Strom Thurmon Killed JFK

The title of this bit is from Stever Sailer. Unsurprisingly, he recognized long ago that the JFK narrative was just another instance of white on white crime. That is, northern whites (whites who identify with northern attitudes on race) against southern whites. The mythology is that northern whites are tolerant and open minded, while southern whites are uneducated bigots.

That means you can be southern white while growing up in New Hampshire, as long as you say bad things about non-whites and shop at WalMart. On the other hand, many whites in suburban Atlanta are preachy about race, loath southern culture and therefore qualify as northern white. It’s good white versus bad white. The JFK killing shows the divide quite clearly as we see in this insane NYTimes piece.

FOR 50 years, Dallas has done its best to avoid coming to terms with the one event that made it famous: the assassination of John F. Kennedy on Nov. 22, 1963. That’s because, for the self-styled “Big D,” grappling with the assassination means reckoning with its own legacy as the “city of hate,” the city that willed the death of the president.

It will miss yet another opportunity this year. On Nov. 22 the city, anticipating an international spotlight, will host an official commemoration ceremony. Dallas being Dallas, it will be quite the show: a jet flyover, a performance from the Naval Academy Men’s Glee Club and remarks from the historian David McCullough on Kennedy’s legacy.

But once again, spectacle is likely to trump substance: not one word will be said at this event about what exactly the city was in 1963, when the president arrived in what he called, just moments before his death, “nut country.”

In other words, bad whites killed the hero of good whites and they refuse to accept blame for it. Never mind that Kennedy hated black people and seemed to admire Hitler. His old man was a Nazi so the apple does not fall far from the tree. The fact is JFK was killed by a quintessentially good white named Lee Harvey Oswald. He was a communist who tried to defect to Russia. Oswald would have fit in with Bernadine Dorn.

Then we have the fact that a bad white pushed through Civil Rights and was quite fond of black people, going back to the 1930’s. Johnson was a lot like Woodrow Wilson, in that he went against his inclinations and his native culture in order to fit it, but he was never accepted by the good whites. These inconvenient facts are airbrushed out of the narrative, as it inconsistent with the mythology of the good whites.

There’s another way to distinguish the tribal differences. LBJ was perfectly at home rubbing elbows with blacks. He got his start in politics by helping blacks get to the polls and actually voting. Granted, they were voting for him, but it shows his natural affinity for black people. Kennedy, on the other hand, despised blacks and made sure he was never around them. He thought MLK was a threat to the nation.

But, the truth is never important in mythology.