Reality Complicates Diversity

This story about the problems desegregating the Hartford public schools is amusing. For the Cult, hatred of white people has become such a natural instinct, they can’t separate reality from fantasy anymore. They really think they can force the hoi polloi to live together according to the popular fads of the Cult. They never stop to think that maybe there’s a reason people are not embracing diversity.

The shrinking population of white students in Hartford’s suburbs is complicating efforts to comply with Connecticut’s landmark school desegregation settlement — and even making it harder for some of the capital city’s students to attend new schools created to help meet the racial integration goals set by the lawsuit 25 years ago.

State education officials are currently negotiating the latest changes to the agreement, reached with the plaintiffs after they won a 1996 Connecticut Supreme Court ruling, but say it is becoming harder to attract white students to Hartford’s schools because they’re living farther away.

About half the students living in the 22 communities subject to the agreement, according to state officials, are non-white. That’s up from about 38 percent in 2008, when the parties negotiated a revised timetable for progress on reducing racial, ethnic and economic isolation. Another revision was made last year.

“The state is in the position of, how do you meet the requirements of the State Supreme Court given the fact that the demographics of the region have changed so completely,” said Kathleen Demsey, state Department of Education’s chief financial officer who worked for years on the issue. “Financially, it’s a burden for this transportation system, money that could be used for education is being used to bus kids.”

The hilarious bit here is the same people trying to force the proletariat to live together, based on some magic racial formula, will move heaven and earth to make sure their kids are are not going to school with the other races. Yet, they are mystified to learn that everyone else does the same thing.

But lawyers for the plaintiffs in the case, Sheff vs. O’Neill, say there are still plenty of predominantly white communities in the region that can be drawn from to attract additional students, or where Hartford students can attend school in a racially integrated setting.

“We’ve made some progress but we still think there’s more that can be done,” said Dennis Parker, a lawyer for the plaintiffs and director of racial justice programs for the American Civil Liberties Union.

The issue of changing demographics has come up before. In 2013, the parties redefined the standard for diversity, allowing Asian, American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islanders to count toward the 25 percent “white enrollment” threshold. Further changes could be among the proposals in this round of negotiations.

I’m sure the Asians are thrilled to know they will be used as cannon fodder in the ghetto.

Newly released statistics show 47.5 percent of Hartford’s 21,458 minority students are currently enrolled in “reduced-isolation settings,” a marked improvement from 11 percent in 2008. That comes after the state spent about $2.25 billion on new magnets and other programs throughout the region over a 10-year period. Yet the plaintiffs contend that progress falls far short of giving every Hartford student the opportunity to learn in a racially integrated setting.

Attorney Martha Stone said the state could create incentives to encourage suburban school districts to take in more Hartford students and foster more collaborative projects involving different entities, such as the proposed elementary magnet aerospace academy in Rocky Hill.

“There are so many different ideas that have been on the table for years that the state has not taken the initiative on,” Stone said.

Unlike other states where there has been forced busing and redrawn school districts, Connecticut’s settlement relies on voluntary desegregation and additional state funding. Parents inside and outside of Hartford can choose to enter a lottery in order for their children to approximately 45 magnet schools. Meanwhile, Hartford students can also choose to attend suburban public schools.

But the makeup of some suburbs is changing: East Hartford, for example, shifted from 23 percent minority enrollment in 1989, when the lawsuit was first filed, to 84 percent in 2013. Manchester jumped from 12 percent to 60 percent, Windsor from 31 percent to 71 percent, and Bloomfield from 74 to 96 percent.

This is pattern you see everywhere in the northeast. The FDR version of the Cult thought they should pack blacks into urban ghettos. They used white ethnics as a buffer, but then the ethnics bolted to the suburbs. The cities collapsed and we ended up with all of these urban jungles. Starting in the 80’s, the new plan was to move the blacks out to the suburbs so the Cult could reclaim the nice spots in the city. The white ethnics living in the inner suburbs are now bolting to exurbs and gated neighborhoods.

