US Women Led By A Lesbian And A Lunatic

Imagine if the US men’s soccer team went into the World Cup led by a wife beater and a flamboyant homosexual. The news, of course, would be all about the wonderfulness of the homosexual, because they are our gods. We would know nothing about the other players, other than than the degree of wonderfulness they display while embracing the sodomite.

We know this because we have two good examples. In the NBA, Jason Collins, a bench player at the end of his career, announced he was gay. For the next twelve months ESPN was unwatchable because it was a 24×7 marathon of stories about the homosexual basketball player. Similarly, the college football player, Michael Sam, got hundreds of hours of air time, simply because he acted gay on TV. He even got a shot in the NFL.

The US Women’s soccer team is led by Megan Rapinoe. If you put her name into a Google machine you see the usual stuff about an athlete. This despite her best efforts to make money off of being a lesbian. Before the Olympics she all but went door to door telling people she liked muff. Yet, the news has no stories on the poor girl, other than the fact she is trying to win her first World Cup.

Of course, if anyone dares mention that Mx. Rapinoe is a dyke, they will be fired so you can’t blame the airheads in the media for leaving it alone. They are not terribly bright, but they know how the game is played. Mention Rapinoe is a lesbian and the SJW’s pounce on you demanding to know why you care about her sex life.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m fine with the silence on this women’s private life. I think this is proper. In fact, there should be a penalty on those who keep putting their business in the street. The absolute worst thing to happen in modern times is people sharing their private lives with strangers. Mx. Rapinoe’s private life is none of our business and she should keep it that way.

The point is, a homosexual male athlete means everyone all the time must talk about how wonderful it is that he likes the penis sampler at the club, while a female homosexual athlete means everyone better not notice – or else. I can’t help but feel sorry for the dykes. It seems that liking muff in modern America is the one unforgivable sin, whether you are a man or a woman.

Now, let’s look at the lunatic on the team, Hope Solo. Her biography reads like a cautionary tale told to parents about the dangers of letting your daughter play sports. “If she plays soccer, there is a 70% chance she will turn out to be white trash on a reality show.”

Solo has been arrested multiple times for things like beating up a minor, disorderly conduct and public drunkenness. If I were being charitable, I’d describe her as a handful and every man reading this would know exactly what I meant. In addition to being a handful, she is not the most gifted liar, despite working hard at it.

Every week, male athletes involved in drunken brawls, grand theft and domestic violence lose their careers. Ray Rice lost his career in the NFL and a multimillion dollar contract because he slapped his old lady in an elevator. Greg Hardy, another NFL player, remains out of work because of a domestic violence beef.

The ESPN article is the only thing you see about Solo from the media. They have decided that it is old news and there’s no reason for you chauvinistic cave dwellers to talk about it. Instead, her story will be a tale of redemption. Since we can’t talk about the lesbians and no one watches women’s soccer, the narrative will be Solo’s triumph over adversity!

This is where American women find themselves after a century of feminism. The role models for their daughters are lesbians and lunatics, but no one is allowed to mention that these women are lesbians and lunatics. They traded in one set of double standards for another set, the former being based in biology and the latter at odds with it.

13 thoughts on “US Women Led By A Lesbian And A Lunatic

  1. Whether it’s right or wrong, everybody already assumed that women soccer players are gay. No one cares about a female soccer player coming out of the closet because of that, therefore you can’t compare that to male sports

  2. A personal note, if I may. Men love dangerous women, bi or straight. I am an older, very conservative (politically speaking) male. Hope could fly everywhere with me if she wished. Proper medication might be warranted. Best regards everyone.

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  4. Speaking of women in sports and ESPN’s made-up “courage” award……
    Apparently some men are reduced to “freak show tee vee”, breast implants, pscych “treatment”, and bio altering drugs, just to
    be lauded for KNOWING actual women, notable solely for (presumed) actual tits and ass.

  5. Good thing her parents named her Hope instead of Chastity, because there is enough cheesecake of her on the data autostrada to cover the walls of about a dozen college dorm rooms.

  6. Check the 1998 men’s team: “Sampson removed (Captain for Life) Harkes from the team due to Harkes allegedly having an affair with teammate Eric Wynalda’s wife.”

  7. The irony is that anyone in the public eye not exhibiting outright sociopathic tendencies is suspected of hiding something.

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  9. Is this the right time to point out that “the live that dare not speak its name has become the love that won’t shut up”.

  10. Hope Solo is a mudshark but I’m not concerned, Germany will in this Cup like the men’s team did last year.

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