The Price Will Be Paid

My previous post used health care as a jumping off point to rant and rave about the consequences of putting lunatics in charge. I did not get into specifics about the potential consequences as I was running long and I’m trying to keep these blog posts from sounding like manifestos.

The general point was that we live in what feels like an “infinite margin of error” world where the people in charge are free to indulge their wildest fantasies, because we have so much extra, society can take the hit and bugger on. Whether or not that is true is debatable, but you have to admit that decades of lunacy have not brought the roof down on us yet. Maybe all the hand wringing is misplaced.

After all, what harm is there when a magazine dedicated to female sexuality names a mentally ill transvestite as woman of the year? The editors are just trying to demonstrate their fidelity to the One True Faith. The “tranny issue” or the “homo issue” is standard stuff now in the magazine world, a sure fire way to get the other howling lunatics in the press to notice you.

The moonbats think they can piss off the squares from the safety of their Progressive cocoons so they never really pay any price. It’s a low risk way to look butch on behalf of the One True Faith and it gets some yuks at the expense of the rubes in flyover country. If there is even the slightest rumble of push back from the normals. Glamour Magazine goes back to posting stories titled “ten ways to please your man in bed.”

On the other hand, the same people ululating with ecstasy over the latest perversions don’t wave around the examples where real people suffered real harm from this stuff. Every day, people are encouraged to spend money on “professionals” who may as well be toting around Ouija boards and tarot cards. People who should know better allow these scams to go on because it is easier than doing their job and policing their ranks.

This Rutgers professor in the story was clearly a nut. She should have remained a harmless nut, but she was promoted to the point where she is the Chairman of the Philosophy Department at Rutgers. The poor people victimized by her could be forgiven for trusting their betters to make sure they were not putting the stamp of approval on lunatics by giving them lofty titles.

That’s ultimately the damage that comes from this unwillingness of our betters to uphold their end of the bargain. Being king comes with duties. You never hear rich people talk about their duties and obligations. The ravenous vermin that occupy political offices yammer on about their “public service”, but we all know that’s a lie. They are getting rich through politics. Otherwise, no one talks about their duties and responsibilities anymore.

When was the last time a plutocrat talked about his duty to his fellow citizens? Or, his obligations to hold up the key values and institutions? Even more laughably, make sacrifices for the good of their country? Instead, they prattle on like college freshmen about transforming the world, when they are not railing against the customs and traditions normal people rely on to maintain a happy and peaceful life.

Scipio Africanus, the man who beat the great Hannibal at Zama, was more than a great general. He was a great politician. Part of that was always showing the people that he was first and foremost committed to upholding the customs and traditions of the people. He was a man committed to public virtue. He would regularly make a show of his devotion by conducting public acts of piety.

Today, all of our betters are the inverse of Scipio in that they are big on public acts of piety, but their commitment is to destroying the faith of the people. Turn on the TV, listen to the radio, surf the Interwebs and you see example after example mocking the beliefs and customs of the common people. The Christians under Diocletian had more reason to be optimistic than Christians today. How long before they declare Christianity a hate crime?

It’s not just words either. It’s deeds. Take a look at the pictures in this story. Waves of savages from beyond the horizon are being invited to flood into Europe, attacking and displacing the native populations. For no good reason the people in charge of Europe are sowing violence and discord into their own societies, simply to spite their people. That’s what it is, spite. Like petulant children the leaders of the free world are throwing a tantrum and unleashing hell on their own citizens.

Again, it is assumed that the West can keep absorbing the body blows from these reckless acts by the people in charge. Our betters just assume they will forever remain immune from the consequences as they are hidden away behind high walls and armed guards. Maybe they are right and maybe we have evolved beyond paying any real price for this reckless disregard for reality.

Maybe. Maybe not.

8 thoughts on “The Price Will Be Paid

  1. It occurs to me that school shooters are sort of freelance lumpen cloud people. But they’re losers. They hate normal people and they share the essential urge to harm their fellow man, but they’ll never get the chance to express it like Merkel or Tim Wise do, because they’re too dumb and too crazy. But they’ve gotten the message that those dirty normos are a stain on the earth, and they can act on it in their own way.

    Pretty loose thought. But it’s not 100% wrong either.

  2. Funny how the women of the left do not, for a moment, understand that the elevation of a cross-dressed man to “Woman Of The Year” is nothing more than the greatest insult to their gender ever conceived.

    The left are effectively saying to women: “In your most perfect state of womanhood, you are not even close to our idea of perfection because we love men more.”

    I accept that a lot of men prefer other men in dresses to real women, but you would think every so often a real woman who cares about her own gender would say “Hey, aren’t these left-loving media people *meant* to be on our side…?”

