etc.) to require by law the disenfranchisement and oppression of their betters.

    Otherwise, Obozo and his team are left on the garbage-heap of societal hierarchy, doomed forever to be the fourth-rate, sad, sexually confused hacks that defines their existences. The scum from the French Revolution figgered out quick that offering their rabble ‘equality’ with their betters was the way forward in history, because resentment and envy have been human constants almost since the jump.

    Heaven and Earth are both strictly hierarchic. Equality and egalite exist exactly nowhere in all of heaven and Earth . . . except in the minds of the inferior, who wield it as the weapon to destroy civilizations and place themselves in charge of the ruined societies they create.

    • I believe only one angel ever said he identified as God. He’s pretty famous, especially among Globohomo

      • MyS —

        Yes. It is that very real being who has been at the center of human worship for millennia.

        The powers and principalities, the global, trans-generational banking elite, the manifold lodges, the innumerable occult organizations, and much of the cultural ‘elite’ are luciferians. There is no doubt.

        It is their agenda you have seen rolled out across the West over the past foul decades, from transhumanism to Baseless Lockdowns to feminist revolutions and family destruction to Drag Queen Story Hour. All one thing, all of a piece.

        I have carefully traced their activities from of old, and no matter where or what period I search in the world, the one constant is that the international elite and the movers-shakers all cleave to this fallen angel, tho worshipping with widely divergent rites. Blood rituals seem to have a lot to do with it, e.g., the JFK hit. These individuals and groups are your real enemy. The woke punks and femfascists and climate change psychos are just the shock troops.

  10. In the end of the day, Vivek is just a Debate Team/Mathlete president as Nikki Haley is just a PTA/MADD-tier mother-nagger

  11. OT question: A friend of mine, whose beliefs do not always align with mine, referenced and recommended The Culture of Narcissism by Lasch. Anyone read, and, if so, is it worth reading? Thanks

    • Yes, it’s worth it. I own the audiobook version on my Audible account and have listened to it several times. It’s pretty much required reading for anyone who wants to develop an intellectually critical view of modern American society, just like James Burnham and Carroll Quigley. Having this book in your mental repertoire is well worth the price of admission.

    • Very worth reading. It was written a while ago now but is very relevant to the point of prophecy.

  12. As bad as the situation is between the races, relations between men and women have deteriorated to the point where we practically live in a Matriarchy. Women are celebrated for being “fierce and fearless” — meaning they bust men’s balls. Women come on the radio all the time singing anti-male, “go-it-yourself-girl” songs — meaning she’s about to dyke out because of her shitty relationship skills. In fact, women no longer have the skills to be women. They are willful, intransigent, bitchy, complaining, hyper-aggressive and -masculinized, tattoed up with slut tramp marks of low mental stability, and toked up on anti-depressants like Prozac and Zoloft. To have any sanity when dealing with women, you MUST learn to control them like the children they are. The below article details how to do just that.

    • Spot on.

      Same point I have made over and over on this page. The race thing is NOT what is gutting your nations. It is FEMINISM and endless female empowerment — and particularly the willingness of modern daddies to coddle their princesses from birth, and then ensure they rule over society thereafter — that has annihilated everything good, including the Boy Scouts, for God’s sake.

      All the aids, perks, privileges, empowerments, protections, and resources of the nation have been showered on Muh Princess for fifty years, while boys and men were removed and mass-shamed, assured by everyone that they are Toxic, the cause of all global woe, and deserve the endless beatdowns administered to them. They are then told to ‘do better’.

      The result of replacing boys and men in Western societies with artificially empowered girls and women decade after decades IS what is destroying your nations at hyperspeed.

      So far, U.S. men have proven impotent in even slowing down the totalitarian matriarchy, much less stopping and overturning it. Conservative and Christian men in America will not even admit that there is any problem, and the reason for that is because they are as controlled, cucked and manipulated by females as the dill doe men of the Left.

    • XLOVELI: “They are willful, intransigent, bitchy, complaining, hyper-aggressive and -masculinized, tattoed up with slut tramp marks of low mental stability, and toked up on anti-depressants like Prozac and Zoloft.”

      Everything on your list can be dealt with [by a proper Chad], except for the Prozac & Zoloft.

      I am very very worried that substances such as Prozac & Zoloft are turning our women into pharmaceutically-induced psychopaths.

      [NOTE: “Psychopathy” does not necessarily imply Evil. Psychopathy is pathological insouciance, the inability to care about anything whatsoever, and women who don’t care aren’t any better than the palm of your hand, which itself doesn’t give a damn one way or the other.]

      Without women who care, women who ackshually GIVE A DAMN, our species is doomed.

    • They may think it’s a matriarchy but it isn’t and never will be. Look around you: who works the farms, builds the roads and houses, maintains and runs all the important stuff, trucks in all the food? Nearly all men. That’s the reality and reality is what counts. As we are about to find out.

  13. If equality between the sexes is bad, equality between the genders has been disastrous.

    Females are on the warpath. They’re more tattooed up, Prozac-taking, you go grrl-ing than they’ve ever been before. They’re goddam deranged.

    Any man in the last 20 years who has dated a chick, or had a female family member go berserk on their heads, knows that females have never been worse than they are today, particularly in the Anglosphere, those countries that are primarily English-speaking and post-modern. Women are aggressive, uncouth, intransigent and willful. They need to be brought to heel.

    If you want a peek at how to discipline your girlfriend or wife (or to lesser degrees female acquaintances), this article will tell you how:

    • Everything you said is true. I did not follow your link however, nor do I necessarily endorse anything at that link.

      Right now, Western men need to admit and confront their soft enslavement, not be directed to somebody’s opinion on how to ‘train’ females. Sadly, the ‘manosphere’ teems with grifters claiming they are relationship-gurus, experts at women, and all the rest.

      I do, however, endorse the truth you wrote above.

  14. The rapid increase in the Muslim population of Russia will make the current Russian cultural dominance obsolete within thirty years. Such dominance depends on a confident, fecund people, a situation long gone in both the West and Russia.

  15. 0% surprise at his tweets. They don’t do things for your benefit.

    He couldn’t keep up the act forever though and finally exposed himself.

    Coming from someone who knows. People don’t understand what they’re like until they’ve actually dealt them. 3g4me is one of the few who has.

    • Agree. I have had the fortune of having the misfortune of working with them professionally only four times. They were all obsequious weasels who’s only interest was self-interest. The first one I had to work with seemed reasonably competent, and I dealt with him honestly like I would any coworker. I finally realized he would smile and nod and agree, then do whatever he originally intended. So I stopped helping him and when he would ask if I was working on his projects, I would smile and nod and agree and do whatever I intended. That worked great.

      The second encounter was with a fellow who had worked himself into corporate management. I still didn’t realize there was a pattern with these people, so I gave him honest answers to his questions and I gave consideration to his ideas and opinions. In the end I realized he had his own agenda, not revealed to me, and used the information I gave him against me.

      The third and fourth encounters were with engineers we hired. Supposedly both had masters degrees. Neither has any idea how to do engineering work. Everyone has to do or redo their work.

      I caught one of our managers interviewing a dot-Indian for a job and told him “He’s going to tell you whatever you want to hear”. He said to me “He is getting his masters in the U.S. then intends to go back to India”
      “There you have it: He has no intention of returning to that shit-hole; He just told you what he knew you wanted to hear.”

      These people are not high quality human capital. My advice when dealing with them is tell them whatever they want to hear and do whatever is in your own interest. They never expect white folks to use their own tricks against them. I don’t do it to be malicious. I just do it to avoid being their chump.

      • We have a couple of the engineering types with MS degrees in our office. They demonstrate no ability to learn and no creative spark.

        Who knew WPI had also turned itself into a joke school?

    • B125: Thank you for the compliment. I honestly didn’t know any until I went to the UK for grad school and saw all the Pakistanis. Then dealt with all the visa shoppers during my visa hell in the Caribbean. Then all the Indian workers/residents in Singapore. And then thousands of them in the DFW area.

      All of a kind. Innate behavior. Culture is downstream from genetics.

      • 3g4me: “Culture is downstream from genetics.”

