The War On Biology

Feminism, we are told, comes in three forms. The mild form, or First Wave Feminism, was all about expanding basic legal rights to women. The self-destructive form, Second Wave Feminism, was about busting up the cultural protections for women. This was based on the ludicrous idea that women are simply men lacking a penis. Finally, the absurd form, Third Wave Feminism, is a shrieking tantrum against biological reality, largely the result of the destruction caused by Second Wave Feminism.

When looked at in its totality, particularly with the human genome and mountains of anthropological data in mind, feminism is about as sensible as humoralism and that’s probably being unfair to the Ancients. Humans don’t just come in two sexes for the mechanical purpose of reproduction. Males and females are cognitively and physiologically evolved to serve very different roles in human societies.

Despite lots of feminists demanding we know how much they “bleeping love science!” by posting this phrase on their Facebook pages, feminism remains an extended tantrum against biological reality. Feminist women are bitter because they lack a penis. Feminist men are bitter because they have one. The result of this is feminism is just endless harping about men and slimy attempts to accuse men of misdeeds.

This ridiculous war on men is at the heart of the homosexual activism we have seen over the last couple of decades. It’s never been about homosexuals or their rights. It is about the war on men that has been waged by feminist nutters and their Progressive enablers. Normal men are mildly intolerant of homosexual males, with many men openly hostile. The whole point of pushing homosexual rights is to irritate and marginalize normal men and their opinions.

Here’s an example of what I mean.

The St. Louis Cardinals said they are taking allegations from a former pitcher in the organization that he quit baseball because of anti-gay comments “very seriously.”

Tyler Dunnington, who is gay, told he did not come out while he was pitching for the Cardinals in rookie and Class A baseball in 2014 but eventually left baseball after overhearing derogatory comments from teammates.

“I was also one of the unfortunate closeted gay athletes who experienced years of homophobia in the sport I loved,” Dunnington wrote in an email to the website. “I was able to take most of it with a grain of salt but towards the end of my career I could tell it was affecting my relationships with people, my performance, and my overall happiness.

“I experienced both coaches and players make remarks on killing gay people during my time in baseball, and each comment felt like a knife to my heart. I was miserable in a sport that used to give me life, and ultimately I decided I needed to hang up my cleats for my own sanity.”

Dunnington, 24, spent most of his career with the Cardinals organization at rookie-level Gulf Coast League. He left the organization after the 2014 season and retired before 2015 spring training.

The Cardinals said they will look into Dunnington’s allegations and work with MLB ambassador for inclusion Billy Bean, a former major league player who came out as gay after his playing days were over. No active major leaguer has ever publicly come out of the closet.

“This is very disappointing and our hope is that every player, staff member and employee feels that they are treated equally and fairly,” Cardinals general manager John Mozeliak said in a statement. “Given the nature of these allegations, I will certainly look into this further.”

Men on a sports team, in a military unit or just hanging out drinking beer can and will be rotten to one another. It’s a normal part of male behavior. Sadly, some men are born homosexual. Others are cowards or wimps. Nature does not dispense her gifts equally. What this means is that in all-male environments, some men will find themselves on the receiving end of some unpleasant hazing. It’s as much a part of human biology as eye color.

Now, it would be nice if all men could be conditioned at an early age to know when to back off their natural instincts so that homosexual males like Tyler Dunnington don’t feel blue, but that’s like training lions to be vegetarians. The lion will only go along with it until the trainer makes the mistake of stepping into the enclosure. All the brow-beating that goes on in schools and the workplace will not alter 200,000 years of evolution. Instead, it’s these endless witch hunts and shaming sessions.

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  1. I think one of the real problems with today’s attitude towards men is our boys and young men have been raised by women for over 100-years. When our great-grandfathers dropped their shovels, rakes and plows and headed into the factories, they no longer worked with their sons by their side. They were no longer there to teach them how to deal with life as a man should, their roles and responsibilities in order to cope with the realities of life later on.

    And over the past 30-years more women have left home and abandoned raising their own children in favor of pursuing careers. So our boys and young men were first abandoned by their fathers, then their and mothers and now they are raised by au pares, housekeepers, nannies, maids and day care workers. Women who often have no children of their own, often don’t speak the child’s language and have no blood tie (kinship) to the children for whom they are respobible.

    The result is a generation of feminized of boys who are now influenced to think in the way women think, and to approach life in the way a woman would. Their own sense of masculinity has been removed, the words “manly” are looked down upon. It’s why, when the car breaks down on the highway, wives and girlfriends despise their sissy-fru-fru husbands or boyfriends who have to call a tow truck to change a flat tire. And It’s why German men have become to some degree what they are today.

    • I think so. There’s another bit that we have here that Germany has avoided. That’s fatherless homes. I think your illegitimacy rate is around 20%. In the US, 80% of black kids don’t know their father. Hispanics are are at 50% and whites at 30%.

      • Wasn’t that a plank of the Prussian state education plan, to weaken the bonds of the family so allegiance would be transferred to the state? Also adopted here by Horace Mann in 1853 to enforce Protestant schooling. The ban on Papist children attending is what led to Catholics building their own schools (and possibly hospitals.).

