White City Fighting

I saw this on the wires the other day. South Africa is no longer trendy so the West ignores it, but it offers a glimpse of our future.

South Africa’s University of Cape Town (UCT) was rocked by racially-motivated destruction Tuesday, as a group of students looted several buildings and made a bonfire out of portraits and photographs of white people.

At UCT, a movement calling itself “Rhodes Must Fall” has been seeking to make the university provide more benefits and accommodations for poor students. It has also been seeking to stamp out the legacy of white leaders (in particular Cecil Rhodes) from the era when South Africa was dominated by those of European descent.
The protest movement took a destructive turn Tuesday, apparently prompted by university officials’ request that protesters move a shack they had constructed on Residence Road near several dormitories. The students responded by breaking into several nearby residential buildings, robbing them of portraits and photographs, as well as furniture and other materials, according to News24.

The portraits and photographs, which apparently were mostly or entirely of white people, were piled up and set ablaze.

When I was a young man, one of things that seemed obvious to me was that the fads and tastes of rich people did not scale down to poor people. Seeing communities go from two parent working-class families to divorced mothers and single middle-aged men, it was not hard to see that easy divorce was a terrible idea. Rich people can afford to bust up the marriage. They can carry the cost of a broken home.

Easy divorce was one of the worst things to hit the working classes, but it was not the only rich man fad to wash through the lower ranks. Casual drug use is one obvious example. The sexual revolution is another. These are things that are tolerable when you are immune from the want of money. They are a disaster when you must maintain the delicate balance required of the lower classes.

Not so long ago the rich understood this. They also believed they had an obligation to set a good example for the lower ranks. They also supported laws that backstopped these healthy customs. In fact, a good way to lose your place in society was to fail in your duty to set a proper example.

Today, of course, our elites compete with one another to see who can be the most offensive to decent people. The further down into the gutter they look for inspiration, the more they are celebrated by the culture czars. For instance, black culture is now the high culture, while stodgy old white guys are the butt of jokes.

It’s tempting to think this is deliberate and orchestrated. Guys like Steve Sailer argue that swinging a wrecking ball through the cultural institutions that hold up the middle-class is just part of the war of top and bottom versus the middle. It’s easy to see why people think that. The emergence of a global over-class does correlate to the collapse of middle and working class values in the West.

It strikes me that the root is the weird new religion of anti-racism, egalitarianism and multiculturalism. Even assuming nothing but good intentions, the resulting product is just a ragged anti-white ideology that celebrates every human pathology at the expense of Western tradition, simply because white is bad, meaning non-white is good.

Again, these trends have been a disaster for the working classes and increasingly hard on the middle-class in Western countries. Whatever benefits have accrued to the elites will inevitably be short lived, simply based on math. Rich white countries can afford to indulge in cultural nonsense for a while. Sweden is an obvious example.

In a world where whites are outnumbered even in their own lands, this is a civilizational catastrophe. This brings us back to South Africa. It is a click or two away from facing the same fate as Rhodesia in the last century. Life expectancy in South Africa was 64 when Apartheid ended. Now it’s 56, the same as in Somalia. South Africa is the rape capital of the world, where “corrective rape” is increasingly common.

In a world increasing dominated by Africans, a religion of “hate whitey” is not going to turn out very well for whitey. Since whitey is responsible for the creation of and preservation of civilization, this spells doom for the civilized world. The lesson of South Africa is the lesson for the world. The people in charge need to do what must be done to maintain the pillars of civilization, even when they don’t like it.

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  1. So if you are one of the old white guys so widely denigrated why should I care? I can’t even read out loud the column our African American local newspaper editor wrote about crime and who commits it in our city.

  2. I lived in Southern Africa. To return to see what has happened in Joburg and Cape Town is enough to turn your stomach. Africa has been returning to the jungle for decades. Why we are importing these people to the USA is beyond me, although Africans are far better than American blacks. Even Africians recognize real savages when they see one.

    • Africa always wins. Old Africa hands used to say, “AWA” whenever things went to hell on the Dark Continent. It meant, Africa Wins Again.

  3. “Hate Whitey” is an interesting concept, but as history has shown Whitey can survive in the colder regions and if Whitey can just stop inviting every potential Whitey-hater into their world they can make world for themselves. Sure, there may be no bananas, fewer holidays on sun-kissed beaches and many raw materials will go to waste (or at least not be used properly) but Whitey can be inventive and productive enough to get by. To be honest I am more optimistic about my race if it can in fact withdraw from what some call the darker regions of the world.

