HBD Index

I saw this on Drudge today and I got a chuckle from it.

The first Jews to settle in what is now South Dakota established themselves in Deadwood during the Gold Rush over 150 years ago, finding a niche selling hardware, groceries, dry goods and more.

By 1920, the state was home to some 1,300 Jews. That community has dwindled to an estimated 390 people. No state has fewer.

It’s a small, but tightknit flock that makes do without a permanent rabbi and worries too few children are coming along to sustain it.

Steve Benn is a doctor who serves as lay leader at Rapid City’s Synagogue of the Hills. He says “nobody wants to be the last one to turn the lights out.”

Benn orchestrates bar mitzvah ceremonies, performs ritual circumcisions and conducts funeral services.

South Dakota is also one of the whitest states in the country. It is 6th, in fact. If you’re a member of Stormfront then South Dakota looks like a great place to live. Out of curiosity I looked for a breakdown of Jews by state. It looks like there are a number of contenders for the ideal Stormfront state. I’m not very familiar with their stance on these things, but my guess is they hate blacks slightly more than they hate Jews.

I searched “best state for black people” and I got back a lot of hits on black centered sites with state rankings by flava. I changed black to white and the results are mostly liberal sites ranting about racism. Change white to Jews and we’re back to serious analysis of where Jews have it best. Funny how that works.

Steve Sailer once proposed something called a Cromartie Index. It’s one of those funny things that pops up on those bad think sites. I wonder if anyone has ever created a measure to rank places to live, by the amount of diversity. In ecology, there’s a thing called the Simpson’s Index, which measures the diversity of species within a system.

A HBD Index would take into account race, age, religion and political outlook. I’m throwing religion in there because a place like Utah might look good to some, until they learn about the magic underwear business. The other problem is the fact that a 100% Hispanic town would have the same HBD score as a town in Maine, but mean different things to different people. Maybe including IQ would solve that problem.

Maybe if I have time I’ll try and come up with an HBD Index.