What the End of the Left Looks Like

Apparently, the end of the latest Progressive awakening will be queer Nazis, perverts and low-IQ black people making war on old Jews, for their racism. Or something. The increasingly laughable ornament over at the Atlantic was promising to hold his breath and turn bluer if the queer Nazi running The New Republic did not right the wrongs committed by those dastardly Jews that ran the magazine for so long. “Black lives matter,” by the way, is code for “kill the blue-eyed devil.”

I’m not going to go into the Apostrophe Coates article because it is incoherent schlock written by a man with a tenth grade understanding of the world. I used to post about Coates, but then I started to feel bad for making sport of him. He can’t help it. The people who decorate their magazine with guys like him are to blame. It’s the person hanging the ornament, not the ornament.

Anyway, the new editor of The New Republic seems to agree with Ornament.

Gabriel Snyder issued his first editor’s note as head of The New Republic on Monday, promising that the magazine will survive the latest turmoil and be home to more ambitious and diverse journalism.

“The New Republic has always been both in love and at war with its prior self,” Snyder, a former editor of The Atlantic Wire who replaced Frank Foer earlier this month as the editor, wrote in the note. “The magazine’s early decades were marked by abrupt ownership changes, unceremonious dismissals of editors, shifting policy positions, and uprooted headquarters, all accompanied by masthead upheavals.”

The majority of The New Republic’s masthead resigned en masse during the first week of December after the owner’s decision to force out the editorial leadership, move the magazine to New York and rebrand the venerable, century-old publication as a “digital media company.”

Yeah. What we lack is “digital media” companies. All this time we have been waiting for this guy to come along and give us a reason to have the Interwebs. My goodness.

Snyder also announced a crew of new contributors to upcoming issues including Ann Friedman, Batya Ungar-Sargon, Cathy Park Hong, Inga Safron, Jazmine Hughes, Jeff Ball, Thomas Rogers, Jen Doll, William Giraldi and Jeet Heer. Snyder wrote that these new voices and experts will “be diverse in race, gender, and background.”

“As we build our editorial staff, we will reach out to talented journalists who might have previously felt unwelcome at The New Republic. If this publication is to be influential, and not merely survive, it can no longer afford to represent the views of one privileged class, nor appeal solely to a small demographic of political elites,” Snyder wrote.

You can be sure they will be diverse in how they look, but not in how they think. If any of them dare say something nice about Jews or something mean about queers, they will be sent off to an internment camp. It’s why I call them ornaments. They are there to make it look like a lot of new and different stuff is going on, but in reality it is just the same old drab display with new ornaments.

In his note, Snyder recounted the many years of turmoil and change at the magazine, defending owner Chris Hughes and CEO Guy Vidra’s plans.

“[I]f our founders sat down today to settle on the best way to achieve this mission, they would not have picked a weekly printed magazine and ignored a vast array of digital publishing possibilities. And just like any publication with hopes of success in the world of 2014, they would want The New Republic to be better at welcoming into our fold readers, writers, and editors who reflect the American experience as it exists today,” Snyder wrote.

People who know Chris Hughes say he has great social skills, but is as dumb as a brick. He got rich by hitting the lottery so now he is a pissed off blockhead with money to burn. The proof of that is what we see going on here. The New Republic was a magazine of the ruling class. It was never intended to reach a general audience. What he’s done is buy a Bentley and then equip it with spinners and a fur interior.

But, there may be something else other than rank stupidity. Walter Russell Mead has a post up on the cresting of the liberal wave and what comes next. The past says the final denouement is an orgy of violence as we saw in the 60’s and 70’s. The trouble with that is the young people today are too soft and silly to riot in the streets or plant bombs in public buildings. Instead they have Twitter rants.

That may be what we’re see with Hughes and the New Republic. It is a tantrum. Frustrated by reality not yielding to wishful thinking, this generation of radicals will take it out on their cult leaders and each other. Instead of burning down your neighborhood, they will burn down their own stuff. The gays will make war on the Jews. The blacks will make war on the gays. The one-legged lesbian Elvis impersonators will make war on the transgendered.


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  1. It’s always a good day when the Left eats its own. It will be even better when the day turns into months or even years. Good riddance.

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