        This is the single moast important lesson we White people have [or should have] learned from the last half century [going back to Brown-v-Board and Hart-Celler].

        Culture is downstream from genetics.

        • Bilejones: Thank you for the link. This individual ought not be in Vancouver, but I was surprised by the honesty and insights in the essay. He genuinely seems to comprehend the depth of differences between east and west, the history and cultural/racial components, the necessity of an entirely different worldview and concept of self. And, full credit, he is honest enough to admit it takes years of effort to begin to understand and change. Only thing his writing lacks is the recognition of the racial element in the differences (i.e. they are not mere happenstance or due solely to geographic differences.

    • Yes, never having had any experience with them before, my first encounter was when I wrote a paper for a college economics class. I have to say it was pretty good, I put a lot of work into it and got an A+ and praise from the instructor. Then some pajeets wanted to “borrow” it for awhile to “study” it. Naively, I let them take it and they never returned it. That’s how naive I was. My second encounter was buying a used car. I won’t go into the details but of course I got skinned. My third encounter was when one was hired into my department. I set myself against this person and his oily charm from the outset. Looking back, it would have been better if I had assumed his smarm right back at him. That’s what they expect after all. It’s going to change our culture (akshually it already has begun to) for the worse and that’s a shame but you do what you have to. An honest masculine beatdown is going to get you in big trouble in our feminized passive-aggressive society.

  16. If you are white on this continent, TPTB see you as a slave. Think about how much time you spend complying with state mandates, how much tax you pay to them (for what, peace and order?!?), and how they made all of us go to mandatory passivity schooling.

    I think about Roman vassals versus Roman citizens as an historical example. Which one are North American whites closer to these days? Do you feel like your state protects you, or regularly commits rapine and pillage upon you? My very limited historical knowledge makes me conclude: We’re not citizens. When your best day is when TPTB ignore you, you’re not a citizen. At best, we are conquered vassals, but the tributes are so onerous we’re reduced to slavery.

    The reason the mostly white PTB will not shut up about the slavery of blacks is because they do not want whites to see that they are currently THE slaves. And lately, us slaves got uppity when we stopped buying the lies and started seeing what TPTB really think of us. So, TPTB bring in all kinds of foreigners (with higher legal status) in to keep us down.

    • But TPTB know the whole thing spins into chaos if we stop working. That’s the key. They know this society, and their place atop it, depends on us.

      I was at the movies to see Dune Pt 2 last weekend, and there was a trailer for a movie about a violent American civil war.

      They always tell us what they have planned. It’ll be interesting if the filmmakers correctly break that war down on racial lines, or if (as is usually the case) they make one side a group of N. European baddies trying to spread fascism while the coalition of the vibrant fight back.

    • “If you are white on this continent, TPTB see you as a slave.”

      I’m reading Toby Wilkinson’s “The Rise and Fall of Ancient Egypt.” It has been most confirmatory of recurring patterns that I had already observed from other histories, like the shortsightedness of employing mercenaries and growth of a sclerotic administrative state. However, one new (to me) pattern I have gathered from it, which previous reading in hindsight validates, is that the vast majority of ruling classes see their working classes as slaves. This absolutely includes their skilled workers. The label ‘slave’ is only used for the lowest rung on the ladder. The differences in status and social, political, and economic treatment among the others are invariably ways to optimize the harvesting of productivity from them.

      It is yet another datum to throw on the mountain of data that shows that if a people wants to prosper it must be ruled not only by its own race but by its own ethnicity and religion. Diversity is a weapon of parasitic transnational tribalism.

      • Biden, the Bushes, Trump, Clinton, Reagan, LBJ, Carter….. all white and ostensibly Christian. I’ll grant the possibility that none of them ever really “ruled.” But even if they didn’t, the road to DIEversity was still paved by white leaders who at least paid lip service to christianity.

  17. “Before the West can appropriate a civilizational model to managing their now multiracial societies,”

    I reject this framing, especially in Europe. Most of these people got there last week. They are not a permanent problem if the leadership have the political will to solve it and deport all of them. Turn off the gibs and enforce the law and almost all of them will walk their butts right back to where they came from, no deportation squads needed. The rest can be handled other ways.

    To a lesser extent, this is even true in the US. 10s of millions were born on foreign soil and have foreign citizenship and most of the countries of origin have citizenship for babies born to their nationals anywhere they go. There are certainly some we are stuck with and who have been here for generations with no real connection to their ethnic homeland. But a small minority is easily manageable.

    I completely reject the idea that once someone sets foot on our dirt that they are somehow now a permanent problem that we can do nothing about other than alter our way of life to accommodate them because getting rid of some of them might be ugly. You know what else is ugly? All the crime they commit. The types of crime they commit. The communicable diseases they bring. The social attitudes they bring.

    • “They are not a permanent problem if the leadership have the political will to solve it and deport all of them.” Why would those who chose to bring them here in the first place ever develop the ‘political will’ to remove them? No one who sleeps comfortably at night in the face of the rape Europe gives a damn about the sufferings of the masses. Their political will has already been expressed.

      • Built into both of these is the assumption we can get power. The illiberal multiracial solution is just as contingent on power as the deportation route. If we just assume the clowns in power remain in power indefinitely, all hope is lost and we will eventually pay the price. Not us, but our kids or grand kids. Will we be a small and hated minority where every problem in the world is blamed on our progeny. They already blame us for literally every problem on Earth.

    • Someone here (I forget exactly who— apologies) mentioned the first wave of German immigrants giving us a false sense of the virtues of immigration. So we say they’re all Germans, but we treat them like the freed slaves. Screwed up combination of delusion and guilt.

    • Not to mention their physical appearance. I’ve heard it said that diversity is first, if not foremost, an aesthetic problem. I agree.

    • I agree. The White Papers Policy Institute is creating just such policies and doing the analysis of how turning off the gibs, and a few other peaceful things will have most of them in the tens of millions repatriate themselves peacefully in fairly short order.

      Check out their substack and support them.

    • The answer—short of sending them back, but more immediately implemented—is to remove the right to 1) vote (State or Federal), and 2) produce more “citizens” as in birthright citizenship from non-citizen parents.

      • Another law that would help would be to prohibit foreigners and any of their offspring out to the fourth generation from running for ANY elected office.
        Nor would they be eligible for appointment for any office, especially district attorneys, or a judgeship. Local, state, or federal.

  18. “Tolerance is most easily achieved in societies that have a dominant culture held by an overwhelming majority of the population. Other cultures, religions, and the like should be allowed, not legally persecuted, but not encouraged.”

    I refer to this as “the white overlay”. What a great country we had prior to the white overlay beginning to self destruct.

    • Concurrent with changing demographics. If our history is a lesson, it takes an 80-90% majority to even half-assedly hold it together.

      More authoritarian societies, I’d guess, could stand more diversity. Freedom, as in self-determination, is a tenuous thing that must be guarded zealously. That’s something Americans understood, but on the whole we apparently didn’t understand how broadly it applies.

      • Russia, for example. Russians prefer to be ruled. I believe Putin’s popularity. He’s their leader.

        • Paintersforms: They don’t want to be ruled like slaves or serfs. But they do appreciate a strong hand and leader due to their more tumultuous history.

          I don’t believe Putin is hassling the average Ivan minding his own business and trying to hustle and make money. As long as Ivan keeps out of politics and limits any graft, he won’t be hassled. That is the opposite of what happens in AINO.

          • I might add as well, that if one thinks about it, Russia has really not had any experience with “democracy” as we understand it since the 1990’s.

            Look how damn long and how screwed up we got attempting to get it right. I’m thinking the average Ivan prefers a Putin to a Yeltsin, and I don’t blame them. If they want more freedom, then they need only look at the current USA degenerate society and take heed.

  19. Vivek doesn’t present as White. Why is anyone surprised that he made that tweet/Xeet. He will be given a high office in the coming Trump admin (assuming that happens) which is what he was always angling for all along. The tweet won’t hurt his chances one bit. It may even enhance it. If he’s made veep, there even the chance of his becoming prez one day. Imagine a future President Ramaswamy. Then watch the flood of Camp of the Saints level “legal immigration”. Wow, what a cluster.

