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One of the more remarkable things about the last couple of decades has been the evolution of multiculturalism into a suicide cult. Back in the 1980’s when “tolerance” was becoming a thing with Progressives, the argument was that whites in white countries should be tolerant of their dusky brethren.

It was not just the decent thing to do, it would make for a more peaceful society. If whites in America, for example, put aside their prejudices about blacks, then blacks would have a fair shot to join the mainstream culture. If the West was more respectful of the third world, then maybe those people would embrace civilization.

I recall being lectured about tolerance by a French girl back in the mid-80’s and my thought at the time was that this was just another silly way for Progressives to preen in public. When I pointed out to the French girl that “tolerance” implied “dislike” as in she was tolerant of blacks even though she privately despised them, she nearly had a stroke. It was clear she had not thought much about it, but she liked being smug around white trash like me.

Over the last three decades, this fetish has evolved from tolerance through celebration to outright worship. Hilariously, there’s zero tolerance for anyone that does not fully embrace the self-loathing, suicidal impulses of the multicultural faith. On every college campus in America, you will find a club for every conceivable “minority” group, but the opening of a few “white student” clubs was cause for National Day of Mourning.

Eric Hoffer wrote that “Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket.” A corollary to that might be “every great cultural pathology begins as a petty public piety, becomes a political weapon and degenerates into insanity.” It does not trip off the tongue, but the point is what’s important. What started out as a pose became a weapon for the political Left and has now devolved into madness.

This example from the City of Brotherly Love would be funny if it were not so sad.

A 33-year-old Philadelphia policeman, Jesse Hartnett, was ambushed late Thursday when Edward Archer, a Muslim man, reportedly tried to execute him while he was sitting in his police vehicle. Images from the incident show a man dressed in Muslim attire firing off a reported 13 rounds at officer Hartnett. The police officer was hit three times but did not suffer life threatening injuries and is expected to recover fully, reports said.

According to Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross, the suspect said he had committed the attempted execution in the name of the Islamic State, the jihadi terrorist insurgent group that controls territory in the Middle East.

“According to him [the shooter], police bend laws that are contrary to the teachings of the Quran,” said Commissioner Ross.

Mayor Kenney, who was inaugurated last week, took a strikingly different tone when coming to the podium.

He began by expressing his well-wishes for the officer who the Muslim man attempted to execute, but then spent the latter part of his statement distancing Islam from the shooter, who claimed he was carrying out the shooting for Islam.

“In no way shape or form does anyone in this room believe that Islam or the teaching of Islam has anything to do with what you’ve seen on the screen,” said Mayor Kenney.

“That is abhorrent. It’s just terrible and it does not represent this religion [Islam] in any way shape or form or any of its teachings,” he added. “This is a criminal with a stolen gun who tried to kill one of our officers. It has nothing to do with being a Muslim or following the Islamic faith.”

I’m old enough to remember when mayors, even from big cities, were content to take bribes, ignore police corruption and let the city unions raid the treasury. Now they want to be the local imam, defining the will of Allah and passing judgement on the conduct of the faithful. How long before the mayor begins issuing fatwahs, calling the local youth to wage jihad against the infidels?

The mayor is not thinking any of this through, of course. He’s just a back pew moonbat that is willing to grin like a chimp on TV and do what his handlers tell him. In modern America, municipal government is a dead end politically, so it attracts low-watt sociopaths and grifters unable to do productive work. Mayor Kenney is too stupid to comprehend any of this. He is just trying to ape what he sees and hears from his idols, people like Obama and Angela Merkel.

That does not change the fact that multiculturalism has become a public madness. Angela Merkel is throwing her country into turmoil for no reason other than the psychological terror she feels when contemplating the alternatives. Like an agoraphobic fleeing a public place in terror, Merkel is in a panic over the mere hint of nationalism and is instead inviting a billion Muslims to relocate to the Fatherland.  She would rather let the rapefugees rampage through the streets than see her countrymen waving the flag.

Unlike private madness, public madness eventually recedes. We’re seeing that now all over the West, but public madness comes with a price. The bill for Merkel’s Madness will be paid. Whether that is through a return of the worst instincts of the German people or a diminished of their best instincts is the question. The same is true all over the West. The madmen have conjured spirits most assumed were dead. It will not end well.

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  1. Once again, we witness an unprovoked attack on one of our public servants and what do we get from the mayor of Philadelphia in return for our trouble? A lecture on “tolerance”. TOLERANCE! What a complete imbecile! The Mohamedan cannot suffer the infidel but we must learn to welcome these 15th century barbarians as they attempt to take over our civilization and replace it with Sharia law! It’s simply unbelievable!

