Islam’s Threat To Progressives

This story is a good example of how assimilation is only possible when dealing with similar people. Our rulers are terribly vexed as to why so many Western born and raised Muslims are heading off to jihad. The story of Jihad Johnny is familiar.

The Kuwaiti-born Emwazi, in his mid-20s, appears to have left little trail on social media or elsewhere online. Those who knew him say he was polite and had a penchant for wearing stylish clothes while adhering to the tenets of his Islamic faith. He had a beard and was mindful of making eye contact with women, friends said.

He was raised in a middle-class neighborhood in London and on occasion prayed at a mosque in Greenwich.

The friends, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the investigation, believe that Emwazi started to radicalize after a planned safari in Tanzania following his graduation from the University of Westminster.

Less than 1% of Western Muslims decide to go on jihad. Polling says that about a quarter of Western Muslims think killing infidels is a great idea. Those poll results are typical of others done over the last two decades. Given the nature of polling, it is probably fair to say the real numbers are significantly higher. When asked, people tend not to admit to opinions the general public has deemed wrong. Even so, my guess is the majority of Muslims in the West just want to live quiet, prosperous lives.

But, a large minority don’t want to live quiet lives. Therein lies the problem facing the West. If we suddenly found that 25% of men with red hair would one day run amok and start murdering people for no reason, we would not let men with red hair walk free. No society could tolerate such a risk. Obviously, long before now we would have either euthanized all red haired babies at birth or maintained a place to exile for all red heads, like an isle of misfit toys. Ginger Island.

Obviously, the Muslim problem is both an old problem and a new problem. The old problem dates back to the 7th century and the Muslim conquests. The answer to that problem was discovered in the 8th century.

While Abd ar-Rahman was pursuing Odo, he decided to despoil Tours by destroying its palaces and burning its churches. There he confronted the consul of Austrasia by the name of Charles, a man who, having proved himself to be a warrior from his youth and an expert in things military, had been summoned by Odo. After each side had tormented the other with raids for almost seven days, they finally prepared their battle lines and fought fiercely. The northern peoples remained as immobile as a wall, holding together like a glacier in the cold regions. In the blink of an eye, they annihilated the Arabs with the sword.

-The Mozarabic Chronicle of 754

The old problem, in other words, was solved by coming up with this idea of separate countries for Muslims and non-Muslims. Islam is a religion of the sword, according to the people who created the religion. Their mythology claims there will be a great final conflagration and Islam will win the final battle at the end times. There’s no reasoning with that so it is best to keep them penned up in their own lands, which has been the policy of the the world for over a thousand years.

The new problem is not so much a Muslim problem as a Western problem. The new problem starts with the new religion of the West. The religion we call multiculturalism. This religion requires Western government to invite the people of the world to move to their lands and mingle with the locals, but not accepting the culture of the locals. They imagine the nicer parts of London as the ideal utopian future, with cultured restaurants full of young, educated hipsters.

Some portion of those swank young hipsters, however, will decide to strap on a dynamite vest and walk into that “Shoreditch bohemian” hangout. So far, the single thread running through every incident is Islam. It has either been a Muslim immigrant, a man raised in a Muslim home in the West or a convert to Islam. Multiculturalism has strict rules against noticing, but it is hard not to notice when a man yells “Allahu Akbar” and then blows himself up in a crowded restaurant or starts shooting patrons at a Jewish deli.

That’s the problem the West faces. If they notice that Muslims tend not to play well with others, that means diversity may have its limits. If there is some limit as to how much diversity a society can tolerate, then there has to be a debate about where that limit lies and why. In other words, noticing the Muslim problem puts the whole project up for debate. The only “rational” response is demand everyone not notice the exploding man yelling “Allahu Akbar.”

That’s also why the West seems obsessed with discovering what mysterious force causes good Muslims to go bad. Mr. Emwazi, the fellow at the start of this post, was provided with everything one can hope from life in the West. Yet, he is described as having been “radicalized” like some sort of rage zombie, infected by a virus. They allude to his having been discriminated against or, gasp!, profiled by authorities as being the cause. This hunt for a cause, presumably, is intended to find a cure. Perhaps a vaccine at birth that prevents Muslims from going bonkers as adults.

Like so much of the late Rousseau-ist project, the true believers are scrambling around to find a suitable solution other than the ones learned over generations of trial and error. Discarding the traditional institutions that serve as the storehouse of history means relearning all of those lessons painfully learned the first time. Our rulers better be quick studies. What was once a speck on the horizon is now a short boat ride away. This will not end well.


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  1. Western civilization needs to lose the skirt and gird itself for the battle ahead. The suicide of the West has been a slow-moving thing, but has definitely picked up speed the last 10 years or so. Among the many things that Islam is, and they are all negative, is a culture annihilator. Aside from the horrific cost in human lives, witness the destruction of ancient artifacts from museums in Mosul. How many people know that this is par for the course for Islam. That the pyramids of Giza were once covered in beautiful polished, white limestone, visible from miles away. Until the Moslems decided they’d take it to build mosques, leaving the pyramids looking like sandstorm victims.

    No, this will not end well, but it will end. Lots of blood on both sides will be spilled. Better theirs than ours, but we want to learn the lesson of multiculturalism the hard way, apparently.

  2. Yes, Z-man. We had a bad storm in 1929 and it vomited up the worst ideas in politics front and center, permanently. The tremendous accumulated force of liberty adapted to these new constraints for a time, but now that ghost of liberty too is failing. Tocqueville wrote that Europeans who arrived in China were surprised to see an advanced industrial nation in contrast with the unusually static Chinese quality of mind. “The Chinese, in following the path of their ancestors, had mislaid the reasons for the direction the latter had chosen. They still used the formula without asking why; they kept the tool but they had lost the skills to adapt or replace it. The Chinese were, therefore, not able to change anything and had to abandon any notion of improvement. The well of human knowledge had dried up and although the flow still ran, it could neither increase its volume nor change its course.
    We should not, therefore, complacently think that the barbarians are still far away for, if some nations allow the torch to be snatched from their hands, others stamp it out themselves.”