        Herr Horst, I think you’ve nailed it!
        Zman illustrates the problem of juvenile elephants- when young males are moved away, they rampage. Why? Their natural target, and model, are the old males whom they should be competing with to eventually knock off the hill.

        One military guy complained about dealing with butthead draftees. Buddy, if the sargent can’t pacify the young bucks, no 100 pound female can either. Tough, but that’s biology.

        • Most schools in Europe were taught by men only until the last century. I believe you had a tradition of women teaching in small towns (one room school houses) as the men were needed to perform the hard labor. This makes sense since there were no established towns. Do you know the ratio of male to female teachers in US schools today?

          • Today, 90% of teachers are female. In the US, it has always been a female profession. Private schools are a bit different as they often rely on graduate students rather than professional teachers. When I was in prep school, all of my instructors were graduate students. I learned physics, for example, form a man completing his PhD in physics.

          • When I was in K-12, most of the teachers were still women. WWII brought more male teachers as a result of the GI Bill.

          • I would of course, have to do research to prove this, but my sense of things is that from the rise of formal schooling and school systems in the late 19th century until the late 1970’s, grade school teaching was primarily the job of women (including a lot of tough and ferocious nuns!) and HS teachers were mostly men.
            In the 30 years I’ve been in the classroom the profession has become extremely feminized at all levels- it’s not 90% women at my school (a medium sized public school with a low % of NAMs), but it’s over 50%. Administration is becoming feminized too, with increasing numbers of principals and superintendents (and athletic directors!!!) being either women or girly men. I’d offer the growth of special ed as a demonstration of this, but that’s a topic for another post.

          • It’s regional too. In New England, the tradition of the Yankee school teacher is different than in the South. In the north, many more men go into teaching.

      • I believe the rates are generally low over all, but are typically higher in lower class (lower economically) where single mothers are usually poor and uneducated. But I will research our national rates and come back to it. Speaking to the Ken Burns series on the Civil War, I am under the impression even black slave families up until the early1900’s were traditional families and had low illegitimacy rates. Is this disintegration of the black family relatively new? Are the rates higher in Mexican families as well?

        • Prior to the Civil Rights Movement, black illegitimacy rates were very low, close to white rates. Other metrics like alcoholism, literacy and crime also went the wrong way after the Civil Rights Movement. It’s something no one discusses because of the obvious implications. Tearing down segregation turned out to be good for the “talented ten percent” but not so good for the rest.

          • It was also the rise of the welfare state and the War on Poverty, which disproportionally affected blacks. They became the target of “white guilt” and starry-eyed do-gooders, creating government programs which undermined the proper role of the father in black homes. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, who later became a Senator from NY, wrote a paper in 1965, controversial at the time but very prescient, titled “The Negro Family: the Case for National Action”. In it he talks about the lasting consequences of slavery and discrimination, of the destruction caused by the deviancy of ghetto culture, but also about the utmost importance of fathers.

          • In Germany, the majority of single mothers are typically poor and uneducated ethnic Germans. The Turks on the other hand have an almost zero rate of illegitimacy, despite their low participation in higher education. Our demographics are a bit difficult to poll as we don’t classify Germans by racial affiliation; you’re either a German or not. Your background (Russian, Spanish, Turkish, etc.) is not relevant one you hold a German passport.

          • Black illegitimacy was low because it was a matter of pride to the black community. Slaves couldn’t marry, so the end of slavery brought the countervailing ethos into prominence.

        • There probably have never been more well-socialized and successful blacks as there are today, but I think I’d argue that most of black America is much worse off than, say, the 1950’s.

    • “The result is a generation of feminized of boys who are now influenced to think in the way women think, and to approach life in the way a woman would.”

      It will be interesting to see if German men eventually have difficulty competing for women against the million or so bad boys that Frau Merkel has imported.

    • re: “when the car breaks down on the highway, wives and girlfriends despise their sissy-fru-fru husbands or boyfriends who have to call a tow truck to change a flat tire”KH

      When I was in my early 30s I was racing to get to LAX to get a plane to Sun Valley to ski for a week. I was coming from a location on the Central Coast in North Santa Barbara County in the early morning while it was still dark. To save time I took a short cut to bypass 101 as it hugged the Ocean by going through the mountains. A land slide had occurred on the road and I hit a rock destroying a tire. My wife said that we didn’t have much time and we would miss the plane. Did I say it was raining? It was in buckets as it was in January. I changed the tire in the dark in a matter of minutes and we were off again. We made the plane with time to spare. Made the week of skiing at Sun Valley. The high point for my wife and I was to have Annemarie Pröll, the best female skier in the world at the time, cut in front of us as we waited for a chair/lift. A world cup event took place there that week and as a courtesy the race skiers were permitted to cut in so that they could practice on the unfamiliar terrain.

      Could I do it now? At 74 I have a new hip on the right and chronic left shoulder pain, residuum from a spiral fracture of the humerus, all from biking accidents over the years and other aches and pains from “minor” skiing mishaps. I couldn’t change a tire on one of my cars if my life depended on it. Karl give us a break, not all of the men who call a tow truck for help are wussies.

