The Rise of Fake Black People

Pop culture is all around us, but I notice very little of it. My television is for watching sports when time permits. Maybe I turn it on if there is a big news event. Otherwise, I would not own one. I do watch a car show from time to time, but I don’t think that qualifies as pop culture. Movies are just as foreign to me. I rented a few for the holiday weekend. All had been released last year or earlier and I know few of the actors staring in them.

When it comes to music I am completely ignorant of what is current. Last night, looking for the football game, I bumped into a show featuring a sad looking Elton John and a hideous looking woman on stage playing piano. The TV said the show was Lady Gaga & The Muppets. Poor Elton appeared to have two black eyes, so I assume they had to beat the hell out of him in order to get him on stage with the ugly woman.

When I saw this on Drudge, I had to google the name “Kanye West” in order to learn why he is famous. I’ve heard the name, but I only know he married the Armenian women with the big butt, who is the current Paris Hilton. He is a singer, most likely of hip-hop, therefore he cannot sing without electronic enhancement. His skill is pretending to be from the ghetto in a way that gets elderly Jewish men excited. That way they can sell his crap to suburban white boys, who think it is cool to be an underclass black guy.

Using Wiki, I see that Kanye is about as authentically black as I am. He was born to talented tenth parents. He was raised by a mother who was a college professor. Some portion of his childhood was spent in China. All of his childhood was around upper middle-class types you see around universities. My guess, given the background of his father, is that his parents were communists or Marxists. When that fell out of fashion they went onto other fads. Kanye West is pretty much a lyrical Barak Obama.

The point here is that West’s parents built their lives around pleasing upper class white liberals and Kanye was blessed with the same skills. Instead of black power he sells hip-hop to the little white boys and girls. It’s a weird sort of exploitation. On the one hand, he is trivializing black culture by turning it into a commodity. On the other hand, that commodity he is selling is intended to destroy white culture by injecting the worst habits of black culture like drugs, degeneracy and cultural nihilism.

This seems to be a common theme with famous black people. There are plenty of whites and Jews who start from humble beginnings and make it big in pop culture. Blacks, even in areas like hip-hop, most often come from middle-class families and middle-class lifestyles. They make their money pretending to be a type of black person in public, but live like Victorians in private, mostly surrounding themselves with whites from their class.

The fat Armenian woman he married is from a wealthy real estate family. Maybe the family money came from something else, before they got into the real estate game, but the point is they have been rich for a long time.  Kanye West  was not hooking up with a shorty from the neighborhood when he picked here from the list. Instead he went with a rich white girl, who was probably like the girls he grew up around as a kid. He probably finds typical black women to be bitching and stupid, like the rest of us.

This is nothing new. The dawn of pop culture was Jews selling black music and black culture to middle class white kids. The popular stars of the 30’s and 40’s stole much of their acts from blacks. They white-washed it so it was not obvious, but they were peddling black culture. In the 50’s and 60’s it became explicit and eventually blacks were allowed to get in on the act. The formula was the same, even when blacks got on stage doing their thing in the raw. Rich whites selling black culture to middle class white kids.

That’s the great change in the last two decades. Instead of Jews selling black culture through well-behaved blacks, the well-behaved blacks are selling black culture. In the old days, the black performers chaffed under the rules, often getting themselves in trouble by being too “authentic” which meant too black. Today, the black performers chaff at having to be too black because otherwise they would resemble something closer to a British colonial officer. That’s why Kanye West blurts out rants about Jews. To look real.

1 thought on “The Rise of Fake Black People

  1. zman, I have been enjoying your posts for about 6 weeks. Congratulations on kicking off your blog – it was long awaited. However, I found this post to be a little too disingenuous for my liking. Thou doth protest too much. I live in the third-world, without television but with internet. Although I have little idea of what is happening on prime-time or in the top 40, I know all too well who Kanye and Kim are. They are basically inescapable, akin to a neighbours rotting compost heap. You want nothing to do with it, but every morning when you leave the house, you must suffer it for a short while. Kayne and Drake never grew up in harsh surroundings but the likes of T.I, Lil Wayne and Juicy J come from the dregs of the community. They are wealthy beyond our wildest dreams. They all still cling to the filth they grew up amongst.

    I understand completely that someone (likely white/Jewish) has sat them down and explained that young white kids love this schtick and that if they ham it up, they will be sensationally rich. That person has gotten rich too.

    Dont condescend to your audience. It is as unlikely that you wouldn’t know who Miley Cyrus is as it would be that you wouldn’t know what a gas bill is.

    Keep it real


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