We have Always Been At War With The South

The descendents of Puritan Yankees are bound together over one thing and that’s a deep hatred of the South. They used to hate the South because it represented the Royalist side of English life. Once the North was able to destroy the South and Royalist culture, things calmed down for a while. But, the fevered lunacy of the North was revived with the importation of new crackpot ideas from the Continent and the Cult of Modern Liberalism was born. Soon thereafter they went to war with the South again.

This just in from old friend Lois Lerner:

Lois Lerner, the central figure in the IRS targeting controversy, called Abraham Lincoln the country’s worst president in an email disclosed in a bipartisan Senate report, according to USA Today.

“Look my view is that Lincoln was our worst president not our best,” Lerner wrote in an email dated March 6, 2014.Lerner, the former IRS director of Exempted Organizations, joked in one email that the 16th president should have just let the South secede, rather than fighting the Civil War.

“He should [have] let the south go,” Lerner wrote in response to a friend who disparaged Texas as a “pathetic” state. “We really do seem to have [two] different mind sets.”

The report also highlighted emails written by Lerner calling conservatives “crazies” and “a–holes.”

As I keep saying, the cultural heirs of those Yankee Puritans are not acting from facts and reason. They look at the rest of the country, particularly the South, as sub-human. In the 18th century they saw the South as an affront to God. In the 19th century they saw the South as a threat to God’s creation. They’ve dropped the references to God in the 20th, so the South became an obstacle to the Progressive paradise.

It should come as no surprise that Lerner is from Massachusetts, the epicenter of liberal lunacy. Her husband appears to be from Eastern Ohio, which was settled by Puritan lunatics after the Revolution. Another one of my themes is that belief is heritable and therefore fanaticism is as well. A whole lot of commies were the children of religious Jews for a reason. The believing gene is strong in the Tribe.

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  1. Lerner is typical of the lefties I’ve met. Having grown up in Missouri/Illinois but living in CT for 35 years I’m still amazed at the difference. Given that the meme of the day is transmitted by NPR much like the BBC did for the French resistance in WWII, it is still amazing. Part of it is the Northeastern insularity both on the left and right. Views of the South and Midwest are obtained from dispatches by the media like explorers reports from Darkest Africa. People are not happy in the Northeast yet they do not relocate easily. I’ve had headhunters confirm this in droves when I chat with them. Your average Mass/CT resident has ventured to Cape Cod, possibly the Maine Coast and once or twice to NYC. They never drive to the Adirondacks or Catskills in NY and may only have recently ventured to Myrtle Beach or Florida. This is slowly changing with industry moving out, but those transferees never come back to change the remainders thinking.

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