Vox Means Stupid

The Dunning-Kruger Effect is a cognitive bias wherein relatively unskilled individuals suffer from illusory superiority, mistakenly assessing their ability to be much higher than is accurate. Another name for this is the Joe Biden Effect, where a relatively stupid person is certain he is the smartest person in the room, when he is most likely the dumbest person in the room.

People in cults are prone to this because inside the cult, it appears to be a perfectly logical structure for viewing the world. Intelligence is seen as a measure of the degree of acceptance, as well as the ability to repeat dogma in various situations. The result is knowing the catechism better than everyone else makes you the smartest guy in the room.

Progressives suffer from this more than anyone, because they have replaced the supernatural with a warped conception of science. Their cause is not righteous it’s logical, even when it makes no sense to anyone. Here’s a good example of someone smugly thinking they are making a brilliant point, when they are speaking gibberish.

The point of Black Lives Matter isn’t to suggest that black lives should be or are more important than all other lives, but instead that black people’s lives are relatively undervalued in the US (and more likely to be ended by police), and the country needs to recognize that inequity to bring an end to it.

For starters, the premise is a lie. This is easily discovered. A white guy in confrontation with the police is more likely than a black guy to be killed. The fact is blacks are 13% of the population and commit more than half the crime. Therefore, they will have vastly more confrontations with cops, but even so, cops appear to be much more careful with them than with white offenders.

Reddit user GeekAesthete made this point in a thread explaining why the phrase “all lives matter” is offensive

Offensive to whom? It’s the question they never bother to answer as they just assume they are speaking for Science! and you better bow down and worship Science! The possibility that hooting “Black Lives Matter” is offensive to everyone else never crosses their mind. That would require introspection and self-awareness, traits not found in cults.

The childishness on display here is another example of how cults work. When sensible people point out the absurdity of “Black Lives Matter!” the response is a sneering dismissal. The assumption is you are too dumb to understand so they make a silly cartoon to explain it, which not really about explaining as much as the sneering. Cult members are highly invested in who? whom? It’s what defines them.

Young German Lopez, the writer of that nonsense, most certainly thinks he is a clever fellow. After all, he writes for Vox and that’s what clever fellows do. Progressives are so susceptible to the Joe Biden Effect because they have so much confirmation around them. Their cult controls the high ground so there’s an unlimited number of pats on the head for them.

9 thoughts on “Vox Means Stupid

  1. Its sad now that there is so much White hatred and the true racists are showing their true identity…call me a cracker all you want…you are the racists beings for sure…I am many nationalities and am proud of them all. Though I may not look it…I am also indigenous and hate the racist left baiting that is going on in my Country.

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  4. I can’t disagree. These people are nitwits. But, damn, they seem to be the boss of us. Well, of republicans and conservatives at any rate. In the Leninist question Who? whom? We are definitely the whom. Tim

  5. Gunfire in New York City 2011: “Not a single white shot at the NYC police, yet whites were 20% of those shot by the police. Approximately 70% of the people who actually tried to shoot a police officer were black, but only about 40% of those shot by the police were black. Hispanics make up about 30% of those who shot at the police, and 40% of those shot by the police.

    In other words, NYC police officers appear to be preferentially shooting whites and Hispanics, not blacks.

    Even when we compare the “fired upon by police” bar vs the “struck by police” bar, we notice that the police seem to be much better shots when shooting at whites than at blacks. When they shoot at blacks, they appear to be trying not to actually hit them, whereas they appear to have no such compunctions when shooting at whites.”

    via evolutionistx: Race, Crime, and the Police

    At the link you can see pictures of the Twitter headquarters where they painted #Ferguson and #BlackLivesMatter on their walls, Twitter itself is promoting this!

  6. In the age of Internet and self-publishing, the art of words as weapons has reached full maturity. Progressives have most completely weaponized their lexicon. Their next trick is to strip the male virtue of physical violence, so that a weaponized vocabulary cannot be countered or trumped.

  7. Whenever i hear “dindu lives matter” i think “the wolf who cried boy”.

    It’s paralyzing absurdity, one of those “who are you going to believe, us, or your lying eyes” situations… like when a white teenager was set on fire and killed by a black, and the media almost suggested that it must have been a case of spontaneous human combustion.

    • Nitwts like the Vox boys are really not new. In a better age, they would have been the people making a big show of being involved in the church. The type who showed up early to chat up the minister and stayed late to make sure everyone saw them. In service to a civilized and sensible religion this is a harmless quality. In service to a criminally insane ideology that celebrates the worst social pathologies, it’s insufferable.

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