They Always Start Young

For as long as I have been alive, the Left has had an obsession with children. Your children. One of the first Progressive causes was public education. The branch of the Left that descended from the Anglo-American (WASP) tradition sent their kids to private schools, but they had a keen interest in the public schools, nonetheless. Steve Sailer would argue that this was within the English tradition of plucking the best and brightest from the lower classes in order to cultivate them into the upper classes. Perhaps that was true in the beginning, but by the time the 20th century rolled around, it was about indoctrination into the Left.

By the time we hit mid-century, most of the knowledge about human relations had been banned from the schools and the public square. Television, newspapers and movies excluded all of those retrograde ideas about humanity and instead embraced the new thinking. The schools, of course, were the best place to make sure the crime-think was squeezed out of society. If the next generation is raised in the one true faith, then you will not have to worry too much about policing them as adults, at least when it comes to the crime-think.

The communications revolution has created a whole new set of challenges. Crime-think is everywhere on-line. Kids can go on Twitter, Facebook and so on and be exposed to crime-think. Worse yet, some of them are prone to crime-think, maybe picking it up at home, which has been frustratingly out of reach of the Left. That leads to crime-thinkers ganging up on right-thinkers in what the Left calls cyber-bullying. This is when crime-thinkers post unapproved things on-line.

Since everyone has been bullied as a child – whether you know it or not – and bullies are the worst of the worst, the schools are getting the task of tackling the cyber-bullying epidemic that has swept the country. In Illinois, low level functionaries in the school system will be scanning the Interwebs for cyber-bullying by public school students. If one is found, the school will demand the student turn over his account information so the school can look inside his cranium via his social media accounts and scoop out the crime-think.

School districts in Illinois are telling parents that a new law may require school officials to demand the social media passwords of students if they are suspected in cyberbullying cases or are otherwise suspected of breaking school rules.

The law, which went into effect on January 1, defines cyberbullying and makes harassment on Facebook, Twitter, or via other digital means a violation of the state’s school code, even if the bullying happens outside of school hours.

A letter sent out to parents in the Triad Community Unit School District #2, a district located just over the Missouri-Illinois line near St. Louis, that was obtained by Motherboard says that school officials can demand students give them their passwords. The full letter is embedded below.

“If your child has an account on a social networking website, e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,, etc., please be aware that State law requires school authorities to notify you that your child may be asked to provide his or her password for these accounts to school officials in certain circumstances,” the letter says.

“School authorities may require a student or his or her parent/guardian to provide a password or other related account information in order to gain access to his/her account or profile on a social networking website if school authorities have reasonable cause to believe that a student’s account on a social networking website contains evidence that a student has violated a school disciplinary rule or procedure,” it continues.

It’s not hard to see where this ends. A school lunatic will hear something unapproved from a student and immediately demand the kid hand over his passwords. Snooping around, they will learn that the kid got his crime-think at home and use his social media data to launch child abuse claims against the parents. It will end up in court, but the point will have been made. That young person will come away knowing that they are always being watched, even in private.  Compliance is not optional.

Like pedophiles, Progressives like ’em young.

2 thoughts on “They Always Start Young

  1. My 1st thought upon suspicion of such a request of my child would be to withdraw him and respond that he is not a public school student. Actually, withdrawing children from public school is a common thought, even an idle, pleasant thought and probably one had by very many parents all the time.

  2. But surely the real, thorny problem will be if the child has learned intolerance, anger and narrow-mindedness in school via shallow-working lefties promoting their spewed-up ignorance. What then for the brave guardians of the progressive light?

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