    • Secretary of transportation like his ‘fellow college student in the audience’ Buttigieg.

    • This is why despite him being OK, I call him Ramaswarmy. “Brown” people will ALWAYS put their ethnic interests above any of their so-called principles. It’s just human nature. He is no different than the Jews of the 50s writing the “secular” Christmas music and themes. They did it to write themselves into our culture. Of course, all this did was wreck our culture by watering it down so much and made them resent us even more than they already did.

      All the feedback by people on that tweet just reminds Ramaswarmy that he is not one of us and never will be one of us.

    • Yeah this election is shaping up badly. Trump seems to be sucking up to Israel even harder. Doesn’t inspire confidence. I still think 4 more years of Biden might be the best-likely-case.

      • Down vote only because I can’t imagine anything worse than another four years of Biden. I’m way up north as far from the southern border as possible and even I am beginning to see ugly Aztec youths with neck and face tattoos. This is a sh*t show.

        With this going one, why in blazes do any of us care about what is going on in Israel? It could slip into the sea and we would still be standing behind sleazy Mexica gang-bangers at the Cumberland Farms.

        • Maybe Trump improves that for 4 years, but at what cost? Reagan on steroids? Meanwhile there’s a civil war breaking out on the left that Orange Hitler would halt.

          Righty takes his time thinking things through, and he’s not quite there yet. Seems to me they might hand it to Trump in a last ditch. I just want to get it over with. We need new management, we will have new management at some point. These games are tiresome.

  20. We live in an affluent society which affords the luxury of insane delusion; namely, that we can talk our way out of the mess we’re in. Dan Bongino is the classic example. He genuinely believes that if he says the right “magic” words, everyone (no matter how diverse) will have a massive group hug, sing kumbaya, and live happily ever after. And this delusion will persist until the bubble bursts and widespread hungry causes the pressure cooker to explode.

    When that happens, you want to be as far away from a big city as feasible. Rhetoric and wishful thinking will neither feed you nor protect you. You better own a firearm and know how to use it. Life will become a melee and barbarism will make a vicious comeback.

    The pathogens doing this to us are few in number. Never forget that.

    • TomA: I have to slightly disagree with your penultimate sentence. The pathogens – and their tools – and those they have infected – are over 50% of AINO’s population at present. Never underestimate one’s opponent(s).

      • Yes, the dupes are quite numerous as manifest in Ukraine where hundreds of thousands of them have died at the zero line in service to a mirage of patriotism and diabolical indoctrination. But focus matters if we are to prevail. They want us to engage in mutual slaughter at the bottom of social pyramid and take out our anger the bozo closest to us, which is a waste of effort. The models say that a focused effort will start a stampede for the exits and result in the least harm and fastest results.

      • The best we can hope for is to 1) survive, 2) make such a squawk, that the other half will find it not worth while to suppress us treat us like a foreign tribe, and leave us the hell alone with some place to call home.

        If it’s a White homeland of some sort, we’ll do just fine. If you don’t believe this, then there’s really no reason to be commenting here, because you don’t believe in your own people.

        • But we do win. As we retire or wise up and figure out ways to go underground economy, the wheels are increasingly coming off. Just have faith that they need us, that they cannot keep things running any better than they do anywhere else in the world.

          Yes, we will have all our savings and possibly equity confiscated, those of us who can’t take life on our knees will be put in shallow graves, but once we are shoved aside, starvation will take its toll, and within a couple decades, all their cities will be Detroit of Flint or Baltimore or Jackson, except without whitey’s subsidies.

          And once they can no longer support modern society, they will have no choice but to come after us with pointed sticks. as it is all they have left. Apropos of nothing, you are teaching your progeny about improvised explosives, aren’t you?

  21. Of course, the chief problem of keeping the boot on the neck of the savage is the will to do so in perpetuity. American whites once did this to the negroes. Then, for various reasons, all having to do with creeping softness and weakness, they stopped. The so-called “civil rights” movement happened, the savages were liberated, and now they’re choking civilization in America to death.

    Nope. I’m afraid the only sure solution is racial homogeneity. To each people its own land and nation. First and foremost, that means a white homeland entirely free of the Other, if that’s what we prefer.

  22. This dominant origin story/myth works only so long as there’s a dominant group and sub-dominant minorities. That’s what’s being challenged here today. America’s origin story/myth doesn’t pertain to many whites of European heritage who qualify as being “White European” today. That inclusion results from assimilation whereby groups are adopted into the culture and the dominant story/myth, i.e. narrative.

    The Black American story/myth, appropriated or derived from the Jewish story/myth, is “Up From Slavery,” a potent story/myth that unfortunately has been weaponized as a form of multicultural mutiny. This a house divided against itself…

  23. Speaking of identity politics, Ramona Edelin, an activist who popularized the term African-American died recently.

    Zman addressed this in Episode 50: Identity Politics. Well worth a listen to hear him explain how the various ethnic groups in America associate and where they stand.

    This one quote really sums it up on the illusions people tell themselves. I can call my home a castle, but that doesn’t make it true.

    “Who are we if we don’t acknowledge our motherland?” she asked in a separate interview, adding that “when a child in a ghetto calls himself African American, immediately he’s international. You’ve taken him from the ghetto and put him on the globe.”

    • And yet, being on the globe does nothing to increase IQ or improve hygiene habits.

  24. “As Dutch Foreign Minister Stef Blok observed in a talk to representatives of international organizations:

    ‘Give me an example of a multi-ethnic or multi-cultural society in which the original population still lives, and where there is a peaceful cohabitation. I don’t know of one.’

    Tolerance is most easily achieved in societies that have a dominant culture held by an overwhelming majority of the population. Other cultures, religions, and the like should be allowed, not legally persecuted, but not encouraged.

    The larger point is: If you’ve got social division, then deal with it as well as you can. Avoid doing anything that would make the situation *worse* by creating even more social division. Manage the problems you have, but don’t go looking for more of them.”

    — Why Sane People Believe Crazy Things: How Belief Can Help or Hurt Social Peace

    • N.S. Palmer: ” Other cultures, religions, and the like should be allowed, not legally persecuted, but not encouraged.”

      Why? Why ought they be ‘allowed’? There is nothing innately wrong or deficient in a homogeneous culture and nation.

      • For over a century we had an explicit “second class citizen” — women. From most literature of the day, women didn’t feel “oppressed” by that. Blacks were an implicit “second class citizen” until the civil rights movement, and while they had their problems, they mostly didn’t bleed over into white society. Same with all kinds of other ethnicities — Irish, Italian, Chinese, etc.

        I don’t know if that genie can be put back into the bottle, but there’s nothing inherently wrong with going back to that order, and it’s going to be vastly easier than deporting or otherwise managing our diversity.

        • Assuming those in charge are not going to do anything about the Latin Americanization of America and the West—by which I mean repopulating our countries with whoever they can get—, an explicit casta system such as developed in colonial Latin America could be a way of maintaining some level of functionality in an otherwise unstable multiethnic society. Unfortunately, in the US, we’re doing the exact opposite with middling BIPOC Supreme Court/Vice Presidential appointments and racial preferences in employment generally. Even if such decisions were based somewhat on merit, tribal interests would still lead inevitably to conflict.

        • Women were not second class citizens. Back then people could understand the abstract concept of complimentarily; that you can’t rank everything on a line. Women had some rights men didn’t have and vice versa. Because they also have different traits

          • Thus the scare quotes.

            There is no reason to adopt the bizarre belief all must be treated equally. No one does that in his own life, so why should one hold society to a standard he doesn’t, and can’t?

            Europe had a few centuries of civilizing, during which time it managed to execute its most violent, ending their bloodlines. Africa did not. It will likely take a few centuries of similarly harsh treatment to get the jungle out of the race, assuming it is even possible. And if they decide to go back to Africa rather than live under a different standard, “Well… bye.”

          • I believe it was Ben Jonson who said, “Because nature has granted women so much power, the law, rightfully, grants them very little.”

          • England developed another interesting practice for its criminally inclined, “transportation”. Basically exile to the colonies. We’d need the same thing in a White homeland for those who turned out to be criminally (malcontents) inclined. Call it banishment. Send them to other lands, but get rid of them.

