Enough With The Queers

For my generation, I’m rather tolerant of homosexuals. For instance, thirty years ago I hired a flaming homosexual, over the objections of others. I was not making a point. He was simply the best qualified by a long shot and that trumped whatever squealing and hissing that would surely follow. He turned out to be an able worker and fit right in with everyone, even though they were hostile at first. By the standards of today, however, I’m an intolerant bigot because I don’t want to worship homosexual males.

Still, even by the standards of the today, our culture is over-queered. The queer goblet runneth over. I’m so sick and tired of having homos placed front and center, with demands that I worship their heroic efforts to find happiness. This story is a good example. I’m not a fan of country music. The old stuff was good, but the new stuff is just bad rock music. It’s not my thing but the normal people living in the cultural valley like it. But, the Cult can’t let them have it. Nope, they have to bring the gays into it.

Church, pickup trucks and dive bars — the imagery of classic country songs evokes “traditional” small-town American life. Now a rising number of openly gay crooners are testing just how inclusive that vision can be.

Two prominent singers came out of the closet within hours of each other on Thursday. Ty Herndon, who rose to stardom in the 1990s with both love ballads and Christian songs, declared himself to be an “out, proud and happy gay man.”

Herndon, who at 52 has been married twice to women, said that he had struggled since his childhood to come to terms with his sexuality.

Well, “Ty” I have been struggling for years with my intolerance of homosexuals. I’m now out and proud as a normal man who has had enough of the queers. Time for you guys to go back to the rest stops and public rest rooms and leave the rest of us alone. Enough.


3 thoughts on “Enough With The Queers

  1. “He was simply the best qualified by a long shot ”

    You are showing your age. You belong to a time, as I think I do, where the best people got the job on merit. Not chosen on current victim status, or through feelings of guilt or even an egotistical desire to be seen as ‘modern’ but simply because if you choose the best person there can be no argument from intelligent people.

    But, I also agree with Peltast. All this isn’t going to end well because the people who are most excitable are never happy with anything. If a person is not happy they tend these days to continue being unhappy and will damn well tell everyone how unhappy they are and what is the government going to do about it?

    • “In my father’s time they hanged you for it. When I was a lad they put you in prison for it. Now it’s legal. I hope I die before they make it compulsory.”

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