On Saturday mornings, I go out for a coffee at the donut shop and spend a an hour reading the Interwebs, e-mail, twitter, etc. The shop is owned by Indians (dot not feather) and my guess is they originally came from the northeast of the subcontinent. Their English is good enough to further suggest they come from a higher caste or maybe even spent time in the US as students.

After the donut shop, I head over to the dry cleaner to drop off and pickup. I have no interest in pressing my shirts and trousers so I have outsourced this task for thirty year at least. The dry cleaner is run by a nice Korean lady who speaks very poor English. I’ve picked up some words and phrases from her, but my Korean is strictly for entertainment value. We do our business in broken English.

I then stop at the Spanish market next door and get a coffee. My Spanish is good enough to get by so this gives me a chance to practice a bit, but the people running it speak Mam, which is a Mayan dialect so Spanish is their second language. It makes for an interesting fifteen minutes. The people from that part of the world are a happy people so they enjoy my efforts.

Then it is off to the McDonalds to pick up my regular. I have hot cakes and sausage most Saturdays as a reward for remaining on the sunny side the grass for another week. The McDonalds is staffed by blacks from the neighborhood so that means they speak their brand of ghetto. I speak some ghetto, but only enough to follow popular hip-hop songs. The menu is an amusing mix of Spanish and English. The customers are mostly old white people marking time.

Polyglot, multi-racial and multicultural cities are not a new thing in human history. New York City was America’s first melting pot. The early settlement by the Dutch was a trading port and had a little from each category of humanity. Greater New York had a slave trade with the last slaves being freed in 1827 so even the horrible crime thinkers from the Cavalier side of the family were represented.

Most Americans live in traditional American societies, but this is rapidly going away, while places like New York and San Francisco are becoming mono-cultural. When in the suburbs, I’m surprised by how quickly the old white English speaking world is being washed away. Retail stores are all run by foreigners. Labor is mostly Spanish. The foreign youth adopt the habits of ghetto youth creating a weird blended youth culture that will be “American” culture in a generation.

It’s comforting to think that the people will rise up and put an end to this, but that horse left the barn a generation ago. The time to put a halt to the invasion was in the 1980’s when they passed their last immigration bill. The anointing of Paul Ryan and (most likely) Marco Rubio means the war is over. The battles left to be fought are rear guard actions and the normal mopping up after one side wins and the other is vanquished.

I’m often asked why I live where I live, but the fact is I’m living in the future. If you are a young person today thinking you will live your parent’s life in a white suburb, you’re going to be very disappointed. Your world will be one where you are just another minority in a polyglot, fractured culture that largely depends on a coercive custodial state to maintain order.

The definition of success in a fractured jumble of a world will have nothing to do with social status or economic success in the traditional sense. Being a high status Mam speaker can mean nothing to the ghetto speakers next door or the Koreans down the block. How could it? The Mam speaker will have no way to transmit to the Korean why he believes having a large noisy muffler on his truck is a big deal.

Similarly, financial success will be a zero sum game. It pretty much is now as we have been in a no-growth economic order for decades. The Mam will get relatively rich by beating the Koreans at exploiting the ghetto for government cash. Clannishness will be a pretty good group survival strategy so the Irish will finally have a shot to be something other than the lyrical nitwits of the Anglosphere.

Otherwise, the future is the Babel I see on my Saturday morning. That’s appropriate given the people mostly responsible for it. There’s a generation or two, maybe or three, to secure a place within the emerging cloud cities, but at some point they blow the bridges and close the gates. Plan accordingly is my advice to the young.

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    • Sure it’s written. And rewritten. Liberty taken by force can be restored by force. Liberty relinquished voluntarily has never been restored.

      Universal suffrage is a revolutionary instrument, and nothing but a revolutionary instrument. The Progs get it, we didn’t. This county no longer finds value in liberty. If anything it holds liberty to be an anti-social act. Liberty may be found at the ending of this country, but not by repairing it.

  2. WTF this is about, Doug, is pretension, and a judgement upon the true state of white people, an acknowledgement that only the false flag of freedom is instinctual, that liberty is not, that no mixed society is capable of liberty when so few homogeneous societies ever demonstrated they were partial to it. Burke–It is ordained in the eternal constitution of things that men of intemperate minds cannot be free; their passions forge their fetters.

