Ghetto Pride Day

One of the stranger things you see in the ghetto is the summer festival, which is always run by the civil authorities and called something that feels more like wishful thinking than reality. The “neighborhood block party” is really just a free event for the locals, who were thrown together mostly because of public housing or Section 8.

The social workers who organize these things think a day of face painting and free hot dogs will build community spirit. It says something about the organizer who call these neighborhoods “communities.” Typically the word “pride” is shoehorned in somewhere as if you can sprinkle it on the heads of the natives like fairy dust and they will suddenly be proud.

The “community pride” events in the ghetto are about what you would expect. There are loads of single mothers with kids, along with the people from the government to make sure it does not turn into a riot. That means the fire department, ostensibly to entertain the kids, and the cops, often on horseback or maybe motorcycles. Of course, the people are there for free stuff. Community groups that are trying in vain to build community are on always hand, working on their next grant application by taking pictures of kids at their booth.

The pride thing always makes me laugh as the locals haven’t the slightest clue what pride means. How could they? Pride is something you give yourself, through your accomplishments. People in the ghetto are mostly killing time. What they do understand is respect. They are willing to kill over it. The middle-class social workers would get better results if they called these things “community respect” parties, but that sounds scary to the nice white ladies in charge of organizing.

My little slice of heaven had their summer block party yesterday. The authorities setup some games for the kids and they had pony rides and face painting. A church that I did not recognize was giving away hot dogs and sodas. There was some sort of ticket scheme involved to keep the “community” from taking unlimited drinks and hot dogs. The one thing people in the ghetto do well is take free stuff.

Walking around, I was reminded of something that no one discusses today for fear of being called a racist. That’s the slow blending of the races in the underclass. I saw a lot of fat white women with caramel colored kids. You never see black women with caramel kids, of course, but I do see a lot of white women with them. They always have nose rings for some reason too. This is so common, I just assume a white women with a nose ring is down with the swirl.

The other thing I always notice about these things is they schedule them to start mid-morning and be done with by mid-afternoon. You don’t see a lot of males so I guess the timing is deliberate. They know the males roll out of bed closer to sundown, like vampires. If they let the block party roll into dusk it would be a ghetto version of True Blood, where the vampires walk around with their pants falling down, playing with themselves and looking for trouble.

There’s a substantial immigrant community adjacent to the ghetto, mostly people from the subcontinental but there are some Arabs in the mix. The Arabs kit out their women in burkas, which creeps the locals out when they see them. There’s nothing better than seeing the culture clash between the American underclass and immigrants from Asia or Arabia. I always imagine the immigrants wondering how in the hell they keep losing to us.

Looking out at the multicultural paradise today, I’m thinking we’re headed for a bad end. The women in burkas were clustered together and their men were clearly making sure they stayed that way. The subcontinentals seemed to be enjoying themselves, but they made no effort to fit in with the natives. The blacks and the whites in the underclass may be ready to create a new breed of ghetto rat, but the newcomers have other ideas. At some point, that’s going to be a problem.

That’s going to be the Hispanics. I did not see any of them at this thing today. Instead they were down at the soccer field doing their own cookout. I noticed only because I was riding my bike and a guy I know waved me over. For reasons I’ll never know, immigrants like me. Custodio is not afraid to offer his opinion of the natives and he is not wrong in his opinions. Hispanic immigrants may not be rocket scientists, but they’re not idiots either.

That’s another thing no one discusses. Hispanics don’t like blacks and they are not shy about it. Whites have been whipped into submission, but the people flowing over the southern border are not going to sign onto the same program. The Left imagines millions of brown guys lining up to vote for a nice white lady from the university, but I suspect it does not end up that way. Hispanics prefer leaders who sport a thick mustache.

But, maybe it will all workout well.


16 thoughts on “Ghetto Pride Day

  1. In Hartford CT the Italian festival was always something to look forward to…..until about 25 years ago. It became overrun with colored ‘tough guys’ who walked around intimidating the White plebes. The police used to have a handle on this until the upper echelons of them became darker. The Italian festival is still held in September, but few White people will stay there very long, and certainly not till the late afternoon, when the worst of the worst coloreds slither out of their dens.

