The Multi-Culti Wonderland

A big blizzard blew through my little slice of heaven over the weekend. The snow started Friday afternoon and lasted into Saturday night. Depending upon who is doing the measuring, we got anywhere from 20-inches to 36-inches. I was standing in waist high snow next to my vehicle and I’m six feet tall, but drifting snow makes it hard to gauge. Everywhere I walked was at least thigh high, so we got close to 30-inches.

I’ve written before about snow in the ghetto. We have had an influx of foreigners so the demographic of my part of town is different of late. We have a quiver of Indians from the southern end of the subcontinent. An intrusion of Muslims now lives down the block from me. The Spanish population seems to have grown, but the black population feels smaller for some reason.

In years past, snowstorms were just white guys out clearing snow and black guys walking in the middle of the street. Go into cities like Baltimore, Washington or Philadelphia after a snow and you always see a bunch of black people walking in the streets. We still had some of that, but we’re much more vibrant now so the mix of responses to the snow is more diverse too.

Watching the Indians deal with snow has been one of the more enjoyable things over the last twenty-four hours. They suck at snow removal. Now, America tends to get only upper caste Indians, so they are probably not used to physical work, but mastering a shovel is not that hard. Watching ten of then work one shovel, smoking and gibbering to one another made me feel like Charles James Napier.

One of things I’ve noticed about South Asians is they tend to confuse activity for work. South Americans do this and have made it an art form. It’s called the Latin Way. South Asians will put a lot of effort into looking busy and explaining what they will be doing as soon as they start doing it. I don’t know their tongue, but I imagined they were discussing the shoveling process, while not actually shoveling any snow.

The Muslims were interesting. They look North African to me, but I’m not sure. They keep their women in garbage bags so they could be from the Gulf. They smoke like chimneys, so I just assumed they were North African. Regardless, they did not even attempt to clear out their cars. Instead, they walked around in groups, muttering to one another in Arabic. Unsurprisingly, the most clannish people tend not to be very neighborly.

That’s the reality of the multi-culti paradise. No one gives a bleep about anyone outside their tribe. I shoveled out some old people and a handicapped guy. Me and a couple of young guys teamed up to clear our parking areas. A couple of older white women brought coffee and we made what is a tedious task into something enjoyable. I did not know any of them, but we fell into the work naturally. As you can guess, not a lot of diversity in our group.

The strange thing about Hispanics, something you see in a situation like this, is they work hard, but they are not industrious. These are all young men who could make money shoveling drives, clearing cars and so forth. Instead, they were drinking beer and enjoying the day off from wherever it is they work. Some were probably called in by the construction outfit that imported them, but most just sat around.

In fairness, it could very well be their otherness that keeps them from hustling. When I was out shoveling, a few walked past clutching beers. They probably would have been happy to help for some cash, but they were not going to offer. I’m as alien to them as they are to me. But that’s the problem in a nutshell with the multi-culti paradise. Everyone is a stranger in a strange land.

Another interesting thing I noticed is that eventually, the Indians struck a deal with someone to clear the snow for them. A white guy had a crew of Hispanics he was renting out for quick shovel jobs. The site of upper caste Hindus hiring Hispanics to shovel their snow was like seeing the future. A generation from now, the South Asians will be at least a rung higher than the Mexicans.

It’s the Lee Kuan Yew rule. “In multiracial societies, you don’t vote in accordance with your economic interests and social interests, you vote in accordance with race and religion.” I’d take that further and say you self-organize according to your race and religion. No one can be an individual because all groups interact with one another at the group level.

The small intrusion of Muslims do not have the numbers to be anything but on the fringes so they just milled around hoping for spring. The Hindus have numbers so they can deal with the Mexicans and whites collectively, at least to get their snow shoveled.

That brings to mind another famous quote from Lee Kuan Yew, “I think we were progressing very nicely until the surge of Islam came, and if you asked me for my observations, the other communities have easier integration – friends, inter-marriages and so on – than Muslims… I would say, today, we can integrate all religions and races, except Islam.”

That’s the issue faced by the West. America can handle an inflow of Hispanics and Canadians, because they are balanced off by South and East Asians. There’s no balancing out the Muslims. As soon as their numbers increase, the ghetto goes Muslim and the rest of us flee to higher ground. That’s fine for the ghetto maybe, but as we see in Germany, they soon overflow their ghettos and then all hell breaks loose.

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  2. My snowblower has a 32″ mouth, a headlight and both forward and reverse. What’s wrong with you people? LOL

      • He’s here all week folks!! Try the’s delicious!! Btw..welcome the Canadians: they DO know how to deal with snow and would consider all of you pansies for complaining.

  3. Maybe it’s not just race. Maybe it’s also the generation. We used to live in NYC. When there was a lot of snow, my dad (who was born in 1950) was out there shoveling. So were the neighbors. Pretty much everyone in our neighborhood (us included) was from the West Indies.

    • Probably a mix of both. You see far fewer young people out hustling money to shovel walks and driveways, but a community full of strangers is going to have less cooperation. Then there are some groups that are made for low trust societies.

    • When I was younger, people cleared snow off the sidewalk in front of their homes, until one winter the word got round that if someone slipped on the sidewalk you had cleared, you could be hauled before the courts and sued. But if you left the snow then it was just weather and thus no one could complain. It wasn’t the homeowner’s responsibility to clear up after Mother Nature.

      Very few people after that bothered to clear snow, which is a wonderful way of saying we were happy to work together for the general good until some smart arse lawyer decided there was money for him/her in laying blame, so we opted for no blame.

  4. Islam is the Acme of the lowest common denominator.
    It is why cultural marxism and islam fit together like hand and glove.
    Witnessing the cultural marxists deliberate importation of musloids into the west is looking right up into the bowels of the human extinction movement.

