Exploding Mohameds

The other day HBD Chick posted this link on twitter. It is an article about how the Exploding Mohameds (henceforth referred to as EM’s) in Brussels had detailed floor plans to the Belgian Prime Minister’s residence and his offices. The implication is that the EM’s were at least considering an attack on the head of government. We will never know as the EM’s are dead and the security state will never tell us anyway.

My thought when reading it is that I am a bit disappointed, but I am mildly hopeful. It is too bad that the EM’s did not go ahead and blow up the official offices of the Belgian government, rather than an airport. The people at the airport are mostly innocent. The people in the Belgian government are the ones responsible for the Muslim invasion so they should be the ones paying the price for it.

It will only take one EM to go off and kill a politician, I suspect, for opinions to change. The EM’s in Paris went off near the place where French President Francois Hollande was watching a soccer match. He suddenly got religion, so to speak, about cracking down on the Muzzies, at least for a little while. Have a few pols actually blown to bits and my hunch is we see official attitudes change. It is easy to preach sacrifice when someone else is picking up the tab.

The window for putting a halt to the invasion and driving the Muslims out of the West is closing. A committed minority population goes from too small to worry about to too large to do anything about in the blink of an eye. Just look at America. About 20% of the population belongs to the Cult of Modern Liberalism, but they run the country and have done so for a few generations now. They have a veto over what can be said in public, which grants them total control of society.

Let us look at Germany as an example of the Islamification of Europe. It is a population of eighty million with a fertility rate of 1.47. To understand how this works, let us pretend that in 2010 the whole population was of childbearing age. Their fertility rate means the eighty people produce fifty-six million children. That population will produce thirty-nine million children. One more turn of the wheel and you are down to twenty-seven million children. The point here is that once fertility rates drop below replacement, the population drops quickly.

Now, the population of Germany is not all of childbearing years. The median age is forty-seven and that includes the five million non-Germans Muslims who are in their 20’s with fertility rates over 4.0. The number of actual Germans under the age of twenty-five is twenty million. Throw in those who will possibly have children into their 30’s and you have roughly twenty-five million Germans with a chance to make new Germans. That 1.47 fertility rate looks pretty grim all of a sudden.

On the other hand, those five million Muslims are all young, median age of thirty now. The million or so who have poured in recently are in their 20’s. The history of migration tells us that first the men arrive, then they bring in their wives and children. With a 4.0 fertility rate, those five million Muslims can produce ten million children, which leads to twenty million grandchildren. That fertility rate of 4.0 suddenly looks like a very powerful weapon.

The point here is the math is now working against the German people. They have about a decade or so to figure out how to end the Muslim invasion and de-Islamify their current foreign population. Given that the German political class is emotionally committed to the destruction of the German people, there is no reasoning with them. No reasonable people would invite these problems so it is irrational to think reason will have effect on them.

On the other hand, if Exploding Mohameds start going off in swank ruling class areas like restaurants, offices and government buildings, which could change some minds. Have a few high level pols feel the full force of a nail bomb like those poor folks at the airport in Brussels and suddenly the people in charge will have to re-evaluate their situation. As is the case with all aspects of multiculturalism, it looks great from a distance, but when it explodes in your office or at your kid’s school, it is not so much fun.

This will not end well.

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  3. Government always protects itself before it protects the citizens. Government always gives itself a pass for any failures to protect anyone else Government always exempts itself from its own rules.

    • This fits with what Terry Baker says above: no government (e.g., the American Indians) equals endless tribal war; government, of whatever kind, equals a slow descent into slavery.

  4. I have only one issue with the “Exploding Mohameds” thing, and it is that I have been told by very important, smart, highly placed people that the “Exploders” have no detectable elements in common whatsoever with each other, no matter how hard one looks at the evidence. As my betters undoubtedly have my best interests at heart at all times, I am astounded that these exploding people would coincidentally all have the same name. What are the odds? Wow! Of course, it might have something to do with Mohamed being the most popular baby boy name these days. Those little guys grow up and explode so quickly.