  25. The depressing aspect of this episode is that Vivek represents the upper .01% of the 2nd generation of US immigrants.

    In some sense, if he didn’t exist, he would have to be invented. The multiracial egalitarian/Griller/”propositional nation” crowd is still the dominant strain of the center-right in this country. We were always headed for this confrontation.

    • Captain Willard: And if, somehow, the degenerate AINO remained extant for another 50 years, Vivek’s great-great grandchildren would still not be White (even with some intermarriage) and would still identify with their mother country and culture. I’m not saying genuine assimilation cannot ever happen, but it is quite rare. Even among AINO’s non-Jewish Ellis Island descendants, genuine and full assimilation is far from universal.

      People will continue to argue to the contrary, and I will continue to point out example after example proving my point.

  26. Any white guy who votes for Ramaswamy is trying to kick the football Lucy is holding. His policy positions are downstream from what he is, and what he is will always determine what his real course of action will be.

    • So true. Turns out King Cobra was always a snake in the grass. Eff him and put his ass on a boat back to Bombay or wherever the hell he’s from.

  27. We are in the opposite situation in America. Minorities are encouraged and rewarded to hate the once dominant culture. The rulers order section 8 and other tools to force multiculturalism on all white sources even small towns.

    However, given that our rulers used to go by the name Bolsheviks, this is nothing new. Solzhenitsyn wrote about how the Bolsheviks were not Russian and hated Russians.

    Say what you still about Stalin but if it wasn’t for his war against the tribe, Russia would be as lost as France or America. Putin’s war against the ologarchs was the final blow to their dominating the post Soviet country and the tribe’s war against Russia in the Ukraine has more recently caused many of those rats to flee.

    America is not poised to have a Stalin or Putin unfortunately

  28. The foundation for Civic Nationalism is a blatant lie, and even with his normally brilliant rhetoric and barely noticeable oiliness, it was inevitable that King Cobra would reveal he also knows it is a farce that he uses as a weapon. I’m sure ships struck some Roman structures, but those were repaired far more quickly than will be the case in Baltimore two millennia later. The reason is obvious. Romans saw color and were realistic. They bled red without a hint of blue or white.

    In his response to King Cobra, Keith Woods laid out the basic truth that the Romans preferred and relied upon Italians. When they started not to do so, their society began to resemble the crippled and crumbling GAE.

    I view what the Russians have as a more benign form of dhimmitude. It won’t work in the West because the dhimmis ruled by Moscow are not as competent as the ones ruled and catered to by D.C. and London and Brussels. The residents of even Grozny would be far more capable to repair a bridge than the people found in Baltimore. Putin knows this. Ramasamy knows this. Most honest people do.

      • @RR:

        There is a link in Woods’ comment in response to the post Z linked, second down.

    • This Captain seems to think it’s not going to go well on getting that bridge repaired.

      “The maritime experts interviewed today expressed skepticism that repairs will be swift and straightforward. Due to a lack of salvage equipment in the region and the Navy’s reduction of its salvage fleet, there’s a scarcity of government ships and equipment to assist commercial operations. Although the Army could build temporary piers and ferry passengers across the river, it also has divested most of its watercraft equipment. Much of its remaining Joint Logistics Over The Shore equipment has been dispatched to build piers in Gaza. Meanwhile, the Army Corps of Engineers is struggling to find enough American dredges and construction vessels to complete existing projects.”

      • This confirms my gut feeling the Fox talking head who claimed this would be cleared in a few days was totally incorrect.

        Now, the points in your postcare giving me a gut feeling that there are way too many coincidences for this to be an accident.

        I bet Soviet intelligence operatives based in DC had the Port of Baltimore pegged as uniquely vulnerable all the way back in the 80s. I bet they sent photos to their mechanical engineering and physics experts who quickly realized a large enough vessel would easily drop that bridge.

        • I’m sure our rivals are all watching to see what happens and how we handle it. If it turns into a clusterfark then they know with just a few well-placed “nasty surprises” we are done for.

          We won’t be going around the world picking fights anymore, anyway.

          • God only knows how many sleeper cells have formed since the border was thrown wide open. Maybe an upside of that atrocity will be a reluctance to go to war, as you note, but that only will happen in Clouds feel the sleepers can disrupt their grift and oppression. I actually suspect they can do so.

            I have no clue if this bridge strike is the handiwork of saboteurs, but the widespread suspicion it is or could be indicates that dots are being connected.

        • The captain was Ukrainian. The log shows a last-minute course “correction”, targeting the perfect point to drop the bridge, with no harbor pilot guiding the ship.

          I’d say pressure is being brought from another direction than Russia…somebody is saying, “do something!”

          • Ok, never thought of a sail, I get.
            But, never thought of a friggin’ canoe, either, did they? Even the Amazonian Indians are thousands of years ahead of these guys.

    • Being from Baltimore I can predict that the bridge will never be replaced. Even before the blacks took over there was a crooked Irish/Jewish cabal that made sure that no construction project was ever finished on time or on-budget. Look up William Donald Schaefer. I wouldn’t be surprised if they do eventually set up some kind of car ferry service though. Expect repeated capsizes with mass casualties. Also, expect to be robbed at gunpoint while waiting for the boat. Finally, do not expect to ever see your car again if you load it on the ferry. The best way to cross the Patapsco river will be to swim.

    • I fully support the rebuilding of the Baltimore bridge with an engineering and construction workforce that is 100% African American. Who knows, the results may surprise us. Or maybe not.

  29. The Russians also went back to Russian Orthodoxy as the national religion and wrote it into their constitution. We used to have Mainline Protestantism, but it committed theological and biological suicide starting a century ago. Catholicism looked like it might take over in the 1950s, until Vatican II put it in crisis, while the U.S. regime attacked its high birth rates with contraception and abortion. Now its U.S. political leaders are Biden and Pelosi and the pope is a leftist tyrant. The traditionalist movement is largely white and has high birth rates, but is small in numbers and now is persecuted by Francis. When he leaves there’s hope things will improve.

      • Nope. It might take 2 more popes, but he will be so based as to make people’s heads spin.

    • Okay, a practicing Catholic here who actually hangs out in these circles.
      -Vatican II was response to internal struggles with the faith. The vast majority of it is simple common sense reforms to encourage sane lifelong Catholics and more converts. That Boomer protestants/Jews have decided we all needed not understand our prayers to save us from the end times is just as Boomery as the felt banners and guitar music and holding hands.
      -Pope Francis has been dealing with 10 years of fake news/headlines from the left and the right. The first from wishful thinking, the later from needing clicks, particularly after Roe V. Wade. “He is tyrant” comments seem to come from people who never met him nor anyone who has ever met him.
      -Yes, the world of serious Catholics is very white and fertile. It does not take the older Masses to attract those communities. It just takes an emphasis on reverence and orthodox faith.
      -No, all is not perfect in those communities. They are poor, a few are irresponsible, and by American protestant measures have some weird ideas. They trend very hippie. The people I know aren’t saving European civilization all by themselves, although it’s a good start.

      • That Boomer protestants/Jews have decided we all needed not understand our prayers to save us from the end times…

        I’m not following this. Vatican II was early ’60s, completed in ’65, right? The absolute oldest Boomers were 19? How many were Cardinals or even Bishops at that age? And, to the best of my knowledge, no Protestants or Jews were consulted.

        Or when you say, “not understand our prayers”, are you talking about the current return to the Latin Mass? What does that have to do with banners and guitars?

        • The reaction to the new liturgy, including blaming it for social ills, is highly modernist in it’s thought patterns. Vatican II responded in a moment in time to very specific issues. Measured by her own aims it was off the charts successful. That’s not how the council is being measured in the current year.

          Our living social memory only extends as far as the 1950’s, or the Boomer childhood. If I believed the Catholic Boomers I know about it, almost to a person the 1950’s were a)stuffy, confining, terrible, and nobody smiled or b)everything was perfect and everyone was perfectly devout.

          Serious histories of the early 20th century and of Catholicism in particular reveal no utopias nor a grim authoritarianism. In fact the loss of Mass attendance happens well before Vatican II, so does the loss of the faith everywhere in the West. That includes Protestants, etc. Masses in the 1950s were slap dash affairs with little attention paid to them, even by clerics. How people say the Latin Mass in 2024 has almost no relationship to what was actually happening in most parishes before Vatican II.