    Mr. Zman, you need guns and lots of ammo and a piece of land, work it, free your mind, leave it all behind, doubt, fear, disbelief. Live Free or Die.
    The countryside is where the cultural war will be fought hardest, the countryside is where the human extinction movement will be resisted and defeated. The cultural marxist can not exist without a countryside it can plunder from afar. It’s source of power hinges entirely on a concentrated mass of disaffected and divided people, the more diverse and divided the more power it retains. That kind of tyranny is not possible in the countryside. People have land, land free’s people from the trap of cultural marxism, land and guns and a hoe and a handful of seeds is the physical components of liberty, it is self determination. The greatest assault weapon against tyranny.

  5. The prospect of global warming suggested that everyone, regardless of race, colour or creed would be equally basking in the pleasant weather. As riots in the UK only happen when the weather is nice, we had that to look forward to if we had warmer weather.

    But snow and ice… ah, now that is going to make for an interesting society now that the reality of global cooling is upon us. Muslims don’t particularly appreciate the snow and probably, when they rule Eurabia, there won’t be a lot of shovelling going on at all. Someone said recently that one of the issues in bringing in a boatload of muslims is that, for example, the dikes in Holland won’t get attended to. Once they collapse through lack of maintenance, the muslims — having only loyalty to whoever gives them freebies — will flee elsewhere. They have fled before so it is no big deal, and the Netherlands can be left to return to the sea.

    I can’t imagine that many of the immivasion enjoy winters in Norway and Sweden for that reason. Once whitey disappears there will only be unshovelled white stuff everywhere.

  6. That’s why i advocate tying any asylum, or permanent residence request, with the conversion away from islam to some flavor of Christianity, as a purely practical measure but also a gesture of good faith, and unlike an outright ban this could be actually sold to the public.

    Because let’s face it, people who don’t like bacon will never become productive members of western society, and we shouldn’t pretend otherwise!

    It’s funny watching schools banning Christmas all over the place here in Europe, while they are at the same time building muslim prayer rooms. Or Parma, Italy, taking in refugees who don’t like prosciutto, sheer insanity, INSANITY.

  7. Upper caste Indians are riotously funny in the gym, they have no native strength at all. Guys my size, but half my age are struggling when lifting 10 lb. dumbbells for curls and the naked bar for bench press. In fact, many use the fixed 30 lb. barbell for starting BP and struggle to do 3 sets of 10.

    You really have to work at it to be that lacking in strength!

    • One of my sons is really into weightlifting and he says the same thing. He also said that they wear polo shirts while attempting to lift weights.

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  9. Yeah, all us (cultural) gringos were all chatting and helping out in our neighborhood, too.

    I’m most grounded in Latin culture. My general impression is that it is pretty matriarchal under the machismo (ah, the fireworks between my matriarchal mom and patriarchal dad, who both thought that they were the one in charge). So if the mujeres don’t know enough to tell the hombres to clear the snow, the snow won’t get cleared. I’d qualify that by saying that like my great grandfather, a very large fraction of the hispanics you see are here to work for a few years, save some money, and buy a car or house back home. They have nothing to gain by investing in the immediate community.

    Pretty much every Shia Arab I ran into would tell me that every Sunni Arab thinks that he is a prince of the desert. My general impression was that you could get a Shia to work with his hands, but outside of the Bedouin, no Sunni was going to be seen dead toiling.

    I have a Hindu friend who’s a real convert – God, guns, and Reagan. God bless him, but I’m still pretty sure that there’s never been a speck of dirt under that cat’s fingernails. One afternoon, he needed some help with something that needed someone to get his hands dirty, so he came over to avail himself of my skills and tools, and brought his dad. Turns out his old man was a very high muckety-muck on the sub-continent… just one notch below cabinet level. After watching me fix stuff, he apparently had one of those crystal bullet to the forehead moments and blurts out to me, “Now I understand where Yankee ingenuity comes from. You all have small workshops in your homes!”

    Last story, I promise. I was working in an Asian capital and needed some tools. I had noticed that stores tended to be clustered by goods sold. There was a fabric district, and an appliance district,… you get the drift. So I started asking the Asians at work where the hardware district was. None of them knew and (being good Confucians) all of them seemed to be a bit uncomfortable answering. Finally my wife found an expat friend who had an Asian general contractor doing some work on her place. He was so stunned that a guy of my station wanted to buy tools that he wanted to meet me.

    I’m kind of a half-caste myself, but I’m with you. I like the world where we all pitch in to help clear each others’ driveways after the plows come through. I like the world where there is no shame in a grown, educated man doing manual labor. I liked being a man in a world where being an athlete, scholar, and leader was honored. I feel that world slipping away. I want it to stop.

  10. “The small intrusion of Muslims” reads better and is more accurate as “The small invasion of Muslims”. And the Moslems are not concerned about snow removal because hey, if it’s Allah’s will that there is snow on their cars, well then why bother. They’re probably not working anyway, so have no place to go.

    If things continue as they are, there will one day be no higher ground to flee to. We are on the same road to perdition as Europe, only they are much further along. I pray that our country can alter our path before we find ourselves in the exact same boat. Europe is on the doorstep of war with the Mohammedans. Have the Europeans become too flabby in their post-Christendom to defend their culture, their heritage, their nations, their very lives? I’m afraid we are soon to find out.

  11. This is NOT a happy picture that you have drawn. All things being equal Islam will take over the world no matter which group balances the other group. And even outside of their ghetto, the Muslims will rape and pillage the women of the other groups if their numbers are large enough on New Years Eve or the 4th of July…..

    And about half of the world of over 7 billion will still blame the Jews who number about 10 million. As I said, it is not a happy picture.

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