    The interesting future conflict is not going to be between Africa (plus associated races) and Whitey but how they match up with the Chinese. Already the yellow-skinned peoples have made it clear they don’t like Islam and as black cannot, it would appear, separate itself from brown then Whitey could well have the opportunity to sit back and watch the fireworks.

    • @ UKer – Interesting point. But only I would only agree with your comment if you mean “whitey” is a northern European (I draw the north-south border at the Swiss-Italian border). Our southern European neighbors never really invented “work” in the terms you Brits and we Germans know it. Okay, the Greeks and Romans 2,000 years ago, no question. But after that…not so much.

      There is a work ethic we northern Europeans associate with real labor built upon hard science; aka the Industrial Revolution which made Britain and Germany the European powerhouses we still are today. I think most would agree anyone south of Switzerland (Italy, Spain, southern France, Greece) could be considered, to use the American phrase, “slackers”. One only need visit the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany and of course the UK, to see what our respective countries are capable of doing.

      It’s always good fun to point out to our American friends that back in the 1800’s, the most successful engineers, bankers and industrialists (those that laid the foundation of American industry and their economy) were mostly English, Scottish or German immigrants. Everyone else (Italians, Poles, Mexicans, Chinese and the Irish) simply provided the labor.

      Gruss – Karl

  4. The elites in many advanced western countries are eager to overdose on political correctness because of a true fear of minorities. If the minorities are not placated with window dressing privilege they would revolt. The political correctness is at the expense of the middle and working class. The elites don’t care about the middle class as they are well behaved, docile group, you can piss on them daily and they may grumble but never revolt. Not so with the under class which are given to violence that lies beneath a thin veneer of calm. Another thing regarding the handed down bad habits of the rich to the poor (non-educated/stupid) is the huge numbers disparity, for every millionaire that gets a divorce and perhaps addicted to a drug there are 10,000 poor. What is a bad example of one rich guy becomes and unmanageable problem for a city. Chaos is a behavior problem of the many, the norm in certain neighborhoods or countries even.

  5. Actually, genetic engineering that lowers people’s aggression and raises IQ would make an enormous difference.
    There’ll obviously be some genetic engineering going on. The only question is what kind and whether it’s performed across the board or if rich parents will choose ‘artistic’ genes or ‘good spacial reasoning’ gene patches.
    It also raises the (disturbing) possibility of ‘happy genes’, to ensure people are happy no matter what. This brings us back to Brave New World.

  6. So true and yet it cannot be said. Today, that university in South Africa. 30 years from now, it’s Yale or Cambridge. Yale by Africans, Cambridge by Muslims. When Huntington wrote out his thesis about the battle of civilizations, he didn’t have mass immigration in mind.

    • Yes but did he have the cultural marxists in mind?
      After all, they are the the true and most bigoted racists of them all. Bringing the west, and hopefully the white race down to the lowest common denominator, is diversity, which creates societies, in our case the western hemisphere, incapable of the self determination and enlightenment necessary for a free society.
      That seems to me is the whole idea of using race as a tool to destroy the western civilizations. We are witnessing it in real time before our eyes with the islamist hordes the cultural marxists have enabled to inundate Europe and as is underway presently here because of the regime of the human extinction movement in DC.

  7. White civilization dug its own grave with good intentions and the west should have never provided any of our technology into these countries. Providing food, clothing and infrastructure to people who still haven’t developed a written language, the wheel or metal working was a bad idea from the start. Many influential westerners (mostly the rich) wanted everyone to believe that all human beings are the same, when in fact, we are not. While we all human beings, we have all developed our civilizations at different rates, the Egyptians, Chinese, Greeks, Romans developed over hundreds, if not thousands of years. I think Star Trek touched on this concept with the “Prime Directive”, and even if you’re not a Star Trek fan, the idea has merit; you don’t give RPGs and iPhones to hunter-gatherers who are still using sticks and stones to survive.

    It took Europeans roughly 2,000 years to get our act together and we have only known real peace and prosperity since the end of WW2. Prior to that, we were still trying to wipe each other out by the millions an on an increasingly industrial scale. Americans on the other hand, a nation of immigrants who fled from failing Europeans countries, had the fortune of arriving in a land abundant with everything; timber, coal, iron, oil, fertile farm land and only a primitive indigenous people who also hadn’t figured out the alphabet, the wheel or metal working. So the locals were easily displaced as Americans brought 2,000 years of collective learning, science, engineering, literature and a most importantly, a drive to work hard and succeed. This things, in combination with unlimited resources, allowed America to become a superpower in less than 200 years. All the while Europe continued to self imploded with wars, and the loss of colonial holdings despite the benefits of the Renaissance and the Industrial Revolution we developed ourselves.