  5. I recently read two very good American history books “Over the Earth I Come” and “A Dark and Bloody River”. Wonderful reading. It’s interesting to see how the Native American tribal leaders were initially open to the whites and really believed they would keep to their word in the various treaties. There are various accounts of tribes and settlements being terrorized by rogue whites and it took only a few decades for all native peoples to be significantly displaced once Europeans showed up in numbers.

    I say that not to disparage American historical facts, but to contrast from the perspective that today Europe and the US leaderships are mirroring exactly what these native tribal leaders were doing – embracing a foreign religion, taking on their culture under force, encouraging their people not to resist, and doing everything they could not to displease the invading masses in desperate hopes their “great White Fathers” would eventually do the right thing.

    Given the current attitude of our ruling elites towards our new invaders in Europe and North America, it would seem history does repeat itself.

    • With all due respect, Karl, the American Indian tribes encountered by the European settlers were warrior-hunter neolithic peoples who attacked and killed the new arrivals as a matter of lifestyle. This idea that they were peacefully hanging around North America minding their own business when, suddenly, they were attacked by ravenous Europeans is nonsense. They had been in a perpetual state of war with each other since their arrival on this side of the planet and showed no willingness to adapt to the new circumstances.

      As a part Cherokee, ex special forces friend of mine once said, “shit, it took a super power to defeat us, so fuck you.”
      I loved his attitude.

      • @ Terry Baker – Your comment is certainly valid since many Germans who immigrated to Texas were killed by the Apache before they ever got far from Galveston. But from the books I read (which hopefully are not a fanciful recounts of historical facts in the Ohio river valley or northern territories bordering Canada) both sides (French, English and Americans) played one tribe against the other and then took land from whomever lost.

        But there are a number of accounts of white and natives living quite well together at least in the Ohio and eastern states. Keep in mind even single tribes had clans and sub-clans (for example the Huron Indians were part of the Iroquoian) and did not always follow a central leadership.

        If these books are not accurate accounts, I would greatly appreciate any references that might be better so I can better understand this period in American history.

        • Thanks for your reply.

          I’m sure your references are sound and that we both know the true history is more complex and understandable than the “white folks are evil” narrative that I’ve frequently encountered.

          My problem with the narrative is that those who espouse it most are exactly those who believe in ideologies that are historically far worse than anything that happened here. We white folks have had success historically because we are naturally well organized and capable. Our advanced status comes from natural attributes inside us. If and when the European stock in America becomes a minority it will not stop us from continuing to be successful. The success is natural, not political.

          And, by the way, the largest single ethnic group in America is German. This is a good thing. We are stronger, more law-abiding, better organized and more capable because of that fact.

          • @ Terry Baker – “Our advanced status comes from natural attributes inside us.” I would fully agree with this statement. Any culture whether Native American or African or Aborigine, has little chance of advancement with three fundamental things – an alphabet, the wheel and the knowledge of metal working.

            Our natural attributes are why I believe western culture and capitalism will survive no matter what is thrown at it. While these may not perfect, they are both able to evolve and adapt to their environment, which is something the EM culture/religion can’t do. Our systems, while flawed, have proven to be better than anything else humanity has attempted in the past and given more to the rest of the world.

        • @Karl Horst “… I would greatly appreciate any references that might be better so I can better understand this period in American history.”

          I lived on an Indian Reservation for two years in my youth. I got to know many members of the tribe and have warm memories and memorabilia from those days. Currently I am preparing for a move and have boxed part of my library circa 4,000 books. Among them there are three that I would like to recommend for you to read. I have others but I can’t recall specifics after nearly half a century. The three are:
          1) Scalp Dance: Indian Warfare on the High Plains, 1865-1879 Paperback – July 1, 2002
          by Thomas Goodrich [ISBN-10: 0811729079];
          2) The Invented Indian: Cultural Fictions and Government Politics Reprint Edition
          by James A. Clifton (Editor) [ISBN-10: 1560007451]; and
          3) Don’t Blame the Indians: Native Americans and the Mechanized Destruction of Fish and Wildlife Paperback – January, 1987 by Ted Williams [ISBN-10: 0960984259].