One of the reasons I say liberalism is a religion is I’ve been to places like Hartford and New Haven. The latter is a great example. Yale dominate New Haven, financially, politically and geographically. Down the hill from the idyllic campus lies the black side of New Haven. The only interface the students have with the people down the hill is the occasional robbery or beating. Otherwise, down the hill may as well be another planet. Every student on that campus knows where not to go and who not to trust.

Despite that reality all around them, the students at Yale are as liberal as they come. They go off into the world full of righteous anger about how  middle America treats its black people. You point out to them that the Yale campus is more like an antebellum plantation than normal America and they look at you like you’re speaking in tongues. That degree of self-delusion only comes from intense belief.

A normal person trying to integrate the Hartford schools would look at the results thus far and conclude it is a failure. Decades of effort have come up empty so it is time to try something else. The true believer, faced with dis-confirmation, redoubles their efforts, convinced that this time things will be different.

3 thoughts on “Reality Complicates Diversity

  1. “Diversity” has also not worked in Belgium; anywhere in the Middle East; in Africa where the colonials established borders irrespective of the various tribes within those borders which has produced the never ending inter-tribal massacres; the former Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia; and in Canada where the English speaking Canadians cannot wait for the Quebecois to leave the Federation and where it is nigh impossible to find a non-Quebecois who can actually speak french in an “officially” bilingual” nation; and in India which in 1948 split into Pakistan and India, and subsequently was joined by Bangladesh.
    Upon the demise of the USSR, despite 75 years of forced integration, its various nation-states ALL decided to go their own way.
    Diversity apparently was not wanted there either.

    And yes, before the white man ever set foot in N.America, the indian tribes – though not all of them – would attempt to exterminate their fellow tribes. Note that EVERY tribe had “warriors,” and warriors were assigned certain tasks; to defend their tribes ( from what, if their were no whites around) or to find and kill the other guys. The notion of diversity, apparently was not too popular amongst the indigenous tribes, pre-white man.

    In NYC, the Puerto Rican population, despite OVER 50 years !!!! of living there , still is near the bottom of the socio-economic ladder and still has many 3rd and 4th generation individuals who cannot speak un-accented english and consider english their second language. Diversity does not seem to be that imporyant to them either.

    The mexicans in S.Cal have ZERO desire to assimilate and soon a few hundred thousand of them will agitate and demonstrate to “free” themselves from the USA and form their own nation or “rejoin” Mexico.
    When hundreds of thousands take to the streets, there is nothing anybody can do to stop them.
    Diversity to them means getting rid of the gringo.

    Diversity is a left wing ploy – a VERY effective ploy – to break a nation and create chaos, for it is ONLY under chaotic conditions that they can take – by force, by terror, by murder- power.

    As for New Haven, well, you can bet your life- literally- that the totally hypocritical Yale University professors do not send THEIR kids to any majority black school. Like all liberals, they are for ” social justice” and big government as long as they and their kin are exempt from any of its policies.

  2. The cult is a refuge for individuals who have turned their backs on the church and have a longing to be part of something that gives them a feeling of acceptance. The way they lead their lives would not be accepted by the church. Public schooling teaches them to embrace homosexuality, abortion and unfaithfulness. They grow up thinking that this is who they really are and this just doesn’t go well in front of the other parishioners. So Liberalism it is.

    The noisiest members of the group are always the most recent converts with something to prove. That’s why so many of them are willing to humiliate themselves in public and sacrifice their dignity in order to show they belong.

  3. You are right, modern liberalism is a religion. Religions are generally not thought of as a collection of facts, but beliefs. The Left “believes” in its causes, so of course it must be so.

    If this desegregation thing in Hartford isn’t scrapped soon, I would expect a step-up in white flight from the confines of that school district. And if they think they can go farther afield for more education victims to bus around? Backfire, like all their stupid plans. I guess they’ll never learn that you can’t force people together who might never have chosen it themselves. They also forget that people are free to leave that state altogether. Connecticut is a physically lovely state for the most part, but its Leftism is a real liability.

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