          When I find someone who imagines that returning to the Missal of 62 will make things perfect, I am generally finding someone who is either of Boomer age or thinks like them. I have encountered Jews online who are adamant that Catholics should pray in Latin. (Yes, they meddle everywhere) Protestant converts, having trouble shaking their faith via quality fellowship roots, are abnormally attracted to Latin Masses. Modernly the traditionalist movement is almost entirely entwined with the American heresy, which involves making the party politics of the republic your religion.

          In other words, the traditionalist movement abnormally emphasizes a particular experience, politics, and the “quality” of faith community over the faith. Unfortunately, many Missal of 62 attendees don’t care that they’re being babbled at for an hour every week. They care that everyone in the room agrees on just a few Catholic teachings and an American right wing agenda. That exactly matches the liberals attitude towards the faith and Mass. It’s just their politics and esthetics are different. Thus in the end liberal/traditionalist are just the flipsides of the Boomer view of the world, itself heavily influenced by Protestant and Jews.

          There is no particular return to the Latin Mass. Pope Francis has replaced the restrictions in what appears to be plan of gradual phase out of a liturgy causing dissent and disunity. The communities are very quietly being dispersed ideally back into unity with their fellow Catholics and attending the current liturgy in their language. Traditionalists, like their liberal counterparts have abnormal access to megaphone. That access has to be largely bankrolled by Boomers who have nostalgia on steroids. That will come to an end I think, just it will take a few years.

          • So, basically, what you are saying is that the decline in attendance predates the ’60s (and thus the Boomers), which Vatican II was intended to reverse, and happened without Protestants or Jews becoming Bishops and casting a single vote, or however you Catholics decided that?

          • And I’m still not clear on how guitars in your church are the fault of Protestants or Jews. In your world, did we infiltrate your clergy, or blackmail them into it, or what?

        • And, to the best of my knowledge, no Protestants or Jews were consulted.

          Actually, they were heavily involved in V II as “consultants”. Apres V II, le deluge.

  30. “The Russian Federation is a multiracial society that generally works.”

    Because they have a super-majority of ethnic Russians. Demographic trends threaten this going forward. The breakup of the Soviet Union and the granting of independence to the Stans bought them several decades. The problem is there’s no evidence they have a clue this may actually matter. Tajik terrorists slaughter well over a hundred Russians for the price of what could have been earned working construction for a couple of month in Mariupol, and what you’ll hear is “Oh, the backlash!” Russian leaders refuse to see that letting hundreds of thousands of migrants from Central Asian countries into Russia to satisfy corrupt interests may be a bad idea.

    Contrast this with Singapore, which jealously preserves their Chinese super-majority by promoting naturalization of PRC nationals if necessary. Alternatively, a country could look to the Arab Gulf States, which are glad to bring in large numbers of South Asian laborers but grant them no rights, and certainly not suffrage. Even in multiethnic Latin America, states have sporadically benefited from a caste system in which their congresses, courts and executives were populated by the creolo elite. Since Russia, like the USA and the rest of Anglo-sphere, persist in racially unaware policies, any stability they presently enjoy is unlikely to last.

    • Indeed, present day Russia is 80% Russian. When AINO was 80% white, it was also considered a multi racial society that generally works.

    • The Russians are deporting ethnic minorities in substantial numbers from Moscow now. Whether that is failure theater or not will be known soon. The demographic collapse under the Soviets has been slowed and may actually have been reversed due to the embrace of Orthodoxy and more natalist policies. Unless some “migrants” successfully target a Cloud or two, it is hard to see a similar Western response.

  31. The ethnic minorities in Russia seem to have a great deal of pride in being Russians. Look at the Chechens and how the theater shooters were treated. Those boys consider themselves Russians.

    In America not so much. Our “majority minorities” are taught from birth to hate America. Same with feminists.

        • The most heads up among the Chechens realized how badly they had been played by the CIA and the Salafi Jihadists. Certainly, after the knout had been applied with rigor, but give them a little credit for having realized that life as a part of Russia offered way better prospects than being residents of just another Shitholistan, examples of which were not far to seek.

  32. Another point to is that all of the big thinkers of liberalism in history were talking about white Europeans, to white Europeans. The rules of fair play were set with general understanding of both the very basic and very nuanced traditions, customs, moral codes, etc.

  33. The general thought among Whites is that believing in Universal Egalitarianism makes them a moral, upright person, even though it’s a ridiculous idea that can be disproven by simple observation.

    What people see in real life is shoved aside by the endless assault of We-are-the-World propaganda, (((designed))) to appeal to people with low ingroup preference, an openness to outsiders, empathy, and a desire to be seen as good people. In this war against reality, that’s a lot to overcome.

    • Plus that kernel of Universal Egalitarianism by peoples that generally believe all people have souls and are worthy of being saved is prone to high jacking by people that believe they are God’s Chosen and any means necessary are appropriate methods.

    • Who you gonna believe? Elie Wiesel and Martin Luther King or your own lyin’ eyes beholding a once great nation going up in smoke and ash?

  34. Hey Vivek – Ancient Rome had primitive toilets and baths.

    Maybe some day your people will get there.

  35. The US did implement this concept of separation in one instance, and that is Indian reservations. These reservations have a large amount of autonomy in governance and get federal funding for things like health care, but everybody understands this setup is the way it is because the American society is the dominant one. It is, perhaps, a more forceful, dominant, and explicit arrangement than the Russian Federation, but it has been a stable arrangement for a very long time. Also worth noting, the lefty/subversive attempts to bring them into the coalition of the fringes has largely been a failure, outside of a few irrelevant operations like renaming sports teams. On the other hand, and correct me if I am wrong, I believe Canada did try to assimilate and integrate their Indian population to a much greater degree than the USA did, and now are now dealing with all the grievance/critical race theory nonsense, including hoaxes and made up stories about unmarked graves. You cannot have separation and integration simultaneously, by definition.

    • I believe, and correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t it true that if a white person wants to marry a native person, either the native person has to permanently leave their native society, or the white person has to leave white society and go live on a reserve? As in, you can’t have one without the other-

      • Never known modern examples of that here and there are eight reservations within 350 miles.

        • Sorry, I got that impression from a “dinner with the INSERT NAME HERE” tv program where a Metis woman said that about her white husband, she was not happy about having to identify as white having left her reserve never to return.

      • There may be some tribes that do so. Lakotah for sure do not. Some even consider living or working off the reservation in terms of conducting a raid.

    • If they knew how much $$$ Indians (feather) got the joggers would be on the warpath.

      Most Indians (feather) do no like being called native american.

    • The leftists have had a recent success in getting the stone age tribesmen to replace the Minnesota flag. They used North American StoneAge people to attack the European created state flag. However, it was Somalians who replaced the flag with one that looks like a combination of flags from two Somali provinces.

      I am sure that is done on purpose. The same tactic is being used in Australia to set up a tribal government with full veto power over the current government. That failed in referendum but the sponsors of that will not relent. Of course, a billionaire usual suspect is the sponsor of this Aborigne extra-governmental politburo.

      Who funded the Minnesota flag iconoclasm using the tribesmen is probably traceable. I am so tired of all of this I haven’t bothered to look.

      In any case, the point is, they are being weaponized worse than the albatross population was in the 50s and 60s. You should be very concerned about the land acknowledgement. It is an abrogation of our claims on our land. I bet we all know who is instigating this. It isn’t the stone agers who as you point out have their own territories and are probably very happy to live in squalor and manage the casinos that make the competent among them extremely wealthy.

  36. It goes without saying that Russia’s minority populations have history’s of building functional societies, where some of the ethnic groups in the US have not yet been able to.

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  38. Note it is always White societies and histories that have to have had various shades of swarthies supposedly occupying positions of power and influence back in the day – despite the fact it’s an outrageous and obvious lie. Conversely, there’s never any agitation to prove Whites had positions of influence and power in the swarthy cultures and histories. I don’t hear about White rajahs, or White Indian chiefs or White Zulu kings or White Manchu kings (and I’m not talking about colonialism) etc. Liberal democracy needs to be relegated to the bottom of the pile in the dustbin of history…

    • In fairness, with how the rest of the world operates, I don’t know if I would want whites to take credit for it.

