Rule By Girls

As I grow older, it is clear that the most supercilious and ridiculous cohort in modern society is single young females. Young women with anything on the ball have snagged a husband and are on their way to becoming mothers. They may lack experience, but they have a grip on biological reality. The single girls are stupid and they have heads full of feminist nonsense, convinced the world wants to hear from them.

That comes to mind when I saw this this morning. Jennifer Lawrence is probably well intended, but she is a clueless dimwit who hit the lottery. As she makes clear, we know about her because her name was picked out of a hat. She and a bunch of other young girls willing to sleep with a director for a job are a dime a dozen in Hollywood. She got lucky and slept with the right guy. That does not make her a genius.

Anyway, you see this sort of nonsense turning up all over the culture. Commercials for TV shows are full of the “strong woman” playing the role of the man. The ideal modern woman is the leading man of the fifties in a Lycra jump suit. The leading men are the sorts popular with middle-aged homosexuals. The feminization of American society is just about complete. The only thing left is to have an openly gay president.

This will not end well.