    Edmund Burke said if you tell him the opinions of your young people he will tell you the future of your nation.

  3. Until fairly recently I lived in Rotherham: yes, that place in Britain where the muslim immigrants are free to do what they want to young white girls. It wasn’t a nice feeling living there, but you knew that no matter what the muslims did and said, no one would gainsay them. They knew they were as good as untouchable because the ruling party there has decreed there must be no racism (though I do know of one instance where a Chinese couple took their daughter to a ‘multi-cultural’ nursery and the muslim women there made it very clear this was their place and Chinese weren’t welcome. Naturally, this was not going to be deemed racism.)

    I know of some of the things that went off in Rotherham but in case the Oberführers who run British society decide to track my IP it is best for me to keep quiet. Going after soft targets like naughty whites who don’t like the unfettered immigration of tribal hordes who have little intention of integrating is far easier than telling bearded brown men not to interfere with young white girls. So, as I don’t wish to be put in jail and made to eat Halal meat with all the rest of the dissenters, I will stay quiet.

    What I will say is that Britain’s leaders have betrayed their country. i used to think it was just Labour, who have long been notorious for saying they will protect the working man and then doing things to destroy the class. I am sure hypocrisy is natural to socialists, but the way Labour — who once actively sought to help the Communist world piss on the west — engineered a massive and divisive social change that meant jobs would go to low-paid immigrants rather than Brits is appalling. Worse though is the continuing action of the Tories, who even after 13 years of destructive socialism under Blair and Brown still needed the support of the yap-dog Liberal Democrats (who were spawned as a spin off by disgruntled Labour people) to govern the country could hardly have been worse.

    Cameron still trots out the line that islam is peace, and when he spoke in public about Britain — which he all but broke with his stupid Scottish independence referendum — one day having muslim prime minister the last vestige of hope for the nation faded. Britain, for all its many faults, is not muslim but we cannot work out why our leaders insist it isa good idea.

    It is easy to talk of multi-culture and say the nation is a melting pot (not helped by the idiot Charles saying he must defend all faiths), but increasingly the evidence points to a disaffected, and growing bolder, group in the midst of society who have no interest in being multi-culti at all.

    This, as you say, will not end well. The police are effectively powerless (Robert Peel were he alive would be horrified at their ineffectiveness and lack of moral strength) and the military is daily reduced. Russia flies its bombers near our coasts and our pitiful airforce couldn’t cope with more than one or two arriving intent on destruction. Our leaders are supine, selfish and greedy and eagerly take orders from the EU who regards nations as out-of-date and insist we dismantle our borders. Oh yes, and we pay a lot to be a member of a club that doesn’t like us.

    Before I left Rotherham I saw a trio of blonde white girls with a bunch of teenage muslim males, lounging on the grass of the main park. The girls were giggling and clearly awe-struck by these foul-mouthed young men and as much as I wanted to say to them to stay away from these males, it would have been too much for me to confront a dozen — possibly drugged up and perhaps knife-carrying — younger males to make a scene. I would be accused, horror of horror, asa racist. So I stayed out of the way. Yes, I was a coward, and the fate of those girls was regretfully nothing to do with me. But I have told the females in my family to keep away from muslim males. Alas, a lot of them in Rotherham drive taxis so a lot of women have to be alone with them…

    Are they all evil? No. of course not. I knew some who were absolutely fine, but i always suspected in the end they have to go with what their faith tells them. But the ones who are evil can get away with it, and that is troubling. Sure, a handful of arrests are made every so often, but the local girl who was arrested for trying to confront one of the men who had raped her some time earlier is a sobering reflection on what South Yorkshire police do to protect the tribes. Another girl made it clear that she still sees the men who assaulted her driving round with young white girls in their vehicles. She may as well scream into a gale-force wind. Nothing will be done, many believe.

    In short, there appears to be no justice and no will to bring justice back to British society.

    The London girls who went to Syria to be part of the murderous death cult out there may well end up as some sort of young wife to a crazed killer or two, but I was amused when I heard one observer say that those muslim males who get young muslim girl for sex will be disappointed they didn’t get even younger white girls, as apparently are freely available in the UK. Cynical view, I am sure, but maybe not without a glimmer of truth.

    The continuing story of ‘radicalised’ muslims pops up in the UK media as if each time this is something remarkable, but it isn’t anything to do with that. It is muslims just being muslims and following the call of their faith. To imagine they can and will do anything else is preposterous. No one will stop them, no one in the upper echelons of power will confront this.

    I doubt if UKIP — routinely portrayed as racist and bigoted by the MSM — can ever form a government. They exist asa gesture of fading defiance. Labour, Tories and the pathetic Limp Dumbs are united in their allegiance to Europe and the EU has decided these islands aren’t worth saving.

    it will not end well here but it may end one day in some way or other. Pray it does not cost too many lives.

    • UKer, great post. It’s comforting for some on the right to look at all of this as a gathering storm. That assumes some conflagration in which these things are sorted and possible put right again. That’s not what’s happening. We are witnessing the lights going out on Western Civilization. It was a good run, but now it is ending.

  4. You are absolutely right. Unfortunately I cannot name a politician who will boldly state the truth. Not only is western civilization under attack but more specifically white people are the eye of the target. Yet we have no leader to champion our cause. How bad will it get before white rage erupts and reigns hell-fire? You know we have done it before and will do it again when necessary. I just wish it were not necessary.

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