    Here’s a rundown of this August’s Street Festivals: ‘West Indian Independence Celebration and Parade’; ‘Hartford Latino Fest’; and the ‘Riverfront Dragon Boat and Asian Festival’. They sound nice, huh?

    There’s no way I would go to any of these ethnic clusterfxxxs. However, it might be worth viewing this from a safe spot on the fringe in order to witness the natives whooping and yelling, while at the same time flapping their arms up and down and occasionally stopping the fun long enough to commence beating the hell out of each other (if there are no Whites handy). As an added bonus, you can observe grown boys urinating in public without regard to anything resembling decency and always engaging in their ever favorite pastime of smoking pot and crack in public.

    A fun family good-time had by all.

  2. Philadelphia Eagles and Coach Chip Kelly………

    “……Now the comments of cornerback Brandon Boykin, after he was traded to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Saturday, are being put under the “is Kelly really a racist?” microscope. Ugh.

    “…..In a text to Derrick Gunn of CSN Philly, Boykin said Kelly is “uncomfortable around grown men of our culture.”————–

    “He can’t relate and that makes him uncomfortable,” Boykin added in the text message to Gunn. “He likes total control of everything, and he don’t like to be uncomfortable. Players excel when you let them naturally be who they are, and in my experience that hasn’t been important to him, but you guys have heard this before me.”

    ———-Actually, I don’t relate to the following, and it makes ME uncomfortable as well.

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  5. Many Latin nations outlawed blacks. Those that did not adopted rigid social codes defining status on the basis of race. You can guess who was at the top. At the bottom were the kin of Obama. Even pure blooded Indians (who contrary to myth are held in distain in South America) outranked them.

    If you want proof of this watch any Latin telenovella and see who are the rich, the help, the clowns, and the really poor. Concidence, I think not.

  6. So, did they have kosher (strike that) halal hot dogs for the ‘south Asians’? When they put up the flyers around work (I work not far from MLK Blvd) for the local festival, I know it’s a good weekend to stay home with some cold Dos Equis.

  7. The Mexican wave of immigration seems to be a lot like the Irish wave in the 1800s. I don’t think that you can underestimate the role of the Church and the Irish Mob/El M (“emay” to all you gringos) in the way the communities are developing.

    I think I’ve written here before that I’ve had some interaction with the Mexican pols in Southern California. They are in the Democratic Party for the spoils, not because they support Nancy Pelosi’s worldview. I’m getting to the point where I cannot even bring myself to laugh when the Republicans talk about the values they share with Latinos. It’s all about money. Give them a better deal than the Democrats and they will come over with their flocks in tow.

    Getting back to El M and the Mexicans, I was discussing over at another blog the on-going gang wars in California prisons between the blacks and whites. (This is another one of those portentous things going on in this country with little or no press coverage.) We had both come to the conclusion that El M was behind the prison violence, but I was less certain that the Mexican Mob was behind the ethnic cleansing going on in the LA Basin. It’s not just South Central: Compton and Lynwood are pretty much Latin towns now. The black community in Santa Ana is gone, 100% cleansed. The blacks are moving in droves to Moreno Valley and Palmdale/Lancaster at the ragged edges of the metropolitan area where there is a lot of interbreeding going on. In reality, the Latinos are just better organized than the Blacks. It’s like the old Korean joke: One Korean will always beat one Japanese. Two Japanese will always beat any number of Koreans.

    Driving around some of the same neighborhoods as Z-man, I don’t doubt that the mostly Salvadorian immigrants will drive out the black remnant in Arlington and Fairfax Counties. In the end, NoVA will probably look a lot like the LA Basin: Latin, White, and Asian though with a lot more turbans and hijabs in NoVA.

  8. Pride is something you give yourself, through your accomplishments.

    interesting statement. If you set your bar too high , you may never feel good about yourself. But if you set it too low, you do nothing.