    Today, America (and there’s a trend starting here in Europe too) is heading down the path of de-construction. Of unlearning what is already known because it’s uncomfortable or simply too difficult for our new generation of trigger sensitive college students to learn, understand and comprehend challenging subjects. Instead of debating topic of science (such as climate change) those who run the university simply tell everyone it’s a fact, in the same way they tell everyone the big bang is a fact. Nothing to discuss, move along! They’re the experts and who are we to say otherwise?

    And if we do speak out about “sensitive subjects”, like how multiculturalism isn’t really that great especially when 1,000,000 third-world Muslim illiterates showed up nearly over night, we’re quickly labeled as racists, xenophobes or as is always popular here, ‘Nazis’. There is no such thing as open or civil debate. We’re told we must just accept their culture because somehow it’s superior to ours. And if our women must walk around in public, to do so with outstretched arms to prevent being gang raped.

    One need look no farther than African countries such as Rhodesia…(sorry, I meant to say Zimbabwe), or in predominantly black run countries like Haiti or Trinidad, or anywhere else where white engineers, doctors and teachers brought them out poverty and ignorance. Everywhere whites have left, the blacks have returned to the stone age because it’s what they know and it’s easy. Whoever carries the biggest club (AK-47’s…also provided by whites) rules by brute force. Unfortunately, brute force is terrible for running railroads, public works, schools, farms or the local power plant. This isn’t a racist theory, it’s quite well documented and anyone who’s lived or worked in these countries will tell you the exact same story.

    • Karl, what are the odds that Germans will rise up and defend themselves? I appreciate what PEGIDA is trying to do, but it appears beset on all sides. We are praying for you on this side of the Atlantic.

      • Buckaroo (and Karl) trust me: there are plenty of people on my own side of the Atlantic who are praying the protests against mass immigration (aka the decline of western civilisation) work and the tide is turned.

      • It’s staring already but not widely publicized. Bavaria has threatened to sue if the federal immigration laws are not enforced. We can only hope other German states follow in this direction.

        “In the next 14 days we will officially demand from the federal government to reintroduce certain legal relations on the borders,” Seehofer told the German Der Spiegel newspaper, adding that “the Bavarian government will have no other choice than to appeal to the Constitutional Court if it fails to do so.”


  8. The conditions in post Mandela South Africa are reminiscent of post 1967 Detroit. Black government = shithole.

  9. Really, the only solution remaining is to stock up on precious metals such as brass and lead, as well as decent liquor. The prepare to lock and load. There’s no choice left.

    • After studying what happened in Sarajevo, the items that really go up in worth are everyday things like shampoo, toothpaste, tampons, stock cubes, lighters and the humble plastic shopping bag. To think that we shun them at the counter.

      • One of the stories told by survivors of the siege of Sarajevo was that canned and bottled gravies and sauces were invaluable in staving off menu fatigue.

  10. Ahhh, South Africa. I wonder what Bono, Peter Gabriel, and the rest are up to now that they can’t play Sun City whenever they feel like stroking their egos? Seriously, though — just as Vox Day is probably right, God help us, when he says Norway will be putting up statues to Anders Breivik before too long, Hendrik Verwoerd is going to be getting a long hard second look here in the near future.

  11. The King of the Zulus did his part. He challenged blacks to stop embarrassing themselves with what they are doing to the great civilization handed over to them by whites.

  12. White people don’t burn down their own towns and cities. They have a propensity to go to other peoples towns and cities and burn those down when needs be.

  13. South Africa is a bomb just waiting to explode as the various black tribes compete for power. As has been demonstrated repeatedly, tribal culture is incompatible with representative democracy.
    The whites in SA will be the common target of all the black tribes and either during or after the ascension to power of the most determined (and vicious) African tribe, the whites will be targeted.

    Also not reported is the animosity the native black SA tribes have for the black migrants from Zimbabwe , who are fleeing Zimbabwe because that nation has fallen apart (turns out the Ian Smith was correct all along !!) The SA natives are complaining the Zimbabwean refugees are taking jobs that belong to SA’s.

    If you have an African neighbor or acquaintance, just ask him/her about the various tribes they used to live amongst in Africa; get ready for a politically un-correct earful. And while you are at it, ask them their opinions of american blacks.

    • Whites are already being targeted. White farmers are being murdered by blacks and their land stolen from them. Those who see the writing on the wall are trying to emigrate.

  14. Add to the African population increase the advance of militant Islam in the continent and we will be living in ever more interesting times.

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