    • Because, to quote the Derb, white people have become pussies.

      We’re treated like shi$ because we let other groups treat us like shi$. Other groups fight back or have backers who fight back for them. We don’t fight back.

      Simple as that.

      • I think it was pick-up artist/political blogger Roissy a.k.a Heartiste who remarked about ten or fifteen years that white people in the Western world were being subjected to the biggest shit test in history by the minority victim grievance industry.

    • It is quite likely that “White people” (Aryans) were the ones who founded India, as we understand it, establishing elements of culture that still exist today, all the way back in the Bronze Age. It is far more likely that India had White people ruling it, for a very long time, than Rome had any black people in charge. But we’re not allowed to talk about that.

        • As is archeological evidence as is linguistics – their brahmin language is Indo-European compared to the Dravidian tongues.

          So, yes, Indo-European Aryans conquered and ruled the subcontinent before flaming out. Alexander was the last Aryan to push in and conquer in the ancient world, though he didn’t consolidate his gains there.

          • If that’s the case, one thing you can be sure of, is it won’t be trumpeted far and wide.

        • In every society where a significant percentage of the population is preponderantly genetically white, that group occupies the apex of the socioeconomic pyramid. See most of Latin-America, for example. But hey, that’s because raycissm. Couldn’t possibly have a thing to do with innate ability. That’s crazy talk!

    • There’s a weirdly repetitive myth across the non-African non-white world that where they live now there was an earlier population, mysteriously lost, sometimes founding, sometimes just other dudes they used to know, of an ancient white seafaring race, often “giant” (as white people still are), usually red-haired.

      We’re probably not related to them, but—who?! Nobody is interested in this at all, unless Hollywood’s crusade to replace every redhead character with the ugliest available brown person represents an ongoing “interest.”

      Also, I never knew what triggered it, but fairly recently the whole media suddenly flipped out about Graham Hancock’s idea that civilization is older than modern science—white people—think it is. The very idea is white supremacist, even when proposed by the most milquetoast shitlib hippie ufo dork to other milquetoast shitlib hippie ufo dorks. Wondering about the past will convert everyone to a very specific type of mid 20th century politics, *especially* if they never talk or think about politics. Etc.


  39. There is a pattern of popular “conservatives”, one by one, betraying the fundamental ideals of the west. That Vivek has been called upon to put voice to his betrayal was only to be expected as a matter of time. There does seem to be a common trait among these traitors in that there is most often an identity component to their popularity (as being a white European is a dis-qualifier in the pubic market of opinion).
    Vivek is just another dave ruben or douglas murray. I never thought I’d have a higher opinion of the likes of george galloway than these guys, yet here I am, george, at least, would never pretend to be my friend.

    • When Vivek underperformed in the Iowa caucus, his wife was sent out to the press to say that Iowans only rejected him because they’re so stupidly racist they thought he’s an Arab muslim.

      This is the official position of the Thiel wing of the “dissident right”—or he wouldn’t have allowed it to be aired.


  40. I’d agree with Z, but I suspect that the time for civilizationalism may have passed. Russians are 80%-90% of the population in their civilization. Whites are rapidly moving to 50% or less in ours.

    Is civilizationalism possible without a numerically dominate tribe? Maybe, but it’d be a lot harder. Who would control the inevitable disagreements and conflicts among the various peoples?

    That said, civilizationalism would be our best hope. Sadly, it may not be possible anymore. (And that’s without even considering the reluctance of NW Europeans and their diaspora to giving up on egalitarianism and natural rights.)

    • “pogroms” when too many of one or the other threatened to upset the apple cart, they were driven away.

    • It’s never going to work. The left has gained too much power now and the snowball is too big. Instead, the west is going down and in some time will be a relic. Blacks will never accept the reality that they need the dominant Whites to survive. Part of what drives their hatred of us is their frustration that they’re such a mentally retarded and dysfunctional people that they need access to Whites. Once we are gone they will turn to the new dominant culture – Hispanics. That should be entertaining. In time, blacks will be wishing for the return of Whites who are now long gone.

  41. Unfortunately, the Western Project requires some pretend equality in order to function in a modern economy. For example, we pretend equality exists between men and women. This, despite the fact that at college, women are going into English in droves and avoiding the hard STEM fields like the plague. And they just don’t make very impressive engineers.

    Symbolic manipulation is the coin of the realm in 21st Century Western World. If one side cannot do it, it will forever be in a state of dependency on the other. If chicks are in a state of dependency, how can they ever be thought of as equal??

    • I see larping and cargo cults everywhere. The credential-ism of the education industrial complex replaced competency in my industry when insurance companies mandated degrees as a qualifier in their policies. as the “certified engineers” replaced the competent, in-house trained employees, everything went to crap. You could not talk to these educated kids, the only thing they lacked was humility…their confidence was 100%.

      • Have a feeling the explosion in liability has been just as poisonous as the CRA. If a bridge collapses and it was the fault of an in-house trained engineer, you have a good negligence case. If it’s some guy with the right piece of paper, you can wave your hands and say you did everything you could.

      • My favorite current year LARPs are the admin-tier women who are constantly promoted into senior managerial, directoral, and even executive positions.

        I can think of about five or six of these types right off the top of my head.

  42. America and the rest of Western Civ is enduring a time of migrations – volkerwanderung. One of the consequences is multiculturalism. The old order will die and a new one eventually arise, after much blood and suffering. New myths will arise to justify the rule of the winners.

    Buckle up your seatbelt, we’re in for a bumpy ride

  43. I didn’t see that video. I suspected Vivek was a snake in the grass, not the least of which were the America First successor showing up with placards that say, “Vivek”, and having a color scheme of cobalt background and burnt orange lettering. Not very American and all about, Vivek.

    In any case, there are two fronts on this war and they are equally important.

    One is bolstering the home schooling project of SchoolOfTheWest. It is essential that we tell our own story in our own homes parent to child and Occidental man to Occidental man.

    Two is a zero tolerance policy for any attempt to eradicate us from our story, modify it or swap themselves into our story. Zero tolerance means:
    – a harsh rebuke and permanent banishment and permanent loss of legitimacy
    – complete debunking of the lies and myths

    This is conquest. It is also a precursor to genocide. It should be dealt with.

    On occasion I catch old Victor Davis Hanson or whatever the sequence of names is. He is worse than Ramaswamy. Rome was a successful multi-racial empire which America is too.

    Shame on him. He is the poster child for the 20th century white man. A coward, who values his cushy position above everything he, as an academic, elite, political force, is supposed to protect.

    Ramaswamy must be finished now. As I said, a permanent loss of legitimacy. A stigma and stain that follows him forever. It is good he outed himself. This is a good test of Trump. Trump should disavow The Cobra and send him packing.

    As for us, if we do not protect our origin story and transmit it, we are finished.

    Now, let’s hold Trump to the mass deportations he is promising. In parallel, get to work educating our children on our history. This was made possible because the simpleton kindergarten level history most have learned the past 60+ years is totally inadequate.

    “Enemy Of The Disaster”, is a good rebuke of this system, and its one proposal is a parallel education system. We make that our primary project, or there will be no Occidental man left to rebuke VDH, Ramaswamy, Charles Blow and the army of conquerors with hostile intentions for our children.

    • “Now, let’s hold Trump to the mass deportations he is promising.”

      The few people on the right who tried to hold Trump to his promises to build the wall were shouted down after he took office.

      That’s is exactly what will happen to anyone expecting deportations after 2025.

      “If you don’t worship muh God Emperor, you have Trump derangement syndrome.”

      Only a retard would kick Lucy’s football again.

      • I didn’t say he was God Emporer.

        I said hold him to mass deportations and scream when mass doesn’t mean ten million plus removing the financial gravy train that will see many leave voluntarily and a full financial dispossession of the NGOs and persecution for treason of those who run them and who in government cooperate with them.

        Make the demand. What else have you got. This despair and name calling isn’t doing anything – at least not constructive.