  9. Mexicans will vote for the Democrat party to be sure but they will vote for there own kind as Democrat party leaders. Ted Kennedy thought they’d fall in line and vote for people named Kennedy, Reid, Pelosi, they may for a short time until they become organized then all bets are off. With most elected positions filled with Mexican names they will dominate the Southwest and the entire Southern tier. At that point there will truly be no border and we will have transitioned (there’s that word again) into another version of Canada. Dual language, dual customs and they will also have the electoral votes to easily win the Presidency, game over.

    • C.S. Lewis once wrote that most eras have certain basic beliefs that everyone takes for granted, even if they think that they don’t. You notice it when you read old books. It’s reasonable to assume that OUR age also has its common background assumptions, too, and future ages will read our literature and be able to see it, running through debates and arguments that we assume are as opposed as can be.

      I think one of those assumptions is that everything will always and forever be decided by “votes”. The Left is thinking, “Once we get enough dependent foreigners in here, their votes will be ours forever!” and the Right fearfully agrees. But I question how long “voting” will even survive the tsunami of foreigners sweeping over us. Why should the illegals from the south care about voting? What has it ever done for them? Did they get into America by voting their way here? On the contrary, everything good they’ve obtained has come precisely by NOT voting. The homegrown citizens relied on voting to get what they want, and what good has it done?

      So I think that the unthinkable is going to happen: once the foreigners get numerous enough, they’ll dispense with voting altogether, as a quaint tradition of the weaker tribe they’ve ousted, and simply go for straightforward rule by strongman. It’s what they’re most accustomed to, after all. There will be no place for those clever Democrats in the scheme at all.

      • I love reading old predictions about the future. Go back and find something from the 50’s about the glorious 21st century and it is comical, but instructive. People assume current trends will continue, which never happens. Trends run their course, reaching a natural limit and then new trends and counter trends take over. The GOP has been operating under the assumption that pubic indifference to immigration would continue forever. Now they have a full blown crisis in their ranks.

        That’s where the prevailing consensus comes in you reference. I’m fond of pointing out that our mainstream parties are the faces of the ruling class. They hold many of their debates in public and respond to the hooting and cheering from the crowd (voting). But, they are not obligated to do so and when they all agree on something, the crowd has no influence. That’s why Hispanics have such low turnout in the US. They come from cultures where voters are presented with settled arguments.

  10. One of the “highlights” of the British summer is the Notting Hill Carnival, and it doesn’t star Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts either. It is advertised as being run by the West Indian community of London and has become a spectacular parade with lots of police trying to enjoy the fun to show they are not racist at all, as well as stop all the ‘steaming’ when gangs of black yoofs race through the crowds grabbing what they can from the stupid white people who think they are enjoying diversity.

    But Britain isn’t being overwhelmed by more West Indians, though the problems any blacks bring to our world are more through the unemployable third- or fourth-generation gang-preferring teens. Noticeably, there are no Muslim parades celebrating much at all, though they do like to march in lockstep (women separated from men, naturally) with signs showing hatred for the west. After all, they choose to live here so what better than to show how much they dislike having to live here?

  11. So far as I am aware, this unintended and unfortunate consequence of out breeding which accounts for pathological altruism does not exist in other than European Caucasians (and Ashkenazi Jews for additional reasons peculiar to themselves). Not Mestizos or Blacks, obviously, but neither have I seen a speck of it in any Asian brand of people. Arabs are Caucasians strictly speaking but they are also highly inbred.

    Muslims are a constant reminder in the value of out breeding, but it should be said that there is a weirdness lurking in Caucasians that is unique and undesirable. You don’t have it so the Hispanic is happy to talk with you.

  12. I’ve always wondered if the left is completely oblivious to the animosity between hispanics and blacks, or do they just look the other way? There are plenty of examples, like South Central LA, where the hispanics pouring in are displacing the blacks. And a gang warfare bloodbath is the result.

    On the other hand, the left doesn’t pay attention to what hispanics have to say, and don’t really understand them. They’re probably engaging in some projection, and assume hispanics (and everyone else), feels about blacks the same way they do.

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