      Dan kurt

      • @ Dan – I wouldn’t expect my father to change a tire on his car either. But even my son has a few friends who have no clue which end of a screwdriver to use for the most basic of household repairs. If they bought a table from Ikea, and the instructions were missing, they would be helpless.

      • The truth of the matter is, they mechanically tighten to lug nuts down so much that it’s almost impossible to break them loose with a lug wrench. I used to be pretty good at changing tires myself, back in the day (female, not male). Now I have AAA.

        • That’s because the lug wrenches that come on the remaining cars with spare tires (many now don’t) are poo. I always carry a cheapo, harbor freight 1/2″ breaker bar & socket in my trunk. Just pop that onto a lug nut, point the bar horizontal, and gently step on the end using gravity as your friend. Those nuts can be 125 ft/# and the bar will open them easily. Bonus: Makes a good club for zombies, too.

          • At 64, I’m thinking I’d need the Harbor Freight portable generator and power tools 😉

      • Dan- Kinda like golf carts- once you hit 70 you’ve earned your cart- although I play with guys who have passed that and still walk the course. I hate seeing a 30 year old fat sack of —– riding around in a golf cart. It’s the chilluns I worry about! ( and I’m aware that some courses WON’T let you walk.)

        • I learned to play golf from a form professional hockey player and his buddy the golf pro. The first rule they taught me is you have to walk the course. I thought they were just being tough guys about it, but they were right. You really do play better when you walk the course, at least initially. I understand why older guys will ride, but the game is made for walking.

          That said, courses encourage cart use to speed up play, which is understandable.

          • I don’t buy the speed up play argument. If you have a couple single digit handicappers it does- they keep the ball in play and never lose ’em. For the average chop , not so much, particularly since so many feel that one should never, ever get out of the cart except to hit the ball.

          • Frankly, I gave up golf because I could no longer tolerate the waiting around for people to play their ball. The last time I played, the guy I was playing with got in a beef with the group ahead of us. They would not let us play through and they were puttering around, taking forever. He threw one of their balls into the woods and they almost came to blows. It was funny, but I decided that was enough. Maybe when I’m too old to lift and ride I’ll go back to golf.

          • I’m close to that. I’d be in favor of a rule that required you to leave the course after 4 hours- regardless of what hole you are on.

  2. Was anti-homosexual trash talk among men a problem in the past? Did men playing baseball in the 1940s or 50s spend much time talking about what they’d like to do to homosexuals? I think this “problem” has arisen because of the tireless nagging of pervert-rights crusaders. They can’t stop rubbing the noses of normal people in homosexual issues, and have created a bleeding sore that they keep picking it and irritating. I doubt normal human beings even thought about homosexuals from one year’s end to the next, prior to the 1960s. Now they can’t take a step outdoors without encountering a minefield of flaming bags of poo, courtesy of the Left. I think if the Left would just shut up about homosexuality, the topic would eventually fade back into an obscurity matching its minuscule population share. But the only virtue the Left seems to acknowledge is that of “épater les bourgeois”, and its a point of honour with them to keep antagonizing normal people until they provoke some sort of reaction.

    • I agree with this. Thirty years ago I hired a man who was obviously gay. So obvious, in fact, that during the interview he asked me if it was going to be a problem. My reply then was that as long as it was not a problem for me, it was not a problem. He and his coworkers would have to sort things out on their own. No one cared so it was never an issue. I’m sure he heard some rude comments, but he knew how to handle it.

      There’s a balance. Minorities have rights, but so do majorities.

      • I once counseled a young gay man to not have that be the first thing people find out about him. The most successful gays I have known neither hid it nor advertised it.

    • I changed it as I think you’re right. For some reason, I was thinking it was “live science” as in they live it every day, but a Google search says “love” is the right word.

  3. An orientation session in grad school taught me all I need to know about the reality-embracing capabilities of even very smart, talented women. A prof made the mistake of telling the gals that academic life + family is very tough, and conception gets increasingly difficult after 35, so if you’re planning on having a family at some point, better plan for that now. Oh, the horrors!!! Dude nearly lost his job (that was 10+ years ago; he would’ve been fired these days). These same gals went on to convene a panel on “empowering women,” to make sure they had enough leadership roles in the department… and when it turned out they actually had the majority of leadership roles, they bitched about *that*, saying it was detracting from their career goals. Grrrrl power indeed. Meanwhile, of course, the men did all the actual work, for less or no pay, because male dorks are still males, and these women were technically females. Made me want to join a monastery.

    • A couple of years ago, I was in a job chock full o grievance mongers ready to pounce on the first misstep or verbal evidence of crimethink. I’m glad to have that in my rear view mirror, but I suspect that’s the future: self appointed informers and agents provocateur consuming first the innocent then themselves.

      • As Wretchard told us, “After the Revolution, the Grim and Determined get to the real job of denouncing each other.” It’s their national sport, you see.

        • Yep. It never, ever occurred to them that this is one of the reasons they couldn’t get jobs, let alone dates — who voluntarily hangs out with the Thought Police?

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