  6. What if Mohammed Incorporated took out part of a city via dirty nuke? What about numerous cities, at the same time? What about another Beslan, but this time at a private school where the children of Elites attend? At some point, the Mohammedans will make it hurt. And when it does hurt, we will respond and it won’t be pretty. The way society is structured today makes it nearly impossible for the Elites to close themselves off totally from the risks the rest of us have. They want to fly, even though they may go first class, they visit vacation spots, go shopping, attend concerts, shows, etc., you get the picture. These people are not (yet) living in bunkers. If Mo, Inc. was smart, they would never have started this latest Jihad now. All they had to do was wait for the demographic time bomb. The demographics are clearly in their favor, they just don’t have the patience to wait for their frogs to boil.

    • Kathleen, what you write is true of the manergerial class. The really out of sight rich — what Z calls the cloud people — fly in private jets to their own resort properties. Their kids go to boarding schools that have their own security. They are not worried about EMs.

      • Yes, I see what you mean, but in the end there aren’t many Cloud people compared to the managerial class and the rest of us Great Unwashed. I believe it’s actually the bureaucratic class that runs the country, with impunity. Bureaucrats tend not to be filthy rich, therefore cannot cordon themselves off from Mo Inc. in the same manner as the Cloud people.

    • Yeah if nothing else, like a previous poster mentioned, they’ll just quarantine themselves off even further than they already are. We’ll move more and more to the Latin American model of fortressed elite, bodyguards, etc. We’re halfway there already, shoot.

    • Dirty bombs are almost useless. Their only real power is in their non-dirty explosion. But it would capture headlines, which amplifies their effect. Funny thing is the governments can’t point this out without sounding out of touch.
      There are however other mass-casualty scenarios.
      Anyway, terrorizing people in charge would be more likely to get them deeper into appeasement mode.

  7. I’d take it a step further. Every time there’s a terrorist attack the pols who voted for the policies that let the EM’s in have to draw straws. 10% are shot immediately.

  8. The EMs may be inbred, but they’re not stupid. First you cow the lower classes into supporting you or at least not actively opposing you. At that point, the elites go on the lam. Maybe a few try to buy or marry their way into the new elite (though given the birth dearth, I guess marrying off your daughter won’t work).

    There is a headline on Drudge today about 10,000 millionaires leaving France I’m always dubious of these sorts of claims, but it seems to fit in with the spirit of the times.

  9. Seems to me politicians would decide they must appease the bombers …
    Usually they try to appease them by flogging Israel and hoping the bombers will view them as allies. It’s as if they think of it as an incantation to ward off evil. Or as if they took Churchill’s warning about throwing your friend to the bears in the hope you’ll be eaten last as a blueprint.
    But if politicians run a big risk of being bombed they might move to appease them by announcing they want peace talks with the Islamic State and that Jihadists shouldn’t be arrested because it radicalises Muslims. Eight years from now every European country (or almost each one) will vote in governments opposed to Islamization. There’s less and less time between these bombings, less time for people to forget them or pretend they’re an anomaly. They’re the new order of things.

  10. What are the chances that the muslim nations end up nuking each other into oblivion?

  11. For many years now Mark Steyn has been saying “Demographics are Destiny”.

    Now he has said “I’m all Islamed out” although he still tries to sound the alarm.

    Z, if you haven’t read his book “America Alone” you should.

    • I did read it years ago. Back in the 80’s the math facing the West was pretty obvious. I get why people struggle with it, but the whole topic was deemed off limits so here we are, eyeball deep in Exploding Mohameds.

  12. Democratic socialism degrades all nations in it’s grip toward this enervated state. It doesn’t prepare them to survive it.

    War is a more natural state than democratic socialism, which even selects extinction over war.

  13. Z, I think the time for doing anything about the Islamification of Europe is over:

    “An investigation of the French youths’ religious beliefs was conducted last spring by Ipsos. It surveyed nine thousand high school pupils in their teens on behalf of the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) and Sciences Po Grenoble, and was released on February 4, 2016, by L’Obs, France’s leading liberal news magazine. Here are its findings:

    38.8% of French youths do not identify with a religion.

    33.2% describe themselves as Christian.

    25.5% call themselves Muslim.

    1.6% identify as Jewish.

    Only 40% of the young non-Muslim believers (and 22% of the Catholics) describe religion as “something important or very important”;

    But 83% of young Muslims agreed with that statement.”


