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George Soros spent $33 million trying to incinerate Ferguson Missouri, but the little city is still there. The problem is that he bet on a weak horse. While Ferguson is a vibrant example of post-racial America in the era of Obama, it lacks the sort richness and diversity of other cities. Try as they might, the locals just can’t take down a city, even a small one.

Soros should have invested more heavily in Baltimore where the locals really know how to put on a show. Since the police have went on an unofficial strike after the Freddy-Poo Gray incident, the locals have been celebrating diversity with a vengeance. This long weekend has seen 26 shootings and and 9 murders. Granted, it is a three day weekend, but it has been unseasonably mild of late so the murdering season is late starting.

What no one wants to say, but everyone knows is that the cops are now in their cop houses filling out paperwork and doing as little as possible. They see no reason to risk prison for a city government that would rather arrest cops than criminals. The gangsters know it is open season so they are doing what they do and that means taking over the streets, without fear of the cops.

Fundamentally, this is the problem with race relations in microcosm. Blacks did best when whites were completely intolerant of black culture. The talented tenth took the lead in keeping order in the black community, but quietly welcomed help from white society. It was not ideal, but black crime rates, literacy rates, illegitimacy rates and addiction rates were their best in the years before the Civil Rights movement.

Once those constraints were removed, all of the worst instincts of black America were unleashed, mostly on other blacks. That’s what’s happening in Baltimore right now. The cops were doing a good job keeping the problem contained to the ghettos. They were having some success policing the ghettos, lowering crime rates over the last decade. Now, the cage door has been swung open and all hell is breaking loose.

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  1. The Baltimore city administration asked for it. They are only just now beginning to get it. It’s gonna be an interesting summer.

  2. Now Ferguson protesters are protesting over not getting paid:

    “Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment (MORE), previously known as the Missouri Branch of Acorn is now dealing with members of “Black Lives Matter” who were being paid $5,000 a month to protest in Ferguson (Plus all the TVs and Doritos they could carry) who haven’t received their pay for the last couple of months. Now they have parked themselves in front of MORE’s offices and are using the hashtag #cutthecheck. MORE, Open Society and other organizations received millions from George Soros according to Front Page magazine.”

    What a farce, every burned-shop owner should sue him personally.

    And Z, you got to check out Baltimore’s Violence Guy, the ground zero blog.

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  4. Blacks have rejected the “talented ten percent” ; Thomas Sowell, Ben Carson, Charles Paine etc., for the raucous rabble rousers Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and a slew of black commentators in the media. Victim-hood is preached as the new gospel with whites being the devil. Many talented blacks do achieve success and many average black folks work in business and government and make reasonable livings, but the ghettos of America are boiling cauldrons of ignorance, ineptitude, crime, hate and sloth and exploited by other blacks (and some whites) for gain. I can’t say what will cure the problem but I know the progressive model does not work. We need new thinking.

  5. How Soros wasn’t killed by the CIA or KGB? He stepping in so many towls, he also financed the Ukrainian coup.

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