The Final Rounding Up of the Christians

The always restrained and sensible Ross Douthat has a restrained and sensible response to the latest moral crisis over the sodomites. The equally sensible and restrained Ed Whelan has a response to that column. From what I can gather, the folks on the Right are racing to get out into the public their very best restrained and sensible opinions about the latest outrages from the Cult of Modern Liberalism.

As is always the case, the comments are where you find the interesting bits. This from the NYTimes is a good example:

Religious views about sexuality are inconsistent with the reality that gay people are human beings who deserve the same rights and privileges as other people. The fact that they are sexually attracted to their own gender is clearly biologically based. Gay people have been abused for centuries because of ignorance of biology, and because the majority of straight people, unable to imagine not being straight, assumed that the gay minority was in diabolical cahoots with the prince of darkness, or some other such theological nonsense.

When the religious view of the world congealed centuries ago, it did so based on many wrong assumptions that were the result of profound ignorance of the true origin and nature of human beings. We now know better, and a tipping point has been reached in which people suddenly realized that gay people were not perversions, but were our neighbors, our co-workers, our friends and our families.

The answer to every question that Mr. Douthat asks is the same. No person, no gay person, no black person, no female person should be treated with disdain because of their biology. Those who might do so are acting out of ignorance. They will now have to experience the social pain and rejection they they’ve inflicted with impunity on others. They will lose their relevance, their dignity and their tax exemptions. They will become what they have abused and hated. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I will enjoy their pain. But I’ll get over it.

The person who wrote that echoes what was commonly said during the French Revolution about the aristocracy. The person who posted that would be perfectly fine with banning the religions they don’t like even if it meant killing the adherents. That’s always been the point of homosexual marriage, to give moral authority to the wrecking ball smashing through the churches.

You’ll note that “No person, no gay person, no black person, no female person should be treated with disdain because of their biology” explicitly leaves out white males. The person writing that could be male or female, black or white. It really does not matter because they have given themselves over to the cause so thoroughly, they no longer “identify” with their own biology. They are now The Borg.

The restrained and sensible people on the Right who post their replies to people like the commenter I quoted are going to a gun fight with the intent of talking the other side into surrender. It’s why we have gone, in a little over a decade, from “civil unions” to throwing people in jail for “treating the anointed with disdain.”

If you are a church going person, my suggestion to you is this. Disband your church and give up your faith. Run and hide. If you can’t bring yourself to do that, then you better get used to the idea of shooting back – literally. There’s no talking the other side out of their vision of the future, which does not include you.

8 thoughts on “The Final Rounding Up of the Christians

  1. The rant is right – shunning people because they are wired to like members of their own gender is wrong. Nobody would choose to be gay if they had a choice. Churches better adapt or die.

    • The Church does not need to adapt to the world. It is the world which must adapt to the message of the Church.

      There are still a few Christians like me who refuse to surrender and will not compromise, and we are not afraid. All they can do is kill us, and if they do, fine. Martyrs are saints and go straight to Heaven without suffering in Purgatory.

      Yes, they can kill us, but the Church can never die. Antichrists from Nero to Napoleon have tried to kill the Church. If real tyrants like Nero and Napoleon failed, it’s a cinch that these two-bit, comic-opera persecutors will fail, too. Those people and institutions that have tried to kill the Church are all dead. The Church is still here.

      i am not afraid of these sawed-off Jacobins. Persecution? Bring it on. It is a privilege to suffer for the sake of Truth. And the truth is that homosexuality is a filthy perversion of nature that should be outlawed. That is what the Church has always taught, and even the Pope himself can’t change it.

    • “Adapt or you will murder them” is closer to the truth. And by “adapt” you mean commit suicide.

    • “Nobody would choose to be gay if they had a choice.”

      Nobody chooses mental illness.

  2. Religion will survive. It’s like when the Greeks moved into the Levant big time in the wake of Alex the Great. If you were a Jew, it was all very tempting. Drama, comedy, drink, bloodsport, the academies, symposia, flute girls, infanticide, inexpensive sex with catamites and pornoi (“Dad, I want to cash in my birthright now!…” hey, where have I read that before?). What’s not to like? Hell, sounds like today, except the flute girls have traded in music for pole dancing and since we don’t lock up our wives like the Greeks did, swinging adds a whole new dimension.

    When you look at the Maccabean revolution, it went from propaganda of the deed, through all three phases of the Maoist insurgency model, to military and political victory in about four years.

    I don’t think that the elites can abandon the Gramscian control model easily because it has worked so damn well for them. I’m not saying that they can’t coopt urban police departments, urban Methodist ministers, or urban militia units. I just think that their writ would extend about as far from the cities as the Seleucid’s did from the polis.

    Besides with with the breakdown of mass media, the pendulum swings back from Gramscian control towards something that might look more like the Ottoman millets (just a guess) but with control extending down from the executive through identity groups (instead of ethic groups) to families or individuals.

  3. Mr Wilson: The muslims are our friends, okay? They do not need anything run by them lest they get upset.

    Of course, when The Geys Of Borg do eventually meet The Religion Of Pieces then there will have to be some serious discussions and compromises to be made. Will be interesting who gives what and how quickly.

  4. Well, yeah. The Borg don’t run that shit by Muslims, do they? Ever.

    A civil right will have no civil rights, and deserves none.

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