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The recent revelations about the Clinton slush fund has reminded everyone that the very worst said about the Clintons is the tip of the iceberg. There’s always more slime under the next stone. They are the Snopes family of the Ozarks. Their vermin-like rapacity is boundless, unimaginably boundless. Official Washington is not exactly the genteel Sartoris clan, but the old order of Washington simply lacks the capacity to deal with a moral nullity like Bill or Hillary.

That’s why I’m a little skeptical of the tut-tutting over the latest shenanigans. The American political class no longer has the will to police itself. The name of the game these days is to sell/steal everything that is not nailed down and that’s how dirt-bags like the Clintons have flourished. It was not that long ago when their kind would not have been welcome in the halls of power. They would have had to feed off the mountain folk in Arkansas.

Still, the chattering skulls are going on about how this opens the door for Fake Indian to run. I guess they have to talk about something, but anyone who knows anything knows she is not running. Even if Hillary quits the field and leaves a wide open race, Fake Indian will not run because she knows how things work in the Cult of Modern Liberalism.

One big reason the Left hates Hillary is she is a loser. In 1992 she was given the job of ushering in a national health care system to replace the semi-private arrangements we have now. She bungled it badly and killed the issue for two decades. Worse yet, the resulting political fallout led her husband to throw the Left overboard to save his skin.

Fake Indian knows that the Left is intolerant of losers. Lose an election and you’re done. If she were to run for president and lose the primary, she would be a loser and the vultures would be circling. There’s a Kennedy warming up on Congress for her seat and you can be sure he would be running in 2018 if Fake Indian were to run for president and lose. It’s not like Fake Indian has the support of the local machine. She’s a carpetbagger who depends on the support of the Left.

Her better play is to let a stooge like O’Malley run against Hillary. Meanwhile, she can rant and rave from the well of the Senate about how her billionaire friends don’t do their fair share. She can run in 2018 with the promise she will step aside to let the next Kennedy take the seat in 2024. That will take her into retirement and she will never fall afoul of her coreligionists.

O’Malley, on the other hand, is the perfect off-cycle stooge. He has nothing to lose and nothing to do right now. Maryland is a small state located next to the Imperial Capital. That means there’s few local shakedowns available for ex-pols. He could run for Senate, but running for president is a better deal right now. It let’s him make connections all over the country, which means a high paying job at a lobbying firm after he loses.

Alternatively, he could raise his profile and set himself up for a Senate run in a couple of years. Ben Cardin is old and ready for the home so that seat will be open in 2018. A famous liberal with lots of rich friends will have no trouble winning that seat. It’s a no-lose proposition for O’Malley so he may as well be the Left’s champion against Hillary.

My bet is Butch ends up as the nominee.

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  2. I also wonder if fake indian has something in her back-story that could not withstand the vetting. Maybe faux native Americanism isn’t the only skeleton in her teepee.

    • Her cozy relationship with bankers would be a problem. She’s also a bit slow-witted. Giving a prepared speech she is fine, but off-the-cuff she’s tough to take. She’s simply not very good at campaigning.

      The truth is her husband is the brains in the family. Without him and the fake indian routine, Warren would have spent her career fixing parking tickets at a strip mall office. He’s the guy Harvard wanted and they offered her a spot as an inducement. But, she had to do the fake indian thing to make it work.

      Like Mario Cuomo, Warren is a gold plated phony, but she knows it. She can work the faculty lounge populism act into retirement, bank a bunch of money and avoid the hassle of defending her hypocrisy.

  3. I’ll get laughed at, I’m sure, but I think, and have thought for some time, that Jerry Brown is going to enter the race at some time, and he’ll be the nominee. I know, sounds ludicrous, and probably is, but it’s a hunch. I hope I’m wrong, but I really think he’s going to jump in, and he’d have a better chance of getting the nomination than Hillary.
    It’s interesting to me (and others) that there are no young Democrats coming up the ranks. Lots of relatively young GOP candidates, but nothing in the Demo ranks. Speaks volumes about what has been written here and elsewhere about the ‘death’ of the Democratic Party.

    • From you lips to God’s ear! Governor Moonbeam would be a nice bookend to this wave of lunacy.

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