¿El Presidente?

News brings word that Juan Eduardo Bush is officially running for Emperor President of the Western Administrative District United States.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush has officially launched his US presidential campaign, promising to “run with heart” and “take nothing and no one for granted”.

Mr Bush, the son and brother of two former presidents, spoke in his hometown of Miami, Florida.

Recently released campaign branding leaves behind his surname, which some see as a political liability.

Polling suggests he has yet to dominate a wide field of Republican candidates.

Speaking in both English and Spanish, Mr Bush used his speech to appeal to a broad swath of the US electorate – of which minorities have become increasingly more important – not just the Republican’s conservative base.

“In any language,” Mr Bush said, “my message will be an optimistic one because I am certain that we can make the decades just ahead in America the greatest time ever to be alive in this world.”

Not mentioned in the news is that Bush promises to legalize the tens of millions here illegally, as well as open the southern border to all comers. He doesn’t say it that way, but he has made that clear for a long time now. His constant yapping in Spanish is what more sophisticated observers would call signalling. “Vote for me and your village can join you here in America.”

Listening to his speech today, it occurred to me that there are three possibilities with regards to the Bush campaign. It’s pretty clear that Jeb has been plotting this campaign for a long time and he is not just winging it. He is a political animal from a political family. Legend has it he was the Bush son groomed for the presidency, not his brother. The cards just fell the right way for W and not for Jeb.

Regardless of how I feel about another Bush in the White House, there is a strong possibility he is right. He thinks American wants a multicultural, bilingual globalist as an antidote for the malaise that has gripped the nation for close to a decade. The Republican voters, sensing a winner, will rally to his message, despite the fact they don’t speak his language, and he will win the nomination and the presidency.

That’s one possibility. The other is he is right about the country, but the GOP is, as usual, late to the party and not ready to nominate a citizen of the world. Back in 2008 this was exactly what all the experts claimed was Obama’s advantage. The country was moving away from the old fashioned provincialism toward a worldly cosmopolitanism. That would mean a Democrat win in the general as the GOP would nominate a yesterday man of some sort.

The final possibility is that Jeb is simply out of touch with reality. He does sort of sound like a Contract With America Republican when he talks about being optimistic and inclusive. All that big tent happy talk was popular in the Clinton years as the GOP searched for a way to recycle the Reagan material, without all the mean stuff about liberals. You just know that Jeb wants to use “compassionate conservatism” in his pitch.

My hope, of course, is that the nation rises up as one and smashes his campaign, chases off his supporters and bans the use of the Bush name within our borders. Barring that, then my hope is Jeb is simply out of touch with reality having spent the last decade removed from politics. That at leaves some hope for the country. In the fullness of time, people will be able to drag their leaders back to reality and put things right.

I’m too much of a pessimist these days to think that is the case. Instead it is one of the first two options. The polling suggests it is probably the second choice. The nation is ready to embrace the post-nation state, but the GOP is lagging behind. Of course, history says GOP voters are desperate to catch up with the Democrats so maybe Bush is just a little ahead of his time, but not so far ahead that he cannot win the nomination.

Either way, it is hard to be optimistic about the coming elections.

6 thoughts on “¿El Presidente?

  1. Actually, messy-cans are Christians and hard workers, in contrast with the parasitic
    demon-rats plaguing this country…The real problem is the arbustos are creatures of the muslim mafia…under their reign, we have seen TWO attempts at toppling America, the last one successful at 9/11 AND the attack of Saddam Hussein, who was threatening the shrubs puppets masters, the Saudis of Arabia…must we remind you guys that the Bin Laden family STILL run things in Macca? Please read up on the 1979 take over of the Caboose(Great Mosque) where the Bin Laden family turned over control of the civilized world to the Wahabis(the same people than the Daesh(ISIS)…the whole rigmarole ended up with a Muslim in the White House, Barry Hussein…Now watch the Saudi controlled MSM push Juan Eduardo Bush to replace the blatantly incompetent Barry for a more effective Caliphate…

  2. “Legend has it he was the Bush son groomed for the presidency, not his brother. The cards just fell the right way for W and not for Jeb.”

    Pretty much this, it was Jeb Bush one of the originals PNAC manifesto signators, W. came as a outsider.

  3. Jeb, the first transracial president! Maybe Rachel Dolezal can be his VP?

    Because he sounds like a Mexican trapped in a fitting chubby white body…

  4. It was interesting. He’s at the very bottom of the list there, but I have to admit he gave a very good speech. You’re not kidding about him being a political animal.

  5. No way in hell am I voting for Jeb. Unless he promised to deport every last Moslem. Then I’d vote for him.

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