The late great Andrew Breitbart used to respond to liberal pieties with “So?” The point, I assume, was to challenge the assumptions behind the passage of the catechism being quoted. I thought of that when looking at this clip from the state media. The bald dorky guy is pretending to care what the two ghetto prols are saying, even though he has done everything possible to make sure he never runs into their kind in regular life.

The two prols, raised on TV, repeat the lines they have heard their whole life, but never bothered to understand, assuming they could understand any of it.

For the sake of argument, let’s pretend Zimmerman looked at Martin and thought, “There’s a young black male. I better check him out as they are always committing crimes.” Heck, let’s take it further and assume he thought, “I hate niggers, Why is that nigger in my neighborhood?”

So what?

Having bad thoughts is not a crime. Following someone because of those bad thoughts is not a crime. Punching someone in the face as Martin did to Zimmerman is a crime. Sitting on top of someone, bashing their head into the ground, is a crime. Pulling your gun and shooting someone doing that to you is not a crime. It’s the most fundamental right.

There are a lot of things both men could have done and should have done different. So?