        • You: “Lets repeat the same mistakes over and over gain”

          Me: “it didn’t work last time, why should it work now?”

          You: “Stop with the Despair”

          Me: “The defeats of the past don’t fill me with Despair, rather its your refusal to ever learn from them that causes my despair.”

          • You are putting words in my mouth while putting on a marvelous display of sad-sack defeatism.

            So, what do you propose? What is your big plan? Convince me Oh Great One and I will join your cause.

            We are all dying to hear you give us your positive vision and sure-fire plan.

    • King Cobra was always out for King Cobra, but this is a stunning own goal.

      I just assumed that Cobra wanted to tap into white’s discontentment but inability to stand up for themselves. As a non-white, he could say things that whites couldn’t, and whites would cheer him for it.

      I never really assumed that he had any great love for those whites (though I didn’t think that he necessarily disliked them either but who knows), but he could ride them to a lot fame and power. (He already has money.)

      This tweet/comment is just so inconsistent with that game plan, that you have to wonder what he was thinking. The guy is extremely clever, so it’s just bizarre that he wouldn’t realize how this would be received.

      Maybe he just couldn’t help himself. Maybe, he wasn’t satisfied as the brown guys leading whites, always feeling to be the outsider.

      But his schtick was, “Yes, we live in a multi-racial society but every group – including whites – should be respected and treated equally.” I don’t agree with that, but it’s a winner of a message, especially from a non-white. With this comment, he says that he doesn’t believe whites or white history should be respected.

      Again, it’s a stunning own goal.

      • Agreed CoaSC. It was stunning and brave. Good that he did it now.

        The lesson is, White men! Stop cowering behind proxies!!!! Stand up and be counted or be forever subjugated!!!!

        • Couldn’t agree more – for so many reasons.

          I never trusted Cobra, but I did think that he could help us. If he was able to say that whites should have the same rights as other groups, that moves the Overton Window, which might – might – allows actual whites to say the same thing.

          Then, once it’s established that we’re a people just like any other, we could start forming associations and lobby groups like every other group.

          It was always a long shot, but, in my mind, Cobra was a tool for whites. Nothing more.

          • Nothing and no one will allow whites to say anything that defends us and our interests, much less even identify ourselves positively as a distinct group.

            We have to stop waiting to be allowed and just do it. The first person who is in a position to do so will have an army of lions at his back.

            I thought Blake Masters would be the guy. Nope. He put his tin cup out to the usual big donors after 10/7. It won’t be him. JD Vance can’t do it. Josh Schriver has done it to some extent at the state level.

            Support him and Judd Blevins. It is going to have to come from the farm system. It will never be allowed. It will only be done by courage and force of will.

      • > King Cobra was always out for King Cobra, but this is a stunning own goal.

        Was this an own goal, or is this part of his purpose?

        Not to sound too paranoid, but has anybody looked into Vivek’s background? Nobody who made that much money so easily at such a young age should ever be trusted.

        • His background is hilariously sketchy. But I always suspected that he wanted to build his own power base and not be under the thumb of the tribe.

          Btw, nothing about that goal has anything to do with helping whites, whom I assumed he viewed as a tool to reach his goals.

          I still think that he doesn’t want to be just the help. He knows that no matter how high you rise in that system, you are still just the hire help and can be fired at any time. The real bosses own you.

          I don’t think that he wants that. He came up through the system, but he knows that he’ll never become a “made man” because he’s not a member of the tribe. I suspect that he and others are beginning to chaff at that arrangement.

          Again, none of this has anything to do with whites, whom all of them see as just stupid cattle. This is a fight between the existing rulers and the upcoming non-tribe elites.

      • Citizen: As you know, I have disagreed with you on this. Chalk it up to personal dislike of subcons, or (I would argue) more experience with them in various parts of the world. I don’t care how educated or cosmopolitan they may appear – they NEVER forget who they are. I realize you said he was out for himself but, as you note, thought he had a sophisticated and winning message/game plan. I have argued all along he was just another dusky grifter, and regardless of the scraps he threw to hopeful and foolish Whites, he never gave a damn about anyone other than himself.

        I think it’s also worth noting that I’ve made this claim about Thomas Sowell. Decent and honest man or not, his children are black. A man may accept things about himself but will deny similar deficiencies in his progeny. Ramaswamy is holding his brown son in that photo, showing him the colliseum his ‘his’ cultural inheritance.

        At least the black writer (Langston Hughes? Can’t recall) who, after seeing Europe and the wonders of its culture and history, said “It’s not mine” was honest. Always, always see if a non-White has children. They are a big part of what motivates him, and why I never trusted even ramaswamy’s political ‘message.’

        • Agree. As I’ve often noted, I assumed Cobra was out for Cobra. I also believe that he was using whites to achieve something for himself and his family.

          I never thought that he had any love for whites. Whether disliked us or was indifferent, I didn’t have much opinion on, nor did I care.

          I did think that he could be a useful tool. If he talked about whites as a people who deserve to be treated like any other people (solely for his own selfish reasons), that overall helps us.

          Granted, it’s a fine line. With that CivNat BS, he’s a pied piper leading many whites down the multi-culti path. But making it acceptable for whites to talk about themselves as a people who deserve to be treated equally and protected would be a big help for us, especially if some white pick up the mantle publicly.

          Regardless, he screwed up. He could have ridden that white horse a long way, but he may blown that chance.

          It just shows once again that we have to save ourselves and that we’ll never be able to reform the system. I was hoping that we could use Cobra as a tool, but it’s best to make your own tools.

      • Subcontinentals have an almost pathological need to be seen as white. I suspect this is a legacy of the caste system, instituted by Aryan conquerors to preserve their genetics. There has obviously been a lot of miscegenation in 3500 years, but high caste Indians are still noticeably fairer, and there is a huge market for skin lightening products and filters.

        This brings up another point, the degree to which racial solidarity has always impacted history. The left likes to believe that race is a “social construct” invented in 1619, or thereabouts, but a careful study will reveal racial preferences and animosities littered throughout the historical record. The spread of Islam, for example, can be seen as a general Semitic revolt against Greco-Roman (and Persian) culture and ethnicity.

        Race matters. Race has always mattered. It’s just that nobody even thought to question it until the Trotskyites.

        • “I suspect this is a legacy of the caste system”

          To a large extent bu also because subsequent invaders (including the last, who were British) were usually fair-skinned. The obsession with skin pigment carries over to the marriage and job markets. In the matrimonial columns of Indian newspapers (well, I suppose it’s all drifted online now), the skin pigment on offer and desired is both given. If you ever have the misfortune to watch a Bollywood film, you’ll see that the main actors and actresses tend to be lighter skinned than the typical Indian. And along with this fixation with skin pigment is a deep-seated inferiority complex towards people of European descent

          • Citizen Khan is my favorite Bollywood offering followed closely by Basmati Cassidy and the Tandoori Kid…

        • If you watch Indian pop music videos you’ll quickly notice that everybody in them has the complexion of Calabrians rather than Calcuttans. Indian elites are showing their preferences, just as AINO’s Power Structure shows its preferences via nonstop negroes in corporate advertising.

    • Reality

      Hanson is getting bitch slapped with reality, and is slowly, like a tanker trying to turn, coming to our side.

      He has a few videos if late that express his changing views.

      He’s certainly not perfect, but he is, as others have pointed out, an on-ramp for individuals.

      • Who exactly is he an on-ramp for?

        It’s my understanding that his audience consists mostly of boomer conservatives. If people of that age group haven’t gotten it yet, they never will.

        • carries (most of) his stuff, or at least used to, and you would self-evidently be surprised by its demographics.

  44. “The Russian Federation is a multiracial society that generally works. For a thousand years the dominant Russians have ruled lands with significant minority groups, almost all on the fringes of their territory, while avoiding many of the problems we see in the West.”

    Not thousand years. Mongols were strong until 16th century and so were the Persians, Turks and Afghans. They all had influence in the “stans”. Krim was occupied by the Tatars supported by the Ottomans.