    Nor do I think that Muslim attacks against leading political figures will do much to change elite attitudes. Instead, I suspect that the dead will be seen as “martyrs” to the goals and beliefs of multiculturalism. Their approaching dhimmitude assuages their aggrieved consciences, and they will find relief in knowing that as the new oppressed minority, they need never fear exercising white privilege or oppressing a person of color ever again.

    • @ Christopher S. Jones – European nationalism, from any of the EU countries, tends to be seen only at football games. This idea of “we are all Europeans” has actually gone further to the point of “we are all people of the world “. Unfortunately many of the youth of today haven’t a clue that much of the world doesn’t want them or any part of what they represent. Chatting on laptops and texting on iPhones leaves little time to actually go and see how other people really live and why much of the west is so often despised.

  14. ZMan, I think the elites are more than willing to sacrifice a few of their members for the “greater good”. However, there is definitely something the Exploding Muslims could blow up that would bring things to a screeching halt. Let’s examine recent history for some clues; consider “The Troubles” in Northern Ireland in the late 20th century. When the IRA assassinated Lord Mountbatten–a member of the Royal Family– in 1979, what happened? Nothing but an escalation of the same old, same old “get tough on terrorism” tactics and the nonsense continued, off and on, for another dozen years or so. But the Troubles ended rather abruptly when the IRA discovered a new tactic: blowing up large, expensive skyscrapers in downtown London during the middle of the night when they were unoccupied. Nobody lost their lives, but suddenly everyone was at the negotiating table and everything got worked out in short order.

    Unfortunately, the Muslims aren’t trying to “work anything out” except for the utter destruction of the infidel. Bombing expensive unoccupied property simply doesn’t advance the ball down that particular field. Which of course the elites already know. Muslim terrorism is a wonderfully useful tool for subjecting local populations to a police state, as their objectives are predictable, and they will never, ever stop doing what they do. Everybody “wins”, except of course, for the hapless native European subjects of the EU.

  15. How curious the EMs are. They have far more of what they might have believed possible: not only unrestricted reinforcements of their troop numbers but, thanks to the same western mindset that opened the gates to them, they have the the backing of western law so that the ordinary man-in-the-street is the one carted off to court, should the slightest objection to the death cult be raised.

    Yet the EMs continue to try and make trouble in the only way they know. You might think, as this is gradually reducing the sympathy of western people to their cause (and also make people question the whole “religion of peace” line) then they should stop. The islamification of Europe might even be brought to a halt unless they halt the bombs and plots, but the EM folk can’t see that.

    Thankfully the main stream media are on their side, so not all is lost for them.

  16. I’ve thought about this and I honestly don’t think that a few EM attacks on elites will change any attitudes among the anointed. If some EM were to hurt some Asst. Sec. Of Something or Other then DC would just turn into an armed camp like the Forbidden City. The hoi polloi would be denied entrance and that would buy them enough peace to continue their policies. We’d have private schools, private planes, private parks, etc. for our betters to keep them safe while they continue to relocate the EMs to our neighborhoods.

      • Irish republican terrorists succeeded in killing a few politicians (British MPs Airey Neave, Anthony Berry and Ian Gow) and a royal (Lord Mountbatten), and infamously came close to getting then-PM Margaret Thatcher herself with the Brighton bombing in 1984. None of it prompted any real crackdown, and barely a year after Brighton the Anglo-Irish Agreement was signed, and the slow surrender of Ulster continues. That said, the IRA have no wish to sit in Downing Street so in that sense they are not a threat to the Establishment; but IRA/SF *are* a threat to Dublin and they shrugged off the murder of Irish senator Billy Fox. I have no confidence that either the attempted or successful killings of a few politicians will do anything except hasten surrender.

  17. What’s really crazy is all the articles talking about how Europe imports these Muslims so as to provide economic support to retired natives (i.e. to compensate for lack of newborn natives). Except the muslims are unfit and unwilling to work. They just add to the welfare costs that are already unsustainable. Makes no sense at all. The natives should (but won’t) start killing off the ruling class immediately.

