Death of Europe

The other day I made the point that the the Greek drama was about erasing countries from the map of Europe. Everyone is going to pretend for a while that Greece is a real country, but eventually even the dumbest Greek will figure out that their national government is meaningless. The real power lies much further north and they are not all that interested in what the Greek voters have to say about anything. You don’t have citizens without countries.

The question is how exactly society is going to hold together without the glue of national sovereignty. You can be loyal to your family, your tribe and your countrymen because you share a history, biology and destiny. Loyalty to a committee of technocrats in a glass and steel office complex in another country seems implausible.

The dreariness of that last paragraph made me think about something else. That is the fertility rates in Europe. Men have children because they want someone to remember them and carry on their name and their ways. I can’t imagine anyone thinking that about the global technocracy. Looking at the Total Fertility Rates of the Euro nations, I see I’m not alone.

Euro Member TFR Euro Member TFR
Austria 1.43 Latvia 1.35
Belgium 1.65 Lithuania 1.29
Cyprus 1.46 Luxembourg 1.77
Estonia 1.46 Malta 1.54
Finland 1.73 Netherlands 1.78
France 2.08 Portugal 1.52
Germany 1.43 Slovakia 1.39
Greece 1.41 Slovenia 1.33
Ireland 2.00 Spain 1.48
Italy 1.42

To put those numbers into perspective, the populations to the south in Africa and to the east in the Muslim world have TFR’s double the typical European country. In some case it is four times higher. Demographers put the replacement rate at 2.1 so France is the only country planning to stick around for a few more generations. But, those numbers are inflated by immigrants so the TFR’s are probably lower across the board.

The odds of those numbers turning around are low because of this:

Euro Member Median Age Euro Member Median Age
Austria 44.3 Latvia 40.4
Belgium 43.1 Lithuania 39.7
Cyprus 34.5 Luxembourg 39.3
Estonia 40.2 Malta 39.7
Finland 43.2 Netherlands 40.8
France 39.7 Portugal 39.7
Germany 46.1 Slovakia 37.3
Greece 43.5 Slovenia 43.5
Ireland 35.4 Spain 41.6
Italy 44.5

Again, Africa and the Middle East have median ages half that of Europe. The demographic collapse that is looming over Europe is not going to be arrested by men wielding spreadsheets. It can only be arrested by men wielding something else, but the men of Europe are too old to wield much of anything these days. That and they don’t seem all that interested in it anyway.

This old Greek proverb comes to mind. “A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.” Europe is at peace and is as prosperous as ever. It’s growing weak because their old men look around and wonder if it would have been better if they had never been born. Given the massive wave of migrants hitting Europe, it’s fair to wonder if the Europeans are just giving up.

5 thoughts on “Death of Europe

  1. If you looked into the TFR rates in most of those European countries, you will find that the Muslim and African immigrants are contributing considerably more than their flaccid hosts.

    The point of no return has been passed.

    It is not just the demographics, but the wilful indifference of the political, administrative, journalistic and general chattering classes which makes it so.

  2. Doomsday report, ugh. It does however give me an inspiration for a screenplay to counter this horrid turn of events. I’ve said for years that a good old fashioned World War (total war) would be a good re-set button.

  3. The demographic collapse is probably irreversible, but things may not go quite so quietly into that good night. From last Friday:

    Headline: Violent clashes break out in Rome as Italian opposition to migrants increases

    “Violent protests against refugees broke out in Rome on Friday, hours after locals in the northern city of Treviso forced the evacuation of a group of migrants by burning mattresses and furniture.

    Protesters clashed with truncheon-wielding riot police in the suburb of Casale San Nicola on the outskirts of Rome as a group of 19 refugees were driven under police escort to a former school that has been converted into a migrant reception centre.

    At least 14 police officers were hurt in the clashes, which came amid a growing backlash against the 84,000 refugees and asylum seekers who have arrived in Italy this year after crossing the Mediterranean in boats and dinghies operated by people smugglers based in Libya.

    That is on top of the 170,000 who reached Italian shores last year. ”

  4. Quite a bloodless coup, setting up the EU. In Europe’s bad old days one had to kill a lot of people (or more accurately, persuade others to kill a lot of people on one’s behalf) to rule Europe. But we now have unelected ‘leaders’ running Europe who simply made themselves available for grandness. No one outflanked, no tanks rolling over piles of dead… all harmony and love with some people at the top congratulating themselves on begin in the right place at the right time to become top dog. (Or top hund, or top chien or worryingly, top kalb.)

    I do think that Europe isn’t bothered so much about reproducing because everyone knows there is no point. The people who eagerly threw open the borders to thousands of unskilled and largely uneducated immigrants have got the message through in a very subtle way: don’t bother having babies, Europeans, because Europe’s future rulers won’t want your race around anyway.

    By the way, UK news recently featured supposedly ‘feel good’ stories of British warships helping immigrants from Africa to reach Europe (and, without it being said, replace white Europeans and their culture). I presume, though this is never explained, that such aid was done in international waters. In which case why wasn’t the intervention to save Africans in small, crowded boats from a watery grave by our ships done facing the opposite way so these people could be returned safely to their natural habitat? I presume Britain’s shrinking navy still has steering that can point the ship in directions other than European ports, so hauling a few thousand Africans out of the briny and taking them back to African ports would be better than saying, in effect, it’s okay to try to get to Europe because we will make it easier for you.

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