    What is true about Russians however, is that all these tribes had been their neighbors for centuries and they all shared history of fighting and forming alliances. On the other hand, Thomas Jefferson and Vivek’s ancestors were never neighbors. Only common history they shared was that the tea being dumped by the people of Boston was likely loaded on to ship by Vivek’s ancestors.


      Wikipedia, which has been turned into another western propaganda outlet, tells a sob story about how cruel Russians displaced Crimean Tatars from their “motherland”. The Russians know the real story well, which is that the Tatars used to conduct slave raids in Russian territories and then sell them in Ottoman markets. So, when Russians became powerful, they settled score.

      The biggest difference between the Russians and the Anglo members of GAE is that the Russians do not carry the victimhood virus. When I talk to people from the university-educated class of New England, I see them finding historic victim in every social scenario. In their view, Africans, Haitians, Mexicans and all other flavors of migrants are victims of colonial era and must be resettled (and given presidency as well 🙂 ).

    • ” Only common history they shared was that the tea being dumped by the people of Boston was likely loaded on to ship by Vivek’s ancestors.”

      Spectacular and soon-to-be stolen line.

    • Paul Gottfried: Years before I learned Russian and traveled to the then Soviet Union, I read Fitzroy MacLean’s “Eastern Approaches” from my father’s bookshelf. Dated, of course, and not a neutral observer, but to me a fascinating look at the far reaches of that empire. There certainly remains a modicum of Russian rule and administration, but as you note the ‘stans largely run their own business and, in their way, seem fairly content with being part of a world power. They were never Russian in any culturally-significant way anyhow.

    • Great Russian dominance began ca. 1480–when the Tatar Yoke collapsed–and has continued to this day. There are a couple of caveats. First, in the second half of the 16th and first half of the 17th century, when Russia was riven by misrule and dynastic turmoil, various eastern peoples, most notably the Krim Tatars, frequently invaded Russia making off with booty and slaves. Second, and at about the same time, ironically, Russia expanded into Siberia and incorporated the tribes of that region into Russia. That said, they were numerically small and had little influence upon Russia west of the Urals.

  45. “Applying this civilizational model to the West would mean a European identity that assumes a natural dominance over European lands and the people in those lands, regardless of their minority identity. This sort of cultural chauvinism would allow blacks in America, for example, to hang onto their story of victimhood only so far as it gives them pride in who they are now. Antiwhite animosity would be suppressed officially and unofficially through general intolerance.”

    You’re ignoring the Tribe that throws a spanner in the works. All this anti-white and anti-white culture is emanating from somewhere and all roads lead back to the Tribe. Call it Cultural Marxism if you wish, or Frankfurt School, or along the lines of what Kevin MacDonald writes.

    • The “Athens & Jerusalem” stuff is a clever way to insert the ancestors of Ben Shapiro into your family tree.

      • True, but you’re willing to let that dog’s breakfast of an origin story be inserted anyway. Recall that this is holy Week, an occasion to celebrate Ben’s ancestors and forebears in your own bizarre way.

    • Yes, AA, that tribe causes problems, but so do all the dogs who are eager to run back to that tribe’s vomit for another helping of its self-serving superstition. If you are not a Muslim, or not very pious, you may feel this pain acutely, whether Arab or not. (I’ve asume that you use your given name and family surname.)

      One very big problem here, and a reason why this blog has been going nowhere fast for more than ten years, is that the author remains crippled by Shemitic supremacy in the form of Trinitarianism. His bourgeois tendencies, too, subvert necessary, harsh criticism against the patriarchy and its fanciful ontology. Like many Russians back in the motherland, he’s a Z[ombie] man even when his faith dips to new lows, or when he takes a pot shot at enthusiasts like Intelligent Dasein. He’s also not writing much about what origin story his new people would have in North America if they keep the breakfast of dogs served by dogs for dogs. But he does suggest it from time to time. Is the story to include a massive conversion to Russian Orthodoxy celebrated with banjos at a new monastery in West Virginia??

      We western European people have no good, stable origin story. The masters, on the other hand, have the stories of both the USA and Shemitic supremacism to let their lost masses choose from, and the former story can accomodate the latter if needed. Those who are still Christian, however, are proud to be descended from the deracinated survivors of crusades and related skulduggery in Europe. These lost folks are fighting a long retreat against overwhelming criticism of their guiding delusion. The ascension, supposedly the concluding work of redemption, never happened, and some of our people showed that it’s impossible.

      That last condition, clinging to Trinitarian Shemitism, suggests that the primary problem for more than 1,000 years has been neither Israel’s remnant, nor any drug addiction, nor the lack of a complete replacement origin story to tell the unruly kids. Instead, it’s the lack of a defensible ontology, one which disdains childish, universalist fairy tales like the bizarre one being told this week by lunatic idolators. In this story, the dying hero wailed that he’d been abandoned by his god, one with whom he was supposed to be one in being. The Z[ombie] man thinks that his people ought to tolerate such obvious barf. Because tradition. Because “muh civilization!”. Because “dogs”, as the J man called us, can’t live on bread alone.

      The solution is to work out the ontology first in a semirigorous way. Knocking down egalitarianism and blank slatism is important, but this fails to get down to bedrock. The origin story suggests itself already and will be written by multiple people whose posterity can be allowed to weave the many threads into a whole cloth. Meanwhile, let the slogan of this blog be…


      • …Shemitic supremacy in the form of Trinitarianism.

        One would think that during Holy Week, someone with the faintest understanding of theology would know that Jews are celebrating Passover, not Easter. That is, they explicitly reject 1/3 of the Trinity. The second third most disregard because it Jesus was the one who told them about it.

        You do realize that up to at least the first Council of Nicaea, 325 AD, what passed for Christianity at the time was still undecided about the Trinity, right? You can’t really blame that on the Jews.

      • I really wish you would comment more often. This is good stuff. I needed a laugh today.

      • how da fuq does replace the patriarchy equate, mr. obnoxious?

        you call this rallying the troops? selling the masses? appealing to patria, to demos, to logos? inspirational?
        are you that Unit 8200 troll again?

        doubleplus “the army you have, not the army you want”, dipstick

        stop insulting the host, very Ms. Crockett of you
        he opened far more doors than you, bitch

      • also, your understanding of the hero’s sacrifice and of ascension and redemption are that of a petulant child

        too vain to examine your emo reaction and what it tells you about neural wiring, language harnesses, or tribal instinct

        also too stupified by anger to size up the Aryan themes in esoteric political code, or to even realize people then didn’t talk or transmit as you do now

        you’ve won nothing by stamping your little fee-fees
        acting out as little boys do

  46. It is for this reason I never trusted Vivek, even if he occasionally said things I agree with. If forced to make a choice, he will ALWAYS choose his own people above others. Either whites start acting like every other group on the planet, which means preferencing one’s own race or ethnic group above all others, or else perish.

    • See above where the estimable Charlotte Allen has enlisted that swishy Arab perv in the ranks of the multiculti pantheon. Talk about own goals…

  47. If you were an Indian who left his country to become a minority in the West, we are basically left with three options.

    1. Maintain your racial identity in the new land and carve out a niche for your people, knowing you will be under the rule of the Anglo world and their norms. You do what you need to fit in as it still is a better deal than your homeland.

    2. Try to fully integrate to the point of your children marrying into the dominant majority, and your children’s children doing the same, slowly becoming part of the same genetic pool as the Irish marrying with Germans, etc. With the vast differences though, this will take a long time.

    3. Usurp the host country’s culture and claim the host country for everybody.

    Of course, 3 has been the choice for generations now, and has helped everyone but the racial majority of the country. Regardless of Vivek’s talk about whites, he is solely in camp 3, and needs to be seen as just as much of an enemy as the worst racial agitator. It’s not fun, as I personally like the guy, but this is bigger than a single man.

    • #3 is what the Libyans did in Egypt after it was left battered and reeling after being the only major power in the eastern Med to survive the late Bronze Age collapse. If you can’t kill your enemy and take their land because they are too numerous, you infiltrate and take possession of the key control nodes of their civilization and rule them for your own profit. It’s what Jews did to us and why Indians are trying to displace Jews so that they can do it to us. Open ‘legal’ immigration must end or eventually they will import a couple hundred million of their slave castes in to take the land, too.

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