    • They say it’s to replace the lack of White births, but really it’s to collapse the welfare/economic systems so that honest to goodness communism can step in and truly control those pesky Europeans and their need for fairness and democracy. It’s the Clowert-Piven strategy. America, Canada and New Zealand are having the exact same thing happen to them. Replacing a people with high IQ and high expectations from their government with a low-IQed, have always feared their government type people is the best way to start livin’ your easy-goin’ rich-as-hell, sociopathic globalist lifestyle!!

  18. The Germans have proven very…er… efficient at dealing with…uh… demographic challenges in the past. They already have “refugees” housed in places like Dachau…

    • The median age in 1930’s Germany was ~30. At that age, going into the streets and busting heads is still fun and possible. At ~50, your days of busting heads are largely over.

      • @ theZman – I would almost agree with you if you ignore the AfD and NDP neo’s who are very strong in old East Germany. The problem with them is while they are happy to “bust heads” they often target the wrong people (not that they should be targeting anyone in the first place) but it’s often college kids, soldiers on leave and in uniform, or foreign professionals (professors, doctors, etc.) all who are obviously the least of our problems.

        There are many who echo my views that bringing illiterate, uneducated people into Germany is the worst possible way to replace the children we don’t have. While the EU policies of open borders within the EU allow easy and movement of skilled workers, the language continues to be a huge problem. Germany has a serious shortage of engineers and tried to encourage thousands of unemployed Spanish engineers and technically trained people here where there is plenty of work considering their youth unemployment rate is around 45-55% even for highly skilled people. However as 99% of German industry is small and medium companies, and often not in the best locations, life for these young people was very difficult (not just the language) and many left after only a few years. Because our own graduating engineers and technical people can find better pay outside of Germany, they don’t stay which compounds the problems further.

        I, and a good number of my colleagues share a common hope that we could somehow encourage the US to send people this direction, a sort of reverse immigration, it would really be a benefit for everyone involved. American are known for hard work and willingness to contribute in a positive way to their community. They would be a welcome addition.

        Few articles from Spiegel International on the subject (dated last August)
        This one’s a bit older (2011), but is still valid.

      • Busting heads in streets? That’s not efficient!

        Moving or, uh, concentrating the population in question into a series of… let’s call them camps… that’s efficient and requires relatively few soldiers.

        • Ha so true. I have a German-American friend who still carries residual guilt over both his German and American heritage (the Nazis and Slavery). I of course like to tease him about it. His take is that the Nazis/Holocaust were the worst thing humanity has ever done.

          I argued with him that genocide is actually not uncommon per se when you go back into the history books. The Nazis just happened to apply their brutal German efficiency about it and scare the hell out of everyone. Plus it’s semi-recent history and all that.

          • Remind your friend his German forbearers were “pikers” compared to their fellows-in-arms slightly to their left, known as Marxists/Progressives. Its not a matter of ethnic politics when its the statists who are running the show, all in the name of the “greater good”, you know. Those lefty-proggy gummint- worshipin’ ‘ snakes all love humanity. Its individual people who think differently from them, that they hate!

  19. The ruling elites, by virtue of their wealth and social standing are, and so far have been immune and exempt from the disastrous social experiments they have foisted upon their citizens. Thus these elites promote “sanctuary” cities for illegal criminals and murderers because these elites have no fears of having their children, brothers, sisters, parents, nephews, nieces, wives and husbands murdered.
    These elites are also enacting open immigration policies that WILL allow jihadist pig murderers into the USA.

    If people are going to be murdered by jihadists or other criminal illegal scum, then we MUST hope that it is the families – and yes, the children – of these elites who are murdered. For this is the ONLY was that the elites will change the murderous policies they impose upon an unwilling citizenry.

    My remarks are indeed cruel, vicious and callous; I do not wish anyone to be murdered or hurt. But the elites are for all intents and purposes SIGNING DEATH WARRANTS for dozens or hundreds or thousands of innocent fathers, mothers , children, etc. of citizens.

    It is the elites who impose these murderous policies that are callous, unfeeling – who simply do not give a sh*t – who lack any empathy whatsoever for the consequences of the policies they foist upon the people. It is about damn time they too realize in the most personal way imaginable the full and horrible impact of their policies.

  20. I was thinking about this, these jihadists should target the Western politicians and the elites, it would change everything if they started to get killed by their policies.

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