    “I am unable to conceive that the people of America, in their present temper, or under any circumstances which can speedily happen, will choose, and every second year repeat the choice of …men who would be disposed to form and pursue a scheme of tyranny or treachery….who would either desire or dare…. to betray the solemn trust committed to them. What change of circumstances time, and a fuller population of our country may produce requires a prophetic spirit to declare, which makes no part of my pretensions.” –

  3. I think you all have fallen for the cultural marxists bullshit lies and narratives.
    Might as well put a pistol against your temples and pull the trigger now.
    Are you all cowards or suckers or something?

    You don’t have to be a natural born American to know what rightful liberty and primal freedom is. The difference between tyranny and liberty.
    You should all be totally ashamed of yourselves.
    Where is your dignity and sense of self determination and destiny?
    Pull up your panties and act like free men and woman instead of slaves to the state and the cultural marxist sonofabitches running things.


  4. Here at ground zero, just outside of Washington D.C., it’s like sunning oneself under the Sword of Damocles. When will it fall? When will the EBT cards fail? The people who live here think that food comes from the supermarket. Within five days of the local stores running out of staples people will be shooting each other in the street.

    I am no longer agile enough to dodge the youthful rioters-to-be. I want to move to any place westward that is not progressive, but the folks who live there won’t want me, or anyone, really, to try and relocate when the deal goes down. And who can blame them?

    The northern part of the UK sure looked nice the last time I was there, but I have no claim on a home there, eh? We reap what we sow, and my generation is the one which pissed it all away in the name of sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

    But I have kids and grandkids, so I can’t just lump it.

  5. Excellent post, and I think accurate.

    I also foresee a future where real estate is advertised not for oceanview or lakeview, but for an unobstructed view of the sky. SkyView or Skyfront.

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  7. That’s as well laid out as it gets.

    My oldest daughter lives in Whitopia in Utah. It’s a good place for her especially. Second daughter is in Hollywood. She loves it, but has no idea what is coming. Number two son is Point Loma. The well-to-do will have it figured out first. Or perhaps they already have. Watch what they do, not what they say. Oldest boy lives in Florida, well armed and with a getaway property.

    He who has seen everything empty itself is close to knowing what everything is filled with.
    Antonio Porchia

    Is there some principal of nature which states that we never know the quality of what we have until it is gone?
    Herman Melville

    • A lot of the super-rich are quietly buying property in New Zealand. Makes sense; the country’s location makes illegal immigration by non-whites and jihadists difficult.

  8. We have our own style of polyglot over here, to the point here councils will have “How to pay for your parking” signs in Urdu or Pushtan or whatever they speak in Bigdoggistan alongside the English.

    I was castigated by a member of my family recently for daring to say I could walk down the road and not hear an English word (though maybe Bulgarian or Arabic uses the colloquial word for “benefits”) but the truth is lots of non-English speakers have to be catered for.

    This of course in matters such as health, education and the law, tends to slow processes up enormously while interpreters are summoned. It also gives the feckless a chance to explain that they did not understand Ingrish law and thus get excused from their crime. This happened the other day when a man who beat one of his numerous offspring badly told the court that he did not know it was against the law here to try to turn a small child into pulp. They used to say ignorance of the law was no excuse but apparently it is if you are foreign. I am sure the pardoned gentleman will reflect on his ways and endeavour to understand not only English law is but also how one should behave in a civilised society.

    Or possibly not, because society in the UK grows daily more uncivilised. Soon there will be no point in pretending, especially as this takes money.

    Still, there is an exception to the trend for no one speaking English here. It is rooted in a single Anglo-Saxon work and precedes “off”, “that,” “you” and “Britain.” If you don’t know, it begins with F.

    Everyone F******* knows it, it seems.

    • Here on the Wirral and Merseyside to a lesser extent it all seems pretty much like it always did.Then travel from my house further into Cheshire or over into Clwyd and more of the same…..long way to go yet for those of us outside shitholes like London etc?

    • For a view of the European future read Tom Kratman’s “Caliphate”.

      It is a view of a possible future for Europe. The massive influx of Muslims from the MENA into the main body is just the first act.

      Orwell did not mention that the “boot stamping on a human face – forever.” was an Islamic one, did he?

      This is also played out on the Americas by the influx of the non-Americans intending loot. Rand was prophetic.

  9. This will be likely the last election where White America has some influence, the real crisis is going to start the next decade, the 2020s will be the years that the NWO officialy comes out of the closet.

  10. The only thing constant is change. Things are always getting better for some, and worse for others. Status will either mean being close to or having access to the centers of power, or being insulated enough so they can’t push you around too much. Economic success will mean either having access to the money spigots of power, or having some insulation also.

    If you have sufficient assets and little or no debt, you can breathe easy.

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