  2. I live in a rural village in a South American country to which I emigrated more than a decade ago. The nearest group of persons of African or Muslim origin is located on the other side of a mountain range some 140 miles/230 kms away, and when I came there were none within perhaps 560 miles/900 kms and that was one of the main reasons I chose the place. I lived in North Africa in a Muslim country for 3 1/2 years and was always treated with courtesy and kindness, still have Muslim friends from that long ago and far away time, but I did not to choose to remain there. My dtr-in-law and thus my grandsons are mesitz@s, but utterly unlike the urban rabble one hears of in the US and Europe. I’m of European origin, born in the USA and will not return to either, likely not even for a visit.

    This video was a shocker, and not because of the truck driver´s attitude. I’ve concluded that what is taking place is indeed an invasion and should be halted and the rabble repressed:

    It’s sad, really, for the well-meaning and decent folk among the Muslims, but they will privately concede that the Europeans are committing a suicidal error by allowing this to continue. Sadder still is continue it will.

  3. There have been mass hallucinations in history — witchcraft, Satanic child abuse, end-of-the-world expectations — but they were about perceiving imaginary things.

    This may be the first mass hallucination involving not seeing actual things, like the Muslim war against the non-Muslim world. The facts are there; our own Baghdad Bobs, like this dunce Mayor Kenney, are blind to them. The only parallel is hypnotic subjects given a post-hypnotic suggestion that a person in the room is not there; the awakened subject will behave exactly as if the person really isn’t there. But the analogy is inexact, since (a) “programming” under hypnosis must be performed, and (b) it is done on an individual basis, and doesn’t affect millions of people worldwide.

    Cultural Marxism is a mass hallucination.

  4. Addendum: The police officer who was nearly killed by a muslim in the line of duty (and from what I have heard was performing a line of duty that didn’t involve confrontation or enforcing anything at that moment the wretched Koran wouldn’t approve of) may vote Democrat and believe that diversity soothes all. But after this the officer may equally think that welcoming lunatics and their attendant death cult into the States is a thoroughly bad idea. Likewise, other people whose task is to safeguard the law and security may be thinking much the same too.

    The helmeted German police who massed under orders from the elite to subdue a legitimate protest against the barbarian invasion may have had loved ones assaulted by the muslim mobs, just as in the UK there are soldiers who were dismayed by the reaction to the open murder of British soldier Lee Rigby on the streets by muslims. At some point all these people will turn and not follow the orders to suppress the white and glorify the brown and black. Once that tipping point is reached, I imagine the Great Crumbling will take place very quickly.

  5. What happened to the (happily, fortunate) police officer is a form of Emperor’s New Clothes, with people seeing something that doesn’t exist in the misguided hope it is really there. Refusing to accept that a person who was trying to end not only your life but also that of your family, friends and even the way of life of a culture is a strange form of blindness.

    This condition (or flaw in the human mind) has probably existed through history, but the curious thing today is the vast numbers who — like this mayor of Philadelphia — are required to fervently believe, at least in public, that acts of violence by one group do not represent anything ill-intentioned… even though this group continually repeats similar acts of violence. It is one thing to accept in a battle that the person trying to run you through with their bayonet is as scared as you and it is a matter of kill or be killed, but that acknowledges there is a war being fought.

    We have, perhaps for the first time ever, a one-sided war. One side openly and repeatedly declares they are at war with you and ours, but the response our supposed leaders continually take is a blatant refusal to believe that any conflict is taking place. One wonders how it would have been if Stalin had said, when Hitler’s troops invaded, ‘Oh, they don’t mean it. It’s only just the words of a few people who don’t understand the true nature of socialism, so I will continue to love my German friends and welcome them into my home.’

    Saying that Islam is nothing to do with violence may sound nice (and naturally be approved by the agents of the death cult who seek to undermine the west) but it doesn’t alter reality. The correct response, which I may not see in my lifetime, is: “If you want war, then you shall have it.”

    • Ordinary cowardice is a large part of this pathology. These monsters grew, a little bit at a time, because our leaders did not have the guts to say NO. They were too busy fighting over the massive loot pile that big government has become – the (D)irtbags dared not offend their supporters, the others were drug to the same level. Selfishness and stupidity, the story of human nature.

  6. I’m not sure what the “worst instincts” of the German people are. I know what we are supposed to suppose they are, but we are plowing new ground here.

  7. “Like most young people in the German Democratic Republic (East Germany), Merkel was a member of the Free German Youth (FDJ), the official youth movement sponsored by the ruling Socialist Unity Party.”

  8. I’m trying to understand Merkel, when she replaced Gerhard Schoerder years ago as the German Chancellor she was being promoted as “America” (Neocon) friendly) Right-wing ruler.

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