Hispanic Heritage Month

I’m watching the NFL and I keep seeing references to Hispanic Heritage Month. I watch the NFL via Red Zone so it is a bit of an echo chamber for whatever they are hawking each Sunday. It reminded me of traveling through Hispania as a boy with my parents. It was so odd hearing everyone speak Hispanish instead of English. Of course, even a child had to be impressed with the great achievements in Hispanic culture.

My goodness. There is no such thing as Hispanic culture outside the blinkered world of identity politics. Mexicans and Puerto Ricans call themselves Hispanic unless they are getting paid to do it. The word “Hispanic” is like the word “African-American” in that the only time you hear it is when ruling class types are around. I live in a black neighborhood and I never her anyone say “African-American.” Not even me.

More important, let’s say we’re lumping all Latin culture into one bucket for the sake of brevity, why would anyone celebrate it? Hispanic culture sucks. We know this because half of Latin American is trying flee it for North American culture. Even Africans, given the choice of Mexico or staying put are not going to Mexico. These people are coming here to get away from Hispanic culture, not celebrate it here.

It is, of course, just part of the larger anti-white campaign. The Cold Civil War, between good whites and bad whites, has been hijacked by foreign elements and slowly turned into a war on whites in general. It’s not as obvious now, but it will get increasingly obvious in the coming years. Cerebrating Hispanic culture is really just a way of celebrating the planned death of white culture.