Why Not Crazy Joe?

Supposedly, Joe Biden is now thinking about a run for President.

The super-PAC organized to encourage Vice President Biden to run for president released its first ad on Friday ahead of a “national day of action” to gather signatures for the push.
“Some people ask why Joe Biden,” a young man in the ad says. “I turn back and ask them why not Joe Biden? He’s been on of the most influential vice presidents that this country has seen. He’s right now a part of one of the most successful administrations in recent history, and he’s a big reason for that success.”

Supporters in the ad praise Biden for being on the forefront of the gay rights movement, for working to stop violence on college campuses and for generally appealing to “the younger generation’s beliefs.”

Way back in the dark years, I was struck by just how insulated the political class was from normal life. A story I’m fond of telling is about how the flunkies to a congressman were all befuddled by a lawnmower. The congressman was holding a party at his house and the gardeners forgot to cut the grass behind the patio.

Someone got the bright idea to get the mower out of the garage and quickly cut the grass.  No one knew how the lawnmower worked so five adults stood around looking at it, trying to discover its strange secrets. I watched this go on for maybe fifteen minutes. It was not a lot different than the opening scene of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Eventually I had my fill and showed them how to start the mower. It was then agreed that they would most likely harm themselves or others trying to use it so I cut the bit of grass and put the mower away. There was a certain pride amongst them in not knowing how the tools of the lower orders worked.

This culture gap is much broader now. That Biden ad is so intensely stupid most people would assume it is a gag. Maybe something Team Cankles dreamed up to embarrass Crazy Joe. But, they really think it is effective. They also think the kids are all worked up about the homos and campus violence, which is imaginary.

That said, I’d love to see Biden run. I’d probably blow a funny fuse laughing at a race between Cankles, Bernie and Crazy Joe. If Saturday Night Live was still funny, the skits would write themselves. Even so, the comedy would be endless. There’s also the possibility that the party would splinter with Bernie nailing down the crackpot vote and the less insane portion of the party splitting between Biden and Clinton.

Hillary Clinton remains the front-runner in the race for the Democratic nomination, but recent polling shows Biden would have an impact on the contest if he were to run.
According to a Monmouth University survey released earlier this month, Clinton takes 51 percent support nationally, followed by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) at 17 percent and Biden at 13 percent.
But the poll found Biden’s entrance would shake up the race.
In addition to Biden’s 13 percent support, an additional 12 percent of Democratic voters said they’d be likely to support Biden if he took the plunge, and 31 percent said they’d be somewhat likely to support him.
Most of that additional support, 68 percent, would come from those who are currently Clinton supporters.
“Most people seem to be focusing on a Sanders surge among the liberal wing of the party,” said Monmouth polling director Patrick Murray. “But the bigger threat to Clinton may come from a Biden candidacy, where the two would be fighting for the same voters.”

The thing to watch in early states with open voting is how many unaffiliated voters will abandon the Democrats and vote in the GOP primary, where the action is this time. Those voters tend to be a little less crazy and most likely not Sanders voters. That makes Bernie more of a threat.

6 thoughts on “Why Not Crazy Joe?

  1. Let’s hope and pray you are wrong but the sad reality is when the takers finally do outnumber the makers, it’s game over.

  2. As an outsider, I cannot really see what the debate is about when it comes to the 2016 presidential election. As far as I can see — and as I say I utterly in the dark over here — I cannot see the event in November of next year being about anything but how many the Democrats win by. There are too many freebies and nutcases on offer to avoid the inevitability of that.

    I suppose the early question is who will win enough votes to be the Dem candidate, and it almost doesn’t seem to matter who the Republican is because they won’t win.

    A lot of me hopes this is wrong but I’d welcome some clarification that there is a point in the two parties ‘going head to head.’

  3. Eigtheen trillion dollars in debt and counting, and no one in our current crop of spineless politicos is willing to make the hard decisions to address this looming fiscal disaster. Greece is a warning shot that we as a nation must heed. The piper must be paid eventually. One has to wonder how many of the jellyfish who desperatly seek the highest office in the land ever had childhood fantasies about one day being captain of the Titanic.

  4. Morons, idiots, crooks, liars, thieves, criminals, charlatans, really stupid folks , etc. have been voting and running for or have held positions of political power since just after the dinosaurs became extinct.
    The difference today is that very substantial segments of the population – who are clueless about economics and our Constitution – can vote into office lying, two faced, criminals that will reward these voters with the loot (“legally”) stolen – via taxation – from the productive, hardworking citizenry.
    This situation did not exist in any significant way until, say, 1960, and it has only gotten worse and worse since then. Crooked politicians and ignorant voters have been around forever, but not that long ago , EVERYBODY knew that they had to find their own way through life to survive because there were NO government freebies.
    You found a way to make a living or you were up sh*ts creek; end of story.

    Our present welfare state MUST eventually lead to a total breakdown or breakup of our nation, as classes or groups of people are set against other classes by these crooked politicians who seek ONLY election to office. This is how Obama got elected and how, despite her criminal activities, Hillary Clinton, incredibly !!, still has ample support of many voters. These voters are either too stupid to see she is a fraud and a liar, or know full well that she is, but hope to personally gain from her election.

    Greece and Venezuela are bankrupt because their politicians promised (lied to) the voters they could get something for nothing and eventually the piper demanded payment.
    The USA is heading in that same direction.
    One group of voters really , really believes that you can get something for nothing, and the politicians who promise this gift do not care that it MUST ULTIMATELY DESTROY this nation.

    Chief Justice Marshall said: “….. and That the power to tax involves the power to destroy [is] not to be denied .”

    Greece and Venezuela are just a preview of the future.

  5. I know that Crazy Joe takes a lot of well-deserved grief, but in truth we could do a lot worse. For starters I don’t believe that the man loathes and despises the country like our current Preznit does. Neither is he a hate-filled vindictive shrew with a 50 year long list of scores to start settling once the oath is administered. All in all, if we’re going to be stuck with another Dem in 2016 (as we surely will once ¡Yeb! gets handed the nomination) I rather it be Crazy Joe than Cankles.

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