  3. > The general point was that we live in what feels like an “infinite margin of error” world where the people in charge are free to indulge their wildest fantasies, because we have so much extra, society can take the hit and bugger on.

    It’s the age-old conflict of r/K selection. Check out a quick description of it along the right margin of this site:

  4. Ole’ Vlad Ill’ich in front of the Finland Station getting his Bolshevik on! One looks is vain for Inessa Armand in the crowd, her heart aflutter as her man tosses the first pebble of discord down the slope to become the revolutionary avalanche. Krupskaya, no doubt, is already on the way to whatever dreary flat they are staying at that night to wash out his underwear. Well not everyone can give speeches… someone has to be the knicker washer of the revolution!

    I don’t know if they can really conceive of costs anymore, Z-man. They’ve always had someone to clean up their messes. No matter how badly they screw things up, there is always a Reagan, or an information revolution, or fracking come along to save their asses. God looks out for drunks, babies, and historically and technologically illiterate, post-modernist, progressive douchebags, I guess.

    I’ve started likening it to a pick up truck — a damn good one. You get the extra-large radiator, the transmission oil cooler, the tow package,… the works, right? You start towing a big trailer around the country with it. It works out really well so you keep trading up for bigger trailers. Pretty soon you have one of those insanely huge luxury land yachts trailing behind you but that still isn’t enough.

    The pick up is starting to show some signs of stress and strain so you slap some band aids on it to keep it hauling the load. You switch to high test and inflate the tires to the the manufacturer’s recommended maximum. You add a turbocharger. You replace the oil with synthetic so it will deal better the higher engine temps. But in your heart, you are lusting for an ever bigger trailer. When does the pick up break down, or even worse end up in the ditch?

    You and I would just get a smaller trailer. The ruling elites can’t conceive of that. But deep down somewhere, they know it cannot go on forever. It is the faith of the CoML that sustains them and helps them keep going.

    But it won’t go on forever. Getting back to V.I. Lenin, What Is to be Done? The political class is done for, cooked, across the West and the Western-aligned portions of East Asia (Japan, Taiwan, and Korea still account for a significant fraction of global GDP). There is still a lot of leadership within the business and military managerial elites. The countries that survive will adopt some degree of soft fascism:

    • Authoritarian
    • Small-n, small-s national socialist
    • Keeping the numbers of desaparados to the absolute minimum
    • Pro-natalist, anti-immigrant, pro-military

    Nasty things will need to be done to deal with the aftermath of the current immigrant screw up. The media will not be allowed to touch those stories with a ten-foot pole on pain of being disappeared themselves. The states that won’t do these things will end up being part of Al Khalifa or the Middle Kingdom.

  5. The problem isn’t lunatics, it’s women wanting the state as a substitute for a white beta male husband so they can afford to live with a black alpha mongoloid. women WANT WANT WANT an ALPHA BLACK MONGOLOID. Given a choice between a white beta male provider and black alpha mongoloid’s dick, a large dick, a large veiny throbbing thick erect dick and a provider beta white male women, will choose that hard erect bulbous mountain of long veiny throbiness that shoots galleons of hot sticky goo up higher than old faithful attached to a black alpha mongoloid over a beta every time

    • Ahhh, no. I’m repulsed at the mere thought of what you suggest women want. Speaking for myself, as a woman, I am more than satisfied with my white beta male! Perhaps there are women out there who want something else, but with the exception of my daughter-in-law’s sister and a secretary I had years ago, I do not know any woman who has chosen a black alpha over a white beta! And, as I think about it, I realize why the “NLS”* sister of my d-i-l and former secretary ‘chose’ the black alpha. Or, rather, why they didn’t choose the white beta. White beta’s would not have them. White beta’s can be and are selective – as they should be. [*NLS = ____ loving slut. She isn’t welcome in our house. Really don’t want the low-life types she constantly dates coming to “case the joint,” and ONE family function she attended here was enough for me to put my foot down and say never again.]

  6. Your picture of a revolutionary mob sparks an interesting thought: With all their talk of improving economic prospects (didn’t we just go through the seventh straight “recovery summer”?) the Powers That Be might actually be making things worse for themselves. Historically, revolutions don’t happen when things are at their absolute worst; they break out when things are finally kinda sorta starting to look up. (The Jacobins only really started rolling when Louis XVI compromised with the Estates General; the Roundheads really got nasty only after they’d won the first Civil War and imprisoned the king).

    Admitting that things are really bad — and getting worse — might rally the people around the political class. Blowing more sunshine up our asses might light the fuse a few years faster than otherwise.

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